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									                 (313) 309-4138                                                     abE’S                         
                                                                                    Delicatessen & Bakery

           Deli Sandwiches                                                                                      grilled Sandwiches
                      All sandwiches include a pickle spear, and your choice of potato salad, pasta salad, coleslaw, or fresh fruit.
                                  Now have your favorite sandwich made on fresh baked bread from Avalon Bakery.

    ColoSSal Club                                                                                           abE’S VEggIE burgEr
    Oven roasted turkey, black forest ham, smoked bacon,                                                    Grilled gourmet black bean burger with your choice of
    lettuce, tomato, and basil mayonaise 6.75                                                               cheese, served with lettuce, tomato, and onions 6.95

                                                                                                            VEggIE rEubEn
    abE’S ItalIan SanDwICh                                                                                  Grilled marinated portobello and eggplant, sauerkraut,
    Black forest ham, salami, provolone, lettuce, tomato, mild                                              Thousand Island dressing, and Swiss cheese on rye 6.95
    peppers, and Italian dressing on ciabatta 6.25
                                                                                                            ClaSSIC rEubEn
    VEggIE wrap                                                                                             Corned beef, sauerkraut, Thousand Island dressing, and
    Grilled marinated portobello and eggplant, spinach,                                                     swiss cheese on rye 6.95
    parmesan cheese, lettuce, tomato, and Balsamic dressing
    5.50                                                                                                    turkEy rEubEn
                                                                                                            Oven roasted turkey, swiss cheese, cole slaw, and
    b.l.t.                                                                                                  Thousand Island dressing on rye 6.95
    Smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, and basil mayonaise
                                                                                                            turkEy baCon SwISS MElt
                                                                                                            Oven roasted turkey, smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, and
                                                                                                            basil mayonnaise 6.95
    ChICkEn CaESar wrap
    Grilled marinated chicken breast, romaine lettuce,                                                      abE’S roaSt bEEf
    parmesan cheese, croutons, and Caesar dressing 6.25                                                     Roast beef, sweet onion relish, honey mustard, and
                                                                                                            cheddar cheese 6.95
    ChICkEn or tuna SalaD wrap
    Our famous salad with lettuce and tomato on your choice                                                 tuna or ChICkEn SalaD MElt
    of lavash 4.75                                                                                          Choice of tuna or chicken salad and Swiss cheese grilled on
                                                                                                            choice of bread 5.50
    VEra Cruz wrap
                                                                                                            haM & ChEESE
    Black beans, roasted corn, red onion, bell peppers, mozz
                                                                                                            Black forest ham, Swiss cheese, and honey mustard 5.50
    and cheddar cheeses, and crispy tortillas with mixed
    spring greens and Vera Cruz dressing 6.25                                                               ClaSSIC grIllED ChEESE
                                                                                                            Your choice of cheeses grilled to perfection 3.95
    DInty MoorE
    Corned beef, thousand island dressing, lettuce, tomato,                                                 baCon ChEESE toMato MElt
    and Swiss cheese on rye bread 6.25                                                                      Your choice of cheese, smoked bacon, and tomato 4.75

    pEanut buttEr & JElly 3.00                                                                              pEanut buttEr & JElly panInI 3.00

                                                                Create your own
                                 Build your favorite sandwich from our selection of fresh baked breads and premium meats and cheeses 6.25

                  MEatS:                                                   ChEESES:                         brEaD:                             wrapS:
                  Oven roasted turkey,Black forest ham,                    Cheddar, Provolone,              White, Wheat, Rye, Marble          White, Spinach, Tomato or
                  Tuna salad, Chicken salad, Salami, Corned                Swiss, American, Feta,           Rye, Ciabatta or Croissant         Wheat
                  beef, and Roast beef                                     and Blue                         Fresh Bread from Avalon
                                                                                                            Bakery is also available daily

Ask your server about menu items that are cooked to order or served raw. Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.
           (313) 309-4138                                          ABE’S                  
                                                                   Delicatessen & Bakery

                                      Start your day off right with one of our delicious breakfast combos.

