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					                  Troop 476 Boy Scouts of America
                             Committee Meeting Minutes
                                     February 25, 2002
Mrs. Guttadauro, substituting for L.T., Committee Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:33 PM.

Attendance: Families represented were: Anderson, Bill, Bringhans, Cheng, Dang, Darr, Endo, Gabriel,
Guttadauro, Hofstetter, Hung, Kuo, Kwag, Lal, Latona, Y. Lee, Liaw, Lucas, Min, Murugesan, Parker,
Patel, Pettibone, Qian, Robertson, Schramm, Shannon, Spitzer, Sury, Teng, Wedig, Wei, Yu.

The committee welcomed visitors May Ang, Jenny Hiew, Mary Ng Shien, and T.S. Lucas. Mr. Lucas is
visiting from India where he has over 50 years of Scouting experience and was the National Training
Commissioner for India.

Approval of Minutes: Minutes of January 21, 2002 were approved unanimously.

       Treasurer’s Report (Mr. Guthrie)

           No report. Mr. Guthrie was absent

       Quartermaster’s Report (Mr. Spitzer)

           Mr. Spitzer reported that in preparation for the Pinecrest Snow Campout 17 tents had been
            set up and waterproofed and some poles and stuff bags replaced. Several tents have not
            been returned and parents are asked to remind their Scouts to return any equipment they
            may have at home. The turnout to help with this activity was very good.

District & Council Events:
       Events highlighted at the Polaris District Roundtable on February 12th include: (call the Council
        Service Center (CSS) to register for any of the following): All committee members are eligible
        and urged to take any of the following courses. They’re not just for the uniformed adults.

           New Leader Essentials (2 hrs; 8:30 – 10:30 am) at the CSS $5

           Den Chief Training is on 3/16 at the Council Service Center, 8:30-4:00 pm. Cost is $10 and
            includes lunch. Needed for Den Chief Award.

           Basic Leader Training on 3/16 has been cancelled and replaced with the following:
           SM/ASM Specific on March 23 (8:30 – 5:00 pm) at the CSS. Cost is $10.

           Outdoor Essentials training is available on 4/26-28. This is a “Trail to First Class” for adults.

           Rendezvous at Camp Hi Sierra is 7/21-26. Deadline was the end of December for
            registration but it may not be too late to register. Jim Long is the contact at the Council
            Service Center. This event is held every other year. See the troop calendar for July on our
            web site for a link to more details.

Adult Training:
       Mr. Ulicki has asked for an adult volunteer to head up troop adult training. He is working as the
        training chairman for the Polaris District.
Trip Reports & Upcoming Events:
      A Court of Honor was held on Thursday, February 21 . The event went very well. Mrs.
       Guttadauro recommended that future COH use a younger Scout and an older Scout as

      The turnout for Scout Sunday services at St. Joseph’s was very poor, only 5 Scouts
       attended on 2/4. This was not promoted heavily this year. A Chaplain’s Aide Advisor is
       needed to replace Mr. Stout, who moved away last year.
      The February 23 Planning Meeting will be rescheduled because it conflicted with the
       Pinecrest Snow Campout. Mr. Latona and the SPL will decide on a new date.
      W.E.S.T. Fair Webelos event was February 9 , 10 – 2 pm. Mr. Wedig & Mr. Parker
       reported a very good turnout of roughly 35 Webelos plus their parents. A slide show was
       shown and cookies baked in a box oven was the troop demonstration. Three Scouts
      Pinnacles Bike/Hike Campout is scheduled for March 2-3 . Signups are by e-mail and are
       needed by the troop meeting Thursday, 2/28. Parents were reminded that the biking
       portion of the trek is somewhat strenuous and a special permission slip/information sheet
       for the bikers was provided (also available on the web site.)
      Uvas Canyon Campout March 16-17 . Needs a trek leader. Mr. Wedig will assist with
       coordinating the event. There are a large number of Webelos who may attend based on
       the interest at WESTFair so it is important that this trip be handled with enough advance
       planning to assure that it goes well.

      An organizing meeting for the Philmont crews will be held Wednesday, 2/27, at 7:30 –
       9:00 pm in the7th grade classroom at St. Joseph’s. Parents and Scouts going to Philmont
       are urged to attend.

Community Service:

      Two community service projects are available for troop or patrol action;

          A painting project at a City Park. See Mr. Guthrie. Paint is provided by the City.

          Goodwill/Goodturn. This is a used clothing drive sponsored by Goodwill Industries.
           Bags are available at the Scout Service Center.

                                                 th               th
      Aluminum can collection is February 28 and March 28 . Mr. Hung reported that $94 was
       collected from aluminum cans in January.
      Mr. Endo announced that the Mother’s Day Pancake Breakfast will be held on May 12 and
       indicated that the Parish Hall had been reserved. Parents are needed to help solicit donations of
       food and paper goods for the event. Tickets and other planning will be announced later.

.Old Business:
      Display Case Update: The display case has been installed and some additional decoration
       needs to be done. The overall cost of the case is about $250. A special thank you to Mr.
       Robertson for his efforts in obtaining and installing this case. A motion was made and passed
       unanimously to provide a $50 gift certificate to Mr. Gomez, the school custodian, for the many
       hours of work he put into installing the cabinet.

      The artwork for the high adventure patch is complete and 2 vendors are being considered for
       price and delivery schedule.
      The troop has 4 canoes and a mold for fiberglass canoe construction that Mr. Pierce has been
       storing. The troop needs to find new storage for these canoes. Mr. Guttadauro solicited a
       subcommittee of himself, Mr. Gabriel and Mr. Chin to examine storage alternatives in January but
       no action has been taken yet. One suggestion was to ask the church to use a vacant area behind
       the school and build canoe racks there.

      Driving Chair Report: Mr. Shannon indicated that the driving report and points totals are up to
       date and posted on the web site.

New Business:
      Mr. Schramm talked briefly about Camp Whitsett, August 11-17 . 7 Scouts and 2 adults are
       signed up so far and there is plenty of room for more to attend. Please see Mr. Schramm to sign

      Sue Teng, Friends of Scouting (FOS) drive chairman, passed out donation cards and indicated
       that 15 families had responded so far. It takes about $175 per scout to maintain the council and
       district activities for a year. Deadline is the end of April. We have set a goal of $6150 for the
       troop for 2002.

      The third and final payment for Philmont (not including transportation costs) is due in March.
       More information will be sent out to the Philmont crews.

Scoutmaster’s Minute: (Mr. Latona)
      Mr. Latona briefly highlighted the Pinnacles trip and encouraged Scouts and parents to attend.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM


      Next committee meeting is Monday, March 18th at 7:30 PM in the AV room. Hosts are Patel,
       Pettibone and Qian.

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