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					U n i v E r S i t y   o F   C a l i F o r n i a ,     S a n t a         B a r B a r a

Now Enrolling for
 Camp 2012
in Santa Barbara,
  Ventura Counties!

July 9—20
                                                                             Sponsored by the
At California                                                     South Coast Writing Project

Lutheran University                                     Gevirtz Graduate School of Education
                                                       University of California, Santa Barbara
July 9—20                                                              For more information
                                                                      Phone: 805.893.5899
At Oxnard College                                       Web:
July 9— 20
                                  y o U n G              W r i t E r S           C a M P

THE EXPERIENCE OF CAMP                                             Young Writers Camps — Where, When, Cost
What campers do and learn
                                                                   In Santa Barbara, at UCSB

        oung Writers Camp
        Programs are de-                                           July 9—20    (2 weeks, Monday-Friday)
        signed to offer                                            Camps 9:00–12:30p.m.             Camps Noon–3:30 p.m.
students in grades 3–9                                             Grades 3-4 and 5-6               Grades 5-6 and 7-9
an opportunity to ex-
plore the many facets                                              At Cal Lutheran University
of writing, regardless
                                                                   July 9– 20   (2 weeks, Monday-Friday)
of their skill levels.
Students participate                                               Camps Meet 9:00 a.m.–12:30p.m.
in a stimulating learn-                                            Grades 4-6 and 7-9
ing environment that
helps create a community                                           At Oxnard College
of writers to give optimum                                         July 9—20     (2 weeks, Monday-Friday)
support and growth. Depending on
the location, young Writers may tour their campus, visit the
                                                                   Camps Meet Noon–3:30p.m.
                                                                   Grades 4-6 and 7-9
college bookstore and have access to a broad range of stimu-
lating facilities unique to each site.
Daily journal writing and writing workshops are blended with       Fee: $285
activities in other creative arts. teachers seek to build confi-
                                                                   (10% discount for multiple enrollments within one family. Example:
dence while providing the writing tools that inspire creative
                                                                   two campers at $285 each, total $570 minus $57 equals $513.)
thinking. young writers engage in crafting a variety of writing
forms, such as poems, autobiographical sketches, short stories     Enrollment deadline is June 15th!
and nature observations, and thus become familiar with the         Cancellations made prior to June 29: fee will be refunded, minus a
writing process. Each camper chooses a piece of writing or         $25 administrative cost.
several pieces for publication in the camp anthology. During       Cancellations made after June 29: $175 will be refunded.
graduation on the last day of camp, campers read their work
to family and friends in attendance.
                                                                   Scholarships Available
                                                                   the young Writers Camp offers limited opportunities for
Campers Experience:                                                scholarships that award fee discounts to families for whom
                                                                   financial assistance is a necessity. Students from such fami-
O Guest Presentations                                              lies must display a strong interest in writing and/or a desire
                                                                   to be enrolled in the program. if interested, you may request
O Activities to Promote Creativity                                 a scholarship application packet by phoning (805) 893-
                                                                   5899. the scholarship application deadline is June 15, 2012.
O Daily Writing Workshops

O Developing Confidence                                            Parent Orientation
                                                                   the young Writers Camp offers a Parent orientation night at
O Building Skills in Listening and Responding                      each site to explain the program, answer questions, and to
                                                                   give parents the opportunity to experience an activity similar
O Activities in Literature, Music and/or Drama                     to the ones their campers will have at camp. this meeting is
                                                                   for parents only; please, do not bring your campers with you.
O Field Trips                                                      orientation usually takes place on the thursday night prior to
                                                                   the first day of camp. you will receive more information about the
O Writing Across Disciplines including Art & Science               orientation with the letter to confirm that your camper
                                                                   is enrolled.
                        S o U t H              C o a S t             W r i t i n G          P r o J E C t

SCWriP Young Writers Camp Overview                                         What people like most about the

T      he South Coast Writing Project (SCWriP) at the University           Young Writers Camp
       of California, Santa Barbara sponsors young Writers Camp
       Programs at three locations: UCSB, Cal lutheran University,         PARENT COMMENTS...
and oxnard College. We have a staff of outstanding, certificated
classroom teachers, all of whom have completed extensive
                                                                           O “Everyday when i picked up my son and his friend, there
training in writing and are SCWriP teacher-Consultants. Staff                was non-stop talk all the way home about the fun things
members continually implement writing in their personal and                  they’d done that day... a great sign of a well-organized
professional lives.                                                          and fun camp.”

