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									                                     COUNTY OF ALAMEDA
                             GENERAL SERVICES AGENCY-PURCHASING
                                                              ADDENDUM No. 2
                                                                 RFP No. 901005
     Specification Clarification/Modification and Recap of the Networking/Bidders Conferences
                                Held on July 10, 2012 and July 11, 2012

                                                                   NOTICE TO BIDDERS



                 The bid due date has been change to August 16, 2012.
                 Important changes have been made to Bid Forms. Exhibit B-5 and B-11 have been
                  revised. Vendors must submit Exhibit B-5 (REVISED) and Exhibit B-11
                  (REVISED) included in Addendum No. 2, with their Bid Response. Failure to
                  submit the correct or incomplete bid forms will be subject to bid disqualifications or
                 EXHIBIT S - (The Iran Contracting Act (ICA) of 2010). This Exhibit must be
                  completed and returned as part of the bid response.
                 Exhibit T – ALCO AGSBI Report – 2752138
                 Exhibit U – ALCO 4864130ZTSA072412

                                    1401 LAKESIDE DRIVE, SUITE 907, OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA 94612
                                           510 208 9600 FAX 510 208 9626
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                            County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                       RFP No. 901005, Addendum No. 2

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April 11, 2013

The following Sections have been modified to read as shown below. Changes made to the original
RFP document are in bold print and highlighted, and deletions made have a strike through.

Page 16 of the RFP, Section E (Specific Requirements), Item 22.a has been revised and as follows:

                 22.   Dedicated Technician(s) with vehicle(s) and tools.

                       Vendor to:

                       a.       Provide an Avaya qualified dedicated certified technician to be assigned
                                on-site to the County full time for a minimum of (50) 51 weeks per year,
                                such that the technician or a temporary replacement is available every
                                business day for approximately 250 days during each 12 month term of any
                                contract awarded as a result of this RFP.

Page 22 of the RFP, Section G (OTHER SERVICES), Item 1.d, has been deleted.

       G.        OTHER SERVICES

                 1.    Training

                       Vendor to:

                       a.       Provide training materials, directions, and brochures on new products as
                                part of new purchases and make materials available on order for existing
                                systems or on line.

                       b.       Provide training classes on site as requested by the County.

                       c.       Provide access to online training as available and ordered by the County.

                       d.       Provide quotes for training classes.

Page 25 of the RFP, Section K (CALENDAR OF EVENTS) has been revised as follows:


                  Event                       Date/Location
                  Request Issued              June 25, 2012
                  Written Questions Due       by 5:00 pm on July 11, 2012
                                                                              at: Castro Valley Library
                                              July 10, 2012 @ 2:00 p.m.           3600 Norbridge Avenue
                  Conference #1
                                                                                  Canyon Room
                         County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                    RFP No. 901005, Addendum No. 2

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April 11, 2013

                                                                                Castro Valley, CA 94546
                                                                            at: General Services Agency
                 Networking/Bidders                                             1401 Lakeside Drive
                                            July 11, 2012 @ 10:00 a.m.
                 Conference #2                                                  Room 1107, 11th Floor
                                                                                Oakland, CA 94612
                 Addendum #1 Issued         July 18, 2012
                 Addendum #2 Issued         July 30, 2012
                 Response Due               August 13, 2012 by 2:00 p.m. August 16, 2012 by 2:00 p.m.
                 Evaluation Period          August 16 – September 7, 2012
                 Vendor Interviews          September 5, 2012
                 Board Letter Issued        November 9, 2012
                 Board Award Date           December 4, 2012
                 Contract Start Date        January 1, 2013

Criteria table have been revised as follows:

                 G. F    Relevant Experience:
                         Proposals will be evaluated against the RFP specifications and the questions
                         1. Do the individuals assigned to the project have experience on similar
                         2. Are résumés complete and do they demonstrate backgrounds that would be
                            desirable for individuals engaged in the work the project requires?
                         3. How extensive is the applicable education and experience of the personnel
                            designated to work on the project?
                 H.      References (See Exhibit M, Item D1 & D2)
                 J. H.   Oral Presentation and Interview:
                         The oral presentation by each bidder shall not exceed sixty (60) minutes in
                         length. The oral interview will consist of standard questions asked of each of
                         the bidders and specific questions regarding the specific proposal. The
                         proposals may then be re-evaluated and re-scored based on the oral
                         presentation and interview.
                 L. I.   Understanding of the Project:
                         Proposals will be evaluated against the RFP specifications and the questions
                         1. Has proposer demonstrated a thorough understanding of the purpose and
                            scope of the project?
                         2. How well has the proposer identified pertinent issues and potential
                            problems related to the project?
                             County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                        RFP No. 901005, Addendum No. 2

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April 11, 2013

                     3. Has the proposer demonstrated that it understands the deliverables the
                        County expects it to provide?
   Page 43 of the RFP, Section BB (ONLINE CONTRACT COMPLIANCE SYSTEM), item 2.a
   has been revised:


                 Upon contract award:

                 1.     The County will provide contractors and subcontractors participating in any
                        contract awarded as a result of this bid process, a code that will allow them to
                        register and use Elation Systems free of charge.

                 2.     Contractors should schedule a representative from their office/company, along
                        with each of their subcontractors, to attend Elation training.

                        a.       Free multi-agency Elation Systems one-hour training sessions require
                                 reservations and are held monthly in the Oakland Pleasanton, California

                 It is the Contractor’s responsibility to ensure that they and their subcontractors are
                 registered and trained as required to utilize Elation Systems.

                 For further information, please see the Elation Systems training schedule online at
        or call Elation Systems at (510)
                 764-1870 (925) 924-0340.

