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									Mercedes-Benz CharterWay
Burystead Court, Caldecotte Lake Drive, Milton Keynes, MK7 8ND.
Tel 0870 840 5000 Fax 0870 840 9000
See your local dealer for details. 36 month unlimited mileage warranty, service 24h and MobilityGo all come as standard on Mercedes-Benz
vans. Finance for BUSINESS USERS ONLY: Example based on a Vito 109 CDI Compact inc reg, rfl, plylining, delivery & finished in white
paint at a price of £15,756.40 +VAT on a Mercedes-Benz CharterWay Agility Scheme with a deposit of £4789.03 that includes total VAT of
£2,715.37 followed by 36 monthly payments of £229.44 and an optional final payment of £5,700. Based 12,000 miles per annum. Written
quotations available on request. Service Package Plus based on 36 monthly payments of £30.56 and mileage up to 20,000 per annum.
Service Package Plus and finance will be delivered on separate contracts and available separately. Total monthly payment of £260. Credit
provided subject to status. Offer is subject to terms and conditions. Weekly figures for illustration purposes only, monthly terms apply.

                                                                                                                                             Keep on moving
Vehicles must be registered between 01/07/2010 and 30/09/2010. Vehicles must be supplied by a franchised Mercedes-Benz Commercial
Vehicles Dealer. Offer subject to availability. Vehicle shown for illustrative purposes only. Finance provided by Mercedes-Benz CharterWay
Mercedes-Benz CharterWay is a brand of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services UK Ltd, MK7 8ND.
Mercedes-Benz CharterWay is a trading name of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services UK Limited. Registered in England No 2472364.
A Daimler Company. Registered Office: Burystead Court, Caldecotte Lake Drive, Caldecotte, Milton Keynes MK7 8ND.
Mercedes-Benz Van Insurance is arranged by Daimler Insurance Services UK Limited. Registered in England No 3510012. A Daimler
Company. Registered Offices: Burystead Court, Caldecotte Lake Drive, Caldecotte, Milton Keynes MK7 8ND. Underwritten by
                                                                                                                                             Finance Offers from Mercedes-Benz CharterWay
Aviva Insurance UK Limited, Registered in England No 99122. Registered Office: 8 Surrey Street, Norwich NR1 3NG. Both companies
are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority. For joint protection calls may be recorded and/or monitored. We may
decline to quote in some circumstances, meaning the 7 day complimentary cover cannot be given. Telephone Number: 0845 600 2180.

This brochure provides only an outline of the benefits of the insurance cover available and does not constitute full terms and conditions.
Though accurate and up to date at the time of going to press (06/2010), details may change without prior notice.

Welcome to CharterWay                                                                                                                              Your Vehicle                                                       Total Value of the Vehicle

                                                                                                                                                                                                           Mercedes-Benz lease term
Pick-up a financial package to keep your business on the road

Mercedes-Benz CharterWay provides a range of finance options, vehicle service plans and specialised
insurance cover to LGV operators of all sizes and in all business sectors via the extensive
Mercedes-Benz dealer network.
                                                                                                                                       Deposit      Monthly Payments     Choice of 3 options            Monthly rentals calculated based on only    Return of
                                                                                                                                                   calculated based on    or part-exchange                a proportion of the vehicle’s value      the vehicle
                                                                                                                                                   anticipated mileage    for a new vehicle
                                                                                                                                                       during term

