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									                                  Blog Questionnaire:

It’s important you read this questionnaire completely, and fill it out in its entirety.
We can’t complete your blog unless we have all your information below.

We’re excited to get your blog LIVE, and up and running on the Internet as fast as
possible! To help us do this, follow these instructions below and return this
questionnaire to the email address below as soon as you can.

First, we’ve prepared a series of video tutorials to walk you through getting all the
information we need to complete your blog below:

These tutorials will literally cover EVERYTHING in great detail.

If there is anything missing from the questionnaire we will contact you and let you
know that you must go through carefully and complete this questionnaire. If we do
that, it’s important you resend us the ENTIRE completed questionnaire again, as we
will be erasing your previous email with the incomplete information.

After you’re done filling out all the information below, email this sheet back to:  Put “Your Name Blog Info” in the Subject

We will begin preparing the blogs on first come first serve basis.

NOTE: All details MUST be filled out. We can’t prepare a blog that is missing any
details. You can insert each detail underneath each question, including your photo.

   1) What is the domain your blog will be hosted on?

   2) If you want the EASIEST hosting and want us to be able to complete your blog
       as FAST as possible… it’s extremely important you set up your hosting
       account through the link below and then we will instantly have access to all
       the information we need to get your blog up and running.

                           Marketing Survival Skills Hosting

       Note: If you are not a member of Marketing Survival Skills and you want
       access to our unlimited hosting, contact the member that referred you to this
       service. If you already have your own hosting account through another
       company, we will need you to fill out the information below.

   3) **Non-Members Only** What is the login info for your current cpanel
       account? Looks like this: This information will be
   included in the original email you got when you signed up for hosting. They
   will also give you a ROOT IP address as well. We need your:



Your Login Domain:

Your ROOT IP Address For Hosting Account (Optional But Helpful):

4) Please provide a professional photo. (This Must be HIGH QUALITY, HIGH
    RESOLUTION with a solid color background. It’s also important to include
    entire body shots from above the waist.

   DO NOT MISS a shoulder, or other parts… it can be difficult to blend you into
   your blog professionally! We can’t tell you how many pictures we receive
   that we can’t use and this slows the blog completion process down.

   We will allow up to 3 pictures on your header if you like, but make sure that
   they are in different settings and show different sides of yourself and your
   family. Trust me, it looks a little weird having 3 pictures of you and your dog
   on your header ;-)

5) The Tagline/Slogan For Your Blog :

6) **Non-Members Only** Headline For Your Opt In Message:

7) Your Skype ID, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and LinkedIn links. You can find
    these URL links once you have logged in to each social media sites, they are
    usually the URL on your home page.

   Bonus: If you would like us to integrate your Facebook Fanpage into your
   blog please include the set of numbers at the end of your fanpage url.
   Skills/181237095221013  We only need the 15 numbers at the end.
   8) Your TrafficWave username and “socialmediamastery” campaign name if it is
      different from what we advise you to make it.

       **Non-Members Only** Your autoresponder code to build your list. This is
       important that you get the right HTML blank web design layout of the auto
       responder code. So we do not want the HTML as a design of what it looks like
       as an optin box. Nor do we want javascript. Please send the HTML as code
       only so that we can use it properly. If you are unsure about this please review
       the video tutorial.

   9) What is your primary email address to use with the blog?

   10) Do you have any specific font style you’d like us to use from this site… - If so, please post a link to the specific font you
      want us to use and we will include it. I recommend testing the font by
      entering your domain name into the “custom preview” section on that
      website. You may select a custom font for the title and slogan on your header,
      or just describe/give blog examples of what you would like it to look like.

11) Finally, what color scheme would you like us to use. We listed a few examples
on , but if you have specific colors
you would like us to include or a specific blog that you really like please give us all
the information we would need in the section below.

Important: If there are any special instructions you want to include now, or things
you’d like for us to consider, please type them here.

Once again you can get access to your MSS Hosting account by contacting the person
who referred you to this page.

Also, if you do not have an autoresponder account we recommend a special service
that an MSS Member will be able to help you with.

After you have completed filling out this form, send it back to:

The FASTER you fill this out, the faster we can begin creating your blog for you.
Speak soon!

MSS Design Team

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