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									UPDATE 06
Our mission is to unite, serve and support Christian youth organisations worldwide, we will assist our member regions and organisations to accomplish their mission with young people in church and society. The Global Fellowship of Christian Youth (GF) is a network representing in excess of 750,000 young people in over 60 organisations that span the globe. Specifically we;  Provide consultation on organisational management and leadership.  Source and distribute information, ideas and resources on youth ministry.  Work for the development of leadership and leader training.  Assist and advise on fundraising.  Facilitate international joint activities and contacts.  Encourage international exchange of leaders and youth.  Offer a common global profile.  Promote growth of membership by extension into new areas.

TANZANIA Ernest Ndiege reports from Tanzania that the new movement is growing well. They now host 10 companies and have increased boy members from 430 to 620 over the last 12 months. Typically units will meet on a Sunday where the programme includes shared games, Bible teaching and Drill. They have enjoyed support from both the Girls’ Brigade in Tanzania and also BB Kenya who have assisted with training some of the 27 Officers. They have recently introduced an HIV / AIDS awareness campaign. The greatest challenge they experience is the high demand from churches wishing to start the ministry. in their local parish. NEW MEMBERS The Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade of Burundi have applied to GF in order that they may become members. Both the East African Regional Fellowship and the Executive Committee (ExCo) have endorsed this application which will be forwarded to the next Council for final ratification.

The organisation was re-established following the war in 2004 and has already attracted some 800 members. At present it operates in the Buye region and has plans for expansion throughout the country. ExCo also awaits final confirmation of details leading to the endorsement of Pathway Bangladesh. A warm welcome is extended to both organisations. BBUK As part of its strategic aim of looking at its credibility and reputation with the churches, BBUK has launched an ambitious campaign to start 125 new companies by the time of the Brigade's 125th anniversary in 2008. The Brigade has been involved in dialogue with the churches at a number of different levels and is seeking to raise its profile in partnering the church to attract and retain youngsters who have no other connection with the church. Although there has been a steady decline in membership over the last 20 years there are still 60,000 boys and young people attending the Brigade each week and BBUK believes that this is a great opportunity for mission and outreach. New programmes have been developed for the under 11's and work is being done ready for the older members. The Brigade is more flexible and seeks to be able to adapt to the differing needs and situations which different churches bring. There is a constitutional review taking place which is looking at membership, terminology and the part that younger leaders can play in developing the movement. We believe the Brigade has a bright future, but we need to be in a position where we are able to respond to the needs of young people in the 21st century. KENYA “This year has been special in that more than ever before there has been, and still is, an urgent need to educate chaplains in their duties as company officers” says William Kithara the National Secretary of BB Kenya. “The plans for this year will involve a very large number of pastors. It has been realised that pastors have not fully taken their role mainly because of lack of information. In the first quarter of 2006, there are expected to be one–day seminars in nine different areas. “ An enduring high priority is the tutoring of all leadership. To this end a new national team of trainers were recruited and certified in March. At the local level the organisation is encouraging learning in the areas of drug abuse, alcohol and HIV/AIDS. Cameroon BB Cameroon continues to experience steady growth. The country now has three regions covered by BB with a fourth soon to be established. Rev Joseph Kindefu reports that literally hundreds of boys and girls have come to profess faith in Jesus Christ as a result of their ministry. They have identified that ongoing training of leadership is vital to support this growth and will persist in placing a priority on this activity. They have recently acquired some