As well as offering a superb range of high quality              All of our dealerships have dedicated Finance Specialists.   Agility                                                           Operating Lease
commercial vehicles, we can also bring you the perfect          With their extensive product knowledge they can talk         • Monthly repayments are kept low by agreeing a                   • With this option your vehicle is hired to you for an
financing arrangement, whether you’re interested in owning      you through all aspects of finance and service contracts,      lump sum at the end of the finance term called the                agreed time.
or leasing. We can go on to provide you with a service plan     ensuring you get exactly the solution your business needs      ‘guaranteed future value’.                                      • Your repayments are based on the difference between
that’ll keep your fleet running smoothly and cost effectively   demand.                                                      • At the end of the term choose from these options:                 the price of the vehicle at the start of the period and
for years to come. And we can even help you with your                                                                          1. pay the lump sum and keep the vehicle                          its projected value at the end. Because you only repay
insurance by offering you one of our specialised                                                                               2. return the vehicle                                             a proportion of the vehicle’s value, your payments are
Mercedes-Benz policies.                                                                                                        3. extend the agreement or trade in your vehicle.                 kept low.
                             Your Vehicle                                                       Total Value of the Vehicle

                                                                                     Mercedes-Benz lease term

                Monthly rentals calculated based on only a   Choice of            Monthly rentals calculated based on only    Return of
                    proportion of the vehicle’s value        3 options              a proportion of the vehicle’s value      the vehicle

Finance Lease                                                            Contract Hire                                                     Hire Purchase
• With a Finance Lease you agree an initial rental                       • Contract Hire combines the benefits of a lease with a           • Deposit and term are flexible, all
  amount and then pay the agreed amount over a fixed                       repair and maintenance contract – all included in one             you have to decide is whether you
  period of time.                                                          simple monthly repayment.                                         want lower monthly rates with a
• At the end of the contract the vehicle will be sold on                 • Throughout the life of the arrangement, you’ll                    final balloon payment or simple
  to a third party and the proceeds from the sale will be                  know exactly what your outgoings are on a                         fixed payments over an agreed
  returned to you – less a small fee.                                      month-by-month basis.                                             term. The vehicle is yours when
                                                                         • No hidden surprises and no disruptions to your                    all of the payments, including the
                                                                           cash-flow.                                                        ‘balloon’, have been made.
Van Insurance                                                                                                             Service Contract
Tailored cover for Mercedes-Benz van operators                                                                            The easier way to avoid the unforeseen

Van Insurance from Mercedes-Benz Insurance has been specially created for Mercedes-Benz van                               The maintenance and servicing of your Vito is now even easier with our simple Service Contracts.
operators. It offers extensive cover and is designed to get you on the road and keep you there.

The benefits                                               •   Replacement lock cover                                     We offer three levels of coverage:                            3. Repair & Maintenance - on top of the Service Package
• Guaranteed Genuine Mercedes-Benz parts and               •   No Claims Discount available                                                                                             Plus the repair and replacement of all electrical and
   approved Mercedes-Benz repairers                        •   Glass Cover, subject to any policy excess applying         1. Service Package - you receive preferential authorisation   mechanical components is covered, including the engine,
• Tool Cover (whilst in the vehicle) up to £500            •   Optional No Claims Discount protection                     and processing, all work is undertaken by any appointed       gearbox, rear axle and computer management system. In
• Repairs guaranteed for 3 years                           •   Cover for accessories and spare parts if they are in, or   Mercedes-Benz Commercial Dealer and also covers routine       addition you will receive emergency roadside assistance,
• Replacement vehicle (to the same make and spec if            on your van and are lost, stolen or damaged.               service labour costs, parts and lubricants.                   recovery to the nearest repairer, and all ministry
   available) if written off or stolen and not recovered                                                                                                                                inspections (where applicable) are covered. There are also
   within 6 months of purchase from new                    For a no-obligation quote, please call                         2. Service Package Plus - in addition to the Service          options to cover other features such as refrigeration units
• Unlimited cover for audio and telecommunication          Mercedes-Benz Insurance on                                     Package you receive an option to ‘Pay as you go’ or pay       and tail lifts.
   equipment fitted by the factory or Retailer
• Legal cover
• 24hr accident recovery
                                                           0845 60 60 638                                                 monthly. Brake pads, brake discs, clutch friction material
                                                                                                                          and worn plates are all covered, as are your MOT test fees

