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Could You Live Here? 2       Ghosts! 6 Hungry & Thirsty in Belltown 8   First Time Condo Buyer Tips 14

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                                                                                                        Clark Humphrey

                                                                                             #2 / Fall 2006
      2                                                                    Belltown LIFE

                                           CONDO LIVING for real people

                                         Could You Live Here?
                                                                                                                     a little more for a home and a
                                                                                                                     little less for some explosive
                                                                                                                     substance that’s just gonna
                                                                                                                     spew out of an exhaust pipe.
                                                                                                                     ✔ You like freedom from
                                                                                                                     cars. Who wants to spend
                                                                                                                     500 hours a year or more
                                                                                                                     locked up inside an expen-
                                                                                                                     sive tin can (a tin can that
                                                                                                                     needs constant feeding and
                                                                                                                     occasional costly fixing just
                                                                                                                     to stay functional)?
                                                                                                                     ✔ You like food. Everybody’s
                                                                                                                     gotta eat; but some of us
                                                                                                                     prefer to eat well, to eat cre-
                                                                                                                     atively, to indulge and enliven
                                                                                                                     our senses as we fulfill our
                                                                                                                     prime biological requirement.
                                                                                                                     (But then, sometimes a bulky
                                                                                                                     burrito or a hot-dog-stand hot
                                                                                                                     dog can also hit the perover-
                                                                                                                     bial spot.)
                                                                                                                     ✔ You like culture. It’s cool
                                                                                                                     to have the opera just a few
                                                                                                                     blocks north of you, the sym-

                                                                                                                     phony just a few blocks south
                                                                                                                     of you, live jazz and rock just
                                                                                                                     up the street, art galleries
                                                                                                                     and pro sports stadia just
                                                                                                                     down another street, and a
                                                                                                                     room full of old-style pinball
                                                                                                                     machines right in between.
                                                                                                                     ✔ You’d rather have experi-
                                                                                                                     ences than stuff, as the eco-
                                                                                                                     Christmas ads always say.
                                                                                                                     You’ve learned that the best
                                                                                                                     things in life aren’t necessar-
                                                                                                                     ily things.
                                                                                                                     ✔ You like shopping. Instead
                                                                                                                     of amassing rooms and rooms
                                                                                                                     full of “stuff” you don’t even
      ARBOR PLACE: One of Belltown’s first high-rise condos (121 Vine Street).                                        appreciate, you’d rather enjoy
                                                                                                                     the game of hunting for those

              espite what one might          Suburban detached homes               re-roofing, the re-plastering,     few special furnishings, gar-
              surmise from the sight         have gotten ridiculously              the pruning, the who-knows-       ments, and accoutrements
              of the models in the           bloated in recent years. Does         what-else.                        you’ll really use and really
      ads, condominium living isn’t          anybody really need a 600-            ✔ You could afford some-          like.
      just for the beautiful and the         square-foot foyer? All you do         thing bigger in the periphery,    ✔ You like diversity. Real
      toothsome.                             is walk through it on the way         but you prefer the center.        diversity, that is. You enjoy
         It could even be for some-          to something else.                    Humans are a social species.      being around lots of different
      one like you.                          ✔ You’d rather have a hu-             Living among other humans         people, not just a bunch of
         Take this handy checklist           man-scale home with a few             is good.                          whites who like ethnic music.
      to see if you might belong             nice things than a McMan-             ✔ You don’t like commuting.       ✔ You’d rather live out a life
      among our downtown neigh-              sion full of big-box-store junk.      All that aggro. All that hurry-   inspired by “Sex and the City”
      borhood’s growing denizens:            ✔ You don’t like the required         up-and-wait. All those dorks      than one inspired by “Desper-
                                             routines and the hidden costs         on talk radio. Yuk!               ate Housewives.” ◆
      ✔ You’ve had a bigger home,            of owning a detached home.            ✔ You don’t like the cost of
      but don’t want to anymore.             The mowing, the painting, the         commuting. You’d rather pay                  — Clark Humphrey
      Belltown LIFE
                                                          Belltown LIFE                                                       3

                      4     Welcome to Our World
                      7  Urban Apparitions
                      8 BELLTOWN HUNGRY
                      9 BELLTOWN THIRSTY
                      10 BELLTOWN THRIFTY
                      13 Now That You’re Here,
                         What Next?