farmland which they hope will not only bring income for the organisation but also provide jobs for boys and for the local population. RWANDA Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade (BGB) in Rwanda has now been operating for six years with a very encouraging reception from both the church and community, leading to rapid growth. They have already expanded into all regions throughout the country. Activities include football matches, making mud bricks to construct churches, rebuilding homes of both the poor and genocide victims, extending BGB into Universities and tertiary institutions along with training up new officers and establishing new companies. In August of this year they will host the Brigades of East Africa at a youth camp to be held in Kigali. Shortage of finances does not always allow for uniforms or for resources and literature on programming. One of their visions for the future is to have instruments to establish a performing brass band which will be one of the ways they hope to generate income. They believe that the band will also lead to many more children joining Brigade The National Secretary, Rev David Nzungize, has been involved in training new officers to lead the work in Burundi. RAROTONGA In early 2005 Carl Jespersen of FDF and family travelled to The Cook Islands to train and perform amongst Cook Island Boys’ Brigade members. On Rarotonga Boys’ Brigade has two brass bands at Nikao and Arorangi, respectively. Carl recalls “from our correspondence before our trip I had learned that they were very interested in materials for beginners' lessons. As a donation from FDF I therefore brought beginners’ scores for both bands. The drawback was, however, that the wording in these very good booklets was Norwegian. But once Daniel Apii, Cook Islands BB President, and I had worked our way through them and the bands had gained hands–on experience, I am sure that they will be very useful. I had also prepared for drills and materials on basic brass technical subjects, so I had on hand relevant instruction and brought instruments for each band.” “During my visit I gave three group instruction sessions. By sheer coincidence we also got into touch with the school band at the Papaaroa Adventist School where we also put up a group session. Both Jacob L and I gave individual lessons every afternoon.” “The family quartet was happy to give six public performances. One morning we played at the market bandstand in the capitol of Avarua for the benefit of the highly BB– infiltrated rugby team’s trip to Australia later in the year. One evening we both opened and closed aThanksgiving session which was held because the first of the two typhoons we experienced did not strike the island as everyone had feared. This session was attended by inter alia Prime Minister Hon. Jim Marurai. On the Sunday we had the great honour to play the final hymn after the morning’s church parade. On this occasion we also got the opportunity to play with the Nikao band. It was both a wonderful and quite unusual experience as they do not play from music! Their performances start with the playing of the drums, then the title of the next piece of music is called out and next you just have to keep your nose to the grindstone or rather your lips to the mouthpiece.”

“Both during group lessons, individual lessons, interviews and concerts our intentions were to inspire and introduce tools intended to arouse the awareness and improvement of brass music.” “I am of the impression that brass music in Boys’ Brigade on Rarotonga is played by a great percentage of members and thus contributes immensely to their work. My clear conviction is also that both bands have the necessary potential to continue and even reach far. “ JAMAICA Easton Daley reports that the Caribbean was ravaged by hurricanes during the last season. This has had an adverse effect on BB Jamaica. Despite this they enjoyed a successful camp held in Manchester over Founder’s Day Weekend. Jamaica’s general programmes and activities remain vibrant and include; football competitions, Remembrance Day Parades, the Annual Christmas Treat, reviving older companies and enrolling new units. It is noted that seven BB members received civic awards for outstanding volunteerism at a national ceremony. BB Jamaica report that enthusiasm is high and look forward to hosting the Sports Camp for the Region on 14 to 22 July. EUROPEAN FELLOWSHIP EASTER COURSE Each Easter EF organise a one-week training course for young voluntary leaders aged 17–25 years. This year’s course gathered 42 participants from 10 different European countries within the European Fellowship. The venue was Ganaway Activity Centre in Northern Ireland, United Kingdom with BB UK & Eire as the host. The course was part of the European Campaign “All Different – All Equal”. Tuovo Varis the EF Secretary said “the programme was planned and implemented by the young leaders themselves – 6 team leaders from 5 countries formed the planning team for the preparation and the overall running of the course, and the national teams prepared the themes and led the workshops. “The mornings were reserved for the themes, which this year were Diversity and Reconciliation. The themes were introduced by various methods like drama, discussions, art, group work and role-plays. In the afternoons there were workshops of practical issues like arts and handicraft, outdoor games, leadership skills, cooking on fire, canoeing and wall climbing. Evening programmes introduced the diversity of Europe – the participants shared dances, songs and games from their home countries, and national food and snacks were enjoyed in the international buffet. “A very important part of the course was the devotional life and composing ourselves into Easter. The daily morning and evening prayers led by the national teams also showed us that the traditions of Easter and manifestations of Christianity can be different but still unite us as a family. The idea of the Easter courses is to learn new skills, share ideas, exchange good practice within youth work, get to know other cultures and make new friends. This model also gives an experience of planning and running an international event. The participants are multipliers in their own organisations putting into practice and sharing what they have learned. Contacts established at the course often lead into youth exchanges later.

