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					    Meth Strike Force;
East County Drug Paraphernalia

              Dan Skiles
    Institute for Public Strategies
Meth Strike Force History

March 1996: Meth Strike force is formed under
the direction of the County Board of

June-December 1996: Developed MSF Action
Plan with Board approval. Publish Annual Report
Card .

1997-2006: Continued Regular Coordinating
Council and Quarterly full MSF Meetings.
          MSF Campaigns
   Precursor Chemical Training
   Operation Speed Bump
   Meth Lab Interdiction
   Drug Endangered Children
   Crime-free Multi Housing
   Stop Meth Associated Crime (SMAC)
   Meth Hotline: 1-877-NO-2-METH
   Website: http://www.no2meth.org/
Meth Strike Force Report Card:
    Preliminary 2006 data
MSF Report Card: Additional Data
Meth Prevention Initiative

                  Meth Strike Force
                Countywide Task Force

        Education                    Treatment
 Schooll-based Programs         Treatment Programs

       Interdiction                 Prevention
Law Enforcement Agencies      Meth Prevention Initiative
Regional Providers
         MPI Campaigns

   Code Enforcement / Community
   Apartment Manager Training
   Neighborhood Safe Streets
   Video Game Project
   Drug Paraphernalia Abatement
Meth Pipes +++
Health & Safety Code 11364
Drug Paraphernalia
1.   Assessment of
2.   Notification of
3.   Confiscation of
4.   Media Advocacy
5.   Local CUP
Illusions in Spring Valley
Illusions Smoke Shop Clip
El Cajon Warning Clip
El Cajon Bust Clip
    San Diego Drug
Paraphernalia Ordinances
Drug Paraphernalia Ordinances

CUP for Tobacco/Drug Paraphernalia – El Cajon
Drug Paraphernalia Ordinances
 City of Santee Drug/Tobacco Paraphernalia ordinance
17.04.120: Definition of "tobacco paraphernalia business"
Table 17.14.030A: Limits such businesses to the Industrial Zone with a
Major Conditional Use Permit.
17.14.030 Industrial use regulations.        33. Tattoo parlor and/or body
Uses listed in Table 17.14.030A* shall       piercing salon                       --   --
be allowable in industrial districts as
                                             34. Tire re-treading and recapping   --   P
indicated in the columns beneath each
industrial district. Where indicated with    35. Tobacco paraphernalia               M
the letter “P”, the use shall be a           business                             -- C
permitted use in that district. Where
indicated with the letter “C”, the use       36. Welding shop                     P    P
shall be a conditional use subject to the
                                             D. Public and Semi-public Uses
conditional use permit process in that
district. Where indicated with the letters
“MC”, the use shall be a conditional use
                                             1. Ambulance services                C    C
subject to a minor conditional use
permit in that district.
Drug Paraphernalia Ordinances
Licensing as Adult Business – Oceanside Ordinance
City of National City – Drug Paraphernalia Ordinance
Drug Paraphernalia Case Law
A & B Cattle Company v.                     Posters ‘N’ Things Ltd.
City of Escondido – 1987                    v. United States – 1994

   11364.7 is an enforcement              Because petitioners operated a
    section which conflicts with and        full scale "head shop" devoted
    overrides section 11364.5, an           substantially to the sale of
    earlier regulatory provision.           drug paraphernalia, the Court
   A City of Escondido Ordinance           need not address §857's
    purporting to license the sale of       possible application to a
    drug paraphernalia to minors            legitimate merchant selling
    was found to be void due to             only items--such as scales,
    state preemption by Health &            razor blades, and mirrors--that
    Safety Code Sections 11014.5            may be used for legitimate as
    and 11364.7.                            well as illegitimate purposes.
           Next Steps

   Enforcement Efforts
   Policy Development
       Letter from Attorney General’s Office
       Community organizing to build support
       Media Advocacy to raise awareness
       Working with public officials to adopt a
        stronger policy

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