   Responses to Verbal Questions

   Q1)     Does the County have any requirements on the duties performed by the subcontracted SLEB
   A1)     The County prefers SLEB subcontractors to provide direct support to the contract.
           However, the winning bidder decides what duties the SLEB contractor will perform.
           Any subcontractor providing Avaya equipment and installation must be an Avaya
           certified business partner.

   Q2)     Can the vendor subcontract the billing portion of the contract to a SLEB to meet the 20%
   A2)     A SLEB subcontractor can provide both goods and services. However, as mentioned in
           A1, any subcontractor providing Avaya equipment and installation must be an Avaya
           certified business partner.

   Q3)     Does the County have a SLEB Requirement?
                       County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                  RFP No. 901005, Addendum No. 2

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April 11, 2013

   A3)     Yes, please see page 40 through 43 of the RFP, Section AA (COUNTY PROVISIONS).

   Q4)     How does the County apply the additional points for SLEB?
   A4)     Please refer to Page 42 of the RFP, Section AA (COUNTY PROVISIONS), Item 3
           which states:
              Subject to the requirements of the SLEB program and the criteria of each procurement
              process, the maximum bid evaluation preference points for being certified is ten
              percent (10%) [five percent (5%) local, and five percent (5%) certified].

   Q5)     Are there any SLEBs that can perform the services listed in the RFP?
   A5)     The current contractor is a SLEB. Additional listings of SLEB certified vendors can be
           found in, Doing Business With Us, Small Local and Emerging Business
           and can be search by NAICS Codes.

   Q6)     Will the County define the requirements of a SLEB?
   A6)     Please refer to page 40 of the RFP, Section AA (COUNTY PROVISIONS), Item 2,
           which states:
              Small and Emerging Locally Owned Business: A small business is as defined by the
              United States Small Business Administration. For this RFP, applicable industries
              include, but not limited to, the NAICS Codes: 238210 as having no more than
              $14,000,000 and 811213 as having no more than $10,000,000 in average annual gross
              receipt; NAICS Codes 517911 has having no more than one thousand five hundred
              employees over the last three (3) years. An emerging business, as defined by the
              County, is one that has less than one-half (1/2) of the preceding amount and has been
              in business less than five (5) years. In order to participate herein, the small or
              emerging business must also satisfy the locality requirements and be certified by the
              County as a Small or Emerging, local business.

   Q7)     How does the current contractor, Carousel Industries qualify as a SLEB?
   A7)     Carousel Industries meets all the requirements required in Exhibit E SLEB
           certification application package.

   Q8)     When does SLEB status need to be certified in order to be considered for SLEB preference?
   A8)     Contractors should be SLEB certified before the bid due date. It is important to begin
           the certification process early, prior to the bid due date. If the Prime is not a SLEB, the
           company will have to satisfy the twenty percent (20%) SLEB subcontracting
           requirements. Bidders may divide the twenty percent (20%) among multiple SLEBs

   Q9)     Does the winning bidder have to subcontract 20% of the total contract or the potential of the
   A9)     If the winning bidder is not a SLEB, 20% of the total bid amount must be
           subcontracted to a SLEB.
                      County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                 RFP No. 901005, Addendum No. 2

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April 11, 2013

   Q10) If the winning bidder is not a SLEB or does not subcontract 20% of the bid to a SLEB, will
        the bid be accepted by the County?
   A10) The County requires that bidders comply with SLEB provisions, as stated in the RFP.
        However, if a bidders firm is unable to comply, please provide a full description of the
        reasons why in Exhibit I of the RFP.

   Q11) What is the requirement for the County to waive the SLEB requirements for this RFP?
   A11) Please see page 41 of the RFP, Section AA (COUNTY PROVISION), Item 2.c., which
            The County reserves the right to waive these small/emerging local business
            participation requirements in this RFP, if the additional estimated cost to the County,
            which may result from inclusion of these requirements, exceeds five percent (5%) of
            the total estimated contract amount or Ten Thousand dollars ($10,000), whichever is

   Q12) What is the annual cost of the current contract?
   A12) The current contract costs $900,000 annually. The cost in the future could be more or
        less depending on projects and the winning bid.

   Q13) Does the annual cost of the contract stated in Q12 include the cost of major projects?
   A13) The current annual costs include purchases and implementations for various major
        projects some of which were projected ahead of time and some which were client
        initiated on short notice.

   Q14) Is the goal of the contract to achieve better service at a lower price or a lower price with the
        same level of service?
   A14) The intent of the RFP is to select a bidder most capable of meeting the County’s
        requirements. The evaluation does consider price as one of the evaluation conditions.
        The vendor’s bid is scored on the total solution.

   Q15) How many people are currently providing service to the County on the Voice Network and
        Equipment contract?
   A15) There are currently three and a half (3.5) people dedicated to the County’s account. In
        addition to the 3.5 people, an account manager and additional field technician work on
        the County’s account but are not dedicated. There is a third field technician who is
        completely familiar with the County’s buildings, systems, and clients who works on
        County jobs. The third field technician also handles repairs as needed and fills in for
        both the dedicated technician and the field technician as needed either because of
        workload or because dedicated staff are on vacation.

