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					Buncha-K Student Project
          Fund Proposals
Spending our money on the right things

   By Beloit Student Congress Budget Committee

            Executive Summary

                           Funds Allocation Outline

                           Proposals Overview

                                                    Proposal Name      Amount
            Fund Allocation Outline
                                                    Scanner for        $150.00
                                                    Round Table
                                                    Bi-monthly         $682.00
                                                    Shuttle to First
                   Funding Distribution
                      Capital Purchases   Program

                                                    Sailboat           $802.00
                                                    Girls And Women    $1,023.13
                                                    In Science
                                                    OEC Equipment      $2,249.80
                                                    Sports Center      $7,813.95
                                                    Alliance Books     $379.27
                                                    Grand Total        $13,100


             Proposal 1- Round Table Scanner
                 An Epson Perfection 4490 scanner                $ 150.00
             Grand Total                                         $ 150.00
            “When access to library scanners is curtailed, the cartoon editor
            and section editors who need cartoons jump into supersonic
            panic mode to ensure the necessary images have a chance of
            making it into the morning’s issue. It is a nerve-wracking and
            soul-crushing experience – and one that could be easily
            eliminated if Buncha-K would bestow $150 upon us to purchase a
            scanner of our very own. (Remember: a stress-free Round Table
            staff creates a finer issue!)

            According to quotes from Sherry Monahan in ISR, we could
            purchase a beautiful and effective Epson Perfection 4490 flatbed
            scanner for between $140 – 149. The only thing not included in
            this quote is the gratefulness and rejoicing that would result from
            this financing. Furthermore, if the Round Table staff collectively
            produces a child, we may name it Buncha-K.”
             Proposal 2- Bi-Monthly Shuttle to First Choice
                  Salary for drivers                      $ 372.00
                  Transportation                          $ 260.00
                  Advertising                             $ 50.00
             Subtotal                                     $ 682.00
            “Accessible, affordable and confidential sexual and nonsexual health
            care is essential on any college campus.”

            “Unfortunately, resources on campus and within the Beloit
            community require either valid health insurance and/or out of pocket

            “Women’s First Choice health clinic in Janesville offers many health
            services to men and women on a sliding pay scale, giving those
            students with out of state or no health insurance the opportunity to
            receive quality affordable care.”

            “We would like to offer free shuttles twice a month during clinic hours
            These shuttles would depart at 8:30am and 11:30am on one Tuesday
            and one Wednesday every month from January to May. We would rely
            on student drivers paying them the standard rate of $7.75 an hour, but
            we would also offer it as a volunteer position to students in sororities
            and fraternities in need of philanthropy hours.”
             Proposal 3- Sailboat Equipment
                   Butterfly main halyard              $ 38.25
                   Butterfly sheets                    $ 31.20
                   Hiking Straps                       $ 117.00
                   Boom Vang parts                     $ 330.00
                   Bolts                               $ 5.00
                   Boat Plugs                          $ 24.00
                   Buoy                                $ 140.00
                   Stay adjusters                      $ 72.00
             Other and misc. expenses
                   Shipping                            $ 44.55
             Subtotal                                  $ 802.00

            The Beloit Boating Club is making this proposal for sailboat
            parts, because we want to be able to use the Butterfly
            sailboats that the college already owns. Our club members
            have been down to the boathouse where they are kept and
            investigated what parts are missing. These are the things
            that our proposal consists of. The halyard and the sheet are
            ropes that are necessary in order to run these boats. A buoy
            is a necessity for learning the art of competitive sailing. In
            short, getting these parts are a must if Beloit College
            students want to enjoy the sport of sailing!
                   Proposal 4- Girls and Women in Science
                   Other Expenses
                       Friday Dinner (for 10)                            $ 177.00
                       Saturday Breakfast (for 7)                        $    28.00
                       Saturday Lunch (for 45)                           $ 371.25
                       T-shirts (for 75)                                 $ 446.88
                   Subtotal                                              $ 1,023.13

            “Girls and Women in Science (GWIS) is a hands-on science workshop for sixth grade girls,
            their teachers, and parents.”

            “The purpose of this event is twofold. First, it encourages girls to stay interested in science
            in an effort to alleviate the gender gap. Second, it gives Beloit College students an important
            outlet for community service and leadership while accomplishing many of the goals of a
            liberal arts education. During the conference, students run labs, play with the girls, and
            organize everything behind the scenes.”

            “This event will benefit the student body in two ways: 1) encourages students to participate
            in community service and leadership roles 2) provides the science students and the education
            students with the opportunity to volunteer in their area of expertise, something they do not
            often get to utilize in community service projects.”

            “This funding will cover the T-shirts provided to students to identify their involvement in this
            conference. Funding will also cover the dining costs of students eating meals with the girls
            during the course of the conference. All students can participate in this program and thus
            gain the benefits of T-shirts and meals.”
             Proposal 5- OEC Equipment
                 2 REI Half Dome 4 Tents                    $   518.00
                 4 North Face Cat’s Meow Sleeping Bag       $   636.00
                 4 North Face Terra 65 Backpack             $   596.00
                 4 Therm-a-Rest ProLite Plus Sleeping Pad   $   399.80
             Other and misc. expenses
                 Tax                                        $ 100.00
             Subtotal                                       $ 2,249.80

            We propose to store and maintain this gear in the OEC
            Equipment Room.