                                                                           O “i liked that my daughter took such an interest in writing.
What is SCWriP?                                                              She did not like to write that much at school, but now
operating at UCSB since 1979, the South Coast Writing Project                she loves it.”
is a professional development program for teachers of writing
from elementary school through college. SCWriP is a site of                O “the camp did a wonderful job of building confidence in
the California Writing Project and the national Writing Project              my child. She now views herself as a writer.”
                                                                           O “i liked the emphasis placed on writing as a creative, joy-
                                                                             ful and insightful process.”
Who are SCWriP Teacher —
Consultants?                                                               O “What i liked best was my son coming home and reciting
                                                                             a few lines of a poem which he liked the most—‘your eyes
outstanding teachers who have completed SCWriP’s invitational                as deep as an ocean’—just astounded me.”
Summer institute in Composition and Critical literacy become
teacher-consultants who conduct professional development                   O “We love the fact that the camp is held on a college cam-
programs in schools and colleges throughout Santa Barbara,                   pus, inspiring the children for the future.”
ventura, San luis obispo, and Kern Counties. these programs
and workshops are available to all schools and school districts            O “i liked how my daughter was inspired to write more and
in the counties that SCWriP serves.                                          everyday was a new experience.”

SCWriP Directorial Staff                                                   CAMPER COMMENTS...
DirECtor: Tim Dewar, Ph.D.
Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, UCSB
                                                                           O “i liked that we didn’t only write, we did art and we
                                                                             made books. i also liked how the teachers were always
                                                                             willing to help me.”
Randi Browning
Writing Program, UCSB                                                      O “the teachers are not just teachers; they became my
Joni Chancer                                                                 friends.”
Retired Teacher, Montecito Union School, Santa Barbara
Nicole Schon
                                                                           O “i found a lot of ways to find a story to write about from
                                                                             looking at a photo to drawing a map.”
Education Planet; SCWriP Tech Liaison
                                                                           O “it made me more confident in showing my work in front
SCWriP Young Writers Camp Staff                                              of a lot of people.”
Matt McCaffrey: Co-Director and Site Coordinator,                          O “now when i have to write, i won’t be stuck.”
University of California, Santa Barbara
Teacher, Santa Barbara School District                                     O “it helped me express my feelings more.”
Mark Urwick: Co-Director and Site Coordinator,
Cal lutherin University
Teacher, Oxnard School District
                                                                           Apply Early!
Sally King: Site Coordinator
oxnard College                                                             to assure a spot in camp, don’t wait until the enrollment
Teacher, Ocean View School District                                        deadline of June 15. our class sizes are limited to enhance
                                                                           the quality of our program, so camps fill fast.
                        G E v i r t Z             G r a D U a t E                S C H o o l                      o F   E D U C a t i o n

                                                         Participant’s name: ___________________________________________
                                                                                Please Print

                                                 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA BARBARA

                           Young Writers Camp 2012, South Coast Writing Project, Gervirtz Graduate School of Education

                                       Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk, and Indemnity Agreement
                       Waiver: In consideration of being permitted to participate in any way in
                       camp at either UCSB, 7/9–7/20; at California Lutheran University, 7/9–7/20; or at Oxnard College, 7/9–7/20
                       including all activities inside and outside the classrooms, in field trips, on and off campus,

                       hereinafter called “The Activity”, I, for myself, my heirs, personal representatives or assigns, do hereby
                       release, waive, discharge, and covenant not to sue The Regents of the University of California, its
                       officers, employees, and agents from liability from any and all claims including the negligence of
                       The Regents of the University of California, its officers, employees and agents, resulting in
                       personal injury, accidents or illnesses (including death), and property loss arising from, but not limited
                       to, participation in The Activity.

                       ________________________________________                                ________________________________
                        Signature of Parent/Guardian of Minor Date                             Signature of Participant/Camper Date
                                                                                               (if legal adult)
                       Assumption of Risks: Participation in The Activity carries with it certain inherent risks that cannot
                       be eliminated regardless of the care taken to avoid injuries. The specific risks vary from one activity
                       to another, but the risks range from 1) minor injuries such as scratches, bruises, and sprains 2) major
                       injuries such as eye injury or loss of sight, joint or back injuries, heart attacks, and concussions to
                       3) catastrophic injuries including paralysis and death.

