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Campfire Skits

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									Many thanks to Katie Miesle (a participant in the 2004 Campfire Catalyst presentation) for creating this document!!!! Index

Campfire Skits

*Audience Participation
                                Furniture Store Candy Store Greatest Spitter in the World Three Headed Monster/Know it All Complaint Department Freeze Frame Zoo (?) Kicks are for Trids

*Rehearsed Skits
          Flower and Bee Shy Person Making a Move I‟ve Come to Marry The Princess The Three Horsemen The Arcade Cowboy Enlarging Machine Shoe Genie Attack on the Tent Frustrated Director Wanna Buy a Pencil?

*No Rehearsal Needed/Pass it Down
Invisible Bench What Time Is It? Gotta Go Wee B‟ar Over Thar Grandma Went to Town Today Ugliest Man Movie Theater

*Stupid Human Tricks
   Talking Chin Someone Else‟s Hands Someone Else‟s Legs

*The Messier The Better
       Weather Report Banana Bandana Coke and Pie Toothpaste Human Hot Dog/Sundae Group PBJ Trip to the Moon

*No Rehearsal Needed/Add-ons
Doctor‟s Office Dinner Party Applause On the Can Puppy in a Box Kid in a Toilet Change Under Lamppost Tracking Camp Stew

         Baby Deer/Sounds of Nature Echo Bubble Gum ESP Luge/Roller Coaster

*Little Prep Needed
Centipede Security Camera JC Penny‟s Clothes Brown Pants Radio Station Most Important Paper Greatest Pickpocket Raisin Bran

Rain Group Storytelling Story of Night Sky Light Choreograph

Audience Participation Skit: Furniture Store
Props Needed: Pitcher of water, 2 cups Cast of Characters: Store owner (you), armchair, couch, lamp, coffee table… Plot Outline: Announce you‟ll need some volunteers for this skit- you own a furniture store and need some furniture. Audience
members come up and are placed/molded to represent different types of furniture in a living room set. Pitcher and cups are placed on the back of the person playing the coffee table. Then audience members come up and buy furniture (but are told not to buy the coffee table). Punch Line: The coffee table is left on stage while the next skit begins. You can have staff drink water, pour water on someone as part of skit, etc.

Skit: Candy Store
Props Needed: None Cast of Characters: Store owner (you), counter, cash register, display case, shelf… Plot Outline: Announce you need some volunteers for this skit. You own a candy store and need some things in order to open.
come up and are placed/molded/given sound effects to represent different parts of the store. Punch Line: When all items are in place, ask audience what else you need for candy store. When they answer “candy,” say: “Why? I already have a bunch of suckers.”

Skit: Greatest Spitter in the World
Props Needed: Pot or pan with a little water in the bottom Cast of Characters: Emcee and Greatest spitter in the world Plot Outline: Emcee announces that in the audience is someone with unusual abilities they just learned about. So and so has
won many regional/international spitting contests and they would like to do an exhibition. Spitting champion comes up and gets started after a few warm-ups (if it follows Furniture Store they can drink the water). Spitting can include long-distance, height, through hula hoops, etc. The grand finale should be complicated but still slightly believable -over someone‟s arms, bouncing off someone‟s glasses,etc. Timing is everything- the emcee holds the pot slightly tilted to hide the hand under the pot. They flick the pot with a finger at the time the spit would hit. The resulting “ping” should be audible to the audience. Punch Line: When murmurs of disbelief grow, ask audience if they don‟t believe his/her spitting ability. The part of the crowd that says “no” gets doused with water.

Skit: Three Headed Monster/Know it All
Props Needed: Two sheets pinned together so three people can poke heads through Cast of Characters: Three headed monster/Know it all Plot Outline: An amazing visitor has come to meet new people. It introduces itself and takes audience questions. Punch Line: When the visitor talks, each head says only one word, so it gets silly fast. Punch Line:C

Skit: Complaint Department
Props Needed: None Cast of Characters: A store worker, a customer Plot Outline: The store owner explains that the customer (volunteer from audience) will be returning something at the store, but
only the audience will know what the something is. The skit will end when the customer figures out what they‟re returning. The customer goes far enough away that they can‟t hear the audience talking. The store owner gives guidelines for acceptable items (not overly gross, inappropriate, not too difficult to guess for the age of the “customer”) and then takes suggestions for a minute or two. The audience votes on the item and calls the customer back. (The store owner should advise the customer to act like they know what it is when speaking – “I‟m returning this because it‟s too small, smells funny, didn‟t work when I plugged it in…” instead of phrasing it as a guess “Is it too big?” Punch Line: Customer states “I‟m returning this _____ (correct item) because it _______ (appropriate to item).

