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CRITICALA Publication for Providers of Trauma and Critical Care   Fall 2012

This issue:
• Adolescent Brain Development and Chemical Use
• Minnesota Public Safety Service Awards
• Emergency Medicine and Trauma Update
• Water Safety Task Force
                                                     Table of Contents

                1 Letter from Dr. Gipson

                2 Adolescent Brain Development and Chemical Use

                4 Minnesota Public Safety Service Awards

                6 Emergency Medicine Education Opportunities

                7 North Memorial Paticipates in Trauma Research

                8 Water Safety Task Force

                9 New Members of Trauma Call Panel

             12 Partner Profile: St. Joseph’s Medical Center

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Situation Critical is published two times a year to inform trauma and critical care providers about news and events at North Memorial and
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                                         Letter From Dr. Gipson

Dear Readers:

At North Memorial we take great pride in being a well-established trauma center, providing
excellent trauma care to our community and the region for decades. North Memorial
became a Level I Trauma Center in 1998, treating both children and adults. In 2011, when
separate designations were issued for adult and pediatric trauma centers, we also earned
a Level II Pediatric Trauma Center. Our commitment to providing the very best care for
trauma patients will continue into the future with the same ambition it has in the past.

We are constantly trying to improve the quality of care we provide our trauma patients and
the community. This pursuit of quality means not only providing high-standard established
therapies to trauma patients but also being involved in cutting edge clinical technologies and
advancing the science of trauma and critical care through research. We are also prepared
and committed to caring for families members of all ages when the need arises, hopefully
decreasing the burden of hospitalization on the family as much as possible.
From a clinical perspective, recruiting well-trained and dedicated surgeons is key to our mission. We are pleased to announce
that Tracy Davido, MD, a critical care credentialed trauma surgeon, has recently joined our group. Dr. Davido will spend half
of her time at North Memorial and half with the University of Minnesota.

We have also added Jon Gayken, MD, a board-certified general surgeon with burn fellowship training, and Kamrun
Jenabzadeh, MD, a recently minted graduate from the University of Minnesota’s general surgery residency, to the trauma
call coverage team. We are looking forward to their innovative contributions to the care of our patients.
We remain busy from a research standpoint, publishing 15 articles in the last year. Much of this work focuses on the efficacy
and standardization of Massive Transfusion Protocols for trauma patients with acute blood loss. We have been privileged
to continue to work with Greg Beilman, MD, FACS, Chief of General Surgery and Vice Chair of Perioperative Services and
Quality Improvement at the University of Minnesota, who returns as our director of research. Through his work with the
national Trauma Outcomes Group, we are assured that this important transfusion research achieves national dissemination.
Currently, we are participating in the NIH-sponsored ProTECT III study evaluating the neuroprotective properties of
progesterone in patients with traumatic brain injuries.

At North Memorial, we are always striving to adapt new clinical treatments to improve patient outcomes and shorten length
of stay. One example is that we are offering rib fixation and plating for patients with major chest trauma who have suffered
multiple broken ribs producing a flail segment and flail chest physiology. We are trying to bring better care to patients sooner
by improving the resuscitation provided to trauma patients in the field by our ground and air ambulance crews. To this end
we have recently established a field protocol for air ambulance for the use of TXA, a drug that helps stop bleeding in trauma
patients by reversing their hypocoaguable state.

It continues to be an exciting time at North Memorial Trauma with lots of change and innovation. We look forward to
continuing to work with you and caring for your patients.


Jonathan Gipson, MD, FACS
Trauma Medical Director

                                                   Situation Critical | Fall 2012                                                  1
                  Adolescent Brain Development and Chemical Use

