Minutes for Stuart Wood PAC Meeting September 18th09

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					Minutes for Stuart Wood PAC Meeting September 18th/09
Welcome back! Hot Lunches Who will run it? Pizza – how much does it bring in? And do we want to continue?Update to be on treasures report next meeting. Judy Zutz and Beth Meneely will continue to run Pizza Day twice a month. Panago for Pizza Day! Possibility for future orders. October 9th starts the first Pizza Day – second is October 30th.
 

November 13th & 27th December 4th – 18th

No more PAC ran hot dog days.....Hot dog day will dove tail with Beattie School or Carol will drop in Hot Dog day once a month. Leah handed Beth Panago new price/ healthy food list to look at changing to them this year. Fundraising How much is required?How much was made with Hot Lunches?( update to follow next meeting) QSP – Fundraiser – again this year – Christmas – Chair to organize and pick date to start. Scrap Booking event Fall instead of Spring date set for November 14th/09 Other ideas: Soya Candles?? School Fundraisers???Carolyn Boomer will check into Christmas Candles. What is happening with Stuart Wood??? This would determine how funds can be used. Fundraising for items that could follow the kids be it Stuart Wood Closes. Yes all agreed to continue fundraising!!!! We are in favor – more funds – for fun!!! Leah motions Patti seconds the motion!

Treasurer Report: Gaming Account – specific to certain things - $1,837.94 Savings Account - $4,294.91 Checking Account - $4,077.40 Total in Account - $10,000.00 Statements available next meeting WALMART – Adopt A School – We are their school for 2009/2010!!!! Gift Cards come every month in the amount of $50.00 Gift Cards are re loadable for each month Classroom to do thank you cards for WALMART WALMART – Care packages for Teacher’s are available We also have a Wish list from WALMART-Tania/ Leah to swing by Walmart weekly. Christmas decorations will come from WALMART after the Christmas Parade. Pre-drawn cards as follows: PAC- WALMART Draw           September – Antoniak October – Dianne November – Piva December – Lewis January – McDaniel February – Morgan March – Corbet April – Robb ( Library) May – Nelson Look into re: Initiate Media Coverage on WALMART Partnership ELECTIONS FOR 2009/2010     Secretary – Alicia & Sangoma Alternating Chair – Leah Vice Chair – Tania/Heather – co vice-chairs Treasurer – Beth

Other Business:

January 19th Reconfiguration of School District #73 Meeting at Henry Grube A “ request” from Patti – green wire fencing at the corner of St Paul and 3rd Ave as it is a “safety issue.” Kids can get through the gate. Possibly city can add extra steel posts. Farmer’s Market Sign – hanging loose Next PAC Meetings          October 30th/09 Nov 20th/09 December 11th/09 January 15th/10 February 12th/10 March 19th/01 April 23/10 May 21st/10 June 11th/10 Playground – Old adventure playground has been removed and grass has been put down ...looks very good! Discussion regarding wait and see for the second phase till reconfiguration. Photos and letters were sent to the contributors and Leah will inquire to City regarding sign for big donors. Kamloops This Week thank you passed around Great Media Coverage in CFJC TV Sept 8 by Tania!! Hiccups with the playground and installation resulted in a rebate of $1,500.00 on final invoice. Invoice cost from Henderson of playground - $27,000.00 Requests : Classroom Accounts – each teacher will be getting funds instead of classroom $200.00 will be given to each teacher. Tania makes motion – all are in agreement – Beth seconds the motion.  Corbet  Morgan  Antoniak  Lewis  Nelson  Robb  McDaniel  Piva

Principal’s Message
New staff! Gail Nelson Theresa Lomax Raj & Sandra – 2 Secretaries Raj works Mon/Tues/Wed Sandra works Thurs/Fri They are very organized:   Moving files – keeping all PAC business together Room will be locked

Welcome back Pizza Picnic is synchronized with cross country event. Expressive Writing – PAC could allocate funds here – writing is the goal and focus. Author’s Visit – Mechanical pencil’s – get kids excited about writing. Synre Voice System – great asset for all reasons. Cascade Call – ripple effect – after supper is the best time. Reconfiguration Plan January 19th Karl de Brujin   Catchment possibilities United Church Pre-School - students coming from

Alicia is doing Fruit & Veggie Program Popcorn Day – dove tail with Beattie Hot Dog Day – dove tail with Beattie More info on Principals Purse Fundraiser???? Mrs. Robb has details, and will look into this. Bill #33/ Interviewing and Screening Website – Minutes – Post Info Suggestion for PAC Board –Carol ok'd to post minutes in front foyer of the main entrance of school. Sign will read PAC NEWS Meeting adjourned 10:30 Thank you! Sangoma

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