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From Omaha to Intel - Brownell-Talbot School


            May 2011                      Brownell-Talbot                            Vol. IV, Issue 2

 From Omaha to Intel
                                   By Dale Chong
	       Some	students	spend	their	summer	days	relaxing,	hanging	out	with	friends,	
taking	 vacations,	 or	 going	 away	 for	 summer	 camp.	 Senior	 Emily	 Chen,	 however,	
decided	to	stay	in	Nebraska	and	research	neurology.	Chen’s	passion	for	science	and	
commitment	 drove	 her	 to	 great	 ends,	 placing	 her	 in	 both	 a	 regional	 and	 national	
competition.	Here,	she	discusses	the	backgrounds	and	future	plans	of	her	in-depth	

Dale Chong: What provoked you to do a research project on neuroscience?
Emily Chen:	I	was	always	interested	in	science,	but	I	never	knew	exactly	what	field	
I	want	to	go	into.	High	school	science	classes	always	exposed	me	to	different	fields.	
I	went	to	an	exhibit	at	the	SAC	museum	in	2009,	and	there	I	learned	about	the	brain.	
I	saw	different	brain	models	and	how	neurons	transfer	signals	and	also	got	to	partici-
pate	in	hands-on	activities	that	were	available.	
	       The	most	impacting	thing	to	me	was	President	Ronald	Reagan’s	letter	to	the	
public	discussing	his	Alzheimer’s.	It	made	me	want	to	learn	more	about	Alzheimer’s,	
and	it’s	also	a	profound	subject	right	now.	Although	there	have	been	decades	of	in-
tense	research	devoted	to	Alzheimer’s,	there	is	still	a	mystery	behind	this	devastating	
Dale: How did you go about your research?
Emily:	I	applied	for	a	ten-week	summer	program	at	UNMC	for	high	school	students	                 Emily	Chen:	Intel	and	Siemens	Finalist		photo courtesy of Arnold Clark
in	the	neuroscience	department.	Through	that	program,	I	was	a	scientific	intern	under	
a	professor.	
	       After	shadowing	my	mentor	and	learning	techniques	for	the	first	few	weeks,	
in	the	next	month	I	started	my	own	individual	project,	and	that	was	how	I	ended	my	
                                                                                                         Local Stars:
first	summer	of	research.	I	returned	to	the	program	the	next	summer	and	advanced	
the	same	project.	By	that	point,	I	was	on	my	own,	designing	my	experiment	plan,	and	                  Omaha Film Festival
that’s	where	I	finished.	                                                                                                  By Alex Wilson
Dale: What was one of the largest struggles throughout your project?
Emily: The	main	challenge	was	that	my	mentor	left	in	the	last	month	during	the	sec-             	       Shane	 Black	 attended	 the	 Omaha	 Film	 Festival	 this	
ond	summer	of	my	research.	That	was	a	crucial	point	because	that	was	when	I	was	
                                                                                                week	as	a	special	panel	guest.	Some	other	attendees	were	Ted	
finishing	the	analysis	of	my	data	and	finalizing	research	papers.	It	was	the	point	when	
I	was	submitting	to	Siemens	and	Intel,	and	I	had	never	written	any	research	papers	             Griffin	 (screenwriter	 for	 “Oceans	 11”)	 and	 Mauro	 Fiore	 (cin-
before.	                                                                                        ematographer	for	“Avatar”).	I	had	a	chance	to	watch	one	of	the	
	       Writing	research	papers	is	completely	different	from	typical	English	papers,	           panels	and	catch	a	quick	word	with	Black	afterward.
so	that	was	a	whole	new	skill	itself.	I	knew	that	my	mentor	wanted	me	to	continue	the	
                                                                                                	       During	Shane	Black’s	panel,	the	subject	of	“Iron	Man	
project,	so	I	worked	by	myself	(along	with	help	from	my	professor),	and	in	the	end	I	
finished	my	research.                                                                           3”	inevitably	came	up,	specifically	how	he	is	approaching	the	
Dale: Do you plan on continuing your research at all?                                           film.	Black	jokingly	said	the	biggest	hint	he	can	give	is	that	Iron	
Emily:	Yes,	and	I’m	actually	going	back	this	summer	and	testing	my	same	experi-                 Man	is	going	to	do	a	series	of	things	that	are	controlled	by	the	
ments	on	mice.
                                                                                                studio	and	not	him.	He	went	on	to	say	that	he	is	just	starting	to	
Dale: What about a new project?
Emily:	I’m	not	sure	yet,	but	I	really	want	to	expand	on	my	research	with	stem	cells.            read	the	comic	books	in	depth	and	beginning	to	get	a	real	feel	
Dale: Has this project given you a better idea about what field of science you’d                for	the	story,	but	he	did	confirm	he	would	be	writing	the	film.
like to be in?                                                                                  	       Black	 then	 talked	 about	 comic	 books	 in	 general	 and	
Emily: Definitely,	because	going	into	the	first	summer	in	the	Neurology	department,	
                                                                                                said	he	really	doesn’t	like	them	now	because	everyone	has	ei-
I	knew	only	basics	of	the	field,	like	neurons	and	the	central	nervous	system.		I	had	
no	idea	of	what	all	it	could	encompass,	and	I’ve	found	it	to	be	very	fascinating.		I’m	         ther	huge	muscles	or	huge	chests.	Black	cited	Neil	Gaiman	as	
planning	on	majoring	in	biology	with	neuroscience	in	college.                                   a	writer	that	he	felt	could	produce	a	good	comic	book	(refer-
Dale: What was the most memorable moment of going to the two competitions?                      ring	to	Sandman)	but	he	also	talked	about	Gaiman’s	impressive	
Emily:	One	was	regional	and	one	national,	and	for	both,	I’d	have	to	say	that	some	
                                                                                                writing	style	in	his	novels	such	as	American	Gods.	But	he	said	
of	the	most	memorable	moments	were	just	hanging	out	with	all	the	other	kids	there,	
talking	to	all	these	super-smart	geniuses	from	other	states	and	explaining	what	it	was	         that	nobody	can	come	close	to	the	talent	out	of	Japan	when	it	
like	here	in	Nebraska.		It	was	also	really	nice	to	know	that	they	are	interested	in	the	        comes	to	graphic	novels.
same	thing	as	me.		                                                                             	       After	the	panel	I	had	a	chance	to	talk	with	Black	and	he	
	       Of	course,	meeting	the	President	was	pretty	awesome,	too!		