    Most would agree that parenting is both rewarding and               Medical professionals can have a great influence on
    challenging. The good news is we continue to learn new              underage alcohol use. They can talk to parents about the
    ways to protect and care for children across the state. One         important role they play in clearly stating to sons and
    important message coming from the scientific community              daughters that underage alcohol and drug use is dangerous
    is the need to understand and acknowledge that children’s           and not allowed. Teen perceptions of parental disapproval
    brains are not fully developed until age 25 or 26. What             are great deterrents. What many adults may not realize
    does that mean? It means when a 14-year-old breaks his              is that children say parental disapproval of underage
    leg by riding his bike off a retaining wall and a caring adult      drinking is the key reason they have chosen not to drink.
    asks, “What were you thinking?” the answer is evident               Those in the medical field can capitalize on this idea and
    – he wasn’t! The decision was made in a split second                encourage parents to take a strong stand.
    without considering the consequences. Why? The brain
    begins developing from the back to the front and the last           In a statewide survey of Minnesota adults completed
    area to develop is the prefrontal cortex, which is involved         in October and November of 2008, the data point to
    in planning, decision making and impulse control. Does              the strong positive beliefs held by Minnesota adults
    that mean children do not have these skills before age 25?          about the healthy use and non-use of alcohol. This
    No. However, it does mean they are still developing and             research was conceived to have a perception of norms
    perfecting these skills and need the guidance of parents            component, that is, in addition to assessing respondent
    and other caring adults.                                            attitudes, they assessed respondents’ perception of other
                                                                        Minnesota adults’ attitudes. If gaps existed between the
    Due to the considerable amount of development during                two, then evidence would suggest that even if respondents
    the adolescent years, chemicals and toxins affect the brain         individually support healthy use and non-use of alcohol,
    differently in youth than they do in adults. Science shows          they may not believe other Minnesotans have that same
    that alcohol and other drugs affect young people more               level of support. (Alcohol Attitudes and Perceived Norms:
    profoundly than in adults. The brain goes through rapid             A Statewide Survey of Minnesota Adults. The Montana
    development and “wiring” changes during the ages of 12              Institute. LLC. Anu Sharma, Ph.D., L.P., Roger Svendsen,
    through 21. Teen alcohol use can damage this brain wiring,          M.S., C.P.P.R., Jeff Linkenbach, Ed.D., Jay Ottom M.S.)
    which is essential to becoming a mature, thoughtful,
    responsible adult. Drinking repeatedly during adolescence           This research is key to unlocking the door to discussions
    and young adulthood can damage the brain permanently.               that might take place in the home and across the

2                                                      Situation Critical | Fall 2012
              Adolescent Brain Development and Chemical Use

                                                                 underage alcohol use. Find out if there is one in your
                                                                 community and offer to assist in their efforts.

                                                                 Why do we want to discourage underage alcohol use?
                                                                 Because it can lead to dangerous behavior, property
                                                                 damage, and violence, including sexual violence. Keep in
                                                                 mind that a person who starts drinking at the legal age of
                                                                 21 has only a seven percent chance of becoming addicted.
                                                                 Children who begin drinking at age 13 have a 45 percent
                                                                 chance of becoming alcohol dependent.

                                                                 It’s time to change how we all think, talk and act when it
                                                                 comes to underage drinking. We need to stop accepting it
                                                                 and to start discouraging it. It’s time to help young people
                                                                 understand that it is not okay for them to drink alcohol.
                                                                 The discussion needs to start long before youth start
                                                                 thinking about drinking. (Surgeon General’s Call to Action
community. For example, the gap measured by the
                                                                 to Prevent and Reduce Underage Drinking.) It is not just
difference between perceived and actual norm was over 20
                                                                 luck or hope that prevents youth from using alcohol or
percent on at least five statements. Two of the statements
                                                                 drugs. Everyone can work together to create a community
where the gap was over 20 percent were: (1) It is possible
                                                                 where young people can grow up and feel good about
to have a good time without drinking alcohol, and (2)
                                                                 themselves without drinking.
Alcohol use is not essential for celebrating success. Each
item actually consisted of two paired questions asking:          This article was written by LeeAnn Mortensen, injury
(1) the respondent’s own attitude about the statement,           prevention coordinator at North Memorial and project
and (2) the respondent’s perception of the attitude of most      director for Partnership for Change, a prevention coalition
Minnesota adults about the same statement. For example,          that serves northwest Hennepin
the first question on the survey asked the respondent to         County. Please feel free to contact
indicate level of agreement with the statement, “No one          LeeAnn at leeannmortensen@
should be pressured to drink alcohol if they don’t want          northmemorial.com for
to.” Question 1A asked, “And in your opinion, how do you         additional information.
think most other adults in Minnesota would respond to
the same statement?”

