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					Festive Decorations Survey 2006
Pendle Borough Council allocates money annually to ensure that the town centres in the district have attractive decorations for important festivals such as Christmas and Eid. Pendle BC's Scrutiny Team are currently undertaking a review of festive decorations and in particular how funds are allocated across the town centres. Please could you spend a couple of minutes giving us your views on the festive decorations in the town centre you visit most frequently in Pendle. Q1 Which town centre in Pendle do you visit most frequently? 40.4% Nelson 16.0% Colne 27.7% 4.3% Brierfield 3.2% 8.5%

Barnoldswick Earby Barrowford


How would you rate this year's festive decorations in the Pendle town you most frequently visit? 10.6% Very 22.3% Good 24.5% Average 24.5% Poor 18.1% Very 0.0% Not
good poor intereste d

This year, Pendle BC (with contributions from Area Committees) has invested £142,000 in the festive decorations across the district Q3 Do you feel the level of spending on festive decorations should be: Reduced 43.6% Increased 45.7% Stay the same 3.2%


No council money should be spent on festive decorations


Do you have any further comments to make on the festive decorations in Pendle?

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Seemed to be less noticeable this year. i would like to say that the Eid decoration were brilliant and so were the chrismas decorations, it is nice for a Muslim to see eid deorations, it make us feel a part of of the community here in Pendle. Trawden seems to have had a very small slice of the Christmas tree lights budget!! DON'T THINK THAT NELSON SAW A GREAT DEAL OF THE AMOUNT INVESTED!!!!!!! I thought they were generally excellent but do feel that nelson and Colne's aren't as good possibly because they have no Parish or Town Council contributing. I am a resident of Barrowford, but work in Nelson town centre, the standard of decorations in Nelson were extremely poor and very depressing compared to the decorations in Barrowford, which looked so bright and cheerful. Even the Christmas tree in Nelson looked so drab with its few one coloured lights, come on Nelson do something better this year after all the town centre needs something to boost its appearance the tree in Nelson centre was a disgrace and to top it all the council raged about it saying it was the biggest tree in the county it was bigand ugly with the smallest lights on it that you had to stand next to itro see BARROWFORD WERE GOOD Although our decorations are good, we seem to have too much of thebigger things and less of the smaller ones have the decorations in barrowford from last trading post to zios, instead of from zios to holmefield. Try and redirect funding to christmas decorations and stop wasting money pandering to ethnic minorities by decorating the town when its Eid etc. I can't remember seeing any Chinese decorations for the Chinese newyear? If you want to be multi cultural then why not celebrate their festivals? This way more money will go towards better Christmas decorations for the ethnic majority in the town. Where are the trees? Earby, Sough - no trees - Why? Colne probably has the largest proportion of Christian residents in the borough of Pendle and as such should

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lead the way in respect of it's Christmas decorations. Barrowford & Barnoldswick 's lights were, in my opinion more tasteful and co-ordinated. One of the main decorations in Colne, situated at the lay-by just above the Crown Hotel was never illuminated during the whole of the festive season. The blue, green and lilac tree displays outside Whitesides/Taylors & Lee dams/Brian's jewellers were super. If only all our town centre could be similarly be-decked. The trees in Barnoldswick Town square this year were wonderful. After many years of just having our plastic Santa and snowman, which we grew to love although very amusing, the look measured up and brought us up to date. my children said it didn’t feel like Christmas whilst we were shopping in nelson, very disappointing. The council should encourage shop keepers to participate, this was done in other towns and villages in the area, in a bid to attract festiveshoppers. Nelson's decorations this year looked decidedly gloomy in comparison to other areas. No decorations in Trawden why? Nelson's were poor, Barrowford was good (thanks to good house keeping by parish) More should be spent on villages They do say less is more when it comes to decorations. Therefore, better to spend on some distinctive unusual festive decorations, than too many small unimaginative ones. i think that sponsorship should be sought from large organisations that benefit from the council Complete & utter joke. If that’s the best they can do I wouldn't bother! More decorations but this would need policing The town centre used to look more attractive when the trees had the lights in them and the rows of coloured lights down Scotland Rd & Market St, perhaps if you incorporated these along with the decorations used this year it may well show a huge improvement, rather than the boring theme we had this year which to me was appalling. why did smaller villages /towns such as barrowford and barnoldswick have more extensive decorations than colne ?? The xmas decorations in the town were poor by comparison I thought they looked lovely Maybe businesses within Pendle could sponsor the decorations?? I feel over the years the decorations in nelson have decreased in their appeal. I travel around all the country and can say Nelson does not come near the top when it comes to Christmas and eid spirit. I would like to see decent nativity in all the towns in the Pendle area, as a church going Christian I am offended by the way Pendle council are ignoring what Christmas is about. Christmas is not about Santa, gifts and Christmas trees, it's about celebrating the birth of Christ. At this point if Pendle council are trying to be P.C they are also offending Muslims as they also believe in Jesus. I have wrote to Chris Barnes the chief executive about this and the possibility of a Good Nativity scene in each town for next year but he has not had the manners or decency to reply. So please take not and do not ignore the majority of Pendle people. Did the decorations really need to be put up at the end of October? Surely it would have saved electricity and maintenance costs if they had been left until the start of December when the rest of us put our decorations up? The lamppost decorations were nice as a preparation for something welcoming in the Town Centre. However the central area itself was extremely disappointing! I cannot believe that any of the £142000 was spent on Nelson. There were less decorations than in previous years and the blue lights on the Christmas tree were hardly discernible It is for children mainly and they dont put in to the system their were more decorations for Eid than for Christmas and I felt this very sad, both holidays festives are of equal valve to each religion for such a small town like Colne i would have thought it wouldn't have been that hard to decorate nicely no matter how much, or how little money there is to spend. Difficult to answer Q3 in isolation to other costs I have never seen such a sad display colne decorations are not the most tasteful - bit Blackpooly. Why not look at Skipton and some of the decorations in the small N Yorks towns -strings of fairy lights rather than the big decorations on lamp posts. The twinkly lights on the Christmas trees at Market st were good – presume they are cheaper than the big ones. The star at Winewall is lovely I think doing away with the nativity scene seemed a let down in Nelson I realize that it might have upset some of our ethnic community but after all we are the resident and lived here all are lives they have come here from there own country if we went to there home land we would be expectedto abide by there religious activity I do not think that they would alter anything for us but I could be wrong .i think the nativity model was part of Christmas the ones in nelson were absolutely disgraceful and i feel that more attention has been paid to the decorations for eid...well im white British and Christian im not a bloody minority yet although in nelson i am well on the way

