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									                                       Job Description

Job Title:                 Head Coaches (Table Tennis and Basketball)

Department:                Programmes

Responsible to:            Programme Manager

Responsible for:           Volunteers and Assistant Coaches

Overview of the Organisation:

Our mission is to empower young people from disadvantaged communities through sport and
performing arts, helping them to overcome adversity and achieve their goals by improving their
outlook, engagement and achievement.
We achieve this by delivering high quality sport programmes in schools and community clubs in
areas of high deprivation, principally in London. Our coaches possess a high level of technical
expertise and work as positive role models and mentors, engaging and developing young people
throughout the critical years of their life.

Main purpose of the role:

To plan, manage and deliver a school based comprehensive programme of Basketball/Table
Tennis coaching and competitive playing opportunities for young people, specifically targeting
those hardest to reach and/or from disadvantaged communities.

Coaching Programme

            To work as the head coach for the annual high quality programme of
             Basketball/Table Tennis provision, by planning & delivering a comprehensive, full
             time, year round programme of “participant centred” coaching both in and out of
             term time
            To work in partnership with the school’s sport/PE department to deliver a high
             quality coaching programme that includes supporting curriculum lessons
             (predominately for key stage 2 & 3 pupils) alongside the PE staff where timetabled;
            To establish a programme of non-curricular breakfast, lunch and after school
             coaching sessions and peripatetic (1:1 or small groups) sessions (where agreed with
             the school) within the school environment
            To specifically apply tailored programme structures designed to overcome barriers
             to participation and fully include targeted and disadvantaged / disengaged young
             people in the programme
            To establish opportunities for participants to access internal & external competitive
             opportunities in line with the Greenhouse and National Governing Body of Sport
             pathways at a level appropriate to all individual participants
            To be fully conversant with the school & Greenhouse risk management strategies,
             ensuring that all policies and procedures are adhered to at all times, particularly
             health & safety and safeguarding and child protection policies

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                                      Job Description
           To take and maintain accurate records of all registered participants, staff and
            volunteers, planned sessions and attendance at all coaching sessions and
            engagement opportunities using the Greenhouse Participation Database System
            (Substance; VIEWS) in line with Greenhouse policy
           To complete all school or Greenhouse documentation (e.g. safety/risk assessment)
            for relevant sessions, events, trips and camps, ensuring suitable travel and
            accommodation arrangements are made by Greenhouse support staff or the school
            where necessary
           Lead trips, taking responsibility for the safeguarding of young people for
            competitions, camps events and other trips as part of the programme
           Take a pro-active role in regularly promoting and communicating the progress of the
            programme to internal and external stakeholders using the appropriate channels
           To work closely with colleagues to ensure comprehensive monitoring and impact
            evaluation of the programme is in place throughout the year, including carrying out,
            administering and communicating participant testing and research as directed by

 Professional Conduct

           To fully commit to, adhere to and advocate the Greenhouse Safeguarding & Child
            Protection Code of Conduct at all times
           To portray yourself professionally as a role model and mentor to young people at all
           To respond to requests for information and other communications from internal
            and external colleagues in a timely and efficient manner at all times
           To actively establish and maintain professional ‘customer focused’ relationships with
            internal and external (parents, teachers and other parties) stakeholders at all times
           To conduct yourself in a positive, friendly, professional and effective manner at all
           To wear appropriate approved Greenhouse branded clothing (unless otherwise
            authorised) at all times
           To take responsibility for all equipment, kit and other resources (including IT &
            phones) provided by Greenhouse and/or the School ensuring appropriate use,
            maintenance, cleaning and safety checks (where applicable) at all times

Other Duties & responsibilities

          To commit to and follow your own programme of continuous professional development
           and self directed learning at all times
          Meet all Greenhouse minimum operating standards and ensure you take responsibility
           for keeping up to date with industry standards and developments specifically relevant to
           your professional role
          Attend relevant training as directed by the Coaching Development team and the
           Greenhouse Programme Manager;
          To advocate and positively promote Greenhouse Charity to the public

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                                      Job Description
       To carry out any other reasonable duties as required, including (but not limited to)
        attending Greenhouse charitable fundraising or supporter engagement events

This is an outline of the postholder’s duties and responsibilities. It is not intended as an exhaustive
list and may change from time to time in order to meet the changing needs of the charity.
Person Specification Requirements:

Qualifications and Training

       Minimum of NGB Level 2 (or equivalent) Coaching Qualification
       Evidence of further / continued professional coaching development

Knowledge and Experience

       Knowledge and experience of delivering a fully inclusive participant/learner centred
       Extensive knowledge and experience of delivering fully inclusive programmes, preferably
        in a school, community or sports club setting
       Knowledge of Safeguarding & Child Protection Principles and Good Practice - promoting
        the welfare of children and young people and aware of the duty of care required when
        working with young people
       Knowledge of Equality & Inclusion Principles and Good Practice – recognising and
        promoting the rights of young people to participant in high quality sports and physical
        activity programmes
       Knowledge and experiences of health and safety issues - able to identify and respond
        appropriately to potential hazards and concerns
       Experience of working with young people from disadvantaged and underrepresented
        groups (Black, Minority and Ethnic (BME), Girls, People with learning and physical disabilities
        and others typically not engaged in sport and physical activity)
       Good interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills
       Organisational and administrative skills – able to manage own time and take initiative
       Strong knowledge and experience of using communication and Information Technology
        Systems and software packages including mobile/smart phones, tablets/laptops, MS office
        or IBM Lotus Notes, email, database systems and other business / personal organisational
        tools in everyday professional role

Personal Attitude & Beliefs

       Highly passionate about helping young people learn
       Emotionally mature, self confident and strong self belief
       Possess a positive attitude, is enthusiastic and able to act as a strong leader and role model
        to young people and peers
       Reliable with excellent time keeping and time management skills, able to organise and to
        take initiative

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                                Job Description
   Flexible attitude - willingness to work unsociable hours, evenings and weekends (as and
    when required)
   Commitment to personal learning and development;
   Commitment to working to Greenhouse policies and procedures

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