   Q16) What is the scope of work for the three and a half (3.5) people who work directly on the
        County’s account?
                      County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                 RFP No. 901005, Addendum No. 2

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April 11, 2013

   A16) Most of the MAC (Moves/Adds/Changes) work is done by the dedicated technician.
        The County tries to use the dedicated technician for five (5) stations or less but because
        of cost constraints to the County, the technician is being utilized more. The County
        currently has an additional technician besides the dedicated technician; the majority of
        his time is spent doing work for the County. A third technician spends a third to half of
        his time working for the County. The first technician has worked on the account an
        average of 120 to 160 hours a month, the second technician has averaged 80 to 100
        hours a month. The amount of hours worked by the third technician is unknown. In
        addition to the three (3) technicians there is a full time dedicated technician for MAC
        work. The hours for these technicians are mostly not chargeable. The hours stated
        cover maintenance support, covered repairs time and materials (T&M) repairs (that
        are chargeable to the County) and labor work that is chargeable but quoted to the
        County under project proposals and paid for under separate purchase orders. The
        County cannot break out the time between these different categories of work.

           The County has no intent to have more than one dedicated technician assigned on a
           routine basis. The County expects the vendor to have other staff available to substitute
           for that technician when the regular dedicated technician is on vacation or out ill or
           unavailable for some reasons.

   Q17) Were the current technicians with the previous provider prior to being acquired from
   A17) Yes.

   Q18) Will there be an option to hire the current technicians?
   A18) The County will not be involved in the hiring process. The winning bidder should
        inquire directly with the technicians.

   Q19) Are there any large projects within the scope of this contract planned in the next three years?
   A19) Our strategy is to continue to merge older, separate PBXs into what the County terms
        the core VoIP switch based in the County Data Center. The projects involve changing
        out PPNs and EPNs to gateways, modifying the data plan, changing out some
        peripherals, and other modifications to the network and its infrastructure. The County
        also intends to bring at least two major buildings online in the next three years
        requiring voice infrastructure in both. The number, timing, and scope of large projects
        cannot be predicted but will be determined by client department needs, available
        funding, and staff resources.

   Q20) Will contracts for any planned large projects within the scope of this RFP be awarded
        through a new bid process, or awarded to the winning bidder of this contract?
   A20) The County intends to award large projects involving the purchase and installation of
        new Avaya equipment or upgrades to the vendor this contract is awarded to. The
        contract will not necessarily be exclusive however the County reserves the right to put a
        project partially or wholly out to bid if it decides this is the appropriate action to take.
                     County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                RFP No. 901005, Addendum No. 2

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April 11, 2013

   Q21) Is the County’s operating systems Microsoft?
   A21) Yes.

   Q22) Is the County interested in Unified Communications?
   A22) The County conducted a sealed bid process for a unified communications system,
        selected AVST as the platform and VOX as the vendor. The implementation of the
        unified communications project is underway.

   Q23) Does the County have their own in house Microsoft resources or are resources
   A23) Microsoft resources are handled by the Information Technology Department (ITD).

   Q24) How is the maintenance of the 32 key systems handled?
   A24) The maintenance of the 32 key systems is handled by Carousel on a T&M basis. The
        vendor who wins the new contract will also provide support on the key systems on a
        T&M basis.

   Q25) Why was the Voice Network and Equipment RFP not awarded last year?
   A25) The County’s voice strategy was re-evaluated and changed with a much greater focus
        on mobility tools and support of alternative work arrangements. In addition, one
        County Agency changed its relationship with the County as whole, becoming more
        independent; it may at some point become self supporting for voice.

   Q26) Will the County define mobility?
   A26) Mobility primarily means providing employees with tools that enable them to work
        from home, use “hoteling” at County buildings, work from the field, and be more
        flexible in their day to day work, and in emergency situations. The County wants to
        provide Agencies and their employees with alternatives to the traditional workspace
        and the desktop environment.

   Q27) Is the County interested in adding a mobility server?
   A27) The County is evaluating the need for a mobility server.

   Q28) Is video currently part of the County’s communications infrastructure?
   A28) Most of the County is using network based video, which is not controlled by

   Q29) Is the County using desktop video or any new technology? Is Avaya ruled out?
   A29) Agencies approach video using various products and services. GSA may investigate
        video conferencing tools; Avaya technology has not been ruled out nor have other
                     County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                RFP No. 901005, Addendum No. 2

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April 11, 2013

   Q30) How many vendors will be selected for the vendor interviews?
   A30) Please refer to page 30, 4th paragraph of the RFP which states:
           If the two-stage approach is used, the three (3) bidders receiving the highest
           preliminary scores and with at least 200 points will be invited to an oral presentation
           and interview.

   Q31) Will the County describe the vendor interview?
   A31) Please refer to Evaluation Criteria, page 32, item H Oral Presentation and Interview:
           The oral presentation by each bidder shall not exceed 60 minutes in length. The oral
           interview will consist of standard question asked of each of the bidders and specific
           questions regarding the specific proposal. The proposals may then be re-evaluated and
           re-scored based on the oral presentation and interview.

   Q32) Will the County describe the current system for remote monitoring of the voice
   A32) The systems are designed to send out alarms, some remote trouble shooting can be
        done. Problems are resolved by the maintenance vendor without calling the County.

   Q33) Does the County proactively monitor voice network system?
   A33) No.

   Q34) Does the County currently have any tools to monitor the voice enterprise?
   A34) No.

   Q35) How does the County want vendors to price on Exhibit B-5? Should the price quoted on
        Exhibit B-5 be for one or two years?
   A35) The vendor should price one year for Support Advantage (SA) but the County will
        require the option to pay in one (1) year increments. Please see Exhibit B-5 (Revised).

   Q36) When does the current Software Support with Upgrades (SSU) expire?
   A36) For the purposes of this RFP, assume the County’s SSU will expire at the end of this
        calendar year.

   Q37) How many SSU systems does the County have?
   A37) The County has two (2) systems where SSU applied; the core system and the Child
        Support Services system. The County has moved to Software Support (SS) for the
        Child Support Services switch. SS also applies to the CMS ACD report server.