                                                                                                told	 me	 that	 he	 really	 enjoys	 manga.	 Black	 mentioned	 Death	
Dale: Do you have any words of wisdom for other students who would like to
start a research project?                                                                       Note	and	Gantz	as	some	of	his	favorites	and	said	that	he	is	plan-
Emily:	Don’t	be	afraid	to	start	early	and	pursue	a	field	that	you	are	interested	in,	even	      ning	 on	 directing	 a	 live-action	 Death	 Note	 movie	 in	 the	 near	
if	you	don’t	know	much	about	it.		Then,	take	the	initiative	and	seek	out	a	mentor	if	           future.
you	have	a	research	idea.		Take	all	the	opportunities	you	can	and	work	closely	with	
the	lab,	mentors,	graduate	students	and	other	research	scientists.		Just	communicating	         To	learn	more	about	the	Omaha	Film	Festival,	check	out	their	
with	them	is	really	eye-opening	and	fun.		                                                      website:
    2                                                                                                                             Boys’ Golf
           Girls’ Tennis                                                                                                           By Josh Cohen
                                                                                                            	        	         The	 boys	 golf	 season	 is	 under	 way,	
                    By Briana Simusa                                                                        with	 players	 practicing	 their	 swings	 and	 preparing	
	        The	girls’	tennis	team	is	off	with	a….	well	                                                       for	 their	 first	 match	 against	 Bellevue	 East	 on	April	
grunt,	 with	 the	 entire	 team	 putting	 in	 hours	 of	                                                    6th.		They	will	be	playing	at	Tregaron	Golf	Course.	         	
practice	in	preparation	for	their	upcoming	match-                                                           Members	of	the	roster	include	seniors	Alex	Totusek	
es.	.	The	team	has	also	grown	since	last	year.	With	                                                        and	Bret	Perry,	juniors	Chris	Ames,	Jonny	Trinh,	Saif	
the	addition	of	four	freshmen	and	one	sophomore,	                                                           Shah,	 and	 Geoff	 Kuhn,	 sophomores	 Jon	 Oberdorf,	
they	are	off	to	a	great	start:	Christina	Fossum,	Em-                                                        Dustin	Waggoner,	and	Evan	Bloemer,	and	freshmen	
                                                                                                            Tyler	Ehresman,	David	Rich,	and	David	Bakos.	
ily	Bergquist,	Emma	Hussain,	Michaela	Higgins,	
                                                                                                            	        	All	golfers	are	working	hard	in	practice	each	
and	 Sarah	 Harrison.	 The	 team	 welcomes	 back	                                                           and	 every	 day	 at	 Miracle	 Hills	 Golf	 Course,	 where	
more	Varsity	members:	Seniors	Tory	Wilson,	So-                                                              they	 work	 on	 short	 game,	 hit	 on	 the	 driving	 range,	
nya	Schindler,	Meredith	Brockman,	Katie	Gurtis,	                                                            or	play	holes.		All	of	this	practice	happens	under	the	
Giselle	Correa,	Emily	Chen;	juniors	Talia	Simon,	                                                           watchful	 eyes	 of	 Coaches	 Dave	 Brown	 and	 Karen	
Britt	 Fossum,	 Sammi	 Bray,	 and	 Dale	 Chong;	                                                            Christenson.	 	 These	 coaches	 are	 very	 experienced	
and	sophomore	Alison	Brockman.	Junior	Varsity	                                                              with	golf	and	they	provide	extraordinary	instruction	
members,	 including	 the	 new	 members,	 include	                                                           for	the	blooming	golfers.	Last	season’s	state	runner-
Linda	Liu	and	Briana	Simusa.	                                                                               up,	Alex	Totusek,	is	a	leader	on	the	team.		Besides	im-
                                                                                                            proving	his	own	game,	he	also	makes	a	solid	effort	to	
	        So	 far,	 the	 team	 has	 had	 mixed	 success,	
                                                                                                            help	out	the	underclassmen.		Alex	was	quoted	saying,	
losing	 their	 first	 match	 of	 the	 year	 to	 Elkhorn	                                                    “Golf	is	a	lot	of	fun.		The	team	is	great	and	everyone	
South.	 However,	 their	 luck	 has	 turned	 around:	                                                        gets	along.		This	could	shape	out	to	be	one	of	the	bet-
number	 two	 doubles	 team	 of	 Talia	 Simon	 and	            Freshman	Michaela	Higgins	during	a	match	
                                                                                                            ter	teams	we	have	had	which	would	be	pretty	cool.”		
                                                              against	Elkhorn	South.	She	is	a	new	addition	
Alison	 Brockman	 advanced	 to	 the	 semifinals	 of	                                                        	        Golf	is	not	the	most	heralded	sport	at	Brownell	
                                                              to	the	team.	
the	Ralston	invitational	tournament,	with	Sammi	                                                            Talbot,	but	the	players	are	trying	to	turn	that	around	by	
Bray	and	Britt	Fossum	competing	as	number	one	                                                              competing	hard,	and	trying	their	best.		Another	team	
and	 two	 singles	 respectively.	 Finally,	 on	 April	                                                      leader,	Chris	Ames,	has	quite	the	zeal	for	golfing.		He	
10th,	the	team	won	their	first	home	match	against	                                                          was	quoted	saying,	“I	love	to	play	golf.		That’s	my	
                                                                                                            arena,	 and	 you	 can	 characterize	 golf	 however	 you	
Omaha	Gross.	
