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									British Airways’ E-business
E-Business continues to enhance the provision of customer service within the air cargo industry. At British Airways World Cargo we are using this technology to: Receive and transmit air waybill data by EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Receive and process freight Deliver automated notification of the receipt of freight Track and trace freight from the airport of origin to the airport of destination using barcode technology  Improve transparency of performance measurement to our customers As one of our customers, all of these services are available to you if you are connected to a Cargo Community System (CCS).    

Track & Trace
Tracking consignments individually through our Internet Track & Trace service is simply a matter of entering the air waybill number - our system will then advise you precisely where the shipment is at any point of its journey.

Our cargo handling facility at London's Heathrow airport (LHR) - Ascentis - employs a fully automated handling system. This facility, combined with EDI and barcoding technology, has created one of the most efficient, seamless cargo processing operations in the world.

Benefit Now
Subscribe to an EDI connection with British Airways World Cargo via a Cargo Community System and you will be notified automatically when we receive your shipment(s). You will also receive automated notification of your shipment's progress at key points during its journey (e.g. receipt into LHR, departure from LHR, arrival at destination airport etc.).

Transmit your air waybill data (FWB's) to British Airways World Cargo via EDI and have your consignments accepted and processed faster, and accurately, at the airport of origin. Barcode your shipments prior to delivery to British Airways World Cargo, and you will benefit from:  Increased data accuracy  Increased handling speed  Effective track and trace of shipments  Increased customer service through the availability of quality status information, throughout its journey

Cargo Bookings
With the exception of our Courier product, advance booking is currently required for all shipments. You can make a booking through one of the following channels:  by calling one of our worldwide offices  by using EDI  by using GF-X (Global Freight Exchange)

Cargo 2000
We are an accredited member of Cargo 2000, a group of airlines and forwarders sponsored by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), whose aim is to improve the efficiency of the air cargo industry and improve levels of customer service through the use of technology.

About Alaska Airlines’ E-business
E-Statements is the email version of your Mileage Plan activity statements. As you'll see in the preview below, they contain all the same information as the paper version, plus links to great features and special offers from Mileage Plan partners. By subscribing to E-Statements, you can:  Receive your statement far earlier, since the printing and mailing time is eliminated  Help the environment by reducing use of paper and ink  Receive occasional important account-specific communications via email in addition to statements  Save and retrieve your E-Statements on your hard drive To subscribe, you need both a Mileage Plan account and a MyAlaskaAir account. When you've checked the "E-Statements" box in your MyAlaskaAir account, you'll receive your first E-Statement the next month for which you would otherwise receive a paper statement. Now there's a quiet respite away from the din and clamor of the concourse for Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air customers: the Board Room. Conveniently located on Concourse E across from Gate E86, the 213-square-meter airport club opened earlier this week on February 18. Among its amenities are private workstations with telephones and computer data ports, a conference room for meetings, a fax machine, copier and other business-related services. Or if you prefer, just kick back and relax, and enjoy an array of complimentary snacks and beverages in a comfortable lounge environment. Plus, as part of the opening celebrations, Absolute Spas is providing free shoulder massages and hand treatments for Board Room members visiting the new Vancouver Board Room, as well as monthly drawings for complimentary spa treatments and packages

E-Ticket service
Electronic tickets are stored in United's computer rather than printed on paper. United's E-TicketSM service is similar to the traditional paper ticket process, but eliminates the time and hassle associated with purchasing or exchanging a paper ticket. Electronic ticketing is the primary ticketing method used by our customers.

Advantages of electronic tickets
 Because your electronic ticket is held in United's computer, you cannot forget it or lose it. More importantly, your electronic ticket cannot be stolen, saving you the cost of a replacement ticket.  You do not have to wait for your ticket to be delivered to you.  You may purchase, refund, or exchange your electronic ticket 24 hours a day by calling United Reservations. Since there is no paperwork involved, you are no longer restricted to conducting your travel arrangements during "normal office hours."

Using electronic tickets
 When you arrive at the airport, present an official form of identification (driver's license, passport, etc.) to receive your boarding pass. If you use United Reservations or you will also be asked to show the credit card you used to purchase your electronic ticket. You may check your luggage curbside (when available) for flights within the U.S. and Puerto Rico. When advance seat assignments are available, it will be shown on your itinerary and receipt.

