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					          Re: Is complete home security possible?

           Re: Is complete home security possible?


From: Moe Trin (ibuprofin_at_painkiller.example.tld)
Date: 02/14/05

Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2005 19:55:56 −0600

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>On Fri, 11 Feb 2005 16:43:24 −0600, ibuprofin@painkiller.example.tld
>(Moe Trin) wrote:

>>> Like the little warnings that used to be on cigarette packaging.
>>[The warnings have been removed? Not in the .us]
>Here in Canada the warnings were fairly small until a few years ago.
>('a few'= time is relative)

The last I checked, the warnings were still about half the size of the
side of the pack, both on the individual package, and the carton. When
they were still allowing tobacco advertising, the warnings also had to
be that large in printed ads, and proportionate in signs.

>> while you see video of the manufacturer's product doing positively
>>insane tricks that would void the warranty, and get your insurance
>instantly canceled at the very least... You mean something like that?
>Yes, an excellent example.

I'm in the Southwestern US − we get a lot of ads for off−road use of
pickup trucks, and you normally see these trucks airborne cresting a
hill (both Dodge and Ford are showing this with trucks pulling a
trailer of some kind, like you are going to tow your 25 foot long bass
boat on a trailer at 80 MPH down some hilly dirt road). Of course, they
never show the trucks landing, just whizzing by the camera tucked low off
the side of the trail.

>I just remembered how they were advertised for the housewives −they
>would be able to keep and organize their recipes, plan a whole month
>of menus!! −One could create databases of wine or record

One of the first unofficial use I made of a PC was to put my book catalog
on it − except that the file size was limited to 32kb, or about 400 lines
of text, and 5 files filled that floppy.

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          Re: Is complete home security possible?
>> Now, if you know anything about programming,....
> Not really, but I do remember people that were studying programming
>expressing their displeasure at the way people wrote programs in Basic
>(too many GOTOs). It bothered them that they would call themselves
>programmers when they only knew Basic.

Made me look. I still have a textbook on Basic ('Basic Basic' by James
S. Coan, Hayden books, 1970), and that would have been about the time I
was learning it on an HP9830 Programmable Desktop Calculator.

>It also bothered them that because it was so well promoted, people that
>only knew Basic had an easier time finding jobs. (Devry, a Calgary school,
>which I believe that only taught Basic in their programming course, did
>a lot of self−promotion)

DeVry was down here in the states as well. I have hazy memories of them
having facilities in Chicago, St. Louis, and Tampa. They used to advertise
quite a lot in "mens" or "adventure" magazines, and in matchbooks. I more
remember their courses aimed at becoming a TV/Radio service person than
the programming.

>Thanks for the memories.

Geez − I'm now starting to remember 8008 assembly language commands. Time
to go wash the brain with carbolic acid.

    Old guy

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