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									                             FALL 2012

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                       “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
                        –Albert Camus

Welcome to the Community Education program for Fall 2012. As you browse through the Fall Community Educa-
tion schedule, you will find many choices to help develop new skills, inspire your creativity, share ideas, explore new
places and bring new meaning to your life.

Community Education
The Film Discussion Series is the best movie deal around! For $75 you can select 12 movies plus join a discussion
prior to the films. We are offering two new Chinese Mandarin courses, and French is back by popular demand. In
the History and Culture category, we have several new classes that cover both current and historic topics. Looking
for some entertaining ideas for the holidays? We have several wine and beer appreciation courses that will introduce
you to some new tastes.
Check out our popular computer and digital photography classes, but enroll early, because they fill up quickly. In
addition we have added several new Life Skills classes and are pleased to partner with Capstone Health Plan and Tri
City Partnership to offer two Life Skills for Special Needs classes.

Fall EDventures
See our fall trips beginning on page 14. We have several new trips this fall to explore Yavapai County history and
prehistory. Also new are two hiking trips and a 3-day raft trip to the Colorado River over Memorial Day weekend.
Take a haunted walk in downtown Prescott, tour the Viticulture program with a wine tour of the Verde Valley and
explore an 800-year old pueblo at Wupatki.
The EDventures guides are fun, well-traveled and knowledgeable, and you’ll learn so much about the state as you
travel off the beaten paths with them.
While we travel to Tahiti in November 2012, we are already planning the 2013 international trip. We will travel
to Maasailand in Kenya, Africa August 8-18, 2013. The trip has an educational focus, and we will participate in a
service project related to children’s education. Join us for an informational session on Saturday, October 20, to find
out more!

We hope you will join us on campus to celebrate the colors of autumn!
Based on your response this spring, we will continue to mail our schedule to homes throughout the community.
At the same time we are working on a plan to improve our online registration process and ways to tell you on the
website or through email about Community Education course offerings.

Want to teach a class for Community Education? If you have a passion or area of expertise and would
like to teach a new class, contact us at

Barbara Yarrow
Where Lifelong Learning Flourishes!
FALL 2012

Table of Contents                                            
                                                                       Your next adventure in learning is just a click away!
Fees & Cancellations ................................... 2
                                                                       •	 Browse	and	pay	for	classes	and	trips	online
Activity Rating Chart................................... 2
                                                                       •	 View	instructor	biographies
                                                                       •	 Find	out	about	special	offers	and	events
Animals ........................................................ 3
                                                                       Visit and click the link to browse and register
Arts & Crafts ................................................. 3      courses or download registration instructions.
Computers & Technology ............................. 4
                                                                       Other ways to register:
Dance/Fitness ............................................... 5
                                                                       •	 Register	by	phone	(928) 717.7755
Finance ......................................................... 5       Monday through Friday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm
                                                                       •	 Walk-in	registration	at	Building	31	on	the
Food/Cooking .............................................. 6
                                                                       	 Prescott	campus.	See	map	on	back	page.
Genealogy .................................................... 7       •	 Fax	your	completed	registration	form	to
                                                                          (928) 717.7635
Health & Wellness......................................... 7

History & Culture.......................................... 8          Age requirements:
Languages .................................................. 10        Community	Education	classes	are	open	to	the	public,	ages	14	and	up.	
                                                                       Students under 18 attending a class must have a completed permission
Life Skills ..................................................... 11
                                                                       slip	signed	by	parent	or	legal	guardian.	Call	(928)	717-7755	to	request	
Life Skills for Special Needs ......................... 11             form.	EDventures	trips	are	open	to	the	public.	Students	16	and	under	
                                                                       (day	trips)	or	18	and	under	(overnight	trips)	must	be	accompanied	by	
Philosophy & Spirituality ............................. 11             a parent or guardian. Students 16-17 may attend day trips unaccompa-
Paranormal Studies ..................................... 11            nied	with	a	permission	slip	signed	by	parent	or	guardian.

Photography............................................... 12

Recreation .................................................. 13        Looking for Curious Minds
Science & Nature ....................................... 13             Have you wanted to take a course at the College, but
Writing, Literature & Film ........................... 13               haven’t had the money to dedicate to it? The Curious Mind
                                                                        Grant can help! A	Curious	Mind	Grant	can	be	used	to	explore	a	
EDventures ............................................ 14-16           rich	offering	of	non-credit	college	courses.	Visit	for	
                                                                        current class offerings. You may apply for a grant if:

EDVENTURES                                                              •	 You	lack	the	financial	resources	to	take	a	course	at	Yavapai	College
                                                                        •	 You	have	a	curious	mind	or	a	commitment	for	personal	growth
Educational trips                                                       •	 You	are	18	years	of	age	or	older
                                                                        •	 You	can	commit	the	time	and	dedication	to	complete	a	course
throughout the
Southwest and                                                           To apply:
beyond!                                                                 Visit to download an application
Page 14-16.                                                             or	call	(928)	717-7755	with	questions.

It is now easier than ever to register for classes and trips!
Fees                                                                      Refund/Cancellation Policies
Tuition	 fees	 are	 due	 and	 payable	 at	 time	 of	 registration	        Community Education
Fees vary in accordance with class length and other factors.              •	 More	than	14	days	before	course	start	=	
Tax dollars are not used to support Community Education                      Full refund of tuition
programs.	 They	 are	 sustained	 by	 student	 revenues	 only,	 so	        •	 8-13	days	before	course	start	=	50%	refund
classes must meet minimum enrollment. No fee waivers                      •	 7	days	or	less	=	No	refund
available	for	staff	or	faculty	of	Yavapai	College.	In	the	event	of	       •	 No	refunds	will	be	given	after	course	start	date
any administrative cancellation, you will receive a full refund
of your tuition.                                                          EDventures
                                                                          Day Trip Cancellation
Please Help Prevent                                                       •	 21	days	or	more	prior	to	departure	=	Full	refund
                                                                          •	 8-20	days	=	75%	refund	of	tuition
Cancelled Classes                                                         •	 7	days	or	less	=	Non	refundable
Enroll early. Classes will be cancelled prior to start
date if enrollment is too low.                                            Multi-Day Trip (Regional)
                                                                          •	   30	days	or	more	=	Full	refund	of	deposit
                                                                          •	   21-29	days	=	Refund	of	50%	of	tuition
  Course Physical Activity                                                •	   15-20	days	=	Refund	of	25%	of	tuition
                                                                          •	   14	days	or	less	=	Non-refundable
  Level Rating Chart
  Activity Rating Level 1 1                                               EDventures International
                                                                          International	 trip	 refund	 policies	 vary	 and	 will	 be	 provided	
  Participants	must	be	able	to	carry	luggage,	packs,	and/
                                                                          upon	registration	or	by	request.	Airfare	is	always	non-refund-
  or	equipment;	climb	stairs;	sit	or	stand	for	up	to	1	hour;	
  get	in	and	out	of	vehicles	easily;	and	walk	a	few	blocks	
  indoors or out.                                                         *All	refunds	of	credit	card	payments	will	be	issued	to	the	same	
                                                                          credit card as the original payment. Expired or closed credit
                                                                          cards,	check	and	cash	payments	will	be	refunded	by	check.	
  Activity Rating Level 2 2                                               Please allow up to 30 days for processing of all refunds.
  Participants	must	be	able	to	carry	luggage,	packs,	and/
  or	 equipment;	 participate	 in	 physical	 activity	 for	 1-2	          **Registration in any Yavapai College Community Education
                                                                          class or EDventures trip indicates understanding of this policy
  hours;	climb	stairs;	sit	or	stand	for	over	1	hour;	and	walk	
                                                                          and	agreement	by	the	registrant	to	adhere	to	this	policy	and	
  on	uneven	and/or	varied	terrain	from	three	blocks	up	to	                all other Yavapai College policies.
  one mile at a 2.0 mph pace over the course of the day
  (may include slight elevation changes).                                 EDventure Discounts
                                                                          10% off – Bookings of 3 or more (same day)
  Activity Rating Level 3 3
  Participants	 must	 be	 able	 to	 carry	 luggage,	 packs,	              Community	Education	courses	are	not	eligible	for	discounts.	
  and/or	 equipment;	 sit	 or	 stand	 for	 over	 2	 hours;	 be	 in	       Discounts	apply	to	EDventure	base	fares	only;	single	supple-
                                                                          ments, airfare and any other additional fees not included.
  good	health,	mobile,	able	to	participate	in	3-5	hours	of	
                                                                          Discounts	cannot	be	combined	and	may	not	apply	to	all	trips.	
  physical	 activity	 per	 day;	 and	 walk	 on	 uneven	 and/or	           Available	discounts	for	international	trips	will	be	disclosed	on	
  varied	terrain	up	to	five	miles	at	a	2.5-mph	pace	over	the	             an	individual	trip	basis.
  course of the day and/or for multiple consecutive days
  (may include moderate elevation changes).

  *Trip activities may vary. Not all trips will include all aspects
  of the assigned activity rating. For more information                      Call today for a quote on a
  on	 individual	 trip	 activity	 levels	 or	 to	 request	 special	
                                                                             custom EDventure experience
  accommodations, please e-mail or call
  717-7755.                                                                for your group or organization
                                                                                   (928) 717-7755

               Registration has never been easier!
       Log on to today to get started!
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                                Community Education Courses
                                FALL 2012

