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Program Structure_ Requirements and Application - Family


									                        Family Economics & Financial Education
                     National Master Educator Program Application
Family Economics and Financial Education (FEFE) is a program of the Take Charge America Institute for Consumer
Financial Education and Research at The University of Arizona’s John and Doris Norton School of Family and
Consumer Sciences. FEFE is based on the idea that a university-based financial education outreach program, built
on cutting-edge research with classroom educator expertise, can strengthen and extend the ability of schools and
community organizations to raise the personal financial capabilities of young adults. The FEFE project’s mission is
to provide educators with ready-to-teach lesson plans and materials free of charge, and the skills and confidence
to effectively teach personal finance.

In 2001, through a collaborative effort with educators, a curriculum that is easy to understand, simple to use, and
low cost was developed. Because of this partnership with educators, FEFE offers a family finance curriculum that
is “designed, tested, and edited by educators for educators.” Today, FEFE provides more than 25,000 educators
nationwide with free, ready-to-teach materials, curriculum training, newsletters, grants and other activities that
expand their knowledge of family economics and enable them to incorporate money management-related lessons
into their classrooms.

The FEFE National Master Educators are a diverse team of financial educators from across the nation. They guide
and implement each of FEFE’s national strategic goals. Annually, each team member is required to:
     Have fun
     Evaluate FEFE lesson plans and review all new and updated lessons
     Actively communicate about enhancing the curriculum, professional development, general programming
       and website offerings
     Utilize Web 2.0 technologies
     Participate in FEFE’s online communities
     Experience and evaluate each of FEFE’s professional development offerings
     Participate in a FEFE committee
     Implement an action plan resulting in a product that can be used nationally
     Prepare for, actively participate in and evaluate the FEFE National Master Educator Retreat and National
     Exhibit professionalism, teamwork, actively communicate and meet deadlines

Monetary compensation and extensive personal growth and networking are available to team members who
meet the program requirements including:
    Stipend – Up to $1,500
    National Master Educator Retreat with paid travel expenses and stipend – A $1,500 value
    Registration waived for National training with paid travel expenses and stipend – A $3,500 value
    Hard copies of all updated curriculum annually – A $300+ value
    Recognition on the FEFE website and letters to administration – sometimes priceless
    Opportunity to network with other educators – priceless!

Desired applicants must:
     Be willing to dedicate 2-3 hours per week to FEFE activities
     Have attended and participated in all activities of the FEFE National Conference in Tucson, AZ within the
        past four years
     Demonstrate knowledge of family finance content and critical thinking skills
     Teach a minimum of 20 Take Charge of Your Finances Semester/Trimester or Get Ready lesson plans as
        well as 5 active learning or enhancement tools before March 15 annually
                                                                                               Master Educator Application – Page 1
                                                                                                        Last Updated April 11, 2013
     Exhibit proficiency using technology including key software programs (Microsoft Office, Microsoft
      Publisher, and Microsoft PowerPoint), social networking, and Web 2.0 tools
     Possess excellent presentation skills and ability to effectively communicate written and orally across a
      wide variety of audiences, including youth and adults

The FEFE National Master Educator team is a multi-year training and development program. Each team member
has a three-year term that is renewed annually based upon completion of minimum requirements. Experienced
National Master Educators may renew their three-year term by becoming a FEFE Specialized Workshop Trainer
who travels throughout the United States conducting workshops. National Master Educator team members must
dedicate 2-3 hours per week to FEFE activities and focus on national programming. If an educator is interested in
working with the FEFE team but is not eligible, cannot fulfill the requirements, or is focused on statewide
programming they are encouraged to apply to be a FEFE State Educator or a FEFE TCAT- Take Charge Affiliate
Team member.

                                                                                              Master Educator Application – Page 2
                                                                                                       Last Updated April 11, 2013
                                                                                  FEFE Educator Teams

