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					Table 6: Course Proposal Changes 2004-2012

Year   College/School           Department        Program            Course      Justification                            Curricular
2004   College of Human         Department of     Elective           CDFR        This course has been a popular           Offer as an elective to
       Ecology                  Child                                6022        elective for graduate students           Brody School of
                                Development                                      within the Department of Child           Medicine Students
                                and Family                                       Development and Family Relations
                                Relations                                        for years. The course fits with the
                                                                                 school's strategic plan and the unit's
                                                                                 operational goals to offer accredited
                                                                                 masters degree programs and foster
                                                                                 collaboration with the Brody School
                                                                                 of Medicine. This course also fits
                                                                                 with Departmental Operational
2004   Thomas Harriot           Department of     Interdisciplinar   PSYC 7412   This is an essential course in           Move the course to the
       College of Arts and      Psychology        y Biological                   psychology and neuroscience. A           doctoral level
       Sciences                                   Sciences                       department assessment of the
                                                  Programs:                      placement of this course resulted in
                                                  Neuroscience                   the recommendation to move the
                                                  Concentration                  course to the doctoral level to
                                                                                 support the Neuroscience
                                                                                 Concentration of the
                                                                                 Interdisciplinary Biological Sciences
2005   College of Fine Arts &   School of Music   Bachelors of       MUSC        Student assessment data has shown        Creates an online
       Communication                              Music              2207        a marked concern about the amount        specific version of
                                                                                 of time/work online students are         MUSC 2208
                                                                                 spending for 2 credit hours in MUSC
                                                                                 2208 (WWW). A new course created
                                                                                 specifically for the online offering
                                                                                 would not only help delineate it
                                                                                 from the FF version it would also
                                                                                 give more credit to a course that is
                                                                                 dramatically more time intensive.
2005   College of Business      Department of     BSBA in            ACCT        This new course is being prepared        New Course
                                Accounting        Accounting         4631        and offered to comply with requests
                                                                                 from potential employers for our
                                                                                 BSBA students and to a more limited
                                                                                 extent our MSA students. As part of
                                                                                 our continuous improvements
                                                                                 efforts, we assess the professional
                                                                                 requirements from the normal
                                                                                 employers who hire our graduates.
                                                                                 The employers have been quite
                                                                                 vocal in suggesting that we expand
                                                                                 our course offering in the area of
                                                                                 internal auditing. This group
                                                                                 includes both public and private
                                                                                 employers. A second motivation for
                                                                                 the course is to augment the
                                                                                 preparation for our MSA students
                                                                                 for the CPA examination. The exam
                                                                                 specifically addresses Internal
2006   Brody School of          Department of     Pathology          PATH        Faculty and completing students          1. Include clinical
       Medicine                 Pathology &       Assistant          6840        have reviewed the certificate            Anatomy content in
                                Laboratory        Certificate                    program curriculum and course            course. 2. Delete one
                                Medicine          Program                        content. Students in the Pathology       required text, which
                                                                                 Assistant certificate program            students have not
                                                                                 presently take an anatomy course         found useful, and add
                                                                                 with PT students. This course            one required text for
                                                                                 focuses on neuromuscular anatomy         clinical anatomy
                                                                                 of extremities, not on anatomy that      content.
Table 6: Course Proposal Changes 2004-2012

                                                                               these students need to master in
                                                                               order to be competent pathology
                                                                               assistants or pursue careers in other
                                                                               health care areas, including
                                                                               medicine, nursing, or physician
                                                                               assistant school.
2006   College of Health and   Department of      BS in Athletic    ATEP       Athletic training majors who wish           Add ATEP 4001/4002 in
       Human Performance       Health Education   Training          4001/400   more clinical experience do not have        the catalog as elective
                               and Promotion                        2          an academic course available to gain        courses in the BS in
                                                                               more hands-on practice. Typically,          Athletic Training
                                                                               seniors in their last semester have
                                                                               completed their required clinical
                                                                               courses, and these two additional
                                                                               classes courses (ATEP 4001 and
                                                                               4002) would allow a student to gain
                                                                               more supervised clinical experience
                                                                               in their field. Without it, these
                                                                               students are not allowed to practice
                                                                               their skills in an organized or
                                                                               supervised setting. ATEP 4001 and
                                                                               4002 will not be required of the
                                                                               major for graduation
2006   College of              Department of      BS in             CMGT       As our department has grown, we             The new course, CMGT
       Technology and          Construction       Construction      2200       see a future opportunity to offer           2200 would be a
       Computer Science        Management         Management                   students the choice of focusing their       requirement for majors.
