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  Schedule of Events
Monday April 18th: Alternative Future- Biodiesel & The
Hydrogen Economy.
                       7:00-8:00 pm. Reeve Union Room 202.
                 The evening begins with a biodiesel panel featuring John
Baumann, Jackie Marshall, and Nate Wirth. They will present information on
the possible utilization of biodiesel as an alternative fuel source for the Oshkosh
campus and surrounding communities. The term “biodiesel” pertains to vegetable
oil, alone or blended with petroleum diesel, used to power diesel vehicles. In a
time of increasing petroleum prices, biodiesel is a workable alternative for the vast
majority of diesel vehicles.
                       8:00 -9:00 pm. Reeve Union Room 202.
                  Dr. Ken Menningen, a physics professor from U.W. Stevens
Point, will address the hydrogen economy and present his research on the
development of a photo-electrochemical cell that uses only sunlight to produce
hydrogen. The future is closer than we think.
Organized & Sponsored by: SEAC, Environmental Studies Dept. & Earth Charter
Community Summit.

Tuesday April 19th: Women & the Environment.
                           6:30-8:30 pm. Women’s Center.
                 Join us for a showing of the film “Rachel’s Daughters: Searching
for the Causes of Breast Cancer.” It is a documentary based on a group of
women who have survived breast cancer, while exploring the environmental
causes of the disease. Taking inspiration from Rachel Carson (who died of breast
cancer in 1964) and her 1962 book Silent Spring, the women tackle such diverse
issues as environmental racism and social inequality in research funding and health
care. This film reveals the downside of industrialization with frightening clarity
and does an excellent job of inspiring both breast cancer activism and advocacy.
106 min.
                 After the film U.W.O Professor Dr. Jordan Landry will give a
talkback on Eco-Feminism.
Organized & Sponsored by: WAC & SEAC.
Wednesday April 20th: Sustainable Eating/ Sustainable
                             9:00- 11:00 am. Albee Hall
         Start the day with Yoga! Two yoga sessions will be held, from 9:15-
10:00 am & again from 10:15-11:00 am. Becca Pulver, a trained yoga instructor,
has previously taught yoga on campus and currently teaches classes at the Oshkosh
YMCA. Yoga means “joined together,” and is an applied science to both the body
and the mind. It is simultaneously self-diagnosis, healing, prevention, and
maintenance. All are welcome to attend, whether first-timers or veterans, all you
need to bring is yourself! Breathe, relax, stretch, it is a full mind and body
workout! Namaste.
           11:45 am-1:00 pm & 5:45- 7:00 pm. Blackhawk Commons.
         “Eating Good: Vegan & Vegetarian Diets,” with Dietitian Sue
McIlraith of Affinity Health in Oshkosh.
                      7:00- 8:00 pm. Reeve Union Room 202.
         “Bringing Fair Trade Home: Connecting the Local with the Global in
Food Politics.” John Peck, Executive Director of Family Farm Defenders, will
discuss a humane and sustainable food system, from Fair Trade coffee to
purchasing local and organic foods.
                      8:00- 9:00 pm. Reeve Union Room 202.
         Doug Wubben, Project Coordinator for Wisconsin Homegrown Lunch
presents a workshop on “Bringing Local & Sustainable Food to Campus.”
Doug will discuss the Campus Food Project at UW Madison and how UWO
students can get fresh local food and support local farmers.
Organized & Sponsored by: SEAC & Environmental Studies Dept.

Thursday April 21st: Democracy from the Grassroots.
                      6:30-8:00 pm. Reeve Union Room 227 BC.
          “Wisconsin Political Reform.” Join two of Wisconsin’s premier
political activists: Mike McCabe of Wisconsin Democracy Campaign and Jay
Heck of Common Cause Wisconsin, as they discuss some of the leading issues in
state government, and avenues for citizens to become involved to make a real
difference. Moderated by U.W.O Professor Dr. Tony Palmeri.
                     8:15- 9:00 pm. Reeve Union Room 227 BC.
          “Independent Media in a Time of War: A Documentary by Amy
Goodman. Part scathing critique, part call to action, this film is a hard-hitting
documentary illustrated by clips of mainstream media juxtaposed with rare footage
from independent reporters in Iraq. The documentary argues that dialogue is vital
to a healthy democracy.
FREE POPCORN! Donations accepted to cover cost of film.
Organized & Sponsored by: Campus Greens, Lake Winnebago Green Party,
SEAC, WAC, University Speakers Series, & Earth Charter Community Summit.
Friday April 22nd: Earth Day! Ecosphere in Balance.
                              10:00 am. (Location: TBA)
         It’s a tree! The 3rd Annual Tree Planting on U.W.O grounds. Come join
the Vice Chancellor & the Provost in showing your support for a greener campus
and help to plant the little guy safely in the ground!
                  6:30-10:00 pm. Titan Underground Reeve Union.
         Open-Mic Spoken-Word Workshop & Fundraiser for 34 Million
Friends of the United Nations Population Fund. Got something to say about
world population, the Earth, or environmental & social justice? Then come get it
off your chest, for fun, prizes & a good cause! Local spoken-word artist Stephani
Ott will run a workshop on the ins & outs of spoken- word for the first hour before
handing the stage over to the audience. All funds raised will benefit 34 Million
Friends, a group working to curb population growth through the empowerment and
proper care of women around the world. Other local artists scheduled to perform
include: Justin Kohl & Ben Farrell.
         To guarantee yourself a place on stage contact SEAC at
before April 21st with the topic of your poem/s, all others will get on stage on a
first come basis.
Organized & Sponsored by: SEAC & WAC.

Saturday April 23rd: Day of Action: Fox River Cleanup!
          9:00 am- 12:00 pm. Wisconsin Street Bridge Near Campus.
        The Fox River gives so much to our community, its time to give a little
something back by taking out the trash! Come join us as we get down and dirty to
clean up our beautiful river and community. Bags, gloves, and refreshments
Organized & Sponsored by: SEAC & Sierra Club.

           Earth Week is made possible by the hard work and commitment of the following groups:
Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC), U.W.O Environmental Studies Dept., Women’s
Advocacy Council (WAC), Campus Greens, Lake Winnebago Green Party, University Speakers Series,
Sierra Club, and of course the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. Thank you! 
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