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									                             COA Today
Volume 5, No. 7    College of Alameda Public Information Publication                        February 11, 2009

Accreditation     Sixteen COA faculty and staff members have been invited to attend a district-wide accreditation
Retreat           retreat, to take place February 18 and 19 at Marconi Conference Center in Marin. Invitees chosen
February          were individuals who were heavily involved in writing for the various standards of the Self Study in
18 & 19           Support of Reaffirmation of Accreditation. Attending will be: faculty members David Sparks,
                  Patricia Dudley, Carlotta Campbell, Rochelle Olive, Trulie Thompson, Ed Loretto, Ed Jaramillo
                  and Mike Worth; classified staff members Debra Banks, Helena Lengel and Brenda Lewis-
                  Franklin; managers George Herring, Jannett Jackson, Kerry Compton, Connie Willis and Maurice
                  Jones. The intent of the retreat is to talk about issues raised in the self study and to see that there
                  is universal understanding of the role of the accreditation team.

                  The Professional Day on Tuesday, February 24, will focus on issues discussed at the retreat and
                  preparation for the March 9-12 accreditation team visit. The morning schedule will include:
                  8:30-9 a.m.              Continental breakfast
                  9-10:30 a.m.             Update on the accreditation retreat
                  10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.    TaskStream training for department chairs & SLO committee—Open to all

Construction      Replacement of the sidewalk
Update            around the A Building is
                  scheduled to begin March 1.
                  During the first phase of this
                  construction, the asphalt in front
                  of Building A will be replaced
                  with concrete. During this phase,
                  expected to last at least through
                  the end of March, access to the
                  campus will be only minimally

                  The District has decided to use
                  5,000 square feet of 860 Atlantic
                  as lab space for Merritt College.
                  This requires redesign, so the
                  move-in date for our science
                  programs has been postponed to
                  Spring 2010.
                                                       This part of the current entry to campus from Ralph Appezzato will
                                                       remain accessible during the month of March
                  A series of construction projects are scheduled to go out to bid this week. These include:
                  • The access road at the back of campus will be tied to the main road, requiring that access be
                  blocked for two weeks. We are consulting with the city to coordinate this closure with the
                  construction of Stargell Avenue, which will probably block access to the back of campus for a
                  longer period.
                  • Building G weight room and locker room renovations. The contractor is hoping to begin the
                  weight room on May 1, at which time there will be noise from demolition. This project is expected
                  to take four months.
                  • Lighting replacement in Buildings B and G and at the exterior of C and D.
                  • Restroom renovations in B, E, G and L, which will take longer than four months because of the
                  need to order materials.
                  • Resurfacing of tennis courts.
COA Today                                                                               February 11, 2009

Wendy           Wendy Williams has just published a new collection of poems,
Williams        Some New Forgetting, which chronicles her journey at the
Publishes New   end of her mother’s life.
                When Wendy's 92-year-old mother, who had dementia, could
                no longer care for herself, Wendy moved her from her home in
                New Jersey to California so she could care for her. The poems
                tell a story that was both bitter and sweet as Wendy and her
                partner confronted their own inadequacies in knowing how to
                care for their mother and those of a health care system often ill-
                equipped to help elders with dementia. Wendy says of the
                book’s theme, “Ultimately in Some New Forgetting, love is the
                final destination.”

Diesel          COA’s Diesel Mechanics program has recently received two grants to support innovations in
Mechanics       their teaching.
Receives        The department has been awarded a $35,000 “Faculty Inquiry Network” grant to support basic
Basic Skills    skills training for diesel students. The grant will support faculty in exploring the question of
and Green       whether the integration of contextualized basic skills curricula into Career and Technical Educa-
Technology      tion (CTE) courses will improve student success. Team Leader Scott Albright will work with in-
Grants          structors Fredric Marks of auto tech, CTE and English; Jane Purinton of the business depart-
                ment; and Claudia Abadia of the math department; along with dean Peter Simon; on the two-
                year project. A COA student will provide video documentation of the entire grant period.