                                                                               education on specific sectors of the        Modifications to our
                                                                               construction                                degree requirements
                                                                               industry, notably residential,              are needed in order to
                                                                               commercial, and heavy                       keep
                                                                               construction. In                            our credit hour
                                                                               consultation with our CMGT                  distribution
                                                                               Industry Advisory Board, an                 constant.
                                                                               introductory course
                                                                               highlighting the breadth and history
                                                                               of the construction industry is
                                                                               needed. The proposed course,
                                                                               CMGT 2200 would meet this need.
                                                                               Additionally the course would
                                                                               expose the students to more sectors
                                                                               of the industry than they may be
                                                                               initially familiar with. This will aid in
                                                                               their preparation for internships. All
                                                                               majors must complete a minimum
                                                                               of 500 hours of work experience as a
                                                                               requirement for our exit course
                                                                               (CMGT 4699). Unlike our other entry
                                                                               level major courses, CMGT 2200 will
                                                                               have a laboratory component. Thus,
                                                                               we can accommodate significant
                                                                               numbers of students through a large
                                                                               lecture class format.
2007   College of Allied       Department of      BS in Health      HIMA       Revision is request to enhance the          Increase semester
       Health Sciences         Health Services    Information       4075       Health Information Management               hours by 2, from 1 to 3
                               of Information     Mgt, BS in                   (HIM) and Health Services                   hours, incorporate
                               Management         Health Services              Management (HSM) programs by                content from HPRO
                                                  Mgt                          bringing the Research Design                4350, and change
                                                                               component, currently HPRO 4350,             course name to:
                                                                               of both curricula into the HSIM             Applied
                                                                               department. It is the goal of this          Health Services
                                                                               change to more fully integrate this         Research.
                                                                               course with the other courses in the
                                                                               aforementioned degree programs.
                                                                               In addition we expect that with
Table 6: Course Proposal Changes 2004-2012

                                                                          delivery of this course in the
                                                                          department, the course can be more
                                                                          rapidly adapted to changes in
                                                                          accreditation standards or changes
                                                                          in other HIM or HSM courses. This
                                                                          change will also reduce faculty
                                                                          requirements as the current course
                                                                          is co-taught by faculty members in
                                                                          biostatistics and HSIM, staffing of
                                                                          the revised course should be a single
                                                                          HSIM faculty member. This change
                                                                          includes changing the course name
                                                                          to: Applied Health Services
2007   College of Human       School of Social   MA in Social   SOCW      In reviewing the current MSW               The prior course has
       Ecology                Work               Work           6100      program the faculty wished to add          served as an
                                                                          foundational content to the MSW            introduction to social
                                                                          program in order to provide a basis        work but was limited to
                                                                          for later practice course, fill a gap in   practice with
                                                                          the current program and to meet            individuals. The revised
                                                                          CSWE accreditation standards.              course is broader
                                                                          There currently is little content          including generalist
                                                                          providing an introduction to social        practice and
                                                                          work practice. The revisions here          practice with
                                                                          are consistent with faculty interests      individuals, families,
                                                                          and general recommendations from           groups and
                                                                          CSWE. After several discussions at         communities.
                                                                          MSW faculty meetings a plan to
                                                                          revise SOCW 6100 was developed.
                                                                          The revise course would focus
                                                                          broadly on social work practice and
                                                                          include reference to a relational
                                                                          perspective which has been adopted
                                                                          by the School of Social Work for the
                                                                          MSW program. The revised course
                                                                          was presented to the MSW faculty
                                                                          and approved. A presentation to the
                                                                          full faculty of the School of Social
                                                                          Work was made. After discussion
                                                                          the revisions were approved. The
                                                                          revisions have also been approved
                                                                          by the Curriculum Committee of the
                                                                          School of Social Work.
