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September 28, 2012

It has been an absolutely wonderful September here at Sherwood School! All staff have worked together
to make sure that all students have had a great month. We are so pleased that you have joined us at
Sherwood School and we truly believe that you are in one of the very best schools in the Edmonton
Public School District. Our expectations have been set, routines are being reinforced and students are
engaged in the teaching and learning process. We are looking forward to a very successful year.

We were extremely pleased that so many new families have joined us for Kindergarten and we did have
to re-organize our classes in K-2 to accommodate the increase in enrollment. We now have one
Kindergarten class, one K-1 class and one Grade 2 class. We are very excited that more families are
choosing Sherwood and we know that you will enjoy being in our learning community. We have welcomed
many new staff including Mrs. Amanda Freeman (Kindergarten); Ms. Mandy Cowper-Smith (Grades ¾);
Ms. Melissa Purcell (Part time-Grade 2); Ortensia Norton (Part time-Teacher Librarian); Miss Samantha
Mannes (Spanish/Music); and Mrs. Lil Koch (Educational Assistant-Kindergarten).

We are very pleased that Mark Ehnes, our Apple School Facilitator, will be with us for the 2012-2013
school year. Mark has been busy working with our students with numerous activities including “Wellness
Wednesdays” and our “September 14 Fun Day”. Mark also works with our staff in helping students make
healthy choices in their eating habits and he presents an announcement each day that focuses on
Healthy eating and living. September’s theme was “Rise and Shine, its Breakfast Time”. October’s focus
is on making the healthy choice of getting a good sleep.

Thank you to all families who joined us for our Welcome Back BBQ and Meet the Teacher Evening. We
were so pleased that over 200 people were here to enjoy a meal together, be introduced to our staff, and
learn more about the curriculum content in each grade. Interim Conferences will occur on October 29
and 30 and parents/guardians will be able to discuss the progress of students at that time. More
information will be given on the interim conferences in October.

The first week of October is “Read In Week” and we thank those members of the community who have
volunteered to join us for Read-In activities. We encourage all students to celebrate the gift of literature
every day in their lives.

With the cooler weather approaching, we wish to remind students how to enjoy the season safely. The
school practices a variety of safety drills to ensure student preparedness. Families are encouraged to go
through safety planning, including home fire drills, to reinforce for children that calm reactions to situations
empowers clear, solution-focused thinking which saves lives. We have already practiced three fire drills
and the students did a fabulous job at exiting the building in a quick and orderly fashion.
Monday, October 8 is Thanksgiving and there are no classes…Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! Please
take the time to count your blessings, and I certainly am counting mine, as I am so thankful for having the
privilege of being the principal here at Sherwood. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and
please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions.

Yours in education,

Ms. M. Maureen Yates, BPE, BEd, MEd

My name is Ms. Melissa Purcell and I am so excited to be teaching Grade 2 Social
Studies, Physical Education, Health, Art & Computers this school year! I am very proud
to be part of the wonderful community of Sherwood School. When I am not teaching at
Sherwood School, I am an FNMI (First Nation, Metis & Inuit) Consultant with Edmonton
Public Schools. My three children (Ryley – 14, Sarah – 10 and Madeline -3) keep my
very busy after school and on the weekends. We love to stay active by going for nature
walks or playing hide-and-go-seek at the playground. In addition, I love fancy shawl
dancing and spend most of my summer on the Pow Wow trail (even dancing at a
handful of winter Pow Wows too!). I look forward to meeting all of the friends and
families of Sherwood School throughout the upcoming school year!

                    Miss Samantha Mannes is our new Spanish and Music teacher. Last year
                    she taught Kindergarten music and an English language learner program in
                    Calgary at a Spanish-Bilingual, French immersion elementary school. She
                    has a diverse music background and a degree in Secondary Spanish
                    Education. She is excited to be joining the Sherwood team.

Amanda Freeman is a new teacher at Sherwood School.                                  She is
teaching the new kindergarten class in room 9. Amanda                                has
been teaching with the Edmonton School Board for six                                 years,
teaching in both grade one and early education
classrooms. Most recently, she taught at Scott Robertson                             School
in their Early Education Program, teaching pre-school aged
students with special needs. Amanda has a two year old daughter, and no spare time for

          Please notify the school whenever your son or daughter is absent or late. You may leave
          a message on the automated system 780-489-2600 or by calling 780-489-7288 during school
          hours. We do follow-up phone calls if we have not heard from parents and your call will save
          us time. Please be sure to indicate whether you child is sick, a dental/medical
          appointment, an injury or if it is a religious holiday.