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to it which is why i am looking for a property out of the nelson area so fingers crossed will not be having to look at the worst Christmas display it has been my misfortune to see in years!!! didn't like the blue and silver and white trees in the town, prefer more traditional decor i.e. red, gold and green Some parts of the town (Colne ) still feel bare. The large trees in the villages were much better when coloured lights were restored. villages are poorly represented Where are the trees? It could be slightly increased to make a nice town centre display. Ialso thought that the street light decorations were turned on early for xmas, but i expect you would be criticised if they were turned on nearer to xmas. Everyone trims up far too early nowadays, and we all seem a bit fed up with it all by the time xmas actually arrives I hope Pendle do not go down the 'non-Christmas' road. By all means help the Asian community celebrate their festivals but keep Christmas Who took the Christ out of Christmas? Please do not, in the spirit of political correctness, degenerate into" Happy Holidays" or similar. If decorations are going to be put up then let us at least put them up to a standard that is equally high and of a quality. In other words if ajob is worth doing do it right or not at all. The christmas trees last year in Barnoldswick town square were both garish and tacky, they reminded me of something i can go and look at in that tackiest of towns, Blackpool!I would rather there be no decorations if Christmas 2006's efforts are our benchmark. Tradtional trees and traditional decor for our little traditional town please, not coloured light bulbs and neon lights. Regards, Paul and Karen Standrill. Barnoldswick. The one in the Pendle Rise Shopping Centre was great for the kids. Why do they cost so much? How do you work out which town gets what amount spent on decorations? The lights are boring, they should be more colourful and thedecorations on the lampposts are horrible. Out of town motorist have to goaround the centre and don't see the xmas decs I think a few more colouredlights are called for on the busy road pass the police station. The smallxmas trees that are above the shops are really nice perhaps some more ofthese. Lets see more colour!! The decorations in Barnoldswick were superb this year, a credit to the council. What decorations? - Its about time political correctness and racism is put to one side. It would be nice to have decorations like we had in years gone by, - a tree, a nativity scene, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus - how on Earth can this offend anyone? The Asians get to celebrate Eid so why can't we celebrate Christmas? Are you? 52.1%






How old are you? 6.4% 16 - 24

13.8% 25 - 34

22.3% 35 - 44

27.7% 45 - 54

24.5% 55 - 64

3.2% 65+


Which of the following best describes your ethnic background? 89.4% White British 6.4% Asian or Asian British - Pakistani 0.0% White Irish 0.0% Asian or Asian British - Bangladeshi 3.2% White Other 0.0% Asian or Asian British - Other 0.0% Mixed White & Black Caribbean 0.0% Black or Black British - Caribbean Mixed White & Black African 0.0% 0.0% Black or Black British African 0.0% Mixed White & Asian 0.0% Black or Black British - Other Mixed Other 0.0% 0.0% Chinese 0.0% Asian or Asian British - Indian 1.1% Other Racial Group Thank you for taking the time to give us your views on festive decorations in Pendle.

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