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August 2008 - Loudon Communications Council by wuxiangyu


									V10-8•August 2008:   V6-#8/August 04           7/29/08   12:50 PM      Page 1


         Loudon Ledger

           August 2008
           Volume 10, Issue 8
                                                         Billy Lazos Chosen
           Inside This Issue…                            2008 Citizen of the Year
            2   Town Office Hours
                Submission Policy
                2008 Ledger Schedule                     B    illy is well-known to almost every-
                                                              one in Loudon as the owner of
                                                         Brookside Pizza. What many people
                                                                                                        by the Loudon Police Dept. in 1994 and
                                                                                                        Billy remembers making 30–40 pizzas
                                                                                                        the first year. That number has grown to
            3   Loudon Church News
                                                         don’t know is how generous he is in his        110! Billy comes in at 5 a.m. to begin
            4   Old Home Day Schedule                    support of activities in Loudon — in           making the dough and finishes up
            5   Old Home Day Parades                     particular those involving the youth in        around 4 p.m. Twice he’s come back
                Baking Contest                           town.                                          from Greece just to make the pizzas for
            6   VNA News                                     His interest in sports began at a          D.A.R.E. Pizza Night!
                Pittsfield Senior Center News             young age. Growing up in Greece, he               He lived in Greece until age 23. The
            7   To Your Health                           enjoyed playing soccer and actually            bulk of his education was in Greece,
                American Legion News                     played professionally at one time. He          including time spent in their Air Force
                Cancer-Related Fatigue                   now plays indoor soccer in Bow. He did-        where he was an aircraft engineer. He
            8   Recreation Committee                     n’t get a lot of support from anyone           came to the US to finish his college

                Becoming an Outdoors Woman               when he was playing sports as a kid and        education and ended up studying com-
                 Fly Fishing Course                      he doesn’t want that to happen to young-       puter science. In 1987, he opened
            9   Girl Scout News                          sters now. He feels very strongly that it’s    Brookside Pizza in order to earn extra
           10   LYAA                                     important to offer youth many opportu-         money to go back to college! He found
                School District News                     nities to be involved in healthy activities.   he loved the business so much he never
                                                             Through the years, he’s supported          went back to school. He said he truly
           11   Soccer Sign-up Form
                                                         youth softball, baseball, and soccer, as       enjoys coming to work each day!
           12   What’s Cookin’!                          well as adult softball. Additionally, he’s        Billy moved to Loudon in 1990
           13   History and Mystery                      offered financial assistance to MVHS           where he met his wife Sandy. They              The Loudon Old Home Day Com-
                Historical Society Minutes               football, a pro soccer team in Greece,         married in 1991 and have two children:      mittee is pleased to award this year’s
                Another’s Bird’s Eye View                the Boy Scouts, Special Olympics, the          Dimitri, age 15, and Erofilo, 13. Both      “Citizen of the Year” honors to Vasilios
           14   Library News                             Angels Walk/Bike Ride, soccer camps,           have traveled back and forth to Greece      “Billy” Lazos — and we’re glad he calls
           15   Library Trustees Minutes                 snowmobile races, talent shows, and            numerous times and even spent some          Loudon home! His ongoing support of
           16   Working Dogs                             beauty queens.                                 time in Greek schools. Sandy loves          our youth has given them opportunities
                Library Donation to Be Used                  Many of us know him best as the            Greece and would probably move there        to become involved in sports and other
                 for Children’s Room                     man behind all the pizzas at D.A.R.E.          permanently, but Billy considers            activities that they might not have had
                Lobster Tomalley Advisory                Pizza Night! The program was started           Loudon to be “home.”                        without him. Congratulations, Billy!
           17   Karner Blues Released

                Anterless Deer Permits
                Taking Care of Business in               First Household Hazardous Waste Day
                 Loudon: Intreza Designs
                Parade Entry Forms                       To Be Held September 6
                Food Pantry Changes Hands
                Summer Fun Schedule
                Real Estate: “Thumbs Up”
                Selectmen’s Minutes
                                                         M     ark your calendars for Saturday,
                                                               September 6. On this day, from
                                                         8:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, we will be
                                                                                                            This event will be held rain or shine
                                                                                                        at the Transfer Station. Follow the signs
                                                                                                        to the collection area. To make the
                                                                                                                                                       Used anti-freeze Old gasoline
                                                                                                                                                       Oil-based paints Oil-based stains
                                                                                                                                                       Varnishes         Herbicides
           27   Planning Board Minutes                   having our first ever HHWD (House-             drop-off of materials as easy and effi-        Paint thinners    Paint strippers
                                                         hold Hazardous Waste Day) event. It            cient as possible, there are a few simple      Adhesives/glues Pesticides
           29   Zoning Board Minutes
                                                         was voted at Town Meeting to appropri-         rules to observe:                              Drain cleaners    Degreasers
           31   August Calendar of Events                ate $5,000.00 for the purpose of col-             • Leave the materials in the original       Oven cleaners
                                                         lecting and properly disposing of                   container if possible; don’t mix          Wood preservatives
                                                         specific hazardous materials, which                 them                                      Swimming pool chemicals
           Mission Statement…                            normally accumulate in an average                                                             Household cleaners
             To provide a comprehensive                  homeowner’s kitchen, garage, or work-             • Be careful when loading materials         Floor and window cleaners
                                                         shop over a period of time. Most of                 in your trunk or other areas to
             source of information and                                                                       avoid spillage                            If you have materials you believe to
                                                         these materials are toxic, and regula-                                                     be hazardous that are not on this list,
             education about business,                   tions prohibit disposing of them with             • Please try to limit total amounts to   please ask us at the Transfer Station
             government, and community                   regular household trash.                            10 gallons of each type of waste       how to dispose of them properly.
             organizations within Loudon in                 This event is limited to Loudon                • Stay in your vehicle unless asked         Please look around your homes for
                                                         residents only, because of the cost, no             to get out by a material handler       hazardous items that need proper dis-
             order to facilitate and encourage
                                                         residents from other towns or any                                                          posal. We’re hoping to make this first
             informed citizen participation.             businesses will be allowed. Also, you            Following is a list of acceptable
                                                                                                                                                    event a success! I
                                                         may be asked to show proof of resi-            materials for Household Hazardous
                                                         dence (license, etc.).                         Waste Day collection:                          Steve Bennett
                                                                                                                                                       Loudon Recycling Committee
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         Page 2       The Loudon Ledger —                                                                                                       August 2008

                Town of Loudon Office Hours                                                  Loudon Ledger Submission Policy
                                      Selectmen’s Office
                                   PO Box 7837 • 798-4541
                                                                                            A    ll groups, organizations, individuals, etc. are encouraged to submit articles to the
                                                                                                 Loudon Ledger. Special events, landmark anniversaries or birthdays, “attaboys,” etc.
                                                                                            are all welcome.
            Selectmen meet Tuesday evenings at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Building.             Please note, however, that the Ledger will uphold its mission:
                   Mon.–Thurs.: 8 a.m.–4 p.m. • Tues. evenings: 6 p.m.–9 p.m.                           To provide a comprehensive source of information and education about
                                                                                                    business, government, and community organizations within Loudon in order
                                          Town Clerk                                                to facilitate and encourage informed citizen participation.
                                    PO Box 7837 • 798-4542                                      We will also follow our Articles of Agreement, which are on file with the Secretary of
             Mon.: 8 a.m.–2 p.m. • Tues.: 3 p.m.–9 p.m. • Wed.–Thur.: 9 a.m.–4 p.m.         State:
                                                                                                        The corporation shall not participate in, or intervene in any political
                                  Planning/Zoning Board                                             campaign on behalf of any political party or candidate for public office, nor
                                   PO Box 7837 • 798-4540                                           shall it sponsor or endorse any plan or proposition that does not facilitate
            The Planning Board Meets the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 p.m. in                or encourage informed citizen participation.
           the Community Building. The Zoning Board meets the fourth Thursday of the            In other words, any article submitted must present all sides of an issue in a factual,
                        month at 7:00 p.m. in the Community Building.                       unbiased manner so that the reader may form his/her own opinion based on the informa-
                                                                                            tion presented. To paraphrase Eric Severard: “You should elucidate but not advocate.”
                  Mon.–Thurs.: 8 a.m.–4 p.m. • Tues. evenings: 6 p.m.–9 p.m.                    Articles should be submitted to the Loudon Communications Council, P.O. Box 7871,
                                                                                            Loudon, NH 03307. They may be emailed to From there,
                                         Tax Collector                                      they will be forwarded to the Council for review before they are inserted in the Loudon
                                    PO Box 7844 • 798-4543                                  Ledger. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Mary Ann Steele,
                        Tues.: 3 p.m.–9 p.m. • Wed.–Thurs.: 9 a.m.–4 p.m.                   chairperson of the Council, 267-6509. I

                         Police Department: Emergencies: 911
                                    PO Box 7059 • 798-5521                                      Classified Ads are available. Please mail your ad copy, along
                                   Mon.–Fri.: 8 a.m.–4:00 p.m.                                   with a check payable to LCC, to PO Box 7871, Loudon, NH
                                                                                                       03307. A 1–3 line, 1-column ad will cost $10.
                                     Code Enforcement                                                       A 4–5 line, 1-column ad costs $15.
                                    PO Box 7059 • 798-5584
                                   Mon.–Fri.: 8 a.m.–4:00 p.m.
                          Fire Department: Emergencies: 911                                         “The Loudon Ledger” 2008 Schedule
                                     PO Box 7032 • 798-5612

           The Fire Department holds its general meeting on the second Monday of the             January 2008 Ad & Copy Deadline: Fri. 12/14 Council Meeting: Mon. 12/17
           month at 7:30 p.m. in the Safety Building. To obtain a fire permit, please stop        February 2008 Ad & Copy Deadline: Fri. 1/18 Council Meeting: Mon. 1/21
                 by the station weekdays between the hours of 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.                    March 2008 Ad & Copy Deadline: Fri. 2/15 Council Meeting: Mon. 2/18
             Fire permits for the weekend need to be obtained during these times.
                                                                                                   April 2008 Ad & Copy Deadline: Fri. 3/14 Council Meeting: Mon. 3/17
                                Loudon Elementary School                                            May 2008 Ad & Copy Deadline: Fri. 4/18 Council Meeting: Mon. 4/21
                                7039 School Street • 783-4400
              The School Board meets the second Monday of the month at 7:15 p.m.                   June 2008 Ad & Copy Deadline: Fri. 5/16 Council Meeting: Mon. 5/19
                     Call the Superintendent’s Office for meeting location.                          July 2008 Ad & Copy Deadline: Fri. 6/13 Council Meeting: Mon. 6/16

                                       Transfer Station                                           August 2008 Ad & Copy Deadline: Fri. 7/18 Council Meeting: Mon. 7/21
                              Tues. & Thurs.: 9 a.m.–5 p.m. (Winter)                             September 2008 Ad & Copy Deadline: Fri. 8/15 Council Meeting: Mon. 8/18
           Tues.: 9 a.m.–5 p.m. • Thurs.: 11 a.m.–7 p.m. (Summer) • Sat.: 8 a.m.–5 p.m.           October 2008 Ad & Copy Deadline: Fri. 9/12 Council Meeting: Mon. 9/15
             Loudon residents can purchase facility stickers at the transfer station for
                                     $1.00. See the attendant.                                  November 2008 Ad & Copy Deadline: Fri. 10/17 Council Meeting: Mon. 10/20

                                                                                                December 2008 Ad & Copy Deadline: Fri. 11/14 Council Meeting: Mon. 11/17
                                    Highway Department
                               Road Agent: David Rice • 783-4568
                                  Mon.–Fri.: 7 a.m.–3:30 p.m.                                     PLAN YOUR ADVERTISING IN ADVANCE!
                                                                                             TO ADVERTISE, CONTACT: Samantha French/783-4601
                                  Maxfield Public Library
                              Librarian: Nancy Hendy • 798-5153                                       DISPLAY ADVERTISING RATES:
                     Mon.: Closed • Tues.: 10 a.m.–9 p.m. • Wed.: 1–9 p.m.                   Business Card      45⁄8"W x 2"H                                          $35.00/issue
                          Thurs.: 10 a.m.–5 p.m. • Sat.: 9 a.m.–1 p.m.                       1/8 Page           45⁄8"W x 3"H — or — 23⁄16"W x 6"H                     $50.00/issue
              The Library Trustees meet at 5 p.m. on the first Tuesday of the month.          1/4 Page           93⁄8"W x 3"H — or — 45⁄8"W x 6"H                      $65.00/issue
                               John O. Cate Memorial Van                                     1/2 Page           93⁄8"W x 6"H — or —45⁄8"W x 113⁄4"H                  $115.00/issue
                          798-5203 (Mondays only) to schedule a ride.                        Full Page          93⁄8"W x 113⁄4"H                                     $230.00/issue
             For more information or on other days, call Barbara Cameron: 783-4534
                                                                                                Purchase an advertising contract for
                         Blessed Hope Food Pantry of Loudon
                                      30 Chichester Road
                                                                                                  the entire year and SAVE 10%!
                   Open most Wednesdays from 2–3 p.m. or for emergencies.                                      CLIP AND SAVE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE!
                 For more information, call Rev. Henry or Betty Frost: 783-4540

                      Loudon Representatives
                             Merrimack County — District 6                                                       The Loudon Ledger
                                          Maureen Baxley                                             is published monthly by the Loudon Communications Council,
               Claire D. Clarke: 437 Daniel Webster Hwy., Boscawen, NH 03303                                       PO Box 7871, Loudon, NH 03307.
           Priscilla P. Lockwood: 435 Northwest Rd., PO Box 1, Canterbury, NH 03224         Council Members: Kris Tripp, Dottie Mulkhey, Mary Ann Steele, Tricia Ingraham, Emily
                        Joy K. Tilton: 4 Hill St., Northfield, NH 03276-1611                                   Bracey, Sherry Blanchard, Sharon Strout, and Amanda Masse.
                    Frank A. Tupper: PO Box 92, Canterbury, NH 03224-0092                   Editorial Submissions may be mailed to PO Box 7871, Loudon, NH 03307 or sent via
                                       Deborah H. Wheeler                                   email to:
                                   Senators — District 07                                       All editorial submissions are approved by the Council before publication.
                                       Harold W. Janeway                                    Advertising: Samantha French — 783-4601 /
V10-8•August 2008:      V6-#8/August 04             7/29/08        12:50 PM         Page 3

         August 2008                                                                                          — The Loudon Ledger   Page 3

                    Where to Worship in Loudon
                                         Family Bible Church
                            “Where everybody is somebody, and Jesus is Lord!”
                                         Pastor Steve Ludwick
                         676 Loudon Ridge Rd., PO Box 7858, Loudon, NH, 03307 • 267-7577
                                                                                                                              Join Us!
                      • Email:
                            Coffee & Prayer Time: Sunday 8–9:10 a.m.
               Sunday Worship: 9:30 a.m. A blend of hymns & contemporary songs.
              Fellowship time following service is provided. Sunday School for ages 4
                  years–5th grade during worship service. Nursery also Available.
                  Sunday Evening: Youth Group — For Grades 6–11: 6–7:45 p.m.
                        Monday: Men’s Fellowship and Prayer 7–8:45 p.m.
                Wednesday: Women’s Bible Study, fellowship, and prayer: 9:15 a.m.
                                                                                                                             AUGUST 9
                       Ongoing Evening Adult Bible Studies: call for details
                   Faith Community Bible Church — Evangelical Free Church of America
                                                                                                                           LOUDON OLD
            Senior Pastor Jeff Owen • Associate Pastor Joshua Owens • Minister of Youth Tom Stevens
                     334 North Village Road, Loudon, NH 03307 • 783-4045 •
                                      Summer Worship Hours:
                       Sunday Worship Service: Sunday 8:00 a.m. and 9:45 a.m.
                                                                                                                            HOME DAY!
                                       Winter Worship Hours:
                      Sunday Worship Service: Sunday 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.                                           JOIN YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS
                Sunday School: 9:30 a.m. • Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting: 7:00 p.m.
                                 Sunday Night Youth Group: 6:00 p.m.                                                       FOR A FUN-FILLED DAY AT THE
            Faith Community Bible Church has Women’s Ministries, Men’s Bible Studies, Mom’s Group, Young
                  Married Group, and a Children’s Program. Please call the church office for more details.                RECREATION FIELD IN THE VILLAGE.
                Office Hours: 9 a.m.–2 p.m. on Tues., Weds., Thurs. Email:
                                                            III                                                          PARADE AT 10 A.M. FOLLOWED BY
                                            Landmark Baptist Church
                                      Fundmental, Independent, Biblical, Caring                                           ENTERTAINMENT ALL DAY LONG,
                                                  Pastor Paul J. Clow
                  103 Chichester Road, Loudon, NH 03307 • 798-3818 •                     FIREWORKS IN THE EVENING, STREET
                        Sunday School: 9:30 a.m. (Nursery Provided) (New Beginnings Class:
           for those interested in the Christian Faith and in Landmark Baptist Church. This is a time for questions                DANCE, BBQ,


                 and answers about what it means to be a Christian and what we believe here at Landmark!)
                  Sunday Morning Worship: 10:30 a.m. (Nursery and Children’s Church Provided)
                                       Sunday Evening: 6 p.m.
                                                                                                                              GOOD FOOD, GOOD FUN!
                   Wednesday Evening Bible Study: 7 p.m. (Nursery Provided. We are studying
                                     verse by verse through various books of the Bible.)
                                                                                                                           Schedule of Events on Page 4.
                                    Saturday Street Witnessing: 9:30 a.m. •
                                  Saturday Youth Group: 7–9 p.m. (Grades 7–12)
                                          We never cancel services for any reason!
                                    Loudon Center Freewill Baptist Church
                                              Rev. Henry Frost
                    Clough Hill Road. Mailing address: P.O. Box 7852, Loudon, NH 03307 • 783-4540
                      Member of the American Baptist Churches of VT/NH (Lakes Area Association)
                                             Sunday Worship: 10:00 a.m.
                                         Loudon Congregational Church
                                            Rev. David D. Randlett, III
            7018 Church Street, PO Box 7034, Loudon, NH 03307 • 783-9478 •
                     Sunday Worship: 9:30 a.m. (Staffed nursery for infants–pre-K)
                           Sunday School (all ages): 11:15 a.m. (Sept.–June)
                           Sunday Evening Celebration Supper and Worship:
                              Monthly at 5:30 p.m. Please call for details.
                    Wednesday, 7–9 p.m.: Family Night. Small groups for men, women,
                                           teens, and kids.
                                   New Beginnings Church of the Nazarene
                                      Rev. W. John White, Senior Pastor
            33 Staniels Rd, Loudon NH 03307 • Ph: 224-1311 • Office Hours: 9–2, Mon., Wed., Fri., 9–4, Tue., Thu.
                        Sundays: Sunday School & Adult Bible Studies: 9:15 a.m.
          Worship: 10:30 a.m. (Childcare provided for Infants.) Jr. Kids Church (2-year-olds–Kindergarteners.)
                                              Kidsville (Grades 1–4)
            Early Evening: House Churches. (Call the church or visit our website for a location near you.)
                       Tuesdays: Early Youth Group (Grades 5–6). 6:30–8:00 p.m.
                                     Brian & Jill Bollinger: 267-1744
             Wednesdays: Youth Group (Grades 7–12). 6:30–8:00 p.m. [Brian Bollinger/Rick Smith]
                 Kids Time (Ages 3–4th Graders). 7–8 p.m. • Adult Bible Studies: 7:00 p.m.
             Other: Once a month will also have events for men, women, adults, and seniors
                                              (50+) called OASIS.
                               Please visit our NEW website or call the church office for details.
                                          SonLight Christian Fellowship
                                             Pastor Thomas Friedrich
                         Currently meeting at the Loudon American Legion Hall, So. Village Rd.
             Mailing address: 55 Wiggins Road, Loudon, NH 03307 • 798-3112 •
                                        Sunday Worship: 10:30 a.m.
                       First Sunday of Every Month: Discovery Series Bible Lessons
                       To have your Church’s information added to this column,
                    please email your information to
V10-8•August 2008:   V6-#8/August 04   7/29/08   12:50 PM   Page 4

         Page 4      The Loudon Ledger —                                           August 2008

                                           Schedule of Events
            Check the Old Home Day Booth for an Updated Schedule.
                          FRIDAY EVENING, AUGUST 8, 2008
            4:00 p.m. ..........................Setup of grounds
            6:30–8:30 p.m. .................Vendor setup

                                                       SATURDAY, AUGUST 9, 2008
            6:30 a.m.–10:30 a.m. .......American Legion Breakfast
            8:00 a.m. ..........................Baking Contest Entries Due
            8:30 a.m. ..........................Baking Contest Judging
            9:45 a.m. ..........................Antique Car/Truck/Bike   Parade
            10:00 a.m. ........................Grand        Parade begins
            .........................................Pony Rides begin
            11:00 a.m. ........................Opening Ceremonies/National Anthem (Sung by Tracy Dow)
            .........................................Invocation: Rev. Stephen Ludwick, Loudon Ridge

                                                         Family Bible Church
            .........................................Citizen of the Year Recognition
            .........................................Poster Contest Winner Recognition
            .........................................Baking Contest Results
            .........................................Horseshoe Tournament begins
            11:30 a.m. ........................ARABA-LON Drummers. Traditional rhythms from West Africa
                                                     performed by NH drummers, two of whom are from Loudon!
            .........................................Doodle Bug Tractor Pulls
            12:00 p.m. ........................Bodyworks Karate Demonstration
            12:30 p.m. ........................Bike Parade Registration begins at the Fire Station
            1:00 p.m. ..........................Bike Parade begins
            1:30 p.m. ..........................Judy Pancoast. High-energy music and dance performance for
                                                     kids of all ages.
            2:00–4:00 p.m. ................Kiddie Tractor Pull and Back Seat Driver
            2:15 p.m. ..........................ARABA-LON Drummers.
            3:00 p.m. ..........................Judy Pancoast.
            3:30–6:00 p.m..................Sno-Shakers Chicken BBQ Dinner
            4:00–6:00 p.m. ................Karaoke with Ed Swist
            7:00 p.m. ..........................Street Dance featuring Stray Dog
            9:00 p.m. ..........................Fireworks Display, LOHDA 50/50 Raffle drawing after the
                                               Barbecue and Raffle Tickets are available at the
                                                      Old Home Day booth throughout the day.
V10-8•August 2008:   V6-#8/August 04   7/29/08   12:50 PM   Page 5

         August 2008                                             — The Loudon Ledger                                 Page 5

                     Loudon                                                  Old Home Day Baking
                                                                                 Contest Rules
                  Old Home Day                                           Saturday, August 9, 2007
                 Parade & Show                                           L    oudon Old Home Day is Saturday, August 9 this year. If you have a
                                                                              favorite family recipe you’d like to showcase, why not participate in the
                                                                         baking contest? The baking contest judges have the best — and hardest —

               Antique, Classic, and
                                                                         job of the day and you can add a little “misery” to their lives by giving them
                                                                         more goodies to taste!!!
                                                                             All entries must be dropped off under the blue tarp by 8:00 a.m. Adult
                                                                         entries must be accompanied by a copy of the recipe, which might be printed

             Custom Cars, Trucks, and                                    at a later date in the Loudon Ledger.
                                                                         ADULT BAKING CONTEST CATEGORIES:
                                                                           Cakes, Pies, Cookies, and Baked Beans. Entries must be completely
                   Motorcycles                                           homemade. This means no mixes, premade crusts or canned anything.
                                                                         CHILDREN’S BAKING CONTEST CATEGORY:
                                                                            Themed Cakes. This the Old Home Day theme is “Cool Places Around
                                                                         the World.” This means your cake can be about your favorite holiday — there
                                                                         are plenty to choose from!!! Children can use cake mixes, canned frosting,
                                                                         and candy. These cakes are judged on presentation/looks alone.
                                                                            Adults and Children please note: Please use disposable pans, plates or
                                                                         trays or anything you do not want back. The Old Home Day Committee is not
                                                                         responsible for lost plates, trays or pans that are left.
                                                                            Keep in mind that Old Home Day is frequently very hot — remember this
                                                                         when you are choosing a recipe or ingredients. Make sure you choose some-
                                                                         thing that will hold up in the heat.
                                                                            ALL ENTRIES MUST BE DROPPED OFF BY 8:00 AM. JUDGING

                                                                         WILL START AT 8:30 SHARP!!! Any questions, please call Samantha
                                                                         French at 783-4601. I