Student Attendance Expectations and Absence Reasons for 2011-2012
Edmonton Public Schools strongly encourages students to attend school regularly and
punctually in order to enhance the likelihood of successful learning. The School Act provides the
provincial expectations related to student attendance at school and defines what reasons may
legitimately keep students away from school. Section 13(5) of this act excuses a student from
attending school only if due to sickness, religious holidays, suspension/expulsion,
permission from the Board, or other unavoidable circumstances. You may access a copy
of this section of the School Act from the Edmonton Public Schools website (www.epsb.ca).
Please note that family holidays, extension of school vacation periods, student work schedules,
or parental permission given to a student to stay away from school are not considered to be
excused absences. If a student is chronically absent from school for “unexcused” reasons, the
school may be required to refer the student to the Attendance Board.
For the 2010-2011 school year, all schools in Edmonton Public Schools will use the following
set of district-wide student absence reasons that align with the School Act:

Absence                                                                        School Act
Reason                       Example of Use                                    Interpretation
Absent                       No reason given                                   Unexcused
Confirmed Absent             School notified with reason not conforming        Unexcused
                             to School Act excused
Illness                      Student is sick                                   Excused
Other Medical                Any medical/dental other than illness             Excused
Religious Holiday            Day is holiday in student’s religion              Excused
Bereavement                  Death in family                                   Excused
Transportation Issue         Bus not running or late                           Excused
Out of School                Student is suspended from school                  Excused
Unavoidable                  Examples are legal or safety issues –             Excused
Circumstances                school will make a note of reason
In School – Not in Class     Examples are testing out of class, call to        Not Absent from School
                             office, etc.
Field Trip/School Activity   Student is absent from classes due to             Not Absent from School
                             participation in a school-recognized field trip
                             or other school activity
In-School Suspension         Student serves suspension at the school           Not Absent from School
Late                         No reason given or reason not conforming          Unexcused Late
                             to School Act excused
Excused Late                 Late for reason conforming to School Act          Excused Late

We encourage parents to continue to contact schools whenever their child is away. If
you have questions related to these absence reasons, please contact your school
principal for further clarification.

October 1-4                              - Read In Week
October 5                                -PD Day – NO SCHOOL
October 8                                - Thanksgiving Day – NO SCHOOL
October 24                               - Parent Advisory Committee Meeting-5:30 pm
October 29 & 30                          - Parent/Teacher Interim Report Conferences
October 30                               -Picture Day
October 31                               - Hallowe’en
November 26                              - Teachers’ Day In Lieu – NO SCHOOL

Lunchroom fees are $10.00 per month per child. Yellow bus riders for our out of areas students
must pay $27.00 per month per child. Fees are due the first school day of each month.

Consistent attendance is vital for the success of our students. Every month students will have
the opportunity to win a lunch with Ms Yates and Mark Ehnes if they are at school every day
and as well, on time.
 Our breakfast program will be starting October 1st. We are very excited about having
    this grant again for a third year. This grant provides a healthy breakfast for our
Sherwood students. Students that are coming for breakfast are reminded that they
are to enter through the south west door at 8:10 am. Children are to eat, clean up
and be ready for class when the bell rings at 8:24 am. Children will not be allowed
      to use the front doors and must arrive on time. Late arrivals will not be
                 accommodated as they will get a morning snack.

                                Volunteers Wanted!!
 We are looking for a parent that can spare 20 minutes in the morning to help with
the supervision of the breakfast program. If you are interested, please contact our
                               office at 780-489-2600.

Our school buses arrive at our school on the East side of the building. We have two
pylons that mark out an area for the buses to stop and drop off students. Please do not
park in between the two pylons when dropping off students. As well, for the
safety of your child do not drop them off in our staff parking lot. Staff members
must pay for parking spots, and the lot may be patrolled by Facilities

Dear Parents of Sherwood School

On behalf of the Parent Advisory Committee I would like to welcome you to another school year.

At Sherwood School parents are like partners. The success of the School depends on you. We need
parents like you. Do you have a day, an afternoon or maybe a couple hours to contribute to your school?

The school needs you. We need parents to help with; reading to students, hot lunches, breakfast
program, library and supervision. Ideally, we need a couple of volunteers per grade.

Any suggestions for the Parent Advisory committee are welcome. Please submit your ideas and requests
to the office.

Watch for our annual Mundare Sausage fundraiser, prepaid orders will be accepted until
                         th                                            nd
Wednesday, November 7 and will be delivered to school November 22 . This is a major
fundraiser for the school and we encourage you to participate. The form is going home October
12 .