2007   College of Education   Department of      MA in          Degree    The need for increased flexibility in      This modification does
                              Curriculum and     Education in   Program   course selection became apparent           not change the required
                              Instruction        English                  to the faculty because of the on-          hours (39 s.h.), but
                                                                          going program assessment,                  rather reduces
                                                                          specifically the program’s exit            specificity in favor of
                                                                          survey and self evaluation. The            flexibility. Specifically,
                                                                          results of these assessment efforts        we are requesting that:
                                                                          indicate the necessity to provide          •a statement regarding
                                                                          MAEd students greater freedom to           IRB requirements be
                                                                          meet individual needs. Therefore,          added to the program
                                                                          the proposed modification enhances         listing
                                                                          existing curriculum by allowing the        • the elective courses
                                                                          student to seek specialized                be restructured • the
                                                                          instruction within the context of          ENGL prefix be changed
                                                                          secondary English studies and, as          to ENED (this correction
                                                                          such, better enables the program to        was made
                                                                          respond to the College of                  in previous submissions
                                                                          Education’s Conceptual                     but was not changed in
                                                                          Framework’s emphasis upon                  the catalog)
                                                                          “Empowering all learners.”
2007   Brody School of        Department of      PhD in         BIOC      In their assessment of the                 New Course
Table 6: Course Proposal Changes 2004-2012

       Medicine               Biochemistry        Biochemistry    8333/833   curriculum of the doctoral program
                                                  and Molecular   6          in Biochemistry and
                                                  Biology                    Molecular Biology the Curriculum
                                                                             Committee felt that using the
                                                                             introduction to research course
                                                                             after the first semester was not
                                                                             appropriate for the doctoral
                                                                             students. This concern was brought
                                                                             to the graduate faculty at the annual
                                                                             retreat on curriculum. To remedy
                                                                             this shortcoming and to allow
                                                                             students to register as full time
                                                                             students the graduate faculty
                                                                             recommended establishing a new
                                                                             course in research. The normal
                                                                             expectation is that the student
                                                                             enrolls for 3 s.h of credit. However,
                                                                             under rare circumstances such as a
                                                                             student finishing their course
                                                                             requirements but not yet admitted
                                                                             to candidacy or a student starting in
                                                                             the spring semester it may be
                                                                             necessary to register for 6 s.h. of
                                                                             credit to maintain full time status
                                                                             for SEVIS requirements.
2008   College of Business    Departments of      BSBA            Degree     Over the past few years the COB has     Creating of BSUI 1200
                              Accounting,         Management      Programs   been actively assessing our             Strategy First. Creation
                              Finance,            Accounting,                programs. We have updated our           of Leadership &
                              Management,         BSA/MSA, BSBA              Goals, Mission, and Objectives          Professional
                              Management          Finance, BSBA              involving internal and external         Development Series.
                              Finance,            Management,                stakeholders in the process. In         Removal of 60 Credit
                              Management          BSBA                       addition the AACSB (our accrediting     Hours outside the COB
                              Information         Management                 agency) has revised its                 Requirement
                              Systems,            Information                requirements. These proposed
                              Marking and         Systems, BSBA              changes are first steps in addressing
                              Supply Chains       Marketing                  our findings. The College of Business
                              Management                                     curriculum committee voted on
                                                                             November 27, 2007 and the Faculty
                                                                             in the college voted in a ballot
                                                                             concluded on December 7, 2007,
                                                                             approving these changes which will
                                                                             make the program 123 semester
2008   College of Fine Arts   School of Art and   BFA in Art      ART 2225   The needs of the photography            Establish one new
       and Communication      Design                                         students were assessed and it was       course in the
                                                                             determined that the course content      concentration of
                                                                             of Basic Black and White                photography: ART 2225
                                                                             Photography is consistent with the      (Basic Black and White
                                                                             current direction of the profession.    Photography)
                                                                             These needs were established after
                                                                             discussion with professional
                                                                             colleagues from similar programs at
                                                                             national and regional Society of
                                                                             Photographic Education conferences
                                                                             (photography education’s
                                                                             professional organization).
2008   Thomas Harriot         Department of       PhD in          CHEM       In the fall of 2001, the chemistry      New Course
       College of Arts and    Chemistry           Biological      7534       department developed a strategic
       Sciences                                   Sciences                   initiative aimed at promoting
                                                                             research at the interface between
                                                                             chemistry and biology. An objective
                                                                             of this initiative is the development
                                                                             of a graduate program based on this
                                                                             concentration. Consistent with this
Table 6: Course Proposal Changes 2004-2012

                                                                             initiative, the chemistry department
                                                                             has agreed to participate in the
                                                                             IDPBS program with a concentration
                                                                             in pharmaceutical chemistry. The
                                                                             assessment of the proposed
                                                                             program by the graduate faculty
                                                                             indicated the need for a course in
                                                                             natural product synthesis. The
                                                                             proposed course, CHEM 7534, will
                                                                             fulfill this need.
