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									Family Notes


igns of the end time fill today’s Gospel. Christ will come again “to judge the living and the dead,” we confess in the creed. How, then, shall we live, knowing that everything around us will one day pass away? We can live with hope if we know that history is heading toward the God who loves us. Yet we also live in the present moment ready for action, making the most of the time given to us as a gift. Pastor Mac’s sermon, “Hopeless Times and People of Hope,” reminds us of God’s gift and call in these last days. The Sacrament today will be administered by pouring chalice. If you are visiting with us and believe as we do that in the Sacrament we receive God’s gift of life and forgiveness, if you are a baptized member of the Christian Church, we hope you will join us at the Lord’s table. Our Lessons: Malachi 4:1-2a. Malachi, whose name means “my messenger,” warns that the day of the Lord is coming and that it will bring doom to the evil but vindication to those who fear God. 2 Thessalonians 3:6-13. Some members of the Thessalonian community, because of their belief in the nearness of Christ’s return, had ceased work, preferring to live on the generosity of other members of the community. Paul warns them that if they want to eat, they need to work. Luke 21:5-19. Luke’s presentation of Jesus’ teaching about the last days emphasizes the necessity for responsible behavior in the time between Jesus’ ascension and the second coming. TYING IT ALL TOGETHER: All of our lessons have a prophetic tone to them. The people of God are warned that there will be tough times ahead. Destruction, fire, war, and conflict are all in the future; the Church is not exempt from such horror. In each of the lessons, though, a common chord is struck – even in time of turmoil, God is in charge. God will be present to God’s people so that they might give witness to a message of peace and love. Malachi, the prophet, foretells a time when healing will come to God’s people and ruin to evildoers. 2 Thessalonians encourages believers to be active in their faith, even while the end is close at hand. Idleness in matters of faithful response is damaging to the advance of God’s kingdom. Last, in our gospel, Jesus predicts a host of calamities – including persecutions. Jesus encourages his followers to give faithful witness and tells us that the Spirit will be present to strengthen during times of trial. _________________________________________________

If you are visiting, we welcome you and hope you’ll soon return to Faith, and that you’ll feel free to share in all that is ours in Christ. Please sign our guest book and a visitor’s card which you’ll find in the pew. If you are interested in learning more about our community, please speak to one of the Pastors, or leave a note in the offering. Please stop by the Information Table in the narthex and pick up materials about our Family of Faith. While we encourage children’s attendance and participation in our worship hour, we do provide nursery care for those needing this service. Our ushers will be happy to direct you to our downstairs Nursery. ___________________ Received into the Church of Jesus Christ through Baptism today is Anna Eva Grossgold, daughter of Jacqueline and Peter. Sponsors for Anna are Kristi Orlowski and Richard Grundmann. We give thanks to God for this gift of new life. ___________________

New Members
What a joy today to welcome new members into our Family of Faith. Sharing our ministry in the days to come are: Josephine & Bob Clapcich, Michael & Nicholas Stirling Katie & Yemi Cole New Providence Frances & Martin Ettlemeyer Marty & Sophia New Providence Sandra & George Fake Rockaway Kelly Francini Chatham Kathy Grubb Berkeley Heights Susan Murphy Chatham Ruth Roemer Madison Kristin & Raymond Shinn, Aaron & Andrew Madison Katrin Heigadottir & Bjarni Thorvardarson, Ingvar, Thorvardur & Inga Berkeley Heights We are thankful for your partnership in our mutual ministry. ___________________

The Family of Faith is a Christ-centered servant community that strives to be loving, forgiving, healing and affirming, as it continues to seek new opportunities to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to the world. Sustained by the Holy Spirit, we worship, serve, learn and grow together by sharing God’s gifts of our time, talents and treasures. ___________________

The rose on the altar marks the birth of Elyse Marie Lamberti born to Maureen and Joe on November 18. We give thanks to God for this gift of new life.