Skit: Freeze Frame
Props Needed: None Cast of Characters: A small group of people to start it out (2-3). Plot Outline: The emcee explains that although a group will be starting the skit, anyone can get involved, and if they are called on
to join the skit, they should use the movement already in place, change the scene as much as possible, and keep it appropriate. The original actors start out a skit about anything, as long as it involves random movements. Anyone from the audience can call out “Freeze”. If chosen by the emcee, they jump in to take someone‟s place in the skit (taking their exact location and bodily position). They then change the skit to a completely different scene/topic. Punch Line: Creativity leads to some interesting variations on themes

Skit: Kicks are For Trids
Props Needed: None Cast of Characters: Narrator, a family of Trids (parents, kids), an monster, a rabbit Plot Outline: The narrator asks for volunteers from the audience, explaining they will be telling the story as the volunteers act it
out (no rehearsal involved). The story: The Trid family lives downhill from a monster in a cave. The monster does something (has loud parties, throws rocks, starts avalanches…) that disturbs them constantly. Finally, they have had enough and one by one they make their way uphill to put an end to it. After each tries a different tactic (asking politely, shouting, turning up their own music, etc), they are kicked (mime it) in the seat of their pants and sent back down the hill. Finally, their friend the rabbit offers to try. When the rabbit passes on the request, the monster grants it and sends the rabbit on his way. Punch Line: When the rabbit asks why he didn‟t get kicked, the monster replies “Silly rabbit- kicks are for trids.”

No Rehearsal Needed/Pass It Down
Skit: Invisible Bench/Wall
Props Needed: None Cast of Characters: Person #1 and others Plot Outline: Person #1 faces audience and pretends to sit down on a bench or lean against a wall (can be doing something, like
reading a paper). Others come out and, one at a time, ask Person #1 what they‟re doing. They reply they‟re sitting/leaning and hanging out. Once all others are in place, Person #1 starts to walk away and comments that they look pretty funny sitting/leaning on the imaginary object. Punch Line: Once they hear it‟s imaginary, all the others fall onto the ground and make a big scene of it.

Skit: What Time Is It?
Props Needed: Bench, a watch Cast of Characters: A small group of people, one wearing a watch Plot Outline: The person wearing the watch (B) should be seated at one end of the bench. Person A sits on the other end of the
bench, and all others fill in between. (Everyone seated has the same leg crossed). All phrases get repeated along the line of people as a person A asks a question and person B replies. Person A: “What time is it?” Person B: “_____ o‟clock” A: “Is it time yet?” B: “Not yet” A: “How about now?” B: “Nope” A: Is it time yet?” B: “Yes, it‟s time.” Punch Line: Once this last message gets back to A, everyone seated crosses their other leg

Skit: There‟s a B‟ar Over Thar
Props Needed: None Cast of Characters: A scout and a small group of volunteers Plot Outline: The group lines up shoulder to shoulder facing the audience. The scout stands on one end of the line. The scout
starts by talking to his neighbor, and then all phrases get repeated along the line of people. Scout (points): “There‟s a Ba‟ar (bear) over thar!” Person #2: “Whar?” S: “Over thar.” #2: “Whar?” S: “Over thar!” This exchange is repeated between #2 and #3, and so on down the line. (Either explain the phrases beforehand to the performers, or have an experienced person be #2.) Once the conversation has gone all the way down the line, the Scout starts again. Each time it‟s the same phrases and same neighbor, but

bent over and leaning forward more, so at the last all are kneeling on one knee. Punch Line: The scout starts the phrases one last time, but at the “Over thar” he/she gently pushes their neighbor so the whole line of people falls over.

Skit: Grandma Went to Town Today
Props Needed: Bucket of water or a hose Cast of Characters: A leader, a small group of volunteers, and the water boy/girl Plot Outline: The group lines up shoulder to shoulder facing the audience. The water boy/girl should be nearby, but with water
hidden. The leader stands on one end of the line. The leader starts by talking to his neighbor, and then all phrases get repeated/motions get added along the line of people. Leader: “Guess what?” Neighbor: “What?” L: “Grandma went to town today.” N: “Oh yeah, what did she buy?” L: she bought a ________” This exchange is repeated between #2 and #3, and so on down the line. (Either explain the phrases beforehand to the performers, or have an experienced person be #2.) Once the conversation has gone all the way down the line, the leader starts again. Each time it‟s the same phrases and same neighbor, but another item and motion is added to the originals. Items Grandma buys can include: a rocking chair, a basketball, a model T ford… all with their own motions. The last item is an umbrella. Punch Line: When the umbrella has passed down the line, L: “Guess what?” N: “What?” L: “It didn‟t work” – as they say this, the water boy/girl gets the volunteers wet.