2008   Brody School of         Department of      Masters in      MPH 6007   Assessment of the Graduate Faculty      The requested change
       Medicine                Public Health      Public Health              reveals that our students do not        involves changing the
                                                                             have a global public health course.     course title from
                                                                             The course name change from             “Medical Anthropology
                                                                             “Medical Anthropology and Public        and Public Health: A
                                                                             Health: A Global Perspective” to        Global Perspective” to
                                                                             “Global Public Health” will allow       “Global Public Health.”
                                                                             more students to recognize the
                                                                             course content and focus on global
                                                                             public health issues.
2009   College of Health and   Department of      BS in Health    Degree     The Prehealth Professions               1. Add two new
       Human Performance       Health Education   Education and   Program    concentration in the BS degree,         courses. Same course,
                               and Promotion      Promotion                  Health Education and Promotion          two numbers to allow a
                                                                             prepares students for postgraduate      student to complete
                                                                             education in the health professions.    one or two three-hour
                                                                             Currently the curriculum requires a     field experiences. This
                                                                             single six semester hour internship     will allow more
                                                                             experience. Experience over the last    flexibility in our
                                                                             five years has indicated the need for   placement procedures
                                                                             increased flexibility regarding this    for clinical internships.
                                                                             requirement. Some students do           2. Move HLTH 4910
                                                                             extensive shadowing outside of the      from Health Education
                                                                             program and would be better served      requirements to
                                                                             by having the option to do more         restrictive electives list.
                                                                             traditional course work. Other          3. Move HLTH 3011
                                                                             students are unsure of their career     from the restricted
                                                                             path and would profit from              electives list to the
                                                                             exposure to a couple of career          health education
                                                                             options rather than one.                requirements. 4. Add
                                                                                                                     ATEP 2800 as an option
                                                                                                                     in the basic science
                                                                                                                     requirements in the
                                                                                                                     concentration. 5.
                                                                                                                     Change the course
                                                                                                                     description of HLTH
                                                                                                                     4910 (page 431) to
                                                                                                                     read: Completion of all
                                                                                                                     other major
                                                                                                                     requirements and
                                                                                                                     consent of program
2009   College of Nursing      College of         Masters of      NURS       Mandate from AACN/CCNE                  The course credits have
                               Nursing            Science in      6110       accrediting body to add a general       been reduced from 3
                                                  Nursing:                   physiology course to the curriculum;    hrs to 2 hrs.
                                                  Midwifery                  with review by the CON Graduate         Prerequisite general
                                                  Concentration              Faculty and the Nurse Midwifery         physiology content will
                                                                             Concentration Faculty.                  now be covered in
                                                                                                                     NURS 6050.
2009   College of Business     Department of      BSBA Finance    Degree     As a result of our continuous review    1. Removing FINA 3554
                               Finance                            Program    of our curriculum and discussion        as a prerequisite for
                                                                             with potential employers, the           FINA 4604.
                                                                             faculty at the Department of            2. Adding FINA 4604 as
                                                                             Finance in the College of Business      an elective for students
                                                                             voted on January 27, 2009 to            with Managerial
Table 6: Course Proposal Changes 2004-2012

                                                                              include the following two changes in    Finance concentration
                                                                              the Undergraduate Catalog.
                                                                              Approving these changes will allow
                                                                              our students to better tailor our
                                                                              program to their needs.
2009   College of Human       Department of    MS in Nutrition   Internship   The Department of Nutrition and         Proposed New Dietetic
       Ecology                Nutrition and    and Dietetic                   Dietetics offers a graduate Dietetic    Internship Courses
                              Dietetics                                       Internship which is accredited by the   NUTR 6301. Practicum
                                                                              Commission on Dietetic                  in Clinical Dietetics (3).