                      14 Whom to Ask for Help
                      15 Carefree and Car-Free


Belltown LIFE
 #2 g Fall 2006 e Circulation 20,000
EDITOR Clark Humphrey
WRITERS Ronald Holden, Megan Lee

REVIEWS Ronald Holden
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4                                                           Belltown LIFE

BELLTOWN: An unusual place with a strange past and a growing future

Welcome to Our World
          elcome to Belltown       Pioneer Square. He built his                                       of the hill were being scooped
          (now also incorpo-       own homestead about a mile                                         away between 1906 and 11,
          rating the Denny         up the bay, and plotted a few                                      the automobile had begun its
Regrade) Seattle’s hottest         streets for other settlers to                                      dominance of American life.
and fastest-growing neigh-         set up nearby.                                                     It took a while for the new
borhood, located right in the         Bell left Belltown (and                                         regrade neighborhood to take
city’s heart. This artificially     Seattle) in 1855, leaving                                          off. While outlying neighbor-
flat neighborhood that’s be-        others to build on his legacy.                                     hoods blossomed with houses
coming taller with every new       Among them were Josephine                                          and schools and stores and
residential tower.                 and Edward Nordhoff, who                                           churches, Belltown and the
   When you come here to           came out west in 1890 to                                           Regrade got a few low-rise
live, you don’t just get to        start a dry-goods store. The                                       apartments and hotels, a few
participate in a highly hyped      main part of downtown was                                          convenience stores, a few
                                                                    WASHINGTON HOTEL: 1909.
“urban lifestyle.” You join        still rebuilding after a great                                     bawdy houses, and many
Belltown’s story. You become       fire the year before, but the     were the steep slopes of Den-     parking lots and auto dealer-
part of what’s simultaneously      Nordhoffs found a suitable       ny Hill, until the city scooped   ships and working-men’s
one of the city’s oldest and       storefront at First and Cedar    it all down and dumped it into    taverns. The neighborhood’s
newest areas.                      for their store, The Bon         the water over a period of        most famous old gathering
               ❖                   Marché (named for a grand        several years. City engineer      place, the Dog House (at
   In the beginning (or, rather,   Paris store). The store moved    R.H. Thompson figured that         the Seventh Avenue site of
the beginning of white settle-     downtown in 1896, but the        a flatter neighborhood would       today’s Hurricane Cafe), was
ment here), Belltown was           building lasted until the        be more attractive to develop-    essentially a “roadhouse”
Bell’s town. William Bell,         early 1980s.                     ment, because it’d be easier      restaurant-bar that relied
one of Seattle’s earliest white       At ths time, Belltown only    for horse-drawn streetcars        on traffic from nearby High-
pioneers, broke off from the       extended to just east of First   to traverse.                      way 99.
main encampment at today’s         Avenue. Just beyond that            But even as the first blocks                 continued on page 6

 6                                                                  Belltown LIFE

                                                                             Welcome to Our World
                                                                             continued from page 4              as well as Belltown, Pioneer
                                                                                                                Square, and the central busi-
                                                                                Even the Century 21             ness district.)
                                                                             World’s Fair in 1962, at              Starting in the late ‘70s,
                                                                             today’s Seattle Center site,       Seattle politicians found the
                                                                             failed to engender a Belltown      city’s share of the region’s
                                                                             boom. The city fathers were        population, and of its politi-
                                                                             more intrerested in drawing        cal power within the region,
                                                                             fairgoers to the downtown          dropping in comparison with
                                                                             retail core, so they commis-       the ‘burbs. They wanted to
                                                                             sioned a monorail line to          increase the city’s available
                                                                             take tourists directly there,      housing without threaten-
                                                                             bypassing the low-budget,          ing the politically-connected
                                                                             low-rise blocks of Belltown.       representatives of established
     AS DENNY HILL came down, some property owners held fast ’til the end.
                                                                                Longtime resident Joe           single-family neighborhoods.
                                                                             Martin, writing at Histor-         So they rezoned many previ-
                                                                   , remembers mid-          ously “commercial” blocks,
                                                                             century Belltown as “a quiet       especially in Belltown, to
                                                                             community largely made up          encourage high-rise condo
                                                                             of skid roaders, low-income        construction.
                                                                             elderly, struggling artists, and      It took a few years for the
                                                                             working people... Things sure      Belltown condo boom to re-
                                                                             have changed since the days        ally take off. At first, affluent
                                                                             of early morning happy hours       home buyers still wanted the
                                                                             at long-lost Belltown taverns      dream of the big yard and the
                                                                             where two bits would get you       white picket fence.
       Moving Sale In August                                                 a schooner of Rainier.”               But over time, a new dream
                                                                                As the suburban population      emerged. A dream of having
         All dresses 30% off in stock                                        boomed, Belltown’s popula-         fun more than having posses-
                                                                             tion declined as stricter fire      sions. A vision of “the good
      New Location Sept. 1st - 2700 4th Ave.                                 codes shut down some of the        life” that revolved around
                   (2 blocks up from old address)
                                                                             old-age-pensioners’ hotels.        activity and community, not
                                                                             Meanwhile, central down-           just material objects.
2505 4th Ave. (206) 256-9971 M-F 10-7 / Sat 10-3                             town started to sprout with           As Martin notes, “this part
                                                                             big new office buildings. That      of downtown is currently one
                                                                             trend soon spread north into       of the trendiest neighbor-
                               Serenity Massage                              Belltown, leading to a revived     hoods in the city. Some of the
                                 For your health and wellness,               restaurant scene but further       highest rents are here too.
                                 get your R & R today!                       reducing the housing stock.        Whereas 20 years ago the
                                                                                As Anne Focke wrote             most expensive drink in this
                                   Choose from:                              in “Sustaining a Vital Down-       part of Seattle, a cocktail,
                                   • Swedish Massage                         town” (The Market Founda-          might cost a buck or two,
                                   • Deep Tissue                             tion, 1978): “In the sixties       today many of the Belltown
                                   • Sports Massage                          the number of people living        nightspots are likely to have
                                   • Seated Massage                          downtown fell dramati-             bottles of choice wines avail-
                                   • Stone Therapy Massage                   cally, from 32,000 in 1960 to      able, some going for as high
                                  • Reiki                                    19,300 in 1978.” (Focke used       as $500.”
                                                                             a larger definition of “down-          The Belltown condo life
                                Call 206-347-1062 Office
                                                                             town Seattle” than is com-         isn’t for everybody. But for a
                               or 206-295-4207 Cell
                                                                             monly used today, incorporat-      lot of people, it’s become the
                               Marianne Ferrer, LMP
                                                                             ing the International District     only way to live. ◆
                             Professional Member A.M.T.A.
                                                                             and large swaths of First Hill                  — Clark Humphrey
                                                                                        Belltown LIFE
MEGAN LEE visits local spirits

