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					Salads                                                      Kids’                                                         Breakfast Served all day.

                                                                                                                                                                                   M• e •n •u
Deli Salads                                                 Served with chips and a cookie for children twelve years      Breakfast Sandwiches
We have a wide range of deli salads, olives, and fruit,     old and younger. 3.50                                         Baked scrambled eggs; Cooper sharp cheese; and your
to round out your meal.                                     Grilled Cheese v                                              choice of bacon, ham, or sausage; on our white or multi-
                                                            Our homemade white or wheat bread with American               grain old-fashioned potato roll. 2.49|2.99 with meat
Sub Salad
Choose any of our subs to put on a bed of lettuce instead   cheese.                                                       Creamed Dried Beef
of in a roll.                                               Hot Dog                                                       Our homemade creamed dried beef over two slices of
                                                            Our regular pork and beef hot dog.                            toast. 4.49
Salad Plate
Choose any three of our deli salads and make it a meal.     Peanut Butter and Jelly v                                     Baked Oatmeals v
                                                            On our homemade white or wheat bread, with your               Choose from seasonal flavors of our homemade baked
Lettuce Salads                                              choice of jelly.                                              oatmeal. 3.59
Limited quantity each day; see reach-in case for                                                                          Steel-Cut Oatmeal v
selection. Each salad includes dressing and croutons.       Macaroni and Cheddar v
                                                            Our homemade macaroni and cheddar, made with five             A slow cooked oatmeal, served with raisins and brown
Chicken and Fruit Almondine                                 cheeses, including our Canadian super sharp cheddar.          sugar. 2.99
Chicken salad with sweet apples, pineapples, and                                                                          Granolas v
mandarin oranges, on a bed of Italian lettuce mix,
and a sprinkling of almonds. 6.29                           Drinks                                                        Our homemade granola, with or without raisins, served
                                                                                                                          with milk. 2.99
Chicken Caesar                                              Bottled Waters                                                Toasted Bagels v
Crisp Italian lettuce mix with grilled chicken, parmesan,                                                                 1.29|1.69 with cream cheese
and lemon. Includes caesar dressing. 6.29                   Coca-Cola Fountain Drinks
                                                            Assorted Juices, Sodas, and Iced Teas                         Grilled Sticky Buns v
Greek v                                                                                                                   One of our made-from-scratch sticky buns, grilled to
Italian lettuce mix, cucumbers, tomatoes, and herbs,
with sides of feta and kalamata olives, for that great      Coffees of the Day                                            warm, toasted perfection. 2.59
Mediterranean taste. 6.29                                   Hot and Cold Specialty Drinks                                 Yogurt Parfait v
                                                            Available at the coffee bar.                                  Seasonal flavored yogurt layered with our granola.
Mega Chef                                                                                                                 Limited quantity each day. 3.49
A full meal, with three meats—home-style turkey,
smoked ham, roast beef—plus provolone, asiago, Swiss
cheese, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, and carrots, on top     Desserts                                                      From the Bakery
of Italian lettuce mix. 6.29                                We have a large selection for a sweet ending to your meal:    Muffins
Mega Turkey                                                 Cookies and Brownies                                          Fresh, delicious muffins, in many varieties, including
A light, yet full meal with home-style turkey, provolone,                                                                 several no-sugar-added options. 1.90
asiago, Swiss cheese, hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, and       Biscotti
carrots, on top of Italian lettuce mix. 6.29
                                                            Candies                                                       Several varieties available in the cafe. .95
Pear and Blue Cheese v                                      Pies, Cakes, and Cheesecakes                                  Pastries
Italian and spring lettuce mixes, pears, blue cheese,                                                                     A wide selection of pastries.
walnuts, and dried cranberries, for a savory and sweet      Whoopie Pies
salad. 6.29                                                                                                               Donuts .90
Mixed Field Greens v                                                                                                      Iced Cinnamon Buns
Field greens, tomatoes, and carrots, for a fresh side                                                                     Our made-from-scratch cinnamon buns topped with
dish. 3.29                                                                                                                icing. 2.30
                                                            Need to Feed a Group?
Dressing choices:                                           We can help, from finger foods to an entire luncheon          Sticky Buns
blue cheese • caesar • country French • lite French •       meal, we would be delighted to help you determine your        Choose from several varieties of our made-from-scratch
honey dijon • creamy Italian • lite Italian • ranch •
lite ranch • parmesan peppercorn • thousand island •
                                                            menu and amounts needed.                                      sticky buns, including plain, pecan, and raisin. 2.00        East Petersburg Store and Cafe
                                                            Options include:                                                                                                           5253 Main Street (Route 72), East Petersburg, PA
olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette • mango vinaigrette •                                                                                                                               717-569-0812 • 717-569-8074 fax
raspberry vinaigrette                                       specialty sandwich trays • sub trays • antipasto trays •
                                                            group-sized lettuce salads • deli salads in serving bowls •                                                      
                                                                                                                          Vegetarian options are noted with “ v.”