What does this mean to you as a medical professional?
This means you probably have more professionals that are
in line with your values and expectations about
underage alcohol use than you thought. Of
course the only way to find out whether
others agree that those under age
21 should not be using alcohol
is to talk a dialogue with
your colleagues. Commit
yourselves to your
community in supporting
no drug or alcohol use by
youth. There are many
community coalitions
across Minnesota
that work to reduce

                                                Situation Critical | Fall 2012                                                  3
                            Minnesota Public Safety Service Awards

    Minnesota Public Safety Service Awards Recognize Unsung Heroes
    Acts of dedication and heroism occur often. But they don’t         Sergeant Scott Downing received a valor award for his
    always make the headlines. Through the Minnesota Public            courageous efforts the morning of April 9, 2011, when
    Safety Service Awards, however, individuals who perform            he continued to pursue an armed robbery suspect after
    everyday acts of bravery and courage are recognized,               suffering a dislocated elbow and fractured radius bone that
    bringing honor to themselves and to their community.               required surgery and the placement of two pins to repair
                                                                       it. Sgt. Downing eventually cornered the suspect and held
    The annual awards ceremony, which started in 1984,                 him at gunpoint until other officers arrived.
    was the brainchild of Doug Hoppenrath, an ambulance
    director and public safety liaison with North Memorial             The second recipient of the valor award was Roseville
    who was deeply devoted to teamwork in public safety.               Police K-9 Major, who assisted in the apprehension of
    “Doug recognized that there were a lot of unsung heroes            theft suspects after being stabbed multiple times, suffering
    whose actions saved lives,” says Pat Coyne, director of            a collapsed lung and sustaining numerous other injuries.
    North Memorial Ambulance Service. “He created these                Despite surgeries and extensive rehabilitation, Major
    awards to bring attention to people who risk their lives to        was not able to regain the use of his hind legs. He is
    help others.”                                                      now retired from police work and lives at home with his
                                                                       partner, Officer John Jorgensen.
    Awards are given to recipients in several
    categories, including law enforcement officers
    (at the city, county, state and federal level),
    EMS personnel, firefighters and civilians.

    There are award categories for
    valor, honor and merit, with
    specific criteria for each award.

    A valor award is given for
    the persistent and continued
    application to duty after having
    been injured or wounded so as
    to complete an assigned task or
    rescue, or unexpected challenge.
    An award of honor goes to any
    person who, conscious of danger,
    distinguishes himself or herself
    by the outstanding performance
    of an act of gallantry and valor
    at imminent personal hazard
    to life, above and beyond the
    call of duty. The merit award is
    given to a public safety officer or
    citizen for excellent and unusual
    accomplishment as recognized
    by superiors, fellow officers or
    concerned citizens.

    There were two recipients of the
    valor award in the most recent
    safety awards presented last
    November. Minneapolis Police

4                                                     Situation Critical | Fall 2012
                             Minnesota Public Safety Service Awards

Awards of honor were given to:                                       Merit awards were given to:
Brad Beebe, Jr. (civilian)       Jake Kauppila (civilian)            Gary Frodermann (civilian)       Jeremy Nerem (civilian)
Woodbury, MN                     Salt Lake City, UT                  Magnolia, MN                     Lamberton, MN

Jared Bekkala (civilian)         Jackson Mask (civilian)             Bruce Hildebrandt (EMS)          Lisa Powell (civilian)
Dassel, MN                       St. Paul, MN                        Cambridge, MN                    U of MN, MN

Olivia Burns (civilian)          Peter Reineke (civilian)            Andrea Johnston (civilian)       Deb Prillaman (civilian)
Alexandria, MN                   Waconia, MN                         U of MN, MN                      St. Michael, MN

Jeremy Hastings (civilian)       Chase Riutta (civilian)             Matt Kaderlik (civilian)         Ken Prillaman (civilian)
Wyoming, MN                      Missoula, MT                        Madison, MN                      St. Michael, MN

Christopher Hoard                Austin Wark (civilian)              Jon Kellemeyn (civilian)         Chelsey Radermacher (civilian)
(law enforcement)                St. Paul, MN                        Woodstock, MN                    St. Michael, MN
Big Lake, MN
                                 Sara Ahlquist (fire)                Jim Lundeen (fire)               Josh Ripley (civilian)
Rob Jarrett                      Minnetonka, MN                      Minnetonka, MN                   Andover, MN
(law enforcement)
Zumbrota, MN                     Kim Barrett (civilian)              Lynn Mennis (civilian)           Nate Rose (civilian)
                                 U of MN, MN                         Brookings, SD                    U of MN, MN
Carl Kauppila (civilian)
Cottage Grove, MN

