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        Community Service Chaplains or "CSC" are part of the
Church of God Chaplains Commission. CSCs are certified
Community Service Chaplains who are trained to enter into various
disciplines of the local community, thus extending the greater
ministry of the Kingdom of God and the local Church.
        While serving in a volunteer capacity, these men and
women of faith are doing a professional task. CSCs regularly
donate many hours of their week to insure that the needs of others
are cared for, while sacrificing their own free time, talent and
personal resources to accomplish the task of chaplaincy ministry.!
Community Service Chaplains serve in a variety of "Beyond the
Gates" ministries. CSCs recognize that the ministry of Jesus
Christ cannot be fulfilled if only practiced within the walls of the
traditional church. Therefore, these trained, qualified and certified
men and women regular accept the challenges of ministry
disciplines outside the church and in their own communities.!

          One of the most exciting ministries in the Church of God,           The!Church!of!God!
the CSC program is designed for the local pastor and leading Laity            Chaplains!Commission!
approved by the pastor or other ecclesiastical leader. By training            stands!ready!to!
the local pastor and laity in community chaplaincy programs, we
have been able to place hundreds in such diverse agencies as the
FBI, state and local correctional institutions, hospitals and many            been!recommended!by!
other community agencies. It is the conviction of the Chaplains               the!local!church!and!
Commission that every pastor should have a two-phased, focused                pastor,!as!Community!
ministry: the local church and a community agency. By reaching out
to these secular institutions we are able to build a bridge between           Service!Chaplains!
the local church and the millions of persons who work and are                 providing!all!required!
confined to these institutions. In this manner, the Commission                training!and!assessments!
fulfills the mandate of Hebrews 13:12-13 which says, " as Jesus
suffered outside the gates on behalf of mankind, " so the church
goes outside the gate of the local setting to a wounded society.              !
       This training is available to all ministers and to laity who are       Stewart)Road)Ministries)and)
approved and recommended by their pastor. Contact Bishop Frank                the)Chaplain’s)Commission.)
Crank (734-664-6781) for further information, costs, etc.

   !                                                         !     MICHIGAN!TRAINING!DATES:!
       Basic Community Service Chaplaincy Training Course
                                     Registration Form
                                   Deadline April 12, 2012
                                                                            April 26-28, 2012
                                                                  Stewart Road Church of God
                                                                           1199 Stewart Road
                                                                           Monroe, MI 48162

Name: __________________________________________                          Date: _____________

Address: ______________________________________________________________

City: __________________________                State: ___________             Zip: _____________

Phone: __________________________                 Mobile: _____________________________

E-Mail: __________________________                Fax: _______________________________

Area(s) of chaplaincy interested in or now serving: _____________________________


Cost of Seminar:     $295.00 (single) or $360.00 (couple)
                     Registration Deposit Fee: $75.00 (nonrefundable)
                     Registration fee is applied toward the total cost of the course and course
                     manual(s) and must be enclosed with this registration form.

Registration Deposit Fee enclosed:         Yes___          No____

I am a pastor / lay worker / law enforcement officer / counselor / other: ____________________

Are you currently certified as a Community Service Chaplain? Yes / No

Are you seeking graduate or undergraduate credit? Yes / No

Are you currently enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate school? Yes / No

For undergraduate/graduate credit, you must be enrolled in a COG school.
Cost for COGTS (3 hours), Patten University or Lee University CAPS (2 hours) credit is
the applicable tuition/registration fee plus CSC manual ($40.00).

Please make all checks payable to the Chaplains Commission. Sorry, but we are not able to accept
credit card payments. Dress is casual; not shorts. Classes begin Thursday morning at
8:00 AM. Lodging and food are each attendee’s responsibility. Motel information and directions
are available upon request.

                                 Mail/Fax this Registration Form to:

                                       Church of God in Michigan
                                              6317 Old US 23
                                            Fenton, MI 48430
                                Phone: 810-629-0460/Fax: 810-629-0693
                            information available online
                                               Community Service Chaplaincy
                                               Level I - Training Seminar USA
                                                       April 26-28, 2012
                                                Stewart Road Church of God
                                                      1199 Stewart Road
                                                      Monroe, MI 48162


           8:00 AM – 9:00 AM                       Registration                             Chap Comm
           9:00 AM – 9:15 AM                       Devotion                                 Local Venue
           9:15 AM – 9:50 AM                       Orientation to Chaplaincy                Instructor
          10:00 AM – 10:50 AM                      History of Chaplaincy                    Instructor
          11:00 AM – 12:00 PM                      Theology of Chaplaincy                   Instructor

