How To Set Categories And Weights by lizzy2008


									                           How to Set Categories and Weights
If you teach several classes whose categories and weights are the same, set up one class, then
copy to other classes.

   1. From the Home page, click the Def link for the appropriate class.

   2. Click the Categories tab.

   3. Do not put a check in the EXAM-Semester Exam box.
4. Put a check in the F-Formative box if you use that category in your grading method. If
   you do not know your grading method, ask your Department Chairperson.

5. Enter the weight percentage for the Formative category. Check the Weights Reference
   Chart below for details on weights to use.

6. (Optional) Enter the number of lowest assignments that you want to drop. Be sure and
   check with your Department Chairperson before using this feature.
7. In the ‘Exclude Missing’ box, select ‘Exclude missing scores from the average’

8. Click the Save button.

9. Put a check in the S-Summative box if you use that category in your grading method.
   10. Enter the Weight, Drop Lowest, and Exclude Missing as described in #5 - #7 above, then
       click the Save button.

                                   Weights Reference Chart

                                        25%   -   enter .25
                                        30%   -   enter .3
                                        40%   -   enter .4
                                        50%   -   enter .5
                                        60%   -   enter .6
                                        70%   -   enter .7
                                        75%   -   enter .75

11. If you use just one category, put a check in the ‘All Work’ category. Leave the other boxes
blank. Set the Weight to 1, Drop Lowest (optional), and Exclude Missing to ‘Exclude missing
scores from the average. Then, click the Save button.

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