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									US: 19 Business Park Drive
Branford, CT 06405
Phone: (203) 488 5265
Fax: (203) 483 0408

India: C-64, TTC Indl. Area
Turbhe, Navi Mumbai 400705
Phone: 91 22 2767 2955 / 0092
Fax: 91 22 2767 0161

Company Background

              • Be a leading provider of outsourced services to global businesses.
 • Vision     • Create value for clients through continuous service innovation,
               distinctive service quality, and cost effective delivery.

              • Lester, Inc., a US company, was founded in 1981.
              • Lester, Inc., conducts first BPA audited telephone requal in 1984.

 • History    • Enlink Infotech, an Indian company was founded in 1999.
              • Enlink Infotech is a part of one of India’s leading business group.
              • Lester, Inc., and Enlink Infotech merged in 2003.

              • Headquartered in Branford, Connecticut.
 • Operations • Operations in Kentucky (Wurtland) and Mumbai (India).
              • Over 500 employees with 250 in the US and 250 in India.

 • Customer • Publishing & Media Industry          • Non-Profit & Education Sector
   Focus    • Information Technology               • Market Research
Core Service Offerings
                      • Qualification and requalification of controlled and paid
    Subscription        magazine subscribers.
    Management        • E-mail, fax, web, and phone based subscription management.

                      • Data collection and validation for business-to-business specialty
    Information         directories and databases.
    Collection and    • Data collection and data tabulation for quantitative market research
    Validation          studies.

    Customer and      • Email based customer support for b-to-c and b-to-b web sites.
    Help Desk         • Web chat based customer and sales support for b-to-c web site.
    Support           • Inbound voice based customer support for high-tech and electronics
                       • Customer retention and upgrades for b-to-c products and services
    Customer             (e.g. cable television)
    Acquisition and    • Customer renewal and upgrades for b-to-b products and services
    Retention            (e.g. legal newsletters).

                      • Direct mail and fulfillment support for campaigns.
    Fund Raising      • New and lapsed donor acquisition and student enrollment.
    Support           • Donor performance analytics (e.g. retention rate, pledge analysis).

                      • Data entry and form processing of scanned images.
    Data Conversion   • Conversion of legacy documents to HTML or XML formats.
    and Processing    • Encoding of legal documents for litigation support.

Information Services and Publishing Industry

  • In 1984, one of the first companies to offer qualification and requalification services for BPA/ABC audited trade

  • Experience in collecting demographic information across all major sectors (e.g. media, financial,
    manufacturing, electronics) from all levels within an organization.

  • Provide data entry, collection, and validation service for the specialty directory publishing and database

  • Data compilation services include:
     –   Data entry, data conversion, etc
     –   Web based research
     –   E-mail and fax blasts`
     –   Telephone interviews

  • Strong reputation for quality service.

  • Highly cost-effective.

Technology Industry Services

  • Experience in serving major clients in the technology and internet industry.

  • Services include web chat, e-mail, and telephone based help desk support.

  • Conducted millions of customer interactions for a broad range of B-to-C and B-to-B clients:
    - Account creation and update support
    - Username and password management
    - Product, pricing and promo inquires
    - Charge back and refund processing
    - Order processing and order status inquires

  • Service provided from state-of-the-art center in India connected with high-speed infrastructure to the

  • Strong reputation for quality and cost-effective delivery.

         Key Services offered by Lester

Lester Inc. specializes in providing the key services in a BPO Industry
which includes:

 Knowledge Services

 Back office Services

 Customer Services

                 Knowledge Services

A team of experts, content writers and editors develop content for
Products and Services. The experts here help create, produce,
synthesize original / new content by using their domain knowledge,
researching and referring several information resources.

                       Back office Services

Back office services we provide include:
 Data compilation for building business information databases of Private and Public
companies, compensations provided to their executives, email addresses of key
executives of the organization and so on. We also periodically update the collected data
to make sure that the information supplied is up-to-date.

 Email blast - The organization is also into carrying out email blasts for the purpose of
advocacy, fundraising, driving website traffic, educating members, etc.

 Online order processing - We offer registrations and renewals of products and
services offered by the Client using customer's credit cards, debit cards and paypal.

 Website categorizations - Based on the categories and description provided by the
client, websites of various brands are categorized.

 Information updates for customer accounts - Updation of customer name, address,
email address, technical settings for a customer's website name.

                                Customer Services
Lester Inc. involves in providing Customer Services through all modes of communication which
includes email, live chat and phone.
We provide Customer Support services through emails, which involves replying to customer queries related to
Registrations, Renewals, Technical, Sales and Services. Includes providing in depth support to value added
services offered by the Client such as web site building applications, email services and so on.
Our Live Chat services provide immediate resolutions for customer's queries regarding Registrations,
Renewals, Technical, Sales, Subscriptions, Order processing and Value added services offered by the Client.
Outbound process includes:
International Campaigns: which include Renewing magazine subscriptions, surveys and fundraising
Domestic Campaigns: which include surveys, promotions and sales.
Inbound process includes:
Providing Customer service for queries related to Registrations, Renewals, Technical, Sales, Subscriptions,
Order processing and Value added services offered by the Client.