ANIMALS                                                                      Draw Like a Pro with Colored Pencils
                                                                             FA12-104 • Wed, 9/12/12 to 10/17/12 • 5:30 - 8 pm
Introduction to Holistic Veterinary Care                                     FA12-105 • Wed, 10/24/12 to 12/5/12 • 5:30 - 8 pm
FA12-101 • Mon, 9/24/12 to 10/15/12 • 6 - 8 pm                               (No class 11/21.)
Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 115                                                  Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 123
If	 you	 are	 a	 pet	 owner	 or	 pet	                                        Learn the secrets of the pros and free yourself from the
lover who has an interest                                                    seemingly	overwhelming	process	of	“eye	to	hand”	drawing.	
in     alternative      veterinary                                           Learn the steps to create an accurate drawing of your chosen
medicine, this course explores                                               subject	and	to	select	the	correct	colors	and	how	best	to	apply	
many different natural healing                                               the colored pencils. For those who wish to try their hand, add
methods for your pet. Learn to                                               water	soluble	colored	pencils	to	the	supply	list.	This	addition	
recognize constitution types                                                 will	 be	 an	 excellent	 opportunity	 for	 the	 student	 interested	
and discuss food choices and                                                 in watercolor to explore the media relatively inexpensively.
thermogenics and how these                                                   Taught	 by	 a	 professional	 artist,	 illustrator	 and	 art	 educator.	
play a vital role in long-term                                               See	 samples	 of	 his	 technique	 at	 www.teachingbyexample.
health.	The	uses	and	benefits	of	                                  	Supply list provided for both entry and advanced
therapies, such as acupuncture                                               levels.
and low-level light therapy,                                                 Ottinger, Ken •	$100
will	 be	 discussed.	 Chinese	
herbals	 will	 be	 explored	 as	 a	                                          Chinese Brush Painting
gentle means of restoring and                                                FA12-106 • Tue, 9/11/12 to 10/16/12 • 1 - 4:30 pm
maintaining	 well-being	 along	 with	 the	 importance	 of	 fresh	            Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 123
air, exercise and weight management.                                         Paint	 with	 spontaneity,	 freedom	 and	 boldness.	 Learn	 this	
O’Sullivan, Caroline, DVM, MS • $75                                          ancient watercolor art form that reflects 5,000-year-old tradi-
                                                                             tions of human civilization, culture, story, poetry and virtues.
ARTS & CRAFTS                                                                As you paint, take a journey into another culture that will give
                                                                             you	new	perspective	on	your	artwork	and	the	symbolism	of	
Anyone Can Learn to Draw - Guaranteed!                                       the creative spirit. $40 supply fee payable to the instructor at
FA12-102 • Fri, 10/26/12 to 12/7/12 • 9:30 am - noon
                                                                             the first class.
Prescott • Bldg 3, Room 206
                                                                             Middlebrook, Diana •	$115
Can’t draw a straight line? Well, you don’t need to. You can
still learn to draw – guaranteed! Learn the drawing skills that
will help you SEE in the same way as an artist so you can draw               Collage Gone Wild
                                                                             FA12-107 • Tue, 10/9/12 to 10/30/12 • 9 am - noon
like an artist. You will learn to draw portraits that will impress
                                                                             Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 123
you and others. Drawing is fun, challenging and rewarding,
                                                                             You don’t need to know
and you, too, can learn. Supply list provided at first class. (No
                                                                             how to draw or paint to
class 11/23.)
                                                                             enjoy creating a layered
Schimberg, Gail •	$100
                                                                             collage. Use a variety of
                                                                             materials including gesso,
Anyone Can Learn to Draw A Portrait -                                        paints, stamps, papers and
Guaranteed!                                                                  more	 to	 build	 your	 col-
FA12-103 • Sat, 11/3/12 • 9 am - noon                                        lage	week	by	week.	Topics	
Prescott • Bldg 3, Room 206                                                  include color, texture, cre-
For	 those	 who	 have	 taken	 the	 first	 section	 of	 “Anyone	 Can	         ativity and knowing when
Learn	 to	 Draw”	 but	 did	 not	 get	 into	 drawing	 portraits,	 this	       your	piece	is	finished!	$25
short workshop is for you! Learn the skills to draw a convinc-               supply fee payable to the
ing	portrait	in	a	3-hour	workshop	(while	your	left	brain	takes	              instructor at the first class
a	nap!).	Use	all	the	drawing	skills	learned	from	the	first	section	          or supply list provided for
of	“Drawing...Guaranteed.”	It	is	a	good	refresher	class.	Come	               those who wish to bring
and	get	back	into	the	drawing	you	always	wanted	to	do!                       their own supplies.
Schimberg, Gail •	$55                                                        Kirby, Kat •	$90

                                                                                    visit or call 717.7755 to register
Knitting 101                                                                Computer Fundamentals: Intro to Computers,
FA12-108 • Tue, 9/11/12 to 10/30/12 • 10 - 11:30 am                         Level 3
Prescott • Bldg 30, Room 126                                                FA12-112 • Fri, 9/14/12 to 9/28/12 • 1 - 3 pm
Learn	the	basics	of	knitting	with	two	projects	–	a	simple	scarf	            Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 208
and	 ribbed	 hat.	 Learn	 to	 use	 straight	 and	 circular	 needles,	       This is an opportunity to practice and expand on previously
about	yarn	types	and	weights	and	about	local	and	web	yarn	                  learned	 Microsoft	 Word	 skills	 such	 as	 file	 organization,	 cre-
shops. Use the continental method to knit and purl, increase                ating	 documents	 and	 working	 with	 picture	 files.	 Increase	
and	decrease	and	other	knitting	basics	you	will	need	to	cre-                knowledge	of	the	MS	Windows	Operating	System	(OS).	Intro-
ate	 a	 project.	 There	 are	 the	 added	 bonuses	 of	 making	 new	         duction	to	more	useful	Word	features	and	learn	more	“fun”	
friends, relaxing in this creative art and learning a new skill!            things to develop computer skills. (Prerequisite: Users at Level
For	beginners;	no	knitting	experience	is	required.	Yarn, nee-               2 experience or above.)
dles and instructions provided with $10 supply fee payable to the           Baum, Joan •	$65
instructor at the first class.
Widtfeldt, Denise •	$85                                                     Computer Fundamentals: Intro to the Internet
                                                                            FA12-113 • Fri, 10/5/12 & 10/12/12 • 1 - 4 pm
COMPUTERS & TECHNOLOGY                                                      Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 208
                                                                            Having	trouble	using	the	Internet	or	just	wondering	what	it	
Computer Fundamentals: Intro to Computers,                                  can	do?	Learn	about	its	capabilities	and	how	to	use	them	effi-
Level 1                                                                     ciently.	Understand	the	basics	of	searching	and	navigating	the	
FA12-109 • Thur, 9/13/12 to 9/27/12 • 3 - 5 pm                              World	Wide	Web	and	have	fun	in	the	process	while	learning	
FA12-110 • Thur/Fri/Thur, 11/29/12, 11/30/12 &                              some	new	terminology	and	etiquette.	(Prerequisite: basic com-
12/6/12 • 3 - 5 pm                                                          puter skills.)
Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 208
                                                                            Baum, Joan •	$65
                                        This class gives new
                                        and     inexperienced
                                                                            Computer Fundamentals: Intro to Email
                                        users	 the	 basics	
                                                                            FA12-114 • Fri/Thur/Fri, 11/9/12, 11/15/12 &
                                        of computer use.                    11/16/12 • 3 - 5 pm
                                        Learn to turn on the                Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 208
                                        computer, use the                   Keep in contact with others almost instantly. No postage
                                        mouse	and	keyboard,	                required!	Learn	to	use	the	Internet	to	send/receive	your	mes-
                                        access	 the	 basic	                 sages,	 pictures,	 “cards”	 and	 send	 files	 as	 attachments.	 Find	
                                        Operating     System                out	about	basic	email	features	and	etiquette.	For	those	who	
                                        features	 and	 find	                don’t have an email account, this course will help you sign up
                                        and	use	various	basic	              for	one.	If	you	already	have	an	email	account	learn	how	to	do	
                                        programs. Click &                   things	more	efficiently.	For those with current email accounts,
                                        Drag, Copy & Paste,                 bring the current email address and password to class. (Prerequi-
                                        and Saving & Finding                site: basic computer skills.)
files	are	some	of	the	commands	to	master.	If	you	want	to	use	               Baum, Joan •	$65
email	this	is	an	important	basic	class!
Baum, Joan •	$65
                                                                            Exploring Beyond the Basics in Microsoft Excel
                                                                            FA12-115 • Sat, 9/15/12 to 9/29/12 • 10 am - noon
Computer Fundamentals: Intro to Computers,                                  Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 224
Level 2                                                                                                       You asked for it! Here it is –
FA12-111 • Thur, 10/4/12 to 10/18/12 • 3 - 5 pm                                                               more Excel in an introduc-
Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 208                                                                                  tory course to do more than
Continuation of Computer Fundamentals: Intro to Computers,                                                    just enter data. Excel is an
Level 1. (Prerequisite: Level 1 Basic Fundamentals or approval                                                extremely powerful program
of instructor.) Continue to learn and practice the fundamen-                                                  used	in	all	kinds	of	businesses	
tals of using a computer. More work in Microsoft Word, learn                                                  and	is	more	flexible	and	use-
and	 practice	 basic	 text	 formatting	 commands.	 Introduction	                                              ful than you may realize.
to	 other	 features	 such	 as	 headers	 and	 footers,	 page	 breaks	                                          You will work on actual data
and	numbering,	and	adding	pictures.	Continue	building	File	                                                   organization	 and	 be	 intro-
Management	skills,	organizing	and	“finding”	files.                                                            duced	to	basic	formulas	and	
Baum, Joan •	$65                                                            formatting. Come learn some tips and tricks. Appropriate for
                                                                            current users of Microsoft Excel (all versions).
                                                                            Baum, Joan •	$65

visit or call 717.7755 to register
Computer Fundamentals: Intro to PowerPoint                                   West Coast Swing
FA12-116 • Sat, 12/1/12 & 12/8/12 • 10 am - noon                             FA12-121 • Sat, 9/8/12 to 10/13/12 • 2 - 2:50 pm
Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 224                                                 FA12-122 • Sat, 10/20/12 to 12/1/12 • 2 - 2:50 pm
Have	 fun	 while	 learning	 the	 basics	 of	 creating	 visual	 and	          (No class 11/24.)
graphic	presentations	with	a	“wow”	factor	to	help	get	your	                  Prescott • Bldg 2, Room 140
point	across	easily	for	both	business	and	personal	occasions	                Learn this fast-paced, sensual dance that was developed in
(weddings, anniversary, graduation, parties). PowerPoint is                  California. Have fun as you practice the steps and movements
used	heavily	in	business	and	is	a	must-learn	for	job	seekers.	               of this dance style that is danced in social environments where
Instruction	 is	 applicable	 for	 all	 versions.	 (Prerequisite: basic       there	is	ballroom	or	country	dancing.
computer skills.)                                                            Rivera, Hector •	$65
Baum, Joan •	$55
                                                                             Introduction to T’ai Chi Chih
Microsoft Word Tips and Tricks                                               FA12-125 • Wed, 9/12/12 to 10/3/12 • 1 - 2:30 pm
FA12-117 • Sat, 10/6/12 • 10 am - noon                                       FA12-126 • Wed, 10/17/12 to 11/7/12 • 1 - 2:30 pm
Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 224                                                 Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 225
                                           Searching	 for	 the	 bet-         T’ai Chi Chih is a series of gentle movements that circulate and
                                            ter way to do some-              balance	 the	 internal	 life	 force	 (Chi).	 Regular	 practice	 brings	
                                             thing	 in	 Word,	 but	          far-reaching	 benefits	 –	 physically,	 mentally	 and	 emotionally.	
                                              you just don’t have            This is an introduction to the fundamental principles of T’ai
                                               the	 time	 to	 fig-           Chi	Chih	and	an	opportunity	to	learn	the	first	ten	movements	
                                                ure it out or look           and one held posture.
                                                 it     up?    Come          Spangler, Hope •	$65
                                                  and learn some
                                                    handy	“Tips	and	         FINANCE
                                                     Tricks” to help
                                                      you    accom-          When Can I Retire?
                                                                             FA12-132 • Sat, 9/15/12 • 9 am - 1 pm
                                                       plish    what
                                                                             Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 118
                                                        you    want,
                                                                                                            Do you know what you need
                                                        save    time
                                                                                                            to retire? Whether or not your
and	 frustration	 and	 also	 figure	 out	 just	 why	 it	 does	 those	
                                                                                                            social	 security	 will	 be	 taxable	
“crazy”	 things!	 Appropriate	 for	 current	 users	 of	 Microsoft	
                                                                                                            and how to invest your savings
Word (all versions).
                                                                                                            to create an income to live on?
Baum, Joan •	$45
                                                                                                            If	you	are	close	to	retirement	or	
                                                                                                            currently retired, come to learn
Exploring Windows 7 Features                                                                                ways	to	make	prudent	financial	
FA12-118 • Sat, 10/13/12 • 10 am - noon
                                                                                                            decisions	 during	 these	 difficult	
Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 224
                                                                                                            economic	 times.	 Information	
The Windows 7 Operating System has some great new fea-
                                                                                                            focuses	 on	 different	 financial	
tures	that	are	both	fun	and	handy	and	can	be	real	time	savers	
                                                                                                            planning	techniques	and	invest-
to	use!	Come	and	be	introduced	to	a	great	set	of	features	that	
                                                                                                            ments options along with tax
help you get around in your computer a lot easier. Appropri-
                                                                                                            considerations for retirement
ate for users of Microsoft Windows 7.
                                                                                                            income planning. Former stu-
Baum, Joan •	$45
                                                                                                            dents	 have	 commented,	 “This	
                                                                             class	helped	me	to	understand	the	investments	I	own	in	plain	
DANCE/FITNESS                                                                English”	 and	 “I	 learned	 how	 much	 income	 I	 can	 expect	 to	
Joy of Belly Dance                                                           receive from my investments.”
FA12-119 • Sat, 9/8/12 to 10/13/12 • 9 - 9:50 am                             Zweifel, Jonathan •	$55
FA12-120 • Sat, 10/20/12 to 12/1/12 • 9 - 9:50 am
(No class 11/24.)                                                            Medicare & Long Term Care Basics
Prescott • Bldg 2, Room 140                                                  FA12-128 • Wed, 10/3/12 & 10/10/12 • 1 - 3:30 pm
Come	experience	the	magic	of	this	ancient	art	form	—	Belly	                  Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 115
Dance with Zara. Have fun while gently stretching, strength-                 Medicare explained in everyday terms: what it does and does
ening	and	toning	every	part	of	the	body,	and	feel	an	improve-                not cover, including prescription plans. Learn the rules gov-
ment in poise and coordination through gentle movements                      erning Medicare supplements and Advantage plans, local
natural	to	a	woman’s	body.	Learn	a	choreography	that	incor-                  availability	and	costs	of	long-term	care	services,	income	and	
porates	many	of	the	basic	moves	of	Middle	Eastern	dance.	A	                  asset	 qualifications	 for	 ALTCS	 (Medicaid),	 and	 changes	 in	
hip	scarf	is	helpful,	but	not	necessary.	Fun	for	women	of	all	               transfer	rules.	We	will	go	over	a	comprehensive	list	of	ques-
ages, shapes, and sizes. No experience necessary.                            tions to use when comparing LTC plans.
Coleman, Candice •	$65                                                       Golden, Marci •	$35