                                                                                                            want,	but	I	have	a	lot	of	passion	for	getting	that	ball	
	        There	 are	 matches	 coming	 up,	 and	 home	                                                       in	the	hole	and	playing	with	the	team.”		
matches	 are	 held	 at	 Omaha	 Country	 Club	 on	                                                           	        On	another	note,	Miracle	Hills	is	a	fine	course	
North	72nd	street.	                                                                                         to	play	on,	and	the	regulars	there	often	comment	on	
	                                                                                                           the	 great	 behavior	 of	 the	 boys	 golf	 team.	 	 Besides	
                                                                                                            practicing	with	the	team,	many	players	elect	to	golf	
Math and Quizbowl                                                                                           at	other	courses	on	their	own	time.		This	shows	the	
                                                                                                            immense	commitment	of	these	golfers.		
The	math	team	has	had	a	very	successful	run	this	year	                                                      	        The	 whole	 team	 was	 surely	 busy	 watching	
so	far	under	the	guidance	of	Mrs.	Anderson.	With	very	                                                      and	playing	golf	last	weekend,	as	it	was	the	Masters	
strong	seniors,	juniors,	and	sophomores	along	with	eager,	                                                  Tournament	at	Augusta.		A	scrappy	underdog	named	
bloodthirsty	new	freshman,	the	team	has	done	extremely	                                                     Charl	Schwartzel	was	the	surprise	winner.		The	South	
well	at	recent	competitions.	The	most	recent	math	com-                                                      African	practiced	intensely	and	it	paid	off,	as	he	won	
petition	was	a	Math	Olympiad	way	out	in	beautiful	                                                          $1,440,000	dollars	for	his	efforts.		Besides	the	mon-
Missouri	and	included	just	seniors,	juniors,	and	sopho-                                                     ey,	he	also	received	the	coveted	green	jacket	that	is	
mores.	After	a	long	morning	of	driving	on	a	coach	bus	             Sophomore	Jonathan	Oberdorf,	            presented	to	the	winner.		He	was	on	the	verge	of	tears	
along	with	teams	from	Central	High	School	and	Omaha	               while	playing	at	Miracle	Hills	Golf	     while	 he	 received	 the	 jacket	 from	 previous	 winner	
North,	the	team	arrived	on	campus	and	went	immediately	 Course.	Photo	by	Alex	Wilson.                       Phil	Mickelson	during	the	legendary	jacket	ceremo-
to	take	a	dizzying	two	hour	test.	As	small	schools	were	                                                    ny.	
in	their	own	division,	they	were	announced	first.	Several	                                                  	        	The	boys	golf	team	members	are	sure	to	look	
of	the	dozen	mathletes	from	BT	that	day	placed	in	the	                                                      to	Schwartzel	as	an	example	of	how	to	play	the	game.	        	
top	ten	of	each	of	their	grades.	Overall,	the	seniors	won	                                                  Who	knows,	maybe	one	of	our	own	boys	golfers	may	
their	grade	for	the	third	year	in	a	row	and	the	sopho-                                                      be	the	next	Masters	champion!	
mores	have	started	their	3-year	run	with	a	first	place	this	
year.	The	juniors	also	were	outstanding	and	overall	were	
second	in	their	grade.	As	a	school,	Brownell	was	the	top	                                                                          Soccer
finisher	for	the	small	school	division.	We	look	forward	to	                                                                       By Alex Coakley
a	fast-paced	math	quiz	bowl	competition	in	April.
                                                                                                            	        Howdy,	 this	 is	 Alex	 Coakley	 reporting	 on	
	        This	year’s	quiz	bowl	team	traveled	to	little	
Cedar	Bluffs	in	our	new	conference	to	participate	in	the	                                                   the	 soccer	 triumvirate	 of	 Roncalli,	 Concordia,	 and	
conference	quiz	bowl	competition	and	wow,	did	they	                                                         Brownell-Talbot.	I	know	soccer	for	the	art	form	that	
dominate!	The	varsity	team	won	their	division	with	an	                                                      it	is.	
undefeated	streak	and	little	competition.	The	two	junior	                                                   	        The	 triumvirate	 began	 its	 season	 on	 a	 sour	
varsity	teams	placed	second	and	third,	each	winning	                                                        note.	This	is	evident	if	you	take	a	look	at	our	not	too	
three	games	and	losing	one.	You	remember	that	one	                                                          hot	season	record	of	1	–	6.	This	can	be	partially	attrib-
English	teacher	that	always	bugged	you	about	details	                                                       uted	to	our	low	numbers;	the	opposing	team	always	
like	proper	grammar	and	syntax?	One	of	the	most	upset-                                                      has	fresh	warm	bodies	to	throw	on	the	field.	There’s	
ting	loses	was	the	junior	varsity	team	forgetting	to	pay	
                                                                                                            no	time	for	us	to	rest!	Even	though	the	trio	that	we	
attention	to	details	in	the	third	round,	losing	by	only	five	
points.	The	decisive	question	was	“Whose	assassination	                                                     comprise	is	small,	we	have	what	the	other	teams	seem	
sparked	World	War	I	in	1914?”	and	the	team	answered	                                                        to	lack:	we	have	gusto.	When	the	going	gets	tough,	
with	Franz	Ferdinand.	However,	they	did	not	get	the	             Sophomore	Denise	Dantzler	in	action	       we	get	going,	and	when	we	get	knocked	down,	we,	
question	right	because	the	answer	must	include	a	title.	         on	the	soccer	field.	Photgraph	by	Char-    (eventually	and	inevitably),	get	back	up.
