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Beyond Searsville Dam Coalition - UCR Digital Library Resources by wangnianwu


									                           Beyond Searsville Dam Coalition
                                  Vision Statement

        We, the undersigned, share a common interest in supporting actions to evaluate
and consider removal of Stanford University’s Searsville Dam in a manner that is
beneficial to protecting creekside communities and watershed health.
        For over a century, Searsville Dam has had an enormous impact within the San
Francisquito Creek watershed and greater San Francisco Bay estuary. The 65-foot tall
Searsville Dam has lost over 90% of its original water storage capacity as roughly 1.5
million cubic yards of sediment has filled in the reservoir. Searsville Dam does not
provide potable water, flood control, or hydropower.
        The disappearing reservoir behind the dam flooded and buried a unique
confluence valley where five streams merged together among adjacent wetland ponds
before squeezing through a small gorge where the dam now stands. With dam removal,
restoration of this valley and ponds can provide a valuable flood control function by
soaking up and retaining winter flows and releasing them gradually while providing
excellent habitat. Enhancement of flood protection characteristics and connectivity with
proposed downstream flood protection measures could also be key design features.
        San Francisquito Creek is home to several sensitive species including one of the
last, wild, self-sustainable runs of threatened steelhead trout in the South San Francisco
Bay. A 2007 report by the Center for Ecosystem Management and Restoration identifies
San Francisquito Creek as one of eight “anchor watersheds” for steelhead in San
Francisco Bay, which are “critical” to steelhead recovery. Another recent report by fish
biologist R. Leidy states that the creek may have supported coho salmon and that in the
years immediately following the construction of Searsville Dam the caretaker reported
that salmon swam upstream to the dam. The Department of Fish and Game considers the
watershed home to one of the key steelhead runs left on the Central California Coast.
        The impassable and obsolete Searsville Dam blocks native fish and other aquatic
species from accessing the watershed’s largest, historic spawning and rearing tributary in
Portola Valley and Woodside. The artificial habitat of the disappearing reservoir also
supports numerous exotic and invasive species, including a variety of fish and bullfrogs
that compete with and prey upon native species both within the reservoir and downstream
where they spill over. With the removal of Searsville Dam and elimination of the
reservoir’s stillwater habitat, populations of exotic fish would be eliminated or greatly
reduced while water quality would likely improve.
        Managers of ongoing wetland restoration projects in San Francisco Bay have
expressed a need for millions of cubic yards of clean sediment. Removal of Searsville
Dam could provide some of this sediment back to the bay while helping to minimize
project costs and potential adverse impacts to downstream flood carrying capacity.
        Across the country and around the world, dams that have outlived their usefulness
are being removed to restore ecosystem health, improve flood protection, reduce safety
risks, comply with environmental regulations, save money, improve water supply
operations, revitalize communities, and provide unique educational and research
opportunities. A multi-objective project that involves dam removal, enhanced flood
protection, and watershed restoration can provide all of these benefits to the San
Francisquito Creek watershed and surrounding communities.
                                 Signatories as of July 13, 2009


Beyond Searsville Dam
3130 Alpine Road Suite 288-411
Portola Valley, CA94028
Lead Contact: Matt Stoecker, Director
(650) 380-2965

Alameda Creek Alliance
P.O. Box 2626
Niles, CA 94536
Contact: Jeff Miller, Director
(510) 499-9185

American Rivers Inc.
432 Broad Street
Nevada City, CA 95959
Contact: Steve Rothert, California Director
(530) 277-0448

California Trout
870 Market Street
Suite 528
San Francisco, CA 94102
Contact: Curtis Knight, Executive Director
415-392-8887 ext. 109

Center for Biological Diversity
351 California Street, Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94104
Contact: Peter Galvin, Conservation Director
(415) 436-9682
Environmental Cleanup Coalition
10507 E Zayante Rd.
Felton, CA 95018
Contact: Rich Sundance Owen, Founder

Friends of the River
1418 20th Street-Suite 100
Sacramento, CA 95814
Contact: Steve Evans, Conservation Director
(916) 442-3155 Ext. 221

Golden West Women Flyfishers
1403 Willard Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
Contact: Cindy Charles, President

Federation of Fly Fishers, Northern California Council
19737 Wildwood West Dr.
Penn Valley, CA 95946
Contact; Dr. C. Mark Rockwell, D.C., V.P. Conservation
(530) 432-9198