Skit: Ugliest Person
Props Needed: A chair, a blanket or sheet Cast of Characters: A carnival hawker, the Ugliest Person, some volunteers Plot Outline: The carnival hawker announces their amazing new attraction and calls for people to come see the Ugliest Person in
the world. Each volunteer comes up one at a time, gives their “money” to the hawker, and goes up to the blanket. After lifting up the blanket, and peeking beneath, they faint and pass out on the ground in a dramatic fashion. (The volunteers need to be prompted just before starting as to their reaction to seeing the Ugliest Person. The last person should be someone with a good sense of humor.) Punch Line: When the last person looks under the blanket, though, the Ugliest Person falls over.

Skit: Gotta Go Wee
Props Needed:Sleeping bags Cast of Characters: Counselor, “Wee” camper and group of volunteer campers Plot Outline: Actors are lying down in a line, with counselor at one end and “Wee” camper at the other, with volunteers in
between. Announce that this a cabin campout and it‟s the middle of the night in the woods. “Wee” camper wakes up neighbor and says (very urgently) “I gotta go wee” Neighbor: “what?” W: “I gotta go wee” N: “Right now?” W: “Yes- pass it down!” Neighbor wakes up next person, explains that W has to go wee and asks them to pass it down. The information gets all the way to the counselor, who gives a negative response to the request. The counselor‟s answer gets passed back, and this goes back and forth a few times. Finally, the counselor gives permission for W to go wee. Punch Line: W gets out of sleeping bag, gets up and dances around, shouting “WEE! WEE!”

Skit: Movie Theater
Props Needed: Chairs or benches (can use cups and paper bags for pop/popcorn) Cast of Characters: A couple on a date, the new boy/girlfriend, others at movie Plot Outline: The couple shows up late to a showing of a movie, and the only available seats are at opposite ends of a row. They
sit down, one holding the popcorn and one the pop. They spend the movie asking for, and passing the popcorn and pop back and forth (with messages relayed by the people in the middle). Seated next to the boy/girlfriend, though, is the new love interest. By the end of the movie, the two of them have gotten pretty close. Punch Line: The boy/girlfriend leaves with the new boy/girlfriend they were sitting next to.

No Rehearsal Needed/Add-ons
(for all of these skits, volunteers need a quick briefing to know their role)

Skit: Doctor‟s Office
Props Needed: Something to create a pregnant belly for one of the volunteers, a chair, a bench Cast of Characters: A secretary, a highly contagious person, a few volunteers Plot Outline: The secretary is seated on the chair and greets the arrival of the highly contagious person (C). C comes in with an
ailment (cold, flu) and secretary welcomes them to the doctor‟s office and asks them to sit down and wait on the bench. The volunteers come in one at a time, check in at the desk with an ailment (twitch, sneezing, hiccups, broken limb…) and sit down. A short time after they sit down, however, C starts to mimic their symptoms and the new patient starts to feel better. Soon C is sneezing, twitching, etc. all at the same time. Punch Line: The last patient (visibly pregnant) comes in slowly and C looks over, panics, and runs out screaming.

Skit: Dinner Party
Props Needed: None Cast of Characters: A party host and some volunteer guests Plot Outline: Announce that there is a party going on, and it‟s the job of the host to figure out what‟s going on with the guests. The
guests mingle, and interact with the host one at a time while he/she figures out their issue. Things going on with the guests could include mental issues (thinking they‟re superman, being paranoid/claustrophobic/arachniphobic), emotions (hyperactive, depressed, frustrated), or occupations (being superman, a professional cheerleader/wrestler). Punch Line: The host cranks up the party and everyone has a good time or the host sends everyone home

Skit: Applause
Props Needed: Boom box and music Cast of Characters: An emcee, an assistant, a panel of judges, 3 or 4 volunteers to be in a dance contest Plot Outline: The assistant takes the volunteers far enough away that they can‟t hear what‟s going on. The emcee explains to the
crowd that when each volunteer comes back, their job is to get the judges to applaud, but the judges are just going to mimic whatever the contestant is doing. In the meantime, the assistant explains to the contestants that there will be music playing and a panel of judges. Each of them will go in and do whatever they can do to get the judges to applaud. Once they applaud, they contestant can sit down. (Panel of judges should be lined up behind and to the side of the contestants. Punch Line: Watching the crazy dance moves that take place until they figure out to just clap

