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					                                                       Crane Nursing
                                                           & Rehabilitation Center
     December 2012                           100 West Campus Drive • Crane, TX 79731 • (432) 558-3400

                                            A Figure of Speech
                                           Phrase: Square meal
                                           Meaning: A nourishing meal
                                           Origin: Although some reports
                                       say the phrase came from the
                                       practice of sailors eating off
                                       square, wooden plates, it is more
                                       likely the use of “square” refers to
                                       proper or straightforward. So a
                                       square meal is simply a good,            The Long and Short of It
       Crane Nursing &                 satisfying meal.                         December is the month with
         Rehab. Staff
                                               No More Static                 the shortest daylight hours of the
Clint Slayton        Administrator
                                          Rub a dryer sheet over your         year in the Northern Hemisphere
Christy Moore, RN             DON
                                       clothes to stop static cling.          and the longest daylight hours of
Michelle Trice, LVN          ADON
                                                                              the year in the Southern
Charles Shoemaker, PT      Rehab.                Stay Social                  Hemisphere.
Rosemary Cruz             Activities      A study from Harvard reported
Cheryl Fowler        Med. Records      that older people with the highest            Not Just for Pie
Stephany Brents             Dietary    level of social integration had the        Pecans provide more than
Amy Contreras       Housekeeping       slowest rate of memory decline         19 vitamins and minerals,
Jeff Goad            Maintenance       over a six-year period. Experts        including vitamins A, B and E, folic
Paula Valdez             Transport     think the shared interaction with      acid and potassium. A long shelf
Rosa Pando          Business Office    community may play a role. Stay        life makes storing pecans a
Ashley Toothman       Human Res.       connected with peers to not only       breeze: The shelled nuts stay fresh
Betty Cruz, LVN          Medicare      enjoy the friendship, but also         in airtight containers in the fridge
Lynett Sousa         Social Worker     retain brain power.                    for up to nine months and in the
Carissa Sweeden         Admissions                                            freezer for two years.