                                          FEFE TCAT – Take Charge                        State Educator (SE)            National Master Educator             Specialized Workshop
                                           Affiliate Team Member                       (states may have state                                                        Trainer
                                                                                          sponsored teams)
Description                                Volunteer team who provides              Dedicated educators who partner     An elite team of educators who            Experienced National
                                               feedback at anytime                    with the FEFE team to develop    work closely with the FEFE staff on   Master Educators who fulfill
                                                                                    statewide programming as well as   a weekly basis providing national     all requirements of the NME
                                                                                           guide FEFE’s national         guidance for all areas of FEFE         team as well as travel to
                                                                                              programming.                        programming.                conduct national trainings
                                                                                                                                                                      about FEFE.
Focus                                                   General                                  State                              National                            National
Eligibility                                         All FEFE Users                 Use 15 or more of the Take Charge   Use 25 or more of the Take Charge     Be a FEFE National Master
(Review the program description for a                                                    and Get Ready lessons          Semester Course and Get Ready        Educator with at least one
detailed description)                                                               Attend FEFE National Training or                 lessons                   year as a trainer at the
                                                                                          3-day State Training           Attend FEFE National Training           National Training
Length of term                                       No time limit                     3-years, renewed annually           3-years, renewed annually         3-years, renewed annually
Selection Process                                      Volunteer                    Written application each October        Written application each            Interview each spring
Weekly time                                   Volunteer basis, varies                       1 hour per week                   2-3 hours per week              2-3 hours per week and at
commitment                                  depending on the educator                                                                                        least 2 weeks each summer
Minimum Requirements
(Review the program requirements for additional information including the points system.)
    Have fun                                             Yes!                                      Yes!                               Yes!                                 Yes!
    Evaluate lesson plans                              Volunteer                        FEFE SE Team - 4 per year                  8 per year                           8 per year
                                                                                      MD FEFE SE Team – 5 per year
    Participate in forums                                  No                            Actively – 40% or more             Actively – 60% or more             Actively – 60% or more
    Develop sample Web 2.0                                 No                              FEFE SE Team – No                       2 per year                         2 per year
    tools                                                                             MD FEFE SE Team – 2 per year
    Participate in FEFE’s Online                       Volunteer                       FEFE SE Team – Encouraged                    20 posts                              20 posts
    Community and Facebook                                                            MD FEFE SE Team – 10 posts
    Experience FEFE’s online                           Volunteer                                1 per year                         2 per year                           2 per year
    professional development
    Serve on a committee                                   No                                     No                               1 per year                           1 per year
    Develop an action plan                                 No                         FEFE SE Team – earn 1 star                  Earn 3 stars                         Earn 3 stars
                                                                                     MD FEFE SE Team – earn 2 stars
    Attend a Retreat                                       No                             FEFE SE Team – No                           Yes                                     Yes
                                                                                        MD FEFE SE Team - Yes
                                                                                                                                                                 Master Educator Application – Page 3
                                                                                                                                                                          Last Updated April 11, 2013
    Trainer at the FEFE National       No                  No                          Yes                              Yes
    Training in AZ
    Trainer at state trainings          No       45-90 minute workshops       45-90 minute workshops   90 minute to 3-day trainings
    Exhibit professionalism,          Always             Always                       Always                     Always
    teamwork, actively
    communicate and meet
(Vary depending upon points earned)
    Stipends                           No           FEFE SE Team – No                  Yes                              Yes
                                                 MD FEFE SE Team – Yes
    FEFE Retreat                       No           FEFE SE Team – No                  Yes                              Yes
                                                 MD FEFE SE Team – Yes
    National Training                  No      FEFE SE Team – every 2 years            Yes                              Yes
                                               MD FEFE SE Team – East Coast
    Free curriculum                    Yes                 Yes                         Yes                              Yes
    Recognition                        Yes                 Yes                         Yes                              Yes
    Opportunity to network             Yes                 Yes                         Yes                              Yes
    with other educators

                                                                                                           Master Educator Application – Page 4
                                                                                                                    Last Updated April 11, 2013
                      FEFE National Master Educator Program Application

  Review the previous pages for information about eligibility and program requirements before applying
Application must be typed.
Name:                                                                     School Name:
Discipline:                                                               School Address:
Phone:                                                                    City, State, Zip:
Fax:                                                                      E-mail:
Years                                                                     Years Teaching
Teaching:                                                                 Family Finance:

If you attended the FEFE National Training with a different name, such as a maiden name, please indicate your name

    1. Complete the following chart indicating how you currently incorporate the Family Economics & Financial
       Education curriculum in each course you teach. (Please add rows to the chart if you use FEFE materials in more
       than three courses)

                                               Do you teach more
              Is the course a
                                               than one section of
                                               this course when it
                 trimester,      When is                                                                 How many hours
                                                 is offered? If so,                     What financial                           Do you plan to edit or
                yearlong, or    this course                                                                 are specific
 Course                                             how many?         Please provide    and economic                              add to the described
               other course       taught?                                                                  financial and
Name and                                      (for example, in the    us with a brief     education                                course in the next
                    where           (fall,                                                                   economic
  Grade                                       fall I teach the same   description of     concepts are                             academic year? If so,
                  financial        spring,                                                                   education
 Level(s)                                        personal finance      this course.     taught within                            describe what changes
               concepts are      both, or                                                                concepts taught
                                                course 1st and 3rd                       this course?                               would be made.
                 integrated        other)                                                                 in this course?
                                                period so I would
                                                have 2 sections of
                                                the same course)

    2. Complete and submit the Personal Finance Concepts Taught document indicating what FEFE lesson plans you
       teach as well as other personal finance curricula you use.

