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Virtualization Services

 Virtualization Services

• Cloud Hosting
   – Shared Virtual Servers
   – Dedicated Servers
• Managed Server Options
• Multiple Access Methods
   – EarthLink Business Network
   – Carrier Neutral
   – IPsec

    EarthLink VMware Cloud Hosting Service can reduce your IT
     operating costs by consolidating resources, simplifying IT
    complexity and enabling more flexible agile service delivery
                      through virtualization.

What is cloud computing and virtualization?
• Cloud computing:                    • Virtualization:
   – Delivery of computing as a           – Lets multiple virtual machines
     service rather than a product,         (VMs) run on a single physical
     whereby shared resources,              machine (computer), with each VM
     software and information are           sharing the resources of that one
     provided to computers and              physical computer . Example is
     other devices                          VMware

 • Together, they offer a powerful service offering that maximizes
   scale and efficiencies for your business
Cloud Hosting

• Shared server resources
• Components
   – VMware vCPU (virtual CPU)
   – GB RAM & VMware License
   – GB RAID SAN Storage
• Control panel
• Redundant high availability firewalls
• Multiple operating systems
   – 250+ operating system variations
   – Includes ability to run Windows & Linux simultaneously

Control Panel: Cloud Server Management

• Build your server          • Already have VMware
  environment                  environment?
• Access via control           – Easily expand your
  panel to:                      computing
  – Start, stop and backup       environment to
    cloud servers                EarthLink Cloud with
  – Connect to                   our vCloud Powered
    applications and your        service
Dedicated Server Hosting
• Dedicated server resource for complete control and
  increased flexibility without hassle of dealing with hardware
• Packages
                        Level 1        Level 2              Level 3     Custom
   Model                Dell R210      Dell R410            Dell R710   Dell R910
   CPU                 Quad Core      Dual Quad         Dual Quad       Dual Quad
                         Intel        Core Intel        Core Intel      Core Intel
   RAM                    4 GB           8 GB               16-64 GB     32+ GB
   Disk Space          500 GB SATA   2x1.0 TB SATA     6x500 GB SAS        SSD
   Bandwidth            1500 GB        1500 GB              3000 GB     3000 GB
   Operating System                      Any Operating System
   Monitoring                                    Included
   Firewall            Optional      Optional          Optional         Optional
   File Level Backup   Optional      Optional          Optional         Optional
Managed Services Options
• Bronze Level service is included with all options
• Upgrade to more comprehensive levels based on customer needs
                                     Bronze    Silver      Gold       Platinum
     Network Support                  Yes       Yes         Yes          Yes
     Power Support                    Yes       Yes         Yes          Yes
     Hardware Support                 Yes       Yes         Yes          Yes
     Server Reboot                     1      Unlimited   Unlimited   Unlimited
     Backup Management                Yes       Yes         Yes          Yes
     Restore                                     1           2            4
     24/7 Emergency Support                     Yes         Yes          Yes
     Basic Monitoring (ping)                    Yes         Yes          Yes
     Advanced Monitoring                                    Yes          Yes
     OS Installation                                        Yes          Yes
     OS Patches & Security Updates                          Yes          Yes
     Antivirus Services                                     Yes          Yes
     OS Reloads                                             Yes          Yes
     Preferential Hourly Rate                               Yes          Yes
     Performance Tuning                                                  Yes
     Security Assessment                                               Annually
     Exchange Administration                                          Available
Virtualization Services Benefits

• Reduce time spent for your IT team on routine IT
  administrative tasks
• Eliminate capital investment in software and hardware
  that will become obsolete
• Improve backup and data protection
• Increase application availability
• Deliver business continuity preparedness
• Enable your team to quickly respond to changing
  business needs
• Focus on launching applications to drive company
  profitability and growth

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