Urban Apparitions
       he spirits that haunt      perfect opportunity to restore    tion of an old card dealer
       local landmarks have       this unique and historic little   lurking around on Friday and
       never gone away. Here      theater that had fallen into      Saturday nights. They claim
they still are—reminders of       disrepair. He meticulously        it’s 1930s comedian Jimmy
our city’s history. They may      remodeled; but just after the     Durante, the only guy ever
be just a few blocks from         re-open there was a fire in        busted here for dealing cards.
your doorstep.                    the kitchen.                         The Lava Lounge, 2221
   The Rendezvous, 2320 2nd          “All that burnt was the few    2nd Ave., is an old neighbor-                               Sylvia
Ave., is a known hotbed. This     parts left from the 1920s,”       hood haunt built around the
venue, built in 1922, was a       Everard said. “And only parts     turn of the century. It was a       you run. I am not the only
meet-and-greet place for          from that era, the kitchen and    seaman’s bar before becoming        one who has felt it.”
Seattles’ Film Row, and                              the curved     the notorious Hawaii West              The Rivoli Apartments,
housed an MGM screening                              area above     tavern, and still has some          2127 2nd Ave., is another
house. Rumor has it there                            the kitchen,   spirits from back in the day.       haunted house—though
was also a speakeasy in the                          where we          “When I am here alone            residents don’t often see
basement. Films were shown                           tried to       at night I hear things,”            the ghost “registered” with
in the Jewel Box Theater, pro-                       preserve       mentioned manager Sylvia            ghost-hunters. This ghost,
jected from the little projec-                       the brocade.   Wiedemann. “Some people             sometimes called the “trundle
tion room just above the door                        That was       think it is one of the old guys     bed ghost,” is the rumored
to the theater. It is in this
                                   Jimmy Durante the first           who used to live here when it       apparition of an Eskimo
projection nook where, so it’s                       unworldly      was Hawaii West, but I think        woman who was brutally
said, the ghost stays.            event; why did just that part     it [the spirit] is from before      murdered by her Cuban lover
   New co-owner Jerry Eve-        go? Nothing from the ‘50s         that—from back when this            in the 1980s, then stuffed
rard always had affection for     was damaged.”                     place was an old seaman’s           into one unit’s trundle bed,
this old place, and when it          Regular customers also         bar. You only hear it when          where her body was later
came on the market he saw a       claim to see the manifesta-       you are by yourself; it makes                 continued on page 11

                                                      Committed to Urban Living?
                                                      Make your move

                                                      Uptown - Dowtown...
West View
Concord Condominium $500,000
Luxury Southwest corner unit at the prestigious
Concord. 1 Bedroom, 1 Bath with Sound,
mountain, city and Sculpture Park views. Floor
to ceiling windows, granite counters, stainless
appliances, gas fireplace, large parking space,
storage unit, concierge, spa, gym and lots of                       Leo Lalla
amenities. For a private showing or more
information call Leo at 206.245.3101.
See photos at        
    8                                                          Belltown LIFE

           Belltown Hungry
                                             “who better to introduce
                                            us about first-person food
                                              than restaurant chefs?”
                                                                                                         Chris Keff of Flying Fish

                                      fisher who caught it is going     a few surviving family farms      dining room is graced with
                                      to a lot of trouble on your      to the north, south and east.     large-scale works of art; the
                                      behalf. It would be easier       It’s not always easy for most     serving staff seems to glide
                                      to phone in an order to the      of us to go that far to pick up   on velvet. No wonder it man-
                                      restaurant-supply wholesaler,    dinner, true. So who better       ages to be both a critical and
                                      but the food wouldn’t taste as   to introduce us about first-       popular success.
 Brasa chef Tamara Murphy
                                      good. Local is important, the    person food than restaurant          Lampreia’s chef Scott
                                      more local and personal the      chefs?                            Carsberg has finally scored

