The Rusty Tractor
Volume 4, Issue 2               Grandview Antique Tractor & Machinery Club                        February 2012

      GATMC was well                   in the Open Class 4000.                his Sears Surburban Lawn Mower
  represented at the recent Glen            Everett Passon made a             and an altered lawn tractor.
  Rose Antique Tractor &               really good showing by winning         Buddy Barrington, Willie
  Machinery Club 11th Annual           1st in Division 2, 4500 Class and      Williams, and Tom Goltz also
  Winter Show & Pull on                missed 1st place in Division 2,        attended.
  February 3 & 4. It definitely        4000 Class by only 4”. What a              Congratulations to everyone.
  was an all day affair with pulls     heart-breaker!
  lasting past 9 p.m. I think               Rose Goltz on her newly-
  everyone will agree it was a         painted pink Farmall placed 1st
  terrific show and exciting pull.     in Division 1, 7000 Class and          NOTE: If anyone taking pictures
      Jerrell Holveck placed 3rd in    2nd in Division 1, 6500 Class.         at any of the pulls/shows would e-
  both the Division 1, 3500 Class           Tommy Williams rounded            mail them to
  and Division 2, 3500 Class.          out our list of winners by taking           gatmc@windstream.net
  Dadgum them Olivers…..huh,           1st place in Division 2, 6500          it would be a great addition to our
  Jerrell?                             Class.                                 newsletter and web site and
      Terry Jackson won 1st place           Joey Quattlebaum showed           would be greatly appreciated.

                                                        Due to increase in
                                                        meeting attendance, it
                                                        has become
                                                        necessary to change
  Don’t forget club membership dues are due at our      our meeting place.
  February meeting. The due date for annual dues        Effective with our
  was changed at our February 24, 2011, meeting         February meeting on
                                                        the 23 , we will no
  when our by-laws were amended to have only one
                                                        longer meet at the
  membership with dues of $25 per year.                 Grandview Retirement
  This change came about to meet the deadline for       Village Community Center but will move to the
                                                        Grandview Community Center Annex located at 202
  membership dues payment to Early Days Gas
                                                        East Criner. The Annex is located just west of the
  Engines & Tractor Association (EDGETA) which is       traffic light between the Grandview Lodge and Country
  March 15.                                             Guitars & Recording. Meeting time will remain at 7
                                                        p.m. and we will continue to have a potluck prior to the
  If you are unable to make our February meeting,       meeting.
  please mail your payment to GATMC, 302 East
  McFarland Street, Grandview, Texas 76050.
       Sunday              Monday            Tuesday           Wednesday        Thursday          Friday         Saturday
                                                          1                2                 3              4
                                                                                              Glen Rose
                                                                                               Antique         Glen Rose
                                                                                              Tractor &     Antique Tractor
                                                                                              Machinery      & Machinery
                                                                                               Club Old     Club Old Tyme
                                                                                             Tyme Tractor   Tractor Show &
                                                                                             Show & Pull,   Pull, Somervell
                                                                                              Somervell      County Expo
                                                                                             County Expo     Center, Glen
                                                                                             Center, Glen      Rose, TX
                                                                                              Rose, TX
5                   6                   7                 8                9                 10             11

12                  13                  14                15               16                17             18

                         Jeff Holveck

19                  20                  21                22               23                24             25

    Jack Sandeers                                                                                                Tommie
                                            Mardi Gras                           Buddy &                          Poteet
                            Daya            Fat Tuesday                           Deloris
                                                                                                            The 26th Annual
26                  27                  28                29                                                  North Texas
                                                                                                            Farm Toy Show,
                                                                                Regular                      Gainsville, TX
                                                                                 7 p.m.
                    3                   3                 3                10
                        Granbury          Brazoria          Bastrop            Goltz
                       Flywheeler       Heritage Foun-    Antique Farm     Any & All Pull,
                    Spring “Gas-Up”     dation Annual        Show,         10225 CR 418,
                     at Bill Keene’s,   Founders Day       Bastrop, TX     Grandview, TX
                    5500 Midway Rd,      Celebration,
                     Haltom City, TX    Brazoria Civic
                                         Brazoria, TX