Therefore,	only	the	answer	Archduke	Franz	Ferdinand	             lotte	Conner.                              	        With	 this	 fighting	 disposition,	 I	 believe	 that	
would	have	been	accepted	and	the	team	therefore	lost	by	                                                    the	soccer	team	that	represents	your	school	will	suc-
the	five	points	that	this	question	would	have	earned	them.	                                                 ceed.	I	look	forward	to	a	successful	soccer	season.	I	
Congratulations	to	an	amazing	finish	for	all	three	quiz	                                                    hope	that	you	do	too.	I	expect	to	see	you	guys	in	the	
bowl	teams!
                                                                                                                                         Reviews                3
                     The “Friday” Phenomenon
                       What if Rebecca Black were the new face of pop music?
                                                                         By Molly Helm
	        On	March	18	Molly	Burkley	looked	up	at	me	while	working	on	a	
history	assignment	and	asked,	“Moll,	what	day	is	it?”	
A	smile	spread	across	my	face	immediately.	“It’ssssss	FRIDAY	FRIDAY!	
GOTTA	GET	DOWN	ON	FRIDAY!”	I	sang	to	her	in	my	most	obnoxious	
and	nasally	singing	voice.
	        She	rolled	her	eyes	and	told	me	to	shut	up,	along	with	everyone	
else	that	was	in	the	commons	at	that	time.
Rebecca	 Black’s	 song	 “Friday”	 has	 become	 an	 Internet	 sensation	 over-
night,	and	for	all	the	wrong	reasons.	The	song	is	unbelievably	annoying,	
but	also	extremely	catchy,	and	it	stays	in	your	head	for	hours.	
	        Black	is	a	13-year-old	middle	school	student	from	Anaheim	Hills,	
CA.	That	is	about	as	much	as	I	know	about	her,	other	than	the	fact	that	she	
thinks	she	is	“not	the	best	singer,	but	not	the	worst	either,	but	definitely	
with	talent.”		So,	her	mom	paid	Ark	Music	Factory,	a	small	record	com-
pany	in	California,	to	write	and	produce	a	song	for	her.
	        The	song,	unfortunately,	turned	out	to	be	horrible.	And	so	was	the	
singing.	And	 so	 was	 the	 video.	 There	 is	 hardly	 anything	 decent	 to	 say	
about	 the	 whole	 “Friday”	 thing	 other	 than	 it	 is	 educational	 (“Yesterday	
was	Thursday,	Today	is	Friday…”),	and	Black	has	no	doubt	made	tons	of	
money	off	of	the	whole	craze,	so	good	for	her.
	        The	video	opens	with	a	calendar	flipping	through	the	days	of	the	
week,	 and	 Black	 singing	 “ooohhh	 yeah	 yeahhhh”	 in	 her	 nasally	 voice.	
Monday,	Tuesday,	Wednesday,	Thursday….	FINALLY	it’s	Friday!	Black	
wakes	up,	gets	‘fresh,’	goes	downstairs,	gets		her	bowl,	has	some	cereal	
and	goes	outside	to	wait	for	the	bus	at	the	bus	stop.
	        This	is	when	things	start	to	get	fishy.	Clearly,	Black	is	supposed	to	
get	on	the	bus	and	go	to	school,	but	instead	she	stands	with	a	fake	smile	                           Rebecca	Black,	the	infamous	“youtube”	phenomenon	
                                                                                                            Photo from her music video “Friday.”
on	her	face	and	contemplates	whether	or	not	to	sit	in	the	front	seat	or	back	
seat	of	the	convertible	that	her	middle	schooler	friend	is	driving.	Hate	to	 writers	of	the	song,	not	Black.	If	your	issue	is	that	you	can’t	stand	her	me-
break	it	to	you,	Rebecca,	but	there	is	only	one	seat	available…	and	those	 chanical	voice	then	look	up	the	“unplugged”	version	of	the	song	(no	prom-
kids	do	NOT	look	old	enough	to	drive.	Chorus	time!	“It’s	Friday,	Friday,	 ises	that	it	will	make	you	like	the	song	any	more,	but	at	least	she	doesn’t	
gotta	get	down	on	Friday!”	I	am	no	Justin	Bieber	super	fan,	but	this	tune	 sound	like	a	robot).	And	if	you	really	just	can’t	stand	Rebecca	Black,	then	
sounds	very	similar	to	his	song	“Baby,”	just	with	worse	lyrics.	                       ignore	her.	Stop	talking	about	her,	and	stop	singing	her	song.
	        Fast	forward	through	10	or	15	seconds	of	sheer	horror,	and	Black	is	 	                I	must	admit	that	I	will	probably	purchase	her	song	on	“itunes.”	
back	in	the	convertible	“kickin’	in	the	backseat,”	and	surrounded	by	more	 It’s	horrible,	yes,	but	what	is	better	than	driving	around	on	a	Friday	night,	
of	her	twelve-year-old	friends,	with	their	Forever	21	dresses	and	braces- going	to	a	real	party	and	singing	Rebecca	Black	at	the	top	of	your	lungs?	
filled	mouths.	                                                                        Nothing.	