Skit: On the Can
Props Needed: A crate or something to sit on Cast of Characters: An emcee, an assistant, 3 or 4 volunteers Plot Outline: The assistant takes the volunteers far enough away that they can‟t hear what‟s going on. The emcee explains to the
crowd that when each volunteer comes back, they will think they‟re doing one thing, but in fact, they are all sitting on the can (toilet). In the meantime, the assistant explains that onstage there is a crate, and each of them will go in, sit down, and act out whatever topic they are given. Topics can include: on a roller coaster, reading a paper and finding something shocking, fixing something they‟re frustrated with, etc. Punch Line: Once all the volunteers have performed, they‟re told the secret and share their topic with the crowd.

Skit: Puppy in a Box
Props Needed: A closed cardboard box with an open water bottle taped near a hole in the box Cast of Characters: Person carrying box, volunteers Plot Outline: The person carries the box as if there were actually a puppy inside it. He wanders down the “street” and meets
various volunteers. When they meet, the others ask questions about the box, such as “Where are you headed?” “Do you need help with that?” etc, and all mention that the box is dripping. Punch Line: When the last person finally asks “What‟s in your box?” that everyone finds out it‟s a puppy- peeing.

Skit: Kid in a Toilet
Props Needed: A stool/chair/bench Cast of Characters: A kid in the toilet, a few others Plot Outline: B The kid in the toilet is hidden, and is near enough to the bench/etc. to show they are under the object. Each
person comes out, sits down, and pretends to be using the toilet (warning- use mature campers- it can get ugly.) Each time, the kid shouts out for the person to stop and to go somewhere else for a change. The last person calls back to him to find out who it is and what he‟s doing. Punch Line: The kid replies that he lives in the toilet and he has seen many moons.

Skit: Change Under Lamppost
Props Needed: None Cast of Characters: Someone that lost their money and a few volunteers Plot Outline: Person walks down the street and suddenly realizes they don‟t have their money- their spare change must have
fallen out of their pocket. The person stops, double-checks their pockets, and then begins searching frantically for the money near where they are standing. When they don‟t find it, they continue to search over and over in that area. One by one, the volunteers join them in the search. Each asks “What are you doing?” Person replies “Looking for my change.” Finally, after searching for some time, someone asks “Are you sure you dropped it here?” Punch Line: Person replies “No, but this is where the streetlight is.”

Skit: Tracking
Props Needed: None Cast of Characters: A tracker, a few volunteers, a sound effects person (train) Plot Outline: The tracker is carefully examining the ground and following tracks. One by one, the volunteers happen by, become
curious about what‟s going on, and join in the search. Excitement grows as they puzzle over and then identify different animal tracks in the area. (All discussions happen in a stage whisper, so as not to scare off the creatures they‟re pursuing.) Tracks found in order are: rabbit, bird, human, train Punch Line: Trackers realize it‟s a train as whistle blows and the sound of the train is heard nearby

Skit: Camp Stew
Props Needed: A big pot with water and some rags in it, a wooden spoon, food to add to stew, bowls and spoons Cast of Characters: The cook, and volunteers Plot Outline: The cook is busy stirring a pot over the fire. One by one, the volunteers happen by, become curious about what‟s
going on, and learn that the cook is heating up water. Each is so hungry that they run to get something to add to the stew. They come back and put it in the pot. The cook says nothing throughout this process, but continues to stir, occasionally adjusting the temperature. The others get a ladle and help themselves to a bowl of stew. Punch Line: The cook uses the spoon to fish the dish towels out of the pot, wrings them out, and wipes down the table as the others start to feel sick.

Little Prep Needed Skit: Security Camera
Props Needed: A wallet/purse Cast of Characters: A victim, a few pickpockets, a security guard Plot Outline: The victim is wandering through a store when the pickpockets happen by, steal the money, and then escape. The
victim contacts the security guard, but can‟t help identify the thieves. The security guard reviews the tape, rewinding it, and viewing in twice, going in slower motion each time, until the people are barely moving. Punch Line: This time the tape shows the thieves coming along, beating up victim, leaving them on floor, and then going off with wallet/purse.