                  Begins at 9:45 a.m.
                  Dash Plaques and
                Line-up is 9:15 a.m. at                                         Old Home Day
               Capitol Fire Protection
                  North Village Road
                                                                                 Bike Parade
                                                                                 Sponsored by the PTA
                        Grand Parade                                      12:30 p.m. — Registration begins at
                                                                                     the Fire Station
                       begins at 10 a.m.                                           1:00 p.m. — Judging
                                                                           1:15 p.m. — Parade (runs from the
                       For more information,                                   Fire Station to the Gazebo)
                        contact Evelyn Smith                              1:30 p.m. — Winners announced at
                           or Sandy Tirrell                                the Gazebo. Winners will receive
                             at 783-9461
                                                                                  trophies and ribbons.
V10-8•August 2008:    V6-#8/August 04      7/29/08    12:50 PM    Page 6

         Page 6        The Loudon Ledger —                                                                                                        August 2008

                             Concord Regional                                                    Pittsfield Area Senior
                             Visiting Nurse                                                      Center Happenings
                             Association                                                         Crafts — Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m.
                             PO Box 1797, Concord, NH 03302-1797, 224-4093                          1st and 3rd Tuesday — Carolyn will be leading us to create a crazy quilt pillow.
                                                                                                 Bring any small fabric pieces you have available, scissors, thread, and, if possible, a
                                                                                                 portable sewing machine.
         Senior Health Clinics                                                                      2nd and 4th Tuesday — Carol is teaching embroidery on plastic canvas. Come
            Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Association is offering a Senior Health Clinics      and make a tissue box cover. They can be adorable or traditionally classic in style.
         on August 26 at the VOA-NNE Senior Housing on South Village Road from 9 a.m.
         until noon. Note the change in location. The Loudon Senior Health Clinics are no        Smoking Cessation — Tuesday, August 8
         longer held at the Community Building. All Senior Health Clinic services are $10.          Our smoking cessation participants are enjoying a mobile support group. They
         Blood pressure checks are free. To make an appointment or for more information          are swimming during Senior Swim time, shopping, lunching, and just enjoying
         call Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Association’s Senior Health Program at 224-        companionship and support from a new circle of friends. They would love to have
         4093 or 800-924-8620, extension 4830. If you need a ride, please call 798-5203.         you join them. It still isn’t too late! Here are some of the supports people are using:
                                                                                                 Daily Recorded Quit Tips: 1-800-9-Get-A-Tip (943-8284) and www.become
         AUGUST Walk-In Immunization Clinics                                            Call 435-8482 for information and speak with Elaine.
             An affordable walk-in Immunization Clinics for all ages will be offered by
         CRVNA on Monday, August 4, 2008, 1:00–3:00 p.m. and Tuesday, August 19,                 Easy Bridge Lessons — Monday 10 a.m. with practice
         2008, 2:30–4:30 p.m. Clinics are held at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Outreach Cen-      on Friday at 10:00
         ter, 21 Centre Street, Concord. A fee of $5.00 is requested per child (under 18).          Dan McQuire’s easy bridge lessons are great. We have new people starting all
         Adult vaccination costs vary by the cost of the individual vaccines. Children must      the time. If you like to play cards why not join the group to brush up on your bridge
         be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Please bring an immunization record with        skills and learn Bridge as a new game. It is a good opportunity to put a new wrinkle
         you. For more information call CRVNA Community Health Services at 224-4093              in your brain to keep it in good working order!
         or 800-924-8620, extension 4830.
                                                                                                 Chair Dancing and Exercise — Wednesday’s and
         Walk-In Blood Pressure Clinics                                                          Friday’s 10 and 10:30 a.m.
             A FREE monthly walk-in Blood Pressure Clinic will be held on Wednesday,                One of our volunteers has a fabulous program going with great participation.
         Aug. 6, 10 a.m.–Noon at Hannaford’s Pharmacy, Ft. Eddy Rd., Concord and on              You will use EVERY part of your body exercising to music. People are having lots
         Wednesday, Aug. 13, 10:30–11:30 a.m. at the White Rock Senior Living Communi-           of fun, come and join them.
         ty, Wellness Office 6 Bow Center Rd., Bow.
             Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Association offers blood pressure screenings        Book Club

         in the areas that it serves. Blood pressure screenings are a good way for individuals      As a rule the Book Club meets on the 3rd Monday of the month right after lunch
         to track their blood pressure for upcoming visits to their physician. Blood pressure    at 12:30. However, this month they are on vacation.
         screenings are free of charge. For more information call Concord Regional Visiting      Y0ga — Thursday’s thru August at 11:00 A.M.
         Nurse Association at 224-4093 or 800-924-8620.
                                                                                                    Concord Hospital is sponsoring a second Yoga session. Seated YOGA is a won-
         Hospice Volunteer Training Applications Due Aug. 22                                     derful exercise that helps develop and maintain flexibility, mobility and balance. A
            Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Association is seeking volunteers to offer           core group of 15 people will be glad to tell you how YOGA has improved their
         companionship and support to terminally ill patients and their families. Hospice        lives. Try it, what have you got to lose? How about what you may gain!
         volunteers have the opportunity to provide care at the Hospice House, nursing care      Smart Steps UPDATE
         facilities, and in patient homes by visiting, listening, reading to patients, giving
         caregivers a respite break, running errands, providing transportation, bereavement         59 seniors from our surrounding towns walked 16,337,338 steps altogether with
         services, and/or helping with office work.                                              44 actually finishing the program. We enjoyed a big celebration last month with
            The next 10-week Hospice Volunteer Training Session starts on Tuesday                prizes, raffles, awards and great food. Some of our folks are continuing on to walk
         evening, September 9, 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Concord Regional VNA Hospice             the number of steps it would take to walk to California after that maybe we will
         House.                                                                                  walk around the world! Any takers? We will be doing this again next spring. We’ll
            Application deadline for the morning or evening sessions is Friday, August 22,       keep you posted.
         with a minimum of seven applicants required to proceed with the training program.       Mystery Dining — 2nd Tuesday of the month
         For more information, please contact Laurie Brooks, Volunteer Coordinator, at 224-         This is a great opportunity to try a restaurant you have never tried before. Maybe
         4093 x 2826                                                    you will discover a new favorite restaurant. Cost for transportation is between $2
         CRNVNA Receives $1 Million Gift                                                         and $5 depending on the destination! Reservations go quickly so plan to call the
            Concord Regional Visiting Nurse Association has received a $1 million gift from      center and reserve your seat in the morning of the second Thursday (the day after
         Eugene (Gene) A. and Anne L. Slusser of Hopkinton, according to Mary B.                 the current month’s dinner trip) of the month to reserve your seat for the next
         DeVeau, President/CEO. The gift will enable Concord Regional VNA to buy equip-          months trip.
         ment and furnishings for its planned leased building on Pillsbury Street in Concord,    Trips
         to develop a scholarship program, and to eventually purchase the new building.             On July 30, 49 people boarded a coach for the Cabbage Island Clambake & Boat
            “We are truly gratified for this very generous gift from Gene and Anne Slusser,”     Trip. Everyone had a wonderful day full of fun, nice boat trip, amazing food, good
         said DeVeau, “This gift will enable Concord Regional VNA to serve our communi-          company, and fabulous scenery. Where shall we go next? We are collecting sugges-
         ty even better.” Currently the agency leases space on the Concord Hospital campus.      tions. Call 435-8483 and speak with Lynne.
            The furnishings and equipment purchase will include Information Technology
         hardware for the building to be constructed on Pillsbury Street, such as desktop        Trip Schedule
         computers, LCD projectors, and wide-screen televisions for the staff Training               Aug. 27th: Hampton Beach. Free. Bus and Lunch Bag — $7.00
         Room.                                                                                       Sept. 17th: Christmas Tree Shop. Bus and Lunch Bag — $7.00
            A restricted fund will enable the creation of an annual Gene and Anne Slusser            Oct. 22nd: Kimball Farm. Bus and Lunch Bag — $5.00
         Scholarship Fund for the benefit of Hopkinton High School students and Concord              November: To Be Announced
         Regional VNA staff. In addition, a restricted fund will assist Concord Regional             Dec. 3rd: Christmas Tree Shop. Bus and Lunch Bag — $7.00
         VNA in ultimately purchasing the new building on Pillsbury Street. I                        The cost for the bus is the total amount less $2.00 for the bag lunch.
                                                                                                     NO MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED. ALL ARE WELCOME. I

                          The Deadline for the September 2008
                          “Loudon Ledger” is Friday, August 15.
V10-8•August 2008:    V6-#8/August 04      7/29/08    12:50 PM     Page 7

         August 2008                                                                          — The Loudon Ledger                                   Page 7

                              To Your Health
                                                                                   By Tricia Ingraham, MPH

                                   August is National Immunization Awareness Month
         T   his observance provides the oppor-
             tunity to remind the community of
         the importance of immunization. Make
                                                         Vaccines are responsible for the con-
                                                     trol of many infectious diseases that
                                                     were once common in this country. Vac-
                                                                                                  tions and premature deaths. Sick chil-
                                                                                                  dren can also cause parents to lose time
                                                                                                  from work.
                                                                                                                                               cines also protects those who cannot be
                                                                                                                                               immunized for medical reasons.
         sure that your family and friends are       cines have reduced and, in some cases,          Maintaining high immunization                Do you have a health topic that you
         up-to-date on their immunizations.          eliminated many diseases that once rou-      rates protects the entire community by       would like to see featured? Please send
            In August, parents are enrolling chil-   tinely killed or harmed tens of thou-        interrupting the transmission of dis-        ideas to:
         dren in school, older students are enter-   sands of infants, children and adults.       ease-causing bacteria or viruses. This          The Loudon Communications
         ing college and adults and the health           The viruses and bacteria that cause      reduces the risk that unimmunized peo-             Council
         care community are preparing for the        vaccine-preventable diseases and death       ple will be exposed to disease-causing          POB 7871
         upcoming flu season. This makes             still exist and can infect people who are    agents. This type of protection is known        Loudon, NH 03307
         August a particularly good time to          not protected by vaccines. Vaccine-pre-      as community or herd immunity, and              or email: Tricia Ingraham:
         focus community attention on the value      ventable diseases have a costly impact,      embodies the concept that protecting I
         of immunization.                            resulting in doctors’ visits, hospitaliza-   the majority with safe, effective vac-

                                                                                                  Concord Hospital Payson Center for
                             Loudon American                                                      Cancer Care Offers Workshop on
                             Legion, Post 88                                                      Cancer-Related Fatigue
                             W      ell, I messed up this past month. I had the Memorial Day
                                    article all ready — a week late! So I have to back up. The    C    oncord Hospital Payson Center for Cancer Care is offering a free program,
                                                                                                       “Managing Cancer-Related Fatigue” in collaboration with the American Can-

         Memorial Day parade went very well, with a lot of organizations participating. We        cer Society on Thursday, August 7 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The presenters include
         thank all of you. We have to thank the town for letting us do this event: thank you.     Lisa Gold, MA, MS, LCMHC, Megan Ryder, RD, LD and Barbara Tynan, PT.
         we give a special thanks to the Police Department, Chief Fiske, and his officers.            This workshop is for persons with cancer-related fatigue and their loved ones.
         They did a great job. Bob and Polly Haines honored us by being in our parade. They       Fatigue is the feeling of being tired mentally, physically and emotionally and is
         are the town’s only Gold Star family. I think the MVHS band did a terrific job. Post     often associated with treatment for cancer. This fatigue is different from the fatigue
         88 and VFW Post 4405 say “thank you” and we hope to do it again next year.               of everyday life, which is usually temporary and relieved by rest. The workshop
            The month of August we have Old Home Day on the 9th. Breakfast will be                offers many steps people with cancer and their loved ones can take to manage this
         served from 6 a.m. to 10 or 10:30 a.m. This year, there will be no Bingo; sorry. To      problem.
         the Citizen of the Year: congratulations to you! We hope to see lots of people, start-       “This is a great opportunity for people with similar problems to share ideas and
         ing with breakfast and staying right until the end of the fireworks. Have fun!           give each other support about this troubling problem,” Gold said.
                                                                                                      Light refreshments are available. Registration is required. To register or for more
         Post News and Events                                                                     information, please call (603) 230-6031. Upon arrival, park in Lot A and enter the
            Member cards are in the mail. Please be an early bird and pay early. The Auxil-       hospital through the main entrance. The program is being held in the Payson Center
         iary is serving ice cream again this year during the Wednesday evening Summer            for Cancer Care Conference Room on the first floor.
         Fun Events at 7 by the gazebo. Please attend as the Recreation Committee has some            As one of Concord Hospital’s cornerstone Centers of Excellence, the Payson
         great programs planned for the summer.                                                   Center for Cancer Care, approved by the American College of Surgeon’s Commis-
            Have a safe and great summer! I                                                       sion on Cancer as a Comprehensive Community Cancer Center, provides personal-
            The Legion Family                                                                     ized treatment and support for cancer patients and their families, including
                                                                                                  radiation oncology, medical oncology and surgery. Board-certified physicians and
                Scenes from this year’s Memorial Day Parade                                       nationally certified oncology nurses are dedicated to providing quality health care
                                                                                                  in a warm and caring environment. The Payson Center offers the latest in advanced
                                                                                                  technology such as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and the 3D
                                                                                                  Ultrasound Targeting System, and conducts multiple clinical trials through New
                                                                                                  Hampshire Oncology-Hematology, PA, (NHOH) for eligible patients. The full-ser-
                                                                                                  vice Center features the HOPE Resource Center that offers programs and services
                                                                                                  to assist patients with all aspects of their cancer care including financial, emotion-
                                                                                                  al, spiritual and dietary needs. I

                                                                                                             Courteous and Professional Dog Grooming
                                                                                                     Jennifer Batchelder — Owner/Groomer
                                                                                                          Jaime Calangelo — Groomer

                                                                                                           Happy Old
                                                                                                           Home Day!
                                                                                                    (603) 798-5650
                                                                                                    39C South Village Road, Loudon, NH 03307
                                                                                                    WE NOW ACCEPT VISA, MASTERCARD, AND DEBIT CARDS
V10-8•August 2008:    V6-#8/August 04      7/29/08   12:50 PM     Page 8

         Page 8        The Loudon Ledger —                                                                                                         August 2008

                     Loudon Recreation Committee News for August
         Theater Camp                                hour each in the morning. All Loudon
                                                     children ages 5 and up are eligible for
         D     uring the first week of July,
               Loudon Elementary School was
         alive again with the sounds of children.
                                                     lessons. The cost $25 per session per
                                                     child and the family rate is $75 maxi-
         That is forty children who were practic-    mum. Please go to the website
         ing and practicing for their big theatri- print the registra-
         cal debut. For years the Recreation         tion form and follow the instructions to
         Committee has wanted to provide the         register. If you have any questions,
         youth of Loudon a theatre camp oppor-       please call Alicia @ 435-5193 or email
         tunity, this year it became a reality.
         Children’s Stage Adventures, Inc. of        Three More Community
         Sullivan, NH were contracted and pro-       Fun Nights in August
         vided an absolutely incredible theatre
         experience for camp attendees. They             Don’t forget to come on down to the
         provided daily theatre workshops on         Loudon Recreation Field & Arthur
         improvisation, mime, theatre games,         McNeil Memorial Gazebo for Commu-
         creative dramatics, and stage skills.       nity Fun Nights!!!! People of all ages
         They held auditions with the children,      are encouraged to bring a blanket or
         cast the parts and practiced all week for   lawn chair and join your friends and
         the performance.                            neighbors for fun. In August we will
             On Friday, July 11 over 150 parents,    have the very popular Wildlife Adven-
         grandparents, family, friends and com-      tures for August 6th and The Army
         munity members came out for the per-        Band on August 13th (the Army Band
         formance of The Emperor’s New               WILL PLAY at the Legion in the event         exciting programs and activities             know if you are interested in helping
         Clothes. The cast members pulled out        of rain). We will round out our fun with     to Loudon residents. The Recreation          out, we hope to see you there!!! If you
         all the stops and there were dancing        incredibly talented local teens on           Committee meets once a month usually         aren’t able to attend the events, but
         sheep, ranch hands, a mayor, a sheriff      August 20th all dates you don’t want to      on the fourth Wednesday of the month         would like to get placed on our email
         and deputy, townsfolk, school children,     miss. All events start at 7:00 p.m. and      but in August you can see us down at         contact list for volunteering at specific
         advisors, an emperor, swindlers, and a      there will be free crafts for kids on the    the Recreation fields for the Communi-       events, please email Alicia Grimaldi at
         doctor. Congratulations to all the cast     13th and 20th during the band playing        ty Fun Nights at 7:00. Please let us I

         members on an amazing performance!!         times. Remember that the rain location
         We hope you enjoyed your week as            is The American Legion.
         much as we enjoyed watching the show.       Tennis Lessons                               WOMEN’S INTERMEDIATE FLY FISHING WORKSHOP:
             This camp could not have been pos-
         sible without Christine Campbell and
                                                        WE STILL HAVE ROOM IN TEN-
                                                     NIS LESSONS!! Instructor Dave
                                                                                                  SIGN UP NOW FOR SEPTEMBER
         Katelyn Campbell. They put together
         the before and after camp care, all the
                                                     Mathes will be instructing one hour          “BEYOND BECOMING AN
                                                     tennis lessons for kids in grades 3–5
         crafts, snacks and activities and super-
         vised the daily camp. The performance
                                                     and 6–8. The lessons will be held at the     OUTDOORS-WOMAN” PROGRAM
                                                     Homer Labonte Memorial Tennis
         wouldn’t have been possible without
         the musical talents of Rev. Henry Frost
         who was the accompanist for the prac-
                                                     Courts at the Loudon Recreation Field
                                                     on August 5, 8, 12, 14, 19 and 21 (rain
                                                                                                  B    ack by popular demand! The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s
                                                                                                       “Let’s Go Fishing” and Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW) programs are
                                                                                                  once again teaming up with the NH Wildlife Federation to host the second annual
                                                     dates will be determined). Grades 6–8
         tices and the show. More thanks go to                                                    intermediate fly-fishing weekend this fall. Any woman who has tackled the basics
                                                     lesson is from 8:30–9:30 a.m. and
         all the Recreation Committee members,                                                    of fly-fishing and is looking to improve her skills and get in some practice should
                                                     grades 3–5 lesson is from 9:30–10:30
         Rachael Carlson and to the parents who                                                   register. The weekend will be September 26–28, 2008, at Purity Spring Resort in
                                                     a.m. The cost is $60 per child.
         helped out the night of the event apply-                                                 Madison, NH.
                                                        A sign up sheet will be on the web-
         ing makeup, taking down chairs, help-                                                       This event is for women with some fly-fishing experience. The goal of this
                                                     site soon. Please
         ing pack up the set and cleaning up.                                                     course is to help attendees move towards independence as fly-anglers. Some of the
                                                     print the form and follow the instruc-
         Thank you everyone, GREAT JOB!!                                                          topics that will be covered through out the weekend are: the finer points of casting
                                                     tions to register. If you have questions
             What a great opportunity for the                                                     — accuracy, timing, shooting the line; reading the water; picking a proper fly and
                                                     or would like to volunteer to help,
         children of Loudon. For those who par-                                                   knowing how to cast it; and what to do when you catch a fish — playing and releas-
                                                     please call Kim @ 435-6266 or email
         ticipated, please fill out your survey                                                   ing. Participants will have the opportunity to fish both still and moving water.
         forms as future programs will depend                                                        The weekend costs $275, which includes meals, lodging, materials and instruc-
         on feedback we receive on those sur-                                                     tion. Participants must be at least 18 years old. A registration form and course
                                                        If you have any ideas for events or
         veys!!                                                                                   descriptions are now available at; or call (603) 271-3212 to
                                                     activities you would like to see you can
                                                                                                  request an application by mail. Class space is limited, and registration is on a first-
         Summer Swim Program                         print and return the events and activities
                                                                                                  come, first-served basis, so be sure to sign up early.
            There is still room in the August        survey which is available on the website
                                                                                                     Over the past ten years, the Fish and Game Department’s “Let’s Go Fishing” pro-
         4–15 swim lesson session. Red Cross
                                                                                                  gram has taught thousands of children and adults to be safe, ethical and successful
         Swim Instruction Levels 1–6 at Clough          The Loudon Recreation Committee
                                                                                                  anglers. The program is federally-funded through the Sport Fish Restoration Pro-
         Pond taught by Water Safety Instructors     is always looking for help. We are
         through Swim NH, LLC. Classes will          a small group of volunteers who need
                                                                                                     Becoming an Outdoors-Woman programs are a joint effort between the NH
         be held M–F rain or shine for a half        help as we continue to provide fun and
                                                                                                  Wildlife Federation and the NH Fish and Game Department.
                                                                                                     The NH Wildlife Federation is a nonprofit group dedicated to ensuring wise use

                                 BEST SEPTIC SERVICE
                                                                                                  and proper protection for the natural resources of New Hampshire and the US. Visit
                                                                                                     The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is the guardian of the state’s

                                                                                                  fish, wildlife and marine resources and their habitats. Visit I

                                                                     Septic Pumpin’                                  The Deadline for the
                                                                and outhouse rentals
                                                                                                               September 2008 “Loudon Ledger”
                                                                         fo’ rite ’ere
                                                                     ’round Loudon!
                                                                                                                     is Friday, August 15.
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         August 2008                                                                       — The Loudon Ledger                              Page 9

                                Girl Scouting in Loudon: Are You Curious?
         D    o you remember hearing about all the fun and exciting things the Girl Scouts
              did during the past year??? Is your daughter curious about joining??? Are you
         interested in helping out — even just a little??? We are forming troops during the
                                                                                                in Loudon. You can also visit the website and print the interest
                                                                                                forms. Watch for our AMAZING float in the Loudon Old Home Day parade!!!!
                                                                                                   Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the
         summer and are also looking for assistant leaders, and other volunteers. Stop by the   world a better place. I
         booth at Loudon Old Home Day and grab an information sheet about Girl Scouting

                                     Are you curious about Girl Scouts??
                  Girl Scouts is the world’s preeminent organization dedicated solely to girls — all girls — where, in an accepting and
               nurturing environment, girls build character and skills for success in the real world. In partnership with committed adults,
               girls develop qualities that will serve them all their lives — like strong values, a social conscience, and conviction about
               their own potential and self-worth. In Girl Scouts, girls discover the fun, friendship and power of girls together. Through
               a variety of innovative programs and outreach opportunities, we are committed to bring Girl Scouting to every girl, every-
               where. Girl Scouting helps girls grow courageous and strong, develop their full potential, relate to others with under-
               standing and respect, develop values to guide their actions, and contribute to the improvement of society through their
               abilities, leadership skills and cooperation with others. In January 2009 Girl Scouts of New Hampshire will join councils
               with Girl Scouts of Vermont forming The Girl Scouts of the Green and White Mountains. They will serve girls in New
               Hampshire and Vermont. Membership is open to girls ages 5 through 17 who subscribe to its ideals as stated in the Girl
               Scout Promise and Law. It is part of a worldwide family of 10 million girls and adults in 140 countries through its mem-
               bership in the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.
                  The Loudon Girl Scout Service Unit is a very active group serving girls from kindergarten through middle & high
               school. We have a daisy troop for kindergarten girls, four brownie troops who serve girls in grades 1–3, three Junior
               troops who serve girls in grades 4 & 5 and a Cadette and older girl groups who serves girls from 6th grade on up. We are

               always looking for adult volunteers.
                                   Girl Scouting builds girls of confidence, courage and character,
                                                     who make the world a better place.
                 We have a limited amount of openings in troops at this time. If your daughter is interested in joining the Girl Scouts
               of Loudon, please fill out the form below and mail it to: Amanda Masse, Registrar for Loudon Girl Scouts, 82 Lesmeris-
               es Road, Loudon NH 03307. If you have any questions, please call 783-0227 or email and Thank
                                                    Loudon Girl Scouts Interest Indicator Form
                                                    (please use only if your daughter is not already registered in a troop)
               Girl’s name: ________________________________________________________________________ Age: ________________
               Mailing Address: _________________________________________________________________________________________
               Grade: _____ (if kindergarten please note a.m. or p.m.)                Teacher: __________________________________________________
               Phone #: ________________________________________________________________                                      Best time to call: ________________
               Email address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
               I prefer (please circle):         after school meetings           evening meetings          either
               Days that DO NOT work for meetings are: _____________________________________________________________________


               WE ARE IN NEED OF ASSISTANT VOLUNTEERS FOR TWO BROWNIE TROOPS!! We have women who have stepped
               up to lead, — the troops just need assistant leaders. Please consider this so that we may offer programs to more girls!
               I wish to volunteer or would like more information about:
               J Leader           J Assistant or Co-Leader              J Troop Committee Member                  J other _______________________________
               Please print Parent/Guardian name: ___________________________________________________________________________
               Date: _________