                               I have read the previous paragraphs and I know, understand, and appreciate these and
                       other risks that are inherent in The Activity. I hereby assert that my participation is voluntary and
                       that I knowingly assume all such risks.

                       Indemnification and Hold Harmless: I also agree to INDEMNIFY AND HOLD The Regents of
                       the University of California HARMLESS from any and all claims, actions, suits, procedures, costs,
                       expenses, damages and liabilities, including attorney’s fees brought as a result of my involvement in
                       The Activity and to reimburse them for any such expenses incurred.

                       Severability: The undersigned further expressly agrees that the foregoing waiver and assumption of
                       risks agreement is intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the law of the State of
                       California and that if any portion thereof is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance shall,
                       notwithstanding, continue in full legal force and effect.

                       Acknowledgment of Understanding: I have read this waiver of liability, assumption of risk, and
                       indemnity agreement, fully understand its terms, and understand that I am giving up substantial
                       rights, including my right to sue. I acknowledge that I am signing the agreement freely and
                       voluntarily, and intend by my signature to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability
                       to the greatest extent allowed by law.
cut and please mail

                       Signature of Parent/Guardian of Minor             Date             Signature of Participant/Camper Date
                                                                                          (If legal adult)
                       Participant’s Age (if minor)                                                                                 Vol Waiver 7/01
                               E n r o l l M E n t                       a P P l i C a t i o n

                     Fill out the front and back of this application and mail it, by June 15, with your payment
                                              to the address provided in section FivE.
FIRST — Check both the camp location and time slot that you want. Select the grade level that your child
will be entering in September:

                       UC Santa Barbara                Cal Lutheran University                  Oxnard College
                     July 9–20, 2 Weeks                  July 9–20, 2 Weeks                 July 9–20, 2 Weeks
                     Monday – Friday                     Monday – Friday                    Monday – Friday
                     9:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m.                9:00 a.m.–12:30 p.m.               noon – 3:30 p.m.
                       Grades 3-4 or                       Grades 4-6 or                      Grades 4-6 or
                       Grades 5-6                          Grades 7-9                         Grades 7-9
                     noon-3:30 p.m.
                       Grades 5-6 or
                       Grades 7-9

SECOND — Provide the following information requested: (this form can be filled out in acrobat and then printed)
Student name                                                                       Male?       Female? Date of Birth
Parent name
City                                                               Zip                  Phone number
Email address
Student’s Current School
Grade in Sept. 2012               School in Sept. 2012


name of Emergency Contact                                                           Phone number
Child’s Physician                                                                   Physician’s Phone
allergies, if any
Medical problems that our staff should know about
i give permission to the University Health Center to hospitalize and to secure proper treatment for my camper
Child’s name
PARENT SIGNATURE (required)                                                                  Date
ParEnt aUtHoriZation SECtion: the young Writers Camp has my permission to use my camper’s writing in various
professional presentations and/or publications. (sign below to give permission)
PARENT SIGNATURE (required)                                                                  Date

THIRD — Fill out and sign the UCSB Waiver of Liability Agreement on the back side of this page. (required)
FOURTH — Read the following information on the camp fee.
the fee is $285 for individual enrollments. a 10% discount is available to a family who is enrolling more than one child. (Example—a brother
and sister enroll at $285 each, total $570, subtract a 10% discount of $57: $513 is the fee). Cancellations made prior to June 29, 2012 will be
refunded, minus $25 per enrollment for administrative costs. Cancellations made after June 29, 2012: $175 will be refunded per enrollment.
Payment must be in the form of a check or money order; we are unable to accept cash or credit card payments.

FIFTH – Send this application, the UCSB Waiver form, and a check or money order, payable to UC Regents
to: the young Writers Camp, South Coast Writing Project, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, UCSB, Santa Barbara, Ca 93106–9490
  The Young Writers Camp
  South Coast Writing Project
  Gevirtz Graduate School of Education
  University of California, Santa Barbara
  Santa Barbara, Ca 93106–9490

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                                                                                                                 Camp 2012

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