A Plan For Managing Depression

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					      A Plan For Managing Depression
   (NAPSA)—While most people               As depression can be difficult to
recognize her as the cheerful           treat, it’s important to have a vari-
d esigne r o n A B C ’s E x tr e me     ety of tools and a solid treatment
Makeover: Home Edition™, Paige          plan. Here are tips to consider.
Hemmis is also one of the esti-                Create a “Blueprint”
mate d 3 3 t o 35 mi l li o n U .S.        Elements of a depression treat-
adults who have experienced             ment plan, or “blueprint,” may
depression at some point during         include:
their lifetimes.                           • Educating yourself about
   Hemmis speaks about her              depression
experiences with depression as             • Developing a productive rela-
part of the Blueprint for Hope          tionship with your doctor
campaign to inspire others with            • Working with your doctor to
                depression to seek      find the right treatment plan
                help and find a                     Seek Support
                treatment plan that        A strong support network is
                is right for them—as    important for helping you stay on
                she did. “On the        therapy and live successfully with
                show, we use blue-      depression by helping you to:
                prints to design each      • Remember you aren’t alone
                home, and manag-           • Feel empowered to seek sup-
                ing our lives is no     port from your physician, family,
    Paige       different,” explains    and community
   Hemmis Hemmis. “Having a                          Get Involved
                blueprint to manage        Staying involved in favorite
your condition can help create a        activities can help you to:
plan and establish goals for your          • Spend time with others
journey to better health.”                 • Be there for your family and
   For Hemmis, depression was           friends
characterized by sadness, exhaus-          • Start feeling like yourself
tion, sleeplessness, guilt, loneli-     again
ness, and withdrawal from her              The Blueprint for Hope cam-
favorite activities. She believes       paign, presented by Wyeth Pharma-
that if she had been aware of           ceuticals, aims to inspire people to
depression resources such as            speak with a health care profes-
Blueprint for Hope during the           sional about their depression symp-
height of her struggle with             toms and raise awareness of the
depression, she might have felt         importance of working with a health
empowered to seek help sooner.          care professional to build a blue-
   Hemmis worked closely with           print for managing the illness. Cam-
her doctor to find a treatment          paign partners include Paige Hem-
plan that she could stick with.         mis; the Depression and Bipolar
Today, she is back to feeling like      Support Alliance, a mental health
herself. “With the right plan and       advocacy organization; and physi-
a strong support network, it’s pos-     cians. Additional resources, includ-
sible to feel like yourself again, be   ing depression information and a
there for your family, and do the       symptom progress tracker, as well
things you love,” Hemmis                as do-it-yourself videos and tips, are
reveals.                                available at

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