                      We will do our best to place as many girls as possible, but Girl Scouting can only
                                happen with adult involvement and volunteers! Thank you!
V10-8•August 2008:    V6-#8/August 04      7/29/08   12:50 PM    Page 10

         Page 10         The Loudon Ledger —                                                                                                   August 2008

                                            Loudon Youth Athletic Assoc.
                                            By Melody Broider

                                                                                                child can’t make try-outs. Players will         Since we are working to beat the
         LYAA Baseball                               Fall 08 Soccer Sign-Ups
                                                       You can sign up your child at Old        need cleats, shin guards, and water.        winter weather, Rick will finalize the
         Raffle Winners                              Home Day, LES Kindergarten Open            Old Home Day
                                                                                                                                            bid format and we will need to solicit
                                                                                                                                            bids for: Timber cutting and stump
                                                     House, or you can sign-up online at
         Raffle Ticket Selling                                                                     The snack shack will be open from 8      removal, loam screening, and grading
                                            until August 20th.
         Superstars!                                                                            a.m.–8 p.m. Please stop by and support      (fields and parking lot according to
                                                     Sponsors                                   the Loudon Youth Athletic Programs.         state drainage plan), possible removal
         1st prize
                                                        We are looking for interested spon-     We need volunteers to assist if you have    of aggregate materials, well installation
         $100 Toys R Us — Emily Knouse
                                                     sors for this year’s season. Please con-   1–2 hours to spare. Contact Collette at     (50 GPM), grass seeding, and two irri-
         2nd prize
                                                     tact Melody at        783-9225.                                   gation systems. If you know of anyone
         $50 Fisher Cats — Jace Pillsbury
                                                     or 267-8383, if you’d like to sponsor a                                                who may have interest in contributing
         2nd prize                                                                              Robinson Field Project                      to this project in any capacity (contrac-
         $50 Fisher Cats — Andrew Roy                team or banner.
                                                                                                   The LYAA has been working dili-          tors, volunteers, charitable contribu-
         3rd prize                                                                              gently with the Merrimack Valley
         $25 Everett’s Gift Card — Elisa Lom-
                                                     Soccer Try-Outs                                                                        tions, equipment donations, etc.),
                                                        Try outs will be held August 19th       School District and the Town of Loudon      please contact Rick at 267-8383.
         men                                                                                    to build two soccer fields (1 youth size,
                                                     from 6:00–7:30 p.m. for the 3rd/4th                                                        Please feel free to contact Soccer
         Team winner                                 graders and August 21 from 6:00–7:30       1 full size) and supplemental parking       Commissioner Scott Hagerty with any
                                                     p.m. for the 5th/6th graders at the Rec.   (55 spaces) on the Robinson property        questions at 783-4735. I
            Fillmore Coach Pitch Team
                                                     Field. Please let Scott know if your       owned by MVSD located behind
         Raffle Ticket Winners                                                                  Loudon Elementary.
           Jean Delano of Webster and Sarah
         Gardner of Loudon

         Soccer O8 News
                                                                                   Merrimack Valley School District News

         Mandatory Coach and
         Directors Meeting
            The annual Coach and Directors
         Meeting will be August 28 beginning at
         7 p.m. in Henniker. This is for coaches
         for 3rd–12th grade. Watch for a notice
                                                     May Students of
         of meeting location. At this meeting        the Month
         MVSL will discuss the finer points of
         some of the trickier rules of soccer for
         each grade level. MVSL will provide         T  he following students were nomi-
                                                        nated for MVHS student of the
                                                     month for May:
         copies of the MVSL COACH’S HAND-
         BOOK as well as the schedule for each       Penacook:
         level. MVSL hopes to begin with over-
         all rules that apply to all followed by        Kyle Dahood
         short sessions for each grade level. This      Amos Powelson
         will allow people to leave as their sec-       D’Mahl McFadden
         tions are covered rather than keep             Tyler Craigue, Boy of the Month
         everybody there for the full meeting. If       Chelsea Wood
         you can’t make it please contact Scott         Kaycey Stone
         Hagerty.                                       Amanda Hodge

         Free Coach’s Clinic                         Loudon:
                                                        Sam Doyon
            A FREE COACH’S CLINIC will be
                                                        Austin Campbell
         offered by the MLS Coaches on
                                                        Alex Orsini
         Wednesday, July 30 from 6:30 p.m. to                                                           Nicole J. Morin                           Jaimee Leigh Fiske
                                                        Jessica Bullock
         7:30 p.m. at the Rec. Fields. Please let
         us know if you’re able to attend so we
         can have an adequate amount of
                                                        Rachel Carlson, Girl of the Month
                                                                                                N    icole J. Morin graduated with the
                                                                                                     Merrimack Valley High School
                                                                                                Class of 2008 on June 21, 2008. Nicole
                                                                                                                                            O   n June 7, Jaimee Leigh Fiske,
                                                                                                                                                daughter of Corporal Jason S.
                                                                                                                                            Fiske of the Loudon Police Department,
         instructors on hand.                           Seth Magee                              is the daughter of Janice Morin and         graduated from Littleton High School.
         MLS Camp                                       Sam Magee                               Robert Morin. She will attend the           A party was given by her mother and
            Still time to sign-up!! The MLS Soc-        Kayleigh Smith                          Empire School of Cosmetology, begin-        stepfather, Sue and Mike Bailey.
                                                        Danielle Marchand                       ning on July 21, 2008.                      Jaimee’s grandparents are Carolyn
         cer Camp Returns to Loudon! MLS
                                                        Brooke Boulton                             Congratulations, Nicole! We are          Fiske and Robert Fiske, both of
         Camp is scheduled from July 28–
                                                        Jillian Kerchen                         very proud of you! I                        Loudon. Great-grandparents are Mr.
         August 1. The program offers camps
                                                        Kendra Carlson                                                                      and Mrs. Loys E. Ashland, also of
         from 9 a.m.–Noon or 5–8 p.m. for U8
         and above, along with a 9 a.m.–3 p.m.                                                                                              Loudon. Jaimee will be pursuing a
                                                     Andover:                                                                               career in cosmetology. I
         program for U10 and above. The                 Kevin Roarke
         campers receive a ball, t-shirt, and free
         companion ticket to an MLS game. The        Webster:
         cost of the camp is $130 for half day,
         $175 for full day program. You can sign
                                                        Jordan Westgate
                                                        Sarah Hashem
                                                                                                          MARK YOUR CALENDAR!
         up on-line at either www.MLSCamps.
         com or or contact            Salisbury:                                         THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL IS
         Becky at 798-3361 for more informa-            Sam Laliberty
         tion.                                          I                                                TUESDAY, AUGUST 26, 2008
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         August 2008                                              — The Loudon Ledger   Page 11

V10-8•August 2008:    V6-#8/August 04       7/29/08    12:50 PM     Page 12

         Page 12         The Loudon Ledger —                                                                                                         August 2008

                                                What’s Cookin’!                                                                                                  By Jennifer Pfeifer

                                                  This month: Sweet Peaches!

         I can’t resist a fresh peach right off the tree, warm from the sun, and dripping with
           juicy sweetness. This season in our neck of the woods is short, so enjoy while you
         can and be sure to freeze some for use in the months to come.
                                                                                                            teaspoon ground cumin
                                                                                                            tablespoon sugar
                                                                                                            tablespoon fresh orange juice
            Freezing Peaches: Slice peaches to desired thickness and place on foil lined            1       teaspoon fresh lemon juice
         cookie sheet in one layer. Place in freezer until frozen solid. Vacuum seal or put into            Halve and pit peach and cut into 1/8-inch dice (about 1-1/4 cups).
         Ziploc with all air removed. They can now be used in all your favorite recipes or use         In a bowl combine peach, raisins, chili, gingerroot, shallot, and cumin. Chill
         them as ice cubes in your favorite summertime beverages.                                   chutney, covered, at least one hour and up to 2 hours.
            Keep it Simple: Grill your peaches and other fruits with a pit. Cut in half,               About 1 hour before serving, stir in remaining ingredients and salt and pepper to
         remove pit, and brush with extra virgin olive oil (you can also add balsamic vinegar       taste. Serve chutney at room temperature.
         to add some extra zip). Place fresh side down on medium grill until caramelized.
         Drizzle with honey or maple syrup and dollop with ice cream or whipped cream.              FRESH-PEACH DROP COOKIES — Recipe courtesy Martha
         Enjoy!                                                                                     Stewart
                                                                                                    2       cups all-purpose flour, plus 2 tablespoons
                                                                                                    3/4 teaspoon salt
         RASPBERRY PEACH SMOOTHIE — Recipe courtesy Sara                                            1/2 teaspoon baking soda
         Moulton                                                                                    1       stick (8 tablespoons) unsalted butter, room temperature
         1/2 cup apple juice                                                                        1       cup granulated sugar
         1/2 cup low fat vanilla yogurt                                                             1       large egg
         1     cup fresh peaches, sliced, partially frozen                                          1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
         1/2 cup raspberries, partially frozen                                                      2       large ripe peaches, peeled, pitted, and cut into 1/4-inch dice (about 1-3/4
         1-1/2 cups ice chips                                                                               cups)
            Pour ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.                                 1/3 cup peach jam or preserves

                                                                                                    2       tablespoons fine sanding sugar
         WHITE SANGRIA — Recipe courtesy Rachel Ray                                                 1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon
            This sangria takes 5 to 10 minutes to assemble in a large pitcher. Take the time to        Preheat oven to 375. Whisk together flour, salt, and baking soda. Beat butter and
         prepare it in the morning so the sangria has several hours to develop its fruity flavor.   granulated sugar with a mixer on medium-high speed until pale and fluffy, about 4
         Pull it out when dinner is done is ready to serve that evening.                            minutes. Reduce speed to low. Beat in egg and vanilla. Add flour mixture, and beat
         3       tablespoons sugar                                                                  until just combined. Add peaches and jam, and beat until just combined.
         3       shots Calvados or other apple liquor                                                  Using a 1-1/2-inch ice cream scoop or a tablespoon, drop dough onto baking
         1       lime, sliced                                                                       sheets lined with parchment, spacing about 2 inches apart. (If not baking all of the
         1       lemon, sliced                                                                      cookies at once, refrigerate dough between batches; dough can be refrigerated in an
         2       ripe peaches, cut into wedges                                                      airtight container for up to 2 days.) Combine sanding sugar and cinnamon. Sprinkle
         3       ripe green apples seeded and cut into wedges                                       each cookie with 1/8 teaspoon cinnamon-sugar mixture.
         1       bottle white Rioja Spanish wine or other dry white wine                               Bake cookies, rotating sheets halfway through, until golden brown and just set,
         1       pint raspberries                                                                   11 to 13 minutes. Let cool on sheets for 5 minutes, and then transfer cookies to wire
                 Sparkling soda water, for topping off glasses of sangria at table                  racks to cool completely.
            Combine sugar, Calvados, lime, lemon, peaches, and apples in a large pitcher.
         Cover with 1 bottle of Rioja wine and chill sangria several hours. To serve, spoon         PEACH COBBLER — Recipe courtesy Paula Deen
         fruits into glasses or goblets, adding a few fresh raspberries in each glass, pour wine    1/2     cup (1 stick) butter
         over top of the fruit. Top glasses of sangria off with a splash of soda water and          3/4     cup sugar
         serve.                                                                                     3/4     cup self-rising flour
                                                                                                    1       cup milk
         PARKER COUNTY PEACH BBQ SAUCE — Recipe courtesy                                            1       28-ounce can sliced peaches in heavy syrup, un-drained (use fresh peaches if
         Jon Bonnell                                                                                        available; see note*)
         1      sweet onion, diced                                                                          Cinnamon, for sprinkling, optional
         3      ounces butter                                                                               Vanilla ice cream or fresh whipped cream, for serving
         4      local fresh peaches, peeled and diced                                                  *If they are available, by all means use fresh peaches. In a saucepan, mix 2 cups
         3      ancho chiles, stems and seeds removed                                               fresh peach slices with one cup sugar and one cup water. Bring the mixture to a boil
         12     ounces ketchup                                                                      and then simmer for about 10 minutes. Stir often, making sure the sugar is com-
         1/2 bunch chopped cilantro leaves                                                          pletely dissolved. Substitute this for the canned peaches.
         3      ounces brown sugar                                                                     Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Put butter in a 13 by 9 by 2-inch baking dish and
         3      ounces bourbon                                                                      place in the oven to melt. Stir sugar and flour together and mix well. Slowly add
         1      lime, juiced                                                                        milk and continue stirring to prevent the batter from lumping.
         1      pint chicken stock                                                                     Being careful not to burn yourself, remove hot baking dish containing melted
                Salt and pepper                                                                     butter from oven; pour batter directly over butter in baking dish. Do not stir.
            Sauté the onions in butter until soft. Add in the remaining ingredients and bring          Spoon fruit on top of batter, then gently pour syrup on top. Do not stir. Sprinkle
         to a simmer.                                                                               cinnamon on top of batter, if using. (The most important part of this dish is not stir-
            Allow to simmer for approximately 15 minutes.                                           ring the mixture at this point in the recipe.)
            Puree with a hand-held blender until smooth, then check for seasonings. Cool to            Bake for 30 to 45 minutes or until golden brown. Your batter will rise above your
         room temperature and refrigerate.                                                          fruit, producing the most wonderful of crusts. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream or
                                                                                                    fresh whipped cream.
         FRESH PEACH CHUTNEY — Recipe courtesy Gourmet
         Magazine                                                                                      Next Month: 2008 Loudon Old Home Day winners. As always, if you have any
         1     firm-ripe peach                                                                                     recipes or suggestions send them to me by email at
         1/4 cup golden raisins, chopped fine                                                            , call at 783-8986, or send them by mail to
         1     fresh serrano or jalapeno chili, seeded and chopped fine                                            168 North Village Road, Loudon, NH 03307. I
         1     tablespoon finely chopped, peeled fresh gingerroot
         1-1/2 teaspoons finely chopped shallot
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         August 2008                                                                       — The Loudon Ledger                                 Page 13

                                 loudon History & Mystery
                                                                                        By Tina Rattee

         T   he mystery section has always been
             one of my favorites in The Ledger.
         Thank you to Amanda Masse for all her
         years of helping to share our town’s his-
         tory with us. I am Tina Rattee and I will
         be taking over the mystery section for
         Amanda. Hopefully, I can do as good
         job as she has done.
            This month’s picture is out beside
         the Loudon Village Grade School
         (courtesy of the Loudon Historical
         Society). The big mystery is… Who are
         all of these people and when was it
         taken??? I would also love to hear any
         interesting stories about the grade
         school back then. As always, I am also
         looking for more mysteries. Do you
         have any I could use? Please share your
         pictures or info with me, Tina, at 783-
         0483 or I

              Loudon Historical Society                                                           Another Bird’s Eye View of Loudon

            June 4, 2008 Meeting Minutes
            Attendees: Shirley Chamberlin,           Kristen Bratko is also assigned a candi-
         Elena Robbins, Kristen Bratko, Bob          date for an oral history. She has been
         Ordway, John Plummer, Michele York,         loaned a recorder. Michele York com-
         and Cynthia Babonis.                        pleted the oral history of Bob Haines.
            Minutes from the May 2008 meeting        All of the completed oral histories are
         were reviewed and approved.                 on CD and at the museum.
            There was a report from the Ceme-            Michele presented ideas for LHS
         tery Committee.                             sponsored community events. Sugges-
            John Plummer reported that the stu-      tions included an “I remember when”
         dents did a complete job, the weather       night, pot luck supper for gathering
         was nice and they were done by 1 p.m.       ideas from the public, periodic news-
         Twenty-three students participated and      letter, and small scholarships.
         John commented that they were very              The group discussed Old Home Day.
         respectful and followed proper eti-         We will attempt to schedule a presenta-
         quette. All of the Mount Hope and           tion for that event. Michele has a poten-
         Moore Cemeteries were covered. Cyn-         tial speaker in mind and she will
         thia was asked to invite Carisa Corrow      contact him.
         to the Director’s meeting to review the         There was also discussion about
         documentation that was obtained.            potential fundraising. The idea of a cal-
         Bob reported that he has found docu-        endar sale was raised and Cynthia
         mentation that the Cemetery across          agreed to contact Amanda Masse to
         from Arthur Colby’s place was once          inquire as to the use of some pictures
         known as the “Loudon Mills” Ceme-           from the Mystery Photo article for the      Do you recognize your house here?! Email if you know where
                                                                                                 this photo was taken!
         tery. There was discussion regarding the    calendar.
         name and the need for a sign.                   Next general meeting scheduled July
                                                                                                                        QUALITY & SERVICE
            There was a report from the Oral         2 at 7 p.m.
         Histories Committee.                            Meeting adjourned.
            Faye Atkinson submitted her                                                                                     Since 1978
         mother’s oral history. She is currently        Respectfully Submitted,
         working on another history as well.            Cynthia Babonis, Secretary, LHS

                                             A Corner Barber Shop
                                                                     at Fox Pond Plaza
                                                                                                                 • Crushed/Washed Stone         • Natural Stone
                                                                                                                 • Washed Sand                  • Landscape Stone
                                  Thank you to all my customers          Jim Bond                                • Fill Sand                    • Driveway Ledgepack
                                  for a 3rd year of successful business. Proprietor                              • Bank Run                     • Roofing Ballast
                                                                                                                 • Crushed Gravel               • Equipment Rental
                                  Hours:                                                                         • Screened Loam                • Crushing Services
                                  Wed. & Fri. 6:30 a.m.–5:30 p.m.             58 Route 129                           Radio Dispatched DELIVERY SERVICE
                                  Sat. 6:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m.                Loudon, NH 03307
                                  Wheelchair Accessible • Air Conditioned        798-4084                                       783-4723
                                                                                                                            528 Route 106, Loudon, NH
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         Page 14       The Loudon Ledger —                                                                                       August 2008

                                    Maxfield Public Library News
                                    By Cheryl Ingerson

                                                                                 SUMMER READING PROGRAM NEWS
                                                                                 O     n July 12th, Steve Blunt entertained the children with songs and stories, in his
                                                                                       performance “Sing-a-long in the Billabong. The children danced and sang as
                                                                                 they learned about animals native to Australia. They also learned about aboriginal
                                                                                 instruments, like the didgeridoo and the clap sticks. Steve told stories with an Aus-
                                                                                 tralian twist like the Three Little Wallabies; which sounded a lot like the Three Lit-
                                                                                 tle Pigs.
                                                                                     If you missed the performance, or would like to hear it again, you can check out
                                                                                 Steve Blunt and Joseph Carringer’s CD, Kangaroos and Didgeridoos: Kid-Friendly
                                                                                 Australian Songs & Stories, from the library.
                                                                                 BOOKLETS DUE!!!
                                                                                    The Summer Reading Program booklets are due back at the library by August
                                                                                 16th. You still have a couple weeks to add more books and finish those activities!
                                                                                    The Prize Party will be held on Thursday, August 21. Children with last names
                                                                                 beginning with M–Z are asked to come to the library between 5–6 p.m. to pick out
                                                                                 their prizes. Children with last names beginning with A–L are asked to come in
                                                                                 between 6–7 p.m.

                        Steve Blunt and friends “Sing-along in the Billabong.”   DROP-IN CRAFTS
                                                                                    The children have enjoyed making crocodile puppets, Aboriginal dot paintings,
                                                                                 kangaroos, and koalas-up-a-eucalyptus tree. Feel free to drop in Thursdays from
                                                                                 10:30 a.m.–2:30 p.m., for a parent-supervised craft time. The last Drop-In Craft
                                                                                 Day will be August 21.

                                                                                 MOVIES AT THE LIBRARY
                                                                                    Wednesday, August 13, will be the last movie showing for the summer. Join us
                                                                                 for popcorn and a show at 3:00 p.m. on the 6 and 13 for an Australian-themed
                                                                                    The movies shown during the Summer Reading Program will be available for
                                                                                 patron use in September.
                                                                                 WHERE’S COOEE?
                                                                                    Several children have seen Cooee the Kangaroo, visiting places in Loudon. She
                                                                                 and Joey have been seen enjoying pizza at Brookside Pizza, sharing Moose Tracks
                                                                                 at Dudley’s Ice Cream, opening up a savings account at TD Bank North (they’re
                                                                                 reading their ten books, too!), and hanging out at Loudon’s Police Station.
                                                                                    Cooee has a couple more stops before the Summer Reading Program is over.
                                                                                 Here are the hints for August:
                                                                                    August 4–9: This is where a dirty “nappy” would be washed.
                                                                                    August 11–16: You can find books about Australia here.
                                                                                    Keep on the lookout for Cooee the Kangaroo!
                                                                                 NEW BOOKS
                                                                                 Coulter, Catherine          TailSpin
                                                                                 Greenlaw, Linda             Fisherman’s Bend
                                                                                 Lowell, Elizabeth           Blue Smoke and Murder
                                                                                 Perry, Thomas               Fidelity
                                                                                 Williams, Polly             A Bad Bride’s Tale
                                                                                 Wroblewski, David           The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
                                                                                 Douglas, Geoffrey           Classmates : Privilege, Chaos, and the End of an Era
                                                                                 Farley, Tom, Jr.            The Chris Farley Show : A Biography in Three Acts
                                                                                 Halberstam, David           Everything They Had: Sports Writing from David
                                                                                 Kurlansky, Mark             The Last Fish Tale
                                                                                                                                    Library — continued on page 15

                                                                                      LOUDON BUILDING SUPPLY
                                                                                                94 Bee Hole Road, Loudon, NH
                                                                                                (Off Rt. 129 — 1 mi. from intersection of Rt. 106)
                                                                                                 Monday–Friday 7–5 • Saturday 8–1
                                                                                                       FREE DELIVERY
V10-8•August 2008:    V6-#8/August 04       7/29/08     12:50 PM     Page 15

         August 2008                                                                          — The Loudon Ledger                                   Page 15

                 Maxfield Public Library Trustees Meeting Minutes — June 16, 2008
         Public Hearing Minutes                        completing the Children’s Room and               The minutes from the May meeting         Volunteers are needed to help with
            5:05 p.m. — In attendance: Trustees        considering starting an endowment            were read and approved.                      awards night on August 21 from 5 to
         Sandy Blanchard, Greg Silva and Sue           fund for long-term funding of children’s         Financial Report: Nancy reported         7:30 p.m.
         Kowalski, Library Director Nancy              programs. Sandy Blanchard moved to           an $1,175 bill to replace the fire alarm         Sue suggested providing an activity
         Hendy and residents Russell Cochran           accept the gifts. Greg Silva seconded.       system signal box that failed the prior      for children at Old Home Day. She will
         and Dustin Bowles.                            The Trustees unanimously voted to            week.                                        pursue ideas with Cheryl Ingerson.
            Public Notice for the meeting              accept the gifts.                                Nancy reported on the pre-buy for            Old Business: A committee was
         appeared in the Concord Monitor on               5:09 p.m. the Public Hearing ended.       oil. Irving did not have a price yet but     formed to explore furniture options for
         June 4 and 5, 2008. Sandy Blanchard                                                        Nancy estimated $10,000 for a season.        the Children’s Room. The committee
                                                       Minutes                                      The Trustees authorized her to purchase      will include Sandy, Nancy, Cheryl
         announced the gifts of $50,000 from
                                                         5:09 p.m. — In attendance: Trustees        the oil before the end of the fiscal year.   Ingerson, and a member (or members)
         Gary Bahre and $50,000 from Bob and
                                                       Sandy Blanchard, Greg Silva and Sue              Director’s Report: Story time            of the community. Sandy suggested a
         Sandy Bahre. She expressed the
                                                       Kowalski, Library Director Nancy             attendance for this past season, Septem-     survey be available in the Children’s
         library’s appreciation. She reported that
                                                       Hendy and guest Dustin Bowles.               ber through June, totaled more than          Room to invite parents’ input.
         the library is researching the cost of
                                                                                                    1,100 children!                                  Nancy reported that that the Federal
                                                                                                        Cheryl Ingerson attended last week’s     Tax ID number has been obtained and
                                  Library — continued from page 14                                  PTA meeting to talk about the Summer         the others are in the works.
                                                                                                    Reading Program. The group will be               Fact or Fiction article in the Ledger:
         Nantz, Jim                  Always by My Side
                                                                                                    donating $100 to the program.                The Trustees decided to address the rea-
         Walters, Barbara            Audition: A Memoir
                                                                                                        The next book sale will be held July     sons why the Library took over paying
         BOOK GROUP                                                                                 19.                                          its own bills.
            Join us at book group as we explore the “brave new world” of the Republic of                A volunteer has completed building           Air-intake platform: It was decided
         Gilead in Canadian author Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale. Utopian                   three cabinets for CD and DVD storage.       to keep it on the agenda but to take no
         visions take many forms and vary enormously depending upon whose vision it is.                 The vital statistics database project    action at this time.
         The group will meet on Wednesday, August 27, at 7:30 p.m. Newcomers are wel-               is coming along well. It now includes            Nancy reported that the local 4H
         come.                                                                                      from the late 1880’s through the 1940’s.     chapter was currently repairing the out-
                                                                                                        We are subscribing to an e-newslet-      side bulletin board door. Greg recom-
         LIBRARY HOURS                                                                              ter service as a cost-effective and timely   mended they look into Lexan rather
            The library is open Tuesdays10 a.m.–9 p.m., Wednesdays 1–9 p.m., Thursdays              way to inform library users about new        than glass or Plexiglas as it is more

         10 a.m.–5 p.m., and Saturdays 9 a.m.–1 p.m. I                                              materials, programs, and services.           durable and less likely to scratch.
                                                                                                        Due to the 30% budget cut, reduced           A letter was sent to the Recreation
                                                                                                    hours will begin the week of June 30.        Committee to thank them for taking
                                                                                                        New Business: Carpenter ants have        over the cost of the passes. Letters were
                                                                                                    been discovered in the old section of the    sent to the three college girls who will
                                                                                                    library. Based on the amount of sawdust      not be hired back for the summer. Sue
                                                                                                    it looks like something that needs to be     will give Nancy copies for their person-
                                                                                                    dealt with quickly. Nancy will contact       nel files. Sandy will write a letter to
                                                                                                    the Local Government Center for sug-         Jean Nelson.
                                                                                                    gestions.                                        The Trustees agreed to address
                                                                                                        While in the basement looking at the     updating the By-Laws at the July meet-
                                                                                                    ant evidence, the humidity was               ing.
                                                                                                    remarked on. Greg felt the humidity              Meeting times were discussed. Greg
                                                                                                    was detrimental to the furnace. Sandy        suggested meeting earlier in the month
                                                                                                    will contact the architect Tom Wallace       in order to make the Loudon Ledger
                                                                                                    or Milestone to see if there is a way to     deadline. It was decided to meet the
                                                                                                    incorporate a dehumidifier into the cur-     first Tuesday of the month beginning
                                                                                                    rent system.                                 August 5.
                                                                                                        Summer Reading Program. There                7:08 p.m. the meeting was ad-
                                                                                                    was discussion of soliciting donations       journed.
                                                                                                    for purchasing the prizes for the pro-           The next meeting will take place July
                                                                                                    gram. Total cost for the program is          15, 2008, 5:00 p.m.
                                                                                                    about $900. Nancy will contact the
            Cooee and Joey had pizza from Brookside. They had the whole crew waiting on them!       Lion’s Club. She will pursue posters            Sandra Blanchard
                                                                                                    from Dunkin Donuts. Sue suggested               Gregory Silva
                                                                                                    Fish and Game for items. Sandy sug-             Susan Kowalski
                                                                                                    gested Imagination Village and Staples.