Skit: JC Penny‟s Clothes
Props Needed: None Cast of Characters: JC Penny (wear bathing suit under clothes), various others, an admirer Plot Outline: Offstage, the person playing JC Penny takes off various items of clothes (jacket, t-shirt, shorts, hat, sunglasses, etc)
and each of the others put on one item of clothing. The admirer goes onstage and talks about how they are looking for a new wardrobe/look at camp. Just then, one of the others happens by. The admirer compliments them on an item and asks where they got it. The answer given is “JC Penny‟s.” This continues until all of them have gone by. Finally, JC Penny runs onstage wearing their remaining clothing and shouting. The admirer asks who they are. Punch Line: They answer “I‟m JC Penny!” and then run offstage after the others.

Rehearsed Skits Skit: Flower and Bee
Props Needed: Container of water Cast of Characters: A flower and a bee Plot Outline: One person introduces the skit and then takes the part of the bee. They coach the flower through their lines: “Open
in the morning, closed in the evening” (with motions of a blossom opening and closing). This they will chant while the bee flies around the audience. When the bee comes to the flower, the flower says “Bee, bee, give me some honey.” The bee then spits water on the flower. After the audience laughs, the flower switches parts with the bee and they do the skit again. While the new bee is flying around, the former bee takes a gulp of water. The bee flies over and waits for the flower‟s line, which never comes. When the bee can hold the mouthful of water no longer, they swallow it or spit it out. The bee says “You were supposed to say „Bee, bee, give me some honey.” Punch Line: The flower then spits their water on the bee.

Skit: Shy Person Making a Move
Props Needed: None Cast of Characters: A shy person, their crush, and their friends Plot Outline: The shy person talks to their friends about how cute so-and-so is. Their friends convince them to go over and talk to
their crush. They do, and arrange a time to go on a date. When on the date, the shy person asks nervously if they can show the other person “how they like to use their feet” on a date. When the crush agrees, the shy person stands with their toes touching their crush‟s toes. The same exchange gets repeated for “how they like to use their arms” (around their shoulders) and “use their lips” Punch Line: The shy person takes a finger and makes “underwater” noises with their lips

Skit: I‟ve Come to Marry the Princess
Props Needed: Wigs/hats/swords/dresses to designate characters, three chairs Cast of Characters: A knight, a page, the king, the queen, the princess Plot Outline: Although there are originally five people to do the skit, three bow out at the last minute and the last two decide the
show must go on. The Trick: because they are short on actors, the two remaining have to keep alternating characters and costumes, so they play all the parts.The Plot: The knight knocks on the door, page opens it, knight explains he‟s come to marry the princess, the page gives message to the king, who asks the queen what she thinks, who says they should ask the princess. The princess isn‟t interested and tells the queen so, who tells the king, who tells the page, who goes back to the knight to deliver the bad news. The knight doesn‟t like the news at all, and kills the page. Each time they go through the steps, the knight kills the next person, until only he and the princess are left. Punch Line: The princess says “My hero,” jumps into the knight‟s arms, and they go off together.

Skit: The Three Horsemen
Props Needed: None needed, but fun to add Cast of Characters: Three horsemen, a messenger Plot Outline: The first time, the skit is done straight- Shakespearean style. Each time after that, the dialogue remains the same,
but the skit is done in a different style. The dialogue: …….

“Shall we ride?” “Yes, let‟s.” Styles can include: kung fu (talking doesn‟t match lips moving, lots of martial arts movement), pro wrestlers, opera (everything sung), silent film, melodrama, superfast, western, etc. Punch Line: The crazier, the better

Skit: The Arcade Cowboy
Props Needed: Two cowboy hats Cast of Characters: An arcade cowboy “Fast Bart”, a kid Plot Outline: The cowboy stands wearing a cowboy hat, with head bowed and fingers in gun position, with the other cowboy hat
hanging on one outstretched finger. The kid gets to the arcade all excited about playing games. After tiring of the same old games, he/she discovers The Arcade Cowboy. When they put in money, the cowboy slowly straightens up and goes through their speech: “Howdy, I‟m Fast Bart. See if you can beat me to the draw. Take your hat, take your gun and count off ten paces.” By the time the kid has gotten to nine, FB says “1-2-3-BANG,”shoots and then drops his head again. The kid complains about how it isn‟t fair and goes back to put more money in. This time, he gets to ten and FB says “1-2-3BANG” and gets him again. The last time, when FB gets to the count, he starts to sound like his battery is dying and slowly bends forward before 3. The kid gets really upset. Punch Line: FB straightens up, says “3-BANG” and gets him one last time.