                                                               Looking at the following schedule, you can see 2012 is going to be
                                                               a very busy year. You’ll notice some are noted TBA (To Be
                                                               Announced) because several clubs have not made their show/pull
                                                               dates available. For any additions or noted discrepancies, please
                                                               call or e-mail me (See last page). Please verify date(s) prior to
February                                                       travel.
3-4 Glen Rose Antique
                                                                     April cont’d
      Tractor & Machinery
                                                                     21    Show & Pull, Meridian, TX (254-435-2184, David
      Club Old Tyme Tractor Show & Pull, Somervell County
                                                                           Duke) (HWH)
      Expo Center, Glen Rose, TX (254-897-1876, Alan
                                                                     21    Dwayne Fuller’s 9th Annual Spring Show & Swap
      Steele, or www.glenrosetractorclub.com or
                                                                           Meet, Longview, TX (Info: cdtitleworks@msn.com;
      www.glenroseexpo.org) (HWH)
                                                                           903-235-5284 cell; 903-758-5629 home)
25    The 26th Annual North Texas Farm Toy Show,
                                                                     28    Pull (ALL), Godley, TX (817-240-2801, Doug Rinney)
      Gainsville, TX (940-759-2876)
                                                                     28    The Graham Antique Tractor & Engine Club Annual
TBA AHFEC Playday & Tractor Ride, Byron Brock’s Farm,
                                                                           Show, Fort Richardson State Park, Jacksonboro, TX
      Godley, TX (817-996-4588)
3     Granbury Flywheeler Spring “Gas-Up” at Bill Keene’s,
                                                                     11-12 Show & Pull, Bremond, TX (254-746-7771, Greg
      5500 Midway Rd, Haltom City, TX, (817-944-6065,
                                                                           Allen) (HWH)
                                                                     12    Granbury Flywheeler Annual Swap Meet, Lambert
3     Brazoria Heritage Foundation Annual Founders Day
                                                                           Park, Granbury, TX (817-944-6065 or 817-834-
      Celebration, Brazoria Civic Center, Brazoria, TX (979-
      798-6100, 979-798-1414,
                                                                     19    Red River Valley Antique Tractor Club Power of the
      http://www.brazoriahf.org/events/heritageday.html )
                                                                           Past Show, Paris, TX (903-982-5648, Martin
3     Bastrop Antique Farm Show, Bastrop, TX (512-332-
                                                                           Lohaus or mhbalohaus@1starnet.com )
      6051, Reid Sharp or rshart@fnbbastrop.com
                                                                     19    Texas Plow Boys Denton County Country Festival &
10    Goltz Any & All Pull, 10225 CR 418, Grandview, TX,
                                                                           Club Show, North Texas State Fairgrounds, Denton,
      (817-944-1480) (HWH)
                                                                           TX (940-241-2700 Raymond Fenley or
6-7 East Texas Tractor Show & Swap Meet, First Monday
                                                                     29-30 The Heart of Texas Tractor & Engine Club Show &
      Grounds, Canton, TX (214-686-0125 or
                                                                           Pull, Hillsboro, TX (254-582-9875)
      jeffah20@hotmail.com or jmgrigsby@juno.com)
13-14 Show & Pull, Stephenville City Park, Stephenville, TX
                                                                     8-9 Hill Country Antique Tractor & Engine Club Show,
      (254-485-2331, Roxanne) (HWH)
                                                                           Fredericksburg, TX (830-896-8841/830-285-3025
14    7th Annual Hill Country Antique Tractor & Engine Club
                                                                           cel, Boots Follmar or 830-990-8551/830-889-9348
      Bluebonnet Tractor Ride, Fredericksburg, TX (830-
                                                                           cel, Regina Weidenfeller or reginaw@fisd.org or
      990-8551, 830-997-5522, 830-889-0077 or
                                                                           www.rustyiron.org ) (HWH)
      reginaw@fisd.org or kjtreibs@ctesc.net or
                                                                     9     Duncan Searight Memorial Pull, Meridan, TX (254-
                                                                     9-10 North Texas Antique Tractor & Engine Club 20th
TBA Glen Rose Antique Tractor & Machinery Club Trail
                                                                           Annual Tractor & Engine Show, Terrell, TX (214-
      Ride, Glen Rose, TX (254-396-3156, 254-897-4511,
                                                                           341-4539, Ona Cook or 972-854-3119, Gary
      817-517-9318, 888-346-6282)                                          Pearson, hccacook@airmail.net, www.north-texas-
20-21 GATMC Semi-Annual Antique Alley Spring Show,                         antique-tractor-and-engine-club.org)
      Grandview, TX (817-866-2369 or                                 16    South Texas Wheel Spinners, Crank Twisters &
      gatmc@windstream.net or                                              Everyday Heroes 27th Annual Ricebelt Antique
      www.grandviewantiquetractor.com )                                    Tactor Show & Pull, El Campo, TX (979-543-4215 or
20-21 The East Texas Antique Tractor & Engine Assn                         www.chappellantiquetractors.com )
      Memories of Yesteryear Show, Rusk County Youth                 15-16 Golden Harvest Days, Esbenschade Farms,
      Expo, Henderson, TX (903-693-5042 or 903-889-                          Colbert, OK (580-283-3453)
      2671, Don Reynolds or www.etatea.org