                The Faculty Inquiry Network program will allow 18 teams of California community college fac-
                ulty to each investigate a complex problem in basic skills education. The teams will have access
                to extensive resources, training, and coaching, and the chance to learn from colleagues around
                the state. The program is funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Walter S.
                Johnson Foundation, and the Bay Area Workforce Collaborative.

                The department was also recently awarded a $40,000 “Green Technology” grant from Bank of
                America. The grant will provide a fully equipped and operating heavy-duty truck with the latest
                “green technology” installed and will allow the department to update existing equipment to the
                latest standard for “clean diesel technology.” The grant will also provide for the latest computer
                diagnostic software and other training aids for conducting classes in this new diesel technology.

COA Student     Automotive Technology student Jeremy Dahl has won a Silver Medal in Automotive Service
Wins Silver     Technology at the community college level, in a competition sponsored by the California
Medal in                                      Association of Skills - USA (CASUSA). The competition was
Automotive                                    held in Salinas, California on Saturday, February 7, 2009.
Technology                                       CASUSA is the State of California organization for students in
Competition                                      trade, industrial, technical and health occupations education. It
                                                 sponsors the Skills USA Championships annually to recognize
                                                 the achievements of vocational students and to encourage them
                                                 to strive for excellence and pride in their chosen occupations.

                                                 Working against the clock and each other, the participants prove
                                                 their expertise in job skills for occupations such as electronics,
                                                 technical drafting, precision machining, medical assisting, auto-
                                                 motive service technology, and culinary arts. There are also
                                                 competitions in leadership skills, such as extemporaneous
                                                 speaking and conducting meetings by parliamentary procedure.

                The contests are designed to test the skills needed for a successful entry-level performance in
                given occupational fields. Safety practices and procedures—an area of great concern to labor and
                management alike—are judged and graded and constitute a portion of a contestant's score.
                Congratulations, Jeremy!
COA Today                                                                                       February 11, 2009

No Smoking              In 2007, COA developed a smoking policy that allowed for smoking at three designated areas
Policy to Be            on campus. When the Peralta Board rejected the policy because a student complained of not
Revisited               having been consulted, the policy defaulted to no smoking on campus. At the request of some
                        college staff and faculty, the College Council will be revisiting the policy.

Productivity Up;        It was reported at the Peralta Senior Management Team meeting that COA’s productivity for
Enrollment Up           fall ’08 was up over the previous year. In Fall Semester 2007 we had 14.64 FTEs per FTE
                        faculty member; in Fall 2008 this number was 15.93.

                        Enrollment for Spring 2009 is up over last year, as well. As of February 4, the number of
                        students enrolled in COA’s spring semester was 6,666, up 11% over Spring 2008, and FTEs
                        were 1,588, up 8% over the previous spring and the highest percentage increase in the dis-
                        trict. FTEs in the Peralta District overall are up 3%. Included in COA’s Spring ’09 student
                        numbers are 19 new international students. For spring, COA has 39 online courses, out of a
                        total of 102 online courses at Peralta.

February Events        February is an event-filled month at the college. Danny Nguyen’s dance classes presented a
                       Lunar New Year Performance February 5th, and on the 10th ASCOA sponsored a Valentine’s
                       Day celebration and Health Services brought the HIV testing van to campus. The Cougars
                       basketball team plays their last three games of the season on February 13 and 20 at home and
                       February 18 at Merritt College.

                       February is also African American History Month, so be sure to attend some of these events
                       scheduled for the rest of the month:

                        Thursday, February 12, 2009   12:30—2pm    Building F, Student Lounge   James W. Sweeney, J.D.