Please Remember in Your Prayers:
Pete Rapciewicz Diantha Pearson Ryan Schetelich Vivian Mossberg Ernie Andersen Pastor Swanson Ron Waltemyer John Glass Dolores Treich Dean Carpenter Terry O’Connor Joan Valentine Gloria Fell Ruth Bentley Helena Theurer Bambi Weiss Paul Chovan William Walter Kim Lionetti Andrew Rogness David Holt Louise Smith Kieran Harrington Alice Faust Ralph Bohnenberger Isabel Lee Warren Malueg John DeCorso

PLAN AHEAD To help us better prepare for worship each week and to provide guidance for daily Bible reading, we publish the following Sunday’s lessons each week. Take a few minutes each day to read over these Bible passages in anticipation of our sharing of the Word together. Next Sunday’s lessons are: Christ the King Jeremiah 23:1-6 Colossians 1:11-20 Luke 23:33-43 ____________________ The Lutheran Course II – Or Why Luther Continues Winking.. NEXT CLASS – DECEMBER 6 This is the sequel to last year’s Lutheran study. If you enjoyed our exploration of Lutheran theology, you’ll want to be a part of this study as we look deeper into what it means to be a Lutheran Christian. If you weren’t able to take part last year, you’ll find this study informative, humorous, and helpful in living out your faith. Join Pastor Walt for this year-long, seven session study that will look at what it means to be a Lutheran Christian. Participants will be able to order a copy of the Lutheran Handbook II. First Thursday night of the month, October 4 – April 3 … class meets from 8:00-9:00 p.m. with refreshments and fellowship starting at 7:45 p.m. Register in Information Center. _________________

Georgia Rauscher Marcia Manns Dorothy Kauff Thomas Lange Bob Peterson Paul Scaletta Sandy Lionetti Sherry Peterson Nancy Kordistas Ben Santore Glenice Swenson Evelyn Callahan Harry Knipp Pastor Mac Billy Foley Ray Eastman Jan Siberine Jim Holmes John Mion Lorraine Gallipoli Martin Nelsen Rachael Buntin Patty Walsh Bob McQuaid Robert Schleinitz Dee Tamburro Joanne & Bill Boon Gladys Soderberg

To add to or remove a name from the prayer list, please call the church office. Unless we hear otherwise, names are removed after three months. ___________________

Nov.18 – Grossgold Baptism 18 – Worship & Music Committee 19 – Staff Worship Planning 19 – Interfaith Thanksgiving Service at St. Andrews 20 – Carpenter’s Carvers 24 – Fall Food Collection – Transport 25 – Christ the King Sunday 25 – Advent Craft Event 25 – “Doubt” Prep Session 28 – FNS Lunch Party 28 – Celebration Singers & Band Dec. 1 – Confirmation Workshop – Creed 2 – Assisting Minister Recognition 2 – “Doubt” Showtunes Outing 3 – Staff Worship Planning 4 – FNS Lunch Party 5 – Spoken Eucharist – 12:15 p.m. 5 – Evening Prayer & Eucharist – 7:30 p.m. 6 – Staff Meeting 6 – Lutheran Course II 8 – Soup Kitchen 10 – Staff Worship Planning 10 – FNS Lunch Party 10 – Finance Committee 11 – Children’s Choir to Nursing Home 11 – Council 12 – Spoken Eucharist – 12:15 p.m. 12 – Evening Prayer & Eucharist – 7:30 p.m. 16 – Church Decorating 16 – Living Nativity ___________________

We continue to pray for all the people affected by the war in Iraq. Our website offers prayers for these folks and affords the opportunity to list service personnel serving there or in Afghanistan. To include a name, please see either Pastor. We particularly remember Lt. Col. Lee Willard, USMC, a friend of Don & Dolores Treich. Our Family of Faith has sent each of these folks a trim line compact Bible. New to our prayer list this week is Captain Ty Edwards, related to the Cerciello family. ___________________

Would you like to host a Forum Coffee Hour in the Fall? Sign up in the Information Center today. Thanks to today’s hosts, Lisa Brenskelle & Elmer Ledesma. Upcoming: November 25 – Julie Pedersen & Theri Rossol December 2 – Eleanor Niegisch December 9 – Open December 16 - Open ___________________

Getting Acquainted with Christian Hospitality – A Time of Prayer, Scripture and Praise
This Thursday we are taking a turkey break from our reflective time of Bible reading, music and prayer. This four week session continues on November 29 and will allow us time to become better acquainted with Christ’s call to extend hospitality to others. Together we will look at how God interacts with God’s people in the Bible and in our lives today. And there will be donuts and coffee! Sign up in the Information Center today for this meditative, daytime study opportunity. ___________________

The gift of healing is shared through our AA ministry each Monday through Saturday morning at 6:30 a.m. We give thanks to God for this healing ministry. Our Youth AA group meets each Thursday at 7:00 p.m. ___________________