   Q38) Will the County switch to Software Advantage (SA) when the current SSU expires?
   A38) If SS and SSU are replaced by SA and Support Advantage with Upgrades (SAU) by
        Avaya then the County will presumably have to move to SA at minimum when the
        current arrangements expire.
                      County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                 RFP No. 901005, Addendum No. 2

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April 11, 2013

   Q39) Which data center is the County consolidating to?
   A39) The County’s strategy is to consolidate its separate Avaya PBX systems into the Avaya
        CM 5.2.1 with sold to number 4864130 located in County’s Data Center in Oakland
        with back up equipment located at a County site in Dublin.

   Q40) What is the motivation behind the County consolidating its voice network equipment?
   A40) The County wants to reduce the number of Avaya voice systems that must be
        monitored, supported, and upgraded. Consolidation of systems offers the advantage of
        enabling more consistency in the features and functionality offered across the County.
        Consolidation also makes responding to requests for service at new location and
        relocating staff easier. GSA Communications also wants to make better use of the
        County’s WAN and its topology.

   Q41) Is the County going to provide the ILO3 reports?
   A41) Yes, the ILO3 reports were released on July 18, 2012 as part of Addendum No.1.

   Q42) Does the County need a letter of agency in order to get the ILO3 Reports?
   A42) No. The County is going to release one set of ILO3 Reports as part of the Addendum so
        all vendors will be able to interpret and bid on the same information.

   Q43) Will the County provide remote access to County systems prior to the bid due date?
   A43) No.

   Q44) Can a bidder who was previously a Nortel partner that recently became a certified Avaya
        partner bid on this contract?
   A44) Please see page 8 through 12 of the RFP, item D (Vendor Qualifications).

   Q45) Will the County provide a scope of work for the dedicated on site personnel?
   A45) No. The County contracts for the dedicated technician’s time. The technician or
        alternate technicians reports directly to GSA Communications management on a daily
        basis. Staff in GSA Communications dispatch the technician on both repair and
        installation work on voice systems and services.

   Q46) Does the County intend for all trouble calls to be handled by the County, and then routed to
        the vendor, or for the vendor to handle all calls?
   A46) The County will take all repair calls and then open trouble tickets with the
        maintenance vendor where needed based on County assessment. GSA
        Communications staff will handle all the calls directly during the normal business
        hours; on off hours and weekends, County clients call Alameda County Sheriff’s
        Dispatch who then contacts on-call GSA Communications personnel who in turn will
        contact the PBX maintenance vendor.
                       County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                  RFP No. 901005, Addendum No. 2

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April 11, 2013

   Q47)    Does the County currently have a trouble ticketing system?
   A47)    Not yet. Trouble tickets are handled manually.
   Q48)    What is the County’s current process for fixing a broken phone?
   A48)    A vendor technician is not automatically dispatched on a broken phone trouble ticket;
           phone sets are not covered under the current contract. The County uses the dedicated
           technician to try to resolve the problem and/or determine if the problem with a phone
           set can be easily fixed. A technician will troubleshoot to see if the problem is associated
           with hardware or software that is covered under warranty or requires a replacement
           phone (either new purchase or from County inventory). If the problem is covered
           under maintenance (port or IP address in to the PBX – not a problem with station
           cable or cable jack or set) then a trouble ticket is opened with the vendor. The County
           may choose to open a trouble ticket with the vendor on a broken phone or other service
           not covered under monthly maintenance on a T&M maintenance if the function
           supported is deemed critical or if internal staff will not be available in a reasonable
           time or if for any other reason GSA Communications decides a vendor dispatch is
           called for.

   Q49) Can the County provide a report on minor tickets showing how many, the response times,
        and information on outages.
   A49) The County has had approximately 40-60 trouble tickets a month over the last 12
        months that cover PBX features/functionality, AT&T lines, sets and voice mail.

   Q50) How does the County determine when to dispatch internal help?
   A50) The County dispatches internal help on a case by case basis depending on the function
        supported, and whatever else is concurrently happening that requires internal
        resources. Typically the County tries to use internal resources on trouble reports that
        appear to involve set problems or failures before going to the vendor.

   Q51) Does the County bill back their departments?
   A51) Yes, the County Communications Department charges back sufficient “internal service
        fund” charges to its internal (and some external) clients to cover its costs.

   Q52) Will the vendor have multiple points of contacts for purchase orders issued by the County?
   A52) Yes, each County department is able to submit purchase orders for various amounts of
        equipment and services. Payment on any PO issued by the County is the responsibility
        of the Agency or Department that issues the PO.

   Q53) Is the staff technician responsible for patch management?
   A53) The dedicated technician is not responsible for system patches or software updates.
        The County expects the winning vendor to be able to provide this service or be
        responsible for the service. IP set software updates have been done by both internal
        staff and vendor technicians. The County wants to move to having the IP set
        patches/software updates done by the vendor technicians more consistently.
                      County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                 RFP No. 901005, Addendum No. 2

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April 11, 2013

   Q54) How does the County handle patch management?
   A54) The County expects quarterly system patch updates, but will work with the winning
        vendor on the procedures.

   Q55) How does the County want the vendor to respond to hard downs?
   A55) Any complete PBX failure or complete failure of service to a whole served site or the
        overwhelming majority of phones at a site requires an immediate dispatch with arrival
        on site by a technician in no less than four (4) hours with any remote monitoring done
        as soon as possible prior to that. Specific sites require an immediate response covered
        under warranty while other sites have a lower priority and dispatch after hours or on
        weekends can be done at the County’s discretion on a T&M basis.