Skit: Enlarging Machine
Props Needed: Machine, stick, log, paper, book, match, large match, camper, counselor Cast of Characters: Two people to operate the machine, narrator Plot Outline: To set up the skit- set up the machine, have both people behind it with the big versions of all the props. The
narrator introduces their amazing new invention, the enlarging machine, and talks about how great it is. They then do a demonstration. The narrator puts the small version into the machine and the Person #1 takes it. Person #2 throws the big version of the item out of the far side of the machine. (stick-log, paper-book, match-large match, etc.) Punch Line: They put the camper in the machine and a counselor comes out

Skit: Shoe Genie
Props Needed: Something representing wealth, love, happiness, and a shoe Cast of Characters: A fortune teller, their customer, an assistant Plot Outline: The assistant stands offstage with all the props. The fortune teller proclaims their psychic powers and gets a line of
people waiting to hear their fortunes. After much buildup, the fortune teller starts to talk about things they can see in their customer‟s future. As each thing (wealth, money, happiness) is announced, the object representing that gets thrown in front of the customer. The customer gets more and more impressed. Finally, he/she asks if there‟s anything else they can expect. The fortune teller says the crystal ball is cloudy, but then makes out the outlines of a shoe. Punch Line: Customer asks “A shoe? Why a shoe?” as a shoe comes flying in front of them.

Skit: Attack on the Tent
Props Needed: Sleeping bags, costume for the attacker Cast of Characters: Two or three friends on a campout, an attacker (bear, monster, motorcycle biker) Plot Outline: The friends are on a campout having a grand time. They get tired and settle down for the night, with one person in a
tent by themselves. They fall asleep, and then the attacker comes. The attacker pauses, does eenie-meenie-minie-moe, attacks tent #1 (with the single person), and goes off into the night. The single person freaks out, wakes up their friend(s) and tells them what happened. The friend doesn‟t believe the story, reassures them, calms them down, and they both go back to sleep. The whole scenario repeats itself one or two more times, until finally the friends agree to trade tents. Punch Line:The attacker comes back, decides to give tent #1 a break, and attacks the other tent instead.

Skit: Wanna Buy a Pencil?
Props Needed: Pencils, a newspaper Cast of Characters: A pencil seller (kind of nerdy), a coach, someone reading the paper Plot Outline: One guy is reading the paper, and the pencil seller comes up to him and whispers “Pencils.” N ignores him, and PS
goes away sad. Nearby is the third person, who watches the transaction and offers to coach the pencil seller. The PS gets really happy, and the coach tells him he needs to be louder and more excited. PS tries this, but it doesn‟t work. The coach tells him he needs to come up with a price, so they settle on “Two for five.” PS goes back and shouts “Pencils! 2 for 5!” –it doesn‟t work. The coach asks if pencils are any good. One breaks, but the other doesn‟t. “Some are, some aren‟t.” PS goes back and advertises -N is starting to get annoyed and is still not interested. Coach encourages one more hard sell, and tells him if N says “No,” reply with: “If you don‟t buy them, someone else will!” PS returns for last time and rips newspaper with pencils, yelling “Pencils!” N stands up and yells “Do you know how much that newspaper cost?” PS: “2 for 5!” N: “Is every pencil seller as dumb as you?” PS: “Some are, some aren‟t!” N goes after him, yelling he‟s going to beat up the PS. Punch Line:C PS yells “If you don‟t, someone else will!” while running away.

Stupid Human Tricks Skit: Talking Chin
Props Needed: Sunglasses/Hat and lipstick if desired per person; sheet, table Cast of Characters: One or more people Plot Outline:B People in the skit lie on their backs on the table and have the sheet covering their head, except for their mouth and
chin. The sunglasses go upside down on their chin and their hat goes above that (they wear the lipstick if desired). They then lipsync, tell a story, or sing a song. Punch Line: It looks funny because their chin is their nose and their mouth is upside down.

Skit: Someone Else‟s Hands
Props Needed: Whatever needed to re-enact Cast of Characters: Two people per “person” Plot Outline: Anything can be used to do this skit- getting ready in the morning (toothpaste, makeup), having breakfast, making a
sandwich. One person “the body” stand with their arms behind their backs. The other person “the hands” stands behind “the body” and puts their own arms through the spaces between “the body‟s” arms and torso. Punch Line: Looks funny and gets messy quickly.