                                        BLACK MUSIC - FROM JAZZ TO BLUES TO FUSION
                                     Tuesday, February 17, 2009   12:30—2pm   Building F, Student Lounge

                                  EXTRAORDINARY LEGACY                SARAH O’NEAL RUSH, M.A.
                                                Great-Granddaughter of Booker T. Washington
                                    Thursday, February 19, 2009 12:30—2pm Building F, Student Lounge

                         Town Hall Discussion   Thursday, February 26, 2009   12:30—2pm    Building F, Student Lounge

     Valentine’s Day
  “The Dating Game”

COA Today                                                                                           February 11, 2009
Town Hall               Wednesday, February 11, WLC Architects held a Town Hall Meeting at the college to discuss
Meeting about           College of Alameda’s long-term Facilities Master Plan. Video excerpts of the meeting will be
Facilities              available soon on YouTube at .

“Program of             At each meeting of Board of Trustees, the colleges present, on a rotating basis, one of their
Distinction”            “Programs of Distinction.” This Tuesday, February 10, COA’s Auto Tech program was high-
                        lighted. You can view this presentation in the video of the Board meeting, posted on

New Tutorials           Jonathan Olkowski of the District IT Department has just produced a series of excellent tutori-
for Editing Your        als for people who need training to update their websites. The tutorials can be accessed on the
Website Are             IT website. Go to and click on “Web Learning Site.” COA has
Online                  had problems with slowness of Internet Explorer for editing the web. It is recommended that if
                        this affects you, you use the free Firefox web browser, which COA’s IT department can install.

                         Calendar (2/12 - 3/12)
    Thur 2/12    African American History Month: Black Senators
                 12:30-2:30 pm, F Bldg Student Lounge
    Fri 2/13     Cougars Men’s Basketball vs. Mendocino College. 7 pm, COA Gym

    Fri 2/13-    Presidents’ Holidays - NO CLASSES
    Mon 2/16
    Sat 2/14-    COA Student Delegation to Black Caucus, Foothill College
    Sun 2/15

    Tues 2/17    Financial Aid Workshops. 12-2 pm, Cyber Café, F Bldg 2nd floor
    & ev. Tues
    Tues 2/17    African American History Month Event: Black Music.
                 12:30-2 pm, F Bldg Student Lounge

    Tues 2/17    Campus Tour—Berkeley HS Students. 1:15-3:15 pm

    Wed 2/18-    Accreditation Retreat. Marconi Conference Center, Marshall, CA
    Thur 2/19
    Wed 2/18     Cougars Men’s Basketball @ Merritt College. 7 :30 pm

    Thur 2/19    African American History Month Event: Extraordinary Legacy.
                 12:30-2 pm, F Bldg Student Lounge

    Fri 2/20     Faculty Diversity Internship Training: Exploring Special Populations—           COA Today
                 Latino Students. 1-3 pm, Room L-237                                     is a publication of the College of
                                                                                         Alameda Office of Public
    Fri 2/20     Cougars Men’s Basketball vs. Napa Valley College.
                 Last regular season game. 7 pm, COA Gym
    Sat 2/21     Super Saturday Student Conference. 9 am—2 pm, F Building                Please submit your news,
                                                                                         calendar items and story ideas to:
                                                                                         Shirleen Schermerhorn, Editor
    Tues 2/24    Professional Day. NO CLASSES
                                                                                         College of Alameda
                                                                                         555 Ralph Appezzato Mem. Pkwy.
    Tues 2/24    Board of Trustees Meeting. 7-9:30 pm, District Boardroom                Alameda, CA 94501

    Thur 2/26    African American History Month Panel: The Achievement Gap.              Email:
                 12:30-2:30 pm, F Bldg Student Lounge                          
                                                                                         Or call: (510) 748-2213
    Fri 3/6      Last day to file petition for AA/AS Degree/Certificate
                                                                                         Dr. George Herring, President
    Thur 3/12    See brochure for visit schedule & names of team members.                College of Alameda is part of the
    Mon 3/9      Phi Theta Kappa Fundraiser/Game Day. 10am-4pm, F Bldg Lounge            Peralta Community College District,
                                                                                         which also includes Berkeley City
    Tues 3/10    Clean Slate Workshop. 12-2 pm, Room A-231                               College, Laney College and Merritt


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