                                                                                                           J &D REPAIRS, LLC
                                                                                                                              Complete Auto Repair
                                                                                                                             Engines • Transmissions
                                                                                                                         Computer Diagnosis • Electrical
                                                                                                                                 Transmission Flush
                                                                                                                                Fuel Injection Clean
                                                                                                                       Battery, Alternator & Starter Testing
                                                                                                                    Proudly Serving Loudon for Over 25 Years
                                                                                                                24-HOUR TOWING & RECOVERY • LOCKOUT SERVICE
          Cooee and Joey also paid a visit to Dudley’s Ice Cream, where they “chat” with Carolyn.      Jim Leonard, 56 Mudgett Hill Rd., Loudon, NH 03307        (603) 783-4027
V10-8•August 2008:    V6-#8/August 04      7/29/08    12:50 PM      Page 16

         Page 16         The Loudon Ledger —                                                                                                          August 2008

                      Working Dogs — Important to the Community
                                                              By Nathan P. Merrow, Reporter for the Rolling Bones 4-H Club

         D     uring a recent meeting of the Merrimack County
               4-H dog club, Rolling Bones, a local dog trainer
         gave an interesting presentation of the abilities a dog
         can put to use to help the community. The experienced
         dog trainer and breeder Mr. Kelly has been working
         with Germand Shepards trained specifically for the
         police force for many years. During the demo he gave
         to the Rolling Bones club, he brought along with him
         a two-year-old Czech Slovakian German Shepard
         named Jack. Since Jack was born and raised overseas
         before being brought to the United States, he re-
         sponded only to verbal commans given in Czech, not
         English. Mr. Kelly expanded upon the fact that Euro-
         pean training programs for police dogs were very well
         versed and experienced, but as a result of recent eco-
         nomic problems a European dog is much more diffi-
         cult to obtain, making American-raised police dogs
         more important than previously. Any dog bought from
         Europe will be friendly and have well-developed abil-
         ities in numerous areas of work. He also explained that
         “a working dog is a working dog,” no matter what
         environment they are in. Even if they are as well
         trained as Jack, no one should surprise a police dog at
         any time, even if they are not currently in active time.
         Jack is a smaller German Shepard than most Ameri-
         can-bred German Shepards, weighing only 71 pounds,
         but he is still large enough to do his job well.

             A police dog is a well-oiled machine that works         receive a dog for the Boscawen Police Department               lent contribution to any police department and can
         together with human partners to get a difficult task        from the Working Dog Foundation through the                    help make a positive difference in the community. The
         done. They have a highly developed sense of smell and       Rolling Bones 4-H Club. It takes approximately a year          Rolling Bones 4-H Club hopes that Officer Ball has a
         tactile abilities that far exceed humans. This makes a      to get a dog and several months of training before cer-        smooth processing phase and gets his dog as quickly
         police dog capable of picking up a trail of scent years     tification is complete. As Mr. Kelly demonstrated with         as possible.
         after it is made. Jack also demonstrated his ability to     Jack, a police dog can easily track down an object or             For more information about the Rolling Bones 4-H
         respond quicly to changes in human expression or the        person, subdue a person attempting to escape, and per-         Club contact the Merrimack County 4-H Extension
         introduction of a favorite object such as the practice      form tasks a human cannot do. They make an excel-              Office at 225-5505. I
         arm sleeve.
             Officer Dan Ball was also present as an assistant
         during the presentation. Officer Ball is trying to          DES, DHHS, and NH Fish & Game
                                                                     Issue Lobster Tomalley Advisory
          Donation to                                                T    he New Hampshire Department of Environmental
                                                                          Services, the New Hampshire Department of Health
                                                                                                                                    Public Health Services at DHHS, “especially in the
                                                                                                                                    summer. Part of our mission is to continually educate
          Library to Be                                              and Human Services, and the New Hampshire Fish and
                                                                     Game Department advise seafood consumers to not eat
                                                                                                                                    consumers on safe food handling practices and food
          Used for                                                   lobster tomalley, which may contain unsafe levels of
                                                                     “red tide,” or Paralytic Shellfish Poison toxin. Tomalley
                                                                                                                                       New Hampshire tidal waters were closed to clam,
                                                                                                                                    oyster, and mussel harvesting in May of this year due

          Children’s Room                                            is a soft, green substance found in the body cavity of the
                                                                     lobster. State health experts emphasize that it is safe to
                                                                                                                                    to particularly high levels of red tide. The State of
                                                                                                                                    New Hampshire emphasizes that the lobster tomalley
                                                                     eat          other          lobster        meat           —    advisory is not a call to suspend lobster harvesting or
          T    he Trustees of the Maxfield Library have
               decided to use a portion of the generous dona-
          tion from the Bahre family to complete the Chil-
                                                                      from claws, tails, etc.; this advisory applies only to lob-
                                                                     ster tomalley.
                                                                                                                                    eating. Rather, it is to help consumers protect them-
                                                                                                                                    selves from illness while still enjoying a meal of lob-
          dren’s Room. The Trustees have taken into                      “Consumers may already be aware of the need to             ster. “People can continue to enjoy their lobster meat
          consideration the intent of the gift and input from        avoid eating “Red tide” contaminated seafood because           and simply push the green portion to the side of their
          the community. Although the gift was given with-           of recent closures to shellfishing areas,” said Chris          plate,” Nash said.
          out stipulations, it was conceived prior to the            Nash of the DES Shellfish Program. Red tide is a nat-             Symptoms of Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning include
          March Town Meeting. Wishing to honor the gen-              urally occurring marine algae that carries a potent            tingling, burning, numbness, drowsiness, incoherent
          erosity of the donation, the Trustees chose not to         neurotoxin; some ocean fish and shellfish such as              speech, and respiratory paralysis. Symptoms typically
          use the money for general operating expenses to            clams, oysters and mussels accumulate the red tide             occur within two hours of consumption, and can last a
          offset the 30% budget cut.                                 toxin, making them dangerous for people to eat. Lob-           few days in non-lethal cases. Severe cases can result in
             The Library staff is currently collecting quotes        sters accumulate the red tide toxin in their tomalley          death by respiratory arrest within 24 hours of con-
          on outstanding projects for the Children’s Roo. In         (which acts like a liver/pancreas) from their various          sumption, but with prompt medical attention, sur-
          order to complete the space, the following need to         food sources. The toxin does not transfer into the meat        vivors typically make a full recovery. Anyone who has
          be acquired: wooden shelf toppers and end caps to          of the lobster.                                                eaten shellfish or lobster tomalley and experiences
          display books; computer work stations; counters                The tomalley consumption advisory was prompted             these symptoms should seek immediate medical care.
          and chairs for the audio room; A/V display racks;          by the results from testing conducted on lobsters col-
                                                                     lected recently from the Isles of Shoals. The State of         For more information:
          study tables and chairs; and comfortable furniture                                                                           • Red tide:
          to sit on and enjoy a good book.                           Maine reported elevated levels of red tide toxin in
                                                                     tomalley from some locations earlier this week, and                 wmb/wmb-13.htm
             The Trustees and staff are looking forward to                                                                             • Safe food handling:
          having this space complete for the children of             issued a tomalley consumption advisory today. Cana-
                                                                     da has also issued similar advisories.                            • Northern New England Poison Control Center
          Loudon thanks to donations both large and small of                                                                             Red Tide information at
          cash and services over the last few years. I                   “This serves as a reminder that there are certain
                                                                     precautions we all need to take regarding food safety,”             body.cfm?id=2046 or 800 222-1222. I
                                                                     stated Dr. Jose Montero, Director of the Division of
V10-8•August 2008:    V6-#8/August 04      7/29/08   12:50 PM     Page 17

         August 2008                                                                         — The Loudon Ledger                                      Page 17

         Record Number of Karner Blue Butterflies
         Released Into The Wild
         I  t’s been a busy, blue week at the Pine
            Barrens in Concord, where biologists
         with N.H. Fish and Game’s Nongame
                                                     gists and volunteers release more but-
                                                     terflies in the coming days.
                                                         Not all of the butterflies are destined
                                                                                                   these plants and others estab-
                                                                                                   lished over the last few years.
                                                                                                       The plantings are one impor-
         and Endangered Wildlife Program are         for release; about 200 will be kept in        tant part of habitat restoration
         releasing a record number of Karner         the captive rearing lab located on the        efforts; prescribed or controlled
         blue butterflies into the wild as part of   Army National Guard base. The Karn-           burns are another. Earlier this
         an ongoing species and habitat restora-     ers will mate and lay their eggs in cap-      year, Forest Ranger Captain
         tion program. Karner blues, endangered      tivity; the eggs will be cared for over       Brian Nowell from the NH
         in New Hampshire and throughout the         the winter until the cycle begins again       Department of Resources and
         U.S., were once gone from the state; but    next spring. In addition to the 1,600         Economic             Development
         thanks to the dedicated work of lots of     adult butterflies released in New Hamp-       (DRED) and several students
         people from many organizations, these       shire, 1,000 pupae were taken to New          from the Concord Fire Acade-
         delicate, tiny gems are adding a new        York as part of an exchange program           my and NH Technical Institute
         flash of blue to the Pine Barrens. The      for another Karner recovery project;          helped to perform a controlled
         Barrens — a sandy, wooded area off of       these have since emerged as adults and        burn on part of the habitat
         Loudon Road — is comprised of pitch         been released into the Albany Pine            restoration area. Periodic burn-
                                                                                                                                            Male Karner Blue butterfly, from NHF&G web site.
         pine and scrub oak trees and native         Bush.                                         ing is necessary to the health of
         flowering plants such as New Jersey tea         The Karners and their Pine Barrens        this special habitat; it creates
         and wild blue lupine that provide essen-    habitat are getting a lot of help from        grassy openings that are critical to habitat and the butterfly population that
         tial habitat for Karners and other rare     their friends both near and far! The          many rare species, and helps keep dan- Karner blue butterflies, the official NH
         wildlife.                                   Kids for Karners project continued this       gerous accumulations of deadwood in             state butterfly, will once again thrive
             This year, according to Fish and        year, with local Concord area students        check.                                          and be a beautiful symbol of the natural
         Game biologist Lindsay Webb, more           growing wild blue lupine — the sole               The Roger Williams Park Zoo in diversity of New Hampshire’s wildlife.
         than 1,600 Karner blue butterflies have     food source for Karner caterpillars —         Providence, Rhode Island continued to              The public is welcome to tour the
         already been released into the wild.        in their classrooms. Elementary, middle       help the project by raising both wild Concord Pine Barrens. Walking trails
         “That’s the most we have ever raised in     and high school students came by the          blue lupine plants and Karner blue but- and a Karner kiosk that describes the
         captivity and released,” Webb said. This    busload to plant their lupines on the         terflies at the Zoo and bringing them to butterflies, similar species and the habi-

         number will continue to rise as biolo-      Pine Barrens in spring. Today, the cap-       the Pine Barrens in Concord. The New tat are located at the end of Chenell
                                                     tive and wild Karners are feeding on          England Zoo and Aquarium Conserva- Drive. Many other wildlife species may
                                                                                                   tion Collaboration also helped by grow- be found in the Pine Barrens, including
                                                                                                   ing wild lupine and planting them on            moth and butterfly species like the state
                                                                                                   the Concord Pine Barrens.                       endangered frosted elfin and Persius
         Unit M Anterless Deer                                                                         New this year, Webb and staff from duskywing skipper butterflies; bird
                                                                                                   the Roger Williams Zoo worked to species such as Eastern towhee, brown
         Permits Now Available                                                                     incorporate student volunteers from the thrasher and grasshopper sparrow; and
                                                                                                   zoo’s conservation camp. The students, mammals such as white-tailed deer and

         H    unters who want the chance to take an additional antlerless deer in Wildlife
              Management Unit M in southeastern New Hampshire during the fall hunting
         seasons can buy a special permit from the New Hampshire Fish and Game Depart-
                                                                                                   ranging in age from 14 to 17, come to           turkey. Visitors are asked to step careful-
                                                                                                   New Hampshire every Wednesday and ly to avoid wild lupine plants, which may
                                                                                                   help in the lab raising and caring for the have Karner blue butterfly eggs on them.
         ment starting July 1. Interested hunters can visit Hunt-        butterflies at all life stages. “It’s a great      Funding for the habitat and butterfly
         ing/Special_Unit_M_permits.htm to purchase a permit online; buy a permit from             opportunity for them,” Webb said. “The restoration project is provided in part
         Fish and Game headquarters in Concord; print a mail-in application from the Fish          students know the zoo is involved in from Federal aid grants, sales of the NH
         and Game website; or call 603-271-3422 to request an application by mail.                 raising the butterflies in the spring, then conservation license plate (Moose
            Fish and Game will issue a total of 6,000 permits this year - 500 more than in         they get to come up here and see the Plate) and from private donations to the
         2007. These permits reflect a long-term objective, outlined in the state’s Big Game       habitat and see that these butterflies Nongame and Endangered Wildlife
         Management Plan, to reduce deer numbers in southeastern New Hampshire and                 actually live in the wild and not just in a Program. Partners include N.H. Fish
         minimize deer-human conflicts, such as vehicle collisions and destructive browsing        cage in a zoo.” Also new this year, an          and Game, the N.H. Army National
         of ornamental plants. High deer densities and development make potential deer-            intern from Antioch University and two          Guard, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
         human conflicts of greater concern in southeastern New Hampshire. Special Unit            interns from the Student Conservation           and the city of Concord. To help sup-
         M permits have been issued in N.H. since 1997.                                            Association are helping out.                    port the Karner blue butterfly and other
            Unit M permits are issued on a first-come, first-served basis and cost                     Overall, the Karner blue butterfly          nongame and endangered species, visit
         $13. Applicants must hold a current New Hampshire hunting or archery license and          restoration project has been very suc-
         may buy only one Unit M permit each year. Hunters may use this permit on any day          cessful in New Hampshire. In 1999, me_and_endangered_wildlife.htm and
         during those seasons for which they are legally licensed — including the archery,         there were no Karners left in the wild.         download a print-and-mail donation
         muzzleloader and regular firearms seasons — to take one additional antlerless deer        This year marks the fourth straight year form.
         in Unit M. Youth hunters are eligible to buy a Unit M permit.                             that biologists have observed and docu-            The New Hampshire Fish and Game
            Specific boundaries for Unit M, and more information on the special permits,           mented Karner blue butterflies surviv-          Department is the guardian of the
         can be found at              ing on their own in the wild of the             state’s marine, fish and wildlife
            The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department is the guardian of the state’s              Concord Pine Barrens. This gives hope           resources and their habitats. Visit
         fish, wildlife and marine resources and their habitats. Visit I        that with continued management of the I

                                                                                                         MICHAEL A. DROTAR MASONRY
                                                                                                                 SPECIALIZING IN CUSTOM FIREPLACES
                                                                                                                                    (603) 798-3556
                                                                                                                   158 South Village Road, Loudon, NH 03307
V10-8•August 2008:    V6-#8/August 04     7/29/08   12:50 PM     Page 18

         Page 18         The Loudon Ledger —                                                                                                      August 2008

                            TAKING CARE                                      OF           BUSINESS                         IN        LOUDON:
                                                                Intreza Designs
                                                                                        By Lee Laughlin

             Taking Care of Business In Loudon      trating. He had always wanted to work
         is a monthly feature spotlighting a        for himself, so with the encouragement
         Loudon business researched and writ-       of a friend and long time sign profes-
         ten on a volunteer basis by Lee Laugh-     sional, Gary struck out on his own with
         lin. At this time, we have profiles lined   Intreza Designs (a name he created in
         up through November of this year.          high school). He started out in Maine in
         However, if you would like to add your     2001, but later moved to Loudon to be
         business to be profiled, please contact     closer to Alicia Lock (of Alicia’s School
         her at or      of Dance). The two were wed in last
         783-8971.                                  month.

         Y    ou’re driving down the road and
              see two bright yellow arches. Does
         your stomach start to growl? Does your
                                                        The sign creation process is fairly
                                                    straightforward. It starts with a consul-
                                                    tation to discuss your needs, where will
         mouth start to water for the salty taste   the sign be placed? Are there zoning
         of french fries? What if you pass a box    concerns? Does your company have a
         truck with a broad orange stripe? Are      logo? What is your preferred color
         you immediately transported back to        scheme? What is the anticipated life of
         your younger days of hauling boxes up      the sign? Do you need coordinating
         and downstairs because your cousin         material (i.e. business cards or
         Elmo begged you to help him move           brochures)?
         with the reward of a cold beverage?
            Those thoughts brought to you cour-        Then the magic begins. Gary uses
         tesy of solid branding executed via        CAD (computer aided design) software
         well-placed signage. Is your company       to design the sign. In the case of sig-

         missing out on type of exposure? Meet      nage for a truck a 1/32 model is pro-
         Gary Brooks.                               duced and upon approval and a deposit,
            Gary M. Brooks is the young, ener-      the sign is created using a digital printer
         getic owner of Intreza Designs, a          and vinyl cutter. The installation
         Loudon based design company that           process can take anywhere from a few
         specializes in truck lettering, banners    hours to a few days depending on the             Truck signs aren’t the only signs that   Intreza offers full-color, heavyweight,
         and signs.                                 complexity of the design and the num-         Intreza creates. Gary uses such medi-       high gloss business cards starting at just
            When I went to interview him, he        ber of vehicles being lettered. Installa-     ums as corrugated plastic, aluminum         $50 for 250 cards. Gary handles the
         was finishing a banner for the end of      tion can be done at Intreza’s offices or      panels, or PVC to create signs that meet    design and works closely with a col-
         the year performance of Alicia’s School    on-site depending on the customer’s           every budget while announcing a busi-       league for the printing. The same high
         of Dance. His moves were precise and       needs. Once the lettering is installed, a     ness or a project. You can see color pho-   quality and low pricing is available for
         confident. He knew exactly how he          clear coat acrylic spray is applied to        tographs of his work at www.intreza         brochures and letterhead as well. Don’t
         wanted this banner to look and quickly     seal the sign to the truck and prevent        Clients   have a logo? Need the brochure
         whipped the vinyl letters into compli-     UV damage that can lead to yellowing          include, The Grappone Companies,            designed? Gary provides design ser-
         ance.                                      or fading (signs need sunscreen too).         Granite State Glass, Brock Concrete &       vices starting at $45 per hour.
            Brooks has a degree in Visual Com-      Intreza truck signs can last anywhere         Foundations and Swett Associates just          Much of Intreza’s business is repeat
         munication from McIntosh College.          from six to twelve years and customers        to name a few.                              clients. Gary has worked with clients
         After college, he started out working      report a noticeable increase in sales            Intreza handles most tasks in-house      from Maine to Ohio. Locally, he’s
         for a document management company,         almost immediately. Most say the signs        but Gary has formed strategic partner-      installed signs throughout New Hamp-
         but found all of the regulatory con-       pay for themselves within a year, often       ships to insure his clients get a high      shire including Concord and Laconia
         straints (e.g. HIPPA compliance), frus-    less.                                         quality product at a reasonable price.      and of course Loudon, but he is always
V10-8•August 2008:   V6-#8/August 04     7/29/08   12:50 PM    Page 19

         August 2008                                                                 — The Loudon Ledger   Page 19
         looking to expand his local clientele.    tors, Gary is committed to Intreza and
         He especially likes working in Loudon     to Loudon for the long term.
         because the permitting process for out-      For more information about Intreza
         door signs is much more reasonable and    designs visit, or
         expedient than some neighboring cities    contact Gary at 798-5775. You can also
         and towns.                                stop by Intreza’s office in the Fox Pond
            Like most entrepreneurs, Intreza is    Shopping Center at the intersection of
         feeling the economic pinch. On one        Routes 129 and 106.
         side, companies are cutting back or          Lee Laughlin is an event planner and
         delaying projects. On the other, rising   writer who lives in Loudon. She blogs
         oil prices impact the cost of vinyl (a    at
         petroleum product). Despite those fac-    I

V10-8•August 2008:   V6-#8/August 04       7/29/08    12:50 PM     Page 20

         Page 20        The Loudon Ledger —                                                                                                  August 2008

                                                      Last Minute Parade Entries
         If you decide at the last minute that you’d like to enter the Loudon Old Home Day Parade, be sure to bring
         BOTH of the forms below. They BOTH MUST be completed in order to appear in the parade. Remember: This
         year’s theme is “Cool Places Around the World.” Good Luck!