            ven though some           better.                             No one showed this more        the Best Northwest Chef des-
            upstarts in search of        This comes from nature        than Tamara Murphy, the           ignation by the James Beard
            lower rents are setting   writer Michael Pollan’s          chef at Brasa, who earlier        Foundation. With a devoted
    up in remote neighborhoods,       new book, The Omnivore’s         this year wrote about a litter    following among local and
    Belltown remains ground zero      Dilemma.                         of piglets that were being        out-of-town media, he is regu-
    for Seattle restaurants.             At the end of the indus-      raised on her behalf at Whis-     larly featured in the New
       What’s of particular inter-    trial food chain (corn fields,    tling Train Farm in Auburn.
    est among the more estab-         feed lots, chicken factories)    Murphy went to see the
    lished dinner houses here is      is nothing more than an          piglets once a week, took pic-
    that top chefs have embraced      industrial eater with a diet     tures and posted her observa-
    the concept of “first-person       of “amalgamated, irradiated,     tions about their growth on a
    food.”                            bar-coded fecal spam.” The       blog,
                                                                                                         photos by Ronald

       It’s the notion that the       solution: eat local.                For her part, Christine
    best-tasting meat, fish and           Belltown’s concrete doesn’t   Keff at Flying Fish actu-
    produce will be the most local    present a problem. There’s       ally helps subsidize the folks
    and least processed. That the     water at our feet, agricul-      at Whistling Train. And
    chef who buys directly from       tural Bainbridge and Vashon      everything’s organic, be-
    the farmer who grew it or         islands a ferry ride away, and   sides. Periodic dinners honor
                                                                       salmon, oysters, and other
                                                                       local products.
                                                                          William Belickis at Mis-
                                                                       tral prepares five-, six- and
                                                                                                         Scott Carsberg of Lampreia
                                                                       seven-course dinners for
                                                                       about two dozen lucky pal-
                                                                       ates a night. Tasting menus,      York Times. From his foie gras
                                                                       if you will, in the classical     to his apple tart, it’s classic
                                                                       grand tradition. No dumb-         haute cuisine, exquisitely
                                                                       ing-down, no concessions,         served.
                                                                       no casual-Friday lowering of
                                                                       standards, no democratiza-           Chef Scott Staples at
                                                                       tion of tastes. Only a couple     Restaurant Zoe has a young
                                                                       of places in town come this       family (Zoe is his daughter),
                                                                       close to perfection.              so he finds his best suppliers
                                                                          Chef Kerry Sear at Casca-      close to his Vashon Island
                                                                       dia (2328 1st Ave., 206-448-      home. He knows a fisherman
                                                                       8884): a gourmet restaurant       who sells from the dock, a
                                                                       with a lively bar scene and       farmer down the lane with
                                                                       a three-course, $25 dinner        vegetables, and it all makes
                                                                       that doesn’t water down the       its way back to Belltown. ◆
                                                                       high standards of his a la
Copper River salmon at Flying Fish                                     carte menu. The spacious                             — Ronald Holden
                                                           Belltown LIFE                                                          9
                                   Newcomer Umi Sake               offers more traditional cock-
                                House has two dozen sakes          tails, along with half-price
                                on its card, many of them          nibbles during happy hour.
                                available at reduced prices           Suite 410 (410 Stewart)
                                during a generously long           serves some stunning original
                                happy hour. What’s more,           cocktails, mixed with great
                                Umi styles itself as an            precision. Across the street is
                                izakaya, a sort of convivial,      the granddaddy of Belltown
                                order-what-you-like place.         cocktail bars, Oliver’s, the
                                We haven’t seen much of that       bar at the Mayflower Hotel,
                                attitude in Belltown lately,       where the classic martini
                                with the exception of Black        reigns.                           Jake Kosseff of 94 Stewart
                                Bottle, barely a year old.            On Belltown’s northern
                                Renowned for its $8 plates         edge is Tini Bigs, a joint with      Though they also have full
                                and a kitchen that stays open      a decidedly less traditional      bars, the wine lists at Cam-
                                past midnight, Black Bottle        view of what constitutes          pagne and 94 Stewart are
Bellinis at Suite 410
                                hasn’t neglected its cocktails,    a cocktail. Hey, it’s a free      remarkable, and skilled som-

A    broad choice of bev-
     erages is on tap for
Belltown’s thirsty masses.
                                either. The negroni (equal
                                parts Campari, gin and sweet
                                vermouth) is a winner.
                                                                   country, and innovation has
                                                                   to count for something. This
                                                                   year they added a scrump-
                                                                                                     meliers at both places (Jake
                                                                                                     Kosseff and Lindesy Norton
                                                                                                     respectively). There’s also a
   The archetypal Belltown         Scratching the surface of       tious concoction they dubbed      lot to be said for a glass of
cocktail remains the Alpine     the rest: Twenty-somethings        the “Burning Man Tini,”           Jurançon (a dry white from
Martini at Cascadia, where      can slake their thirst at plac-    which adds spicy something        the Pyrenees) at Le Pichet.
one heard nary a peep when