                                               Happy Holidays                            Say What?
         Facility Tours                   Friends and family often gather       halcyon \ HAL-see-un \ adj.
   Facility tours are available        for celebrations during the              1. calm, peaceful
seven days a week at your              holiday season. Relax, have fun          2. happy, golden
convenience. Please feel free to       and enjoy your time together!            3. prosperous, affluent
contact us at (432) 558-3400, or if                                             Example sentence: Mother
                                                 ‘Sew’ Is One
an after-hour tour is needed,                                                 spoke nostalgically of the
                                          How many words can you
please call Carissa at                                                        halcyon days of her childhood.
                                       come up with using the letters
(432) 770-3956.                        in “snowflakes”?
                            Reminiscing Is Good for You
                             Memory loss is a challenge many
                          seniors face, affecting not only their
                          physical and mental well-being, but
                          also their relationships with loved ones.
                          Fortunately, the common exercise of
                          reminiscing boasts a variety of benefits    is strengthened, increasing the level of
 Talk About It            for memory loss sufferers and               trust and companionship.
                          caregivers alike.                               Some studies have shown that
                             There is a strong connection             reminiscing has positive physical
 ’Tis the Season          between our past experiences and our        effects as well, reducing blood
  to Remember             present selves. Encouraging discussion      pressure, stress and depression.
    The holiday season    about early, personal events can            Perhaps one of its strongest benefits is
is a time not only to     reassure seniors of their purpose as well   how actively sharing stories and
enjoy family and          as boost their confidence and               memories strengthens current brain
friends, but also to      self-esteem. Reminiscing with friends       and memory function, giving seniors a
recall great memories     and family increases social skills and      powerful tool in the fight against
of past gatherings.       contributes to positive conflict            memory loss.
Share your favorite       resolution and problem-solving.
holiday memories             Reminiscing with loved ones is
with your friends.        valuable to the listener, too. By talking
How were your             about previous experiences and
get-togethers similar     feelings with each other, the bond
or different?             between caregiver and care receiver
    Many families have
traditions they repeat
every year. What
traditions do you
                                                                      1930s, it was sweeping the nation.
remember from your
                                                                      There are several theories regarding
childhood? How
                                                                      how the name “beano” turned
about as a parent?
                                                                      into “bingo.”
What was your
                                                                         Bingo is played in almost all
favorite tradition?
                                                                      50 states. The size of the game varies
    Food is a big part
                                                                      widely. Some small community venues
of many holiday
events. What types of              The Birth of Bingo                 have about a hundred players. Large
                             The roots of modern-day bingo            bingo halls can seat more than 1,000.
meals did you
                          stretch back to the 1500s, with a lotto        In addition to straight-line bingo and
prepare or eat during
                          game in Italy. The bingo we play today      cover all (or blackout), other bingo
the holidays? What
                          was popularized in the early 1900s, and     patterns include X, picture frame and
was your favorite
                          December is the month designated to         checkmark.
dish? What was your
                          celebrate the birth of modern bingo.           Here is some more bingo trivia:
least favorite?
                             A toy salesman from New York,               • Bing Crosby’s nickname as a child
    People often travel
                          Edwin Lowe, was on a business trip in             was Bingo.
during the holiday
                          Georgia in December 1929 when he               • Purple is the most popular color
season. Did you
                          stumbled across a carnival where folks            for bingo ink daubers.
celebrate holidays at
                          were playing “beano” with dried                • Playing bingo can improve
your own home or
                          beans for tokens. He began playing                concentration, memory and
someone else’s?
                          the game with friends, and, by the                observation skills.
                                              Grandkids and Gifts: A Guide
                                               With so many options for kids’ toys on
                                            the market these days, it can be
                                            overwhelming to find the perfect gift for
                                            your beloved grandchild. A good
                                            starting point is to consider where your
                                            grandchild is developmentally and
                                            choose gifts that are age-appropriate,        Remember Me?
                                            yet still provide opportunities to discover
                                            and learn.
                                                                                              Once hailed as the
                                               Try these ideas and tips to help you
                                                                                          toast of Broadway,
                                            choose a great gift:
                                                                                          actress Billie Burke had
                                               Traditional toys. Go the classic route
                                                                                          a successful career on
                                            with trains, cars, dolls and
                                                                                          stage and screen.
     An Unforgettable Film                  construction-themed items such as
                                                                                          Here are some
   Considered by many to be the             blocks. These toys encourage
                                                                                          highlights of her life:
greatest film of all time, “Gone With       imagination while appealing to different
                                                                                              Burke’s father was
the Wind” premiered in Atlanta on           ages and genders.
                                                                                          a circus clown, and
Dec. 15, 1939. The film version of             Books and beyond. Books are
                                                                                          the family traveled
Margaret Mitchell’s epic southern           another timeless gift with flexible options
                                                                                          throughout the United
novel was such a celebrated event           for children of all ages. Pick a genre
                                                                                          States and Europe.
that Georgia’s governor at the time,        that matches your grandchild’s
                                                                                              She made her
Eurith Rivers, declared the day a           interests, such as fantasy, science fiction
                                                                                          stage debut at age
state holiday.                              or mystery. For a modern twist, try
                                                                                          18 in London.
   Three days of special events and         “interactive” journal-type books that
                                                                                              Burke was married
festivities led up to the opening. An       encourage kids to draw, place stickers,
                                                                                          to entertainment titan
estimated 300,000 people lined              or cut and paste objects directly on
                                                                                          Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.
Atlanta streets to see the stars make       the pages.
                                                                                          from 1914 until his
their way to Loew’s Grand Theater.             Electronic options. If you’re
                                                                                          death in 1932.
Crowd favorites were Clark Gable            purchasing a video game, check with
                                                                                              Burke is best known
(Rhett Butler) and his wife, Carole         your grandchild’s parents to confirm
                                                                                          for her charming
Lombard; Vivien Leigh (Scarlett             which type of gaming system they
                                                                                          portrayal of Glinda
O’Hara) and Laurence Olivier; and           have. Store associates can help you
                                                                                          the Good Witch of the
the book’s author, Mitchell, an             find age-appropriate games for
                                                                                          North in 1939’s “The
Atlanta native.                             that system.
                                                                                          Wizard of Oz.” Her
   The almost four-hour movie was a            Family fun. Board games offer flexible
                                                                                          high-pitched voice
box office hit, becoming the                rules to accommodate different ages,
                                                                                          was a guiding light for
highest-grossing film ever, a record it     and family game nights create fond
                                                                                          the lost Dorothy.
held until 1966.                            memories for everyone involved. Many
                                                                                              Though Burke
   “Gone With the Wind” was                 modern and classic games incorporate
                                                                                          enjoyed success in
nominated for 13 Academy Awards             wordplay or strategy, helping kids learn
                                                                                          films, she always
and won eight, including Best               and build skills as they’re having fun.
                                                                                          preferred the theater,
Picture. The film continues to rank
                                                                                          particularly because
high on various “best film” lists both in
                                                                                          in her early career,
the United States and abroad.
                                                                                          the theater allowed
   In 1989, the Library of Congress
                                                                                          her speaking roles at
selected “Gone With the Wind” for
                                                                                          a time when movies
preservation in the United States
                                                                                          were silent.
National Film Registry.
                                                     December 2012
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                                              1869: Chewing gum is patented by        1955: Rosa Parks refuses to give
                                              William F. Semple.                      up her seat on a Montgomery, Ala.,
                                                                                      bus. She is arrested, and the case
                                              1895: At the Grand Café in Paris, the   eventually goes to the Supreme Court
                                              first commercial movie is screened,     of the United States.
          DECEMBER                            depicting scenes from everyday
                                              French life.                            1967: Lewis Washkansky becomes
1512: The ceiling of the Sistine
                                                                                      the first recipient of a human heart
Chapel, painted by Michelangelo, is           1900: The quantum theory of physics     via transplant in South Africa.
shown to the public for the first time.       is born with a study by German
                                              physicist Max Planck.                   2003: “The Return of the King,” the
1620: The British ship Mayflower
                                                                                      third and final installment of the hit
lands at Plymouth Harbor, ushering            1901: The first Nobel Prizes are        film trilogy “The Lord of the Rings,”
in a new chapter in the history of            awarded in the areas of physics,        is released.
the Americas.                                 chemistry, medicine, literature and
                                              peace. The ceremony occurs in           2008: Conman Bernie Madoff
1773: Protesting the Tea Act of 1773,
                                              Stockholm, Sweden.                      is arrested for illegal schemes to
several colonists participate in the
                                                                                      gain money.
Boston Tea Party, dumping hundreds            1924: Edwin Hubble declares the
of chests of tea into Boston Harbor.          existence of other galactic systems.    2010: After 25 years on the air, the
                                              The Hubble telescope is later named     iconic CNN program “Larry King
1791: The Bill of Rights is ratified and
                                              after this astronomer.                  Live” ends.
becomes law, outlining fundamental
rights given to citizens.

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