Our Parent Advisory Council executive for the 2012 - 2013 school year are: Bruce Nixon, President;
Cynthia Cowan, Vice President; Pam Vandermeulen, Treasurer and Wendy Bourassa, Secretary. We are
looking forward to serving you and your families, meeting with you and getting to know you better.

Thank you,

Your Parent Advisory Committee

        Next PAC Meeting October 24th at 5:30 pm, see you there.
                                                     A Bite of Health                                                                              Mark.ehnes@ep
                                       Making the Healthy Choice the Easy Choice
                                                                                                                                                      October 2012

                                                 BE A SLEEP
Did you know?
                                                                                                                              Alive, Awake,
- Stress can affect sleep.
Physical activity helps to keep                                                                                                   Alert!
our stress levels down. Make
sure your child is getting 60                                                                                      - Tired children are more likely to watch
minutes of physical activity each                                                                                  television, eat more snacks and eat less
                                                                                                                   healthy foods.
- If you try to do the same thing
every evening before bed it can                                                                                    - Tired children may not want to be
help you to get settled and to fall                                                                                physically active or play with their friends.
asleep sooner.                                                                                                     A lack of activity may lead to poor
                                                     Healthy Bedtime Snack!                                        academic performance as well as
- Some people like to read a
book or take a bath before bed                                                                                     unhealthy behaviors.
every night to help them relax.                 Plan a bedtime snack
What is your bedtime routine?                                                                                      - Lack of sleep among children can affect
                                                45 minutes – 1 hour before bedtime,                                their mood, memory and ability to pay
                                                keep the snack small and only give
                                                children a snack if they are hungry, not
                                                out of habit. Next time your child is
                                                                                                                   - Children aged 5-12 need about 10-11
                                                looking for a bedtime snack, try one of
                                                these suggestions:                                                 hours of sleep every night. It is important
                                                                                                                   to make sure that they are getting
                                                      •     100% Whole grain crackers and                          enough sleep during the busy week
                                                            cheese                                                 because sleep is the best medicine to
                                                      •     Peanut    butter   and    fruit                        cure the feeling of tiredness!
                                                            sandwich. Try strawberries,
                                                            bananas or apples!                                     Source: Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics “Health Effects of
                                                                                                                   Media on Children and Adolescents”

- Did you know that 71% of all 8                      •     Cottage cheese with fruit                              Source: Journal of Obesity “Association of Sleep with Obesity among US
                                                                                                                   high School Students”

to 18 year-olds have a TV, 50%
have a video game player and                    Source: www.superhealthykids.com
36% have a computer in their

- Having media in the bedroom
can have a strong effect on a                 Children with at least one form of technology in their
child’s sleep                                 bedroom are at a much greater risk to stay up past
                                              their bedtimes and late into the night.
Source: Kaiser Family Foundation
“Media in the lives of 8- to 18-Year-Olds”     Studies have shown that nearly half of heavy media
                                               users report getting fair or poor grades, compared to
                                                      only 23% of light of light media users.
                                               Source: Kaiser Family Foundation “Media in the lives of 8- to 18-
                                 October: Celebration Foods

School parties and holiday celebrations are some of the most exciting times of the school year.
At many of these celebrations food is the main focus of the party. Keep the party fun and
healthy by featuring one of these ideas:

   •   Roasted pumpkin seeds
   •   Graham cracker with a spoonful of yogurt topped with a slice of fruit
   •   Snack mix with a crunch (dry cereal, whole grain crackers, air-popped popcorn, pretzels)
   •   Whole grain crackers and low fat cheese
   •   Veggie sticks
   •   Yogurt topped with fresh fruit
   •   Fresh fruit kabobs

There are many options to make parties and birthdays both tasty and nutritious. Use one of these
ideas or be creative and come up with one of your own!

For more information and celebration snack ideas please visit (page 30):

The 64th Annual Shrine Circus is coming to Edmonton October 13th and 14th. If you wish
to receive a free voucher please contact the school office. The vouchers must be
exchanged for tickets at the Shrine Circus Office at 14510 – 142 Street with no agency
fees, or at Ticketmaster outlets and the Rexall Box Office where an agency fee will be
charged. Vouchers are redeemable only with the purchase of at least
one full fare adult ticket.

Hello All,
Hope Mission is having a Traditional Thanksgiving community meal on Friday
October 5th, 2012.
First serving is at 4:30pm and the second serving is at 5:30pm.

All are welcome.


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