                                                                                    A moment of summer
	        After	another	chorus	comes	the	bridge.	This	is	the	best	part	of	the	
song	by	far.		After	Black	let’s	us	know	that	“yesterday	was	Thursday,	today	
it	is	Friday,”	she	tells	us	that	“we,	we,	we	so	excited.”	Rebecca	Black	is	
one	smart	cookie.	I	had	no	idea	that	Sunday	comes	after	Saturday.	What	                                   	       By Jennifer Coccia
comes	 next	 just	 confuses	 me.	 It’s	 a	 man,	 sitting	 in	 a	 car,	 rapping	 about	 	        	 Despite	 a	 surprising	 through	his	27-song	set	of	playful,	
Rebecca	Black	and	passing	school	buses.	I’m	not	sure	where	this	guy	is	 onslaught	 of	 snowfall,	 Kenny	 upbeat	 and	 very	 “coastal”	 songs.	
headed,	but	if	it’s	to	the	same	place	that	Black	is	at,	I	am	seriously	worried.	 Chesney	 did	 not	 leave	 benind	 his	 He	 not	 only	 entertained	 the	 crowd	
He’s	too	old	to	being	hanging	out	with	13-year-olds.	                                   well-known	 summertime	 atmo- with	 the	 wide	 variety	 of	 songs	 he	
	        The	screen	flashes	back	to	Black	walking	into	a	party	and	singing	 sphere	and	trademark	sunny	sound	 played	with	the	five	other	members	
on	a	stage	in	front	of	a	bunch	of	kids.	The	three	minutes	and	48	seconds	of	 at	his	concert	on	Saturday,	March	 in	his	band,	but	he	showed	 what	a	
hell	end	with	Black	singing,	“I	don’t	want	this	weekend	to	end!”	When	I	 26.	 The	 only	 unfortunate	 part	 of	 stong	performer	he	is	when	he	de-
first	watched	this	video	on	“youtube,”	it	had	two-million	views,	and	today	 this	 concert	 was	 the	 unfortunate	 cided	 to	 pick	 up	 a	 guitar	 as	 well.	
it	has	42-million	views.	By	the	time	people	are	reading	this	article,	I’m	 weather	outside,	as	the	event	went	 Through	 the	 many	 different	 lights	
sure	it	will	have	gone	up	even	more	tens	of	millions	of	views.	                         of	smoothly	and	without	a	hitch,	a	 and	screens	Chesney	and	his	open-
	        One	part	of	me	is	happy	for	her	because	she	is	famous,	which	is	 thoroughly	enjoyable	event	by	one	 ers	 really	 out-shone	 and	 made	 the	
awesome,	and	I’m	sure	she’s	made	money	off	of	all	of	this	(she	is	on	the	 of	my	favorite	artists.	One	of	Ken- concert	very	worth	while.
itunes top	 100,	 by	 the	 way);	 but	 another	 part	 of	 me	 feels	 so	 incredibly	 ny’s	 openers	 was	 Uncle	 Kracker,	
                                                                                                                                      Verbatim is an online student
bad	for	her.	This	song	is	horrible.	Terrible.	Vomit	worthy.	I	am	sure	she	is	 who	 is	 famous	 for	 his	 singles	
aware	of	its	auto-tuned	awfulness,	and	if	she	didn’t	know	how	bad	it	was	 “Follow	Me,”	“Smile”	and	“Drift	                          newspaper published quarterly
when	she	first	heard	it,	then	the	millions	of	comments	that	accompany	the	 Away.”                                                      at Brownell-Talbot School
song	on	“youtube”	sure	have	told	her.	People	are	being	MEAN.	Really,	 	                         While	 Chesney	 was	 sing-          400 North Happy Hollow Bou-
really	mean.	Like	this	one,	from	swixrocker,	“She	sounds	terrible.	Every- ing,	 Uncle	 Kracker	 decided	 to	                                       levard
time	she	says	Friday,	I	want	to	stab	myself,”	and	this	one,	“she’s	so	ugly	 show	up	at	Millard	South’s	Prom,	
                                                                                                                                       Omaha, Nebraska 68132
she	should	wear	a	bag	over	her	head	every	Friday!”	said	by	jjkitch95.	Wh- also	being	held	in	the	Qwest	Cen-
hat?!	                                                                                  ter,	where	he	sang	a	few	songs	for	                   (402) 556-3772
	        First	of	all,	if	anything	makes	you	want	to	stab	yourself,	you	should	 them.	The	other	opener	was	Billy	            
probably	get	some	help.	That’s	not	okay.	                                               Currington	 	 who	 played	 a	 few	    
	        Second,	she’s	not	hideous,	and	really…	who	is	good	looking	at	13	              songs	like	“Don’t”	and	“Must	Be	             Editor-in Chief: Britt Fossum
years	of	age?!	I	know	I	wasn’t.	                                                        Doing	Something	Right,”	from	his	               We welcome your comments.
	        I	think	all	this	Rebecca	Black	stuff	has	gotten	out	of	hand.	I	agree	 later	albums	and	“Enjoy	Yourself”	                   Please send them to the e-mail ad-
with	the	fact	that	this	song	is	bad.	It’s	really	bad,	actually.	But	if	you	hate	 from	his	newest	album.	                                dresses above, or bring them
Black	so	much	then	why	are	you	adding	to	her	views	on	“youtube,”	and	 	                         	 Chesney	 came	 out	 say-                to the journalism office.
why	are	you	tweeting	about	her	all	the	time,	and	why	are	you	giving	her	so	 ing	 he	 missed	 being	 on	 tour	 last	                   Editorial staff reserves the right
much	attention!!	                                                                       year	 and	 missed	 Omaha.	 He	 kept	         to deny offensive and/or unsigned
	        If	your	main	problem	with	the	song	is	the	lyrics,	then	blame	the	 the	 crowd	 on	 their	 feet	 all	 night	                                letters.
           Second-to-last Potter still awes
                                                                    By Ally Washka
	       Back	in	November	of	2010,	we	were	all	constantly	checking	our	calendars,	anxiously	awaiting	the	event	of	the	year.	Of	course,	I	am	talking	
about	my	fellow	“Potterheads,”	and	myself.	For	the	fanatics	all	around	the	globe,	we	have	been	waiting	to	see	the	last	installment	of	the	Harry	Potter	
film	franchise	since	July	of	2007.	Any	fan	is	always	going	to	be	painfully	critical	of	the	Potter	films,	but	even	I	have	to	admit	it—Deathly Hallows was	
the	best	movie	yet!