                                                                                    visit or call 717.7755 to register
Advanced Investment Analysis Using Charts                                    Cash Flow: Making Your Money Work for You
FA12-127 • Thur, 10/4/12 to 10/11/12 • 1 - 4 pm                              FA12-131 • Thur, 11/8/12 • 6 - 9 pm
Prescott • Bldg 3, Room 125                                                  Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 115
If	a	picture	is	worth	a	thousand	words,	a	chart	is	worth	1,000	              Do	assets	such	as	houses	and	cars	pay	your	bills	or	does	cash	
numbers.	Designed	for	the	experienced	investor	who	wants	                    flow? Learn the importance of understanding what should
to	use	charts	to	become	more	confident	in	investment	deci-                   be	 considered	 assets	 and	 what	 should	 be	 considered	 liabili-
sion making, the course will help investors to understand                    ties and the need to invest in assets that produce cash flow.
moving averages, trend-line analysis, relative strength analy-               We will discuss the pros and cons of traditional assets such
sis,	 ulcer	 indexes,	 price	 momentum	 oscillators,	 breadth	 and	          as	bonds	and	stocks	and	alternative	assets.	You	will	find	the	
volume	 indicators	 and	 more.	 There	 will	 be	 time	 to	 explore	          shared ideas challenge conventional wisdom and provide a
several	web-based	charting	services	available	to	the	public.                 new way to look at your money.
Hepburn, Will •	$65                                                          Zweifel, Jonathan •	$50

Keep It Simple! Introduction to Investing and                                FOOD/COOKING
Retirement Planning
FA12-129 • Wed, 10/10/12 to 10/24/12 • 9 - 11 am                             Wine 101
Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 223                                                 FA12-133 • Thur, 9/13/12 to 10/11/12 • 5:30 - 7 pm
                                                                             Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 123
                                             Do you under-
                                             stand the differ-               What	has	been	a	staple	of	cuisines	from	the	ancient	Middle	
                                             ence	 between	 an	              East, classical Greece and Rome, the Middle Ages, and up
                                             exchange traded                 right	into	our	present	day?	What	beverage	has	been	traded	
                                             fund and a mutual               for	more	than	6,000	years?	What	was	one	of	the	first	agricul-
                                             fund? How do                    tural	 products	 that	 generated	 its	 own	 regulations	 for	 qual-
                                             municipal	 bonds	               ity of cultivation? Wine. Explore wine history, Old World and
                                             and       annuities             New World growing areas, the most important grape vari-
                                             work?	    Investing	            etals, production, purchasing and storing wines. A tasting
                                             can	be	made	com-                component is included to introduce you to some wonder-
plicated,	but	it	doesn’t	have	to	be.	With	thousands	of	options	              ful	wines.	Plus,	you	have	the	world’s	best	homework	assign-
available	to	today’s	investors	and	millions	of	pages	of	research	            ments. Sampling wines after class! Over 21 only.
and analysis, making good decisions can seem overwhelm-                      Haff, Harry •	$125
ing.	Become	comfortable	using	a	working	glossary	of	invest-
ing.	Uncover	a	basic	structure	to	assist	in	making	deductive	                Wine for Professionals
decisions	and	a	fundamental	framework	to	discuss	the	global	                 FA12-134 • Mon, 9/10/12 to 10/8/12 • 2 - 3:30 pm
                                                                             Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 123
marketplace.	In	addition,	learn	to	recognize	some	of	the	pit-
falls	in	financial	planning	and	get	tips	and	insight	on	working	                                                       This course is for
with attorneys, accountants and advisers.                                                                              caterers,     restaura-
Farmer, John •	$45                                                                                                     teurs, service per-
                                                                                                                       sonnel and chefs
                                                                                                                       who want to expand
Keep It Simple 2! Overview of Globalization,
                                                                                                                       your wine knowl-
Investments and Asset Allocation                                                                                       edge.	 Learn	 about:	
FA12-130 • Thur, 10/18/12 to 11/1/12 • 9 - 11 am
                                                                                                                       1) history of wine,
Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 121
                                                                                                                       regions and varietals
In	the	age	of	globalization	the	number	of	investment	oppor-
                                                                                                                       and what makes a
tunities is simply staggering. Together we will explore the
                                                                                                                       good	 wine;	 2)	 vari-
global	distribution	of	goods	and	services	including	the	rela-
                                                                                                                       etal characteristics
tionships among cultures, history, politics and economic
                                                                                                                       and their traditional
activity.	Basic	strategies	in	asset	allocation	will	be	introduced	
                                                                                                                       regions and foods
as	they	relate	to	navigating	the	global	marketplace.	A	frame-
                                                                             of	the	regions;	3)	texture	and	structure	in	foods	and	how	to	
work	 for	 understanding	 personal	 financial	 goals	 and	 perim-
                                                                             match	them	with	wine;	4)	creating	your	menu	and	wine	list	
eters	 will	 be	 provided.	 Topics	 include	 history	 and	 impact	 of	
                                                                             together	for	an	enhanced	guest	experience;	5)	how	to	pro-
globalization,	 asset	 allocation,	 risk	 management	 and	 more.	
                                                                             vide excellent wine service - the wine list, server knowledge,
Intended to be a continuation of “Keep It Simple: An Introduction
                                                                             pricing	 and	 by-the-glass	 programs,	 and	 special	 events.	 This	
to Investment.”
                                                                             course is timed to make the most of the fall and holiday sea-
Farmer, John •	$45
                                                                             sons. Over 21 only.
                                                                             Haff, Harry •	$140

