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									We are SO excited about our new Talk-a-Latte Online Workshops! I think that you will find that we have a treat in store for you! You have GOT to join us soon! You will LOVE them! Wondering "Just WHAT on earth is Talk-a-Latte about??" Great question! Summer 2006, we began online workshops, chats, webinars, and Bible Studies. We had so much fun just relaxing with other moms while we talked all about homeschooling... mothering... marriage... homemaking... and... God! It has been a BLAST! Today we welcome you! We are so glad you are a part of our session today. Want to know more about what we have going on? See our website: http://www.Talk-a-Latte.com today. Also, sign up for Cindy's mailing lists at: http://www.CindyRushton.com/Subscribe.html to stay updated. Just jump in and have a nice time today as you talk-a-latte! - Kathy Butryn says: is your mic on mute? - Julie Bertsch says: no - Leslie Dahhhhling says: not on mute, hold on a minute though - Leslie Dahhhhling says: ok going to try something different, give me a sec - Jill S says: I can hear you! - Hope says: yes - Kathy Butryn says: yes! - Jill S says: It's a little muffled - Julie McGovern says: some distortion - Brenda K, Colorado Springs says: it sounds like you are far away - Jill S says: well...keep talking - Brenda K, Colorado Springs says: better - Rachel Flores says: cuts in and out - Rachel Flores says: but louder - Jill S says: it sounds different than this morning but I think it's going to be OK - Hope says: ok - Lori Heitrich says: I can hear her - Elizabeth Bowen says: ok here - Julie McGovern says: should be fine

- Jill S says: We'll take you however we can get you, Leslie! - Leslie Dahhhhling says: TY Jill - Julie McGovern says: very true Jill! - Valerie Neal says: fed hubby - Brenda K, Colorado Springs says: laundry - Leslie Dahhhhling says: laundry - Julie McGovern says: laundry, read a story to ds - Phyllis says: cleaned a bathroom and dusted part of my be - Elizabeth Bowen says: ate breakfast - Valerie Neal says: sending him off to work - jeniver boyer says: showered and bathed a child with syrup in her hair - Phyllis says: BR - Hope says: Grilled ham and cheese sandwich! My family is out for the day. - Jill S says: I made the laundry soap so now I can do laundry! - Joetta Witkowski says: Got dressed, cleaned some, made a cup of cocoa - Leslie Dahhhhling says: ewww jeniver - Valerie Neal says: listen to 3 yo grandson give grandma a breakfast order - Valerie Neal says: I made toast, he wanted biscuts - Leslie Dahhhhling says: that and fluff in the hair is the worst! - jeniver boyer says: she had tried brushing it and it was a mess so bath was easier - Valerie Neal says: yep, my hair is that way too - Valerie Neal says: just wash and condition it that is easier - Hope says:

Thank you! - Brenda K, Colorado Springs says: yes - Valerie Neal says: YEAH - Leslie Dahhhhling says: YippEe! - Hope says: Yes! - Hunee Dillhoff says: Woo-Hoo! - jeniver boyer says: yeah, definitely... I don't even brush my hair...wash every morning and comb so it is manageable - Julie Bertsch says: yea! - Kathy Butryn says: Your special gift for session two: Let's Take the Busy Out of the Holiday Season! With Cindy Rushton...It is November! Anybody fired up the holidays? The cold. The smell of wood in the fireplace. The cozy feel of being inside. Curling up under big, comfy quilts. Surprises! Sweet memories. AND... busyness..... Yep! Busyness! How many of you also battle with busyness during this time of year? Would you like some practical ideas that can make the most of your holidays so that this year does not just slip by? Well, join us for this show! Cindy will share some very practical help for making this year great. Just pour a big cup of Wassail or Apple Cider and get ready for some ideas sure to take the busy out of your holiday season! Download this mom-to-mom audio complimentary at the following link. Simply click to play or right click and save into your computer. Have a hard time? Just go to my blog to download. Download here: http://www.cindysdesktop.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/BusyHolidaysMTM.mp3 - Julie McGovern says: yes - Brenda K, Colorado Springs says: yey! thanks - Hope says: Yea Cindy! - Valerie Neal says: If we already subscribe to the M2S do we need to re-sign up for the 12 hearts? - Brenda K, Colorado Springs says: Cindy is awesome!! - Leslie Dahhhhling says: I have heard this and it is GREAT! - Julie Bertsch says: Sound great - Valerie Neal says: Got the joy to the mall!!! - Julie Bertsch says: Worked good for me - Jill S says: go it, Kathy! thanks for the Joy story