 Lester Management Team

Key attributes of our team

 Highly experienced management        Senior Management Team:
  teams in US and India.
                                       • Rajiv Samant, Chief Executive Officer
 Appropriate blend of US and India
  experience in senior management      • Joan Marcus, Senior Vice President
                                       • Nikhil Kothari, President, India
 Deep functional expertise in all
                                       • Dee Galligan, Vice President of
  core functions: Operations, Sales,
                                         Operations, US
  HR, and Technology and
  Infrastructure.                      • Diane Zieminski, Chief Technology Officer
 Former circulation manager
  member of management team.
 First hand experience of
  successfully serving Fortune 500

Value Proposition
 • Proven track record for executing complex projects across publishing, media,
   technology, non-profit industries and cable television industries.

 • Relentless focus on quality and customer service -- it is the top-down and
   bottom-up focus across the organization.

• Offer customers choice of an onshore solution, an offshore solution or a blended
  solution. Our customers decide what makes the best sense!

 • Highly experienced management team with experience in consulting, technology,
   and service businesses.

 • Innovative use of Information Technology to improve efficiency and quality of
   service delivery to clients.

 • Highly cost effective offshore service – typically deliver savings of 40-to-50

 • Strong values - integrity, professionalism, transparency.

Infrastructure / Facilities - Domestic
25,000 sq. ft facility in Wurtland, Kentucky with
infrastructure that is well equipped with:

•   Dedicated, scalable, point-to-point connectivity from India to our
    Headquarters in Branford, CT.
•   Multiple dedicated leased T1 lines from more than one carrier to provide
•   Automated dialer system to ensure that all calls are efficiently handled.
•   Dedicated training center and faculty.
•   Backup equipment for servers, workstations and routers.
•   Power Supply - multiple level backups - each workstation is on a UPS and
    the entire infrastructure is backed up by multiple Diesel Generators.
•   Virtual Private Network to ensure secure connection between CT, KY, and

Infrastructure / Facilities - International
35,000 sq. ft facility in New Bombay, India with state of art infrastructure that is
    well equipped with:

•   Dedicated, scalable, point-to-point connectivity from India to our Headquarters in
    Branford, CT.
•   Multiple internet leased lines from more than one carrier having independent
•   Backup equipment for servers, workstations and routers.
•   Power Supply - Multiple level backups - Each workstation is on a UPS and the
    entire infrastructure is backed up by multiple Diesel Generators.
•   Superior access control and fire alarm systems.
•   Microprocessor controlled air conditioning throughout the center.
•   Fully equipped training center with rigorous training program.
•   Recreational area and subsidized cafeteria for employees.
•   Transportation facilities for employees.
•   Round the clock security.

Quality Process
Lester, Inc., believes in delivering the highest level of quality to our customers.
     We use a five-step quality system:

•    Define and communicate client’s goals
     The client’s goals are communicated to every member of the team responsible for
•    Train the team
     Lester has a well-defined training program with a generic component and a campaign
     specific training program.
•    Monitor performance
     Lester uses both live monitoring and digital recording reviews to spot errors, take corrective
     actions and improve performance. A QC team conducts a review of the digital recordings.
     Live monitoring is done by the supervisors.
•    Provide Feedback
     Feedback about performance concerns is provided to the agent in a 1-on-1 session with
     the supervisor. Positive feedback is handled more openly. Performance boards are
     updated hourly and allow the agents to compare their performance against other agents
     and client goals.
•    Retrain the team members
     The operations management team identifies specific training needs for the agents based
     on joint review and analysis with the QC and Audit teams. If required, agents are put into
     retraining programs and all agents are monitored closely to ensure improved performance.

        Lester Language Training Program (LLTP)
Our India Delivery Center agents undergo a proprietary language training program. The
main elements of LLTP that make it a highly effective training program are:

     • We use a proprietary agent screening process that is specifically aimed at recruiting only
     those agents whose accents can be improved. Lester uses American linguistic experts and
     not Indians to conduct this screening process.

     • We put the agents through a 4-week accent-training program. Again, American linguistic
     experts conduct the entire training program. Lester has handpicked these trainers who have
     years of experience.

     • We have customized the training material to specifically address the characteristics of
     spoken English in India. For example, areas such as speed of speech, tendency to certain
     words, inability to delineate between "v" and "w" are the focus of a series of training

     • All the training is conducted over the phone as opposed to a classroom setting. Each
     session has only four agents. The agents are trained for two hours a day, five days a week
     for four weeks. Since the agents can't see the trainer and the trainer can't see the agents
     both parties have to work hard to be understood.

And finally, LLTP has an intense schedule of practice sessions, tests and quizzes. The agents
receive one-on-one attention with specific feedback. And the training ends with a final exam in
which typically 5-10 % of the class is failed and judged not ready to conduct calls.


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