   Q56) Will the County explain Exhibit O?
   A56) Exhibit O header specifies:
            (8-5 Mon-Fri Coverage unless specified as 24/7).
        Any site listed as 24/7 will require vendor dispatch on trouble tickets 24/7 covered
        under monthly maintenance. A site that was not indicated as 24/7 is covered under
        maintenance is covered under maintenance Monday through Friday eight (8) a.m. to
        five (5) p.m. though the County reserves the right to request dispatch after hours and
        on weekends on a T&M basis when and if the County determines that dispatch is
        needed during those hours.

   Q57) Would the County consider visiting a vendor’s Network Operations Centers (NOC) if the
        vendor will pay for all travel expenses?
   A57) No. The County does not accept services from potential vendors which might influence,
        or appear to influence business decision.

   Q58) Does the County have a conversion schedule for switching to IP phones?
   A58) No. Progress is dependent on multiple factors including availability of funding,
        internal resources available, customer requests, and other major projects requiring
        Communications’ response. Currently approximately 25% of phone sets are IP and
        about 45% of the PBXs are VoIP capable and connect to the County network over the
        County WAN.

   Q59) Will the vendor be responsible for site infrastructure upgrades for the planned IP phone
   A59) No.

   Q60) Is the County’s data network Cisco?
   A60) Yes.
                     County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                RFP No. 901005, Addendum No. 2

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April 11, 2013

   Q61) Who currently supplies the County with Cisco products?
   A61) The current vendor for Cisco products is AT&T under the State contract; however
        AT&T is no longer handling Cisco. Verizon is the other company under the State

   Q62) Is the County currently running an Applied Voice and System Technologies (AVST
        messaging system?
   A62) The County is currently in the process of implementing an AVST messaging system
        under a contract with VOX. It is not yet in production.

   Q63) What is the County’s timeline for system integration of AVST?
   A63) We intend to have the hardware and software installed by end of this calendar year and
        migrate all users to the AVST platform within the first quarter of calendar year 2013.

   Q64) Will the AVST content be included in this proposal?
   A64) No.

   Q65) Does the County have an after picture for Exhibit P-Voice Network Map?
   A65) No.

   Q66) Is the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) with Child Support Services?
   A66) Child Support Services will stay a standalone system connected to the County voice
        network over the County WAN. Child Support Services may take client calls for more
        than one County in the future but the Automatic Call Distribution arrangements are
        controlled now by the State of California not run out of the local PBX software and the
        County expects that to continue to be the case.

   Q67) How big is the Child Support unit?
   A67) It is approximately 100 staffers but could change.

   Q68) Does the County’s Child Support Unit’s voice network operate over internet protocol (IP)?
   A68) The County’s Child Support Services group connects to the rest of the County’s voice
        network via the County WAN using IP. It also has IP sets on site.

   Q69) How many phones are in use within the Alameda County Child Support Unit??
   A69) Currently there are approximately 100 phones in use at the County’s Child Support

   Q70) Does the County have a required minimum amount of response to move forward with this
   A70) A minimum of one (1) bid; vendor should meet the vendor qualifications and specific
        requirements of the RFP.
                       County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                  RFP No. 901005, Addendum No. 2

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April 11, 2013

   Q71) Were the bid conferences for this RFP mandatory?
   A71) No.

   Q72) Will the County provide an inventory of the Avaya key systems?
   A72) A list of key systems and sites was included, please Exhibit Q. No inventory will be
        provided. The sites will be covered under T&M for adds/moves/changes and repairs.

   Q73) Will the Alameda County Fire Department be part of this contract?
   A73) The Alameda County Fire Department will continue to be covered under this contract
        until the Fire Department decides to be self supporting.

   Q74) Is there an extension to ask question after the bidder’s conference and after the release of the
   A74) We require that all questions regarding this RFP should be asked at the bidder’s
        conference. If questions are received after the release of the addendum and have a
        major impact on the RFP, the County will release another addendum to answer those

   Q75) Exhibit M page 2, Item G states:
           Financial Statements. Responses must include one of the following:

                 (1) Most recent Dun & Bradstreet Supplier Qualifier Report. For information on how
                       to obtain a Supplier Qualifier Report, contact Dun & Bradstreet at 1-800-700-
                       2733 or; or

               (2) Audited financial statements for the past three (3) years.
        If a company is a privately held company and does not qualify for a D&B report and in order
        to provide the financial statements, can the County sign a Non Disclosure Agreement
   A75) The County will not sign a NDA. Typically, the County does not disclose financial
        information as part of a public records request. The County, however, does reserve its
        right to make that decision and determination at the time of the request.

           Any exceptions to the terms, conditions, or specifications should be listed in Exhibit I,
           including financial statements (or any other material) deemed confidential by the
           Bidder. In addition, if the Bidder wants to attach financial statements in a separate
           envelope, the Bidder may do so.

           Again, please note, as stated on Exhibit I:
             The County is under no obligation to accept any exceptions and such exceptions may
             be a basis for bid disqualification.
                     County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                RFP No. 901005, Addendum No. 2

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April 11, 2013

   Q76) Should bidders include pricing for labor only on Exhibit B-4?
   A76) Yes.