visit or call 717.7755 to register
Beer Appreciation                                                            Tap into the Records of Colonial Ancestors
FA12-135 • Mon, 9/17/12 to 10/8/12 • 6:30 - 8 pm                             FA12-142 • Fri, 11/16/12 to 12/7/12 • 2 - 4 pm
Prescott • TBD                                                               Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 224
                                  You never really liked the ice-            The	 pre-19th	 century	 ancestor	 presents	 a	 unique	 research	
                                  cold can of standard American              challenge. The types of records used in researching the earlier
                                  beer?	Since	the	1980s	industrial	          centuries are scarce. Find out how the professional genealo-
                                  lager has steadily given ground            gist	solves	the	problem!	Learn	what	is	available	and	some	of	
                                  to	fine	craft	brews	resulting	in	          the pitfalls of popular sources. (No class 11/23.)
                                  a growing appreciation of the              Magee, Peggy •	$70
                                  variety	and	complexity	of	beer.	
                                  Learn to pour, sniff, taste and            HEALTH & WELLNESS
                                  wax	 poetic	 about	 excellent	
                                  brews	 of	 the	 U.S.	 and	 Europe	         Reiki I
                                  in	the	fashion	of	mythical	beer	           FA12-143 • Sat, 9/22/12 • 9 am - 4 pm
                                  whisperer,	 Lovibond	 Sparge,	             Prescott • Bldg 31, Room 105
                                  a	 fictional	 character	 of	 Read It       Are	you	ready	for	the	“Gift	of	Reiki”?	Learn	how	to	become	
                                  Here	 magazine’s	 brew	 writer,	           a	Reiki	practitioner	or	just	be	proactive	in	your	own	healing.	
                                  Caere Dunn. We’ll explore                  Receive	a	Reiki	Lineage	that	traces	back	to	four	of	the	origi-
                                  worthy examples of pilsner,                nal Masters of Takata Sensai. Discover how to remove energy
                                  lager,	 brown	 and	 amber	 ale,	           blocks,	detoxify	your	energy	field,	learn	relaxation	techniques	
IPA,	 porter	 and	 stout.	 Pub	 snacks	 provided.	 Over 21 only,             and much more. Class includes lots of fun hands-on experi-
of course.                                                                   ence.	Students	will	receive	complimentary	manual	and	Reiki	I	
Dunn, Caere •	$105                                                           Certification	from	a	Reiki	Master/Teacher	and	Certified	Holis-
                                                                             tic Health Practitioner.
Festive Wines                                                                Evans, Linda •	$65
FA12-136 • Thur, 10/18/12 to 11/29/12 • 5:30 - 7 pm
Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 123 (No class 11/22)                                 Reiki II
Explore	wines	and	beverages	for	those	festive	dinners,	cocktail	             FA12-144 • Sat, 10/6/12 • 9 am - 4 pm
parties	and	celebrations	that	you	will	be	enjoying	this	holiday	             Prescott • Bldg 31, Room 105
season.	We	will	talk	about	and	sample	wines,	punches,	nogs,	                                                        Continue on your path to
bubbles,	aperitifs,	fortified	wines	and	seasonal	brews.	Recipes	                                                    wellness	 and/or	 becoming	
for	some	foods	for	holiday	parties	will	be	supplied	and	talked	                                                     a Reiki Practitioner. Learn 3
over. Over 21 only, of course.                                                                                      Traditional	Symbols	of	Reiki	
Haff, Harry •	$140                                                                                                  and move into the emo-
                                                                                                                    tional and mental levels
                                                                                                                    of healing. Discover tech-
GENEALOGY                                                                                                           niques	 for	 distance	 heal-
Surfing the Net for Your Ancestors                                                                                  ing and how to incorpo-
FA12-140 • Fri, 9/14/12 to 9/28/12 • 2 - 4 pm                                                                       rate original Japanese Reiki
Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 224                                                                                        into your healing practice.
This 3-week workshop provides hands-on experience using                                                             Includes	hands-on	practice,	
the	Internet	to	research	your	family	tree.	A	professional	gene-                                                     manual	and	Reiki	II	Certifi-
alogist shows you the shortcuts and pitfalls found on the Net.                                                      cation from a Reiki Master/
Magee, Peggy •	$70                                                                                                  Teacher and Holistic Health
                                                                             Practitioner. *Prerequisite: Reiki I at YC or instructor consent.
Tracing Your Roots I                                                         Evans, Linda •	$65
FA12-141 • Fri, 10/5/12 to 11/9/12 • 2 - 4 pm
Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 224                                                 Reiki Program Practitioner Practice
Learn how to start tracing your family tree or get help with                 FA12-145 • Sat, 10/13/12 • 1 - 4 pm
genealogical	road	blocks.	This	class	takes	you	from	the	initial	             Prescott • Bldg 31, Room 105
forms through the major types of records and how and where                   This is an opportunity to put into practice your Reiki skills
they	can	be	located.	Bring loose-leaf notebook and highlighter.              and	techniques	to	achieve	a	comfort	level	with	the	practice	
Magee, Peggy •	$95                                                           of	Reiki.	New	Reiki	techniques	will	be	taught.	Bring	items	for	
                                                                             a Distance Healing Ceremony Group and experience the syn-
                                                                             ergy	 of	 group	 work	 doing	 chair	 shares	 and	 table	 time.	 This	
                                                                             class teaches expansion from self to the client and the needs
                                                                             of	the	community.	Beneficial	for	all	Reiki	students	and	a	pre-
          Call 717.7755 or visit                                             requisite	for	moving	into	the	Master	Level	classes.	*Prerequi-
                                                  site: Reiki I and II at YC or instructor consent.
                                                                             Evans, Linda •	$50
           to register TODAY!
                                                                                    visit or call 717.7755 to register
Reiki III Advanced                                                                  Tapping (EFT)
FA12-146 • Sat, 11/10/12 • 9 am - 4:30 pm                                           FA12-151 • Thur, 9/27/12 to 10/11/12 • 6 - 7:30 pm
Prescott • Bldg 31, Room 105                                                        Prescott • Bldg 30, Room 109
Continue the transformative journey to advanced level in your                       Learn	to	relieve	stress	and	anxiety	with	the	gentle	technique	
Reiki practice. Experience guides and angels and commune                            of	Tapping,	an	Emotional	Freedom	Technique	(EFT).	This	sim-
with	your	higher	self		—	some	of	the	elements	to	this	beautiful	                    ple	 method	 –	 gently	 tapping	 on	 a	 number	 of	 acupuncture	
healing	art.	Develop	awareness	of	the	human	energy	field	and	                       points while tuning in your issue – is effective for general and
learn	 spiritual	 laws.	 This	 is	 the	 first	 step	 of	 the	 Reiki	 Master.	       specific	anxiety.	This	is	a	hands-on	class	with	explanation	of	
Students	will	receive	complimentary	manual	and	Reiki	III	Cer-                       the	techniques,	demonstration	and	practice.
tification	 from	 a	 Reiki	 Master/Teacher	 and	 Certified	 Holistic	               Clark, Nadia •	$60
Health Practitioner. **Prerequisite: YC Reiki I, II and Practitioner
Practice or instructor consent.                                                     LifeForce Yoga®
Evans, Linda •	$70                                                                  FA12-152 • Sat, 9/8/12 to 10/13/12 • 4 - 5:30 pm
                                                                                    Prescott • Bldg 2, Room 140
Reiki Master/Teacher                                                                Choose positive mental health! LifeForce® Yoga is a practice
FA12-147 • Sat, 12/8/12 • 9 a - 4 pm                                                designed	specifically	to	help	manage	the	mood.	Using	certain	
Prescott • Bldg 31, Room 105                                                        yogic	 techniques,	 we	 will	 address	 the	 many	 ways	 in	 which	
This class teaches how to eternalize                                                yoga helps to alleviate depression and anxiety. Students will
Reiki	 and	 be	 able	 to	 attune	 others	 to	                                       work	 with	 the	 breath	 (pranayama),	 sound	 (mantra),	 visual-
facilitate healing energy. You will learn                                           ization	 (bhavana)	 and	 positive	 intention	 (San	 Kalpa)	 as	 well	
additional	 Japanese	 techniques	 and	                                              as	yoga	poses	(asana).	Incorporating	such	techniques	into	a	
some	 non-traditional	 symbols.	 Upon	                                              complete	practice	balances	body,	mind	and	spirit.	No	experi-
completion of this class students                                                   ence is necessary. This practice is open to anyone seeking a
will receive Reiki Master/Teacher                                                   more	balanced	and	harmonious	way	of	being.	Please bring a
certification	 from	 a	 Reiki	 Master/                                              yoga mat to class.
Teacher	 and	 Certified	 Holistic	                                                  McHorney, Colleen •	$75
Health Practitioner. **Prerequisite:
YC Reiki I, II, III and Practitioner                                                HISTORY & CULTURE
Practice or instructor consent.
Evans, Linda •	$70                                                                  Women in Islam
                                                                                    FA12-160 • Mon, 9/10/12 to 10/1/12 • 10 am - noon
                                                                                    Prescott • Bldg 30, Room 126
The Diabetes Solution
FA12-148 • Mon & Wed, 10/22/12 to 11/19/12                                          “The	two	hands	that	rock	
5:30 - 7:30 pm (No class 11/12)                                                     the	 cradle	 conquer	 the	
Prescott • Bldg 2, Room 208                                                         world”	 and	 “Paradise	
Learn	 about	 the	 doctor	 recommended	 scientifically-proven	                      is under your Mother’s
plant-based	nutritional	system	for	reversing	diabetes	and	other	                    feet.” These two tradi-
health-related conditions without drugs. Reduce your risk of                        tions dear to Muslims
diabetes-related	 complications,	 take	 off	 unwanted	 pounds,	                     indicate just how impor-
boost	your	energy	and	lower	blood	pressure	and	cholesterol.	                        tant women are. Women
Share	 three	 delicious	 nutritional	 buffets	 and	 receive	 a	 keep-               are	 always	 behind	 the	
sake	cookbook.	Optional	textbook,	Dr. Neal Barnard’s Program                        curtains, the doors, the
for Reversing Diabetes,	may	be	purchased	on	your	own.                               walls, and yes, even
Karpinski, Cathy •	$100 single/$55 for 2nd family member                            the veils. This class will
                                                                                    open the veil of Muslim
Joy of Meditation                                                                   women and allow those
FA12-150 • Wed, 9/12/12 to 10/17/12 • 5:30 - 7 pm                                   from other traditions
Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 225                                                        to share their feelings,
Meditation is an art, and you are the canvas on which you                           experiences and history. Throughout the course we will share
will	create	a	uniquely	beautiful	practice.	Experience	different	                    poems	 and	 literature	 about	 women	 from	 different	 religions	
types	of	meditation	so	you	can	create	a	spiritual	practice	best	                    and cultures.
suited to your temperament, your spiritual inclinations and                         Vogelaar, Mai •	$70
your lifestyle. Some of the types of meditation explored in
this	class	include:	heart	meditation,	mantra	meditation,	Bud-
dhist	meditation,	sound	meditation,	Sufi	meditation,	walking/
chanting meditations, chakra meditation and others. Come
and refresh your spirit and enrich your life!
Labb, Kathleen •	$70