The merit awards given to firefighters Sara Ahlquist and             are being done,” says Coyne. “I’m grateful that North
Jim Lundeen were for the “What If?” program they started             Memorial (host of the safety awards) still assigns value
for the City of Minnetonka. They have made more than                 and recognizes these good deeds.”
200 presentations on subjects including fire prevention
and safety and participated in multiple public relations             Applications nominating an individual or group of
events around the Twin Cities. They have also started a              individuals for a Minnesota Public Safety Service Award
program to help residents with disabilities obtain needed            are accepted from anywhere in Minnesota. Events leading
lift assists and an “After the Fire” program to provide              to the nomination must have occurred between September
residents with resources and information who have                    15 of last year and September 14 of this year. Applications
suffered a fire.                                                     must be postmarked by October 1 to be considered for this
                                                                     year’s event
“With so many negative news stories in the news, it’s
refreshing to bring attention to the good things that

      To submit a candidate for award consideration, nominators should complete a printable application from the
      North Memorial website, attach any applicable reports, newspaper articles, etc., and mail to: Public Safety
      Services, North Memorial Ambulance Service, 4501 68th Ave. N., Brooklyn Center, MN 55429.

                                                   Situation Critical | Fall 2012                                                      5
                       Emergency Medicine Education Opportunities

    Emergency Medicine and Trauma Update: Beyond the Golden Hour
    Course Information                                                     Preliminary program includes hot topics in:
    Thursday, November 15, 2012                                            • Disaster Management
    Crowne Plaza St. Paul, Riverfront Hotel,                               • Initial Burn Care
    St. Paul, Minnesota                                                    • Pediatric Pearls
                                                                           • Hot Topics from Recent Meetings
    Sponsored by the Surgery and Emergency Medicine                        • Key Papers in 2012
    Departments of Regions Hospital, Hennepin County
    Medical Center, North Memorial Medical Center, Mayo                    New This Year:
    Clinic, Essentia Health-St. Mary’s Medical Center,                     Pre-conference Workshop
    University of Minnesota Medical Center – Fairview,                     Wednesday, November 14, 2012
    along with Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare and
    HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research.                   Location
                                                                           HealthPartners Simulation and Learning Center,
    Featuring:                                                             Regions Hospital, St. Paul
    • Plenary Sessions
    • Parallel Curricular Tracks                                           For more information
    • Hands-on Breakout Sessions                                           For more information about the conference,
                                                                           please call (952) 883-6225 or visit
    Focus:                                                                 http://www.healthpartners.com/IME/
    • Knowledge You Can Use on Your Next Shift                             continuing-education/CNTRB_033088.
    • What to Do in the Initial Hours Caring for
      Your Injured Patient

    2012 Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS) October 22-23, 2012
    This program was developed by the American College of                 Registration:       You may register online at http://www.
    Surgeons Committee on Trauma and designed to assist                                       northmemorial.com/professionaledu/
    physicians in providing the first hour of emergency care to                               cme.cfm or by calling North Memorial
    trauma patients. Training combines didactic lectures and                                  EMS Education at (763) 520-5451.
    practical skill stations, allowing time to perfect skills in the      Course Location: North Memorial Education Center, 3500
    initial assessment, management and stabilization of phases                             France Ave. North, Robbinsdale, MN.
    of trauma patients. At the conclusion of the program,                                  Parking is free.
    participants should be able to:
                                                                          Sponsored by:       Section of Trauma/Surgical Critical Care
    1. Assess the patient’s condition rapidly and accurately
                                                                          Presented by:       Minnesota Committee on Trauma
    2. Resuscitate and stabilize the patient according to priority                            & North Memorial Medical Center,
    3. Determine if the patient’s needs exceed a facility’s                                   Emergency Medical Services Education
    4. Arrange appropriately for the patient’s definitive care
    5. Ensure that optimum care is provided                             The Long Hot Summer:
                                                                        A Conference on Trauma and Emergency Care
                                                                        March 8-9, 2013,
    The ATLS course includes a surgical skills practicum.
                                                                        Minneapolis Marriott Northwest (formerly the Northland Inn)
    Topics include:
    • Initial Assessment & Management                                   North Memorial will present the 24th annual conference
    • Airway & Ventilatory Management                                   on trauma and emergency care. The conference includes
                                                                        educational sessions designed to meet required hours for all
    • Shock
                                                                        levels of EMTs. Jason Dush, national EMS speaker, firefighter
    • Thoracic & Abdominal Trauma                                       and paramedic, returns by popular demand. Brochures will be
    • Head & Spine Trauma                                               mailed out in November. For questions, or to be added to the
    • Musculoskeletal Trauma                                            mailing list, please email ems.education@northmemorial.com.