• Personal belongings cover up to £100
Keep on moving.                                            With our flexible and affordable finance package, Mercedes-Benz Agility, you can benefit from low
                                                           weekly payments on a brand new Mercedes-Benz van. What’s more, you will also get
                                                           • Service Package Plus                                                  • Service 24h – our breakdown assistance
Own a Vito for £60 per week† with Mercedes-Benz Agility.   • 3 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty                                     • MobilityGo – getting you back on the road in 2 hours
† Plus deposit, fees and optional final payment
                                                            Service Package Plus includes:
                                                            Administration all outsourced to your dealer                     Preferential authorisation and processing
                                                            Work carried out by appointed Mercedes-Benz CV dealers           Front and rear brake pad replacements
                                                            All routine service labour costs                                 All routine service parts
                                                            All routine service lubricants                                   Clutch friction material
                                                            Wiper blades, if required, at maintenance services               Brake discs (including brake cleaner)
                                                            Brake fluid change                                               Flywheel replacement
                                                            Replace worn centre plate                                        MOT test fees (under 3.5 tonnes)

                                                           Great vans, great value
                                                           Both the Vito and Sprinter lead the competition for best whole life costs, long service intervals, competitive maintenance
                                                           contracts and class-leading residual values which means they cost less than you think to run. And our guaranteed future
                                                           value keeps monthly repayments low.

                                                           Speak to our finance specialists who can advise you on all the options available to you, taking into account your
                                                           repayment preferences and assets.
                                                           Please see reverse of brochure for further terms and conditions
Finance Offers – Mercedes-Benz Agility                                                                        Finance Offers – Mercedes-Benz Operating Lease

Here you will find examples of other great offers available on our vans. All these examples include Service
Package Plus for the term of your contract and come as standard with our 3 year unlimited mileage
warranty, MobilityGo and Service 24h, our 24 hour breakdown recovery service. So you can keep on moving.

 Vehicle Type                               Customer Depsoit     Monthly Payment       Weekly Payment          Vehicle Type                                                     Customer Deposit                Monthly Payment                 Weekly Payment
 Vito 109 CDI Compact                       £4,789.03            £260.00               £60.00                  Sprinter 310 CDI Medium                                          £1,445.34                       £512.34                         £118.23
 Vito 109 CDI Long                          £4,852.27            £257.01               £59.31                  Sprinter 310 CDI Long                                            £1,519.32                       £537.00                         £123.92
 Vito 111 CDI Long                          £5,179.72            £255.53               £58.97                  Sprinter 313 CDI Medium                                          £1,438.74                       £510.14                         £117.72
 Vito 111 CDI Dualiner Compact              £5,530.00            £286.57               £66.13                  Sprinter 316 CDI Long                                            £1,541.88                       £544.52                         £125.66
 Vito 115 CDI Compact                       £5,525.96            £286.19               £66.04
 Vito 115 CDI Long                          £5,614.53            £282.43               £65.18
 Vito 115 CDI Sport Compact                 £5,974.19            £333.34               £76.92
 Vito 115 CDI Dualiner Comfort Compact      £5,963.78            £313.52               £72.35
 Vito 115 CDI Sport Long                    £6,376.79            £336.47               £77.65
 Vito 120 CDI Sport Long                    £6,837.09            £358.59               £82.75                 All vehicles include plylining (excluding traveliner and dualiner), reg and rfl and delivery on a 36 month agreement. Prices based on white vehicles with annual
                                                                                                              mileage of 12,000 miles. Credit provided subject to status. Weekly terms for illustration purposes only, monthly terms apply. Lease Payments are subject to VAT.
 Vito 111 CDI Traveliner Long               £6,048.00            £250.72               £57.86
                                                                                                              Vehicles must be supplied by a franchised Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles Dealer. Offer subject to availability. Finance provided by Mercedes-Benz CharterWay.
 Vito 115 CDI Traveliner Long               £6,482.80            £296.07               £68.32
                                                                                                              Mercedes-Benz CharterWay is a brand of Mercedes-Benz Financial Services UK Limited MK7 8ND.

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