2012 SHOW SCHEDULE cont’d

July                                                                           In Our Prayers
TBA     Glen Rose Antique Tractor & Machinery Club Old
        Tyme Tractor Show & Pull, Somervell County Expo
        Center, Glen Rose, TX (254-396-3156, 254-897-
                                                                    Marie Williams – hip surgery – at home &
        4511, 817-517-9318, 888-346-6282)
                                                                    doing great –
26-27 Hill Country Antique Tractor & Engine Club
       Heritage Show, Fredericksburg, TX (830-896-                  Walt Fullerton – cancer – Crestview-
       8841/ 830-285-3025 cel, Boots Follmar or 830-                Ashton Rehab, 224 W Pleasant Run Rd,
       990-8551/830-889-9348 cel, Regina Weidenfeller               Cedar Hill – Room 104
       or reginaw@fisd.org or www.rustyiron.org)
September                                                           Tommie Poteet – by-pass
1-2    Cooke County Antique Tractor & Farm Machinery
                                                                    surgery - Global Rehab, 6601
       Club 27th Annual Show, Gainsville, TX (940-736-
                                                                    Harris Parkway, Ft Worth –
       4541/940-665-6823/800-689-7861, Willie Joe
                                                                    Room 210 -- 817-433-9600
        Matthews or www.antiquetractorshow.net )
14-15   Antique Pull, Wells Arena on US 183 South,
        Gonzales, TX (713-560-9049, Kenneth Hyden)
TBA     Murray County Antique Tractor & Implement Club
        Show, Sulphur, OK (580-264-0500, Rick Pender or
TBA     Liberty Chapel Fire Department Show, Hwy 4,
        Cleburne, TX
29-30   Johnson County Antique Tractor Club Show,
        Alvarado, TX (817-401-1708) Unconfirmed
5-6     Texas Early Day Tractor and Engine Assn. 39th
        Annual Show, Temple, TX (254-230-9188 or
        tedteainfo@gmail.com )
TBA     52nd Annual Winnsboro Autumn Trails Festival                            February Meeting
        Antique Tractor Show, Pull & Trail Ride, Winnsboro,
        TX (903-342-1958)                                                         02/23/12 @ 7 p.m.
12-13 GATMC & Goltz Show & Pull, 10225 CR 418,                             Grandview Community Center Annex
        Grandview, TX (817-866-2369, GATMC; 817-944-
        1480, Tom) (HWH)
TBA     Granbury Flywheeler Annual Fall Show, Lambert
        Park, Granbury, TX (682-553-9669, 817-457-6850)
19-20 Show & Pull, Bremond, TX (254-746-7771, Greg
        Allen) (HWH)
27      National Championship BBQ Cook-Off & Bosque
        Bottoms Tractor Show & Pull, Meridian, TX
10      East Texas Antique Tractor & Engine Assn Heritage
        Syrup Festival, Henderson, TX (903-889-2671, Don
        Reynolds or www.etatea.org or
        www.depot@depotmuseum.com or
        www.depotmuseum.com )