            Whenever any student, group of students, or campus
            organization wishes to borrow equipment, it is the
            responsibility of the Equipment Manager to sign out
            equipment to the individuals who are borrowing it, and to
            check it back in upon its return. Individuals who damage
            equipment aside from normal wear and tear can be charged
            for the damage.
ON TARGET   Proposal 6- Sports Center Equipment
            QTY ITEM                                PRICE/UNIT      TOTAL COST
              3 Straight bars -- Fitness Center           $263.00        $900.00
              2 Flip score for I.M.'s                      $39.99         $79.98
             12 Jump ropes                                 $13.50        $162.00
             12 Medicine balls -- various weights          $59.00        $708.00
              1 Medicine ball rack                         $94.80         $94.80
             12 Dyna Discs                                 $30.40        $364.80
             12 Aqua joggers                               $42.95        $515.40
             12 Weight belts -- various sizes              $37.49        $449.88
             12 Resistance tubing                          $14.60        $175.20
             16 Men's basketballs                          $45.99        $735.84
             16 Women's basketballs                        $45.99        $735.84
             12 Racquetball racquets                       $18.95        $227.40
             24 Cans of racquetballs                        $4.75        $114.00
             16 Soccer balls                               $30.99        $495.84
              8 Ping Pong paddles                           $8.95         $71.60
              1 Pkg. of 144 ping pong balls                $37.95         $37.95
             16 Volleyballs                                $36.99        $591.84
              1 Air pump                                   $69.95         $69.95
              1 Bag of 25 air pump needles                  $5.95          $5.95
             12 Footballs                                  $42.99        $515.88
             12 Frisbees                                   $10.95        $131.40
              2 Basic dot drill mat                        $59.70        $119.40
              2 Plyo boxes -- Fitness Center              $200.00        $400.00
            Other and misc. expenses
                  Shipping Cost                                          $111.00
            Grand Total                                                $7,813.95
                                                         Item                                         Cost
            Proposal 7: Alliance Books                   Hermaphrodeities: The Transgender            $22.00
                                                         Spirituality Workbook, Raven Kaldera
             Item                               Cost     Evolution’ s Rainbow: Diversity, Gender,     $8.84
                                                         and Sexuality in Nature and People, Joan
             Mama’s Boy, Preacher’s Son;        $4.67
             Kevin Jennings
                                                         Empress of the World, Sara Ryan              $4.35
             The Social Construction of         $18.41
             Sexuality(Second Edition) Steven            The Ethical Slut: A Practical Guide to       $12.46
             Seidman                                     Polyamory, Open Relationships &
             Kicked Out; Sassafras Lowrey       $17.95   OtherAdventures, Dossie Easton
             Trans/formations, Lisa             $23.10   Hello Cruel World: 101 Alternatives to       $11.10
             Isherwood                                   Suicide for Teens, Freak and Other
                                                         Outlaws, Kate Bornstein
             Becoming a Visible Man,            $16.47
             Jamison Green                               GenderQueer: Voices from Beyond the          $11.61
                                                         Sexual Binary, Joan Nestle
             Introducing the New Sexuality      $36.99
             Studies: Original Essay and                 Gay & Lesbian Theologies:Repetitions         $20.79
             Interviews, Steven Seidman                  With Critical Difference, Elizabeth Stuart
             Queer Theory: An Introduction,     $9.99    Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of        $12.21
             Annamarie Jagose                            Gender and Conformity, Matt Bernstein
             Respectably Queer: Diversity       $16.23   Whipping Girl: A Transsexual Woman on        $10.10
             Culture in LGBT Activist                    Sexism and the Scapegoating of
             Organizations, Jane Ward                    Femininity,Julia Serano
            Proposal 7(continued)            Item                             Cost
                                             Undoing Gender, Judith Butler    $26.94

            “The Alliance library is         My Gender Workbook: How to       $9.71
                                             Become a Real Man, a Real
            severely outdated and of the     Woman, the Real You, or
            books it contains, very few      Something Else Entirely, Kate
            deal with some of                Bornstein

            the less mainstream              Don’ t Think of an Elephant!:    $0.01
                                             Know Your Values and Frame
            members of our community.        the Debate—The Essential
            In particular, we hope to        Guide for Progressives, George
            expand our sections on
                                             Parrotfish, Ellen Wittlinger     $3.19
            bisexuality and transgender
            issues, which are severely       Breakfast on Pluto: A Novel,     $0.01
                                             Patrick McCabe
            lacking. Our library serves as
            a resource on                    How the Religious Right          $14.28
                                             Shaped Lesbian and Gay
            campus for those who want        Activism, Tina Fetner
            to learn about queer issues      Shipping & Handling              $67.77
            above and beyond what the
                                             Grand Total                      $379.27
            school library has.”

                Amount                  Funding Distribution




                          Scanner for    Alliance   Bimonthly     Sailboat   Girls and      OEC        Sports
                            Round         Books     Shuttle to   Equipment   Women in    Equipment     Center
                             Table                     First                  Science         s      Equipment
                                                      Choice                                              s
                 Amount      $150        $379.27       $682        $802      $1,023.13   $2,249.80   $7,813.95

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