Adult Forum continues its educational ministry today at 9:40 a.m. Join us in Franklin Nelson Hall for coffee and conversation and then a chance to grow in your faith. TODAY: “The Gift of Worship” -- A multi week study that begins with The Gift of Music with Dr. Girvin. UPCOMING: Nov. 25 - “White Bread and Christmas Decorations” – Join us for this look at Lutheran theology regarding church and state, particularly as it relates to the current controversy in New Providence regarding holiday decorations. December 2 – “The Gift of Liturgy” with Pastor Mac. December 9 – “The Gift of Angelic Disciples and the Book of Matthew” with Pastor Walt. ___________________


Next Sunday - November 25 Planting An Apple Tree Festival Choir, Brass & Timpani

Last week we again saw new visitors at worship! This means we’ve had at least one new visitor at worship for 1093 out of the last 1105 Sundays. Make this week the time to invite a relative or friend to join us for our worship gathering. Share the Family! Share the Faith! ___________________ Last week was World Hunger Sunday as our Family shared support for the ELCA’s world and local hunger ministries. This includes our own outreach ministries: St. John’s Soup Kitchen, Hospitality and the annual Food Collection which is now underway. Soup Kitchen and Hospitality alone have expenses of more than $12,000 a year. Our special hunger mailing shared more about this ministry and your opportunity to share God’s gifts. Gifts after one week total $730.00. ___________________

Music Notes
Our second communion hymn today has been sung at both synod and ELCA worship services...it uses a beautiful traditional melody from Argentina…The Sanctuary Choir anthem is a setting taken from Handel’s Chandos Anthem No. 6…Next Sunday we celebrate Christ the King Sunday with our Festival Choir and guest Max Morden, trumpet, with member David Bronocco, trombone…Tomorrow night members of our choirs will join with other church and synagogue choirs for the Interfaith Thanksgiving Service at St. Andrews…Rehearsals for the seasons of Advent and Christmas have begun…to take part, please contact John Girvin at the church office, or at john.girvin@verizon.net ___________________

Christ’s Caring Kids BE ON THE LOOKOUT
Send in the kids… or rather the clowns. Based on the positive response to our interest finder, we will be beginning a clown ministry program for children in January. Meeting on Tuesdays from 4:455:30 p.m., kids will have an opportunity to learn the art of clowning. After 4-6 weeks of training, our zany kids will put on a show for the congregation that will include Biblical skits and a Gospel message. Children grades 2-5 can sign up for the Christ Caring Kids team in the Information Center. ___________________

New Providence – Berkeley Heights Pre-Thanksgiving Interfaith Service

Monday, November 19, 2007, 7:30 p.m.
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church 419 South Street, New Providence Bring canned goods for the Fall Food Collection ___________________

If you have questions or suggestions for the Church Council, stop and see the Council Representatives at the door. Serving today are: 8:30 – Courtney Auchter 11:00 – John Everson Cross lapel pins identify our council members. We give thanks to God for these servants who undergird and direct our ministry. ___________________ GARDENERS Thank you very much for all your help this year in beautifying our church property. Thank you for planting, weeding, mowing, watering, deadheading, trimming and planting fall mums. Your help was greatly appreciated. Lois Rafferty ___________________

Caring for Creation Now!
Green Food for Thought From the ELCA statement, “Caring for Creation”: God blesses the world and sees it as “good,” even before humankind comes on the scene. All creation, not just humankind, is viewed as "very good" in God's eyes (Gen 1:31). God continues to bless the world: “When you send forth your spirit, they are created; and you renew the face of the ground” (Ps 104:30). By faith we understand God to be deeply, mysteriously, and unceasingly involved in what happens in all creation. God showers care upon sparrows and lilies (Mat 6:2630), and brings “rain on a land where no one lives, on the desert, which is empty of human life” (Job 38:26). How do you see God continuing to bless the world? Green Tip - Re-think your trash. Make a conscious effort to reduce your garbage and increase your recyclables. Donate toys, clothes, cell phones, etc to charity; recycle what you can such as cans, plastics, paper, toner cartridges, etc. Less will then go into landfills thereby reducing your environmental impact.


