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									Speak Up Or Else Backgrounder The Problem Reckless driving among America’s youth is a serious problem and it has deadly consequences. For more than two decades, car crashes have been the number one killer of teens. On average, more than 300,000 teens are injured in car crashes each year, nearly 8,000 are involved in fatal crashes and more than 3,500 are killed. Young adults are also involved in more than five times as many fatal crashes as adults. About Speak Up Or Else What is the goal of the campaign? The goal of the campaign is to save lives. With the message “Speak Up,” the Speak Up Or Else campaign targets young adults between the ages of 15 and 21 in order to:  Decrease instances of reckless driving among teens  Let teen passengers know that they need to speak up against reckless driving  Empower teen passengers to speak up when they are in a car and don’t feel safe  Increase awareness of the dangers of reckless driving What campaign tools and resources are available? All materials are available on the campaign Web site, www.SpeakUpOrElse.com, including:  Public Service Announcements (PSAs) for television and radio  Toolkit – for school- and community-based outreach; provides resources and activities for students, teachers, law enforcement officials, community groups and others. Includes: o PowerPoint Presentation and Talking Points o School/Classroom Activity and Community Outreach Guide o Speaker’s How To o Media Relations Tips o Matte Article o Fact Sheet  Speak Up Or Else E-card—a creative way to “speak up” and tell friends that their driving is dangerous. Teens can send a free customized e-mail to their friends.  Web Gallery - stories and videos from teens who think back to those moments when they could have said something to a friend making a reckless decision… and what they plan to say in the future.

Speak Up Or Else Backgrounder, p.2. Who is behind the campaign? The campaign is sponsored by the Ad Council and coalition of state Attorneys General and consumer protection agencies. It is funded through a 2002 settlement between the 50 states and the Ford Motor company. The state Attorneys General and consumer protection agencies were responsible for allocating the settlement money for public education campaigns, including $3 million for the Speak Up Or Else campaign. For almost 65 years, the Ad Council has been improving the lives of Americans by raising awareness about critical social issues and inspiring people to take action. The organization is known for generating positive social change and, like other Ad Council campaigns, the Speak Up Or Else campaign will raise awareness about the issue, inspire individuals to take positive action and ultimately save lives. Who are the campaign partners? AAA (American Automobile Association) and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) are major partners in the Speak Up Or Else campaign and are helping to spread the word about the danger of reckless driving. A number of other youth organizations assist in disseminating campaign materials and information to young people nationwide. Where can I learn more about campaign resources or becoming a partner? Visit the campaign Web site at www.SpeakUpOrElse.com.

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