visit or call 717.7755 to register
Palestine and Israel: Rumors and Reality                                     Arizona Indian Worldviews
FA12-159 • Thur, 9/13/12 to 10/18/12 • 2 - 4 pm                              FA12-158 • Tue, 9/11/12 to 10/16/12 • 5 - 7 pm
Prescott • Bldg 3, Room 203                                                  Prescott • Bldg 3, Room 203
                                                Visitors	to	the	Holy	        Explore	the	rich,	beautiful	and	diverse	traditions	of	the	Native	
                                                Land love to take            Peoples of Arizona (Hopi, Navajo, Apache, Pai and others)
                                                pictures	of	biblical	        with a focus on their ancient and contemporary ways of
                                                sights and stones,           being,	of	relating	to	the	earth,	others	and	to	the	“spiritual	and	
                                                often missing the            sacred.”	Includes	lectures,	discussions,	videos,	guest	present-
                                                opportunity        to        ers	and	optional	field	trip	opportunities.
                                                interact with the            Brandstein, David •	$85
                                                living stones –
                                                people who know              The European Discovery and Exploration of
                                                the	 stories	 behind	        Grand Canyon
                                                current tensions             FA12-156 • Tue, 10/16/12 • 1 - 4 pm
                                                because	they	lived	          Prescott • Bldg 3, Room 203
them. This course offers a historical survey of those people,                Grand	Canyon,	while	first	seen	by	European	explorers	many	
their	stories,	the	documents	and	events	that	form	the	back-                  years	before	Jamestown	and	Plymouth	Rock,	was	one	of	the	
drop	 of	 and	 contribute	 to	 today’s	 illusive	 search	 for	 peace.	       last	 places	 in	 the	 48	 states	 to	 be	 truly	 explored	 –	 and	 parts	
Videos,	 interviews,	 readings,	 presentations	 and	 discussions	            of	it	have	not	yet	been	visited.	The	course	will	chronicle	the	
will	be	used	in	this	study	to	sort	fact	from	fiction,	and	rumors	            early explorations of the canyon and its environs, from the
from	reality.	It	is	especially	useful	for	those	planning	to	visit	           first	view	of	the	canyon	in	1540	by	Garcia	Lopez	de	Cardenas	
the Holy Land.                                                               to	the	first	successful	transit	of	the	canyon	via	the	Colorado	
Vogelaar, Harold & Mai •	$85                                                 River	by	Major	John	Wesley	Powell	in	1869.
                                                                             Wuehrmann, Chris •	$50
Medieval Women
FA12-154 • Mon, 9/10/12 to 10/8/12 • 10 am - noon                            Native Peoples of Grand Canyon
Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 223                                                 FA12-155 • Tue, 10/23/12 to 11/6/12 • 5 - 7 pm
Survey the lives and influences of women in Europe from                      Prescott • Bldg 3, Room 203
approximately	500	CE	to	1450	CE.	Learn	about	the	fascinat-                                                              Grand Canyon has
ing historical women in the Middle Ages – Christian martyrs                                                             been	 lived	 in	 for	
and mystics, saints and witchcraft practices, marriage and                                                              tens	 of	 centuries	 by	
inheritance laws. Delve into the lives of historic women writ-                                                          ancestors of several
ers	 and	 scholars	 such	 as	 Abbess	 Heloise,	 Dhuoda,	 Christine	                                                     of	 the	 historic	 tribes	
de	 Pizan	 and	 Hrotsvitha	 of	 Ganderhseim;	 Hildegard	 of	 Bin-                                                       of Arizona, includ-
gen, a writer, composer, philosopher and Christian mystic                                                               ing the Havasupai,
who founded monasteries in Germany. Discussion will center                                                              Hualapai, Southern
around saints, marriage, laws, guilds and witchcraft of the                                                             Paiute and Hopi.
medieval period.                                                                                                        From rock art sites to
Braun, Diane •	$75                                                                                                      seasonal camps and
                                                                                                                        roasting	 pits;	 and	
Daily Life in Medieval Europe                                                from	mysterious	split-twig	figurines	found	in	remote	caves	to	
FA12-153 • Mon, 9/10/12 to 10/8/12 • 1 - 3 pm                                visible	ruins	and	small	cliff	dwellings,	evidence	of	their	long	
Prescott • Bldg 3, Room 125                                                  history	 in	 the	 canyon	 abounds.	 We	 will	 discuss	 this	 earliest	
Delve into the daily life of medieval Europe during the time                 human occupation of Grand Canyon and the prehistory of
period of 500 to 1450 CE. Topics include food, farming                       each	of	these	tribes.
and	 animal	 husbandry,	 including	 types	 and	 breeds	 of	 ani-             Wuehrmann, Chris •	$65
mals	 raised	 in	 medieval	 Europe.	 Various	 feasts	 and	 festivals,	
herbs	and	medicinal	practices,	clothing	and	footwear	will	be	                Native Peoples of Verde Valley
explored.                                                                    FA12-157 • Tue, 10/2/12 & 10/9/12 • 10 am - noon
Braun, Diane •	$75                                                           Prescott • Bldg 3, Room 125
                                                                             Central	 Arizona’s	 Verde	 Valley	 and	 upper	 Verde	 River	 have	
                                                                             been	occupied	by	native	peoples	for	thousands	of	years	–	at	
                                                                             least	 back	 to	 the	 days	 when	 prehistoric	 bison	 roamed	 the	
                                                                             southwest.	The	area	has	been	an	environmental	borderland	
          Call 717.7755 or visit                                             during	this	time,	occupied	in	turn	by	peoples	ancestral	to	the	
                                                  Hopi, Pima and Yavapai. Each took their turn in the valley as
                                                                             climate	 and	 subsistence	 technologies	 changed.	 We	 will	 dis-
           to register TODAY!                                                cuss	the	prehistory	specific	to	each	of	these	tribes,	as	well	as	
                                                                             the	 changing	 environmental	 and	 subsistence	 factors	 which	
                                                                             caused the shifts among peoples.
                                                                             Wuehrmann, Chris •	$55
                                                                                    visit or call 717.7755 to register
History of Textiles in Europe and America                                  French for Travelers 1: Reading a French Menu
FA12-161 • Mon, 10/15/12 to 11/12/12 • 1 - 3 pm                            FA12-169 • Wed, 10/24/12 to 12/5/12 • 1 - 2 pm
Prescott • Bldg 30, Room 126                                               Prescott • Bldg 3, Room 271 (No class 11/21)
Learn	about	the	history	of	the	fiber	arts	such	as	felting,	spin-           From	 amuse-bouche	 to	 fromage,	 French	 menu	 choices	 can	
ning,	 weaving,	 dyeing,	 quilting	 and	 knitting	 in	 the	 western	       be	daunting	for	the	traveler.	Pronunciation	tips,	some	gram-
world	 through	 demonstrations	 of	 various	 techniques,	 lec-             mar clues and practice with authentic menus will give par-
tures,	photos	and	samples.	Textiles,	as	they	have	been	used	               ticipants the savoir-faire to make a French meal experience
and	refined	in	human	history,	reflect	the	materials	available	to	          more	 enjoyable.	 For	 any	 level	 of	 French	 language	 student,	
a civilization as well as the technologies developed through-              learn how to select eating places, choose courses and express
out	history	and	reveal	much	about	social	cultures.                         preferences. Final class meeting includes tasting and compar-
Braun, Diane •	$75                                                         ing	 French	 cheeses.	 Recommended	 book	 and	 CD	 (available	
                                                                           online	 for	 student	 purchase):	 the	 Berlitz	 Speaking Your Lan-
LANGUAGES                                                                  guage French Phrase Book	(approx.	$13).	If	you	plan	to	travel	
                                                                           to a French-speaking country, this class is for you!
Beginning French I                                                         Beckman, Carolyn •	$65
FA12-162 • Wed, 9/12/12 to 10/17/12 • 6:15 - 7:15 pm
FA12-163 • Wed, 10/24/12 to 12/5/12 • 6:15 - 7:15 pm
                                                                           Beginning Japanese Language and Culture
Prescott • Bldg 31, Room 105
                                                                           FA12-168 • Sat, 9/8/12 to 10/27/12 • 8:30 - 10:00 am
                           Learn	 the	 basics	 of	 French	 –	              Prescott • Bldg 3, Room 203
                                  greetings, travel phrases,               Study	the	differences	between	Western	and	Asian	cultures	in	
                                      how	 to	 ask	 questions.	            this	 beginning	 Japanese	 language	 and	 culture	 course.	 Have	
                                      The instructor is a native           fun as we explore the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun
                                      of	Le	Touquet	in	the	north	          and	become	familiar	with	the	customs,	language,	food,	holi-
                                     of France and will give               days, lifestyles and traditions of the Japanese people. Learn to
                                     insights of life in France.           speak	some	basic	conversational	Japanese,	practice	grammar	
                                  The class is designed for                and read and write simple Kanji (Chinese characters).
                               beginners	 as	 well	 as	 anyone	            Adams, Kim •	$90
wanting	 to	 brush	 up	 on	 French	 skills	 from	 high	 school	 or	
college.	Handouts	will	be	provided.	(No	class	11/21.)
                                                                           Introduction to Chinese Mandarin
Clark, Nadia •	$65                                                         FA12-170 • Wed & Fri, 9/12/12 to 10/19/12 • 6 - 7 pm
                                                                           Prescott • Bldg 1, Room 203
Intermediate French                                                                                           Join us in an introductory
FA12-164 • Mon, 9/10/12 to 10/15/12 • 5:30 - 7 pm                                                             Mandarin       course     that
FA12-165 • Mon, 10/22/12 to 12/3/12 • 5:30 - 7 pm                                                             assumes no prior exposure
Prescott • Bldg 31, Room 105
                                                                                                              to      Chinese     Mandarin
A continuation of French I for those who have the basics. Con-                                                language and culture. The
tinue learning French, including grammar and pronunciation                                                    main focus of this course
from	a	native	of	Le	Touquet	in	the	north	of	France.	Practice	                                                 is	 to	 build	 a	 foundation	
speaking	with	French	conversation	while	learning	about	life	in	                                               of     standard     Mandarin
France.	Handouts	will	be	provided.	(No	class	11/12.)                                                          pronunciation (Pinyin) and
Clark, Nadia •	$75                                                                                            use Pinyin to communicate.
                                                                           Chinese	culture	and	customs	will	be	introduced	throughout	
Conversational French                                                      the	 course.	 Purchase	 the	 textbook	 Basic Spoken Chinese: An
FA12-166 • Wed, 9/12/12 to 10/17/12 • 5 - 6 pm                             Introduction to Speaking and Listening for Beginners,	 ISBN:	
FA12-167 • Wed, 10/24/12 to 12/5/12 • 5 - 6 pm
                                                                           978-0804840156	 (also	 used	 for	 Mandarin	 I,	 II	 and	 III)	 for	
Prescott • Bldg 31, Room 105
                                                                           $24-$35 online.
For those who speak French fluently and want to improve the
                                                                           Ma, Sophie •	$90
conversational skills that will allow you to communicate at
the travel station, at a café, at the farmer’s market, at the
post	 office,	 and	 discuss	 news	 of	 the	 day.	 The	 class	 will	 be	
                                                                           Beginning Chinese Mandarin I
                                                                           FA12-171 • Wed & Fri, 10/24/12 to 12/7/12 • 6 - 7 pm
conducted mainly in French with some grammar explained
                                                                           Prescott • Bldg 1, Room 203
in English if necessary. This is an opportunity to practice
                                                                           A	beginning	Mandarin	course	that	assumes	some	prior	expo-
your	French	and	get	comfortable	with	using	the	language	in	
                                                                           sure to Pinyin (the standard Mandarin pronunciation system)
daily use. (No class 11/21.)
                                                                           and the Chinese culture. The main focus of this course is to
Clark, Nadia •	$65
                                                                           learn	 how	 to	 properly	 construct	 and	 speak	 basic	 Mandarin.	
                                                                           Pinyin	will	be	used	throughout	this	course;	more	Chinese	cul-
                                                                           ture	and	customs	will	be	introduced.	Purchase	the	textbook	
                                                                           Basic Spoken Chinese: An Introduction to Speaking and Listening
                                                                           for Beginners,	ISBN:	978-0804840156	(also	used	for	Mandarin	
                                                                           II	and	III)	for	$24-$35	online.	(No	class	11/21	&	11/23.)
                                                                           Ma, Sophie •	$90
visit or call 717.7755 to register
LIFE SKILLS FOR SPECIAL NEEDS                                               Yes, I Can!
                                                                            FA12-175 • Tue, 9/11/12 to 10/16/12 • 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Natural Cooking for the Soul: Live and Raw                                  Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 115
Foods for Special Needs                                                     Come	to	learn	techniques	and	tools	to	succeed	in	your	per-
FA12-172 • Tue, 9/11/12 to 10/16/12 • 6:30 - 8 pm                           sonal	and	professional	life.	Learn	ways	to	set	better	goals	and	
Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 123                                                 obtain	more	of	them	as	you	define	some	of	the	things	block-
                                              Create tasty com-             ing	your	success	and	techniques	to	overcome	them	in	order	
                                              fort foods as you             to accomplish your wants and needs. Mini-lectures, discus-
                                              learn      to    think        sions	and	journal	writing.	Suggested	books:	Your Perfect Right
                                              green and eat                 by	Alberti	and	Emmons	and	How Do I Love Me	by	Helen	John-
                                              green! Learn to               son. Please bring 2 spiral notebooks and a poster board.
                                              prepare an array              Washburn, Nancy •	$85
                                              of	 breakfast,	 lunch	
                                              and dinner recipes,           Single Again
                                              plus        appetizers        FA12-176 • Tue, 10/23/12 to 12/4/12 • 5:30 - 7:30 pm
                                              and desserts – all            Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 115
featuring raw foods. Students will prepare tasty foods, clean-                                                   How	 do	 I	 find	 out	 who	
up, learn kitchen safety, and, most importantly, eat each day!                                                   I	 am	 and	 how	 to	 live	 a	
Includes	 keepsake	 recipe	 book	 at	 the	 end	 of	 class.	 Designed                                             more	 fulfilled,	 enjoyable	
for those with special needs. Class is generously subsidized by                                                  and	quality	life	now	that	
Capstone Health Plan and Tri City Partnership.                                                                   I	live	alone	–	whether	by	
Lord, Sue •	$35                                                                                                  choice or not. We will
                                                                                                                 briefly	 explore	 the	 grief	
Art Like the Masters for Special Needs                                                                           process, and the focus
FA12-173 • Tue, 10/23/12 to 12/4/12 • 6:30 - 8 pm                                                                will	 be	 on	 discovering	
Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 123 (No class 11/20)                                                                     ways	to	live	alone	and	be	
Learn	about	famous	artists	and	create	artwork	in	their	styles.	             happier	and	more	fully	you.	If	you	have	experienced	the	loss	
Students	 will	 be	 introduced	 to	 4	 or	 5	 different	 artists,	 then	    of	a	loved	one,	an	“empty	nest”	or	a	desire	to	discover	a	new	
create	a	project	inspired	by	each	of	them.	Some	projects	use	               phase in your life, please join us for discussions and sharing
the same methods and materials as the artists. Others are                   of	ideas,	books,	strategies	and	other	information.	Journaling	
based	 on	 the	 theme	 and	 ideas	 the	 artist	 showed.	 You	 can	          is	encouraged	but	not	required,	and	journal	entries	will	not	
use the art you create to decorate your home or room! Wear                  be	shared	with	the	class.	Please bring a spiral notebook and a
grubby	 clothing	 or	 bring	 an	 apron.	 Designed for those with            poster board. (No class 11/20.)
special needs. Class is generously subsidized by Capstone Health            Washburn, Nancy •	$85
Plan and Tri City Partnership.
Harlan, Jill •	$35                                                          PHILOSOPHY & SPIRITUALITY
LIFE SKILLS                                                                 Wise Women Gathering
                                                                            FA12-177 • Thur, 9/20/12 to 10/25/12 • 10 am - noon
What Are Invisible Disabilities?                                            FA12-178 • Thur, 9/20/12 to 10/25/12 • 1 - 3:00 pm
FA12-174 • Mon, 9/24/12 • 5:30 - 8:30 pm                                    Prescott • Bldg 32, Room 113
Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 121                                                 Who	are	the	wise	women?	How	do	we	find	wisdom	in	our-
The	 majority	 of	 disabilities	 identified	 in	 individuals	 are	 hid-     selves	 first,	 then	 share	 it	 with	 others?	 Discovering	 our	 gifts	
den	or	invisible.	Learn	about	disabling	conditions	in	the	adult	            in the company of other women is a life-changing experi-
population: conditions that are not immediately apparent                    ence. Wisdom is a powerful tool and can make the difference
and	often	are	misunderstood.	Disorders	may	be	present	from	                 between	 navigating	 life	 thoughtfully	 or	 being	 caught	 up	 in	
birth,	 such	 as	 learning	 disabilities,	 attention	 deficit	 disor-       the	drama.	Excerpts	from	a	selected	book	will	be	our	guide	in	
der,	 autism	 and	 various	 chronic	 medical	 conditions;	 or	 they	        discussion and sharing.
appear during one’s lifetime, often the result of illness or trau-          Harris, Denelle •	$55
matic	life	events	contributing	to	neurological,	psychological	
and medical conditions. Gain awareness and insight into the                 PARANORMAL STUDIES
personal challenges and successes of this underrepresented
population.                                                                 Ghosts & All That’s Paranormal
Magers, Mary •	$45                                                          FA12-179 • Tue & Thur, 10/16/12 & 10/18/12 • 5 - 8 pm
                                                                            Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 116
                                                                            Discover	 why	 souls	 stay	 connected	 from	 the	 “other	 side.”	
                                                                            Take a look at the history of spiritualism, the latest research,
          Call 717.7755 or visit                                            Prescott’s most haunted, déjà vu, practice psychometry and
                                                 automatic	 writing.	 Bring	 your	 ghost	 stories!	 See	 EDventures	
                                                                            “Prescott	Ghost	Walk”	on	page	15.
           to register TODAY!                                               Cafazzo, Terri •	$65