   Q77) Page 13 of the RFP, Section E (SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS), item 8 States:
           Maintenance provided on a T&M basis for back-up power system, Communications
           Management Systems (CMS), Avaya telephone set, etc.
        What type of back-up power systems does the County have at this time?
   A77) The back-up power systems that the County have are from more than one
        manufacturer and include variations of UPS and batter back up with various rune
        times and configurations. The systems are both from Eaton and PowerWare.
                       County of Alameda, General Services Agency – Purchasing
                                  RFP No. 901005, Addendum No. 2

Page 16 of 16
April 11, 2013

    Company Name / Address                Representative                Contact Information
                                                                Phone: 651-796-6618
NACR                                                            E-Mail:
1878 Vintage Circle                 Pamela Karlen               Prime Contractor: Yes
Oakdale, CA 95361                                               Subcontractor:
                                                                Certified SLEB: No
                                                                Phone: 619-269-8595
NACR                                                            E-Mail:
1878 Vintage Circle                 Robert Vinck-Luna           Prime Contractor: Yes
Oakdale, CA 95361                                               Subcontractor:
                                                                Certified SLEB: No
                                                                Phone: 651-796-6491
NACR - Corporate                                                E-Mail:
3344 Highway 149                    Anthony Scialabba           Prime Contractor:
Eagan, MN 55121                                                 Subcontractor:
                                                                Certified SLEB:
                                                                Phone: 925-784-7881
Strategic Products and Services                                 E-Mail:
1526 Klondike Place                 Roger Kabalin               Prime Contractor: Yes
Livermore, CA 94550                                             Subcontractor:
                                                                Certified SLEB:
                                                                Phone: 408-954-5105
Advantel Networks                                               E-Mail:
2222 Trade Zone Blvd                Joe Carmack                 Prime Contractor:
San Jose, CA 95131                                              Subcontractor:
                                                                Certified SLEB:
                                                                Phone: 916-673-5063
Windstream                                                      E-Mail:
4616 Davenport Ave.                 Laurie Robbins              Prime Contractor:
Oakland, CA 94619                                               Subcontractor:
                                                                Certified SLEB:
                                                                Phone: 925-216-2690
Windstream                                                      E-Mail:
100 Spear St.                       Tracy Bowlby                Prime Contractor:
San Francisco, CA 94105                                         Subcontractor:
                                                                Certified SLEB:
                                                                Phone: 510-593-6164
Aeko Consulting
                                    Ismael Okunade              Prime Contractor:
                                                                Certified SLEB:

                                                           RFP No. 901005, Addendum No. 2

The County of Alameda is soliciting bids from qualified vendors to furnish its requirements per the specifications, terms and conditions contained in the
above referenced RFP number. This Bid Acknowledgement must be completed, signed by a responsible officer or employee, dated and submitted with the
bid response. Obligations assumed by such signature must be fulfilled.
1. Preparation of bids: (a) All prices and notations must be printed in ink or typewritten. No erasures permitted. Errors may be crossed out and
      corrections printed in ink or typewritten adjacent and must be initialed in ink by person signing bid. (b) Quote price as specified in RFP. No
      alterations or changes or any kind shall be permitted to Exhibit B, Bid Form. Responses that do not comply shall be subject to rejection in total.
2. Failure to bid: If you are not submitting a bid but want to remain on the mailing list and receive future bids, complete, sign and return this Bid
      Acknowledgement and state the reason you are not bidding.
3. Taxes and freight charges: (a) Unless otherwise required and specified in the RFP, the prices quoted herein do not include Sales, Use or other
      taxes. (b) No charge for delivery, drayage, express, parcel post packing, cartage, insurance, license fees, permits, costs of bonds, or for any
      other purpose, except taxes legally payable by County, will be paid by the County unless expressly included and itemized in the bid. (c)
      Amount paid for transportation of property to the County of Alameda is exempt from Federal Transportation Tax. An exemption certificate is
      not required where the shipping papers show the consignee as Alameda County, as such papers may be accepted by the carrier as proof of the
      exempt character of the shipment. (d) Articles sold to the County of Alameda are exempt from certain Federal excise taxes. The County will
      furnish an exemption certificate.
4. Award: (a) Unless otherwise specified by the bidder or the RFP gives notice of an all-or-none award, the County may accept any item or
      group of items of any bid. (b) Bids are subject to acceptance at any time within thirty (30) days of opening, unless otherwise specified in the
      RFP. (c) A valid, written purchase order mailed, or otherwise furnished, to the successful bidder within the time for acceptance specified
      results in a binding contract without further action by either party. The contract shall be interpreted, construed and given effect in all respects
      according to the laws of the State of California.
5. Patent indemnity: Vendors who do business with the County shall hold the County of Alameda, its officers, agents and employees, harmless
      from liability of an nature or kind, including cost and expenses, for infringement or use of any patent, copyright or other proprietary right, secret
      process, patented or unpatented invention, article or appliance furnished or used in connection with the contract or purchase order.
6. Samples: Samples of items, when required, shall be furnished free of expense to the County and if not destroyed by test may upon request
      (made when the sample is furnished), be returned at the bidder’s expense.
7. Rights and remedies of County for default: (a) In the event any item furnished by vendor in the performance of the contract or purchase
      order should fail to conform to the specifications therefore or to the sample submitted by vendor with its bid, the County may reject the same,
      and it shall thereupon become the duty of vendor to reclaim and remove the same forthwith, without expense to the County, and immediately to
      replace all such rejected items with others conforming to such specifications or samples; provided that should vendor fail, neglect or refuse so to
      do the County shall thereupon have the right purchase in the open market, in lieu thereof, a corresponding quantity of any such items and to
      deduct from any moneys due or that may there after come due to vendor the difference between the prices named in the contract or purchase
      order and the actual cost thereof to the County. In the event that vendor fails to make prompt delivery as specified for any item, the same
      conditions as to the rights of the County to purchase in the open market and to reimbursement set forth above shall apply, except when delivery
      is delayed by fire, strike, freight embargo, or Act of God or the government. (b)Cost of inspection or deliveries or offers for delivery, which do
      not meet specifications, will be borne by the vendor. (c) The rights and remedies of the County provided above shall not be exclusive and are
      in addition to any other rights and remedies provided by law or under the contract.
8. Discounts: (a) Terms of less than ten (10) days for cash discount will considered as net. (b) In connection with any discount offered, time will
      be computed from date of complete, satisfactory delivery of the supplies, equipment or services specified in the RFP, or from date correct
      invoices are received by the County at the billing address specified, if the latter date is later than the date of delivery. Payment is deemed to be
      made, for the purpose of earning the discount, on the date of mailing the County warrant check.
9. California Government Code Section 4552: In submitting a bid to a public purchasing body, the bidder offers and agrees that if the bid is
      accepted, it will assign to the purchasing body all rights, title, and interest in and to all causes of action it may have under Section 4 of the
      Clayton Act (15 U.S.C. Sec. 15) or under the Cartwright Act (Chapter 2, commencing with Section 16700, of Part 2 of Division 7 of the
      Business and Professions Code), arising from purchases of goods, materials, or services by the bidder for sale to the purchasing body pursuant to
      the bid. Such assignment shall be made and become effective at the time the purchasing body tenders final payment to the bidder.
10. No guarantee or warranty: The County of Alameda makes no guarantee or warranty as to the condition, completeness or safety of any
      material or equipment that may be traded in on this order.