                                                            quarts of hot soup • meat and cheese finger food trays •                                                                   Hours:
                                                            sliced lunchmeat trays • dessert and cookie trays •           Items and prices subject to change without notice. Prices    Monday–Friday: 6 a.m.–7 p.m.
In a Hurry? Call Ahead: 717-569-0812                        breakfast pastry trays                                        do not include sales tax.                           5.3.11
                                                                                                                                                                                       Saturday: 6 a.m.–5 p.m.
Made-to-Order Subs                                               Specialty Sandwiches                                           Taco
                                                                                                                                For a spin on the Mexican favorite, this sandwich is filled
                                                                                                                                                                                               Panini Selections subject to change.
Sweet or Lebanon Bologna 5.09|6.39                               Out-of-the-ordinary combinations and specialty                 with well-done roast beef, cheddar, tomatoes, iceberg          Turkey Cheddar
                                                                 ingredients make a selection of sandwiches that have           lettuce, southwestern dip, and a drizzle of hot sauce.         Home-style roast turkey, cheddar cheese, and roasted
Italian 5.39|6.69                                                become customer favorites and are only found at S. Clyde                                                                      red peppers, on our Italian semolina bread. 6.59
ham-a-cola, hard salami, and pepperoni                           Weaver. Customizing is available when both halves are          Peppered Ham
Turkey 5.09|6.39                                                 purchased. 4.49|4.29 each for 2 or more halves                 Black peppered ham paired perfectly with pineapple             Cheesy Delight v
                                                                                                                                cream cheese, plus tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and              Cheddar cheese on our own asiago olive bread. Olives
Roast Beef 5.59|6.89                                             Specialty Wraps                                                green peppers.                                                 may contain pits. 4.69
Ham 5.09|6.39                                                    Turkey Bacon                                                   Jazzy Pork                                                     Ham and Brie
                                                                                                                                Our own roast pork combined with salsa, our Canadian           Our smoked ham with French brie and apricot jam, for
Chicken Salad 5.59|6.89                                          The flavorful combination of gourmet turkey and bacon,
                                                                                                                                super sharp cheddar, romaine lettuce, and vegetable            a touch of sweetness, on our Italian semolina bread. 6.59
                                                                 plus tomatoes, romaine lettuce, our bacon mayonnaise
Tuna Salad 5.79|7.09                                             dressing, and vegetable cream cheese.                          cream cheese.
                                                                                                                                                                                               Roast Beef and Onion
Egg and Olive Salad v 4.89|6.19                                  Caesar Chicken                                                 Buffalo Chicken                                                Tender well-done roast beef, Swiss cheese, and sauteed
                                                                 Grilled chicken marinated in caesar dressing, plus             Spicy with buffalo chicken and hot sauce; crunchy with         onions, on our Italian semolina bread, with a side of
Seafood Salad 5.99|7.29                                                                                                         celery, carrots, and romaine lettuce; plus blue cheese         horseradish. 6.59
                                                                 romano cheese, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, and vegetable
Home-Style Ham Salad 5.39|6.69                                   cream cheese.                                                  dressing.
Sandwich Spread 5.09|6.39                                        Santa Fe Turkey                                                Curry Chicken                                                  Pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and thousand island
                                                                 Santa Fe turkey with fresh mozzarella, sweet and green         Our chicken salad with curry and golden raisins, celery,       dressing, on our sauerkraut rye bread. 6.59
American 4.59|5.89                                               peppers, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and vegetable              walnuts, craisins, romaine lettuce, and vegetable
cooked salami and minced bologna                                                                                                cream cheese.
                                                                 cream cheese, for a satisfying meal.
Cheese v 4.59|5.89                                                                                                                                                                             Hot Sandwiches
Additional meat options available at our deli counter.