                                        Belltown Thirsty
the Happy Hour price rose
from $3.50 to $4.50. It’s a
generous pour of Absolut Cit-
ron in which floats a “snow-
ball” of sorbet flavored with    es like Viceroy, Amber, and        and cream to the mix. It’s a         Me? If it’s really warm,
alpine herbs, garnished with    The Apartment. South-of-the-       delicious end to the evening.     I’d go for a Red Stripe in
a sprig of Douglas fir. It’s a   border rums and beers top            Finally, if I may be so bold,   the shady little garden at
perfect combination, winter     the list at Casuelita. Cocktail    not all of the most desirable     Marjorie’s. ◆
or summer.                      hour at Spice and Spitfire          aperitifs require spirits.                      — Ronald Holden
1                                                                Belltown LIFE


                                                                          Salmon mini-burger with Alpine
                                                                          martini at Cascadia

                                                                                 eeling pinched?            drinks and house wines, a

                                                                                 Spending so much of        sumptuously flavorful curried
                                                                                 your paycheck at the       eggplant dip accompanied by
                                                                         gas pump that you’ve got a         fingers of naan fresh from the

                                                                         lighter wallet by dinnertime?      oven (a genuine tandoor).
                                                                         Do what Belltowners do: Use           Wild Fish (2904 First Ave.,
                                                                         happy hour to fill up your          206-441-4348) does some-
                                                                         tum-tum.                           thing interesting at happy
                                                                            Many bars, lounge,s and         hour: $1 sushi. Bite-size, just
                                                                         taverns in Belltown feel           the thing with your sake,
                   Mobile: (206) 612-5580                                compelled to feature the in-       wouldn’t you say?
                                                                         ducement of cheap cocktails           The Apartment (2226 1st
                   Office: (206) 448-6000                                and half-priced food in the        Ave., 206-956-8288) has
                                                                         late afternoon (and often late     some interesting $4 cocktails
                      Windermere Real Estate / Northwest, Inc.           at night as well) no doubt         made with infused vodkas
                                                                         because the competition, that      and $5 plates (calamari,
 A Cool Hybrid of Art & Commerce                                         friendly rival next door, is       mushrooms, fries) during its
 • Proffesional, upbeat and Creative                                     doing it.                          happy hour, which runs all
                                                                            Cascadia (2328 1st Ave.,        day on Mondays and early-
 •   Specializing in unique urban dwellings                              206-448-8884) offers an            evening the rest of the week.
                                                                         original cocktail (the Alpine         Any discussion of happy
 •   Awesome negotiation talents and                                     Martini) and best happy            hour in a guide like this
                                                                         hour menu, where excellent         would be remiss if we didn’t
     proven marketing techniques                                         miniburgers cost exactly one       mention the $3 oysters at
                                                                         dollar: perfectly grilled, beau-   Flying Fish. That’s $3 a
 •   Strong design sensibility                                           tifully presented morsels; the     dozen, mind you, though
                                                                         very antithesis of Mickey D’s.     only from the end of October
 •   Long time Seattle resident                                             Umi Sake House on Fifth         until the end of April, only on
                                                                         Avenue has a complete bar          weekdays, and only between
                                                                         menu for drinkers who don’t        5 and 6 p.m. But hey, I can
     www.                                               want to venture into the
                                                                         dining room. During happy
                                                                                                            live with that. ◆
                                                                                                                         — Ronald Holden
                                                                         hour, to accompany $4 well
                                                                  Belltown LIFE                                                        11
Urban Apparitions                    has it a ghost hunter came in,       be Princess Angelina, the           poltergeist lair.
continued from page 7                offering to exorcize the spirits     daughter of Chief Seattle. She         “There was a Hawaiian sha-
                                     for $200. She refused, but sup-      is one of the many spirits living   man who came in here,” says
discovered. Though people            posedly regretted it ever since.     in the Market’s notorious Down      former Fire and Ice owner John
have heard this tale and are            “I remember Lisa saw a            Under. This area was previ-         David Crow. “He could see
drawn to the brutal murder,          silhouette of a man in a Fedora      ously stables and storage, and      19 spirits; he said 18 of them
there are three more prevalent       on the wall when the backroom        was boarded-up until the 1973       were good and one had a dark
spirits in the building.             first opened,” former Sit n’ Spin     remodel, when the city voted to     presence…
   “We have a ghost, Christine,      employee Hamish Chappell             save the Market.                       “When we first were opening