“The Easter Course is a place to overcome one´s prejudice, make new friends and enjoy the similarities and differences of the other young leaders.” Ms. Anna-Riitta Simonen (21 years), Finland “It was a great experience to spend a whole week with other young people from different countries. Although we were from different countries we played together, we sang the same song. We had the same successes. “Mr. Daniel Varkonyi (23 years), Hungary “The tradition of Easter courses is long, there have been similar courses almost on yearly basis for over 30 years. It has brought – and will bring – young Christians together to learn more about themselves, each other and God.” Useful web sites: European Campaign “All Different – All Equal” material: http://www.coe.int/youth Council of Europe / training material: http://www.coe.int/T/E/human_rights/Ecri/3Educational_resources (at the course we used for example Education Pack) European Fellowship: http://www.europeanfellowship.org Easter course 2006 material: http://www.ptk.fi/ef

NEW GRANT POLICY The Executive Committee has recently approved a new grant policy that will affect all future grants. Key points of the new policy include  Any member organisation may now apply for a grant at any time.  Generally grants will be made for sums up to a maximum of £5,000.  All approved grants will be for the purposes of achieving specific projects that will lead to the development and growth of the member organisation or region Priority will be given to the areas of  Developing self-sufficiency.  Training of leaders.  Growth in membership.  Having a direct impact on young people (aged 6 to 25 years) .  Developing the capacity and strength of regions.  Developing international perspectives. It is unlikely that funding will be granted for the purchase of capital assets. Applications for funding have historically always exceeded the funds available, therefore prioritisation must be given according to need and outcome. In the first instance those seeking funding should send to the GF office (by email, fax or letter) a brief outline of the project requiring funding. The objective of the new policy is to ensure that our grants penetrate beyond mere maintenance towards positive growth. At the same time we must encourage the principles of self sufficiency and independence.

To download a full copy of the policy go to www.globalfellowship.net. 2006 GRANTS For the 2006 year Global Fellowship has already approved or is holding on account grant funding which exceeds £60,000 Recipients include Arcot Lutheran Church Junior Ministry, South India SKS, Bangladesh Batalhao Dan Bandeira, Brazil Boys’ Brigade, Canada Boys’ Brigade, Cameroon Youth of Living Water, Congo Boys’ Brigade, Kenya Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade, Rwanda Youth Brigade, Swaziland Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade, Uganda Boys’ Brigade, Zimbabwe Southern and Central African Regional Fellowship East African Regional Fellowship South Asian Regional Fellowship Southern and Eastern Caribbean Regional Fellowship FUNDING FOR BB CANADA BB Canada has embarked on a major development project in the Artic Circle. Rita Burrows the secretary of BB Canada was invited by the Bishop of the Artic to address his Anglican synod on the ministry of BB. Following her presentation, Rita was invited by local clergy to conduct training for new officers in more than 20 areas throughout the vast region. The successful outcome of this training will be the re-establishment of Brigade not only in the far north of Canada but also the re-invigoration of BB Canada itself. Much travel is involved in this project due to the extreme remoteness of the area so both Rita and her husband, Brian, would appreciate your prayers as they undertake this task together. Rita recently emailed through an update enthusing that there are already two new Brigade companies registered in the Arctic. One is at Coral Harbour and regularly has between 20-25 members attending along with 5 leaders. Their programme to date has mainly involved studying and learning scripture passages. They are learning about helping, i.e. helping one another, the church, the community, at home etc. There is also a physical component with games at each meeting. In Kangirsuk, 21 young people are registered; 9 Explorers/Anchors, 7 juniors , 5 seniors , 3 leaders and 2 helpers. with many promises of extra help from parents. They are exploring making available a room for parents, whilst the programme is operating. In both areas the young people, parents, churches and communities are enthusiastic. OUR DONORS Global Fellowship gratefully acknowledges and wishes to thank a number of individuals and organisations that have supported it throughout 2005. These include