- Leslie Dahhhhling says: it worked for me. - Valerie Neal says: Thank You so much!!!! - Rachel Flores says: thanks - Hope says: But the message received says we are already signed up... - Kathy Butryn says: kathy@kathybutryn.com - Valerie Neal says: just signed up !!!! - Joetta Witkowski says: Kathy, I was able to sign up by typing in the link in my regular internet link. - Valerie Neal says: YEAH Leslie!!!! - Phyllis says: Purposeful Planning - Leslie Dahhhhling says: purposeful planning - Hope says: Purposeful Planning? - Valerie Neal says: I like Phyllis's weekly emails!!!! - Jill S says: Is that an e-book? - Leslie Dahhhhling says: That one is a life changer for sure! - Leslie Dahhhhling says: YES, Jill go to www.phyllis-sather.com - Hope says: Sorry for repeats, my chat is very delayed compared to the sound. - Hope says: Oh! Yes! - Kathy Butryn says: thank you so much Phyllis! - Kathy Butryn says: I agree!!!!!!!!! - Julie McGovern says: Oh, you ladies are so generous! - Hope says: Great Idea! - Kathy Butryn says: I agree, getting ready for 2009

- Kathy Butryn says: a fresh start - kerry Harmon says: I had to step away from the computer for a moment, I didn't hear Phyllis's offer. Could someone fill me in, or could it be repeated at the end of the session? Thanks - Valerie Neal says: at the end - Jill S says: it will be at the end, Kerry - kerry Harmon says: THank-you! - Jill S says: Ah...yes, we have that problem in Arizona, too! - Jill S says: I know what you mean, Leslie. I kind of dread Christmas now! That's why I'm here at this workshop. - Elizabeth Bowen says: This year we're only giving each person 3 gifts. - Valerie Neal says: We have 2 grown kids, they get cash, 2 younger children, they get gifts, and one grandson - Dawn Spice says: DOH! I am late! But I made breakfast for the family, washed the dishes and cleaned up the kitchen from last night's rushed dinner, and cleared out all the clutter that seemed to have sprouted up in my kitchen over night - Valerie Neal says: DH likes to wait till last minute, so about 10 years ago, I turned shopping over to him - Dawn Spice says: Now I am sitting down with a plate full of pumpkin pancakes with caramel spice syrup! YUM! - Valerie Neal says: I am getting grandsons Christmas little by little, each time I go to Wal-Mart, i get a hot wheel - Julie McGovern says: sounds delicious Dawn! - Kathy Butryn says: Oh Dawn, that sounds delicious! - Valerie Neal says: Yep, that's me - Valerie Neal says: Saint Valerie - Kathy Butryn says: that's so true!!! - Mary MI says: Dawn how are those made sounds good for Christmas breakfast! - Jill S says: Wouldn't it be great if these tough ecomomic times lead to simplicity and deeper relationshis! - Valerie Neal says: The more conveniences we have, the more time we have, so find more things to do.... - Valerie Neal says:

brb grandson needs attitude adjustment - Jill S says: Dawn...you have to post your recipes! Caramel spice syrup and pumpkin pancakes... - Dawn Spice says: I got the recipe from the a pantry challenge yahoo group. I was just thinking that I might change my usual Christmas morning feast to include these. They are good! - Julie McGovern says: oh yes, please do share Dawn! - Dawn Spice says: Okay, stand by... - Mary MI says: Yes please I'm on my knees begging. - Valerie Neal says: okay - Kathy Butryn says: never thought of it that clearly before...but so true - Jill S says: YES...that is SO TRUE Leslie! - Dawn Spice says: Okay, I hope this copies okay - Dawn Spice says: So sad where our culture has ended up - Dawn Spice says: Guess that didn't work! - Valerie Neal says: If anyone is interested I just posted my Happy Birthday Jesus cake on my blog, when this is over I can send you link by pm - Jill S says: Especially when you have families that don't share your enthusiasm for simplicity and homemade things. My mom and sisters in law equate homemade with cheap - Julie McGovern says: link for blog Valerie? - Valerie Neal says: yep - Jill S says: Yes...because I spent time on it! - Valerie Neal says: It is what family gets for christmas presents - Jill S says: One time I hand painted a beautiful sweater for my sister in law...and she never wore it. - Jill S says: I wanted it back! - Valerie Neal says: Jill, I would have worn it - Mary MI says: Homemade depends on the love & effort put into something. You can buy something with thought & it can be considered homemade.