and she haunts the plumbing,”        recalls. “Psychics over the             “Twice I have seen the white     I spent a few nights here. One
Jill and Kevin Lessig, Rivoli        years noticed things; one came       lady down there on the third        morning I went into the bath-
managers, maintain. “When            in once and walked right to          floor,” Janitor Roan Pizan says      room and there was a hanger
she was alive, she used to clog      the back, right above the stage      nervously. “I am serious; you       perfectly balanced on the door-
her toilet just to get attention;    back there, where Lisa first          can ask my brother.”                knob. I looked at it a second
she had some problems with           saw the silhouette.”                    In her magic shop Lyon has       time and it fell off, but I have
her plumbing. Before her death,         Many residents at the             a great do-it-yourself guide        no idea how it got in there. The
social workers tried to take her     Josephinum, 1902 2nd Ave.,           to finding and learning about        men’s room is where the mortu-
away, to take her to the ‘perma-     claim to have witnessed ghosts       many of these ghosts. She and       ary elevator shaft used to be,
nent hospital’, but she wouldn’t                            wander-       Yaeger think these tours are        and rumor has it that someone
go. She loved this place. We                                ing their     a great way to preserve the         fell down it years ago.”
think she got her wish, and is                              building.     market’s unusual history.              You can request a tour of
still here.”                                                This             “I realized the importance       the Pike Place Market’s haunts
   Besides Christine, who has                               ornate        when the New Yorkers were           through October by calling
been seen and felt by various                               building,     taking over; no one was talking     Michael Yaeger at 206-682-
tenants, there are two other                                built as      about Market history anymore,”      7453 or Sheila Lyon at 206-
known spirits in the building.                              a grand       Yaeger says. “This is why we        713-8506. Tickets cost $12 per
Two residents, who died of                                  hotel in      started doing these tours.”         person; spaces are limited to
AIDS in the late 1980s, are                                 1902,            These tours would usually        8-12 folks per tour.
still living in the Rivoli rent-                            later         end up at Fire and Ice (now            Author Jefferson Davis has
                                            Vic Myers
free. There is a shrine on the                              became        the Starlite Lounge), 1921          written three books on haunted
third floor remembering these         a house for aged women in            1st Ave. This building, built in    places in the Northwest. Find
two long-time residents who          the 1960s. It is now owned by        1903, was E.R. Butterworth’s        out more on www.ghostsand-
loved this unique building. The      the Catholic Archdiocese of          mortuary, and is still a known ◆
Lessings believe it is the spirits   Seattle, and with its turbulent
of these two ethereal caretak-       history seems to be a place of
ers who protect the building.        much unrest. Many residents
   “These guys are responsible       were reluctant to comment, but
for the good vibe in the build-      Mona Joyner knows she has
ing—the Rivoli is very unique.       seen them.
They are our guardian angels,           “This place is really filled
protecting what we have,” they       with spirits,” Joyner said. “They
say. “If you are passed out in       jump and they jump—when                                          Seattle's Premier Gourmet
the building someone will find        I first moved in I had to pray                                    Gifts and Accessories Store
you; if there is a fire, someone      them away from my apartment.                                               featuring -
will smell it.”                      Everyone here talks about the
   Inside the façade of Spit-        woman on the stairs.”
fire, 2219 4th Ave., is an-              Loads of other old downtown
other known spot to attract an       spots have intriguing stories:
unearthly crowd. Legend has          The Moore Theater, the OK Ho-
it that the ghost of Vic Myers       tel, and Underground Seattle,
still spends his nights there.       to name a few.                                               •    Competitive Prices
Myers was the owner and                 The Pike Place Market is                                  •    Great Service
proprietor of Club Victor during     one of the best documented                                   •    Awarded one of NW Home &
the Roaring Twenties. In 1932,       local hotbeds. No one, yet,                                       Garden Magazine's Top Shop
the flamboyant Myers decided          has been able to count all the                                    Awards for 2006!
to try his hand in politics with     Market’s many manifestations.                                •    The Best Cooking Classes in the
a before-his-time, lampooning        For the last few years market                                     NW including Chefs such as
style in the Seattle mayor’s         personalities Michael Yaeger                                      Tom Douglas and Greg Atkinson.
race. He allegedly arrived at        (of Studio Solstone) and Shelia
the candidate’s debate dressed       Lyon (of the Market Magic                                          Visit for NEW
as Mahatma Gandhi. Though            Shop) have been leading infor-                                        Fall Class Calendar and
he lost his bid for mayor, the       mative ghost tours. They main-                                              register today!
media favorite was later elect-      tain that most of the Market
ed lieutenant governor. When         ghosts are intrinsically friendly,      2425 33rd Avenue West • (206) 281-7800
                                                                             2425 33rd Avenue West • (206) 281-7800
Lisa Bonney opened the Sit           though often mischievous.              in Magnolia Village • Seattle • Free Parking
                                                                            in Magnolia Village • Seattle • Free Parking
n’ Spin at the current Spitfire          One of the most famous
space in the early 1990s, rumor      Market ghosts is rumored to  • Shop in store or online!
                                                                  • Shop in store or online!
12                                          Belltown LIFE

Tourists in front of the Virginia Inn, on
the Southern border of Belltown at
First and Virginia Streets.