	       On	Nov.	18,	2010,	theaters	all	across	America	were	filled	to	the	point	of	bursting	with	robes,	Hogwarts	ties,	crazy	wigs,	and	all-around	lunatics.	
The	 best	 thing	 about	 seeing	 a	 Potter	 film	 at	 midnight	 is	                             definitely	the	atmosphere.	One	can	quite	literally	feel	the	
excitement	in	the	air,	as	the	theater	lights	dim,	and	every-                                    one’s	mouths	open	wide	and	let	out	a	scream	of	excite-
ment	as	they	all	hear	that	all-too-familiar	music.
	       After	 watching	 the	 movie,	 I	 was	 extremely	 im-
accented	the	dramatic	themes,	as	well	as	the	lighter	mo-
                                                               Review                           pressed.	 The	 music	 in	 the	 film	 was	 amazing	 and	 really	
                                                                                                ments.	The	actors	were	fantastic,	and	I	have	almost	noth-
ing	 negative	 to	 say	 about	 the	 movie,	 except	 for	 the	 fact	                             that	there	were	a	few	scenes	left	out.	The	main	plot	of	the	
movie	was	to	show	Harry,	Ron,	and	Hermione	going	off	on	their	own	to	find	Horcruxes,	or	pieces	of	Lord	Voldemort’s	soul	placed	in	objects.
	       If	anything,	the	movie	did	seem	rather	rushed.	Although	they	did	have	a	lot	to	fit	into	the	first	half	of	a	pair	of	movies,	I	think	that	the	director	
could	have	made	it	flow	a	little	more	smoothly.	All	in	all,	however,	the	movie	was	uniquely	different	from	any	of	the	others	in	the	series,	and	I	would	
definitely	recommend	it.

                                                                                                                       photo courtesy of

                                             Literary Magazine:
                                  Celebrating the Arts
                                                                       By Austin Taylor
		       The	Brownell-Talbot	Literary	Magazine,	The Ivy and the Ashlar,	has	been	a	tradition	throughout	most	of	Brownell-Talbot’s	history.	For	those	
of	you	who	don’t	know	what	the	Lit	Mag	is,	it	is	a	compilation	of	student-submitted	stories,	poems	or	any	type	of	visual	or	literary	art.	Students	and	
teachers	can	submit	anytime	before	one	of	the	three		deadlines,		the	last	of	which	is	in	February.
	        To	submit,	one	must	email	or	bring	in	a	copy	of	their	work	to	the	Journalism	room.	
	        This	 year	 junior	 Grace	Bartels	is	the	magazine’s	 Editor-in-Chief	 and	 senior	Paul	 Harding	 is	the	 managing	 editor.	The	Lit	Mag	 is	selective	
though,	so	if	you	want	to	submit	something	make	sure	it	is	your	best	work!	
	        Once	the	final	deadline	has	past,		students	who	make	up	the	literary	magazine	staff	read	each	submission	and	evaluate	it.		Three	readers	judge	
each	piece	and	then	the	three	scores	are	averaged,	and	those	pieces	earning	the	highest	averages	make	it	into	the	magazine.
	        Mrs.	Marjorie	Waterman,	who	advises	the	publication,	said,		“We	have	had	so	many	quality	submissions	this	year	thaat	it’s	been		hard	for	the	
staff	to	limit	the	choices	that	finally	make	it	in	to	the	magazine.”
	        Waterman	went	on	to	say,	“This	the	magazine	is	a	great	way	to	display	the	quality	of	our	students’	creativity.		Work	from	all	grade	levels	from	
pre-school	through	12th	grade	is	included	in	the	magazine.		Not	only	do	students	get	the	chance	to	have	their	work	published,		but	the	community	can	
see	evidence	of	the	quality	work	that	happens	at	Brownell-Talbot.”
	        Everyone	in	the	school	will	receive	his	or	her	copy	of	the	Lit	Mag	in	May.	
	        Bartels		said,		“It	is	considered	an	honor	if	your	work	is	published	so	good	luck	to	all	who	submitted!”
                         The Bagel Bin:
                    An Omaha Food Institution
                            By Christina Fossum

	        You	bite	into	its	chewy,	yet	crispy	dough,	steam	swirling	around	
your	face,	and	warmth	filling	up	your	mind.	You	glance	around	the	room	
and	notice	a	man,	your	eyes	meet	and	instantly	you	know	that	he	too	is	
sharing	the	deep	satisfaction	of	a	bagel.	
	        What	might	be	this	miraculous	haven	of	bagels?	The	one	-	and	only	
-	Bagel	Bin.	
	        In	1977,	Joel	and	Susan	Brezack	moved	from	New	York	to	Omaha.	
They	decided	to	open	up	a	kosher	bakery,	to	become	the	only	kosher	bak-
ery	in	Omaha.	Being	the	only	New	York	style	bagel	factory	in	Omaha	as	
well,	The	Bagel	Bin	exploded	with	success	and	to	this	day	has	extremely	
loyal	customers.	The	brilliant	combination	of	flavors	and	textures	really	
lend	their	hands	to	a	unique	bagel-consuming	experience.	