- Valerie Neal says: In fact I would hace said if you aren't gonna wear it I will hehehe - Jill S says: Ah, Valerie, thank you. It was pale pink and green tiny flowers on a gray background. - Valerie Neal says: Sounds pretty - Julie McGovern says: sounds beautiful Jill - Mary MI says: I buy them to wear - Jill S says: She probably gave it to the Goodwill. - Jill S says: I could cry. Just being honest here. - Mary MI says: Well if she did feel good about the fact that someone bought it and wore it with love. - Valerie Neal says: Well I shop at Goodwill, and I look for things like that, you probably blessed someone who would appreciate it - Valerie Neal says: I confess, my kid was one of the first to have a tickle me elmo.... - Valerie Neal says: I had 20 people in 5 different states looking for that thing - Dawn Spice says: Okay, whoever wants the pumpkin pancakes and caramel spice syrup recipes email me at dawnee@spicefamily.net - Jill S says: competition with the neighbors...they always have better stuff than we do - Kathy Butryn says: Just like cabbage patch kids...you couldn't find them anywhere! - Jill S says: Thanks, Dawn. I hope that's not too much trouble. - Valerie Neal says: Spice pumkin, spice syrup, spice family, how neat - Dawn Spice says: We homemake all of our gifts except for our own kids - Jill S says: where do you get your ideas, Leslie? - Dawn Spice says: No problem at all, that is much easy than typing it all in here!!! - Dawn Spice says: The saddest thing about Leslie's story to me is that usual thing where when everyone gets together it is always about what did you get? - Mary MI says: I shop at a Church thrift shop and 2 years ago every gift I gave came from there and no one knew it was not new from a store, my eldest is still useing the stuff I gave her.

- Hope says: Our best family year was when we just did "stocking stuffers" and purchased a family vacation (kids were about 8 & 10). Better yet, we had started a coin jar in January and had saved enough by November to completely cover the vacation costs! - Dawn Spice says: That is convicting to me. I usually mass produce the same gift for everyone. And my presentation leaves much to be desired. - Jill S says: Dawn, I agree. Presentation is easy to neglect - Mary MI says: Coin Jar is how I save money for everything. - Hope says: My daughter loves knitting. She is currently making to baby blankets for soon to be born babies. - Dawn Spice says: Well, when you've already put so much time into the gift itself, it is definitely easy to neglect the packaging - Valerie Neal says: I got one - Jill S says: That is a great idea, Leslie. You just have to have a vision for personization and remember to do it. And have the right supplies on hand. - CATHYMORENZIE says: I love receiving them - Valerie Neal says: Or hot chocolate mix with a chocolate dipped spoon - Jill S says: I was given one a few years ago. With M and Ms in it! - Hope says: Jar is reusable too! - Valerie Neal says: Fruit cake is reusalbe too hehehe - Dawn Spice says: I usually make those for the kids Sunday school teachers or Bible study leaders - Julie McGovern says: lol Valerie - Kathy Butryn says: me too! - Valerie Neal says: oh dried soup in a jar, neat - Jill S says: Year after year, Valerie! You can regift fruitcakes, too. - Valerie Neal says: hehehe - Jill S says: Like freezer meals! - Hope says: How? Cross-stitch? - Jill S says:

LEslie, do you have any photos of these? - Jill S says: I'm very visual. - Hope says: Personal, homemade gift tags. - Kathy Butryn says: lol - Julie McGovern says: LOL Leslie - Jill S says: I always just picture the wrapping paper in a landfill some where and I am un-inspired - Jill S says: So this is hard for me being so practical - Valerie Neal says: I like gift bags and tissue, I re-use the bag, and iron the tissue paper to look like new - Mary MI says: I have a sister-in-law who makes muffin bread in jars and gives them as gift with a fancy jar topper she made. - Jill S says: IRON the tissue??? I never thought of that! - Valerie Neal says: on low - Valerie Neal says: yep do it all the time - Dawn Spice says: Last year we made calendars for family members and I wrapped them in plain brown paper (actually grocery bags) with a pretty ribbon. I tucked a couple dried slices, cinnamon sticks, and a poem about the gift in the ribbon. Everyone loved the wrapping as much as the gift! - Mary MI says: works great!!!!!!! - Hope says: My dad used to use the Sunday comics, back when all comics were safe for all ages to read. - Hope says: Baby gifts can be wrapped in a receiving blanket. - Joetta Witkowski says: My son, who is a navigator, wraps his presents in old maps! - Jill S says: NOw the practical part of me like re-usable wrapping ideas - Valerie Neal says: oh no steam on ironing the tissue paper - Valerie Neal says: I forgot to mention that - Dawn Spice says: Okay, I am going to be listening, but I have to start getting some things checked off my holiday prep list! - CATHYMORENZIE says: Im going to do the bath salts this year

- Kathy Butryn says: do you have a recipe for them Cathy? - Dawn Spice says: there are lots of good jar gift ideas at organized christmas.com - jeniver boyer says: any jar idea gifts for men? - Dawn Spice says: I always do candy cane bath salts for some group on my Christmas list - CATHYMORENZIE says: thanks Dawn - CATHYMORENZIE says: I love that - Dawn Spice says: Jeniver--rubs or homemade bbq sauce for grilling - Valerie Neal says: Jeniver, 5 bean soup, dried of couse, they just add water and cook... - Mary MI says: For the person who sews extra needles, thread, fancy buttons, or lace trim is a great gift. - jeniver boyer says: thanks - CATHYMORENZIE says: oooohhh Im going to use the sewing one- thanks !!! - Dawn Spice says: journal prompts in a jar are cute - Kathy Butryn says: www.sewmamasew.com - Brenda K, Colorado Springs says: www.sewmamasew.com - Mary MI says: How about tape measure, nuts, bolts, pocket tools, batteries, keyrings, or my dh personel choice a lazer light. - Valerie Neal says: My dad loves gift card to Lowes - Valerie Neal says: He is always running there for something, they know him by his face... - Jill S says: I have noticed, this! Fabric is hard to find outside of the stuff at JoAnns - Dawn Spice says: I can't even sew on a button! - Jill S says: I think it's because people don't sew much any more! - jeniver boyer says: we don't have a Joann's so online is improtant here - Valerie Neal says: we have a Hanncocks - Hunee Dillhoff says:

I think the button is the only thing I know how to sew - Jill S says: What a great reference, Leslie. THANK YOU!!!! - Jill S says: Dawn, you can learn to sew easily. Little by little. - Valerie Neal says: I flunked sewing in home ec, got married had kids and taught my self, it is easy - Hunee Dillhoff says: Right now my daughter is taking a sewing class at our church. I have this feeling that she will be teaching me how to sew. - Jill S says: My favorite thing is to use thrift store items and re-sew them into other things - Dawn Spice says: I have tried but have not had much success. I don't have a lot of patience... - Valerie Neal says: start small - Jill S says: Keep trying. Start simple. - Mary MI says: Go to the local thrift stores they always have yarn, fabric, and sewing notions for sale. - Dawn Spice says: DH knows the basics of sewing. He helped me make aprons one year. Helped=he did it all! - Valerie Neal says: I crochet potholders because I like to see immediate results, afgahns take to long - Mary MI says: I use old clothes to make doll clothes, potholders or cozies for water bottles. - CATHYMORENZIE says: I got a personalized note book last year- it was covered with a beautiful african print fabric- so easy yet special- $1.00 for notebook and left over fabric - Valerie Neal says: I can't see the doll clothes, I need glasses to sew those - Mary MI says: cool idea - Jill S says: You can alter used clothes with only a little effort...tucks and hems only - Dawn Spice says: oh, gifts for library staff. What a good idea! I am adding them to my Christmas list - Mary MI says: I make clothes for 12-18" dolls they are bigger. - Valerie Neal says: does any one here make sugar scrubs? - Dawn Spice says: I like to hand out little goodies to the clerks and service staff at the stores during the month of December. - Hope says: Love those!