                                                                 private brokerage
                                                                 real estate service since 1900


                                                               Property Management

                                                        For immediate answers to your Real Estate questions,
                                                           Please call or write us

                                                         Telephone:             2110 Western Ave
                                                        206.44.7900         Seattle, Washington 98121
                                                           Belltown LIFE                                                   13

GUIDELINES for new residents

Now That You’re Here, What Next?
   ★ Now that you’re in
here, get out. Don’t just
drive home to your condo
parking garage, ride the
elevator to your floor, and

stay there. That’s for subur-
banites. You’re a city mouse
now. Go wandering with no
preplanned destination. See
our shops, our eateries and
drinkeries, our art spaces.
   ★ Homeowner’s insurance
is a good thing. Even if
you rent. It’s an even better
thing if it includes
earthquake coverage.
   ★ Learn where stuff is.
The main post office, for in-
stance, is at Third and Union;
but there are contract sta-
tions on Fifth near Wall and        ★ If you’re in a condo,        are friendly and convenient.    (beer brewing, hub cap col-
in the Pike Place Market.        consider helping out with         But they’re just not the        lecting, cabinet making) that
   ★ We don’t have “alder-       the condo association.            same as a real supermarket.     might not be practical within
men” in Seattle. All nine City   Make friends. Organize            Fortunately, the modern age     a compact condo. ◆
Council seats are elected        Christmas and Oscar-night         has given us the wonder of                  — Clark Humphrey
by the entire city.              parties. Learn what the           Internet grocery shopping,
   ★ Who speaks for you,         building’s developers didn’t      via and albert-
then? One or more of the         tell you about the plumbing
Belltown community groups,       and electrical work.                 ★ You know about P-patch-
such as BHLUS (the Belltown         ★ Storage lockers are          es, those great alternatives
Housing and Land Use             good. Big, off-premises           to private backyard gardens.
Subcommittee) and the            storage lockers are better.       But what about alternatives
Belltown Community Council.      Off-premises storage facilities   to attics, basements, and
Learn more about them at         that drop off and pick up         garage workshops? Enter Ac-                    phone-booth sized storage         tivSpace. This outfit runs big
   ★ We’ve got a fire station     boxes are better still.           modern buildings in Ballard,
here. We love ‘em; they do          ★ Enjoy your current view;     Fremont, and West Seattle.
great work. But expect siren     but know, and live with, the      Each building has dozens of
noises at any time.              probability that some new         (non-live-in) work and play
   ★ If we’re still not a 24-    condo tower’s going to block      rooms for rent. With one of
hour neighborhood (except        your view one of these years.     these, you can continue any
for Caffe Minnie’s and the 7-       ★ Belltown’s deli-marts        space-taking indoor hobbies
Eleven on Denny Way), we’re
at least a 21-hour neighbor-
hood. That twenty-first hour                                         A Cat Sitting Service
of the day begins at 2 a.m.,
when the bars all close. First                                             "I like cats
Avenue can be a noisy place
then, even on occasion a                                                      so much
rowdy place. Many people                                                    it's almost
have proposed many ideas
about how this situation
might be changed. Until it is
changed, you can just plan on                                          Insured & Bonded
being inside at that time of
morning, with the windows
shut, unless you happen to               Duane Thelin (206) 595-7473
find poetry in the sound of
tall white boys screaming          
falsetto shrieks.
14                                                           Belltown LIFE

NAVIGATING the first-time buyer’s learning curve                                                              ★ Urban League of
                                                                                                          Metropolitan Seattle

Whom to Ask for Help                                                                                      (
                                                                                                          shtml): Serves low-to-mod-
                                                                                                          erate-income households
                                                                                                          with monthly home buying

    s it too late to break into   ral or two from an agent.” An      sponsored, non-profit agency          seminars, credit and budget
    the red-hot Seattle hous-     on-the-bean mortgage broker        that knows the programs,             classes, and assorted coun-
    ing market?                   can sort out all the “alterna-     products and people through-         seling services.
   Maybe not.                     tive” financing schemes out         out Washington State that               ★ BECU (becuhomeloans.
   But it can be tricky. If       there, and determine which         can help make your dream             org): The former Boeing Em-
you’ve tried to become a first-    might be just the thing for you.   of homeownership a reality.”         ployees Credit Union (open
time home buyer, you already         Even before you land a bro-     Offers online and in-person          to all Washington residents)
know this.                        ker, there are places you can      instruction in everything from       offers, among other services,
   For the purposes of this       go to learn about what’s out       getting a credit report and          a special “Home Loan Relief”
piece, let’s assume you’ve        there. (Even after you’ve got      finding an agent to avoiding          program aimed at median-in-
got at least something ap-        an agent and a lender work-        “predatory lending” schemes.         come first-time buyers.
proaching a stable income, a      ing with you, it still helps to       ★ Washington State                   ★ 360.Digest (360digest.
halfway-decent credit rating,     learn all you can so you can       Housing Classes (washing-            com): A blog on real estate
and a healthy down payment        make smarter decisions along Hosts          and other topics by local
saved up.                         the line.) These resources         two-hour condominium buy-            Realtor Marlow Harris (an
   But even that might not        include:                           ing classes at the downtown          outgrowth of her seattle-
be enough, on its own—es-            ★ Finding Home (find-            Seattle Public Library, ap- Web site).
pecially in a location such “A group             proximately once a month.            Topics range from industry
as Belltown, where massive        of educators,” trained and            ★ HomeSight (homesight-           news and practical tips to
construction still can’t keep     co-sponsored by the Wash- A nonprofit group            odd news items and caveat-
up with the sky-high demand       ington State Housing Finance       offering home-buyer educa-           emptor warnings against
for homes in the sky.             Commission, hosting five-           tion, financial counseling,           shady operations. Harris
   As local real estate maven     hour home buying workshops         “purchase assistance” loans,         also moderates the Post-
Moira E. Holley says, “I think    throughout the Seattle area.       and other services for moder-        Intelligencer’s real estate
the first place to go would be        ★ Washington Homeown-           ate- and low-income first-time        blog, blog.seattlepi.nwsource.
with a really good mortgage       ership Center (homeowner-          home buyers in Seattle and           com/realestate. ◆
broker, with perhaps a refer- A “community-        King and Snohomish Counties.                     — Clark Humphrey