6                                                        Situation Critical | Fall 2012
                              North Memorial Trauma Research

North Memorial Trauma Service is participating in a NIH
sponsored, multicenter clinical study called ProTECT III
(Progesterone for Traumatic Brain Injury: Experimental Clinical
Treatment). The purpose of this study is to see if progesterone,
a naturally occurring hormone found in our bodies thought
to have powerful neuroprotective properties, is effective in
decreasing brain damage from traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Multiple animal studies suggest that progesterone given after
TBI results in less brain damage. The ProTECT III study will
further test these findings to determine how effective this
treatment is in adults with moderate to severe TBI. Patients
will be followed for six months following their brain injury to
determine if IV progesterone, along with standard TBI care,
will improve outcomes compared to standard care alone.

There are 35 Level 1 trauma centers participating in this
study nationwide. To date, 560 patients have been enrolled
with the final number of patients required to complete
the study being 1140.

Inclusion criteria include age of 18 years or older, blunt TBI with
a Glasgow Coma Scale between 4 and 12, and the ability to start
the study drug in the emergency department within four hours
of the time of injury. Some of the exclusion criteria include
pregnancy, breast or reproductive cancers, elevated blood alcohol
of greater than .250, and prolonged hemodynamic instability.

No new treatment has been approved for acute TBI in over 30
years. We are hopeful that by participating in this research a new
treatment will be found.

                                                  Situation Critical | Fall 2012   7
                                           Water Safety Task Force

    Water Safety Task Force Leads Drowning Prevention Efforts
    The Twin Cities Metro Water Safety Task Force, led by             was shown to the participants. This was followed by a
    North Memorial, originally came together in response              demonstration by instructors from Foss Swim School.
    to the record number of drownings in 2011. The initial
    goal was to raise awareness and provide education around          Residents learned how to recognize a drowning victim.
    water safety to those at apartment complexes. Apartment           Drowning is a silent occurrence. People do not yell for
    complex pools are a common location for drownings                 help, splash their arms or make noise. Instead, they go
    because people using pools often do not know how to               under quickly, lose the air from their lungs and sink to
    swim or cannot swim well. Pools may also be open when             the bottom. The residents were instructed to call 911 and
    apartment offices are closed, making it more challenging          were also taught how to use the safety equipment that is
    to get help. In addition, although it should be considered        required at every pool. The task force is now working on
    a second line of defense, most of these pools do not have         an online toolkit that can be available to anyone.
    lifeguards.                                                       The Twin Cities Metro Water Safety Task Force consists of
    To address those needs the task force developed a pilot           ten partners: North Memorial, Abbey’s Hope Charitable
    program consisting of poolside events. The goal was               Foundation, Brooklyn Center Police Department,
    to educate people on what drowning looks like, what               Brooklyn Park Police Department, Foss Swim School,
    to do (and not do) when someone in the water is in                Hennepin County Sheriff ’s Office, Minnesota Department
    trouble, and how to use safety equipment. First, a short          of Natural Resources, Plymouth Fire Department, Safe
    video, developed by Brooklyn Park Police Department,              Kids Northwest Metro Minneapolis and Swimmunity.

    Seth Witthuhn Becomes New Resource Educator
    Seth Witthuhn, new                                                gained experience in cardiac intensive care and critical care
    resource educator for                                             intensive care.
    North Memorial Air
    Care and critical care                                            Seth joined North Memorial Air Care as a flight nurse in
    services, brings a range                                          2007 and later became a unit shift coordinator. He became
    of varied experience to                                           resource educator in March 2012.
    a most important role.                                            “I’m looking forward to developing air care and critical
    His background as a                                               care programs for continuing education, new employees
    paramedic, registered                                             and ongoing education for our five air care bases,” says
    nurse and flight nurse                                            Seth. His experience managing patient care from the
    makes him uniquely                                                perspective of pre-hospital, in hospital, and medical
    suited to provide                                                 transport (from small hospitals to large hospitals) will
    education and training                                            bring an overall perspective to patient care.
    for all levels of flight
    medicine and critical care                                        Seth will also play a large role in helping North Memorial
    ground transport.                                                 Air Care become certified by the Commission on
                                                                      Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS)
    Seth began his career as a paramedic working in both              by coordinating and integrating education. CAMTS is
    Brainerd and Alexandria. After five years as a paramedic,         dedicated to improving the quality of patient care and
    he attended nursing school, eventually working as a               safety of the transport environment for services providing
    registered nurse in Fargo with Essentia Health, where he          rotor wing, fixed wing and ground transport systems.