                                                                 year which includes ads in our monthly newsletter and on
         1/26/12 Meeting Minutes                                 our web site. If they have a banner, we can use theirs or
                                                                 can have a banner made at a one-time cost of $50. Other
The meeting was called to order by Willie Williams,
                                                                 areas where someone might be of help were the club
President, at 7:33 p.m. with 17 members present and two
                                                                 newsletter, web site, and meeting potlucks.
guests, Christi and Brandon Witt. Brandon Witt won one-           ACTION: Charlene will have business cards available
half the $45 pot.                                                                  at our February meeting.
                                                                 Charlene advised in order to save money newsletters will
Charlene Williams read the minutes of our November 11,
                                                                 be e-mailed to those with e-mails and passed around a
2011, meeting. A motion was made by Milly Holveck
                                                                 membership list asking that everyone ensure the e-mail
and seconded by Tom Goltz to accept the minutes as
                                                                 and phone number(s) listed were correct. Newsletters will
read. Motion Carried.
                                                                 continue to be mailed to those who do not have e-mail.
                                                                 She also advised that input from members is needed for
Treasurer’s Report
                                                                 the Tractor Show articles.
The 12/31/11 and 1/26/12 Treasurer’s Reports were read.
Tommy Williams motioned to accept the reports as
                                                                 Our upcoming spring show was discussed. Charlene
presented, seconded by Jeff Holveck. Motion carried.
                                                                 advised that Nita Redman with Antique Alley had been
                                                                 advised, and we are awaiting response from Tony Cobb
Membership Report
                                                                 regarding use of his property located at 101 East Main
The 12/31/11 Membership Report was presented showing
                                                                 Street. Information has been posted on YTMag and the
a total of 36 members.
                                                                 Texas Plowboy’s web sights. In addition, several local
                                                                 clubs have been notified. Initially a conflict with the Dublin
Committee Reports
                                                                 pull caused some concern, but after learning that the
                                                                 Dublin pull was cancelled, it was the general consenus of
                                                                 those present to proceed with our Semi-Annual Spring
Old Business
                                                                 Antique Alley Show on April 20 & 21. Charlene also noted
Tommy Williams asked about problems with paying Early
                                                                 that a group from England who will be traveling the US is
Days Engine & Tractor Association (EDGETA) dues for
                                                                 excited about attending our show. Charlene suggested
members who had not paid their GATMC dues. Charlene
                                                                 obtaining item(s) to use for a raffle in addition to our silent
Williams explained that this was the reason for amending
                                                                 auction/yard sale, but no interest was expressed.
our by-laws last year to have dues payable by the February        ACTION: Charlene will have flyers for the spring show
meeting, so all dues could be collected prior to the March                   available at the February meeting.
15 due date for EDGETA dues.
                                                                 Charlene also advised that she had notified the same
Willie reported on the Grandview Christmas parade and
                                                                 organizations about our fall pull co-sponsored by the
our Christmas party. He stated we had a good turn out at
                                                                 Goltz’s on September 13. Tom noted that the Goltz’s show
the parade and there wouldn’t have been much of a parade
                                                                 will be held March 10 and invited the club to participate.
if it weren’t for the tractors. The Christmas party was well
attended and everyone had a good time.
                                                                 Charlene advised that she had been in contact with Susan
                                                                 Ray regarding using the Grandview Community Center
New Business
                                                                 Annex for our monthly meetings. Since we are a local non-
Willie opened the floor for nominations for officers and
                                                                 profit organization, we can use the facility at no charge.
board members of the club. Butch Caldwell suggested that
                                                                 The Annex will accommodate 50 people. Other than a
the current officers and board members remain in office.
                                                                 refrigerator, no kitchen facilities are available. Set up of
Tom Goltz made the motion to accept the current
                                                                 tables and chairs will have to be done prior to and after
officers and board members by acclimation. Motion
                                                                 each meeting. Tom Goltz motioned to move our
seconded by Everett Passon. Motion carried. The
                                                                 meeting place from the Grandview Retirement Village
2012 officers and board members are:                             Community Center to the Grandview Community
                                                                 Center Annex located at 202 East Criner just west of
               President: Willie Williams                        the traffic light. Tommy Williams seconded. Motion
           Vice President: Buddy Barrington                      Carried.
        Secretary/Treasurer: Charlene Williams                   ACTION: Charlene will advise Susan and proceed with
            Safety Officer: Tommie Poteet                                                 this change.
   Board Members: Don Hestand, Everett Passon, and
                   Tommy Williams                                Adjourn Meeting
                                                                 There being no further business, Don Hestand made a
Charlene asked for assistance in performing some of the          motion to adjourn.
duties now handled by the secretary/treasurer as noted in
the January newsletter. Rose Goltz agreed to helping with
                                                                 Respectfully submitted,
getting notices regarding club meetings and shows in local
newspapers. Jeff Holveck suggested that all members
help with selling banners to businesses and organizations.
                                                                 Charlene Williams
Charlene stated that we have a supply of business cards
which can be used when approaching individuals regarding
flying their banners. The cost to fly a banner is $50 per