                                                                                                       Looking for
                                                                                                      a church with
                                                                                                         a future?
                                                                         •    Spiritual Formation groups for all ages
                                                                         •    Challenging sermons and classes... no need to
                                                                              check your intellect at the door!
                                                                         •    Opportunities for leadership and service
                                                                         •    Sunday 9:45 a.m. Parenting Discussion Group
                                                                         •    3 different programs for teenagers... children and
                                                                              youth choirs... teen jazz band

   MODERN � ETHNIC � ELEGANT � HIP                                       •    Fun & fellowship, including retreats,
                                                                              intergenerational celebrations... and much more

                     A unique boutique...                                    Seattle First United Methodist
                         All women...                                                  where ALL are welcome!
                       All occasions...                                                         Fifth & Marion
                                                                                  Join us for Worship: Sunday 9.m. & 11 a.m.
     2300 1ST AVENUE � 206-448-0355                                                        Rev. Dr. Kathlyn James - Senior Pastor
                                                                    Belltown LIFE                                                     15
        TIPS for the Footloose and Fabulous                                                                 retailer’s delivery options.
                                                                                                            (Office Depot, for instance,

        Carefree and Car-Free                                                                               offers free delivery on any
                                                                                                            purchase above $50.)
                                                                                                               ★ Certain pesky suburban
                                                                                                            and exurban destinations

                as, as said the signs on   downtown, that’s as easy as      its adjacent-county counter-    Metro and Sound Transit
                the outsides of buses      donning a pair of comfy shoes    parts. With enough research,    don’t reach, or only reach on
                earlier this year, isn’t   for the walk in and changing     it’s possible to go as far as   commuter routes (from there
        expensive if you don’t buy         to more formal footwear in       Aberdeen or Port Townsend       in the morning, to there in
        any.                               the office.                       using only public transporta-   the evening): Heck, there are
           Indirectly, that’s impos-          If your working space         tion!                           even some parts of Seattle
        sible—fuel-price inflation          is a little further out, the        ★ Bulky shopping: Until      Metro has a hard time getting
        seeps its way into the prices      Transportation Connection        Belltown finally gets a real     you to, such as Boeing Field.
        of everything we buy that’s        storefront in Rainier Square     supermarket, you’ll have to     For these, there’s always
        made in one place and bought       can hook you up with a bus       cart your weekly provisions     Flexcar (, ride
        in another.                        route (those Sound Transit       home from Queen Anne or         sharing, or what might be
           But directly, it is pos-        commuter buses are particu-      Capitol Hill—or use the         euphemistically called alter-
        sible to live one’s whole life     larly spiffy inside), carpool,   online ordering and delivery    nate self-locomotion (bicycle,
        without ever darkening the         or vanpool.                      services available from Safe-   scooter, inline skates, Seg-
        fluorescent-lit awning of a            Now that work commuting,      way and Albertsons. Amazon.     way, electric car, etc. etc.) ◆
        gas station.                       errands, and minor shop-         com now offers non-perish-
           Yes, even here in the gas-      ping are taken care of, there    able grocery products with                 — Clark Humphrey
        lovin’ western US.                 remain the other tasks for       its usual shipping options.
           If you’re here in Belltown,     which you’ve used your two       Lovers of the fresh and the
        you’ve started on your jour-       tons of Detroit steel:           healthy should also check out
        ney path toward the car-free          ★ Leisure travel (what, a local
        life. You’ve got just about        some call “road trips”): Many    firm that delivers organic
        everything your life needs         scenic Northwest destina-        produce and groceries here
        right in walking/biking/jog-       tions can be reached by Am-      and around town.
        ging/skateboarding distance.       trak, Greyhound, Washington         For other large purchases,
           The next step is to redo        State Ferries, the Victoria      you can hire a taxi, borrow a
        the work commute. If you’re        Clipper, Argosy Tours, Ken-      Flexcar vehicle (yes, Ikea/
        among the tens of thousands        more Air, Horizon Air, even      Costco shoppers, Flexcar’s
        who work in greater                Metro Transit and                got pickup trucks), or use a
                         Love the
                   Urban Lifestyle?
    Whether you’re searching for the ultimate
     contemporary waterfront penthouse or
                      a cozy open courtyard,
                 we’re the agents to call!
                                                The Seattle Center Office
                                                of John L. Scott is located on
Your Downtown Condominium Specialists           the corner of 4th & Vine.


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