                           IT’S A PARADE!!                                                           PARADE WAIVER OF LIABILITY
                         PARADE ENTRY FORM                                                                    FORM
              The Loudon Old Home Day Committee is in the process of planning its
           Old Home Day and we would like you and/or your organization to participate                This Form Must Be Returned With the Parade
           in the celebration. We would like to extend a special invitation to all who                        Entry Form at In Order for
           would like to participate in the Old Home Day Parade by entering a float,                           You To Be In the Parade.
           antique car/motorcycle, fire apparatus, marching band, organization (Boy
           Scouts, etc.), walkers, horse entry, etc. This is a perfect opportunity to be vis-
           ible in your community and to extend your support for your town. We look              Entry Name (Organization or Individual): __________________________
           forward to hearing from you and we hope to see you August 9, 2008.                    Address: ____________________________________________________
           NO TOSSING OF CANDY, ETC. DURING THE PARADE. (You may                                 City/State/ZIP: _______________________________________________
           hand it out though!)
              Our theme this year is: “Cool Places Around the World!”                            Phone Number: _______________________________________________
                                                                                                 Contact: _____________________________________________________
              Both This Form and the Waiver Form at Right                                        In participating in the Loudon Old Home Day Parade, above-named
                      Must Be Brought With You If                                                organization/individual agrees to follow all rules and guidelines of the
                     You Enter a Float in the Parade                                             Loudon Old Home Day Parade Committee. Above-named organiza-
                                                                                                 tion/individual agrees that failure to comply may result in immediate
           Please send to: Loudon Old Home Day Parade Committee                                  removal from the parade at the discretion of the parade chairman.
                             PO Box 7050
                             Loudon, NH 03307
           For more information please watch the Loudon Ledger or contact Susan or                               HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT

           Alicen at the below numbers:                                                             I/We further agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the Town of
            Susan Gelinas at (603) 783-9272 • Alicen Twardosky at (603) 783-9046                 Loudon, NH, the Loudon Old Home Day Committee, and its employees or
                                                                                                 agents against loss or expense, including attorney’s fees, except in the cases
           PLEASE PRINT:                                                                         of the sole negligence of the Town of Loudon, NH or the Loudon Old Home
           Name: ______________________________________________________                          Day Committee for loss or expense because of bodily injury, death or proper-
                                                                                                 ty damage sustained by any person or persons. It is further agreed that I/we,
           Address: ____________________________________________________                         as participants, will maintain general liability and auto insurance for the
                                                                                                 parade entry.
           City/State/Town: ______________________________________________
           Phone: ______________________________________________________
                                                                                                 Name of Organization: _________________________________________
           Contact person: _______________________________________________
                                                                                                 Organization Representative: ____________________________________
           Please Check One:
                                                                                                 Loudon Old Home
           J FLOAT/Commercial          J FLOAT/Organization         J FLOAT/Individual           Day Committee Rep: ___________________________________________
           J BAND                      J FIRE APPARATUS             J WALKER                     Date: _______________________________________________________
           J OTHER/DESCRIBE: ________________________________________

                        Chapter 265. “Rules of the Road”                                        Blessed Hope Food Pantry
                        Special Rules — Section 265:108a
           265:108a - Parade Vehicles                                                           Changes Owners
           I. NO person may operate a vehicle in a parade unless the following safety
              precautions are taken:                                                            A s of June 30, 2008, Henry and Betty Frost closed the Blessed Hope Food
                                                                                                  Pantry. However, Susan Houck has taken over its operation and changed its
                                                                                                                            name to Loudon Food Pantry. The Pantry is locat-
              1. No person may use any type of vehicle with protruding or outrigger
                 wheels in a parade unless the vehicle is suitably modified to protect                                          ed at 30 Chichester Road, Unit D and is open
                 both riders and pedestrians from the wheel assembly.                                                            Wednesdays from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m. or for
                                                                                                                                       emergencies. If you’d like more infor-
              2. At least one adult, other than the driver, shall supervise children riding                                            mation please email LoudonFood-
                 on a vehicle in a parade and have a reasonable means of immediate                                            or call Sarah or
                 communication with the driver. The number of adults supervising the                                                   Sue at 798-3886. As always, donations
                 children shall not be less than one adult per every four (4) children and                                             are welcome. I
                 sufficient to ensure that each child is visible to a supervising adult.
              3. Children riding on a vehicle in a parade shall remain entirely within the
                 perimeter of the vehicle and, if standing, shall be reasonably protected
                 from probable injury if the vehicle suddenly starts or stops.
           II. Any person operating a vehicle without following all of the safety precau-
               tions listed in the above paragraph (I.) shall be guilty of violation and
               shall be subject to the following fines:
                 (a) $50.00 for the first offense.
                 (b) $100.00 for a second or subsequent offense.
           (Source: 2007, 378:1, effective September 16th, 2007)
V10-8•August 2008:    V6-#8/August 04   7/29/08   12:50 PM   Page 21

         August 2008                                                  — The Loudon Ledger                  Page 21

                                                              Loudon Recreation Committee invites you
                                                                   to bring your lawn chair or blanket
                                                                    down to the Recreation fields and
                                                                    join your friends and neighbors for

                                                                       Community Summer
                                                                           Fun Nights
                                                                          August 2008

                     Wed., Aug 6th                   Wildlife Encounters                           7 p.m.      Recreation Field
                                                     Traveling animal educational show

                     Wed., Aug 13th                  39th Army Band**                              7 p.m.      Recreation Field
                                                     & free crafts for kids offered

                     Wed., Aug. 20th                 Loudon Teen Talent                            7 p.m.      Recreation Field
                                                     & free crafts for kids offered

                     All events are held at the Loudon Recreation field and Arthur McNeil Memorial Gazebo in the
                                    village. Rain Location: American Legion Hall is the rain location.
                                                **Army Band will be cancelled in the rain.

                         For Recreation Department information visit the website at or call Alicia at 435-5193

                                                                                MASTER ELECTRICIAN                           LIC. IN NH & ME

                                                                                               BOB DUFOUR
                                                                                           Specializing in Small Electrical Jobs
                                                                                           141 Batchelder Road, Loudon, NH 03307
                                                                                                 Tel: 603-783-8955
                                                                                              ACCEPTS MASTERCARD AND VISA
V10-8•August 2008:    V6-#8/August 04      7/29/08     12:50 PM    Page 22

         Page 22         The Loudon Ledger —                                                                                                            August 2008

                                                                                                        Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes —
                                                                                                                June 10, 2008
                                                                                                      Present: Selectmen Ives and Maxfield.          Chairman Ives opened the Board of Per-

                            Walk the Walk                                                          Selectman Bowles was not present.
                                                                                                      Also present: Stanley Prescott Planning
                                                                                                   Board member, Police Chief, Code Enforce-
                                                                                                                                                     Bob Fiske presented 4 Hawker and Ped-
                                                                                                                                                  dler’s Applications.
                                        By Jack Prendiville,                                       ment/Compliance Officer Bob Fiske, Roy            Sprint/Nextel Tower at Sunnyside
                                  Century 21 Thompson Real Estate                                  Merrill ZBA member, and David Powelson         Maples: Mr. Fiske stated that this is for the
                                                                                                   ZBA Chairman.                                  COW tower and all paperwork is in order.
         O    ne of the final steps before the closing is called the final walk-through. This is
              an opportunity for you, the buyer, to see the property one last time before the
         money is exchanged and the purchase paperwork is completed and filed. It is
                                                                                                      Chairman Ives called the meeting to
                                                                                                   order at 6:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                                                  This is the same application as last year.
                                                                                                                                                     Speedway Sports Park: Mr. Fiske stated
                                                                                                      Selectman Maxfield moved to approve          that this is the same application as last year,
         important to note that this is not a home inspection. That should have been done          the Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes of Tues-       and Mr. Franssen will forward the certifi-
         weeks ago so there was adequate time to negotiate and address concerns. This is           day, June 3, 2008 as presented. Seconded by    cate of insurance as it was signed today.
         also not a time to nit-pick or back-track on agreed-upon items. However, it is the        Chairman Ives. All in favor. Motion carried.      Selectmen — continued on page 23
         right time for you to look at the property and make sure it is in the condition you
         agreed to buy it. If repairs or upgrades were part of the deal, now is the time to
         make sure they were completed to your satisfaction.                                                           The Deadline for the
            Your real estate professional may or may not accompany you to the final walk-
         through. In either case, you will want to do the following:                                             September 2008 “Loudon Ledger”
            • Open and close all windows, doors, garage doors.
            • Run all faucets and check for leaks                                                                      is Friday, August 15.
            • Flush toilets
            • Test outlets
            • Check the basement, attic, and crawl spaces
            • Make sure that certain items as stipulated in the contract are left behind — i.e.
              light fixtures, window treatments, appliances, etc.
            • Test the heating and air conditioning systems
            In short, you want to make sure the home systems are operational and the seller
         has met the obligations laid out in the purchase contract. If you do have a concern,
         bring it to the attention of your real estate professional and attorney. They can

         advise you about different courses of action. For instance, if it is a significant
         expense, you may withhold money until a repair is made.
            A final piece of advice: don’t skip the final walk-through. Because this is a busy
         time filled with packing and moving, some buyers are tempted to neglect this step.
         After all, you are so close to actually buying the home. In reality, the final walk-
         through is there to safeguard your investment. I
V10-8•August 2008:      V6-#8/August 04         7/29/08    12:50 PM       Page 23

         August 2008                                                                                   — The Loudon Ledger                                          Page 23
                                                           the duplex zoning requirements, as an in-         the Planning Board. Mr. Powelson suggest-        ensued. The Selectmen will forward a letter
         Selectmen — continued from 22                     law apartment it must have met the zoning         ed there could be the possibility that the       to Ms. Maratea inquiring about the status of
                                                           requirements at the time it was built, but        moving sign could be utilized the week           this project.
             Brookside Mall: Mr. Fiske stated that
                                                           now as far as ownership goes, it should not       before through the week after a big race             Discussion ensued regarding fuel pur-
         this is the same application as last year with
                                                           be treated any different than if more than        event if the ZBA members agreed. The             chases relative to utilizing the funds from
         no expansion.
                                                           one person owns it, or if a husband and           Board agreed that the Track needs to follow      this year’s budget to store up as much fuel as
             Z-1 Express: Mr. Fiske stated that all the
                                                           wife, or condo association owns it, it            the same regulations as everyone else.           possible in an effort to help with next year’s
         insurance paperwork is in order. He said the
                                                           shouldn’t be treated any different. Chairman          Mr. Fiske discussed the issue of the         budget. Mr. Fiske stated that he felt the
         applicant plans on having three 10 X 20
                                                           Ives said it is a substandard lot, as it does     placement of safety cones on Mudgett Hill        overhead costs associated with construction
         spots in front of the store on the grass medi-
                                                           not meet zoning requirements and if half of       Road relative to the road delineation and        details etc., should be looked at with regard
         an facing Route 106 and one additional 10
                                                           the property is to be sold, then it would         private property. Discussion ensued regard-      to the increase in fuel costs.
         X 20 spot directly behind the store on the
                                                           make it an even less conforming lot and           ing safety issues, the need for a survey, and        The Board began their review of weekly
         grass. Discussion ensued regarding the
                                                           there would have to be some type of a condo       possible ways to delineate the separation        correspondence.
         access to this site being from Staniels Road.
                                                           association. Mr. Powelson said that there is      between the road and the private property.           The Board received copies of weekly
             Mr. Fiske discussed the VOA Senior
                                                           no way to subdivide the lot, that it would        Chairman Ives will ask the Road Agent to         expenditure reports for review.
         Housing Building relative to the issuance of
                                                           need a zoning ordinance adjustment. Mr.           measure the road and talk with Mr. and Mrs.          The Board received copies of the
         the Certificate of Occupancy and conditions
                                                           Prescott said the issue would be the dual         Leonard regarding this issue.                    Library’s public hearing notice to accept the
         of the landscaping. He said that not all of
                                                           ownership of the building. Discussion                 Mr. Prescott stated that there is a refer-   $100,000.00 scheduled for Monday, June
         the landscaping requirements have been
                                                           ensued regarding the zoning ordinance and         ence to condominiums in the Land Develop-        16, 2008 at 5:00 p.m. at the Library.
         completed as agreed to. Mr. Fiske said there
                                                           RSA’s relative to this issue, the apart-          ment Regulations which references RSA                The Board received copies of the break-
         are two neighbors who are not happy with
                                                           ments/in-law apartments that were allowed         356-b:3.                                         down for 2008 assessing services from
         the landscaping and said that Julia Wilcox
                                                           back years ago, and issues with septic sys-           Mr. Prescott inquired if the access road     Cross Country Appraisal Group, LLC for
         agreed that they would be sure if there were
                                                           tems. Chairman Ives will contact Attorney         off of Staniels Road near Z-1 Express and        review.
         not enough trees, they would fill the area in
                                                           Mayer regarding this issue.                       the Red Roof Inn had a bond in place. Dis-           The Board received copies of an e-mail
         and that the lights would be covered so they
                                                              Mr. Fiske discussed changes that are           cussion ensued.                                  from Attorney O’Brien on the re-districting
         were not shining bright in the parking lot.
                                                           happening at the NHMS and stated he is                Chairman Ives closed the Board of Per-       litigation.
         Mr. Prescott stated he felt that Mr. Fiske
                                                           having an increasingly difficult time dealing     mit and reconvened the Selectmen’s Meet-             The Board received copies of the June 4,
         should follow up on this issue. Mr. Fiske
                                                           with the new people. He said that there are       ing.                                             2008 ZBA Site Walks.
         stated that he could forward a letter to Ms.
                                                           the issues with the new sign relative to the          The Board met with Police Chief, Code            The Board received copies of the
         Wilcox. Discussion ensued regarding
                                                           moving parts. Mr. Fiske advised the Track         Enforcement/Compliance Officer Bob               NHMA Legislative Bulletin #25 for review.
         options for seeing that the issues are
                                                           that there was a serious problem with the         Fiske.                                               The Board received correspondence
         addressed. Mr. Fiske said that one of the
                                                           moving parts of the sign and initially the            Chairman Ives stated for the record that     from PSNH regarding the Flag Attachment
         requirements was that if the landscaping
                                                           movement stopped. He said now it is right         four pistol permits were submitted for sig-      update for review.
         was not completed by June 1, 2008, then
                                                           back to moving again. Mr. Fiske has advised       nature and approval.                                 Selectman Maxfield moved to adjourn
         VOA would be mandated to supply a
                                                           the Track personnel that they needed to go            Chairman Ives discussed compliance           the meeting at 7:30 p.m. Seconded by
         $30,000.00 bond. The Board agreed to have
                                                           before the Zoning Board and ask for some          issue on Dee Dee Maratea’s property on           Chairman Ives. All in favor. Meeting
         Mr. Fiske forward a letter to VOA address-
                                                           type of relief. He said that the new modular      Berry Road relative to the retaining wall        adjourned.

         ing the requirements.
                                                           building that is to be used as a temporary        that collapsed. Mr. Fiske said that nothing
             Mr. Fiske discussed property owned by
                                                           bank should be arriving shortly and he has        could be done until Ms. Maratea provided         THE LOUDON BOARD OF SELECTMEN
         Geraldine Gowlis on Bee Hole Road relative
                                                           advised the Track personnel that they do          engineered plans. He stated that he has dri-       Steven R. Ives, Chairman
         to the number of apartments and kitchens. He
                                                           need a building permit for this structure.        ven past the area numerous times and has           Dustin J. Bowles, Selectman
         said the first floor area previously had an
                                                           Discussion ensued regarding going before          not noticed any major erosion. Discussion          Roger A. Maxfield, Selectman
         apartment with a separate sink and stove and
         was closed off; now, the wall has been
         removed, the stove is gone, but the sink is
         still in place. Mr. Fiske said Ms. Gowlis is
         considering this a “wet bar” as the area is                   Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes — June 17, 2008
         opened up to the main house. He said there is
         always the possibility that the wall could be
         put back in and it could be turned back in to         Present: Selectmen Ives, Bowles, and          Leonard’s property. Mr. Rice reviewed a              The Board received copies of correspon-
         an apartment. Mr. Fiske said the apartment in     Maxfield.                                         copy of a plan for Mr. and Mrs. Leonard’s        dence from Attorney Mayer regarding
         the basement no longer has a stove and while          Also present: Road Agent David Rice.          property with the Board. Discussion ensued.      Accessory Apartments/Condominium Con-
         the actual sink has been removed, the coun-           Chairman Ives called the meeting to               Mr. Rice discussed an issue with             version for review. A copy will be forwarded
         tertop has the cut out and all the plumbing       order at 6:30 p.m.                                Wellington Lane regarding a driveway that        to the Building Department for their review.
         remains. He said that he has advised Ms.              Selectman Maxfield moved to approve            was supposed to have a culvert installed             The Board received copies of correspon-
         Gowlis that she needed to have the trap per-      the Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes of Tues-          under it, but was built without it. He stated    dence from NHMS regarding a request to
         manently capped off as it was still filled with   day, June 10, 2008 as presented. Seconded         the new landowner filled in the swale last       adjust the conservation easement. Chairman
         water. Mr. Fiske went on to say that Ms.          by Chairman Ives. Majority vote in favor.         week which will cause drainage issues.           Ives said the adjustment would allow for a
         Gowlis agreed to permanently cap the trap         Selectman Bowles abstained as he was not          Selectman Bowles asked that Mr. Rice pro-        fifty-foot access for pedestrians.
         and said that he had advised her that he          present at that meeting.                          vide a copy of the driveway permit to the            The Board received copies of the 2008
         would be meeting with the Board of Permit             The Board met with Road Agent David           Planning Board prior to Thursday night’s         NHMS calendar for review.
         for their input. Mr. Powelson said it has been    Rice.                                             meeting. Discussion ensued.                          The Board received copies of correspon-
         a tough call and an awkward situation as the          Mr. Rice advised the Board that the               Selectman Bowles advised Mr. Rice that       dence from DES to Michael Milligan
         Town prohibits multi-family houses with           Highway Crew had been patching roads and          there were still some intersections that need-   regarding open burning of non-conforming
         three living areas and three kitchens is very     are getting the areas ready for resurfacing.      ed brush cutting. Discussion ensued regard-      materials for review.
         well defined. Mr. Fiske said that at this time,       Mr. Rice advised the Board that he has        ing manpower, the work schedule, and                 The Board received copies of the DES
         it appears to be a single family house with a     agreed to have TruGreen treat the ball fields     summer projects including culvert replace-       Traffic Control Report as well as an abutter
         finished basement and there is someone liv-       for ticks. Discussion ensued regarding the        ments. The Board agreed to have Mr. Rice         notice regarding the June 29, 2008 Sprint
         ing in the basement and they are using a hot-     spraying being done before school is out as       contact Alan Barton and Alan Minery for          Cup Race and traffic patterns.
         plate on the countertop as there is no stove in   well as a request for more information on         the additional manpower.                             The Board received correspondence
         place. He went on to say that it would not        the effectiveness of the spraying. The                The Board began their review of weekly       from Tony Marcotte of CVAD regarding
         take very much work for anyone to turn it         Selectmen requested copies of the MSDS            correspondence.                                  their proposal to remove the pavement from
         back in to a three family dwelling. Mr. Fiske     information when it comes in.                         Selectman Maxfield moved to sign the          the upper portion of Staniels Road. Discus-
         said that while there is a gray area, he felt         Mr. Rice advised the Board that he has        contract with Dan Geiger of Oak Hill Envi-       sion ensued regarding the proposal to
         Ms. Gowlis has done the best that she can at      spoken with Wayne Thistle regarding the           ronmental Services for the LCHIP monitor-        remove the pavement and concerns of the
         this time. He said what he would like to see is   upgrades to Youngs Hill Road. He said Mr.         ing proposal for the Loudon Conservation         road being closed but not discontinued as
         that Ms. Gowlis remove the cabinets, and the      Thistle is not planning on doing his portion      Commission Stewardship in the sum of             well as drainage issues and neighboring
         whole business. Mr. Fiske said at this time,      of the upgrade until next year so the High-       $500.00, funds to come from the Conserva-        properties. Chairman Ives said that until the
         yes, he feels it has been reverted back to a      way Crew would probably start working on          tion Commission budget. Seconded by Select-      road is discontinued, it is open for the public
         single family home. Mr. Powelson said he          the other end of Youngs Hill Road when            man Bowles. All in favor. Motion carried.        to travel and felt that the drainage plan
         felt the plumbing should definitely be capped     they have time. Mr. Rice said he had spoken           Selectman Bowles moved to authorize          should not include the portion of the road
         off. Selectman Maxfield suggested that Mr.        with Mrs. Dubuc about the upgrade to the          the Chairman to sign the Dental Coverage         that has not been discontinued. Selectman
         Fiske go back in a few months to do another       road and advised her that they may need to        Renewal Agreement between the Town of            Bowles said that at the last Planning Board
         inspection. The Board agreed that Mr. Fiske       do work on the end of her driveway with           Loudon and the Local Government Center           meeting the developer was asked to provide
         will do periodic inspections to monitor this      regard to the road being higher and that they     for the period of July 1, 2008 through June      an engineered plan for the Board and Town
         situation.                                        would try and angle the drainage to the cul-      30, 2009. Seconded by Selectman Maxfield.         Engineer’s review.
             Mr. Fiske discussed a request he had          vert. Mr. Rice said that there is a chance that   All in favor. Motion carried.                        The Board received the request from
         received from a property owner regarding          the culvert would also be replaced.                   The Board received copies of the 2008 –      LYAA for the release of their 2007–2008
         condominiumizing his property. Mr. Powel-             Chairman Ives discussed the issue of the      2009 Merrimack Valley School District pay-       budget funds in the amount of $5,000.00.
         son stated that this property does not meet       portion of Mudgett Hill Road near the             ment schedule for review.                           Selectmen — continued on page 24
V10-8•August 2008:     V6-#8/August 04         7/29/08    12:50 PM      Page 24

         Page 24           The Loudon Ledger —                                                                                                                     August 2008

         Selectment — cont. from page 23
         The Board agreed to release the funds to
                                                                     Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes — June 24, 2008
         LYAA as requested.
             The Board received copies of the                 Present: Selectmen Ives, Bowles, and         Bowles said the plan needs to show what                The Board received notice of a meeting
         NHMA’s Action Bulletin regarding the pro-        Maxfield.                                        CVAD is going to do so the engineer can            to discuss single stream recycling from
         jected Retirement Rates for 07-01-09-06-             Chairman Ives called the meeting to          review the plan.                                   Northeast Resource Recovery Association.
         30-11 for review.                                order at 6:30 p.m.                                    The Board received a reminder that            Discussion ensued regarding some concerns
             The Board received notification that             Selectman Maxfield moved to approve           Insurance Adjustment Service, Inc. has             from other towns regarding the single
         Bruce Dyke of Chichester had contacted the       the Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes of Tues-         requested information on Dee Dee Mara-             stream program. Chip Cochran was recog-
         Selectmen’s Office inquiring if the Town         day, June 17, 2008 as presented. Seconded        tea’s property. Chairman Ives said he felt the     nized from the audience and stated that
         wanted to join with surrounding town’s to        by Selectman Bowles. All in favor. Motion        information requested falls under the Right-       some of the concerns are that there is noth-
         work towards negotiating healthcare costs        carried.                                         To-Know law and should be forwarded as             ing in writing that shows how much money
         and lower fuel prices for the upcoming year.         Chairman Ives stated that with the           requested. He went on to say that the insur-       the towns will see from the single stream
         The Board stated that they had already           NASCAR event in town, the department             ance company should be advised they can            program. Discussion ensued regarding the
         negotiated the healthcare cost, but were         heads were not in attendance at this meet-       contact the Code Enforcement Office for            current recycling facility in Loudon and the
         interested in finding lower fuel costs. Chair-   ing.                                             any additional information that pertains to        great job being done by the Transfer Station
         man Ives will contact Mr. Dyke regarding             The Board began their review of weekly       this property as long as it falls under the        personnel. Discussion began regarding glass
         this issue. Discussion ensued.                   correspondence.                                  Right-To-Know law.                                 recycling.
             The Board received a request from Town           The Board received notice that Tony               Selectman Bowles advised the Board                The Board received an e-mail from DOT
         Clerk Terry Hamel for a motor vehicle            Marcotte of CVAD had called asking for a         that the Friends of Arthur McNeil have             regarding the safe routes to school program.
         refund. Selectman Bowles moved to refund         response to his letter regarding Old Staniels    asked to power wash and paint/stain the                Chairman Ives stated that Selectman
         Jennifer Pfeiffer the sum of $160.00 for a       Road. The Board stated that they discussed       gazebo prior to Old Home Day. He went on           Bowles researched the questions the Board
         motor vehicle registration reimbursement.        this at last week’s meeting and felt that        to say that currently the cupola is being          had regarding the Town Office Building
         Seconded by Selectman Maxfield. All in            before they made a decision, the Board           rebuilt as the louvers have been smashed out       roof replacement bids from last week.
         favor. Motion carried.                           wanted to see a plan of the drainage before      of it. Discussion ensued regarding possible        Chairman Ives stated that Zalenski Con-
             Selectman Maxfield moved to abate the         they agree to let them tear up the pavement.     costs. Selectman Bowles will contact Mike          tracting has the lowest bid. Selectman
         interest only, on Tax Map 24, Lot 007 in the     Selectman Bowles stated that CVAD did not        LaBonte for more specific information and          Bowles stated that Zalenski Contracting is
         amount of $5,858.13. Seconded by Select-         meet with the Planning Board last week.          cost estimates.                                    willing to use their own vehicle to remove
         man Bowles. Selectman Bowles stated that         Chairman Ives stated the Board will have              The Board received a reminder that            the roofing debris to the Transfer Station at
         this will only be honored as long as the         Office Manager Jean Lee let Planning             Road Agent Dave Rice will be on vacation           no extra cost. He said that the bid includes
         taxes are paid in full by July 17, 2008 and if   Board Secretary Donna White know that the        the second week of July.                           up to 50 square feet of replacement boards
         they are not this agreement will be null and     Board is waiting for a copy of a drainage             The Board discussed the donation offer        and anything above that would have to be
         void. Chairman Ives stated that by abating       plan to see what purpose CVAD is going to        from the Red Roof Inn of a storage trailer         discussed with the Selectmen. Discussion
         the interest, the property owner will be able    use the town’s road for, in regards to           they have. It was noted that the storage trail-    ensued regarding the unknown condition of
         to pay all outstanding taxes. All in favor.      drainage, before they tear up the pavement,      er has had some damage to the roof due to          the boards under the shingles. Selectman
         Motion carried.                                  and before a decision is made. Selectman         snow. Discussion ensued regarding the stor-        Maxfield moved to award the bid to shingle