Skit: Someone Else‟s Legs
Props Needed: Towels or sheets to cover, boom box, and CD Cast of Characters: Two people per “person” Plot Outline: Usually done to an exercise routine as if aerobics class. One person “the legs” lies down with their feet pointing
towards the audience. The other person “the body” kneels, with one leg on either side of “the legs” stomach- also facing the audience. The towel is used to cover the zone where “the legs” meets “the body” so it looks like one person. Punch Line: This skit is a lot funnier if the body parts don‟t match well- tall person‟s legs, with a short person‟s body, etc. Be careful of gender mixing, though.

(do outdoors or inside on a large tarp with towels, mop, and bucket nearby)

The Messier The Better

Skit: Weather Report
Props Needed: flour, water, ice cubes, blow drier/fan, lamp Cast of Characters: A willing staff member and weather reporters Plot Outline: The reporters get a volunteer from the audience, and use the props to assist them in their weather report. For
maximum mess, work in the following order: Heat wave (lamp), high winds (blow drier/fan), rain (water), snow (flour), hail (ice cubes… down the back)

Punch Line: Watching the person get punched and

Skit: Trip to the Moon
Props Needed: flour, milk, ice cubes, spaghetti… Cast of Characters: A willing staff member(s) and special effects artists Plot Outline: The creators get a volunteer from the audience, and then do the set-up (making a movie about space, actor: gets
into space ship, liftoff, gets into outer space.) The props get used to illustrate their trip to outer space: Moon dust (flour), asteroids (ice cubes), Milky Way (milk), Giant space squid (spaghetti)…

Punch Line:

Skit: Human Hot Dog/Sundae
Props Needed: Ingredients for a sundae (ice cream, toppings) or hot dog (ketchup, mustard) or any other food Cast of Characters: A willing staff member and creators Plot Outline: The creators get a volunteer from the audience, and cover them slowly in all the ingredients, while doing an
infomercial (or anything else to make it a big production). Punch Line: Having the human food chase after and hug or smear the creators

Skit: Banana Bandana
Props Needed: A banana (ripe), a bandana Cast of Characters: A magician and an assistant Plot Outline: Both people stand facing the audience, and with backs slightly together so can‟t see one another. A case of
misunderstanding- the assistant thinks the magic trick involves a banana, and the magician gives all directions for use with a bandana. (aka: “Take the bandana, open it, fold it in half, scrunch up in hand, place on forehead, pull on corners while saying magic words…”) Punch Line: Both turn to each other and realize what went wrong

Skit: Coke and Pie
Props Needed: Coat and tie, coke and pie, phone Cast of Characters: Two friends Plot Outline: Both people stand facing the audience, and the coat/tie friend gives lead-in: very nervous friend gaing out on a
double date, calling to help him out. A case of misunderstanding- one friend thinks getting ready for the date involves a coke and pie, and the other friend gives all directions for putting on a coat and tie. (aka: “Open the coat, put both arms in it, put tie around neck, loop over itself a few times and then tuck in, button coat…” Punch Line: One friend picks other up and both realize what went wrong

Skit: Toothpaste
Props Needed: Toothbrush, toothpaste, cups of water, empty cup Cast of Characters: Five staff members Plot Outline: The staff members line up shoulder to shoulder and facing the audience. The first person holds a toothbrush,
toothpaste, cup of water, and an empty cup. Everyone else holds a cup of water. Person #1 makes a production out of brushing their teeth, and at the end spits into the cup. They pass the supplies onto person #2, who does the same, and so on for person #3 and #4. Punch Line: The fifth person comes along, thinks the cup is a drink of water, and drinks it.

Skit: Group PBJ
Props Needed: Two pieces bread, Peanut Butter, Jelly, garbage can Cast of Characters: Five staff members Plot Outline: The staff members line up shoulder to shoulder and facing the audience. The first person holds a piece of bread,

the second a bowl of PB, the third a bowl of jelly, the fourth a piece of bread, and the fifth should have a garbage can nearby (just in case). #1 puts the bread in their mouth, chews it, and then transfers it to #2‟s bowl. #2 then puts the bread and PB in their mouth, chews it, and transfers it… This continues until person #4 transfers all the ingredients to #5, who ideally finishes eating the sandwich. Punch Line: Gross enough-no punch line needed.