8                                                    Situation Critical | Fall 2012
                            New Members of Trauma Call Panel

Jon Gayken, MD                                                     Kamrun Jenabzadeh, MD
Dr. Gayken grew up in St.                                          Dr. Jenabzadeh was born in
Cloud, Minn. He attended                                           Tehran, Iran. He grew up in
St Cloud State University,                                         Houston, Texas from the age
where he studied Biology                                           of seven and earned his B.S.
and Chemistry with a minor                                         degree from the Honors College
in Human Relations. He                                             at the University of Houston
attended medical school at the                                     in 2001. He earned his medical
University of Minnesota. Dr.                                       degree from the Texas Tech
Gayken completed his surgical                                      University Health Sciences
residency at Hennepin County                                       Center (Lubbock, TX) in 2005.
Medical Center and a burn                                          Dr. Jenabzadeh completed his
fellowship at the University                                       residency in General Surgery
of Washington at Harborview                                        at the University of Minnesota
in Seattle, Wash. He is board certified in General Surgery         School of Medicine in 2012, which included two years of
and is currently in the Surgical Critical Care fellowship          clinic research in the Burn Center at Regions Hospital in
program at the University of Minnesota with plans of               St. Paul. He is interested in all aspects of general surgery
expanding his practice to burns, trauma and critical care.         with a special focus on laparoscopy, breast and colorectal
Dr. Gayken’s research interests include surgical infectious        oncology, and complex hernias. Dr. Kenabzadeh is
disease, hypertrophic ossification in burn patients, and           dedicated to the use of expert and compassionate surgical
telemedicine as it pertains to the regionalization of trauma       approach to the total care of the patient.
and burn care.

                              North Memorial Welcomes New Trauma Surgeon,
                              Tracy Davido, MD
                              Dr. Davido is a 1993 graduate of Cleveland State University in Business Administration. She
                              received her medical degree in 2002 from the University of Pittsburgh Medical School. She
                              completed her surgical residency at The Ohio State University Medical Center in Columbus,
                              Ohio, along with an Acute Care fellowship and a Surgical Critical Care fellowship. Dr.
                              Davido’s research interests are surgical infectious disease, surgical complications and efforts
                              to increase operating efficiency, all directed at improving patient outcomes. Dr. Davido also
                              works as a trauma/general surgeon at the University of Minnesota.

                                                 Situation Critical | Fall 2012                                                   9
                           New Providers in Emergency Medicine

 Cameron Berg, MD                                                   Laura Berg, MD
 Staff Physician,                                                   Staff Physician,
 Emergency Department                                               Emergency Department
 Education                                                          Education
 Pomona Collegem,                                                   McGill University,
 Claremont, Calif.                                                  Montreal Quebec, Canada
 Medical School                                                     Medical School
 George Washington University,
                                                                    George Washington University,
 Washington, DC
                                                                    Washington, DC
 Stanford-Kaiser Emergency                                          Residency
 Medicine, Palo Alto, Calif.                                        Stanford-Kaiser Emergency
                                                                    Medicine, Palo Alto, Calif.
 Professional Experience
 This is my first job as an attending!                              Professional Experience
                                                                    National presentation and pending publication
 Favorite Part About My Career                                      in Academic EM on HIV screening in Emergency
 I enjoy being able to help others with their worst days.           Departments.
                                                                    Research and presentation on common encounters in
 Professionally: I’m particularly interested in medical
                                                                    Geriatric Emergency Medicine.
 informatics and medical education. Personally, I love
 running ultra-marathons and climbing mountains.                    Favorite Part About My Career
                                                                    My coworkers and sharing the experience with my
                                                                    husband. I love being part of a motivated team working
                                                                    to achieve a singular goal.