             Chairman Ives stated for the record that                                                      age trailers currently at the Transfer Station     the Town Office roof to Zalenski Contract-
         it was 7:25 p.m. and the Board would begin                                                        relative to the amount they are used. The          ing, of 132 Hoyt Road, Concord, NH in the
         opening the bids for the Town Office Build-                                                       Board will have Road Agent Dave Rice and           amount of $5,802.50 with the money to be
         ing Roof Replacement.                            damage is under the shingles. The Select-        Transfer Station Manager Steve Bennett             taken from account #01-41941-400-430
             Chairman Ives read the Public Notice for     men stated that some of the bids included a      check out the storage trailer to determine if      Town Office/Community Building repairs
         those present.                                   provision for the replacement of rotted          it is in better shape than the ones currently at   line. Contract to also include 50 square feet
             Bids received are as follows:                boards. Selectman Maxfield moved to take          the Transfer Station. The Board agreed that        of repair to the existing wood roof after the
             Phil Paquette Construction: In the           the bids for the roof replacement at the         they do not want to add to the number of           shingles have been removed, and there will
         amount of $9,625.00, Certificate of Insur-       Loudon Town Office Building under advise-         storage trailers, but would be willing to          be an additional cost for wood replacement
         ance is included.                                ment so the Board can review them. Second-       replace one if it is determined that the           over the 50 square feet if needed. Seconded
             Michael Dube: In the amount of               ed by Selectman Bowles. All in favor.            donated trailer is in better condition than        by Selectman Bowles. All in favor. Motion
         $8,400.00, no Certificate of Insurance           Motion carried. Discussion ensued regard-        what is currently in place.                        carried. The Board will have Office Manag-
         included.                                        ing getting clarification on a few of the bids        The Board received copies of the weekly       er Jean Lee forward letters advising of the
             Zalenski Contracting: In the amount of       submitted.                                       expenditure reports for review.                    bid award.
         $5,802.50, Certificate of Insurance is               Chairman Ives closed the public hearing           Selectman Bowles moved to approve the             The Board discussed the appointment
         included.                                        at 7:42 p.m. and reconvened the Selectmen’s      employee pay rate increases as approved at         papers for Special Duty Police Officers for
             AA Randall and Sons: In the amount of        Meeting.                                         the March 2008 Town Meeting, for                   the two NASCAR Race Events. Selectman
         $7,643.00 with an additional charge for sub-         Chairman Ives discussed the issue            2008–2009 budget effective July 1, 2008.           Bowles moved to appoint the Special Police
         stantial replacement of rotted roof boards,      brought up at last week’s meeting by Bob         Seconded by Selectman Maxfield. All in              Officers for June 21–30, 2008 and Septem-
         no Certificate of Insurance included.            Fiske regarding increasing the fees for traf-    favor. Motion carried.                             ber 6–15, 2008. Seconded by Selectman
             J.C. Home Improvements: In the amount        fic duty due to the increase in fuel costs.           The Board received copies of the              Maxfield. All in favor. Motion carried.
         of $8,700.00, no Certificate of Insurance        Discussion ensued regarding the need to          invoice from LGC Property-Liability Trust              Chairman Ives opened the Public Hear-
         included. If re-shingled over existing roof-     cover the town’s costs. The Board will have      for review. The Board discussed the                ing for the opening of the Cemetery Bids at
         ing material the cost would be $5,200.00.        Office Manager Jean Lee research the pro-        change where ambulances can be covered             7:15 p.m. He read the Public Notice for
         This bid includes the cost of legally dispos-    cedure to increase the costs associated with     for replacement costs like fire trucks are.        those present. The Bids received are as fol-
         ing of the old shingles.                         police details and traffic duty.                 The Board will have Office Manager Jean            lows:
             Engelwood Construction Corp.: In the             Selectman Bowles moved to adjourn the        Lee review the ambulance replacement                   Chicoine Construction Co., Weare NH:
         amount of $7,765.00, no Certificate of           meeting at 7:47 p.m. Seconded by Select-         costs.                                             In the amount of $22,300.00.
         Insurance included.                              man Maxfield. All in favor. Meeting                    The Board received copies of the Major            Paquette Construction, Loudon NH: In
             Chairman Ives stated AA Randall and          adjourned.                                       Assembly Supplemental Conditions for               the amount of $10,960.00.
         Sons is out of Glenburn, Maine and the                                                            NHMS from Fire Chief Jeff Burr for review.             Absolute Painting, Londonderry NH: In
         other bidders are more local. Chip Cochran       THE LOUDON BOARD OF SELECTMEN                         The Board received copies of a letter         the amount of $5,489.59.
         stated he felt that the way the bid specs were     Steven R. Ives, Chairman                       sent to VOA for review.                                The Board reviewed each of the bids for
         written it would be difficult for anyone to        Dustin J. Bowles, Selectman                         The Board received copies of a letter         completeness. Discussion ensued. Select-
         bid on the job without knowing what kind of        Roger A. Maxfield, Selectman                    sent to Geraldine Gowlis from Bob Fiske            man Maxfield moved to take the Cemetery
                                                                                                           regarding the meeting between the Select-          Fence bids under advisement to review them
                                                                                                           men and Mr. Fiske.                                 administratively for completeness. Second-
                                                                                                                The Board received copies of the Plan-        ed by Selectman Bowles. Chairman Ives
                                                                                                           ning Board draft meeting minutes of June           stated the Board will check out references

                              POWER SCREENED LOAM
                                                                                                           19, 2008 for review.
                                                                                                                The Board received two scholarship
                                                                                                           thank you notes for review.
                                                                                                                The Board received copies of an e-mail
                                                                                                                                                              on the contractors.
                                                                                                                                                                  Chairman Ives closed the Public Hearing
                                                                                                                                                              and reconvened the Selectmen’s Meeting.
                                                                                                                                                                  Selectman Bowles moved to adjourn the
                                                                                                           from the Louis Berger Group to DES                 meeting at 7:33 p.m. Seconded by Select-
                                     Delivered $17/yard                                                    regarding the Berry Road report.                   man Maxfield. All in favor. Meeting
                                                                                                                The Board received copies of an e-mail        adjourned.
                               LOAM AND Sand • Gravel Products                                             from PSNH regarding changes to removal
                                                                                                           of power line vegetation.                          THE LOUDON BOARD OF SELECTMEN
                                            THE LOAM MAN                                                        The Board received copies of a price            Steven R. Ives, Chairman
                                          AAMBI • 736-8545                                                 increase notice from Concord Sand and                Dustin J. Bowles, Selectman
                                                                                                           Gravel for review.                                   Roger A. Maxfield, Selectman
V10-8•August 2008:     V6-#8/August 04         7/29/08    12:50 PM       Page 25

         August 2008                                                                                   — The Loudon Ledger                                           Page 25

                                                Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes — July 1, 2008
             Present: Selectmen Ives, Bowles, and         was not planned for during budget time.                Mr. Rice stated that the Highway Crew         ramp, and items that the Board wanted to
         Maxfield.                                        Chairman Ives asked about the timeframe            had been busy trying to pick up after the         address out of the encumbered funds.
             Also present: Fire Chief Jeff Burr, Road     for this project. Mr. Regan said he felt that      storm as there were many trees down and               The Board received copies of the Fire
         Agent David Rice, and Rick Broider from          the desire was to begin as soon as possible,       washouts.                                         Department billing to NHMS for the Sprint
         LYAA.                                            but the permits needed to be in place before           Mr. Rice said that the Highway Crew           Cup Race in the amount of $42,422.75.
             Chairman Ives called the meeting to          they can grub. He said that the School Dis-        had been cutting brush and getting ready              The Board received copies of the Berry
         order at 6:30 p.m.                               trict would not want to leave the project to       for paving. He stated that he had spoken          Road drainage monitoring report from the
             Selectman Maxfield moved to approve           sit once it is started. Mr. Regan said that the    with Pike regarding the contract and asphalt      Louis Berger Group for review.
         the Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes of Tues-         fields can be cut, seeded and utilized with-       prices and is waiting for the final figures.          The Board received copies of a letter and
         day, June 24, 2008 as presented. Seconded        out the irrigation system, if needed. He said      Discussion ensued regarding price hold for        meeting minutes of the VOA advisory
         by Selectman Bowles. All in favor. Motion        that the hope is to have it seeded by this fall.   last year’s work and that the price hold was      board.
         carried.                                         Selectman Maxfield said that his concern is        not a guarantee for this year’s work.                 The Board received correspondence and
             The Board met with Rick Broider of           that this is School District property, and             Mr. Rice stated there are still some          a training schedule regarding upcoming
         LYAA.                                            aside from paying the taxes to the School          issues with drainage on Berry Road. Dis-          elections from the Secretary of State’s
             Mr. Broider discussed the Merrimack          District as voted, the Town typically does         cussion ensued.                                   Office. Discussion ensued. The Selectmen
         Valley School District property next to the      not get involved with funding of building              Mr. Rice said the Highway Crew had            agreed that they would be attending one of
         Loudon Elementary School relative to turn-       projects for the School District. Discussion       been working on culverts.                         the training sessions.
         ing it into two soccer fields, 55 additional     ensued regarding charitable contributions              Chairman Ives asked if Mr. Rice had               The Board received copies of a letter and
         parking spaces, well, irrigation, and light-     and clearing and stumping. Selectman               checked out the storage trailer offered to        attachments from Rhetta and Jim Weaver on
         ing. He showed the Board proposed plans          Bowles asked if any revenue received from          the town. Mr. Rice said that he did look at       the Energy Committee meeting they attend-
         for the new fields. Mr. Broider stated that      the clearing and stumping would be able to         the trailer, but at this time they do not need    ed on behalf of the Town. The Board
         the School District has been very supportive     go back tot his project, or would it have to       any additional trailers at the Transfer Sta-      thanked Mr. and Mrs. Weaver for attending
         for this project. He said that LYAA is going     go in to the School District general fund.         tion. The Board will forward their apprecia-      the meeting.
         to put together a volunteer drive and put        Mr. Regan said the plan is for that to hap-        tion to the Cumming’s family, but will                The Board received copies of a notice of
         some of LYAA funds towards making this           pen. Mr. Broider said that is what the Super-      decline the offer.                                July 1 rate increases from PSNH.
         project happen. Mr. Broider went on to say       intendent said would happen. Discussion                Mr. Rice reminded the Board that he               The Board received copies of the June
         that he plans to speak with all the abutters     ensued regarding leaving the new parking           would be on vacation next week. He said           Zoning Board Meeting Minutes for review.
         and go over the boundary lines, buffer area,     lot gravel with the exception of the apron at      that the Highway Crew would be working                The Board received past due ambulance
         etc., to be sure no one has any issues with      the end of the Elementary School parking           on Upper City Road next week. Mr. Rice            bills for review. Selectman Bowles moved to
         this project. He advised the Board that they     area. Mr. Regan said that the entrance to the      will contact Alan Barton as they will need        forward past due ambulance account
         would have to apply for “an alteration of ter-   fields would be off of School Street. Select-      another truck driver for a while.                 #40067 in the amount of $535.60, account
         rain permit,” due to the fact that they would    man Bowles stated that this area would be              Discussion ensued regarding ways that         #26319 in the amount of $561.10, account

         be clearing more than 100,000 square feet,       good to use for snow storage if needed.            all departments could conserve and help           #39712 in the amount of $544.10 to collec-
         DES requires that this permit be in place.       Selectman Bowles suggested that they go            with the rising fuel costs for the ensuing        tion, and account #38235 in the amount of
         Mr. Broider said that Nobis would be han-        and talk with Planning/Zoning Secretary            year such as not having equipment idling for      $25.49 not to go to collections. Seconded by
         dling the permits and plans. He said Fred        Donna White so they can get on the agenda          long periods of time, planning trips to con-      Selectman Maxfield. All in favor.
         Regan and Mike Martin would be bringing          for discussion with the Planning Board. The        serve, lowering the temperatures of build-            The Board received copies of an e-mail
         this before the School Board for their           Board agreed that this project should go           ings in the winter. The Board agreed that the     from Tony Marcotte regarding Staniels
         approval. Discussion ensued regarding abut-      before the Planning Board as soon as possi-        Highway Department has done a lot to cut          Road. The e-mail states CVAD will not do
         ters, the need to come before the Planning       ble. Mr. Regan said that he will be sure that      the idling time. Chairman Ives said the Fire      any work to the road itself until after discon-
         Board due to the size, Sno-Shakers trails,       the School District covers the lighting and        Department will do what they can to con-          tinuance status is approved at town meeting
         and the Selectmen offering the use of the        possibly some of the labor. The Board              serve and he will talk with Chief Fiske and       in March. Discussion ensued regarding who
         Community Building for possible meetings         advised Mr. Broider that he should contact         suggest running radar spots instead of all of     would be filing the petition for discontinu-
         with abutters. Fred Regan discussed the          Office Manager Jean Lee when they are              the traveling around to conserve.                 ance.
         plans that the School District had drawn up      ready to schedule the abutter meeting and              The Board began their review of weekly            The Board received notice of the Com-
         with regard to future growth. Discussion         the Board would waive the fee.                     correspondence.                                   prehensive Shoreline Protection Act work-
         ensued regarding if there were steep slopes          The Board met with Fire Chief Jeff                 The Board received copies of a bid from       shop in August.
         of 20% or more and if there were then the        Burr.                                              JJ Carpets to replace the carpet in the lobby         The Board received Scholarship thank
         School District would need to come before            Chief Burr discussed encumbering               and upstairs middle room at the Town              you notes for review.
         the Zoning Board also. Selectman Maxfield        money for fire pond projects. He discussed         Office Building and also for the Communi-             The Board received copies of a notice
         asked about the property lines. Discussion       a fire pond west of Gilmanton Road on              ty Building.                                      sent to Michael Milligan regarding asbestos
         ensued regarding the proposed plan. Mr.          Ridge Road that is in need of work to get              The Board received copies of a quote          removal.
         Broider stated that at this point the School     the pond accessible to fire equipment.             from Fifield Building Restoration for work            The Board received copies of the Leg-
         District has provided plans that they had so     Chief Burr discussed the desire of the prop-       at the Town Hall as well as copies of a quote     islative Policy Bulletin from NHMA.
         there has been very little expense, but LYAA     erty owner to access the pond through his          from Target NE for review. Selectman                  The Board received copies of the June
         would be looking to work with sponsors and       driveway and issues that may arise from            Bowles said that there is an issue with the       12, 2008 NHMS Traffic Conference min-
         volunteers to keep the costs down. Mr. Broi-     using this access. He said that the property       fire escape on the side of the building where     utes and attachments for review.
         der discussed the desire to put in an artesian   owner does not want the poplar tree cut that       it needs to be secured. He discussed the issue        Chairman Ives stated that he had Office
         well for irrigation and possibly for a future    would gain easier access for the construc-         of the clap boards on the exterior rotting        Manager Jean Lee follow up on references
         concession stand. It was stated that the only    tion crews and fire equipment. Chief Burr          because of the water splashing from runoff.       for Absolute Painting and all of the refer-
         areas that are going to be disturbed are the     will speak with the landowner again to dis-        Discussion ensued regarding the quotes.           ences contacted had only good things to say.
         areas for the two soccer fields and the park-    cuss options for the repairs. The Board will       Selectman Bowles said he felt the founda-         Chairman Ives went on to say that Absolute
         ing area. Mr. Regan stated that they want to     forward a letter to the landowner if needed.       tion needs to be addressed and the issue with     Painting had the lowest bid which was
         keep as many trees for a buffer as possible.     The Board will discuss encumbering funds           the fire escape also should be addressed. The     $5,489.59 and the next lowest bid was
         He went on to say that he felt the company       for this project with Office Manger Jean           Board will follow up with the historical doc-     $10,960.00. Discussion ensued regarding
         that maintains the School District Ball          Lee.                                               uments relative to the Town Hall Building         budget figures, cemetery mowing and main-
         Fields would probably be willing to donate           Chief Burr advised the Board that the          and what can and cannot be done to the            tenance figures, and issues with encumber-
         to the project as well. Mr. Regan said that      generator at Station 2 has possibly been hit       building to be sure that the work is done to      ing funds. The Board reviewed the
         the School District would take care of the       by lightening and is not working at full           preserve the historic value of the building.      information within the bid and discussed the
         lighting and would probably take care of the     power. He stated that he has contacted the         Discussion ensued. Selectman Bowles dis-          timeframe for completion. Chip Cochran
         crossing over Old Concord Road and put in        Local Government Center and filed a                cussed Steve Fifield’s concerns regarding         asked if there was anything put in place to
         underground wiring. Mr. Regan stated that        claim. Discussion ensued regarding the             jacking the building up due to the issue that     ensure that if the work is not completed, or
         basically the School District would like to      generator and its history. Chief Burr              when the cupola was put back up it was put        not done to standards, the Town could
         have this as a joint venture and that the        reviewed an estimate from Harry O Electric         in plumb and if the building is jacked, it will   recoup some of the cost. Chairman Ives said
         fields would basically be used by the            for approximately $18,000.00. Discussion           knock the cupola out of alignment. Discus-        the references checked out and that with the
         Loudon Elementary School and LYAA as             ensued.                                            sion ensued regarding funding and budget          location of the project there will be enough
         the School District athletic fields are in the       The Board met with Road Agent David            information. Selectman Bowles said that the       people keeping an eye on things. The Board
         Penacook area and with the gas prices he         Rice.                                              Church is ready to get the work done and are      stated that the payment schedule is based on
         does not see the School District planning to         Mr. Rice advised the Board that he had         prepared to pay their half of the bills. Dis-     the amount of completion and the final pay-
         transport kids if they do not have to. Select-   spoken with Al Minery who has agreed to            cussion ensued regarding doing the work in        ment is not made until the Selectmen are
         man Bowles said he would like to see LYAA        stay at the same price as last year. Discus-       stages and that the foundation would be the       happy with the work. Discussion ensued
         get all the sponsorship and donations that       sion ensued regarding areas that Mr. Min-          priority, election inspections, work that had     regarding the granite posts. Selectman Max-
         they can get as the budget is going to be        ery would be brush cutting.                        been completed, issues with the handicapped
         stretched with fuel prices, and this project                                                                                                             Selectmen — continued on page 26
V10-8•August 2008:                    V6-#8/August 04   7/29/08                  12:50 PM       Page 26

         Page 26                         The Loudon Ledger —                                                                                                                              August 2008

         Selectment — cont. from page 25
         field moved to accept the contract with
                                                                                               Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes — July 8, 2008
         Absolute Painting and Remodeling, LLC, of
         14 Millard Lane, Londonderry, NH to repair                                  Present: Selectmen Ives, Bowles, and          stated they are trying to encumber any funds     come from LYAA. The Board agreed to this
         and paint the Village Cemetery Fence as per                             Maxfield.                                         to go towards fuel costs for next year.          request. Selectman Maxfield moved to
         the quoted specifications in the amount of                                   Also present: Police Chief, Code En-          Selectman Bowles asked Chief Fiske if he         encumber $856.07 from the 2007–2008
         $5,489.59. Seconded by Selectman Bowles.                                forcement/Compliance Officer Bob Fiske            would be willing to give back his ½% over        Recreation Department Budget line #01-
         All in favor. Motion carried.                                           and Zoning Board member Roy Merrill.              the 2% employee COLA to help with the            45200-800-850 and further to allow
             Chairman Ives stated that the Board                                     Chairman Ives called the meeting to           budget. Chief Fiske said he would consider       $1,000.00 to come from the 2008–2009
         wanted to meet with all the Department                                  order at 6:30 p.m.                                it if all the other employees would agree to     Recreation Budget line #01-45200-700-710,
         Heads to discuss the encumbrances and                                       Selectman Maxfield moved to approve            give back their increases. Selectman Bowles      with the remaining balance to be paid by
         ways to conserve fuel and cut costs for the                             the Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes of Tues-          said he would be willing to give back his        LYAA as requested by Recreation Chairman
         budget. Selectman Bowles said the Select-                               day, July 1, 2008 as presented. Seconded by       increase if Chief Fiske would. Chief Fiske       Alicia Grimaldi. Seconded by Selectman
         men need to get the ball moving on planning                             Selectman Bowles. All in favor. Motion car-       said he would consider it if every employee      Bowles. The Selectmen discussed the Recre-
         for the possible funding shortages in this                              ried.                                             agreed. Selectman Bowles said “It doesn’t        ation Budget for 2007–2008 and stated
         new budget before it comes to the point                                     Chairman Ives stated that the Board of        hurt to ask.”                                    there was not enough money in line item
         where it is too late to do anything about it.                           Permit Meeting was cancelled as there were             Selectman Bowles asked if there were        #01-45200-800-850 but there was enough
         He said it would be a week or so before the                             no items on the agenda.                           any code enforcement issues. Chairman            money in the bottom line for the $856.07 to
         final bills are paid from the 07–08 Budget.                                 The Board met with Police Chief, Code         Ives stated there is still an issue with the     be encumbered. Selectman Maxfield moved
             John Plummer was recognized from the                                Enforcement/Compliance Officer Bob                sand on Mudgett Hill from the property           to amend the motion to take $856.07 from
         audience and asked if there were any funds                              Fiske.                                            owned by Mr. Sanborn. Discussion ensued          the 2007–2008 Recreation Department bud-
         available for repairs to the Town Pound.                                    Chief Fiske presented the Board with          regarding Mr. Sanborn moving some of the         get bottom line, account #45200. Seconded
         Selectman Bowles said that project is in the                            four billings from the Nascar Race event.         sand and heavy rains that would have             by Selectman Bowles. All in favor. Motion
         planning stages, and they are having some-                              Chairman Ives stated the billing for NHMS         washed down some of the leftover sand.           carried.
         one check out the project for input. Select-                            2008 Lennox Industrial 301 event is for                Discussion ensued regarding the Com-            The Board discussed the replacement of
         man Maxfield stated that the Selectmen have                             $225,965.20, Caterpillar, Inc., in the            munity Action Program and fuel assistance        the carpet in the lobby and for the upstairs
         discussed putting in a Warrant Article for the                          amount of $301.00, Motorsports Authentics         to individuals.                                  middle office at the Town Office Building.
         next Town Meeting for this purpose. Chip                                in the amount of $688.00, and C.N. Brown               The Board began their review of weekly      The Selectmen agreed that the carpet at the
         Cochran asked if this subject had come up at                            in the amount of $1,032.00 for manpower at        correspondence.                                  Community Building will not be replaced at
         Town Meeting or part of a Selectmen’s                                   the race event. Chairman Ives asked if there           The Board received information that         this time but will be cleaned instead. Select-
         Meeting. The Board said they felt it was at a                           were any issues during the race event. Chief      Office Manager Jean Lee had contacted            man Bowles moved to encumber $1,300.00
         Selectmen’s Meeting and it had been dis-                                Fiske said there were no real issues, but the     Peter Michaud of NH Division of Historical       for the purpose of re-carpeting the lobby
         cussed on more than one occasion. Discus-                               rain did not help.                                Resources regarding putting a roof over the      and upstairs middle room at the Town Office
         sion ensued regarding the condition of the                                  Mr. Fiske discussed the signs at NHMS         fire escape at the Town Hall and was             Building, funds to be withdrawn from line
         property and its historical value.                                      relative to the movement. He stated that he       advised there are no restrictions other than     #01-41941-400-430 Town Office and Com-
             Selectman Bowles moved to adjourn the                               has spoken with the Track as noted in past        local zoning restrictions. The Board will        munity Building Repairs. Seconded by

         meeting at 8:40 p.m. Seconded by Select-                                minutes and advised the Board that the            look at the fire escape issue.                   Selectman Maxfield. All in favor. Motion
         man Maxfield. All in favor. Meeting                                      movement is at approximately 5 second                  The Board discussed the request by the      carried.
         adjourned.                                                              intervals. Mr. Fiske said the banners that are    Recreation Department for a Wal-mart cred-           The Board received copies of the revised
                                                                                 attached to the back of the grandstands           it card. Discussion ensued regarding the         contracts with Pike Industries from Road
         THE LOUDON BOARD OF SELECTMEN                                           appear to fall under “Special Events” for         purpose of the credit card, the limit amount,    Agent David Rice. The Board reviewed the
           Steven R. Ives, Chairman                                              signs/banners. Discussion ensued regarding        and the processing time for payments             revised contracts and discussed the wording
           Dustin J. Bowles, Selectman                                           allowing banners and signage for special          through Wal-mart. The Board will meet            of the contracts. Selectman Bowles stated
           Roger A. Maxfield, Selectman                                           events as well as the new sign that changes       with Recreation Chairman Alicia Grimaldi         the Board would table this issue until Dave
                                                                                 but no longer has moving parts or flashes.        to clarify the request.                          Rice is back from vacation.
                                                                                 Discussion ensued regarding possibly hav-              The Board received notice that Library          The Board received copies of the con-
                                                                                 ing the Track go before the Zoning Board          Trustee Sandra Blanchard contacted the           tract for the 2009 Tax Maps with Carto-
                                                                                 for a Special Exception as well as the defin-     Office regarding the Library appropriations      graphic Associates for review and approval.
                                                                                 ition of “changeable.” Mr. Fiske said as far      for 2008–2009. Ms. Blanchard advised Mrs.        Selectman Bowles moved to approve and to
                                                                                 as he was concerned the sign interval would       Lee that it would be difficult for the Library   sign the contract with Cartographic Associ-
                                                                                 not get any faster than it currently is. Dis-     Trustees to meet during the summer. Select-      ates Inc., for the purpose of Tax Map prepa-
                                                                                 cussion ensued regarding the initial com-         man Bowles said that Library Trustee Susan       ration and updating in the amount of
                                                                                 plaints regarding the brightness and              Kowalski stated at a Library Trustee meet-       $4,800.00 for the 2008–2009 year. Second-