     THE undersigned acknowledges receipt of above referenced RFP and/or Addenda and offers and agrees to furnish the articles and/or services
     specified on behalf of the vendor indicated below, in accordance with the specifications, terms and conditions of this RFP and Bid


          By: _______________ ________________________________________________ Date____________ Phone_____________________

          Printed Name Signed Above: _______________________________________________________________________________________

          Title: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________
                                                                EXHIBIT B-5 (REVISED)
                                                         COUNTY OF ALAMEDA
                                                        RFP No. 901005
                                      VOICE NETWORK EQUIPMENT PROCUREMENT AND SUPPORT
                                                                            BID FORM

                                                     SOFTWARE ADVANTAGE WITH UPGRADES (SAU)

                                                                            Year 1                             Year 2                    Year 3

                                                                                  Extended                          Extended                  Extended         Total 3 Year
                                                        Qty         Unit Cost    Yearly Cost           Unit Cost   Yearly Cost   Unit Cost   Yearly Cost
               Description                    Unit      (A)            (B)       (C) = A x B             (D)       (E) = A x D     (F)       (G) = A x F       (H)=C+E+G
Annual SAU on all applicable items for
Ship-To-Party at 1225 Fallon St., Oakland,
CA 94612 as of 7/24/12 on Exhibit U -
4864130ZTSA072412 Reports (items             Yearly             $               $                  $               $             $           $             $
highlighted in “RED” font). Assume that
the vendor is charging from 10/31/2012 for
pricing purposes.
                                                                                                                        GRAND TOTAL (EXHIBIT B-5) $


Bidder agrees that the prices quoted are the maximum they will charge during the term of any contract awarded. No minimum or maximum purchase is

FIRM: _________________________SIGNATURE:______________________DATE:___________

PRINTED NAME: __________________________________TITLE:__________________________

                                                                            Exhibit B-5(Revised)
                                                                                Page 1 of 2
                                                      EXHIBIT B-5 (REVISED)
                                                 COUNTY OF ALAMEDA
                                               RFP No. 901005
                                                                 BID FORM

                                    SOFTWARE SUPPORT ADVANTAGE WITH UPGRADES (SAU)

  Please provide percentage (%) mark-up on SA and SAU over Avaya cost.

                 Description                           Mark-up (%)                      Mark-up (%)              Mark-up (%)
                                                         1st Year                        2nd Year                 3rd Year
 Software Advantage (SA)
 Software Advantage with upgrades (SAU)

Bidder agrees that the prices quoted are the maximum they will charge during the term of any contract awarded.

FIRM: _________________________SIGNATURE:______________________DATE:___________

PRINTED NAME: __________________________________TITLE:_________________________

                                                                 Exhibit B-5(Revised)
                                                                     Page 2 of 2
                             EXHIBIT B-11(REVISED)

                         COUNTY OF ALAMEDA
                              RFP No. 901005

                                       BID FORM

     EXHIBIT #                        DESCRIPTION                                BID PRICE

    Exhibit B-1    Dedicated & Service as Needed Technicians                 $

    Exhibit B-2    Maintenance Agreements for Avaya Equipment Items          $

    Exhibit B-3    Monthly Maintenance on Services                           $

    Exhibit B-4    T&M Maintenance Peripherals & Adjunct Equipment           $

    Exhibit B-6    Technicians as needed-labor Cost for Repairs Only         $

    Exhibit B-7    Equipment Supply                                          $

    Exhibit B-8    Equipment Installation                                    $

    Exhibit B-9    Technicians as needed – Labor Cost for Repairs Only       $

                                                          TOTAL BID PRICE $
                                   SALES TAX (8.75%) where applicable $
                                                               GRAND TOTAL $
    Exhibit B-5    Software Advantage with Upgrades (SAU)                    $
    Exhibit B-10   Telephone Sets Purchase Price                             $
                                   SALES TAX (8.75%)where applicable
                                                               GRAND TOTAL

FIRM: _______________________ SIGNATURE: ____________________DATE: __________

PRINTED NAME: ______________________________ TITLE: _________________________

                                       Exhibit B-11(Revised)
                                            Page 1 of 1
                                                                   RFP No. 901005