                                                                                   visit or call 717.7755 to register
Paranormal Investigation                                               I Want to Know More about My Digital Camera!
FA12-180 • Tue & Thur, 10/23, 10/25 & 10/30/12 • 6 - 8 pm              FA12-189 • Sat, 10/6/12 & 10/13/12 • 10 am - 1 pm
Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 116                                            FA12-190 • Mon, 10/15/12 & 10/22/12 • 2 - 5 pm
Take	the	unexplained,	combine	it	with	real	paranormal	inves-           Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 208
tigation and see supernatural experiences come to life. Learn          For	those	who	have	digital	SLR	or	high-end	“point	and	shoot”	
to	conduct	a	professional	paranormal	investigation,	become	a	          cameras,	 this	 course	 builds	 on	 the	 class	 “I’ve	 Got	 a	 Digital	
true ghost hunter and go on a real paranormal investigation.           Camera, Now What?” Learn to shoot photographs using
Certification	 available.	 See	 the	 EDventures	 “Prescott	 Ghost	     aperture	 settings,	 shutter	 speed	 and	 camera	 presets.	 ISO,	
Walk” on page 15.                                                      quality,	exposure	and	flash	intensity	settings	will	be	covered.	
Cafazzo, Terri •	$65                                                   There	 will	 be	 a	 focus	 on	 hands-on	 camera	 work.	 Bring your
                                                                       camera, cable and manual.
PHOTOGRAPHY                                                            Sagan, Keith •	$75

Digital Photography Series, Pt. 1: I’ve Got A                          Fine Art Photography: Finding Your Style
Digital Camera, Now What?                                              FA12-191 • Sat, 9/8/12 to 10/13/12 • 10 am - noon
FA12-181 • Mon, 9/10/12 to 9/24/12 • 2 - 4:30 pm                       Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 206
FA12-182 • Wed, 9/12/12 to 9/26/12 • 2 - 4:30 pm                                                           Explore all the variety and
FA12-183 • Sat, 9/15/12 to 9/29/12 • 10 am - 12:30 pm                                                      variations in the world of Fine
FA12-184 • Wed, 10/3/12 to 10/17/12 • 2 - 4:30 pm                                                          Art Photography. Students will
Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 208                                                                               visit	 local	 art	 galleries;	 guest	
                                      Part 1 in series. Learn                                              speakers will discuss what
                                      about	your	digital	camera	                                           the art world is looking for in
                                      along	 with	 basic	 photo	                                           new photographers, and how
                                      editing, sizing, printing                                            to	 enter	 this	 world.	 Visit	 local	
                                      and emailing. Must have                                              sites to shoot and an optional
                                      basic	 computer	 skills.	                                            trip to Jerome for a gallery
                                      Bring	 your	 camera	 and	                                            visit and photo shoot. Perfect-
                                      manual. Sign up early –                                              ing your own personal style is
                                      classes are limited to 12                                            emphasized, and students will
                                      students	and	fill	up	fast!                                           complete photo assignments
                                      Sagan, Keith •	$75                                                   using class taught methods
                                                                                                           and	 skills	 to	 help	 establish	 a	
Digital Photography Series, Pt. 2: Photoshop                                                               personal	 style.	 Image	 evalu-
Elements, The Next Step                                                ation	 and	 critiques	 will	 be	 discussed.	 Prerequisite: advanced
FA12-185 • Mon, 10/1/12 & 10/8/12 • 2 - 4:30 pm                        photography background using a DSLR camera, image editing.
FA12-186 • Wed, 10/24/12 & 10/31/12 • 2 - 4:30 pm                      and presentation printing.
Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 208                                           Neely, David •	$100
Part 2 in the series. Prerequisite: “I’ve Got a Digital Camera,
Now What?” Learn how to superimpose photos, apply faux                 Fine Art Photography: Starting Your Own
matting and hone your advanced photo-editing skills using
                                                                       Photo Business
Adobe	Photoshop	Elements.                                              FA12-192 • Sat, 10/20/12 to 12/1/12 • 10 am - noon
Sagan, Keith •	$70                                                     Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 223
                                                                       Discover the methods, strategies and planning necessary to
Digital Photography Series, Pt. 3: Photoshop                           start	your	own	photo	business	as	we	discuss	the	various	types	
Elements, Practical Applications                                       of	business	opportunities	that	exist	locally	and	nationally	for	
FA12-187 • Sat, 10/20/12 • 10 am - 5 pm                                new photographers and entry into the marketplace. Photog-
FA12-188 • Sat, 11/3/12 • 10 am - 5 pm                                 raphy specialties such as commercial and advertising, portrait,
Prescott • Bldg 19, Room 208                                           wedding,	 nature,	 photo	 journalism,	 fine	 art,	 fashion,	 archi-
Part 3 in the series. Prerequisite: “I’ve Got a Digital Camera, Now    tectural	 and	 freelance	 will	 be	 covered.	 Learn	 techniques	 for	
What?” and “Photoshop Elements: The Next Step.”	Learn	about	           self-promotion,	advertising,	online	marketing	and	becoming	
layers and all the exciting tools and features of Photoshop Ele-       a	part	of	Facebook	and	other	online	opportunities.	Complete	
ments for digital photo manipulation.                                  a	promotional	exercise	for	your	business	using	images	from	
Sagan, Keith •	$75                                                     the various photo assignments. Guest speakers will discuss
                                                                       how	 they	 got	 started	 and	 what	 it	 is	 like	 to	 run	 a	 business.	
                                                                       Prerequisite: advanced photography background using a DSLR
                                                                       camera and image editing. (No class 11/24.)
         Call 717.7755 or visit                                        Neely, David •	$100
          to register TODAY!

visit or call 717.7755 to register
RECREATION                                                               WRITING, LITERATURE & FILM
Beginning Defensive Pistol Shooting                                      Creative Writing Techniques: Developing Plot
FA12-193 • Mon, Wed, Fri, 10/8/12 to 10/12/12 • 3 - 5 pm                 and Characters
FA12-194 • Mon, Wed, Fri, 11/5/12 to 11/9/12 • 3 - 5 pm                  FA12-198 • Sat, 9/8/12 to 10/13/12 • 10 am - noon
Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 121                                              Prescott • Bldg 3, Room 123
Learn	how	to	choose	a	firearm	for	personal	protection,	safe	             FA12-199 • Wed, 9/12/12 to 10/17/12 • 10 am - noon
handling and home storage. Learn Arizona laws regarding                  Prescott • Bldg 30, Room 126
use	of	firearms	for	self	defense	and	basic	principles	of	marks-          Learn	 the	 techniques	 of	 developing	 a	 tight	 plot	 and	
manship. Student supplies ammunition. No firearms or                     memorable	 characters	 in	 this	 course	 taught	 by	 a	 published	
ammunition allowed on YC campuses.	 Ammo	 may	 be	                       novelist	and	screenwriter.	In	the	first	chapter	of	a	novel	or	the	
purchased	and	firearms	are	available	for	rental	at	range	facil-          first	10	pages	of	a	screenplay/script,	the	writer	must	not	only	
ity. Plan to attend all classes. The last class meeting is held at       introduce	his	or	her	main	characters,	but	also	reveal	who	they	
High Noon Indoor Shooting Parlour in PV from 10 am - 5 pm                are, what they want and where they are going. This writing
with 1-hour lunch break.                                                 course is intended to help the writer discover his or her full
Seibert, Matt •	$100                                                     creative	potential	in	an	interactive,	friendly	and	collaborative	
Ladies’ Defensive Pistol Shooting                                        Moore, Dorothy Cora •	$90
FA12-195 • Mon, Wed, Fri, 10/15/12 to 10/19/12 • 2 - 5 pm
FA12-196 • Mon & Wed, 11/5/12 to 11/28/12 • 6 - 8 pm                     Film Discussion Series: “Movies about Movies”
Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 121                                              FA12-200 • Wed, 8/22/12 to 12/5/12 • 6 - 9 pm
                                     Learn the essential self-           Prescott • YC Performance Arts Center
                                     protection      skills     every                                          Join	us	for	film	discussion	
                                     woman should have. Exam-                                                  –	“Movies	about	Movies”	
                                     ine threat scenarios, effec-                                              –	prior	to	the	films	during	
                                     tive responses, avoidance                                                 the	YC	Movie	Night	film	
                                     techniques,	 firearm	 safety,	                                            series. Choose a 6- or
                                     pistol marksmanship and                                                   12-pack	 of	 films	 (the	
                                     home and personal defense.                                                price includes discussion
                                     Tuition includes range fees.                                              and	 ticket	 to	 the	 film).	
                                     No firearms or ammo                                                       Refreshments             are
allowed on YC campuses. Student supplies ammunition.                                                           available	 for	 purchase	 in	
Ammo	may	be	purchased	and	firearms	are	available	for	rental	                                                   the	 lobby.	 Select	 from	
at range facility. Plan to attend all classes. The last class meet-                                            the	films	below.
ing is held at High Noon Indoor Shooting Parlour in PV from 10                                                 Waldenberger, Suzanne
am - 5 pm with 1-hour lunch break.
FA12-196:	Class	meets	at	High	Noon	Indoor	Shooting	Parlour	              •	Select	12	movies:	$75 • Select 6 movies: $40
in	 PV	 from	 4	 -	 7	 pm	 on	 Nov.	 26	 &	 28.	 (No	 classes	 11/12	
                                                                           Aug 22       Get Shorty
                                                                           Aug 29       The Cameraman
Seibert, Sherrie •	$135
                                                                           Sep	5	       Bowfinger
                                                                           Sep	12	      Best	of	Prescott	Film	Festival	(PFF)
SCIENCE & NATURE                                                           Sep	19	      Sunset	Blvd.
Geology of the Colorado Plateau                                            Sep 26       The Artist
FA12-197 • Thur, 10/25/12 to 12/6/12 • 9 - 11 am                           Oct 3        Manhattan Short Films
Prescott • Bldg 4, Room 123                                                Oct	10	      Best	of	Prescott	Film	Festival	(PFF)
The	 Colorado	 Plateau	 is	 a	 unique	 geologic	 feature	 that	            Oct 17       Ed Wood
encompasses a large part of four states: Arizona, Utah, New                Oct	24	      Shadow	of	the	Vampire
Mexico	 and	 Colorado.	 It	 contains	 some	 of	 the	 most	 spec-           Oct 31       Phantom of the Opera
tacular landscapes in the world, including many of the most                Nov 7        Cinema Paradiso
popular National Parks and Monuments. The Plateau contains                 Nov	14	      Best	of	Prescott	Film	Festival	(PFF)
a record of more than 500 million years of the history of the              Nov 21       NO	FILM
earth and contains clues to the nature and history of all North            Nov 28       Hugo
America. We will explore how the rocks were formed and see                 Dec 5        The Muppet Movie
what happened to them as time went on, as well as cover                    Dec	12	      Best	of	Prescott	Film	Festival	(PFF)
aspects of sedimentation, volcanism, metamorphism and
deformation.	 Then,	 we	 will	 trace	 the	 life	 forms	 that	 inhab-
ited the region through geologic time. The Plateau is rich in
mineral resources, and we will investigate how those deposits
originated. (No class 11/22.)
Steinborn, Terry •	$85