    3. Why do you want to be part of the FEFE National Master Educator Team?

    4. What makes you the best candidate to join the FEFE National Master Educator Team and fulfill the team
       requirements guiding financial education nationally?

    5. If you had only two weeks to teach financial education, what content would you teach and why?

    6. What methods do you commonly use to assess your students?

    7. How do you keep your course up-to-date, including but not limited to, integrating technology, content
       updates, and facilitation techniques.
                                                                                                                            Master Educator Application – Page 5
                                                                                                                                     Last Updated April 11, 2013
    8. For each of the programs/technology actions listed below, rank your skill as either beginner, intermediate, or
       advanced. If you use Web 2.0 tools or participate in social networking, describe the programs you use.

     Program/technology action                  Your skill level (beginner,                 Description/Examples
                                                intermediate, advanced)
Microsoft Word (including using the
review tools)
Microsoft Publisher
Power Point
Email correspondence (attachments
and writing)
Web 2.0 tools
Social networking

    9. How have you adapted the FEFE curriculum to best meet the needs of your students?

    10. Please list professional organizations you are involved in, roles (past/present) and any awards received?

    11. Provide examples of presentations you have conducted. Describe the topic, audience, number of attendees,
        and techniques you used to make the presentation successful. Please do not include classroom presentations to
        students that are part of your daily classroom instruction.

    12. Additional comments

    13. *Optional* Show how you implement the FEFE curriculum within your class by submitting a project that you
        have students complete, sample work from a student, or additional materials to illustrate how you have
        modified the FEFE curriculum to fit your needs.

Completed application:
    All materials submitted by Friday, September 30, 2011 by 5:00 p.m. Pacific time
    Application including the Personal Finance Concepts document must be emailed to
          o Confirmation letter will be immediately provided for received applications
    At least one recommendation form (see page 7) must be emailed, or sent directly to FEFE office by the
      reference. The purpose is to learn more about the candidate as well as to communicate the candidate’s
      intention to improve financial literacy at the local, state and national levels. It is advised that the candidate
      provide a copy of the application packet to the reference.
          o Up to two recommendations may be received from:
                    Administrator (superintendent, principal, asst. principal, curriculum director) or
                    Professional reference

Review process:
    Application and recommendation form(s) will be reviewed by a committee
    Phone interviews will be conducted with finalists
    Recipients will be announced by October 15

    Phone: 520.626.4209 or email:

By submitting this application, I have attended a FEFE national training in the past four years and actively teach FEFE in
 my classroom. If selected, I will be able to dedicate 2-3 hours per week guiding financial education nationally while I
                                              fulfill the program requirements

                                                                                                     Master Educator Application – Page 6
                                                                                                              Last Updated April 11, 2013
              FEFE National Master Educator Recommendation Form
          For more information about the Family Economics & Financial Education Program, visit

Recommendation form
    Must be completed by a school administer and/or someone the candidate works with in a professional
    Must be submitted directly to the FEFE office in a sealed envelope with the completer’s signature or submitted
      electronically by the completer to
    Form must be submitted by Friday, September 30, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. Pacific time.

Candidate Information

Candidate Name: ________________________________ Courses the candidate teaches:________________________

Your Name: _____________________________________ Your Title: __________________________________

How many years have you known the candidate and what is your working relationship with him/her?

Please rate the candidate on the below qualities by signing your initials in the appropriate box:
                                                            Excellent            Good          Average                  Poor
Communicates effectively (orally and written)
Demonstrates technology skills
Expresses opinions, ideas and criticism in a mature
Accepts responsibility with commitment
Learns from every experience
Ability to analyze problems and act out a solution
Respected by colleagues and students
Exhibits interest and enthusiasm

Comments about the above qualities or other pertinent skills the candidate holds:

If chosen for this position, the candidate will be expected to lead national programming in the area of financial
education. To be an effective FEFE National Master Educator, the candidate will be asked to:
      Provide in-depth feedback regarding all aspects of the FEFE program, including curriculum and professional
         development/training opportunities
      Effectively communicate with the FEFE staff
      Submit high-quality work on a weekly basis by the indicated deadlines
      Effectively use and embrace technology
      Conduct training workshops for educators across the nation
      Represent FEFE in a professional manner at all times and become a valuable team member and partner

                                                                                                   Master Educator Application – Page 7
                                                                                                            Last Updated April 11, 2013
Based upon the above program expectations, would you recommend this candidate for this position? Why or why not?