                                                                              Accreditation of Dietetics Education    Admission to the
                                                                              (CADE), an organization accredited      Dietetic Internship. The
                                                                              by the U.S. Department of               development and
                                                                              Education. Currently, our interns are   integration of
                                                                              admitted into our program as            knowledge and skills in
                                                                              graduate students, but enroll in        clinical dietetics
                                                                              4000-level supervised practice          practice settings. NUTR
                                                                              courses for the internship. Almost      6302. Practicum in
                                                                              all graduate internship programs in     Community Dietetics
                                                                              the country provide graduate credit     (3). Admission to the
                                                                              for their internship courses            Dietetic Internship. The
                                                                              Currently, being taught as              development and
                                                                              undergraduate courses, the course       integration of
                                                                              content and requirements are            knowledge and skills in
                                                                              taught at the graduate level. Further   community dietetics
                                                                              with the introduction of these          practice settings NUTR
                                                                              courses, our student will now be        6303. Practicum in Food
                                                                              able to receive financial aid which     Systems Management
                                                                              has been very problematic in the        (3). Admission to the
                                                                              past. Additionally, we will generate    Dietetic Internship. The
                                                                              appropriate graduate student credit     development and
                                                                              hours for courses that are faculty      integration of
                                                                              and preceptor intensive.                knowledge and skills in
                                                                                                                      food systems
                                                                                                                      management practice
2009   College of Education   Department of    BS in Special     Degree       Teacher education program areas         The Program of Special
                              Curriculum and   Education         Program      across campus are currently             Education in the
                              Instruction                                     participating in a curriculum           Department of
                                                                              “revisioning” process. This work        Curriculum and
                                                                              began during the 2008/2009              Instruction is requesting
                                                                              academic year by collectively           approval of these
                                                                              examining and refining the              course changes. In
                                                                              Professional Studies Core required      summary, the overall
                                                                              of all teacher education programs.      revisions to the Special
                                                                              Subsequently, individual program        Education Program
                                                                              areas followed up with a thorough       include those items
                                                                              review of the remainder of the          listed below.
                                                                              courses/sequences in each plan of
                                                                              study. Ongoing feedback from
                                                                              faculty members, students, and
                                                                              clinical teachers was integrated with
                                                                              revisions to the NC Department of
                                                                              Public Instruction licensure process
                                                                              and 21st Century Skills to inform the
                                                                              adjustments made in each program
                                                                              area. The changes described in
                                                                              course proposals attached here are
                                                                              aligned with these revisioning
                                                                              activities in the Program of Special
                                                                              Education. The curriculum
                                                                              adjustments will ensure the infusion
                                                                              of updated content; an overlay of
                                                                              emphasis on 21st Century skills,
                                                                              technology, and assessment
Table 6: Course Proposal Changes 2004-2012

                                                                               information; as well as an
                                                                               appropriate developmental
                                                                               sequence for students in the
                                                                               Program of Special Education as
                                                                               they progress through their course
                                                                               of study.
2010   Thomas Harriot         Department of       BA in Political   POLS       This course, “Politics of                  POLS 3140 will provide
       College of Arts and    Political Science   Science           3140       Globalization,” was created in             a strong overview of the
       Sciences                                                                response to two broad University           issues of globalization
                                                                               goals, emphasized both at the state        for non-majors as well
                                                                               level and at ECU: to “promote more         as for majors, so
                                                                               global awareness through the ECU           contributing to the
                                                                               curriculum,” in ECU’s Plan for             promotion of global
                                                                               Internationalization (2005), and           awareness, and it will
                                                                               “New courses will be developed as          be available to fulfill the
                                                                               needed to make ECU students more           requirement for
                                                                               globally aware and competitive” in         globally oriented
                                                                               the 2008 UNC Tomorrow plan. In             courses in the general
                                                                               preparing students for a global            education curriculum.
                                                                               world, it is essential that they be
                                                                               given a broad introduction to the
                                                                               core issues in globalization, so that
                                                                               their understanding goes far beyond
                                                                               buzz words. This course, which
                                                                               requires no prerequisites and opens
                                                                               the issues to the interested general
                                                                               student, will facilitate that stronger
                                                                               awareness. The Department of
                                                                               Political Science has a very strong
                                                                               component in the major curriculum.
                                                                               Some of these courses are
                                                                               specialized, and require
                                                                               prerequisites. It contributes to filling
                                                                               a gap in “integrative courses”
                                                                               determined by the Department’s
                                                                               assessment process.