- Jill S says: It reminds me of the verses in Proverbs that speak about the power of gifts - Mary MI says: Does anyone know how to make oven Jerky? I don't have a food dehydrator any more & they are to expensive to replace right now. - Dawn Spice says: The past few years I have attached a small candy cane poem about Jesus and attached them to mini candy canes - Mary MI says: When someone gives me good service I also call the manager and tell them, that gives extra omph to the thank you. - Jill S says: I think these kinds of gifts can give us favor in the hearts of the recipients and plant seeds for the Gospel - Valerie Neal says: Mary, I have done that!!! - Jill S says: I bought some baskets for gifts at a thrift store for 10 cents each! - Mary MI says: I love the Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, ect.. - Dawn Spice says: love gift baskets - Mary MI says: Big Bow & Ribbon!!!!! - Mary MI says: Babysitting for young parents is the best gift you can give. If they are broke when they can go out the babysitting is what stops them. - Mary MI says: I have 4 kids 26,22,20 and 3 so my oldest & I trade babysitting so that we can go out as a couple 5 or 6 times a year with our dh and no babies. - Dawn Spice says: You can even do theme gift baskets--like white as snow--so all the items in the basket are white or snowy-but personalized for the recipient - Julie McGovern says: Yay, we love handouts! TY Leslie! - Jill S says: wow, leslie, that is so appreciated! - Hope says: Thank you Leslie! - kerry Harmon says: Thank you Leslie! - Valerie Neal says: Debt free, that was a great one!!! - Valerie Neal says: had to sign off early due to Ike blowing through.... - Valerie Neal says: ready to go!!!! - CHrista STerken says: i am so inspired I can't wait!

- Hope says: Yes! Great ideas. - Valerie Neal says: we have Michaels and Hobby Lobby - Leslie Dahhhhling says: YES! - Valerie Neal says: I get a discount at HL - Valerie Neal says: I teach cake decorating there - Jill S says: YEs - Dawn Spice says: what are the three pieces of the note set? I missed that? - Hope says: Leslie, do you have a pattern for the coasters? And a recipe for what you fill it with? - Leslie Dahhhhling says: I can put in now that I am not talking. - CHrista STerken says: i am actually unpacking all my craft/scrapbook stuff as I listen and am looking around with fresh motivation...it is the joke of my family that I love to give homemade gifts. I love to make personal stuff but get teased sometimes - Valerie Neal says: When I give note sets, I put stamps on them - Lori Heitrich says: they probably admire you too Christa - Valerie Neal says: Any one ever make scented trivets? I saw them in the store the other day - Lori Heitrich says: my sisters tease me about making homemade laundry soap and bug repellent but they told me they also admire it - Leslie Dahhhhling says: Classy Homemade Christmas Ideas - Leslie Dahhhhling says: Aaack..no link. Let me try that again. - Leslie Dahhhhling says: Phyllis is getting set up...give her a moment - Leslie Dahhhhling says: I do hold on - Valerie Neal says: Lori, I need your bug repellent recipe - Leslie Dahhhhling says: http://www.leslievaleska.com/bookstore/wp-content/uploads/2008/Autfreebies/Homemade Handout.pdf - Hope says: Yes. - Leslie Dahhhhling says: I think that link is broken. Can someone try that for me?