          12:00 PM –         1:00 PM               Lunch

            1:00 PM –        1:50 PM               Samaritan Mentality                      Instructor
            2:00 PM –        2:50 PM               Ethics and Privilege                     Instructor
            3:00 PM –        3:50 PM               Sensitivity, Diversity & Inclusiveness   Instructor
            4:00 PM –        5:00 PM               Counseling in the Workplace              Instructor


            8:00 AM – 8:15 AM                      Devotion                                 Local Venue
            8:15 AM – 12:00 PM                     Critical Incident Stress Management      Instructor

          12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Lunch

            1:00 PM –        1:50 PM               Critical Incident Stress Debriefing      Instructor
            2:00 PM –        2:50 PM               Kurtzman v. Lemon                        Instructor
            3:00 PM –        3:50 PM               Emergency Service Personnel Profile      Instructor
            4:00 PM -        4:50 PM               Q&A                                      Instructor


           8:00 AM – 8:15 AM                       Devotion                                 Local Venue
           8:15 AM – 10:50 AM                      Prayer in the Public Forum               Instructor
          11:00 AM – 12:00 PM                      Death Notifications                      Instructor

          12:00 PM –         1:00 PM               Lunch

           1:00 PM – 1:50 PM                       Violence Cycle                           Instructor
           2:00 PM – 2:50 PM                       Resources and Review                     Instructor
           3:00 PM – 4:00 PM                       Test and Certification                   Instructor

Community Service Ministries Chaplaincy Training Seminar, Revised 1/19/12                                 1
Jake Popejoy, Ph.D
Training and CSC Coordinator
                        hotels near 1199 Stewart Rd, Monroe, MI

A. Hollywood Motel                             B. Hotel Sterling
   1028 North Telegraph Road, Monroe, MI          109 W Front St, Monroe, MI
   (734) 241-7333 ​                               (734) 242-6212 ​
                                                            8 reviews

C. Hampton Inn Monroe                          D. Sunset Motel
   1565 North Dixie Highway, Monroe, MI           450 North Telegraph Road, Monroe, MI
   (734) 289-5700 ​                               (734) 242-3448 ​
   3 reviews
                                               E. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Monroe
                                                  1225 North Dixie Highway, Monroe, MI
                                                  (734) 242-6000 ​
                                                  1 review

F. Del Rio Suites & Hotel                      G. Knights Inn
   215 East Elm Avenue, Monroe, MI                1250 North Dixie Highway, Monroe, MI
   (734) 242-6026 ​                               (734) 243-0597 ​
                                                            7 reviews

H. Americas Best Value Inn                     I. Red Roof Inn
   1885 Welcome Way, Monroe, MI                   1900 Welcome Way, Monroe, MI
   (734) 289-1080 ​                               (734) 289-2330 ​
   1 review                                       2 reviews

J. Quality Inn & Suites
   1225 N Dixie Hwy, Monroe, MI
   (734) 242-6000 ​
                       restaurants near 1199 Stewart Rd, Monroe,
                       MI 48162

A. Mc Donald's                                B. Burger King
   1533 North Telegraph Road, Monroe, MI         1566 North Telegraph Road, Monroe, MI
   (734) 243-9570 ​                              (734) 242-6120 ​
             7 reviews                           2 reviews

C. El Vaqueros                                D. SUBWAY
   1270 Stewart Road, Monroe, MI                 1549 North Telegraph Road, Monroe, MI
   (734) 241-7663 ​                              (734) 457-2111 ​
             6 reviews                           1 review

E. Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar             F. Arby's
   1766 North Telegraph Road, Monroe, MI         1455 North Telegraph Road, Monroe, MI
   (734) 240-2999 ​                              (734) 242-8774 ​
             7 reviews                           1 review

G. White Castle                               H. Wendy's
   1520 North Telegraph Road, Monroe, MI         1712 North Telegraph Road, Monroe, MI
   (734) 241-1044 ​                              (734) 243-0543 ​
   1 review $
                                              I. Happy's Pizza
                                                 1433 North Telegraph Road, Monroe, MI
                                                 (734) 240-2222 ​

J. Ruby Tuesday of Monroe
   2071 Telegraph Road, Monroe, MI
   (734) 457-3169 ​
             7 reviews

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