2010   College of Nursing     College of          Nursing Phd       NURS       Based on an assessment by the              The course, an
                              Nursing             and MSN, MPH      7003       College of Nursing Graduate Faculty,       exploration and design
                                                                               this course was developed as an            of strategies to address
                                                                               elective to provide the content and        health
                                                                               to meet research interests that            disparities/inequities,
                                                                               address health disparities.                will build on Dr. Jesse’s
                                                                                                                          and other faculty’s
                                                                                                                          health disparities
                                                                                                                          research. The 3 credit
                                                                                                                          course will be offered
                                                                                                                          online and face to face.
                                                                                                                          In addition it will be
                                                                                                                          open to graduate
                                                                                                                          students in other
2010   College of Fine Arts   School of Art and   MFA and MAed      ART 6952   After the School of Art and Design         New Course: ART 6952.
       and Communication      Design                                           curriculum review, graduate faculty        Topics in Byzantine Art
                                                                               identified educational needs of            and Architecture (3) Art
                                                                               graduate students for classes in           and architecture of the
                                                                               global art history, including              Byzantine Empire (ca.
                                                                               architectural history. This course will    300-1500) and artistic
                                                                               focus on major issues of Byzantine         realms of its cultural
                                                                               art and architecture and strong, but       influence (Armenia,
                                                                               often unnoticed influences in art          Bulgaria, Georgia, Italy,
                                                                               and architecture in the U.S. and           Romania, Russia, Serbia,
                                                                               elsewhere. The course also meets           Turkey, the U.S.).
                                                                               ECU’s priority for the
Table 6: Course Proposal Changes 2004-2012

                                                                          internationalization of the
                                                                          University curriculum and
                                                                          intercultural and diversity
                                                                          awareness of graduate students
2010   College of           Department of    BS in            MENG        The mechanical engineering                Add new course to
       Technology and       Engineering      Engineering      3070        concentration faculty and advisory        replace single course in
       Computer Science                                                   board have decided to revise the          thermo –fluids (ENGR
                                                                          current thermodynamics                    3012) with two course
                                                                          requirement of ENGR 3012 coupled          sequence in
                                                                          with a one semester                       Thermodynamics. This
                                                                          thermodynamics course in favor of a       is the first course.
                                                                          two semester sequence in
2010   College of Allied    Department of    BS in            REHB        REHB Department faculty have              Implementation of new
       Health Sciences      Rehabilitation   Rehabilitation   4100        discussed and agreed to changing          undergraduate course,
                            Studies          Studies                      5000 level courses to 4000 level          REHB 4100
                                                                          courses since SACS accreditation
                                                                          would like to see a clear
                                                                          differentiation between
                                                                          undergraduate and graduate
                                                                          classes. Additionally, substance
                                                                          abuse counselor accreditation now
                                                                          requires that all graduate students
                                                                          in our Substance Abuse and Clinical
                                                                          Counseling master’s degree
                                                                          program have REHB 5100:
                                                                          Occupational Analysis and Career
                                                                          Counseling as a required course.
                                                                          REHB 5100: Occupational Analysis
                                                                          and Career Counseling or REHB
                                                                          5400: Introduction to Vocational
                                                                          Evaluation is required for the
                                                                          Rehabilitation Services major. REHB
                                                                          4100 will provide our students with
                                                                          information about career theories
                                                                          and practices to facilitate job
                                                                          placement for people with
2011   College of           Department of    MSTS             ITEC 6001   The Graduate Faculty of the               Course title, description
       Technology and       Technology       concentration                Department of Technology Systems          and content are
       Computer Science     Systems          in                           have met and recommended the              modified to focus on
                                             Manufacturing                course name, catalog description          recent advances in
                                             Systems,                     and content of ITEC 6001 to be            change management.
                                             Quality                      revised to accommodate the                The title is proposed to
                                             Systems,                     updated body of knowledge                 be changed from
                                             Industrial                   essential for concentrations in           Process Analysis and
                                             Distribution                 Quality Systems, Manufacturing            Change Initiatives to
                                             and Logistics,               Systems, and the Lean Six-Sigma           Technology Process
                                             Performance                  Black-Belt (LSSBB) Certificate based      Change Management.
                                             Improvement                  on input from alumni, the advisory
                                                                          board, and program faculty.
2011   College of Nursing   College of       MSN              Degree      In the spring of 2010 the current         1. The prerequisite of a
                            Nursing          Leadership       Program     Nursing Leadership faculty reviewed       3-hour accounting
                                             Concentration                the current curriculum in light of        course is removed. 2.