                                                                    In medicine, Geriatric Emergency Medicine. I enjoy the
                                                                    complexity and needs of an aging population as well as
                                                                    the convergence of end of life and emergency care. I think
                                                                    our practice will change significantly in the next 20 years,
                                                                    especially with regard to death and dying.

                                                                    In life, I pursue art as a hobby, mostly painting and
                                                                    sketching. When I retire I will own an art gallery.
                                                                    I also run, climb mountains and get on my bike
                                                                    on occasion. I love dogs and hope to increase my
                                                                    household canine population.

10                                                Situation Critical | Fall 2012
                         New Providers in Emergency Medicine

Chad Roline, MD                                                  Brenden Wilde, MD
Staff Physician,                                                 Staff Physician,
Emergency Department                                             Emergency Department

Education                                                        Education
University of Colorado                                           Michigan State University

Medical School                                                   Medical School
Georgetown University                                            University of Chicago Pritzker
School of Medicine                                               School of Medicine
Residency                                                        Residency
Emergency Medicine,                                              Hennepin County
Hennepin County Medical Center                                   Emergency Medicine

Fellowship                                                       Favorite Part About My Career
Emergency Ultrasound, Hennepin County Medical Center             My favorite part of my career is the opportunity to talk to
                                                                 and connect with patients with acute medical problems on
Professional Experience                                          a daily basis. I feel like I have the opportunity to diagnose
Completed residency in 2010 and fellowship in 2011.              and help stabilize a wide variety of medical problems in a
Board certified in Emergency Medicine.                           wide range of ages.
Favorite Part About My Career                                    Interests
Diversity of patients and medical conditions                     International medicine, simulation training, resident
encountered in emergency medicine.                               teaching, cross country skiing, climbing and running.
Spending time with family and friends.

                                               Situation Critical | Fall 2012                                              11
                         Partner Profile: St. Joseph’s Medical Center

     Essentia Health-St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Brainerd is           disciplinary teams that assemble in the emergency
     a Level III Trauma Center, providing emergency medical               department for specific events such as heart attack,
     services 24 hours a day, seven days a week through urgent            stroke and trauma.
     care, emergency rooms and trauma surgery. Its emergency
     specialists and physicians form a life-saving team caring for        “In emergency situations, minutes count. By working
     more than 26,000 patients per year for any situation, from           together as a team with North Memorial staff, we are able
     minor injuries or illnesses to life-threatening conditions           to provide better outcomes for patients and their families,”
     requiring immediate surgery.                                         says Peter Henry, MD, director of Emergency Medicine
                                                                          at Essentia Health-St. Joseph’s Medical Center. Dr. Henry
     “Keeping patients and their families as our focus in                 leads the clinical staff at St. Joseph’s that is comprised of
     delivering care has resulted in patient survey feedback              numerous physicians certified in Emergency Medicine and
     ratings at our emergency room that are among the best in             others trained in Family Medicine who have more than 10
     the nation – the 97th percentile among 890 hospitals,” says          years of emergency care experience.
     Jani Wiebolt, Chief Operating Officer of Essentia Health-
     St. Joseph’s Medical Center. This has been accomplished              Essentia Health-St. Joseph’s Medical Center, one of Essentia
     through a team effort beginning when the first medical               Health’s many Catholic facilities, is a 162-bed nonprofit
     professional arrives on site.                                        community hospital located in Brainerd, Minn. More than
                                                                          1,000 employees and over 100 physicians representing 21
     North Memorial has been an excellent partner in providing            specialties make St. Joseph’s the largest hospital in north-
     this level of care to the community. This partnership                central Minnesota. Essentia Health-St. Joseph’s Medical
     includes key staff at St. Joseph’s that serve in liaison roles       Center system includes eight clinics located in Baxter,
     and attend quarterly North Memorial staff meetings.                  Brainerd, Crosslake, Hackensack, Pequot Lakes, Pierz,
     Emergency Department case reviews consistently include               Pillager, and Pine River Clinic, as well as four specialty
     North Memorial staff, and the two organizations work                 clinics. As a Benedictine-sponsored Catholic organization,
     together when building protocols. This strong working                St. Joseph’s adheres to the values of hospitality, stewardship,
     relationship has increased the effectiveness of the multi-           respect, justice, teamwork and quality.

12                                                     Situation Critical | Fall 2012
                                                Non-Profit Org.
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                                               Twin Cities, MN
                                               Permit No. 3784
               Emergency and Trauma Services
               3300 Oakdale Ave. N.
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