Eight Tax-Time Errors to Avoid

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					 IRS Tax Tips                                                                         April 9, 2013

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                                       Eight Tax-Time Errors to Avoid
                             If you make a mistake on your tax return, it usually takes the IRS
News Essentials              longer to process it. The IRS may have to contact you about that
                             mistake before your return is processed. This will delay the receipt of
What's Hot                   your tax refund.
News Releases
                             The IRS reminds filers that e-filing their tax return greatly lowers the
IRS - The Basics
                             chance of errors. In fact, taxpayers are about twenty times more likely
                             to make a mistake on their return if they file a paper return instead of e-
IRS Guidance                 filing their return.

Media Contacts               Here are eight common errors to avoid.

Facts & Figures              1. Wrong or missing Social Security numbers. Be sure you enter
                             SSNs for yourself and others on your tax return exactly as they are on
Problem Alerts               the Social Security cards.
Around The Nation
                             2. Names wrong or misspelled. Be sure you enter names of all
                             individuals on your tax return exactly as they are on their Social
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                             Security cards.

                             3. Filing status errors. Choose the right filing status. There are five
The Newsroom Topics          filing statuses: Single, Married Filing Jointly, Married Filing
                             Separately, Head of Household and Qualifying Widow(er) With
Tax Tips 2013                Dependent Child. See Publication 501, Exemptions, Standard
                             Deduction and Filing Information, to help you choose the right one. E-
Radio PSAs                   filing your tax return will also help you choose the right filing status.

Fact Sheets                  4. Math mistakes. If you file a paper tax return, double check the
                             math. If you e-file, the software does the math for you. For example, if
Armed Forces                 your Social Security benefits are taxable, check to ensure you figured
                             the taxable portion correctly.
Disaster Relief
                             5. Errors in figuring credits, deductions. Take your time and read
Scams / Consumer Alerts      the instructions in your tax booklet carefully. Many filers make
                             mistakes figuring their Earned Income Tax Credit, Child and
Tax Shelters                 Dependent Care Credit and the standard deduction. For example, if you
                             are age 65 or older or blind check to make sure you claim the correct,
                             larger standard deduction amount.
IRS Resources                 6. Wrong bank account numbers. Direct deposit is the fast, easy and
                              safe way to receive your tax refund. Make sure you enter your bank
Compliance & Enforcement News
                              routing and account numbers correctly.
Contact My Local Office
                             7. Forms not signed, dated. An unsigned tax return is like an
Filing Options               unsigned check – it’s invalid. Remember both spouses must sign a
                             joint return.
Forms & Pubs
                             8. Electronic signature errors. If you e-file your tax return, you will
Frequently Asked Questions   sign the return electronically using a Personal Identification Number.
                             For security purposes, the software will ask you to enter the Adjusted
News                         Gross Income from your originally-filed 2011 federal tax return. Do
                             not use the AGI amount from an amended 2011 return or an AGI
Taxpayer Advocate
                             provided to you if the IRS corrected your return. You may also use last
                             year's PIN if you e-filed last year and remember your PIN.
Where to File

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                                   IRS Tax Tip 2013-13, Determining Your Correct Filing Status
                                   Tax Topic 303 Checklist of Common Errors When Preparing
                                    Your Tax Return

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