                                   Recommendation Form may be e-mailed or sent to:
                                 Family Economics & Financial Education Team
                                            The University of Arizona
                           Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences – Room 427
                                             650 North Park Avenue
                                               Tucson, AZ 85721

                                                                                            Master Educator Application – Page 8
                                                                                                     Last Updated April 11, 2013
                                      Personal Finance Concepts Taught

Topic          Place a check mark next to the FEFE Get Ready or Take Charge           Was curriculum,
               Semester/Trimester course lesson plans you have used in any            other than FEFE,
               course during the past year.                                           used to teach this
                                                                                      topic? If so, please
               If you use an Essentials (45 minute lesson) or one not in the Take     identify.
               Charge Semester course, please identify the lesson title in “other.”
Values,        Introductory Level (Get Ready)                                          No
Needs vs.       Exploring Values, Needs, Wants 2.17.2                                 Yes, if so, what?
Wants, and      Goals Galore 2.17.1                                                      ______________
Goal Setting
               Advanced Level (Take Charge)
                Values Auction 1.17.4
                Needs vs. Wants 1.17.2
                Setting Financial Goals 1.17.3
                A Collage About Me 1.17.1

             __________________________
Career      Introductory Level (Get Ready)                                             No
Development  Does Money Grow on Trees 2.1.1                                           Yes, if so, what?
             What Does Your Future Hold 2.1.3                                            ______________
             The Places You Will Go 2.1.2

               Advanced Level (Take Charge)
                Interest Inventory 1.1.6
                Career Research 1.1.2
                Investment in Yourself 1.1.9
                Comparing Job Offers 1.1.3

Paychecks      Introductory Level (Get Ready)                                          No
and Taxes       Planet Paycheck 2.13.1                                                Yes, if so, what?
               Advanced Level (Take Charge)
                Understanding Your Paycheck 1.13.1

Spending       Introductory Level (Get Ready)                                          No
Plans           Diving into Spending Plans 2.15.1                                     Yes, if so, what?
               Advanced Level (Take Charge)
                Life Cycle of Financial Planning 1.11.2
                Spending Plans 1.15.2


                                                                                            Master Educator Application – Page 9
                                                                                                     Last Updated April 11, 2013
Depository       Introductory Level (Get Ready)              No
Institutions      Depository Institution Discovery 2.7.2    Yes, if so, what?
                  Electronic Banking Bonanza 2.7.1            ______________
                  Debit/Checking Simulation 2.7.3

                 Advanced Level (Take Charge)
                  Depository Institutions 1.7.3
                  Electronic Banking 1.7.2
                  Online Banking 1.7.6

Saving and       Introductory Level (Get Ready)              No
Investing         Secrets of Saving 2.14.1                  Yes, if so, what?
                 Advanced Level (Take Charge)
                  Choosing to Save 1.14.1
                  Savings Tools 1.14.2
                  Introduction to Investing 1.12.1
                  Language of the Stock Market 1.12.2

Consumer         Advanced Level (Take Charge)                No
Protection        Identity Theft 1.3.1                      Yes, if so, what?
Credit           Introductory Level (Get Ready)              No
                  Take Charge of Credit Cards 2.4.1         Yes, if so, what?
                 Advanced Level (Take Charge)
                  Understanding Credit Reports 1.4.2
                  Understanding a Credit Card 1.4.1

Major            Introductory Level (Get Ready)              No
Expenditures      Major Expenditures 2.15.2                 Yes, if so, what?
& Decision        Comparison Shopping Splendor 2.2.1          ______________
Making            Decision Making Magic 2.5.1
Housing          Advanced Level (Take Charge)
Transportation    Types of Insurance 1.10.1
& Food)           Renting vs. Owning a Home 1.9.3
                  Securing a Living Space 1.9.5
                  Researching an Automobile 1.16.2
                  Shopping for an Automobile Loan 1.16.3
                  Automobile Insurance 1.16.1
                  An Evaluation of Convenience 1.8.1

                                                                 Master Educator Application – Page 10
                                                                           Last Updated April 11, 2013
Family        Introductory Level (Get Ready)                                           No
Finance        Life of…                                                               Yes, if so, what?
Simulations                                                                               ______________
              Advanced Level (Take Charge)
               Life in…

Lesson plan   Which components of a FEFE lesson plan do you typically use
components    during instruction?
               Vocabulary activity
               Anticipatory set
               Note taking guide
               Power Point
               Activities
               Worksheets
               Applied assessment
               Rubrics
               Multiple choice test banks
Other         Are there any additional topics integrated into your personal finance course? If so, please
              indicate the topic and curricula used to teach this subject.
               Topic__________________________Curricula_______________________

               Topic__________________________Curricula_______________________

               Topic__________________________Curricula_______________________

                                                                                           Master Educator Application – Page 11
                                                                                                     Last Updated April 11, 2013

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