Once Upon a Watershed
619 Oak St.
Chico, CA 95928
Contact: Sara Brooke Benjamin, Program Director
sara@onceuponawatershed. org
(805) 895-1241

Matilija Coalition
PO Box 1028
Ventura, CA 93002
Contact: Paul Jenkin, Executive Director
The Vegetation Management Video Project Committee
2025 Euclid Ave
East Palo Alto, CA 94303
Contact: Steve Kennedy, Executive Producer
(650) 274-2709

Trout Unlimited
California State Council and Redwood Empire Chapter
554 Manor Court
Healdsburg, CA 95448
Contact: Kent MacIntosh
(707) 888-1393

Tuolumne River Trust
111 New Montgomery Street, Suite 205
San Francisco, CA 94105
Contact: Jessie Raeder, Bay Area Organizer
415-882-7252 ext. 301


Joan Wheeler Adams, Mountain View CA
Eric Alburger, Menlo Park CA
Andrew D. Allen, Menlo Park CA
George Baer, Rhodes Scholar, Stanford Alum Class of 1957, Monterey CA
Kristina Baer, Monterey CA
Patsy Baer, Alameda CA
Roger Baer, Alameda CA
Desi Banatao, San Francisco, CA
Gordon Becker, Kensington CA
Diana Beers, Librarian, Menlo Atherton High School. Sunnyvale CA
Matt Behr, Redwood City CA
Sara Benjamin, Ojai CA
Troy Brandt, Menlo Park CA
Danna Breen, Portola Valley Conservation Committee Chair (99-03), Portola Valley CA
Lewis Butler, San Francisco CA
Ken Calhoon, Menlo Park CA
Sean Carlson, Environmental Scientist, La Verne CA
Cindy Charles, San Francisco CA
Laurie Chase AIA, Portola Valley ASCC (1990-2007) Portola Valley CA
Claire Chouinard, Board Member, Patagonia Inc. Ventura CA
Malinda Chouinard, Owner, Patagonia Inc. Ventura CA
Yvon Chouinard, Owner Patagonia Inc. Ventura CA
Carrie Christensen, Stanford Alum Class of 2000, Minneapolis, MN
Tory Christensen, Minneapolis, MN
George Comstock, Former Town Council Member, Portola Valley CA
Mike Courson, Menlo Park CA
Patty Cullen, Palo Alto CA. Owner, Konditorei, Ladera/Portola Valley CA
Ralph Cutter, Author, Nevada City CA
Lisa Cutter, Nevada City CA
Jamie D’Alessandro, Palo Alto CA
Janet Davis, Menlo Park CA
Dianne deLaet, Menlo Park CA
Michael deLaet, Menlo Park CA
Steven deLaet, Menlo Park CA
Maryann Moise Derwin, Council Member, Former Mayor, Town of Portola Valley
Steve Doty, Gaviota CA
Jon Else, Portola Valley, CA
Nina Else, Portola Valley CA
Scott English, Sr. Restoration Biologist, Northwest Biological Consulting, Ashland OR
Steve Evans, Sacramento CA
Chris Fathman, Santa Cruz CA (Portola Valley native)
C. Garrison Fathman M.D. Portola Valley, CA. Chief, Division of Immunology and
Rheumatology & Director, Center for Clinical Immunology at Stanford University
Damien Filiatrault, San Francisco CA (Portola Valley native)
Dr. Craig Fusaro, Board of Governors, California Trout, Inc., San Francisco CA
Peter Galvin, San Francisco CA
Christina Galliano, Social Studies Dept. Chair, Menlo Atherton H.S.. San Mateo CA
Scott Griset, Lake Tahoe CA
Rich T. Handley, Ojai CA
Brian Harley, Owner, Tallac Ventures Inc.- Portola Valley CA
Kevin Harvey, Woodside CA
Catherine Harvey, Woodside CA
Jerry Hearn, Stanford Alum, SFWatershed Council founding member, Portola Valley CA
Brittany Heck, Conservation Planner, Santa Rosa, CA
Ed Henke, Stanford Alumni Class of 1956, Former San Francisco 49er
Dave Highland, Fish Habitat Specialist, Atascadero CA
Anne Hillman, Portola Valley CA
Mary Page Hufty MD, Stanford Alum (72) Honors Biology, Portola Valley CA &