Last Sunday was World Hunger Sunday…November 1 was Pastor Mac’s 25th Anniversary with our Family…our evening Fall Bible Study have now concluded…a new day time study began last week & we continue Pastor Walt’s year long Lutheran Study…132 coats were received in our Fall Coat Collection…FALL FOOD COLLECTION CONTINUES TODAY…our Family Fun Event was last week…Pastor Mac was at the Center for Advanced Studies of the U.S. Holocaust Museum last week…thanks to Kristin Clapcich for again coordinating our Child Seat Inspection 2 weeks ago…new 2 year calendars are now available in the narthex…new members will be received shortly…AA meets Monday through Saturday mornings and Thursday evenings…Faith Nursery School is now registering for the 2007-2008 school year…we’ve had at least 1 new visitor 1093 out of the last 1105 weeks…a special welcome to all who are visiting with our Family today…check next week’s lessons…we continue to have a host of new visitors – welcome…why not bring a friend to Worship next Sunday…see you in church next week! _________________________________________________

110th Anniversary
On October 28 over 150 folks gathered at Berkeley Plaza to celebrate 110 years of ministry here in our Family. We spent time remembering our past, honoring our present and looking forward to Faith for the Future. The evening saw the Family presenting a special plaque to Lyn Nelson, Director of the Faith Counseling Center, looking at a video that Pastor Walt prepared on our long history, and sharing gifts and thanks with Pastor Walt as he celebrates 10 years of ministry with the Family and Pastor Mac as he celebrates his silver anniversary. Among the gifts was a $10,000 check from Family members for the Pastors’ Discretionary Fund to further extend our Mutual Ministry. Very special thanks to our Celebration Chairs, Cindy Rowan and Audrey Kelly, and their wonderful Committee, Bea Woodruff, Karen Berk and Kathie Harrington who prepared such an awesome evening for the Family. At the Sanctuary door, the picture of our Ministry Center that was presented to the congregation is on display…a reminder of this place of God that has gathered the faithful and empowered Christ’s servants.

Family Prayers
We continue to pray for ALL those whose lives have been forever affected by the war in Iraq, especially the over 4,100 service personnel who have been killed. Today we pray by name for the families of allied service personnel who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. Please pray for the families of the following, all of whom died recently: Sgt. Joshua Brennan, 22, USA, Oregon Master Sgt. Thomas Bruner, 50, USAR, Kentucky Pfc. Adam Chitjian, 39, USA, Pennsylvania Staff Sgt. Joseph Curreri, 27, USA, California Spc. David Lambert, 39, USANG, Virginia Sgt. Matthew Locke, 33, Australian Air Force, Australia Spc. Hugo Mendoza, 29, USA, Arizona ___________________

Our Christmas gift giving ministry is underway. This year’s gifts will be collected for our Possum Way Group Home, Cheshire Home in Florham Park, ARC of Union County, Evergreen School in Plainfield, local residents through the Community Service Association of New Providence, and Christ our Savior in Jersey City. All you need to do is take a tag from the tree, sign it out, buy and wrap the gift, and return it no later than December 2. If you have any questions, please call our coordinator, Linda Daniels (973514-1665). ___________________

Words cannot adequately express our thanks for the wonderful words and gifts you shared with us at the 110th Anniversary Celebration. Your gift to our Discretionary Fund will truly enable us to reach countless more people with Christ’s love. In the past this fund has enabled us to extend pastoral care in very tangible ways – providing critical resources to those in crises as well as providing for special outreach and other ministries. Your signed pictures of our Ministry Center will be keepsakes we will treasure forever. And your personal gifts to us are such special reminders of your love and care that constantly support our ministry together. Thank you dear Family for your care and support and for sharing this rich ministry God has given us. We look to the future and to our shared ministry… Love, Pastor Walt and Pastor Mac ___________________

Often folks request copies of the Pastors’ sermons, which they are always happy to pass along. In order to make these worship resources more readily available to the whole Family, they are now posted each week at the Church website. Simply click the link on the first page and it will take you right there. And while you’re there, you can also download Family Notes. These new provide a great way to keep in touch, even when you aren’t here. ___________________

Each year we share the Christmas season in a beautifully decorated sanctuary. Help make it happen as we gather immediately after the 11:00 a.m. liturgy on December 16th to decorate our building. Sign up in the Information Center. If you would like to make soup for our group, please indicate when you sign up. Thanks. ___________________ In an effort to cut down the huge increase in postal costs, we are going to try and send our monthly newsletter, The Acts of Faith, via email to those who can receive it. If we don’t have your email address, please call the Office this week. If you do not have email, copies of the newsletter are available in church on Sundays. In a month this Spring, it cost over $1000 to send the newsletter out and we need to find a creative way to address these costs. ___________________

