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Reducing the Chance of Car Theft


What exactly is car theft and what can be done to stop it.

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									Reducing the Chance of Car Theft
According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations, a car is stolen every forty three seconds in the United
States. In the year 2011, over seven hundred thousand vehicles were stolen in the United States, and
that has been the lowest number of thefts since the 1960s.

But car theft alone is not the only issue that vehicle owners need to be cautious of. Even more
prevalent that auto theft is vehicle burglary.

Vehicle burglary is the act of stealing from a car but not stealing the entire vehicle. This crime of auto
burglary is much more common than the surprisingly high occurrence of auto theft.

So not only do car owners in the United States have to worry about having their cars stolen in their
entirety, but they must also protect their cars from being stolen from. But luckily there are ways for car
owners in Santa Clarita to protect their vehicles from theft and burglary if they choose to follow solid
safety tips and common sense.

Keeping the Doors Locked
The first and easiest way to protect one’s vehicle from theft is to keep the doors locked at all times. In a
study done in 2007, only seventy nine percent of Americans polled claimed to always lock their vehicles
when away from the car.

                                  Locking the car doors may not stop a persistent car thieve, but it will
                                  deter the vast majority of would be car thieves who will pass by the
                                  locked car to find and steal an easier target. Additionally, most thieves
                                  steal on impulse when a target of easy opportunity presents itself, so
                                  even if the car doors are locked, one should never leave their keys in
                                  vehicle or in the ignition as these people are more likely to find only a
                                  pile of shattered glass where their car used to be.

Beyond the simplistic locked door, a car owner in Santa Clarita can protect their vehicle from theft and
burglary by not leaving anything of value in plain sight within the vehicle. Here again, if an easy target
such as a purse or valuable electronic devise is left visible in a parked car, the car owner instantly
increases the likelihood of falling victim to an auto burglary or theft.

Other Protective Measures
Other ways to protect one’s vehicle from burglary and theft is to always park in well-lit areas and in
frequently trafficked areas. While some criminals will be brazen enough to steal what they wish in a
well-lit and populated area, most will choose to avoid the risk of being caught and find another vehicle
to burglarize or steal that puts them in less risk.

All of the above mentioned safety measures can be taken by any car owner, but for those who desire to
be even more protected from car theft or burglary in Santa Clarita there is always the option of installing
a car alarm or other security devise onto the vehicle. By following these and other guidelines dictated
by local authorities, and by having quality car insurance in Santa Clarita to compensate for any losses, an
individual will be able to protect their vehicle and their property from car thieves.

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