- Deanne says: not working - Brenda K, Colorado Springs says: Handout.pdf - Hope says: Didn't work for me... - Jill S says: It's not working for me, Leslie - Julie McGovern says: Leslie, there's a space between homemade and handout - Leslie Dahhhhling says: Try this one ladies: - Leslie Dahhhhling says: Does that one work? - Valerie Neal says: yes - Valerie Neal says: that one works - Julie McGovern says: that worked - Leslie Dahhhhling says: Phyllis just said she is ready - Kathy Butryn says: yes - Mary MI says: Leslie's link is not working, when you click on it it says site not available. - Kathy Butryn says: yes - jeniver boyer says: i can hear you - Mary MI says: yes - Leslie Dahhhhling says: YES - Julie McGovern says: yes, can hear you - Valerie Neal says: yes, a little louder though, you have such a soft voice - Leslie Dahhhhling says: I will work on the link - Brenda K, Colorado Springs says: thanks Leslie - Jessica Abel says: Lori, what is your laundry soap recipe? I have made bug repellent to but I am almost out of essential oils and was wandering where you buy yours. I once made soap and sold it for a couple of years but since I've had my two kids it is too hard http://tinyurl.com/6xar2x

for me to continue doing for now. - Kathy Butryn says: phyllis@phyllissather.com - Hope says: Thank you! - Valerie Neal says: Military mom count? - Valerie Neal says: I can barely hear her - CATHYMORENZIE says: yes - Hope says: I've heard great things, plan to check it out for myself. - Valerie Neal says: I can hear Leslie, just not Phyllis so good - Jill S says: For Laundry Soap http://www.thefamilyhomestead.com/laundrysoap.htm - Valerie Neal says: I mane Kathy - Mary MI says: I still cannot open Leslie's handout or the second link. - Dawn Spice says: I wish I would get carded when buying the vodka - Mary MI says: Thank you. - Dawn Spice says:

- Jill S says: OH...you can re-use them??? - Jill S says: The same ones??? - Jessica Abel says: I just listened to an audio with you Phyllis with Cindy Rushton just last night falling asleep. I hope to listen again later today. What a surprise. - Dawn Spice says: So you just refill the same bottle with the same vanilla beans? - Jill S says: I had no idea...so why have I been buying vanilla in the store all these years??? - Dawn Spice says: WOW! I have been making vanilla for a few years but never knew I could reuse it! - Valerie Neal says: I used to love Happy Days when Mrs. C would get into the cooking sherry... - Jill S says: Yes,

- CATHYMORENZIE says: yes - Jill S says: I sent it to everyone, Kathy - CATHYMORENZIE says: its been posted - Kathy Butryn says: kathy@kathybutryn.com - Valerie Neal says: I could barely hear Phyllis when she was speaking, did she say where to get her book - Hope says: Is it an ebook or bound? - Kathy Butryn says: phyllis@phyllissather.com - Julie McGovern says: Valerie, email her, she will discount it since you're here - Valerie Neal says: K, what was the discount for military family? - Phyllis says: Free - Valerie Neal says: TY, God bless you!!!! - Phyllis says: Phyllis@phyllis-sather.com - Valerie Neal says: NOw all I need is for my husband and my son to get interested in planning.... - Kathy Butryn says: I am away from my computer right now, back in a minute...hang in there.. - Julie McGovern says: Leslir, the second link worked for me - Brenda K, Colorado Springs says: I was able to open the second link that you put up Leslie - Julie McGovern says: oops, Leslie - Valerie Neal says: Thank you Leslie - Brenda K, Colorado Springs says: this link works http://tinyurl.com/6xar2x - Kym says: I can't get that link to work. - Mary MI says: I still can't get the links to work it says page not found now. - Julie McGovern says: Kym, did you copy and paste into your usual browser? - Phyllis says:

Husbands have been much more receptive to listening to the MP3 - Kathy Butryn says: http://www.leslievaleska.com/bookstore/wp-content/uploads/2008/Autfreebies/Homemade%20Handout.pdf - Kathy Butryn says: Not on a mic right now... - Kathy Butryn says: try this - Leslie Dahhhhling says: TY Brenda!!!! - Kathy Butryn says: does it work? - Kym says: Yes, It says Adobe has a problem and has to close the file. - Leslie Dahhhhling says: Brenda's did. - Brenda K, Colorado Springs says: both work for me - Valerie Neal says: Phyllis, I let the Lord speak to my husband, it just works easier that way, I tend to sound to bossy, so i take it to the Lord... - Julie McGovern says: Kym, do you need to update your Adobe? - Valerie Neal says: Amost tore my house down that way, telling him what we need to do - Rachel Flores says: I just copied the link and opened it in another browser window and it worked fine!! - Leslie Dahhhhling says: Kathy's link worked for me as well. - Kathy Butryn says: http://www.leslievaleska.com/bookstore/wp-content/uploads/2008/Autfreebies/Homemade%20Handout.pdf - Katrina Boatwright says: yes - Julie McGovern says: remember to copy and paste the links, don't just click in here - Leslie Dahhhhling says: Yes Julie good point! - Rachel Flores says: Thanks! By the way!!! - Brenda K, Colorado Springs says: Thanks Kathy and Leslie!!! {{{{HUGS}}} - Valerie Neal says: It's Christmas.... - Joetta Witkowski says: Thanks! - Hope says:

Yeah! - Katrina Boatwright says: Thank you, Cindy - Valerie Neal says: I need to put a small tree on my desk here - Valerie Neal says: I found her through mom to mom radio show, the one on depressin.... - CHrista STerken says: Hi Ladies, when i copied and opened a new browser adobe says "error" , am i doing something wrong? - Valerie Neal says: depression - Julie McGovern says: Christa, have you tried both links? - Hope says: What was the name of the book? - Brenda K, Colorado Springs says: A Christ Centered Christmas - Hope says: Congrats Brenda! - Brenda K, Colorado Springs says: yippee!! - Julie Bertsch says: good job, Brenda... - Julie McGovern says: congrats Brenda! - Valerie Neal says: nope, she can twitter through phone... - Julie Bertsch says: Leslie, do you have any specials on your books? - CHrista STerken says: yes,, it opens the adobe screen but keeps giving the "encountered a problem" message, thanks anyway - Leslie Dahhhhling says: Kathy can I say a word - Julie McGovern says: try updating your Adobe - jeniver boyer says: sometimes I have trouble opening other things when I have this room open - jeniver boyer says: wait til you log out and try again - Brenda K, Colorado Springs says: you are too funny Leslie - Julie McGovern says: very good weekend - Julie McGovern says:

www.leslievaleska.com/blog - Kathy Butryn says: christa...I'll send it to you directly - Kathy Butryn says: can you send me an email at kathy@kathybutryn.com...and I'll attach it to my email back to you - Valerie Neal says: Leslie, how did you get started selling your books, did you bog first and then put it all together? - CHrista STerken says: oh thanks so much Kathy, csterken@att.net

- Leslie Dahhhhling says: www.leslievaleska.com/bookstore - Julie Bertsch says: thank you, so much - Julie McGovern says: thought there was another one - Julie McGovern says: Leslie is always so generous!!! - Mary MI says: I have tried cutting and pasting I still can't get either link to work. - Julie Bertsch says: I'll head over there...thanks - Leslie Dahhhhling says: awww Julie!!! - Julie McGovern says: it's true!! - Leslie Dahhhhling says: You can also find me at www.leslievaleska.com - Mary MI says: Only a week I'm impressed I'd need at least a month. - Valerie Neal says: Been the mother of the groom, not the mother of the bride yet - Kathy Butryn says: Membership site will soon be available...purchase your ticket: http://www.kathybutryn.com/christmas.html - Leslie Dahhhhling says: and Journey to Simplicity at www.leslievaleska.com/blog - Mary MI says: I've been both time is still a factor. - Valerie Neal says: Thank you Leslie!!!! - Leslie Dahhhhling says: For those who are new to my site, the Journey to Simplicity, the sign up for the ezine on th right says monthly ezine, but there has been an overwhelming push for a weekly ezine so that will be changing! - Hope says: I have the old hard copy of "A Christ Centered Christmas", do you know if there are any changes in the ebook? - Leslie Dahhhhling says:

Oh, Kathy Thank you!!! You are such a dear friend! - Hope says: Thanks... - Roxanna E says: Thanks so much Kathy & Leslie! Great time! - Dawn Spice says: Thanks so much Leslie!!! - Leslie Dahhhhling says: Most welcomed! - CATHYMORENZIE says: Thanks Leslie

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