	        Bagels	not	really	your	thing?	Does	the	thought	of	a	crunchy,	chewy,	
boiled	 ring	 of	 dough	                               simply	 not	 appeal	 to	
you	 in	 the	 same	 way	                               that	 Joel	 and	 Susan	
had	 hoped?	 Fear	 not,	
only	offers	various	fla-
                            Review                     for	 the	 Bagel	 Bin	 not	
                                                       vors	of	bagels	but	also	
many	 kinds	 of	 breads	                               along	with	other	baked	
goods--as	well	as	hot	sandwiches,	soups,and	macaroni	and	cheese.		In	my	
personal	opinion,	even	if	you	do	lie	in	the	minority	of	anti-bagel,	one	short	
trip	to	the	Bagel	Bin	will	have	you	hooked	for	a	lifetime.	
	        Even	after	a	devastating	fire	in	2010,	the	Bagel	Bin	marches	on,	
having	reopened	last	year.	These	bagel-less	weeks	struck	horror	in	many	
Nebraskans	 and	 reinstated	 the	 fact	 of	 the	 importance	 of	 bagels.	And	 if	
you’re	going	to	eat	a	bagel,	it	may	as	well	be	one	of	the	Bagel	Bin’s	spec-
tacular	New	York	bagels	in	almost	any	flavor	you	can	imagine.	
	        Next	 time	 a	 manic	 Monday	 or	 worn-out	 Wednesday	 tears	 you	
down,	don’t	think	twice	about	finding	comfort	and	solace	in	Omaha’s	own	            The	Bagel	Bin,	located	at	120th	and	Pacific	street,	is	very	popular	for	
                                                                                    bagels	and	other	baked	goods.	photos by Christina Fossum
Bagel	Bin.

    Local tattoo artist
     Koenig realizes early dream
	       	       	       	        	       	       	       	       By Alex Wilson

	      Dave	Koenig	would	describe	his	art	as	a	fusion	between	urban	graffiti,	antique	tattoos	and	Japanese	culture.	Koenig	said	growing	
up	he	was	a	“dorky	kid”	who	was	into	comic	books	and	loved	to	draw	them,	but	just	his	own.	He	wanted	to	make	his	own	stories	and	his	
own	character	instead	of	the	ones	people	create	for	him.	
	      He	always	knew	he	wanted	to	be	an	artist	and	gave	himself	his	first	tattoo	at	the	age	of	14.	That	tattoo	was	a	bird	on	his	arm,	and	the	
idea	behind	it	was	that	his	mom	was	an	Apache	Indian,	and	Koenig	thought	that	because	of	that	fact,	the	tattoo	was	a	tribute	to	his	and	his	
mother’s	heritage,	and	she	would	accept	the	tattoo	with	open	arms.	He	said	sadly,	he	was	mistaken.
	      Koenig	started	doing	graffiti	in	San	Diego	in	the	late	90’s.	A	man	named	Karma	tutored	him	in	the	art	of	graffiti.	The	name	that	
Koenig	adopted	in	his	Graffiti	life	was	“Dup,”	but	as	he	has	gotten	older,	Koenig	has	dropped	the	name	as	he	feels	it	does	not	forward	his	
professional	career.	Koenig	stills	loves	the	art	of	graffiti	and	says	that	when	he	uses	canvases	he	can	get	closer	to	his	graffiti	roots,	but	be-
cause	of	the	fact	that	a	tattoo	artist	can	lose	his	license	for	being	arrested	for	graffiti,	he	has	stopped	in	favor	of	his	career.	
	      Koenig	first	attempted	to	become	a	tattoo	artist	when	he	was	19,		but	the	whole	event	didn’t	pan	out	so	he	chose	to	go	back	to	school.	
When	he	was	finished,	he	received	an	offer	to	start	working	for	Liquid	Courage	and	has	been	working	there	ever	since.	His	10-year	an-
niversary	is	actually	coming	up.	Liquid	Courage	has	also	opened	a	second	location	called	Sailors	Grave	that	is	strictly	a	walk-in	shop	and	
does	not	take	appointments.
	      Tattoos	have	become	less	about	rebelling	and	sticking	it	to	society	and	have	become	more	of	an	art	form	in	Koenig’s	opinion.	He	
also	feels	that	modern	artists	take	life	and	their	art	too	seriously,	but	he	also	feels	that	taking	art	seriously	has	its	place.	Koenig	feels	there	
must	be	a	balance	between	humor	and	the	seriousness	of	life.
	      If	you	want	to	learn	more	about	Dave	Koenig,	you	can	visit	him	and	the	rest	of	the	Liquid	Courage	crew	at	liquidcourageomaha.
com.	You	can	also	catch	their	art	show	on	May	6	at	13th	and	Jones	Street	in	the	old	Post	Office	building.	On	May	14	they	are	having	an	
old-fashioned	carnival	block	party	at	the	same	location.	You	can	also	look	Koenig	up	at	

                                                                                                                              Left	to	Right:		Overthrown	Tunisia	
                                                                                                                              President	Ben	Ali,	struggling	Yemen	
                                                                                                                              leader	President	Saleh,	disillusioned	
                                                                                                                              fashion	king	Col.	Gaddafi	of	Libya,	
                                                                                                                              and	former	Egyptian	“President”	
                                                                                                                              Mubarak	celebrating	their	authorita-
                                                                                                                              tive	regimes
                                                                                               photo from

       Middle East crisis reveals ambiguous US foreign policy
                                                                By Bret Perry
	       Since	the	beginning	of	2011,	the	amount	of	unrest	in	Middle	Eastern	countries	has	left	Western	governments	in	a	state	of	confusion	and	shock.	   	
The	number	of	autocratic	regimes	flopping	sent	foreign	affairs	correspondents	scurrying	to	their	blogs	and	increased	the	amount	of	activity	on	Twit-
ter.		Morocco,	Djibouti,	Iran,	Iraq,	Jordan,	Yemen,	Saudi	Arabia,	Algeria,	Oman,	Bahrain	and	Syria	are	encountering	an	unusually	high	amount	of	
unrest	while	Tunisia	and	Egypt	have	already	succumbed	                                 to	regime	change.		Libya	has	plunged	into	a	Civil	War	that	has	
entangled	the	West.