                                                                 Barbecue Chicken
                                                                 A tasty sandwich of honey barbecue chicken, romaine
                                                                                                                                Ciabattas                                                      Sloppy Clyde
                                                                 lettuce, tomatoes, barbecue sauce, and vegetable               Turkey                                                         Our spicy ground beef and sausage barbecue. 4.89|6.19
Cheese of your choice:                                           cream cheese.                                                  Home-style roast turkey, fresh mozzarella, roasted
American • provolone • Swiss                                                                                                    peppers, romaine lettuce, pesto, parmesan, and
                                                                                                                                                                                               Beef Barbecue 4.89|6.19
                                                                 Athens Veggie v                                                seasonings make an extra tasty meal.                           Pork Barbecue 4.89|6.19
Bread options:                                                   Olives, green peppers, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, feta,
white or wheat sub roll, bread, or kaiser roll • tortilla wrap                                                                  Vegetarian Greek v
                                                                 vegetable cream cheese, balsamic vinegar, and pesto                                                                           BLT 4.69|5.99
Tortilla wraps come in the following flavors:                    are combined for this meatless choice.                         Cucumbers, semi-dried tomatoes, romaine lettuce,
white • whole wheat • jalapeno cheddar • spinach •                                                                              roasted peppers, feta, tapenade, and pesto—a light,            Chicken Parmesan 5.59
sun-dried tomato and basil                                       Reuben                                                         yet filling, sandwich.
For an additional charge, it can be made on:                     Corned beef with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut with caraway,                                                                       Meatball Sub
bagel • ciabatta • cheese biscuit • croissant • pretzel roll     romaine lettuce, thousand island dressing, and vegetable       Italian Ham                                                    Our Italian-style meatballs in sauce. 5.29|6.59
                                                                 cream cheese, for more than just a traditional favorite.       Ham, sopressata, provolone, semi-dried tomatoes, and
Your choices of condiments and vegetables:                                                                                      romaine lettuce make a super combination.
mayonnaise • mustard • sharp & creamy mustard •
honey mustard • olive oil • vinegar • creamy horseradish •
                                                                 Roast Beef
                                                                 For a rich taste, well-done roast beef, along with tomatoes,   Spicy Southwestern
lettuce • tomatoes • onions • marinated onions • sweet           romaine lettuce, and our horseradish and bacon spread.         An extra kick for the day—santa fe turkey, Peppadew            Beef Stew 4.25|5.75
peppers • banana peppers • hot peppers • black olives •                                                                         peppers, romaine lettuce, goat cheese, and sun-dried
pickles • salt • pepper • oregano • parmesan and herb mix        Vegetarian Salad v                                             tomato pesto.                                                  Chicken Pot Pie 3.50|4.75
                                                                 A tossed salad of romaine lettuce, tomatoes, carrots,
                                                                 cucumbers, hard boiled eggs, asiago cheese, and a              Four Cheese v                                                  Grilled Vegetable Platter v
Sandwich Specials                                                sprinkling of onions, with ranch dressing, wrapped up          Layers of provolone, gruyere, Swiss cheese, and parmesan,      A plate full of grilled vegetables with melted provolone,
Choose our sandwich-of-the-month, a limited time                 in a tortilla.                                                 plus roasted peppers, romaine lettuce, mayonnaise,             on a cheese biscuit. 5.59
creation, served with chips; or the featured sausage                                                                            lemon artichoke pesto, olive oil, and seasonings, for
griller sandwich, available on select days.                      Blue BLT                                                       lots of flavor.                                                Green Beans with Ham 3.50|4.75
                                                                 For a twist—bacon, romaine lettuce, and tomatoes, with
                                                                 blue cheese, a few onions, and smothered in our blue                                                                          Eggplant Parmesan v 5.59
Combos                                                           cheese dressing.                                               Soups                                                          Macaroni and Cheddar v
To a sandwich or large lettuce salad, add a small bag of
chips and a fountain drink for 1.89|2.19.                        Peppered Turkey                                                                                                               Our homemade macaroni and cheddar, made with five
                                                                                                                                Several hot selections available daily after 11 a.m., served
                                                                 Turkey with an edge of black pepper and a Mediterranean                                                                       cheeses, including our Canadian super sharp cheddar.
.50 off a soup with the purchase of a sandwich or large                                                                         with bread or crackers. All varieties available frozen.
                                                                 flare from kalamata olives, goat cheese, cucumbers,                                                                           3.50|4.75
lettuce salad.
                                                                 romaine lettuce, hummus, and a drizzle of honey.               Homemade Chili                                                 Quiche of the Day
Half a panini (except cheesy delight) and a cup of                                                                              Our hearty chili with sausage and ground beef. 4.25|5.75
featured soup for the price of the whole panini; add                                                                                                                                           Served with a cup of fresh fruit. 4.59
.75 for a premium soup.                                          In a Hurry? Call Ahead: 717-569-0812

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