DATE: October 1, 2009


You are invited to submit a lump sum quotation for the following work installing and removing Christmas decorations for the District of Kent: 1. Install TWENTY-NINE (29) decorations on hydro poles and lighting poles (including SIX (6) lamppost lights #32 to 37 on attached); as the District will install TWENTY (20) decorations on Pioneer Main (between Park Street and Evergreen), including SIX (6) Wreaths on lighting poles Park Street to Heath Road (#32 to #37 on attached) . The contractor will be responsible for removing all FORTY-NINE (49) decorations as per the conditions of the original invitation to submit a quotation. See Attached. 2. Inspect the Christmas string lights installed on the Municipal Hall and Fitness Centre by District crews. 3. Once installed replace any damaged or burned out lights. The District will supply extra lights for hanging fixtures only. 4. Install Santa and Reindeer on the Municipal Hall. Replace any burned out or damaged lights with matching product. If matching product is not available supply and install approved outdoor C7 LED Lights on the fixtures. 5. Install THREE (3) lighted Trees on the roof of the old Fire Hall (at Municipal Hall). Replace any burned out or damaged lights with matching product. If matching product is not available supply and install approved outdoor C7 LED Lights on the fixtures. 6. Install 30”x60” banners and brackets on the light poles in the fairgrounds parking lot. The banners and brackets will be provided by the District. Remove these banners between March 1 - 5, 2010. INFORMATION FOR CONTRACTORS 1. Prior to carrying out the work, Contractors shall obtain a Christmas Light Electrical Installation Permit from the Provincial Electrical Inspector. The contractor shall hold a current District of Kent Business License and abide by all District Bylaws. 2. Decorations can be viewed at the Public Works Yard prior to tender. Decorations shall be fixed with brackets and fixtures provided. 3. Remove Christmas decorations between Wednesday, January 6, 2010 and Friday, January 8, 2010. 4. Traffic control during installation and removal is to be supplied by the contractor. The contractor is responsible for and is to ensure the safety of all on-site personnel and the public. 5. Contractors shall submit, along with the Lump Sum quotation, an hourly rate in the event of a call-out by the District of Kent to repair or replace damaged decorations or lights. 6. Any damage to District property as a result of installation needs to be reported to the Public Works Foreman immediately, and contractor is responsible for negotiated repairs and / or costs. 7. Quotations shall be submitted to the District of Kent Municipal Hall before 2:00 pm, Monday, October 26, 2009. The District of Kent will issue a purchase order for the work. The work shall be carried out and completed before NOVEMBER 27, 2009. The lowest or any part of any quotation may not necessarily be accepted. Award of Contract is subject to availability of funding. The District of Kent reserves the right in its sole discretion to award or reject any quotation in whole or in part. Quotations should be marked: ATTENTION: KERRY HILTS, DIRECTOR OF COMMUNITY SERVICES Fax : 604-796-9854 OR Hand-deliver to: DISTRICT OF KENT MUNICIPAL HALL, 7170 CHEAM AVENUE, AGASSIZ, BC


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