                     The Legend of the
                  Holveck’s Farmall “C”
       The Holveck farm lay in the rich mountain creek
black land bottom, four miles west of Cedar Hill, Texas.
In September of 1950, Paul Holveck bought a Farmall
“C”, a set of busters and a cultivator for $1,750 from
Homer Robnett at Farmers Supply in Waxahachie,
Texas. He along with his son, Jerrell, and a large
extended family farmed as much as 450 acres for almost
half a century. This little “C” was one of the many
Farmall’s that did the bedding, cultivating, mowing &
raking hay, and pulling an I-H 45T hay baler. It was also
used for pulling bundle wagons, an I-H 3 disc breaking
plow, a defoliation sprayer, and a belt was used to power
a 22” McCormick Deering thresher. During its hey-day, it
was often called on to go beyond the call of duty and
perform at a much higher level than the specs said it
should. It was truly a workhorse on the farm. Even after              The Holveck’s Farmall “C”
a long workday, the “C” could also be the life of the party.
It’s been used for countless school and church hayrides
and was “borrowed” by Paul’s younger children and
grandchildren for many trips to the creek for crawfishing,
hunting, and fishing or to the “back 40” for a spring picnic
or sometimes just for a joyride around the farm to look at
the wildflowers or cows. The Holveck farm was blessed
with much “Red Power” – an F20, F30, Super H, H,
Super M, M, Super C, and the “C” and a variety of
International Harvester implements also. But the “C” has
always been Jerrell’s favorite. That shiny, new Farmall
was the prettiest tractor that a fourteen-year-old boy had
ever seen. In 1979, the Holveck farm was sold to the
government for the development of Joe Poole Lake. At
that time, the “C” was sold to a local man, Jack King, who
used it to maintain a Saddle Club roping areanas. In
1983, Jerrell got the opportunity to buy the “C” from Mr.
King for $1,600. In 1985-1986, he restored it to its
original condition, and its only job now is to look good at
antique tractor shows. Jerrell’s grandchildren now drive it
around the driveway at his home and in the occasional
parade. This Farmall “C” has been used by four                        Jerrell on his farmall “C” at the
generations of the Holveck’s for work and fun, and it’s still          2011 GATMC/goltz fall show
going strong?

  Grandview Antique
 Tractor & Machinery
    Grandview, TX 76050

        817-373-2646                                    105 E Criner, Grandview, TX – 817-866-3316
                                                        303 Colonial, Cleburne, TX – 817-641-3100
                                                        100 Percifield Tr, Alvarado, TX – 817-790-1400

                                             Vicki Lynn’s Music Center
       2012 Meetings                   503-A W. Henderson St, Cleburne, TX – 817-641-2462
            3/29                                 R C Cattle Company
            4/26                                 Farm Raised Beef – 817-373-3238
            7/26                      Heritage Trails Nursing & Rehabilitation
            8/30                           301 Lincoln Park Dr, Cleburne – 817-306-0051
         Dec - TBD

   2012 Officers & Board

                               Tractors & Equipment                     Vicki Lynn’s Music Center
    Rusty Tractor Editor                                                      503-A W. Henderson St
     Charlene Williams                 Everett Passon
                                                                                Cleburne, TX 76033
        817-866-2369                   817-925-2748
charwill2007@windstream.net          Buy Sell Trade

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                                   Call 817-866-2369 or
                               e-mail gatmc@windstream.net

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                                    City, State 98765-4321


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