                                                                               visit or call 717.7755 to register
                           EDventures Trips
                           FALL 2012
EDventures in Learning – Travel to learn and explore your world!
At EDventures, our tour leaders are eager to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for the colorful local history,
fascinating cultures and natural features as you travel the southwest with us!

Multi-DAY TRIP                                                           Exploring Yavapai County:
3-Day Raft the Grand Canyon (3 days/2 nights) 3                          Drake, Perkinsville and Jerome 2
Fri., Sat. & Sun., Aug. 31-Sept. 2 #083112                               Thursday, Sept. 27          #092712
Experience	the	Grand	Canyon	like	never	before	as	you	paddle	             Explore	the	back	roads	of	Yavapai	County.	This	road	trip	takes	
the rapids of the lower Colorado River on a 3-day/2-night                Drake	 Road	 (from	 89	 north	 of	 Chino	 Valley)	 across	 to	 Per-
EDventures rafting trip. Prepare to get drenched! This is a              kinsville	on	the	Verde	River.	From	there	the	travel	is	up	and	
full-participation trip with the thrills of whitewater paddling,         over the flank of Woodchute Mountain to Jerome, partly on
hiking	 side	 canyons,	 exploring	 beautiful	 waterfalls	 and	           the	rail	bed	of	the	old	narrow	gauge	line	from	Chino	Valley	
camping	 along	 the	 river.	 Learn	 about	 the	 river,	 geology	 of	     to	Jerome,	then	back	over	Mingus	Mountain	via	89A.	During	
the canyon, history and the flora and fauna. Paddle hard and             the many stops along the route, we’ll discuss the geology and
hang	on	through	“The	Fang,”	231	and	234	and	the	Bridge	                  natural history of the area and touch on many aspects of the
Rapids. Activity Rating: 3                                               human	history	of	the	area.	There	will	be	a	few	short	walks	of	
$599 per person – Trip discounts do not apply.                           up	to	a	quarter	mile,	but	no	serious	hiking.	Activity Rating: 2.
(Includes ground transportation, expert guides,                          $109 per person - Trip discounts do not apply.
camping equipment, permit fees, raft excursion and                       (Includes ground transportation, field instruction
meals.) Departs 6:30AM from Prescott campus. Please                      and lunch.) Departs 8AM from Prescott. Please reserve
reserve	by	August	17.	                                                   by	Sept.	13.	

                                                                         Verde Valley Viticulture and Wine Tour                  1
DAY TRIPS                                                  1    2        Thursday, Oct. 11             #101112
Drive to the Bottom of the Grand Canyon                                                              Arizona has the perfect climate
Thursday, Sept. 13 #091312 • Friday, Sept. 21 #092112                                                for wine grapes — hot daytime
Friday, Oct. 5 #100512 • Friday, Nov. 2 #110212                                                      temperatures and cool nights —
Follow Diamond Creek as it winds through Peach Springs                                               and	the	vineyards	in	the	Verde	Valley	
Canyon	—	the	only	road	access	to	the	bottom	of	the	Grand	                                            are highly regarded. Start the day
Canyon. The road crosses and follows the creek as you are                                            with an educational overview of the
transported	 down	 canyon	 to	 the	 banks	 of	 the	 Colorado	                                        Viticulture	 program	 on	 the	 Yavapai	
River. You will enjoy a picnic lunch with an optional walk the                                       College	 Verde	 Valley	 campus.	 Take	
last mile to the river through a narrow canyon with flowing                                          the	beautiful	back	road	to	visit	Page	
stream. Activity Rating: 1-2.                                                                        Springs Winery and enjoy the art
$139 per person (Includes transportation, box lunch,                                                 and more wine tasting opportunities
permit fees, field guide.) Departs 8AM from Prescott                                                 in Jerome. Tastings are not included
campus. Please reserve at least two weeks in advance.                    in the price. Activity Rating: 1.
                                                                         $119 per person (Includes transportation, box lunch,
Tour the Starry Universe (Lowell	Observatory) 1                2         viticulture program tour and wine appreciation
Friday, Sept. 14              #091412                                    instruction.) Departs 8AM from Prescott campus.
Learn	 about	 the	 active	 research	 work	 underway	 at	 Lowell	         Please	reserve	by	Sept.	27.	
Observatory	 in	 Flagstaff	 as	 you	 tour	 one	 of	 the	 oldest	
observatories	in	the	U.S.	Wide-screen	multimedia	shows	will	             Wupatki and Sunset Crater               2
awe you, and you will have the opportunity to tour the Clark             Friday, Oct. 12               #101212
Telescope, Pluto Telescope and Historic Rotunda. Enjoy dinner            Explore	an	800-year	old	pueblo	that	flourished	as	a	meeting	
at	Beaver	Street	Brewing	Company	on	us	before	returning	to	              place	of	different	cultures	despite	being	located	in	one	of	the	
the	 observatory	 for	 the	 evening.	 Stunning	 views	 of	 the	 sky	     driest and warmest places on the Colorado Plateau. Find out
through the Lowell telescopes are the highlight of your dark             why these people made Wupatki near Flagstaff their home
sky venture. Light walking on level paths with some inclines.            and experience their legacy. Also includes walking tour of the
Please	be	aware	that	some	people	may	be	sensitive	to	high	               lava	flow	trail	at	Sunset	Crater	Volcano	National	Monument.	
elevations if not previously acclimated. Activity Rating: 1-2.           Total walking distance is 1.5 miles on easy to moderate paved
$139 per person - Trip discounts do not apply.                           trail at high elevations. Activity Rating: 2.
(Includes ground transportation, instruction, dinner,                    $129 per person (Includes transportation, box lunch,
admission fees.) Departs 10AM from Prescott. *Camp                       field instruction and admission.) Departs 8AM from
Verde	pickup	available.	Please	reserve	by	Aug.	31.	                      Prescott campus. *Camp	 Verde	 pickup	 available.	 Please	
                                                                         reserve	by	Sept.	28.	
visit or call 717.7755 to register
                            EDventures Trips
                            FALL 2012
Hiking the Verde River: Duff Springs 3                                    Get Your Kicks on Route 66!              1
Thursday, Oct. 18             #101812                                     Friday, Oct 26                #102612
Hike with EDventures! The                                                 Spend	 a	 day	 with	 us	 as	 we	 travel	 the	 “Mother	 Road”	 from	
Duff Springs section of                                                   Ash Fork to Oatman and explore the remnants of this impor-
the	 Verde	 River,	 about	 14	                                            tant	Chicago	to	L.A.	thoroughfare.	Beginning	with	a	stop	in	
miles downstream from                                                     Seligman, we’ll motor on to visit the Route 66 Museum in
the headwaters, has many                                                  Kingman	and	learn	about	the	evolution	of	travel.	Back	on	the	
interesting features. There                                               road, we’ll wind up at a living ghost town in Oatman and
are     several    prehistoric                                            see a live reenactment of an old west shootout, wild donkeys
sites, including a small cliff                                            roaming the streets and many more sights you won’t see any-
dwelling and the remains                                                  where else! Activity Rating: 1.
of an early homestead.                                                    $125 per person (Includes transportation, box lunch,
The immediate geology                                                     instruction, and all admission fees.) Departs 7AM
along	the	river	is	unique	with	dramatic	faulting	and	deformed	            from Prescott campus. Please	reserve	by	Oct.	12.	
layering. Geology, prehistory and natural history of the area
are portrayed. Total hiking distance is a little over 4 miles.            Prescott Ghost Walk                     1
The	climb	in	and	out	is	several	hundred	feet	elevation	gain,	             Saturday, Oct. 27              #102712
but	is	fairly	gentle	and	follows	a	historic	wagon	road. Activity          Join expert paranormal investigator Terri Cafazzo for a pre-
Rating: 3.                                                                Halloween tour of the most haunted locations in downtown
$109 per person - Trip discounts do not apply.                            Prescott.	 Includes	 lunch	 at	 the	 historic	 Palace	 Saloon	 on	
(Includes ground transportation, field instruction                        Whiskey	Row.	Be	prepared	to	visit	a	few	mysterious	locations!	
and box lunch.) Departs 8AM from Prescott. Please                         (See related classes on page 11-12.) Walking on paved
reserve	by	Oct.	4.	                                                       sidewalks. Activity Rating: 1.
                                                                          $69 per person - Trip discounts do not apply. (Includes
Crown King and the Southern Bradshaws 1                                   lunch, instruction and admissions.) Departs from
Friday, Oct. 19              #101912                                      downtown meeting location at 10AM. Please reserve
The history of the region’s historic gold mines comes to life!            by	Oct.	12.	
Travel	along	the	winding	roads	beside	the	old	railroads	of	the	
Bradshaws,	climb	the	railroad	switchbacks	that	pass	the	his-              Exploring Yavapai County: Copper Basin, 2
toric mines dotting the surrounding hillsides and enjoy the
magnificent	 views	 as	 you	 top	 out	 at	 the	 summit.	 A	 visit	 to	
                                                                          Skull Valley and Iron Springs
the	 Crown	 King	 General	 Store	 transports	 you	 back	 in	 time.	       Thursday, Nov. 1                #110112
Includes driving over some bumpy roads. Activity Rating: 1.               This	road	trip	will	take	us	out	Thumb	Butte	Road,	along	the	
*Cordes	Junction	pickup	available.                                        crest	 of	 the	 Sierra	 Prieta	 Mountains	 above	 Prescott,	 down	
                                                                          through	Copper	Basin	to	Skull	Valley,	and	then	back	around	
$109 per person (Includes transportation, box lunch,
                                                                          on	Iron	Springs	Road,	with	a	few	side	jaunts	here	and	there.	
instruction and admission.) Departs 8AM from
                                                                          We’ll	 see	 incredible	 scenery,	 historic	 mining	 activity,	 the	
Prescott campus. Please	reserve	by	Oct.	5.	                               unique	 Skull	 Valley	 store,	 George	 Phippen’s	 residence	 and	
                                                                          grave,	the	old	Iron	Springs	railroad	construction	camp,	 and	
Rock Art Ranch and La Posada 2                                            learn of the geology, natural history and territorial history of
Thursday, Oct. 25               #102512                                   the	area.	There	will	be	a	few	short	walks	of	up	to	a	quarter	
Step	 back	 in	 time	 with	 a	 visit	 to	 Chevelon	 Canyon	 on	 Rock	     mile,	but	no	serious	hiking.	Activity Rating: 2.
Art	Ranch,	home	to	one	of	the	finest	ancient	petroglyphs	in	              $109 per person - Trip discounts do not apply.
the world on a privately-owned ranch. The full tour includes              (Includes ground transportation, field instruction
a	visit	to	the	cowboy	museum,	working	ranch	and	a	petro-                  and box lunch.) Departs 8AM from Prescott. Please
glyph	tour.	Learn	about	the	history	of	ranching,	the	Hashknife	
                                                                          reserve	by	Oct.	18.	
Cattle	Company	and	military	and	Indian	activity	in	the	area.	
Complete	the	day	with	dinner	(on	your	own)	at	the	Turquoise	
Room	located	in	the	beautifully	restored	Fred	Harvey	Hotel,	
La Posada in Winslow. Activity Rating: 2 *Camp	Verde	pickup	
available.                                                                        Our website now has itineraries!
$149 per person (Includes transportation, box lunch,                             For detailed information, fact sheets and more,
instruction and ranch tour admission.) Departs                                      visit us online at
7:30AM from Prescott campus. Please	reserve	by	Oct	11.	                           email or call 717-7755.