                                                                                 intensity of the sign, but now that it has been   ing that she would be willing to come back       ed by Selectman Maxfield. All in favor.
                                                                                 toned down, it appears that there has only        from her camp to meet at any time. Chair-        Motion carried.
                                                                                 been one complaint and it was not received        man Ives stated that the Library operating           The Board received copies of a portion
                                                                                 in any office but viewed in the newspaper.        budget for fiscal year 2008–2009 is              of the wetlands application from the Loudon
                                                                                 Chairman Ives said if anyone has a com-           $134,952.00 which would be 12 monthly            Country Club for review.
                                                                                 plaint they should come in and meet with          payments of $11,246.00. He said the Board            The Board received a letter from
                                                                                 the Selectmen.                                    would be signing a letter of agreement with      Michael Harris regarding Mr. Harris’s
                                                                                     Chairman Ives discussed the subject of        the Trustees regarding the monthly pay-          appeal to BTLA for review. Discussion
                                                                                 not having the police cruisers running all        ments. Discussion ensued regarding the           ensued regarding some items Mr. Harris is
                                                                                 the time in an effort to conserve fuel. Mr.       Library budget.                                  asking about that have nothing to do with
                                                                                 Fiske stated that he has made an effort to             The Board received notice that Jason        his appeal or the Town. Discussion ensued.
                                   Scuba Instruction                             have the cruiser not run for at least 2 hours     from Absolute Painting called regarding the      Chairman Ives stated that Mr. Harris should
                                                                                 per day and he has been scheduling inspec-        cemetery fence repairs and he estimates that     approach the Federal Regulatory Board that
                                    Sales & Service                              tions for four days per week to consolidate       it will probably be August before he com-        deals with leaded gasoline for his answers to
                                                                                 and conserve. Chairman Ives stated the            pletes the repairs.                              gasoline questions.
                                                                                 Board has spoken with the Fire Chief and               The Board received copies of the weekly         The Board received information that the
                                                                                 Road Agent to address this issue with them        expenditure report for review. Discussion        account has been settled for the Pease prop-
                                   603-228-9981                                  as well. Selectman Bowles said that all the       ensued regarding fuel lines in the budget        erty.
                                                                                 departments need to do whatever they can in       and amounts used by each department for              The Board received correspondence
                                   163 Manchester St.                            all areas to conserve, as the fuel costs are      heat and fuel costs over the past year. The      from Comcast regarding digital TV transi-
                                     Concord, N.H.                               going to hit the budget hard. The Selectmen       Board will make their final decision on the      tion as well as a Community Investment
                                                                                 noted that there is a State Statute that says     amount of money to encumber once they            Report.
                                        03301                                    the Police Department cannot over spend           receive information from Huckleberry Oil.            The Board received Scholarship thank
                                                                                 their budget by more than 10%. The Board               The Board received a request from the       you notes.
                                                                                                                                   Recreation Committee to encumber their               Selectman Bowles moved to adjourn the
                                                                                                                                   remaining funds to go towards the purchase       meeting at 8:05 p.m. Seconded by Select-
                                                                                                                                   of new playground equipment at the Recre-        man Maxfield. All in favor. Meeting
                                                                                                                                   ation Field, with LYAA to pay the remaining      adjourned.
                                            The Deadline for the                                                                   balance. Chairman Ives stated that the
                                                                                                                                   amount requested to be encumbered is             THE LOUDON BOARD OF SELECTMEN
                                      September 2008 “Loudon Ledger”                                                               $856.07 from the 2007–2008 Budget, and             Steven R. Ives, Chairman
                                                                                                                                   $1,000.00 will be taken from the 2008–             Dustin J. Bowles, Selectman
                                            is Friday, August 15.                                                                  2009 Recreation Parks and Maintenance              Roger A. Maxfield, Selectman
                                                                                                                                   Supplies line and the remaining funds to
V10-8•August 2008:     V6-#8/August 04         7/29/08    12:50 PM       Page 27

         August 2008                                                                                    — The Loudon Ledger                                          Page 27

                                                     Planning Board Minutes — June 19, 2008
           Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by        needed and which of these lots is best suited       safe, and the state is very interested in the     road or the deal would not go through. There
         Chairman Tom Dow.                                for the project. He stated that they would          project. Mr. Creley said that the mixing is       was discussion of the terrain and future
                                                          have to go to the Zoning Board for special          done internally and that there would be no        plans for the parcel. Tom Dow said that Mr.
                                                          exceptions for the tank sizes and use. Mr.          aboveground, external mixing. Scott               Boyer should see about the variance before
            Chairman Tom Dow, Vice Chairman
                                                          Smith noted that he did not see anything            Maltzie, also representing Mr. Gilbert, stat-     doing anything more with the Planning
         Stan Prescott, Tom Moore, Steve Jackson,
                                                          about aquifers in the regulations or Zoning         ed that this would be the second ethanol          Board. He said that the length of the road
         Gary Tasker, Henry Huntington, Ex-Officio
                                                          Ordinance. He stated that this facility would       facility in New England. He explained that        would be one thing to look at. There was
         Dustin Bowles, and Alternates Bob Ordway
                                                          be for ethanol, diesel and gas, and he dis-         special flexible fuel vehicles (FFV) are          discussion of the road going through to
         and Jeff Green.
                                                          cussed the plan to create E85. Mr. Smith            needed in order to use E85. Stan Prescott         Concord which Mr. Boyer explained cannot
            Julie Robinson was present to represent
                                                          stated that there are wetlands that would           asked to clarify that there would be gas,         be done. Stan Prescott said that it would
         the Conservation Commission.
                                                          have to be mapped. He said that the facility        ethanol, and diesel onsite. Mr. Creley stated     appear that the road is about a mile long and
         Acceptance of Minutes:                           would have to be designed and approved to           that the ethanol is turned into E85. He said      that Mr. Boyer should consider a loop road.
             May 15, 2008 Regular Meeting. Henry          state standards.                                    that there would be two 12,000 gallon tanks       Chairman Dow asked the Board’s thoughts
         Huntington made a motion to approve the              Mr. Smith asked if he should come to the        and one 5,000 gallon tank, all underground        on how Mr. Boyer should proceed. Gary
         minutes as written; seconded by Tom              Board with a layout first or go right to the        which is safer. Tom Moore asked if the pip-       Tasker said that Mr. Boyer should go to the
         Moore. All were in favor.                        Zoning Board. Gary Tasker said that the             ing would be double-walled. Mr. Creley said       Zoning Board before much more effort is
             June 4, 2008 Land Development Regu-          Zoning Board should be first. Stan Prescott         that it would be and that it was Teflon interi-   put into the project. He said that he would
         lations Work Session. Steve Jackson made a       agreed. Mr. Prescott pointed out the defini-        or surface.                                       not be in agreement with a mile-long road
         motion to approve the minutes as written;        tions of commercial and industrial in the               Tom Dow asked about the traffic flow.         so a loop road should be considered. Bob
         seconded by Stan Prescott. All were in favor.    Land Development Regulations. Gary                  Mr. Gilbert stated that he has seven tractors     Ordway said that it would be good to have
                                                          Tasker asked if there would be a building on        and trailers and eight 10-wheelers. He said       Rainbow Drive improved.
         Public Hearing on Land Development
                                                          the lot. Mr. Smith said there would be a            that they have facilities in Tamworth, Laco-
         Regulations:                                                                                                                                           Old Business:
                                                          canopy for the filling area, a small building       nia, and Hooksett. Mr. Gilbert said that all
             Chairman Dow opened the public hear-                                                                                                                   Application #08-06, CVAD, LLC —
                                                          for mechanical, and tanks underground. Mr.                                    .
                                                                                                              of their pickups are FFV He said they would
         ing at 7:07 p.m. Draft copies of the regula-                                                                                                           Major Site Development, Located on Route
                                                          Tasker asked if this would be a 24-hour             be using a tanker to fill vehicles at the busi-
         tions and a summary of the proposed                                                                                                                    106 in the C/I District. Map 1, Lot 49.
                                                          operation. Mr. Gilbert said it would only be        ness locations so that would hold down the
         changes were handed out to members of the                                                                                                              Chairman Dow read a request from Tony
                                                          used during the normal hours of work. Mr.           traffic at the Loudon facility. Bob Ordway
         public. Mr. Dow stated that most of the                                                                                                                Marcotte that this application be tabled for
                                                          Tasker said that the Board would be looking         asked about the availability of the ethanol.
         changes were to bring the regulations into                                                                                                             one month so that they have time to address
                                                          for information on lighting, the direction of       Mr. Gilbert said that there are two locations
         conformity with the wording of the Zoning                                                                                                              the town engineer’s comments. Gary Tasker
                                                          travel, security, hours, and other items noted      to get it, one in New York and one in New
         Ordinance and to create consistency                                                                                                                    made a motion to continue this application
                                                          in the regulations.                                 Hampshire.
         throughout the regulations. He noted that                                                                                                              to July 17, 2008, 7:00 p.m. at the Communi-
                                                              Mr. Smith said they would have an envi-             There was Board discussion about this
         there was a change in the road width on the                                                                                                            ty Building; seconded by Dustin Bowles. All

                                                          ronmental engineer working on the project.          being a commercial or industrial use. Each
         road profile page and that there was a                                                                                                                 were in favor. There will be no further
                                                          Gary Tasker asked how far this facility is          member individually stated that they felt it
         change in the turn-around section as well.                                                                                                             notice.
                                                          from the business location. Mr. Smith said          would be a commercial use. Mr. Gilbert was
         Steve Jackson thanked Donna for her com-                                                                                                                   Application #08-07, DJP Realty Trust
                                                          the main location is on Route 107 in Laco-          advised to go to the Zoning Board for the
         prehensive review of the regulations and the                                                                                                           — Major Subdivision, Located on Bee
                                                          nia. Roy Creley stated that this facility           required approvals.
         revision work done over the last year.                                                                                                                 Hole Road, in the RR District. Map 12, Lot
                                                          would be similar to a state highway garage              Don Boyer — Mr. Boyer explained that
             Don Boyer asked who gets the six copies                                                                                                            4. Chairman Dow read a request from Web
                                                          with a canopy and a couple of gas pumps. It         he has an option to purchase property cur-
         of plans required in Article 12. Donna                                                                                                                 Stout that this application be tabled for
                                                          was stated that the lights could be minimal,        rently owned by Debra Rattee, Map 47, Lot
         explained that the plans are for the Board,                                                                                                            month so that they have time to address the
                                                          the canopy covers the pumps from the                44. He said that there is a small right-of-way
         code enforcement, and fire department to                                                                                                               town engineer’s comments. Steve Jackson
                                                          weather, and there would be a small build-          that comes out onto School Street. Mr.
         review. There were no further questions                                                                                                                made a motion to continue this application
                                                          ing for tank monitoring. Mr. Creley pointed         Boyer said if he purchases the property his
         from the public. Gary Tasker made a motion                                                                                                             to July 17, 2008, 7:00 p.m. at the Communi-
                                                          out that the state’s rules on this type of facil-   intent would be to upgrade Rainbow Drive
         to close the hearing to the public and open it                                                                                                         ty Building; seconded by Stan Prescott.
                                                          ity are some of the strongest in the country.       to town specifications with a turn-around at
         to the Board only; seconded by Stan                                                                                                                    There will be no further notice.
                                                          He stated that DES reviews the designs              the end. He said that he would like the
         Prescott. All were in favor. There was brief
                                                          which have to be certified by engineers and         Board’s opinion of upgrading a private road       New Business:
         discussion about the changes, mostly
                                                          he talked of the state’s setback requirements       to town specs, noting that he would be doing          Application #08-10, New England
         “housekeeping.” Gary Tasker made a
                                                          for such facilities. Mr. Creley explained that      the drainage, paving, and other require-          Flower Farms, LLC — Site Development,
         motion to approve the changes as written;
                                                          the tanks are steel inside and fiberglass out-      ments. Julie Robinson asked what the intent       Located on Pleasant Street in the RR Dis-
         seconded by Tom Moore. All were in favor.
                                                          side. He said that they have to be compatible       was for the big piece. Mr. Boyer stated that      trict, Map 6, Lot 3. Henry Huntington
         Discussion:                                      with the product, noting that the piping is         he would create four lots on the front of the     recused himself from this case. Bob Ordway
             Del Gilbert — Steve Smith of Steve           also double-walled and it is all monitored.         parcel on Rainbow Drive and then build            was appointed as a voting member. Jeff
         Smith & Associates spoke on behalf of Mr.        He said that the system has to be inspected         another road to the remainder of the parcel.      Green of JLG Enterprises represented the
         Gilbert. He introduced Roy Creley of Lakes       annually.                                           Mike Labonte said that this would be a pos-       applicant. Abutter Wes Jones was present.
         Region Environmental. Mr. Smith stated               Stan Prescott asked about the well situa-       itive improvement for the town with regard        Tom Moore made a motion to accept the
         that he is working on a refueling facility for   tion. He said a gas station has to be 500' and      to emergency situations. Bob Ordway               application as complete and move to public
         Del Gilbert & Sons. He handed out some           he asked how this facility would comply.            agreed, saying that it would be good overall      hearing; seconded by Steve Jackson. All
         basic conceptual plans for the proposed          Mr. Creley said that he was not sure and that       to have the road upgraded.                        were in favor.
         facility to be placed on one of Mr. Gilbert’s    he has to look at the regulations and layout.           Tom Dow said that the subdivision has to          Mr. Green gave an overview of the plan.
         properties on Shaker Road, Map 49, Lots          He said it is a very safe system, safer than        have frontage on a town road so Mr. Boyer         He said they are proposing to add a small
         123 & 124. Mr. Smith said that a gas filling     fuel and diesel. Mr. Prescott asked which of        would have to bring the road up to town           building, 42' x 108', to an existing green-
         station seems to be the closest use permit-      the lots was preferable. Mr. Creley said they       specs first. Jeff Green asked about the           house. Mr. Green stated that there would be
         ted, noting that this facility would only be     would look at both for turning radius, light-       length of the road and if it goes to the Con-     no ground or slope work done and that this
         used by Del Gilbert vehicles.                    ing, security, and other criteria. Julie Robin-     cord line. Mr. Boyer said it was 1600'. Tom       would look just like the existing green-
             Mr. Smith asked the Board if this would      son asked what Mr. Smith meant by E85.              Dow asked if it goes all the way through.         house. He said there would be no outside
         be considered a commercial or industrial         Mr. Creley said that it is fuel consisting of       Mr. Boyer said it goes to his current proper-     lighting and that all existing grades would
         use, stating that he has to have that determi-   85% ethanol and 15% gas. He said it would           ty in Concord. He said he would need a vari-
         nation so that he knows what size lot is         be injected in the underground tanks, is very       ance for the lot size on the pond side of the         Planning — continued on page 28

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V10-8•August 2008:      V6-#8/August 04         7/29/08    12:50 PM      Page 28

         Page 28           The Loudon Ledger —                                                                                                                      August 2008
                                                           fans in the large greenhouse and trucks on      and electricity will be run from the main         Board Discussion:
         Planning — continued from 27                      nights and weekends.                            building and there is a self-contained hold-          Wellington Lane — Attorney Mayer
         remain. Mr. Green said that access would be           Stan Prescott stated that the size of the   ing tank below the building for sanitary dis-     wrote a letter to Mr. Aversa about the
         through the existing greenhouse. He said          building should be put on the plan. Mr.         posal. Mr. Sargent said that this would be a      guardrail that needed to be installed. Mr.
         that he has recalculated the lot coverage and     Green said that he would make that correc-      temporary placement to be used this year          Aversa had the work done. Stan Prescott,
         the addition of the building puts them at         tion. Chairman Dow closed the hearing to        for the two major race events. Tom Dow            Tom Dow, and Dustin Bowles each went to
         9.15% coverage of the lot, still under the        the public and opened it to the Board only.     asked to clarify that it was for this racing      look at the guardrail and each feels that the
         10% that is allowed.                              Gary Tasker addressed the fire chief’s letter   season only. Mr. Sargent said it would be         guardrail was not extended to the point that
             Tom Dow asked if there would be any           with reference to the chief’s comment about     specific to those two major events. Tom           was agreed upon. There was discussion as to
         effect on traffic flow. Mr. Green said that       him approving all plans before this con-        Moore asked if it was to be moved at the end      where the guardrail was to end (closer to the
         there would not because this is only for          struction can begin. Tom Dow said that he       of the season. Mr. Sargent said that it would     nearest driveway), the liability that remains,
         plant research such as new types of plants        feels the Board could approve the plans if      be moved. He said the Board will probably         and how best to address the matter. Donna
         and how they react to fertilizers and grow-       they chose to because they have been told       see something permanent at some point             was asked to have Tony Puntin do a site
         ing conditions. Mr. Dow asked if there            by the applicant that they have the engi-       because the applicants are doing a whole          visit, inspect the guardrail in relation to past
         would be any chemical mixing. Henry               neered plans and there will be no chemicals     master plan.                                      discussions, and provide comments back to
         Huntington stated that there would be noth-       or anything different from the existing oper-        Stan Prescott asked what permitted use       the Board.
         ing different in this building than what is       ations. He said that the fire chief would be    this would fall under. Mike Labonte said              Donna informed the Board that she
         already done onsite. He said that they need       given the same information and could            that he is confused with the town laws with       received a call from a homeowner on
         to continue to improve the products, grow         review the plans before the building permit     regard to permits, citing an individual           Wellington Lane about an issue with his dri-
         and produce better products, and that noth-       is issued.                                      being able to put up a building without           veway. The homeowner has filled in the
         ing is to be sold out of this building as it is       Gary Tasker made a motion to approve        having to come before the Board. He asked         drainage swale at the front of his property
         all research and development. Gary Tasker         the site development as presented; seconded     why NHMS has to come to the Board for a           because the water was washing out his dri-
         asked why the jog in that corner of the exist-    by Steve Jackson. Dustin Bowles said that       temporary building. Chairman Dow said             veway. Upon investigation it was deter-
         ing greenhouse was left initially. Mr. Green      the Board seems to be alright with the fire      that the Board and town wants to see              mined that a culvert should have been
         pointed out a section that was previously         chief’s letter but Mr. Huntington needs to      everything as it progresses and it is part of     installed at the time that the driveway was
         added for a production area and explained         address the letter directly with the chief as   maintaining the working relationship              constructed. The homeowner will correct
         that the area was not brought across the full     well. Stan Prescott advised Mr. Huntington      between the track and the town. He pointed        the swale to its original design and approach
         width of the existing greenhouse at that          to write a response to the fire chief and copy   out that commercial development is differ-        Mr. Aversa about the culvert.
         time. Mr. Huntington explained that they          the Planning Board. All were in favor.          ent from personal building. Bob Ordway                Gravel Pits — Donna asked the Board
         have a new person doing research and                  Henry Huntington returned to the Board.     said it is also about keeping the site plan       who has jurisdiction over gravel pits. There
         development and they feel this would be a         Bob Ordway returned to the position of          current. Tom Dow said it is important for         was discussion of how these sites have been
         perfect use of that corner.                       Alternate. Jeff Green returned to the table.    the fire and police departments to know           handled in the past and that the Selectmen’s
             Gary Tasker stated that the fire chief            Application #08-11, NH Motor Speed-         what is on the site as well. Henry Hunting-       office seems to oversee them. Donna will
         submitted a letter to the Board with some         way (NHMS) — Site Development, Locat-           ton said it is all part of site development.      continue to review 155-E to determine the
         questions. Mr. Huntington said that one of        ed on Route 106, in the C/R District. Map       Mark Sargent said he did not look at the          Board’s role with regard to gravel pits.
         the items in the letter was a request for engi-   61, Lot 5. Mark Sargent of Richard Bartlett     uses. He said they were told by Chief Fiske           CNHRPC — Steve Jackson reported
         neered plans which he has and will show to        & Associates represented the applicants. No     that it would be alright, they just had to see    that he attended a recent CNHRPC meeting.
         the chief. He said another question was

                                                           abutters were present. Steve Jackson and        the Board. Henry Huntington asked if this         He presented hand-outs from the new trans-
         about chemicals and that there will be no         Dustin Bowles recused themselves from this      building is for attendees or company              portation commissioner, paperwork on SB
         chemicals involved.                               case. Bob Ordway was appointed to be a          usage. Mr. Sargent said that he believed it       342 which is a workforce housing bill that
             Wes Jones said that the concern of him-       voting member in Mr. Jackson’s place. Tom       was for the company’s use but was not told.       needs to be looked at closely, a copy of the
         self and others on the road was an increase       Moore made a motion to accept this appli-       Steve Jackson explained the bank system           comprehensive shoreland protection act that
         of traffic and fan noise. He said that they       cation as complete and move to public hear-     that will be used. He said this building          becomes effective 7/1/08, and a list of ser-
         now hear trucks start and leave in the early      ing; seconded by Henry Huntington. All          would not be open to the public.                  vices and fees for CNHRPC.
         morning. Mr. Jones said that he has talked        were in favor.                                       Chairman Dow closed the hearing to the
         with Henry Huntington about the loud-                                                                                                               Report of the ZBA:
                                                               Mark Sargent gave an overview of the        public and opened it to the Board only. He
         speakers at the facility. He said that they are                                                                                                        Donna reported that there are seven
                                                           project which is to place a 52' x 28' modular   stated that this is for a temporary building to
         still hearing that noise, even on weekends.                                                                                                         applications on this month’s agenda, all of
                                                           building to be used as a bank next to the       be used for this season. Stan Prescott asked
         Mr. Jones said that they can also hear the                                                                                                          them being for special exceptions for
                                                           main office building. He said that the water    if they know when the building will be taken
                                                                                                                                                             reduced setbacks.
                                                                                                           out. Mr. Sargent said that he understood that
                                                                                                           it is for this season only. Mr. Prescott asked    Report of the Board of Permit:
                                                                                                           the Board if they should put a sunset on it.         Stan Prescott reported that the group dis-
            I Fully Insured                                                     Leo Mulleavey              Jeff Green said they could do that or have        cussed four hawker & peddler permits, the
                                                                                Master Electrician         the applicants come back for renewal              landscaping and lights at the new VOA site
            I Free Estimates                                                                               approval. There was brief discussion on how       due to concerns of abutters, a request to
                                                                           213 Clough Pond Road            to set a timeframe of the temporary struc-        condominiumize a property on Hardy Road,
            Residential                                                       Loudon, NH 03307             ture.                                             the new race track sign which was deter-
            Commercial                                                                                          Chairman Dow read a request for a waiv-      mined to be a code enforcement matter that
                                                                        Tel/Fax: 603-783-9569              er of site specific soil mapping. A motion to     needs to be addressed, a safety issue on
            Generator Systems                                               Cell: 603-491-9782             grant the waiver was made by Bob Ordway;          Mudgett Hill Road, and the withdrawal of
                                                                                                           seconded by Gary Tasker. All were in favor.       an application for a boarding house by

