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					Acid Base Lab:
Formal Lab Write up- get your lab notebook from the shelf

Before you start the write-up, read through the lab to familiarize yourself with
the procedure.
Introduction: Write your own

Objective: To distinguish between and determine the strength of various acids and bases by several methods:
conductivity, litmus paper, pH paper, cabbage juice and phenolphthalein.

Pre-lab Questions:

    1. What will you be using to test the pH of the acids and bases during this lab?
    2. Which acids will be used in the lab?
    3. Why is it important to rinse the prongs of the conductivity meter with de-ionized water between testing
        solutions in part II of the lab?
    4. Which indicators will be used in this lab?
    5. Write out the equation for the ionization of acetic acid.
    6. If you had a solution with a [H3O+] of 3.5 x 10-2 M, what would the pH be?
    7. Is this solution from #6 acidic or basic?
    8. What precautions should you take when working with strong acids or bases?
    9. Over the weekend, look up purple cabbage indicator and make a list of the colors it will turn in the presence of
        acids and bases. Include the pH value for each color. Include at least 5 colors.
    10. Over the weekend, look up the indicator called phenolphthalein. What color will it turn in the presence of an
        acid? What color will it turn in the presence of a base?


Using the procedure, make a two column numbered list of materials required for each part of the lab.


Over the weekend, look up the MSDS information for each of the chemicals used in the lab. We will be using a 1 Molar
concentration of each. You only need to include the safety diamond for each. Each diamond must be colored to earn
full points for this portion of the lab.

Procedure: Cut out the procedures attached to this page and tape them into your lab notebook.

Data: Cut out the data tables attached to this page and tape them in your lab notebook.

Write in the questions below the data tables for Part I and Part II.

Conclusion: Once you have completed the lab, write a conclusion.

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