visit or call 717.7755 to register
                           EDventures Trips
                           FALL 2012
Hiking Grand Canyon: Diamond Creek 3                                    Let EDventures design a regional trip
Friday, Nov. 9                 #110912
Hike with EDventures! Drive to the depths of the Grand Can-             for your group or family.
yon	 on	 the	 only	 road	 to	 the	 Colorado	 River,	 accessible	 on	    We are happy to plan and make all the arrangements for
Hualapai	Nation	lands.	Shortly	before	reaching	the	river,	this	         your next group outing. Whether it’s one day or a multi-
road	meets	Diamond	Creek.	We	will	hike	about	5	miles	round	             day adventure you are looking for, we can help plan and
trip up this creek (no steep grades and some wet walking)               make	 arrangements,	 provide	 knowledgeable	 tour	 leaders	
into	 a	 spectacular	 narrows	 and	 enjoy	 lunch	 at	 a	 beautiful	     and turn it into a fun and educational trip! Call EDventures
waterfall	beneath	thousand-foot	cliffs.	Learn	about	both	the	
                                                                        at	717-7755	to	find	out	more!
geology and natural history as we hike. The day will culminate
with a stop at the Colorado River. Optional dinner stop (on
your own). Activity Rating: 3.                                          Reservation policy
$139 per person (Includes ground transportation,                        Please reserve early! Arrangements	must	be	made	well	
field instruction, permits and box lunch.) Departs                      in	 advance	 of	 the	 trip.	 We	 regret	 any	 cancellations,	 but	
7AM from Prescott.	Please	reserve	by	Oct.	26.	                          minimum	enrollments	must	be	confirmed	as	noted	on	the	
                                                                        description or at least two weeks in advance.

                                                                        EDventures cancellation policy
                                                                        Day trip cancellation
                                                                         21	days	or	more	prior	to	departure	=	Full	refund
                                                                         8-20	days	=	75%	refund
                                                                         7	days	or	less	=	non-refundable

                                                                        Multi-Day Trip (Regional)
                                                                         30	days	or	more	=	Full	refund
                                                                         21-29	days	=	50%	refund
                                                                         15-20	days	=	25%	refund
                                                                         14	days	or	less	=	non-refundable

                                                                        Trip departure times and locations are noted under
                                                                        individual trip descriptions. Departure times on the itinerary
                                                                        are	 firm.	 No	 refunds	 will	 be	 issued	 for	 missed	 vans.	 All	
                                                                        trips depart from Yavapai College main campus at 1100
                                                                        E.	 Sheldon	 St.	 in	 Prescott.	 Vans	 meet	 at	 the	 flagpole	 in	
Bagdad Mine Tour 1                                                      the	 center	 of	 campus.	 *Cordes	 Junction	 and	 Camp	 Verde	
Tuesday, Nov. 13            #111312                                     pickup	locations	may	be	available.	
Get	a	guided	tour	of	an	open-pit	copper/molybdenum	mine.	               Discounts	cannot	be	combined	and	do	not	apply	to	single	
Hear	the	history	of	this	mining	operation	beginning	with	the	           supplement fees. Not all trips are discounted.
1882 stake claim and learn the steps involved in mining and
processing	of	copper.	We’ll	stop	for	lunch	at	a	local	Bagdad	           Please	 notify	 us	 of	 any	 mobility	 restrictions,	 dietary	
restaurant, on your own. Activity Rating: 1.                            restrictions (for trips that include meals), and/or hearing/
$99 per person - Trip discounts do not apply. (Includes                 vision impairment prior to the trip so we may ensure your
transportation, mine tour, instruction.) Departs 8AM                    safe	and	enjoyable	experience.
from Prescott campus. Please	reserve	by	Oct.	30.
                                                                        For detailed information, fact sheets and more, visit us
                                                                        online at, email
                                                                        or call 717-7755.

                                                                             Call 717.7755 or visit
  Travel to Maasiland Kenya                                       
        in August 2013.                                                       to register TODAY!
   See back cover for details.
visit or call 717.7755 to register
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Is getting to your Class
  Entry / Exit to
  Washington Street
                                                                                                                                                     Prescott Campus                                                                   a challenge because of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       a disability?
     Softball Field
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       For those who need assistance in
                                                                              Supai Hall

                           Tennis Courts
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       finding appropriate parking and
                                                                                      Kachina Hall                                                                                                                                     getting to your classroom, we
                                                                                                           Marapai Hall
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       offer the following information:
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Disability parking is located
                              Baseball Field

                                                                                                    8                                      J

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       at the second floor level behind
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Buildings 3 and 4 and in parking

                                                                                                                          M                                    2                                                                       lot M. You must have a disability
                                                                                                                                Library / Computer
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       permit to park in these areas. You
                                                                                                                                                                                 1                   T
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       may take the elevator in Buildings
                                                              Studio Art
                                                                                 18                                                     19

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       2, 3 and 4 to the first floor level.
                                                                                                          hi t
                                                                                                                                                                   n Cir
                                                                                                                    Ave                                        eto


                                                                                                                                                                      c le

                                                                                              16                                                                                 C                   5
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       If there are any other disability
                                                                  Sculpture Garden

                                            Performance Hall
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       concerns or requests for
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       accommodations, please do not
                                                                                           ton Avenu

                                                                                                                      Campus Police                                                                   F
                                               ENTRANCE                                                               28
                                                                                                                                                          34                     31          G       29                                hesitate to contact Disability
                                                                                                                                  I                            32            H    30-A

                                                                                                 on Sr
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Resources for assistance at
                                                P                                                     eet                                                                                             To
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       (928) 776-2079.
                                                     t re
                                               Rush S

Ken Lindley Soccer Field              11                     12
Arizona St. & Gurley St.                                                                                                                                                                                               Rev. Aug 2009

                                                                                                                                                          31. Community Ed/
                                                                                                                                                           EDventures Office

  Registration Form
  Contact us early for information and registration. All registration is done through the Community Education Office,
  phone 928.717.7755; FAX 928.717.7635, or stop by Building 31 Room 110 between 8:30 am and 4 pm Monday through Friday.
       Mail form to: Community Education,1100 E Sheldon St PMB 6912, Prescott AZ 86301-3297 • Email:
       Name ___________________________________________________________________________
       Phone _________________________________________Birth Date __________________________
       Address _________________________________________________________________________
       City _________________________________________State/Zip ____________________________

       I’d like to enroll in these classes:

       ID number Title                                                                      Fee                                                      Make checks payable to Yavapai College.
       _________ _______________                                                            ___
                                                                                                                                                     (Cash payments are accepted for in person registration only.)
       _________ _______________                                                            ___

       _________ _______________                                                            ___                                                      Have you taken classes at Yavapai College in the past?
                                                                                                                                                     Yes q No q
       _________ _______________                                                            ___

       Total Enclosed __________
                                                                                                    NON-PROFIT ORG.
                                                                                                     U.S. POSTAGE
Community Education                                                                                PRESCOTT, AZ 86301
                                                                                                      PERMIT #125
1100 E Sheldon St PMB 6912
Prescott AZ 86301-3297

                                     Carrier-Route Pre-sorted
                                      Postal Customer Local

                                                   11-day tour
                                on the AfricAn continent
                                               August 8-18, 2013
                                EDventures International Trip
                                tour the land of
                                the Maasai people in
                                Kenya, Africa
                                Join EDventures as we travel to the heart of Maasailand, Kenya. This is
                                an extraordinary travel and service adventure. Travelers will have ample
                                opportunities to meet the people, experience cultural exchanges and
                                participate in a service project that focuses on children’s education.
                                Throughout your travel, there will be plenty of time to see this beautiful
                                country, “meet” young elephants at an orphanage, follow a wildebeest
                                migration and view awesome big game.
                                The group arrives and departs from Nairobi, Kenya. Experiences include:
                                •	   Baby	elephant	orphanage	and	giraffe	center
                                •	   Lake	Elmenteita,	home	to	flamingoes	and	big	rhinos
                                •	   Women’s	beading	cooperative
                                •	   Visit	Erusiai	school	and	learn	about	children’s	education	in	this	Maasai	
                                •	   Celebrate	“prize	day”	at	a	school	with	the	children	and	join	the	Maasai	village	
                                     singing and dancing
                                •	   Game	drives	through	the	Maasai	Mara	Reserve	to	view	lions,	elephants	and	the	
                                     massive wildebeest migration
                                •	   Optional	balloon	rides	over	the	wildebeest	herds
                                •	   Visit	Siana	Primary,	a	model	Maasai	school
                                •	   Participate	in	an	educational	service	project	at	a	girls’	primary	school	near	Talek

                                Tour leader Mary Poole has lived and traveled extensively in this region of
                                Africa, developed lifelong friendships and coordinated numerous water and
                                educational work projects.
  Bring your heart to Kenya!
  Make a difference in          Informational presentation
  the lives of children and     Saturday, October 20, 2012
  experience Maasailand.        Yavapai College Prescott campus.
                                Light refreshments will be served.
                                No purchase required. Space is limited.
  Please RSVP to 928.717.7755

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