 

Payment information
If you purchase your electronic ticket at or by calling us, you will need to present the credit card you used when you check in for your flight. At other ticketing locations, you may purchase your electronic ticket with cash, check, credit cards, or any other form of payment accepted by United.

E-Ticket service history
In November 1994, United customers began flying on electronic tickets in our United Shuttle® markets on the West Coast. In April 1995, our E-TicketSM service was expanded to include flights between Chicago and all eight Business One® markets. On September 18, 1995, United again expanded its E-Ticket service to include all flights within the U.S. and between the U.S. and Puerto Rico. United's International E-Ticket service between the United States and the United Kingdom was implemented November 1, 1997. United was the first airline to launch an electronic ticketing service on all flights between the United Kingdom and the United States. On March 1, 1998, travel on United's E-Ticket service was expanded to Canada. That same month, United became the first carrier to offer electronic ticketing across the Pacific between Japan and other points in United's growing electronic ticket network. In April 1998, Australia and New Zealand were added. By May, United's Global electronic network included the U.S., Puerto Rico, U.K., Canada, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. As of December 1998, United customers could use E-Ticket service in the People's Republic of China, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Uruguay, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Thailand, Korea, India, and Taiwan. During 1999 we added the rest of the Latin and South American countries to the list of E-Ticket service eligible countries. E-Ticket service is now available everywhere United flies. In June 2000, United implemented it's first interline E-Ticket partner, Air Canada. Since that time, United has added five more partners including American, Continental, Delta, Northwest and US Airways. This allows customers to use one E-Ticket including any combination of those carriers. Throughout 2003, United will add many more partners to it's E-Ticket product in support of the initiative to become 100% E-Ticket

"电子客票"服务,2000 年 3 月 28 日闪亮登场。这是中国南方航空公司继"网上 订座"、"电子支付"推出之后的又一项客票新服务。由于客户的电子客票保存在航 空公司的电脑系统,就象现金存到了银行,所以与普通客票相比,电子客票具有更 明显的优势。 "电子支付/电子客票"适用航线范围(各城市电子客票机场办理点示意图): 单程适用于广州、北京、长沙、深圳、上海、海口、成都、武汉出发的所有国 内航班; 来回程适用于广州、北京、长沙、深圳、上海、海口、成都、武汉等城市对之 间。 "电子支付/普通客票"的取票城市:目前仅限广州、北京、长沙、深圳、上海、 海口、成都、武汉。"网上订座/现金支付"的免费送票适用于全国各个城市。 在线购票:使用南方航空的 24 小时在线购票,顾客安坐家中即可,节省了宝 贵的时间。

网上货运是南航货运销售系统的子系统,它是航空公司面向各其它航空公司、 航站、货运公司、货站及货运代理人的公用服务平台。通过广域网,南方航空公司 可以向其客户直接销售舱位、并提供航班和舱位查询,管理货运文件,以及货物追 踪等实时服务。该系统具有以下的主要功能:

订舱功能 航班信息查询、有运单号订舱、无运单号订舱、修改运单信息、异地订 舱、虚拟订舱(板箱订舱和散货吨位订舱),订舱的分批处理、查看与修改订 舱、取消订舱、成组货物预订舱位或取消订舱、成批转舱、快速转舱。  制单 国际货单完全录入、国内货单完全录入、国际货单简易录入、国内货单简易录 入、运单的查看与修改。  查询功能 根据运单号查询货运单,根据收、发人查询货运单,航班和舱位查询、订舱的 查看。  公告栏管理 按区域划分的公告信息的查询、修改和新增。  代理人管理功能 『后台』 代理人静态数据管理(代理人代码,代理人名称,代理人背景信息)、代理人 运价、代理人货运生成情况统计分析。  静态数据的管理 『后台』 航班数据表、机型表、机型航线业载表、城市表(各城市的机场表)及仓库货 位(各城市的货位表管理)、集装设备类型表管理、用户表、代理人编码表管理、 常货主编码管理、商品编码表管理、承运人表管理、城市操作权限表管理。  航班控制权管理 『后台』 航班配额管理、航班舱位控制、关闭航班、取消航班、控制订舱、释放配额、 释放舱位,初始化特定日的指定航班。


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