BB Belfast Battalion BBUK Brigade Land Holding Corp Canada FDF IBB Trust (In memory of Ina B Briggs) Individual BB companies in the UK Manchester Stedfast Association Pan Australia BB Camp Presbyterian Church of Ireland GF Member organisations who have contributed through their subscription fees And of course all of our Global Givers VEHICLE FOR UGANDA Mr Dantes Kashangirwe will soon be able to increase his training, pastoral care and visitation schedule throughout Uganda following a gift of funds for the purchase of a vehicle. BGB Uganda has a membership of over 20,000 members and Mr Kashangirwe is looking forward to having opportunity of encouraging more leaders and churches in their ministry. EAST AFRICANS TO ATTEND DANISH CAMP FDF has successfully sourced funding which will enable a contingent of East African’s to attend their large national camp to be held in July this year. The camp itself will attract around 14,000 young people including a good number of international participants. The theme is to be based on the slogan”NEW FACETS”, which means experiencing new facets of ourselves, our camp friends and our surroundings. The target age group is primarily young people 12 - 18 yrs. and their leaders. At the camp the group from East Africa will have opportunity to share of their cultures and lifestyles.

BAND INSTRUMENTS The GF office has received requests for band instruments in a number of countries across Africa and Asia. In order to meet this request we seek; 1 Band equipment in reasonable condition. 2 Contacts to assist with international shipping. 3 Funding for shipping and payment of taxes upon arrival. We would ask member organisations to advertise this matter internally through their publications and refer enquiries to the GF office. The International Junior Section Team Games The International Junior Section Team Games was launched a decade ago as an annual event for Junior Sections of GF throughout the world. It is an easy to play competition that any local company can take part in. The competition has been designed with the following in mind:  No Travelling  Minimal equipment  Attract entries from around the BB world  You select when/where to hold the event  Local judges invited by you

 The closing date for results is 1 April (year of competition) While the last round has just been completed Go to http://www.boysbrigade.org.uk/international/internationalteamgames.htm for more information on how to be involved in the 2006 –2007 series. WORLD COUNCIL OF CHURCHES INTERNSHIPS The WCC will invite twenty-five young people (between the ages of 18-30 years) to participate in the Stewards Programme which includes a week-long ecumenical learning programme and work on several logistical tasks with WCC staff at the Central Committee meeting itself. The Stewards Programme starts on August 20 th 2006 (arrival) and ends on September 8th 2006 (departure). Stewards will be part of a unique ecumenical and international community of young people and gain exposure to the WCC's work. The application deadline is 15 June 2006. For more info and application form for download: http://www.wcc-coe.org/wcc/what/jpc/youth-e.html#stewards The WCC will also invite three young adults for the Internship Programme which is an opportunity for ecumenical learning and work with the Council. The program begins in October 2006 and ends in September 2007. The application deadline is 15 July 2006. For more info and application form for download: http://www.wcc-coe.org/wcc/what/jpc/youth-e.html#interns

GF INCREASES ITS ROLE IN CONSULTATION In October last year Rev Tim Pratt who had served GF in a part time capacity as its Chief Executive (with responsibility for administration), accepted the invitation of the Executive Committee to fully engage his services by assuming an additional role. The added emphasis will be providing consultation and assistance to member organisations and regions. The new role will see Tim being available to assist organisations by mentoring in the areas of programming, leadership training and organisational/ strategic management.

GF Prayer In a world in which there is so much hunger we give thanks for food; In a world where there is so much loneliness we give thanks for friends; And, in a world in which there is so much to do we ask for strength to spend ourselves in Christ’s Service.

PRAY WITH US  Thank God for the fast growing number of children and young people our members support, care for and nurture each week.  Thank him for the 1000’s of volunteers around the world who give of their time freely. Continue to pray that many more will get involved.  Thank Him for the vision and passion of our national leaders.  Pray for energy and encouragement amongst all our paid staff, many of whom work in very difficult conditions.  Pray that fresh programming ideas and training will filter to our members in both Africa and Asia as a result of the regional action plans.  Pray that God will give vision and courage to members in the developed world as they seek to attract young new members.  Pray for the opening up of new funding streams to support our people and their ministry around the world.  Pray for strength for the youth and leaders who face the daily reality of life in a world filled with the suffering of AIDS. Pray also that solutions to combat AIDS will be developed and positively received.  Pray for an increased awareness and response to the call that we are to love and serve one another especially those in need.

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