BREAkfASt SpECiAl                                    BREAkfASt SAndWiCH                                     CHEESE oMElEt
2 Eggs any style, 2 bacon or sausage,                Egg, your choice of ham, bacon or       3 Eggs and cheddar cheese with
fresh fruit, and toast 4.35                          sausage, and cheese served on toast,    fresh fruit and toast 3.95
BREAkfASt SCRAMBlE                                   croissant, or jumbo English muffin 3.95 CHiCkEn SkillEt
2 Eggs scrambled with bacon or                       SunRiSE BREAkfASt SAndWiCH 2 Eggs, diced chicken, bell peppers,
sausage, cheddar cheese, fresh fruit, and            Egg, bacon or sausage, and American     onions, portobello mushrooms, and
toast 4.35                                           cheese on an English muffin or biscuit  cheddar cheese with toast 4.95
EGG loVERS BREAkfASt                                 2.75                                    BREAkfASt Blt
3 Eggs any style, fresh fruit, and toast             WEStERn oMElEt                          Egg, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce,
3.95                                                 3 Eggs, ham, cheddar cheese, peppers, tomato, and basil mayo on toast
BiG BREAkfASt                                        and onion with fresh fruit and toast    3.95
3 Eggs, bacon or sausage, and fresh fruit            4.70                                    HEARt HEAltHY BREAkfASt
3.95                                                                                         Egg whites, sauteed vegetables,
                                                     tECH EXEC oMElEt
BREAkfASt BuRRito                                    3 Eggs, roasted turkey, swiss cheese,
                                                                                             whole wheat toast, and fresh fruit
Egg, sausage, bell pepper, red onion,                                                        3.95
                                                     spinach, and roasted vegetables, with
black beans, roasted corn, and mozz and              fresh fruit and toast 4.70              oAtMEAl
cheddar cheeses in lawash 3.95                                                               Hot oatmeal with brown sugar and
SunRiSE BREAkfASt BuRRito                            HuntERS oMElEt                          cranberries 1.50
Egg, sausage, and salsa on a tortilla 2.75           3 Eggs, ham, sausage, bacon, cheddar
                                                     cheese, and jalapeño peppers, with
                                                     fresh fruit and toast 4.70
               Fresh coffee, juices, pastries, yogurt, fruit, muffins, and bagels with cream cheese are also served during breakfast hours

                                                                                                                          Soups and Sides
                       Specialty Salads                                                                                    Soup of tHE dAY
All salads are prepared fresh and to order. Large salads without meat are 6.25 and 6.95 with meat.                           cup 2.75 Bowl 3.50
                                                                                                                                Bowl of soup comes
AntipASto                                              ClASSiC CoBB                                                           with fresh AvAlon roll
Provolone, mixed spring greens, Italian                Mixed spring greens, smoked bacon, bell
salami, black forest ham, red onion,                   peppers, diced egg, blue cheese, Swiss,
tomatoes, mild peppers, kalamata                       cheddar cheeses, and tomatoes
olives, and bell peppers
                                                       GREEk                                                               Soup CoMBoS
JuliEnnE                                               Mixed spring greens, feta cheese, tomatoes,
Mixed spring greens, black forest ham,                 cucumbers, red onion, kalamata olives,
roasted turkey, Swiss and cheddar                      beets, and bell peppers
cheeses, cucumber, and tomatoes                                                                                         Soup & Salad Combo
topped with a hardboiled egg                           VERA CRuz                                                        Cup of soup with petite
                                                       Mixed spring greens, black beans, roasted                        salad of mixed greens,
CluB                                                   corn, mozz and cheddar cheeses, red                              cucumber, and tomato
Diced ham, diced turkey, bacon,                        onion, and bell peppers topped with crispy
tomato, romaine lettuce and mixed                      tortillas                                                        with your choice of
spring greens with cheddar cheese                                                                                       dressing 5.00
top Round                                              tRAVERSE CitY CHiCkEn SAlAd
Roast beef, crumbled blue cheese,                      Mixed spring greens, grilled marinated
roasted walnuts, tomato, red onion,                    chicken, cranberries, walnuts, crumbled
                                                       blue cheese, and raspberry vinaigrette                           Soup & Half Deli
cucumber, mixed greens, croutons,
and Balsamic dressing
                                                                                                                        Sandwich Combo
                                                       CHiCkEn oR tunA SAlAd SCoopER                                    Cup of soup with half deli
ASiAn                                                  Scoop of our famous chicken salad or tuna
                                                       salad with flat bread crisps and choice of
                                                                                                                        sandwich of your choice
Mixed spring greens, toasted almonds,                                                                                   5.00
sesame seeds, mandarin orange slices,                  fresh veggies, fruit, or petite salad 4.25
red onion, and bell peppers
                                                       fRESH fRuit SAlAd
CAESAR                                                 A refreshing blend of fresh cut seasonal
Chopped romaine, shredded                              fruit 3.50
parmesan, and croutons

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