President, Archbold Biological Station/McArthur Agro-environmental Research Station
Lynn Lane Jacobson, Woodside CA
Jake Jacobson, Woodside CA
Paul Jenkin, Ventura CA
Bill Kaspari, Portola Valley CA
Diane Kaspari, Portola Valley CA
Steve Kennedy, Menlo Park Fire District Board (1999-2003), E. Palo Alto CA
Carolyn Klingler, Designer, Commercial and Residential Interiors, Los Gatos CA
Curtis Knight, San Francisco CA
Jenny Kremer, Teacher, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania (Menlo Park native)
Chris Irvine, Menlo Park CA
Mondy Lariz, San Jose CA
Stuart Leeb, Menlo Park CA
Jim Little, Ojai CA
Ben Livsey, Environmental Specialist, San Francisco Estuary Project, Oakland CA
Rosie Luce
Ron Lutsko, Jr. Owner, Lutsko Associates, landscape. San Francisco CA
Martin Mackowski, Portola Valley CA
Donna Mackowski, Portola Valley CA
Leah Mahan, Fisheries Biologist, Arcata CA
Richard McMurtry, Ben Lomond CA
Jeff Miller, Niles CA
Kristen Morrison, Santa Barbara, CA
Charlie Nelson, Licensed CA Land Surveyor, Redwood City, CA
Armando Olivares, Palo Alto CA
Rich Owen, Felton CA
Doug Peacock, Author Walking It Off, Grizzly Years, The Essential Grizzly, Montana
Marianne Plunder, Vice Chair, Conservation Committee, Town of Portola Valley CA
Fred Pownall, Berkeley CA
Sue Pownall, Berkeley CA
Jessie Raeder, San Francisco CA
Carolyn Reese, Palo Alto CA
Lindsy Richards, Portola Valley CA native
Sarah Richmond, Berkeley CA
Dr. Mark Rockwell, Penn Valley CA
Steve Rothert, Nevada City, CA
Embry Rucker- Professional Photographer, Encinitas CA
Leslie Rucker- Portola Valley native, Encinitas CA
Bobbie Sandoz Merrill, MSW. Author, In the Presence of High Beings, Settle for More
Matthew Savage, San Jose CA
Annette Scheid, Santa Barbara CA
Serra Simbeck, Portola Valley CA
Aneka Singlaub, Environmental Educator, North Cascade Institute, Sedro-Woolley, WA
John Singlaub, Former Executive Director, Tahoe Regional Planning Agency
Mark Siri, Redwood City CA
Ceevah Sobel, Menlo Park, CA
MacKenzie Sokol, Santa Cruz CA, San Mateo County native.
Bob Stoecker, Stanford Alum and Athletic Hall of Fame 1967, Portola Valley CA
Doug Stoecker, Portola Valley CA
Jim Stoecker, Portola Valley CA
Marvis Stoecker, Portola Valley CA
Robin Stoecker, Portola Valley CA
Mickey Suen, Palo Alto CA
Brian Sullivan, Menlo Park CA
Diana Sunshine, Portola Valley CA
Mike Tarpy, Santa Barbara CA
Ross Taylor and Associates, Consulting Fisheries Biologists, Arcata CA
Bill Thomas, Portola Valley CA
Susan Thomas, Portola Valley CA
Arnie Thompson, Director, San Francisquito Watershed Project, Acterra, Palo Alto CA
Robin Toews, Longtime Portola Valley Teacher, Portola Valley CA
Carolyn Trimble, Lake Tahoe, CA
Tom Trimble, Lake Tahoe, CA
Tamara Turner, Filmmaker, Portola Valley CA
Alex Von Feldt, Portola Valley Planning Commissioner, Portola Valley CA
James Walker, Wairoa, Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand
Joe Wharton, Ph.D. and Family, Portola Valley CA
Alan Wechsler, Davis CA
Jennifer Wechsler, Davis CA
Jason Welz, Aquatic Ecologist, United States Forest Service
Howard Wilshire, Ph.D. (Geology), Sebastopol CA
Shirley Wodtke, Cupertino CA
Jon Wolken, Menlo Park CA
Nicholas Woodman, Pescadero CA
Christina Tombach Wright, Wildlife Biologist, Santa Barbara CA
Linda Yates, Portola Valley CA
Paul Yates, Portola Valley CA

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