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					December 21, 2008

“Good news from heaven the angels bring, Glad tidings to the earth they sing: To us this day a child is given, To crown us with the joy of heaven”

Christmas would never be the same without those lovely decorations and the exchanging of gifts. So try out these simple tips on your decorations as well as while wrapping gifts and spread the Christmas magic!

Christmas Décor
Gift wrapping ideas
Gifts are a main festivity during this season; everyone regardless of their age hunt for gifts and wrapping them up also costs quite a considerable amount of money Here are a few tips which you could . use to cut down costs while wrapping while adding creativity .



Here are a few tips on how to create some of the lovely festive décor. You would not have to spend exorbitant amounts of money; all you would have to do is have a good look around the household where you would discover plenty of things to make use of, for an assortment of your very own Christmas decorations.

Pine Cone Topiary

Turn a pine cone into a simple, elegant and festive topiary in this easy and inexpensive Christmas craft project. • Craft Supplies: Fully opened, dried pine cone Acrylic paint, metallic paint or glitter glue to decorate pine cone Clay pot in a size to suit your pine cone Coordinating ribbon Your choice of pot decoration - leave natural, paint or decoupage Craft glue Optional: sand, rice, or other substance to add weight to the pot • Craft Instructions: 1. Choose a clay pot and pine cone that fit together in such a way that the bottom of the pine cone fills, or just overlaps, the top of the clay pot. 2. If the pine cone hasn’t opened fully, place it in 200° oven until it has dried and opened up completely. 3. Decorate the clay pot as desired - you can paint it in several coats of craft paint or spray paint, or decoupage with small overlapping squares of tissue paper, fabric or even cut-up pieces of Christmas cards or gift wrap. Try pinking shears to cut out the squares for a patchwork effect. Use decoupage medium according to the directions on the jar, or simply use white glue thinned with a little water, applying the glue to the pot then overlapping decoupage pieces until the pot exterior is covered completely. Once the pot is completely

covered in decoupage medium, let dry, then seal with a thin coat or two of decoupage medium or thinned glue. 4. If using rice or sand to weigh the pot down cut a circle of cardboard to cover the hole in the bottom of the pot, and then add the rice or sand. 5. Glue the pine cone in place, either just inside the rim of the pot or resting on it. 6. Highlight all the edges of the pine cone with dabs of craft paint, metallic paint or glitter glue. You can apply craft paint or metallic paint with a sponge; use the dispenser or glue gun to add glitter glue. 7. To finish, place a pretty ribbon around the rim of the clay pot, tie in a bow, and cut the ribbon ends on an angle or in a V shape.

Add an ornament!

Each year you buy a few Christmas ornaments but there are always a few extra ones left. Therefore recycle the ornaments and use them to adorn a special gift.

Doily Ornaments

• Craft Supplies: Small Doily Hot glue Ribbon Embellishment of choice Glass ornament or Styrofoam ball (A ribbon hanger will be required for the Styrofoam ball • Craft Project Instructions: For these ornaments you can use a glass ornament, Styrofoam ball or pretty much anything that is round and can accommodate a hanging ribbon. Just wrap your doily around your ornament and tie with a ribbon to secure. Use a little hot glue to attach a few tiny flowers, pinecones, Christmas greenery or other embellishments.


Newspaper is an old favorite especially if it has an even looking print, and also because of its exotic touch. Combined with a beautiful ribbon it makes for a great look. You may have to wrap the gift with some tissue paper first to protect it from the ink. For the cartoon fans: This is for all your cartoon addicted friends. Get one of their favorite cartoon books and use the pages as gift wrap. Finish it with a bright complementary ribbon.

If you require an elegant look

• Material - White moiré paper Black silk ribbon White silk flower A simple look with a lot of impact is achieved by wrapping your smaller gifts with white moiré paper. Then tie a black ribbon around the box and adorn the bow with a white silk flower.

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