                                                                  EXHIBIT L
                                                             RFP VENDOR BID LIST

Below is the Vendor Bid List for this project consisting of vendors who have responded to RFI No. 901005 and/or
been issued a copy of this RFP. This Vendor Bid List is being provided for informational purposes to assist bidders in
making contact with other businesses as needed to develop local small and emerging business subcontracting
relationships to meet the requirements of the Small Local Emerging Business (SLEB) Program (described within the
RFP). For additional information regarding the SLEB Program, please visit our website at and/or contact the Auditor-Controller’s Office of Contract Compliance (OCC)
located at 1221 Oak St., Rm. 249, Oakland, CA 94612 at Tel: (510) 891-5500, Fax: (510) 272-6502 or via E-mail at

Vendors who attended the Networking/Bidders Conferences have been added to the Vendor Bid List. Please see the
RFP sections entitled ‘Calendar of Events’ and ‘Networking/Bidders Conferences’ for additional information. The
Networking/Bidders Conferences scheduled for all current projects are posted on the GSA Calendar of Events website
at This RFP Addendum is
being issued to all vendors on the Vendor Bid List; the following revised vendor list includes contact information for
each vendor attendee at the Networking/Bidders Conferences.

          RFP No. 901005 Voice Network Equipment Procurement and Products
                        Name                Phone            Address                     City            ST.   Email
  Hummingbird                                                2470 Stearns St., Suite
  Networks              Krista Kennedy      866-551-3278     270                         Simi Valley     CA
  Vox Network
  Solutions             Pat McCarthy        650-989-1067     736 Daisyfield Driver       Livermore       CA
  Communication Inc     Laurie Robbins      916-673-5063     90 Blue Ravine              Folsom          CA
  Advantel Networks     Joe Carmack         408-954-5105     2222 Trade Zone Blvd.       San Jose        CA
                        Bob Hurst           314-483-0282     645 E. Elliot Ave           Kirkwood        MO
  Strategic Products
  and Services LLC.     Roger Kabalin       925-784-7881     300 Littleton Rd.           Parsippany      NJ
  NACR                  Pamela Karlen       651-796-6618     1878 Vintage Circle         Oakdale         CA
  NACR                  Robert Vinck-Luna   619-269-8595                                 San Diego       CA
  NACR                  Scialabba           651-796-6491     344 Highway 149             Eagan           MN
  Communication Inc     Tracy Bowlby        925-216-2690     100 Spear St                San Francisco   CA
  Carousel Industries   Roger Benson        (415) 977-7007   7901 Stoneridge, Ste. 502   Pleasanton      CA
                                                             1939 Harrison Street,
  Aeko Consulting       Ismael Okunade      510-593-6164     Suite 420                   Oakland         CA

                                                                           Exhibit L
                                                                          Page 1 of 1
                                                    EXHIBIT S

                                    COUNTY OF ALAMEDA
                                    RFP No. 901005

                        THE IRAN CONTRACTING ACT (ICA) OF 2010
                                       For Procurements of $1,000,000 or more

The California Legislature adopted the Iran Contracting Act (ICA) to respond to policies of Iran in a uniform fashion
(PCC § 2201(q)). The ICA prohibits persons engaged in investment activities in Iran from bidding on, submitting
proposals for, or entering into or renewing contracts with public entities for goods and services of one million dollars
($1,000,000) or more (PCC § 2203(a)). A person who “engages in investment activities in Iran” is defined in either
of two ways:
   1. The person provides goods or services of twenty million dollars ($20,000,000) or more in the energy sector of
      Iran, including a person that provides oil or liquefied natural gas tankers, or products used to construct or
      maintain pipelines used to transport oil or liquefied natural gas, for the energy sector of Iran; or

   2. The person is a financial institution (as that term is defined in 50 U.S.C. § 1701) that extends twenty million
      dollars ($20,000,000) or more in credit to another person, for 45 days or more, if that person will use the credit
      to provide goods or services in the energy sector in Iran and is identified on a list created by the California
      Department of General Services (DGS) pursuant to PCC § 2201(b) as a person engaging in the investment
      activities described in paragraph 1 above.

By signing below, I hereby certify that as of the time of bidding or proposing for a new contract or renewal of an
existing contract, neither I nor the company I own or work for are identified on the DGS list of ineligible persons and
neither I nor the company I own or work for are engaged in investment activities in Iran in violation of the Iran
Contracting Act of 2010.

If either I or the company I own or work for are ineligible to bid or submit a proposal or to renew a contract, but I
believe I or it qualifies for an exception listed in PCC § 2202(c), I have described in detail the nature of the exception:


PRINCIPAL:                                                       TITLE:

SIGNATURE:                                                       DATE:

                                                          Exhibit S
                                                         Page 1 of 1
                                              EXHIBIT T

                                COUNTY OF ALAMEDA
                                 RFP No. 901005

                                    ALCO AGSBI Report – 2752138

These are the reports that provide the number of active ports and IP addresses and should be used when
pricing out maintenance.


                Please copy and paste the following FTP site address into your browser:

                                           User: GSAFTP
                                          Password: 2eJ3yugA

                                 Click and a window will ask you to save

                                                   Exhibit T
                                                  Page 1 of 1
                                             EXHIBIT U

                               COUNTY OF ALAMEDA
                                 RFP No. 901005

                                 ALCO 4864130ZTSA072412 Reports

Vendors should only price out SAU for the items in “RED” font and no others. This refers to the core
system located at 1225 Fallon Street. Vendors should not price out Child Support Services equipment
because the contract auto-renewed and should not be included in the pricing for the RFP responses


               Please copy and paste the following FTP site address into your browser:

                                           User: GSAFTP
                                          Password: 2eJ3yugA

                                Click and a window will ask you to save

                                                  Exhibit U
                                                 Page 1 of 1

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