                                                                          changes in the American Nurses            Develop a 1 hour
                                                                          credentialing Center’s examination        Foundations of Nursing
                                                                          for certification, educational articles   Leadership course
                                                                          in recent literature, and                 (NURS 6986) to be
                                                                          faculty/student/preceptor feedback.       taken in the first year of
                                                                                                                    study. 3. Reduce the
                                                                                                                    NURS 6977 Leadership
                                                                                                                    Practicum I from a 4 to
                                                                                                                    a 3 semester hour
                                                                                                                    course. 4. Revise the
Table 6: Course Proposal Changes 2004-2012

                                                                                                                        NURS 6983 course
                                                                                                                        content to reduce
                                                                                                                        emphasis on leadership
2011   College of Education    Department of      MAEd and MAT     ELEM       Graduate faculty in the elementary        Course objectives and
                               Curriculum and     in Elementary    6010       education program met and revised         assignments have been
                               Instruction        Education                   this class to be in compliance with       revised for clarity and
                                                                              new Department of Public                  greater alignment with
                                                                              Instruction standards I, II, III, & IV,   the new DPI Advanced
                                                                              the core national standards, 21st         Program Teaching
                                                                              Century learning skills, and NCATE        Standards, national core
                                                                              standards.                                standards, and
                                                                                                                        Elementary program
2011   Honors College          Honors College     N/A              HNRS       In the process of establishing the        New courses
                                                                   3001,      Honors College, the Honors College
                                                                   3002,      staff and
                                                                   3003       selected faculty members who
                                                                              served on the planning committees
                                                                              determined the need for a set of
                                                                              courses to (1) provide the short and
                                                                              long-term flexibility necessary for
                                                                              the Honors College to be responsive
                                                                              to the evolving explicit and implicit
                                                                              goals under ECU-Tomorrow’s five
                                                                              Strategic Directions that currently
                                                                              are not addressed by existing
                                                                              courses in the honors curriculum, (2)
                                                                              provide the flexibility necessary for
                                                                              students to earn honors credit
                                                                              working in areas of special need that
                                                                              currently are not addressed by the
                                                                              honors curriculum and (3) enable
                                                                              piloting new honors courses that
                                                                              address ECU’s Strategic Directions or
                                                                              the special needs of specific honors
                                                                              students. The proposal was
                                                                              supported by the newly formed
                                                                              Honors College Faculty Advisory
2011   College of Health and   Department of      BS in Health     Degree     The Department of Health Education        Add: EHST 2110, 2111.
       Human Performance       Health Education   Education and    Program    and Promotion conducted a                 Introduction to
                               and Promotion      Promotion                   program review in response to             Environmental Health
                                                                              current trends in the field of public     Sciences and Laboratory
                                                                              health and accreditation                  (3,0) HLTH 3011.
                                                                              requirements of the Council on            Introduction to
                                                                              Education in Public Health (CEPH)         Epidemiology in Health
                                                                              and the National Commission for           Education and
                                                                              Health Education Credentialing            Promotion (3) HLTH
                                                                              (NCHEC). The following changes are        3050. Public Health
                                                                              recommended for common core               Systems and Policy (3)
                                                                              courses requirements for the B.S. in      BIOS 1500. Introduction
                                                                              Health Education and Promotion,           to Biostatistics (3)
                                                                              changing the semester hour                Delete: HLTH 2125,
                                                                              requirement from 21 to 24.                2126. Safety Education
                                                                                                                        and First Aid (3) HLTH
                                                                                                                        4604. Applied Principles
                                                                                                                        of Health Promotion (3)
                                                                                                                        NUTR 1000.
                                                                                                                        Contemporary Nutrition
                                                                                                                        (3) or NUTR 2105.
                                                                                                                        Nutrition Science (3)
2011   College of Allied       Department of      MS in            Degree     The Department of Rehabilitation          Explanations for 2010-
       Health Sciences         Rehabilitation     Rehabilitation   Programs   Studies in the College of Allied
Table 6: Course Proposal Changes 2004-2012

                               Studies          Counseling,                  Health Sciences would like to make      2011 Catalog Changes
                                                Substance                    the following changes to Graduate
                                                Abuse and                    Catalog beginning in the SS 2011
                                                Clinical                     academic semester. Many of the
                                                Counseling,                  changes have to do with eliminating
                                                Vocational                   our 5000 courses and creating an
                                                Evaluation, PhD              undergraduate and graduate version
                                                in                           of them. Most of these changes are
                                                Rehabilitation               required to meet accreditation
                                                Counseling and               standards.