               Mulleavey Electric, LLC                                                                     Chairman Dow read a request for a waiver
                                                                                                           of elevation drawings prepared by an archi-
                                                                                                           tect. A motion to grant the waiver was made
                                                                                                                                                             Geraldine Gowlis and inspection of that
                                                                                                                                                             property by Bob Fiske. Mr. Fiske will fol-
                                                                                                                                                             low up with subsequent inspections to
                   Pride in Every Job                                                                      by Henry Huntington; seconded by Gary             ensure that the additional kitchens are per-
                                                                                                           Tasker. All were in favor.                        manently removed.
                                                                                                                There was no further discussion. Tom
                                                                                                           Moore made a motion to approve the
                                                                                                                                                               A motion to adjourn at 9:34 p.m. was
                                                                                                           request for a temporary building for one
                                                                                                                                                             made by Gary Tasker; seconded by Henry
                                                                                                           year as presented; seconded by Bob Ord-
                                                                                                                                                             Huntington. All were in favor.
                                                                                                           way. All were in favor.
                                                                                                                Dustin Bowles and Steve Jackson
                                                                                                                                                                Respectfully submitted,
                                                                                                           returned to the Board.
                                                                                                                                                                Donna White

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V10-8•August 2008:      V6-#8/August 04          7/29/08    12:50 PM       Page 29

         August 2008                                                                                      — The Loudon Ledger                                           Page 29

                                     Zoning Board of Adjustment Minutes — June 26, 2008
         REGULAR HEARING                                    Mr. Jackson said that the buyer’s title attor-          Michael Drotar spoke on behalf of the          map shows it as a small lot. Mr. Smith
            Chairman Dave Powelson called the               ney said he could not justify that it is a sep-     applicant. Abutters have been notified; none       explained that there were twenty lots created
         Loudon Zoning Board of Adjustment meet-            arate lot of record and that Mr. Jackson            were present. Mr. Drotar submitted a letter        in the late 1950s. The chairman said it is a
         ing of June 26, 2008 to order at 7:00 p.m. at      should go to the town and get clarification.        from Richard and Gladys Murphy, the abut-          non-conforming lot. Mr. Smith said that the
         the Loudon Community Building.                     Mr. Jackson said that he has found the lot on       ters most effected by this request, stating        house was built in 1991, explaining that
                                                            town tax maps from the 1970s and tax cards          that they are in agreement with the setback        there was an existing foundation at the time
         ROLL CALL:
                                                            with 1985 records. Dave Powelson asked if           reduction. Chairman Powelson stated that           they purchased the lot. He stated that there
              The following members were present:
                                                            it is a conforming lot of record. He said the       Board members did a site visit last month          are covenants that allow 20' setbacks. The
         George Saunderson, Chairman Dave Powel-
                                                            question would be if the lot was conforming         and went through the points of the applica-        chairman said that he has a copy of the deed
         son, Vice Chairman Ned Lizotte, Roy Mer-
                                                            or non-conforming when zoning passed in             tion at the May meeting. He noted that the         with those covenants; it was submitted for
         rill, Howard Pearl, and Alternates Jim Venne
                                                            1987. He referred to Section S601 of the            request is to reduce the rear setback from         the file. It was noted that the tax maps are
         and Jon Huntington.
                                                            Zoning Ordinance. Mr. Jackson stated that           25' to 15'. There were no questions from the       for reference only. The chairman closed the
         ACCEPTANCE OF MINUTES:                             this lot has 35' of frontage on Berry Road.         public. The chairman closed the hearing to         hearing to the public and opened it to the
            Regular Hearing – Howard Pearl made             Roy Merrill mentioned other lots that were          the public and opened it to the Board only.        Board only. Ned Lizotte made a motion to
         a motion to approve the minutes of May 22,         always considered lots of record but were           George Saunderson made a motion to                 reduce the side setback from 30' to 20'; sec-
         2008; seconded by George Saunderson. All           not combined and were always taxed sepa-            reduce the rear setback to 15' as presented;       onded by Howard Pearl. Mr. Pearl said that
         were in favor.                                     rately. Mr. Jackson stated that he has a letter     seconded by Roy Merrill. A roll vote was           this is the only place on the lot to put a
            Site Visits – George Saunderson made a          from the selectmen saying this is a separate        taken: Howard Pearl – Yes; Roy Merrill –           garage. A roll vote was taken: Howard Pearl
         motion to approve the site visit minutes of        lot of record but the attorney wanted some-         Yes; Dave Powelson – Yes; Ned Lizotte –            – Yes; Roy Merrill – Yes; Dave Powelson –
         May 24, 2008; seconded by Ned Lizotte. All         thing from the Zoning Board. Discussion             Yes; George Saunderson – Yes. Unanimous            Yes; Ned Lizotte – Yes; George Saunderson
         were in favor.                                     continued about other lots, some having             – PASSED                                           – Yes. Unanimous – PASSED
            Ned Lizotte made a motion to approve            been combined, others left as individual                Case #08-13, Neil & Stephanie Smith                 Case #08-14, Vasilios Lazos — Special
         the site visit minutes of June 4, 2008; sec-       lots. It was stated again that this lot has been    — Special Exception for Reduced Setback,           Exception for Reduced Setback, Map 55,
         onded by Howard Pearl. All were in favor.          on the tax maps since at least 1979. Howard         Map 39, Lot 58. Abutters were notified;            Lot 10. Abutters have been notified; none
                                                            Pearl said the problem would be if the lot is       none were present. Chairman Powelson               were present. Steve Melbourne represented
                                                            buildable. Mr. Jackson said that he under-          stated that a site visit was done earlier this     Mr. Lazos. He explained that this request to
             Web Stout for DJP Realty — Mr. Stout
                                                            stands that a variance would be needed in           month. He went through the points of the           reduce the setback from 30' to 20' is for the
         gave an overview of the proposed three lot
                                                            order to build on this lot. Chairman Powel-         application. Mr. Smith said that they are          placement of a 16' x 16' shed and why the
         subdivision on Bee Hole Road, reminding
                                                            son read Section 601.1 of the Zoning Ordi-          asking for the side setback to be reduced          location was chosen. Mr. Melbourne gave
         the Board that two special exceptions and a
                                                            nance. Ned Lizotte asked why the frontage           from 30' to 20', noting that the abutting lot is   pictures to the Board to show the area, not-
         variance were previously approved for this
                                                            is only 35' instead of 50'. Mr. Jackson             undeveloped at the point of encroachment.          ing it is the flattest of the parcel. Roy Mer-
         project. He said that the applicant is current-
                                                            explained that Mr. Berry gave the abutter           The chairman asked if there were any ques-         rill asked where the neighbor’s house sits in
         ly before the Planning Board and that the

                                                            across the road a protective buffer at the          tions from the Board. Roy Merrill said that        conjunction to this proposed shed location.
         town engineer has reviewed the plans and
                                                            front of this piece. George Saunderson              everything was covered at the site walk. A         It was noted that the house can be seen at a
         submitted comments. One concern of the
                                                            asked if Mr. Jackson gets a separate tax bill.      letter was received from abutters Kerry and        reasonable distance away in one of the pic-
         engineer is that the road is in a section of the
                                                            Mr. Jackson said that he does and that              Sharon Drake and a call was received from          tures submitted. Howard Pearl said that this
         steep slope district. Mr. Stout stated that the
                                                            everyone has since the division of the              abutter Sharyn Littizio, both in agreement         request seems to be straightforward. Roy
         cul-de-sac is to be dropped in elevation per
                                                            parcels. Roy Merrill said that he does not          with the setback reduction. There were no          Merrill said with the pictures and plan that
         the ZBA variance. He said it would techni-
                                                            feel that they can say that something that          questions from the public. Jon Huntington
         cally still be in steep slopes that are man-                                                                                                                     Zoning — continued on page 30
                                                            has always been taxed as a lot cannot be            asked about the lot size, noting that the tax
         made. Roy Merrill said that he remembers
                                                            used due to zoning changes. Discussion
         when this was brought up and he told the
                                                            continued about other examples, vacant lots
         applicants that they did not have a variance
                                                            that were not combined, and two that were
         unless they planed off the back side of the
                                                            combined but still did not make a conform-
         cul-de-sac. He said that they all understood
                                                            ing lot. George Saunderson asked Mr. Jack-
         that the road and driveway were discussed
                                                            son if he is selling this as a buildable lot. Mr.
         and approved at the same time. Chairman
                                                            Jackson said he is not currently planning to
         Powelson read the minutes of January 25,
                                                            sell it and knows that it is non-buildable
         2007 with regard to the deliberation,
                                                            without a variance. Dave Powelson said that
         motion, and approval, as well as the notice
                                                            would agree with his interpretation of Sec-
         of decision that was issued. Mr. Stout said
                                                            tion 601.1. Howard Pearl pointed out that
         that they need a clarification so that he can
                                                            Mr. Jackson would have to have an adjacent
         address the engineer’s comment. Howard
                                                            lot in order to combine lots and Mr. Jackson
         Pearl said that a letter of the intent could be
                                                            does not have that. The chairman stated that
         issued. Ned Lizotte said that the notice
                                                            this is Mr. Jackson’s lot and is non-build-
         seems to cover the road as well. He said he
         did not think that a motion was necessary
                                                            able. Howard Pearl said that he would agree                        Collision & Rust Repairs
                                                            that it is non-buildable or non-conforming
         because the road was listed as a condition of
         the variance approval. Chairman Powelson
                                                            but is a lot of record. The members all
                                                            agreed and a letter will be written stating
                                                                                                                                    ALL INSURANCE ACCEPTED
         asked if the Board agreed that was clearly
         the intent of the motion and approval. All                                                                         I State Inspection
         were in agreement. A letter and copy of            PUBLIC HEARINGS:
         these minutes will be issued to the applicant
         for review by the town engineer.
                                                               Case #08-07 Geraldine Gowlis — Spe-
                                                            cial Exception for Boarding House/Bed &
                                                                                                                            I Emission Diagnostics & Repairs
             Steve Jackson — Mr. Jackson explained          Breakfast, Map 12, Lot 33. This application
         that he purchased property on Berry Road           was withdrawn by the applicant.
                                                                                                                            I Complete Service:
         four years ago. He said that there were two           Case #08-12, Chris Wittenberg — Spe-                             Brakes, A/C, Tune-Up, Oil Change
         pieces and he recently sold the larger piece       cial Exception for Reduced Setback, Map
         and kept the separate lot of Map 58, Lot 50.       20, Lot 5.
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V10-8•August 2008:     V6-#8/August 04         7/29/08      12:50 PM      Page 30

         Page 30           The Loudon Ledger —                                                                                                                       August 2008
                                                            Building; seconded by Ned Lizotte. All were          Chairman Powelson closed the hearing          Howard Pearl made a motion to continue
         Zoning — continued from 29                         in favor. There will be no further notifica-     to the public and opened it to the Board          this application to July 24, 2008 at 7:00
         were submitted he does not feel that a site        tion.                                            only. Howard Pearl made a motion to               p.m. at the Community Building; seconded
         visit is necessary, adding that this is a shed         Case #08-16, Michael & Nancy Dube            approve the special exception to allow con-       by Ned Lizotte. All were in favor. There will
         on blocks in a flat area.                          — Special Exception for Reduced Setback,         struction of a deck not protruding more than      be no further notification.
             Chairman Powelson went through the             Map 58, Lot 69. Abutters have been noti-         9' from the house; seconded by George                 Case #08-18, Gail Robinson — Special
         points of the application. Ned Lizotte stated      fied; none were present. Mr. Dube                Saunderson. Mr. Pearl said that it would be       Exception for Reduced Setback, Map 4, Lot
         that they have confirmed the location and          explained that this request is to allow a deck   pretty consistent with the area and that he       18. Abutters have been notified; none were
         that the shed will be on blocks. The chair-        on their home which will encroach on the         does not want to hold this up in light of the     present. Larry Ballin of the Barn Store rep-
         man asked Mr. Melbourne for details of the         front setback. He explained the property         health and safety concerns. He said that          resented the applicant. Mr. Ballin explained
         shed. Mr. Melbourne said that it would be a        location, noting that it is not on the pond      enough can be seen from the pictures so that      that the applicant has asked his company to
         pre-made shed with windows that looks like         side of Berry Road. Mr. Dube stated that the     a site visit would not be critical to the deci-   construct a pavilion where she currently has
         a little house. There were no questions from       deck was started before they were aware that     sion. All agreed. A roll vote was taken:          a riding ring. He said this would be a pole
         the Board nor anyone who wished to speak           a permit was required and that the building      Howard Pearl – Yes; Roy Merrill – Yes;            barn with a truss roof over, not enclosed.
         in favor of or against the application. The        department had sent them to the Board            Dave Powelson – Yes; Roy Merrill – Yes;           Mr. Ballin said they are seeking relief on the
         chairman asked if Board members felt that a        because of the setback encroachment.             Howard Pearl – Yes. Unanimous – PASSED.           front and side setbacks. Roy Merrill pointed
         site visit should be done. Ned Lizotte said        Chairman Powelson went through the points        The Board agreed that they would still look       out that a stonewall is generally the bound-
         that he agrees with Mr. Merrill and that the       of the application. There was discussion of      at the property while in the area for another     ary line and this design looks like it would
         pictures clearly show the layout and the rela-     the point where the measurement was taken        site visit.                                       be right against it. Mr. Ballin said that he
         tionship to the other home. Jon Huntington         from, the width of the right-of-way, and that        Case #08-17, David & Karen Bast —             measured from the travel way. Ned Lizotte
         stated that a 16' x 16' shed is not going to       it should be measured from the edge of the       Special Exception for Reduced Setback,            asked what is on the other side of the side
         take up much space on a 3½ acre parcel.            property to the edge of the deck. A site visit   Map 39, Lot 11-3. Abutters have been noti-        boundary. Mr. Ballin said that there is a
         Roy Merrill stated that there is no site work      was scheduled for July 9, 2008 at 6:15 p.m.      fied; none were present. Karen Bast               house approximately 150' to the other side
         to be done so there is no disturbance of any           Mr. Dube stated that they only have one      explained that they want to use 5' to 8½' of      of the boundary. He explained that the
         kind. The chairman closed the hearing to the       means of egress right now because they can-      the side setback for a turn-around and            thought would be that this area is already
         public and opened it to the Board only. Ned        not finish the deck. Jim Venne said that he      garage. She showed a diagram with the             disturbed rather than disturb any other vege-
         Lizotte made a motion to reduce the side           has no problem with the request after seeing     house, proposed garage, and turn-around.          tation. Roy Merrill said one concern would
         setback from 30' to 20'; seconded by               the pictures that were submitted by the          Mrs. Bast said that the back corner of the        be run off from the building.
         Howard Pearl. Mr. Pearl said that he feels         applicants. The chairman stated that the         original garage design would be over the              Mr. Ballin went through the points of the
         that that applicant has met all of the crite-      deck could be covered with planks for now        setback line by 3.43' but the design had to       application. He explained that the rear of the
         ria. A roll vote was taken: George Saunder-        to resolve the life safety issue. Mrs. Dube      change in order to accommodate a set of           property is sloped and has wetlands there-
         son – Yes; Ned Lizotte – Yes; Dave Powelson        stated that she will be having major back        stairs that would go from the garage into the     fore would not be usable for this purpose.
         – Yes; Roy Merrill – Yes; Howard Pearl –           surgery on July 2, 2008 and would feel bet-      mudroom. The change in the plan would             Roy Merrill said that a site walk should be
         Yes. Unanimous – PASSED                            ter knowing that she could get in and out of     cause the back corner to be over by 8' and        done as he is not sure that the pavilion could
             Case #08-15, Leo Boucher — Special             the house safely, noting that there would no     the front corner by 5'. She said this would be    not move 10' to the driveway side. Mr.
         Exception for Reduced Setback, Map 58,             steps off the deck if not completed. Board       for a two-stall garage but they do not have       Ballin said that he has suggested that to the
         Lot 62. The applicant was unable to attend         members looked at additional pictures.           actual plans at this point. There was discus-     applicant but she wants it in this location
         as he was away on business. Abutters have

                                                            George Saunderson stated that he was             sion of the driveway location. Mrs. Bast          and him to present it as such. Chairman
         been notified; Roanne Sanborn and Kathi            alright without a visit. Howard Pearl agreed.    stated that construction has begun on the         Powelson asked if there was anyone who
         Guay were present. Chairman Powelson                   The chairman asked if there were any         house and mudroom.                                wished to speak in favor of or against the
         said that he thought the Board should go           abutters who wished to speak in favor of or          Howard Pearl suggested that the appli-        application. There were none. Mr. Ballin
         through the application even though the            against the application. Kathi Guay stated       cants get the turn-around and garage staked       said that the site is staked at three corners
         applicant was not present, and he read             that the applicants have done a lot of work      out before the Board did a site visit. There      now, noting that the fourth would be in her
         through the points of the application.             on the property and that the deck can only       was discussion of design options. Chairman        driveway. He said this would be a 55' x 105'
         Howard Pearl said that one concern would           further enhance it. Jon Huntington said this     Powelson went through the points of the           pavilion which is small for an indoor riding
         be runoff into the pond. A site visit was          would certainly be comparable to others in       application. He asked if there were any           ring, with 60' x 120' typically being the
         scheduled for July 9, 2008 at 6:00 p.m.            the area. Howard Pearl noted that they do        questions from the Board. Ned Lizotte             smallest. A site visit was scheduled for July
         Abutter Roanne Sanborn stated that she has         not know the actual measurement. There           referred to #6 and #7 of section two on the       9, 2008 at 7:15 p.m. Roy Merrill made a
         no problem with the request. Abutter Kathi         was discussion that a decision could be          application which address consistency with        motion to continue this application to July
         Guay stated that she has no problem at all         worded to be no more than so far from the        other setbacks in the neighborhood. Mr.           24, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. at the Community
         with the request. Howard Pearl made a              house rather than reducing the setback to a      Lizotte noted that the applicants are the first   Building; seconded by George Saunderson.
         motion to continue this application to July        certain distance.                                to come before the Board for setbacks in          All were in favor. There will be no further
         24, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. at the Community                                                              this neighborhood and that there is nothing       notification.
                                                                                                             comparable as this is a new subdivision.
                                                                                                                                                               BOARD DISCUSSION:
                                                                                                                 Chairman Powelson asked if there was
                                                                                                                                                                   Jon Huntington asked why the discus-
                                                                                                             anyone wishing to speak in favor of or
                                                                                                                                                               sions were held before the hearings. There
                                                                                                             against the application. There were none.
                                                            Sand • Gravel                                    Mr. Powelson suggested that the applicants
                                                                                                                                                               was discussion of how the agenda has been
                                                          Complete Site Work                                 firm up where and what the reduction will
                                                                                                                                                               organized in the past, the way that cases are
                                                                                                                                                               heard, and that the chairman has the discre-
                                                                                                             be. He said he did not see any particular
                                                                                                                                                               tion to take the business in any order.
                                                                                                             concerns from the Board. Roy Merrill asked
                                         MOORE CONSTRUCTION                                                  when they plan to build the garage. Mrs.
                                                                                                             Bast said she was not sure, it could be five
                                                                                                                                                                  Ned Lizotte made a motion to adjourn
                                                                                                             years. Mr. Merrill suggested that they deal       the meeting at 9:27 p.m.; seconded by
                                                                                                             with just the turn-around at this point.          Howard Pearl. All were in favor.
                                                                                                             Howard Pearl said that they have to consider
           Dennis R. Moore                                                    55 Storrs Drive                other lots because the lots in this subdivi-         Respectfully submitted,
           (603) 783-4637                                                  Loudon, NH 03307                  sion are smaller and narrow. A site visit was        Donna White
                                                                                                             scheduled for July 9, 2008 at 6:45 p.m.              Administrative Assistant

              Please note that both Planning and Zoning Minutes are DRAFT                                                                                  Notices for all Public
                                                                                                                                                           Meetings are posted at
             minutes, i.e., they have not been approved yet. For a copy of the
            approved minutes, please contact the Planning/Zoning Office after                                        Whered                                 the following sites:
                             their monthly meetings (798-4540).
                                                                                                                    do I fin                                • Town Of ce
                                     Planning Board meets the
                               third Thursday of the month at 7 p.m.                                                 Public                                • Max eld Public Library

                                     Zoning Board meets the
                            fourth Thursday of the month at 7:30 p.m.
                                                                                                                   Notices?                                • Beanstalk Store
                                                                                                                                                           • Ivory Rose/USPS
                          Both Boards meet at the Community Building.                                                                                      • Transfer Station
                               All meetings are open to the public.                                                                                        • Web Site
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         August 2008                                                                          — The Loudon Ledger                                      Page 31

                                    August 2008 in Loudon
              SUNDAY               MONDAY                     TUESDAY                WEDNESDAY                       THURSDAY                    FRIDAY                    SATURDAY

                                                                                                                                            1                          2
                                                                                                                                            July 28–August 15•Second
                                                                                                                                                Grade Reading Camp
                                                                                                                                                @ LES

          3                    4                         5                          6                            7                          8                          9
                               Red Cross Swim Lessons,
                                  Session 2 @ Clough
                                                         Australian Walkabout @
                                                                                    3pm•Movie @ Library
                                                                                    7pm•Historical Society
                                                                                                                 10:30–2:30•Drop-in Craft
                                                                                                                    Time @ Library
                                                                                                                                            OLD HOME DAY SET UP
                                                                                                                                                                       LOUDON OLD
                                  Pond Town Beach        5pm•Library Trustees       7pm•Wildlife Adventures                                                              HOME DAY!
                                                            Meeting @ Library          @ Rec. Field in Village
                                                            Meeting @ Com. Bldg.
                                                         7pm•Lions Club @ Library

          10                   11                        12                         13                           14                         15                         16
                               11:30–7:30•Red Cross      6:30pm•Selectmen’s         6pm•Conservation Com.        10:30–2:30•Drop-in Craft   LOUDON LEDGER              LAST DAY OF SUMMER
                                  Blood Drive @             Meeting/Board of           @ Com. Bldg.                 Time @ Library             DEADLINE FOR               READING PROGRAM @
                                  Elementary School         Permit @ Com. Bldg.     7pm•39th Army Band @                                       SEPTEMBER ISSUE            LIBRARY — Booklets
                               6pm•LYAA Soccer Meeting                                 Rec. Field in Village                                                              Due
                                  followed by regular
                                  meeting at 7pm.
                                  Location TBA.
                               8pm•Loudon Fire Dept.

          17                   18                        19                         20                           21                         22                         23
                               5pm•Library Trustees @    6–7:30pm•3rd & 4th Grade   7pm•American Legion &        10:30–2:30•Drop-in Craft
                                  Library                   Soccer Tryouts @ Rec       Auxilliary Meeting           Time @ Library
                               6:30pm•Communications        Field.                  7pm•Local Teen Talent @      6–7:30pm•5th & 6th Grade
                                  Council Meeting @      6:30pm•Selectmen’s            Rec. Field in Village        Soccer Tryouts @ Rec
                                  Com. Bldg.                Meeting @ Com. Bldg.    LYAA MLS Soccer Camp            Field.
                                                         7pm•Lions Club @ Library      online sign-ups end       Reading Program Prize
                                                                                       today.                       Party
                                                                                                                 7pm•Planning Board @
                                                                                                                    Com. Bldg.

          24                   25                        26                         27                           28                         29                         30
                                                         FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL        6:30•Rec Committee @         7pm•Zoning Board of        SCHOOL CLOSED FOR
                                                                                       Library                      Adjustment @ Com.          LABOR DAY HOLIDAY
                                                         9–Noon•VNA Senior          7:30•Library Book Group         Bldg.                      WEEKEND
                                                            Health Clinic @ VOA                                  7pm•MVSL Mandatory
                                                            Building                                                Coach & Directors
                                                         6:30pm•Selectmen’s                                         Meeting in Henniker
                                                            Meeting/Work Session
                                                            @ Com. Bldg.
                                                         7pm•LYAA Mtg. @ Library
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         Page 32          The Loudon Ledger —                                                                        August 2008

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                            Ivory Rose                                           CE!

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                      I   Flowers I Van Otis Chocolates I
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                   Gifts that “Say Something Special”
                               Collectibles:                                                 Wash, Dry, and Fold Service.
             Boyd’s Bears, Department 56 Villages, WebKinz,                                        (Mondays, Tuesdays & Wednesdays)
              WebKinz Charms/Trading Cards, Home Decor,                                          FREE SOAP ON THURSDAYS!
               Baggallini, New Jewelry Line, Snow Babies,
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              Open 7 Days • 106 Brookside Mall, Loudon, NH
                                                                                                    Rtes. 106 & 129, Loudon

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                                                                                       P.O. Box 7871                                 PAID
                                                                                                                               Concord, NH 03301
                                                                                       Loudon, NH 03307-7871                     Permit No. 726

                                                                                       August 2008
                                                                                       Volume 10, Number 8

                                                                                                  POSTAL PATRON

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