Fillers Skit: Baby Deer/ Sounds of Nature
Props Needed: None Cast of Characters: A baby deer and a narrator Plot Outline: The baby deer (or any other animal) is hidden behind the audience somewhere, where they can be heard but not
seen. The narrator talks about the local wildlife, parent and baby animals, the possibility of seeing deer while at camp, etc. Then the narrator asks the audience to be very quiet, with the possibility of hearing a momma deer call its fawn, Punch Line: The “baby deer” calls out “YO, MAMA- WHERE YOU AT?” or some such unlikely phrase

Skit: Echo
Props Needed: None Cast of Characters: A caller and an echo Plot Outline: The caller calls out a phrase and the echo repeats it. “Hello” “Hello-o-o” “How are you?” “you-oo-oo” “Spaghetti”
“etti-etti-etti” “Bologna” (no response) “Bologna” (nothing) Punch Line: “I am the greatest person in the world” “Bologna”

Skit: Bubble Gum (running joke)
Props Needed: A piece of gum Cast of Characters: A willing gum chewer and others Plot Outline: This is a running joke that takes place in between skits. It starts with someone chewing a piece of gum and then
setting it aside on a table (because they had to swim, or eat dinner, or whatever). Various people then find the piece of gum and do things to it (put it behind their ear, play with it, stick it in bug juice…). The last person puts it back where it started. Punch Line: The willing gum chewer comes upon their piece of gum and begins chewing it again.

Skit: ESP (snaps)
Props Needed: None Cast of Characters: A psychic and their partner Plot Outline: The psychic and their partner tell the audience about their shared ability to use ESP. The partner can think of
something, anything, and the psychic can tell what it is. The partner shares what they‟re thinking of with the audience. It starts simple (color, number, person) and becomes more complicated until it‟s almost unbelievable. Punch Line: The partner gives a cue word (“um”)- whatever follows is the answer.

Skit: Bobsled/Roller Coaster
Props Needed: Chairs or benches placed perpendicular to the audience Cast of Characters: A group of people to demonstrate (4 for bobsled, 4 or more for coaster) Plot Outline: The people are on a bobsled/roller coaster and act out the movements (move sideways, forward, backward, put
arms up, etc.), getting goofier as they go.

Closure Skit: Rain
Props Needed: None Cast of Characters: A person to lead the audience Plot Outline: Explain that the activity involves total silence except for the sound effects in order to truly work. You will be moving
from one side of the audience to the other and doing particular motions. When you are standing in front of them, they should mimic your actions and then continue to do that action until you return. When you return, you change the action (it‟s like the wave, but instead of standing up, they are doing a sound effect). If done well, it sounds like a thunderstorm. Sounds: rubbing palms, tapping a finger on palm, golf clap, snapping, clapping, drumming hands on thighs, stomping feet (then reverse sounds till silence.)

Skit: Group Storytelling
Props Needed: Cast of Characters: Storyteller Plot Outline: After reminding the audience of what constitutes an appropriate story, explain that this form of group storytelling
involves the entire audience. You will start the story, and pause often for a word from the audience. Anyone with something to contribute should raise their hand and offer the first word or words to come to mind. Silly is good, and they don‟t need to make sense. The more interesting words provided, the better the story. Your job as the storyteller is to find a way to make the words fit the action.

Skit: Story of Night Sky
Props Needed: None Cast of Characters: Storyteller (cast if wanted: Vulture, Hummingbird, Bear, other animals) Plot Outline: Legend tells of the time when it was always day on Earth and for a while things were great. The animals got tired
because they never slept and began to argue, so the blanket of night fell over the earth and it was never daytime. The animals got together to try to find a solution. The vulture volunteered to fly up and bring the blanket down, but when he got there and butted his head against the blanket, it was so hot it burned a hole in the blanket and burned the feathers off the top of his head. The hummingbird offered to try and flew up to poke lots of holes in the blanket to bring it down. No matter how many holes there were, the blanket wouldn‟t fall. The bear convinced them to let her try, and climbed up the tallest mountain she could find. She jumped off the top and reached up to grab the blanket. Although she succeeded in pulling the blanket down, she fell down the mountain and died. Day and night found a balance. In the night sky are reminders of what can be accomplished when creatures work together- the moon shines through the hole the vulture created, the stars through the hummingbird holes, and the bear‟s sacrifice is honored in the constellation of the Big Bear.

Skit: Light Choreography
Props Needed: Two flashlights, a portable CD player and CD Cast of Characters: Two people Plot Outline: Lights are choreographed to a song- “Dueling Banjos” or something with intermittent beat. Each person takes a
musical instrument‟s part, and matches light to beat.

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