2011   Thomas Harriot          Department of    BS in French,     Degree     The changes in the BS degrees in        The Department of
       College of Arts and     Foreign          German, and       Programs   French, German, and Hispanic            Foreign Language and
       Sciences                Languages and    Hispanic                     Studies indicated in the attached       Literatures has
                               Literatures      Studies                      document are based on the               approved the following
                                                Education                    mandate from the NC State Board of      changes: to drop PSYC
                                                                             Education (SBE) to revise licensure     3206 and add EDUC
                                                                             program requirements and the ECU        3002 or PSYC 2777 for
                                                                             Council for Teacher Education (CTE)     all three language
                                                                             response to such mandate. The NC        programs.
                                                                             State Board of Education has
                                                                             approved these revisions to be
                                                                             effective Fall 2010.
2012   Honors College          Honors College   N/A               HNRS       The new course that is being            New Course
                                                                  4100       proposed (1) provides the honors
                                                                             credit necessary for the EC Scholars
                                                                             to work more deliberately in a
                                                                             leadership role in the community
                                                                             and (2) provides the students with
                                                                             the opportunity to explore the
                                                                             interprofessional aspects of
                                                                             leadership while meeting the
                                                                             University’s second strategic
                                                                             direction, becoming the Leadership
                                                                             University, which includes training
                                                                             and preparing leaders through
                                                                             leadership programs and courses.
2012   College of Health and   Department of    BS in Sports      Degree     The health related physical fitness     Removal of the health-
       Human Performance       Kinesiology      Studies           Program    test, while applicable for some         related physical fitness
                                                                             degree programs in the department,      test requirement
                                                                             is not so for students in sports
                                                                             studies. Maintaining this
                                                                             requirement is preventing certain
                                                                             students from declaring in a timely
                                                                             fashion, thus delaying graduation.
2012   College of Human        Department of    MAEd in Birth-    CDFR       As a result of ongoing assessment       Revision of existing
       Ecology                 Child            Kindergarten      6991       and in response to re-visioning         course: Add
                               Development      and Family and               mandated by the North Carolina          prerequisite and modify
                               and Family       Consumer                     Department of Public Instruction,       course description to
                               Relations        Sciences                     Graduate Faculty members in the         include individuals
                                                                             Birth-Kindergarten and Family and       pursuing MAEd-FACS
                                                                             Consumer Sciences program areas         and MAEd-BK.
                                                                             (Department of Child Development
                                                                             and Family Relations) determined
                                                                             the need to add prerequisites to this
                                                                             course and to revise the course
                                                                             description to include majors other
                                                                             than Birth-Kindergarten (viz., FACS).
                                                                             The revision was approved by
                                                                             department faculty.
2012   College of Education    Department of    MS Counselor      COAD       The graduate faculty of the             Faculty members are
                               Higher, Adult,   Education         6409       Counselor Education program have        requesting the title of
                               and Counselor                                 met and have determined that to         the course to be
                               Education                                     ensure that COAD 6409 aligns            changed from The
Table 6: Course Proposal Changes 2004-2012

                                             congruently with the Council for        Helping Relationship to
                                             Accreditation of Counseling &           Counseling Skills and
                                             Related Educational Programs            Techniques.
                                             (CACREP) 2009 Standards it is           Additionally, faculty
                                             necessary to change the title of the    members are
                                             course from The Helping                 requesting to delete the
                                             Relationship to Counseling Skills and   prerequisites listed for
                                             Techniques. To most effectively         this course (COAD 6401
                                             inform students of the purpose and      and COAD 6404). The
                                             content of this course and to bring     faculty have met and
                                             the course in line with current         determined that
                                             accreditation verbage, the title of     deleting COAD 6409:
                                             the course needs to be changed.         Counseling Skills and
                                             The proposed title, Counseling Skills   Techniques is a
                                             and Techniques, more adequately         foundational knowledge
                                             conveys the purpose and the             course not requiring
                                             content of the course.                  prerequisite courses to
                                                                                     be completed for
                                                                                     effective learning in
                                                                                     COAD 6409. The faculty
                                                                                     have approved the
                                                                                     proposed revisions.

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