	       It’s	no	surprise	that	some	of	these	leaders	are	los-
1.5	tons	of	gold	bars	(25%	of	the	country’s	gold	reserves)	
                                                               Opinion                 ing	a	grip.		If	you’re	like	President	Ben	Ali	of	Tunisia	and	steal	
                                                                                       or	like	President	Mubarak	of	Egypt	and	rule	for	44	years	under	
“Emergency”	 Law,	 the	 population	 is	 bound	 to	 become	                             unhappy.		Maybe	a	population	gets	frustrated	when	their	leader	
(Col.	Gadaffi)	tries	camping	in	a	tent	in	Donald	Trump’s	backyard	and	wears	a	hideous	toga	with	luxurious	sunglasses	that	are	worse	than	Lil	Wayne’s.	   	
Dictatorship	seems	to	enable	a	ludicrous	fashion	sense.
	       The	U.	S.	strategy	reaction	to	the	Middle	East	has	been	confusing.		When	allies	in	the	War	on	Terror—such	as	Bahrain—	respond	to	unrest	with	
brute	force	and	let	foreign	militaries	occupy	their	country,	the	U.	S.	looks	the	other	way.		However,	when	foes	like	Libya	try	to	quell	the	opposition	
groups,	the	U.	S.	smashes	a	hammer	at	them	for	a	“humanitarian	mission.”		President	Obama’s	administration	does	not	have	a	firm	or	clear	stance	on	
the	developments	in	the	Middle	East.		The	United	States	needs	to	develop	a	solid	strategy	in	response	to	the	upheaval.		
	       It	is	essential	that	the	Obama	Administration	carefully	consider	the	national	interests	of	the	United	States	when	responding	to	these	develop-
ments.		Was	the	U.	S.	pushed	towards	leading	involvement	in	Libya	by	her	European	friends?		Is	a	growing	opposition	to	ally	Yemen,	which	is	a	haven	
for	al-Qaeda,	a	threat	to	US	national	security?		Although	the	Obama	Administration	should	be	concerned	with	the	human	rights	of	the	protesters,	sig-
nificant	involvement	should	only	occur	if	it	is	in	the	best	interests	of	the	US.

  Japan earthquake recovery continues
  Combination of earthquake, tsunami, nuclear plant devastate country
                                                                         By Britt Fossum
	        On	March	11,	2011,	an	earthquake	45	miles	east	of	the	coast	of	Japan	with	a	magnitude	of	nearly	nine	hit	the	country,	causing	a	massive	tsunami,	
and	resulting	in	disaster:	cities	shook,	towns	were	washed	into	the	sea,	and	for	a	few	days,	the	entire	country	nearly	shut	down.		The	death	toll	has	now	
approached	13,000.	
	        This	crisis	literally	shifted	the	earth	on	its	axis	by	nearly	ten	inches,	but	figuratively	it	has	shifted	the	world’s	events	in	an	already	tumultuous	
spring.	Already	shaken	by	protests	and	revolutions	in	the	Middle	East,	the	world	may	not	have	been	completely	ready	to	handle	the	issues	raised	by	
what	has	been	described	as	one	of	the	five	worst	earthquakes	documented,	and	the	ensuing	destruction	and	nuclear	disasters	will	continue	as	a	global	
	        The	earthquake	itself	did	not	cause	much	of	the	devastation:	the	city	nearest	the	quake	was	Sendai.	Most	cities	nearly	escaped	the	problem	of	
collapsed	buildings.	What	truly	caused	widespread	panic	and	destruction	was	the	tsunami,	where	entire	towns	where	washed	into	the	sea,	and	bodies	
were	still	missing	among	the	wreckage	weeks	later.	Even	protective	seawalls,	built	by	the	government	and	involving	the	investment	of	billions	of	dol-
lars,	did	little	to	protect,	as	the	waves	merely	washed	over	the	tops	and	collapsed	the	walls.	Over	300,000	refugees	from	the	northern	Tohoku	region	of	
Japan	are	still	displaced	from	their	homes:	at	the	time	of	the	earthquake,	the	country	was	still	struck	by	winter	storms.	The	country	had	to	join	together	
to	support	those	who	lost	the	most,	which	the	majority	of	citizens	did	admirably—schools	donated	gyms,	people	did	without	electricity	and	donated	
survival	items,	and	people	did	not	take	advantage	of	the	disorganization.	International	efforts,	though	somewhat	more	limited	than	for	other	disasters,	
have	also	made	a	difference,	with	over	33	different	organizations	offering	help.	
	        Although	Japan	may	rebuild	successfully,	and	the	disaster	may	be	resolved,	it	will	only	be	a	partial	victory	as	one	issue	will	remain.	The	earth-
quake	shook	not	only	buildings	but	power	plants,	causing	a	nuclear	disaster	second	only	to	the	Chernobyl	disaster	in	the	1980s.	And	although	countries	
are	willing	to	give	aid	for	immediate	relief,	the	real	issue	is	whether	such	relief	efforts	can	be	sustained	for	the	length	of	time	required	to	resolve	a	
nuclear	issue.	The	area	surrounding	the	Fukushima	plant	will	still	be	radioactive	decades	from	now,	long	after	the	villages	have	been	rebuilt.	
	        Hopefully	Japan	will	be	able	to	recover	both	from	the	devastating	loss	of	life	and	from	the	shocking	tragedies.	Recovery	may	be	difficult	though,	
due	to	the	continuing	tectonic	tumult.	In	a	recent	update,	another	earthquake	of	magnitude	7	hit	Japan	again	on	April	11,	and	there	continues	to	be	a	
relatively	low	participation	from	international	aid	groups,	especially	compared	to	other	natural	disasters.	

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