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Membership Meeting Minutes
Thursday, January 19, 2012
Submitted by Tanya Holmes, Secretary-Treasurer

The meeting was called to order by President, Anetra Session at 6:00 pm. Carla Williams led us
in the pledge of allegiance. All officers were present. Anetra reminded everyone about the sign
in sheet at the back of the room. No guests or speakers were present; however, the Local will
start having some guest speakers starting in March.

Previous Minutes
      Membership Meeting Minutes of December 15, 2011

       Motion         Carla Williams, 2nd Rana Green to approve the minutes as written. MSC

       Executive Board Meeting minutes of January 10, 2012, read aloud per Finance Policy.

       Tanya noted that there was a misspelling in Robin’s name and will correct to Robin

       There were questions regarding the over-budget items and AT&T Mobility bargaining
       mobilization activities which were answered and/or addressed.

       Motion         Carla Williams, 2nd Cindy White to approve the minutes as amended.

Committee Reports
    Membership Tanya read aloud the names of employees requesting Local membership.

                      AT&T Mobility w/COPE
                      Catherine Maloney

       Motion         Cheryl Leverette, 2nd Cindy White to accept the name as read. MSC

Election Committee The chair of the Election Committee, Cheryl Leverette, administered the
                   oath of office to our Executive Board officers.

                      Cheryl then proceeded to cover changes to the Election Rules as
                      recommended by the Election Committee. The committee is
                      recommending a change in the name from Election Rules to Campaign
                      Rules along with a few other small changes.

                      There were questions and discussion on the changes. Debbie felt we
                      should allow any Union member or retiree to participate as an election
                      observer for candidates.

       Motion         Rana, 2nd Carla to change wording to state observer must be member or
                      retiree of any Union. MSC

Bylaws Committee Rana went over the changes being recommended by the committee and
                 questions were taken and answered as received. A copy of the bylaws
                      along with the recommended changes was available for all to follow

                      Debbie recommended adding delegate to District meetings into Section 2
                      under Elections. Rana re-read the wording to confirm.

       Motion         Debbie, 2nd Cindy to add District meetings to the wording under Section 2,
                      Elections. MSC

                      Debbie thanked the committee and the officers for going through the
                      bylaws and working on changes because it is a hard job to do and long
                      overdue. (Applause)

                      Anetra explained the Bylaws Committee chair will make the adopted
                      changes and hold a 2nd reading and vote next month.

    Tanya read aloud names of those sent get well, congratulations and retirement cards.

Unfinished Business
       Sheryl Janeski read aloud the up to date grievance report.

New Business
     CWA Newsletter is available for all to take and read at your own leisure.

       AT&T Mobility bargaining update- The timeline will be given but it will be hard for
       retail locations to participate in some of the activities due to their job descriptions. The
       bargaining kick-off will be the week of January 30th. There will be mass activities that
       week and officers will be out at the stores. We will be handing out flyers, performing a
       strike vote etc. That week will be titled “Who’s got the Power”. A Mobility Conference
       call will be held at 7 pm every Sunday until bargaining begins. The AT&T Mobility
       contract will expire on February 24th and we will hold a strike watch party here at the

       Anetra added there is a huge matter at our Westport location regarding safety. There has
       been a large amount of crime in the surrounding area and the company is pulling security
       from the store. The Local may hold informational pickets and get media involved if this
       happens. The company has been giving a lot of push back and is not protecting our
       members. Anetra plans to talk to the Mayor regarding this matter. These members are
       stressed and concerned about their safety and in need of our help. We will accept this call
       to action.

Good & Welfare

      Motion          Carla, 2nd Cindy to adjourn. MSC

The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 pm.

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