2007-2008 SCS Stewardship Project
All offerings collected by the children in SCS will be helping children in Mexico through ELCA World Hunger. For every $10 collected, a chick is purchased for a village in rural Mexico. Agricultural Education accompanies the poultry. This program has been a huge success over the past decades – providing economic stability to families. To Date: $726.67 or 73 chicks have been purchased. ___________________ One of the Family’s special educational ministries is a program called “Show Tunes” which explores the Gospel in the theater. We are now booking our first outing of this program year with a trip to see the Pulitzer Prize winning and Tony award show, “DOUBT” at the George Street Playhouse in New Brunswick on Sunday, December 2nd. We are looking at either the 2 p.m. show or the 7 p.m. show. Tickets are $30 each and are limited. Transport is on your own and we will have a prep session ahead of the production on November 25. Please send your check payable to “Faith,” indicating your show preference. “DOUBT” is a powerful drama that works around a theme of possible clergy sex abuse. But it is about far, far more than that. It is about clergy/lay relations, it is about race and authority, it is about the authority of the law and the grace of the Gospel. It is about truth and doubt. _____________________

Sunday Church School Attendance Pin Program Let the Pin collecting & trading begin!
We have passed the 9th week mark of SCS and students are earning their attendance pins. For every 6 weeks of SCS attendance, students get to reach into the pin bag and select a pin. These pins can be traded with peers, students and pastors. Pins are worn during class on special “Faith” lanyards. Special thanks for Karen Remington our attendance pin coordinator ___________________ BROADWAY HOUSE more than a house…a home We will be visiting Broadway House, our AIDS ministry, on Tuesday November 27th. Anyone who would like to join us for a visit to Broadway House is welcome. We will be meeting at church at 9:15 a.m. and returning by 12:30 p.m. Look for sign up sheets in the Information Center. During our visit on the 27th the residents will be decorating ornaments for their own Remembrance Tree. This will be a special day for all just prior to World AIDS Day which is December 1st. In addition to new puzzle books, we are collecting any new or gently used clothing for men and women. Residents are often moved to Broadway House with the few, if any, possessions and if you find you are going through your winter clothing now and have things that you no longer can use, please put them in the box outside of Franklin Nelson Hall and I will bring them over . They will be put to good use and I guarantee your generosity will be greatly appreciated. Both on-site and off-site volunteer opportunities are available. Volunteer application packets are required if you are going to be a regular visitor to Broadway House. Any questions or for more information on ways you can help at Broadway House, contact Jane McCready at 908-233-8935 or jane@mccready.com. ___________________ ________________________________________________

On Sunday November 25, from 12:30-2:30, everyone is invited to our annual Advent Craft Event. This gathering of adults, children, and youth will begin with lunch and focus on preparing for the Advent season. All households will be able to make an Advent devotional that will help count down the days to the celebration of Jesus’ birth. Additional Advent ideas and resources will be shared. The event is free but registration is required. Sign up in the Information Center or Pastor Walt at pastor.walt@verizon.net. ___________________

2008-09 calendars
Our 2 year appointment calendars are in the narthex and Information Center. These valuable tools help you keep track of your schedule and each time you use them, there is an opportunity to witness. They are available at cost of $2. ___________________

Fall Food Collection
THIS WEEK Our annual Fall Food Drive is underway and we are looking for volunteers to help on our delivery day next Saturday. Last year nearly $30,000 worth of canned and packaged goods were collected, sorted, packed and transported to the hungry in our midst. Yesterday, over 100 volunteers processed, packed and sorted food. This Saturday, November 24, we need helping hands to load boxes on to a truck to deliver to the StarFish Pantry in Plainfield. Please sign up in the Information Center – children and youth are welcomed to participate with their parents. Food collection in the Narthex concludes this week. The StarFish Pantry has identified the following list of canned and packaged goods for which there is an urgent need: Spaghetti sauce 26 ½ oz, Peanut Butter, Jelly, Vegetables, Cereal & Pop Tarts, Pork and Beans, Mac & Cheese, Spaghetti, Tea Bags & Coffee, Canned Fruit & Raisins, Tuna, Canned Meats and Soup. (They receive a lot of baby food and it is not used.) Questions? Please call Cheryl Bock at 908-464-2573. ___________________


Sunday, December 2, is the first Sunday in Advent. Be with us as we begin this season of expectation and preparation. Midweek Advent worship begins the following Wednesday, December 5, with liturgies at both 12:15 and 7:30 p.m. Our theme this year is “O God Our Help in Ages Past”. Mark your calendars now for time to get ready for Christ.

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