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									2007-2008 CONFIRMATION SYLLABUS CONFIRMATION PURPOSE: To affirm baptism by developing, nurturing, and professing a personal, living relationship with Jesus Christ by searching scriptures to discover what it means to be called a Christian, and how to live out a Christian life in daily activities. We do not want you to: - Just have a head knowledge - Be “religious” and know the right thing to say but not have a personal relationship with Jesus - Be “Sunday” Christians who go to church and/or Sunday school but forget about God the rest of the week We want you to: - Love Jesus - Desire to grow in and learn more about Jesus - Not be embarrassed to call yourself a Christian outside of church - Have a burning passion for Jesus and want to tell everyone you know about Him It is all about a personal relationship; it is not about a religion!!!! Martin Luther once said: “I am afraid that schools will prove to be the great gates of hell unless they diligently labor in explaining the Holy Scripture, engraving them in the hearts of youth.” Luther was right. School is good from the standpoint that it increases knowledge. Unfortunately, God and a relationship with Jesus have taken a back seat in most families. Look at how many people are on time for school, dance, football practice and music lessons, but are always late for church; it appears that God and His church are not as significant. We pray that all the rules and assignments that have been laid out in this ministry help encourage a personal relationship with Jesus Christ by explaining the Holy Scriptures, a task the schools do not do. We pray that you, as students, will take this class as seriously as Martin Luther and want to be here to learn about the most important thing in life: eternal life with Jesus Christ. CLASS PROCEDURE Starts at 9:00! – arrive at 8:55; be ready to go at 9:00 - Prayer - Collect homework o Due each week, even if you missed the previous week o The questions will either be facts from the day’s lesson or questions about how the topic relates to you personally o No one but us will see your answers so do not feel apprehensive about writing what is true and personal o If there is a question that was not fully answered it will be marked incomplete and returned. You will then need to fix it and turn it back in for full credit. o If you have any questions on the assignment, either the first time or after it is handed back to you, please do not hesitate to ask! - Review – time permitting - Games – time permitting - Lesson o You are expected to take notes and pay attention  If we write something on the board IT IS IMPORTANT! Write it down in your notes!! o If you are confused, or simply want further information, ask! If we don’t know the answer we will do our best to find it and report back to you 1

Memory Quiz o Verse(s), books of the bible, ten commandments, etc. o On each homework sheet will be listed the memorization that will be required for the next weeks quiz – if you miss a week it is your responsibility to find out what is expected so you are prepared o Any memorization we cover during the year is fair game on quizzes – keep reviewing because old material will show up again! o Make flashcards out of note cards for the verses: the reference (where the verse is from) on one side and the verse itself on the other The order of some things may vary from class to class, but we will always end with the quiz. When you finish your quiz, you are free to go. ATTENDANCE POLICY It is vital that you be present and on time every week. We are learning about our spiritual walk and salvation. It is more important than anything else in life, yet so often people feel church is about grace and love and, therefore, attendance and punctuality don’t matter. Wrong! We understand that some of you are in split families. If at all possible, try to get to Sunday school anyway. If it is not possible, please talk to us to make other arrangements for the lessons and work you will miss. If you do miss class you are responsible for looking online or calling a fellow classmate to get the homework questions and memorization quiz material you need to have done for the next week. You will be expected to have the homework complete and the memorization learned even if you missed the previous week. Memorization not learned on time and late homework are unacceptable (whether you were in class the previous week or not). Please make phone calls and do the work so you will not fall behind the class. A list of phone numbers will be handed to you shortly when we have all the updated information. WEBSITE Lesson notes and homework questions will be available at <> under the education link. We email them to a man who posts them online. Most weeks he is great about getting lessons up quickly, but if there is a delay and you need the notes call a classmate. You are still responsible for finding the information even if it is not online! SUPPLIES - 3 ring binder – with a good clasp o Not a notebook or a folder - Loose leaf paper – lots - 3x5 index cards – for writing out memory verses - Pencil(s) and/or pen(s) o Have multiple with you in case one gets lost or breaks - NIV Bible (provided if you do not have one) - Small catechism (provided if you do not have one) - Tab dividers o Class notes o Homework o Memorization quizzes o Other You are expected to have everything with you for every class. We will not have enough pencils and note cards to pass around to everyone. Be prepared. A zipper organizer pouch that fits into your binder is a great way to keep everything together and organized! If you are unable to purchase all these supplies for whatever reason, please approach us privately and we will make sure you receive them – no questions asked. 2


SERMON NOTES - 50 in a 2 year span o Goal: 25 a year - YOU MUST MAKE A PERSONAL APPLICATION o Unacceptable answer: “I need to love everyone”  While this is true, it answers the second question: “Why is this idea important?” It is not specific to your personal life; it is a statement everyone can make o Acceptable answer: “There is a kid at school who picks on me and I really don’t like him. God has shown me today that I need to pray for him, ask God to help me love him and to show him that no matter what he does to me I will still love him because of God.”  This is a specific example of how loving everyone applies personally to your life - BE PERSONAL – just like the homework, no one will see them but us - If we don’t think it is personal, we will give it back without credit being given o The biggest mistake people make is answering the third question with an answer that could apply to anyone – very general o If this is the case, we will write an additional question on your paper to help you focus on a more personal example in your life o You are encouraged to answer the new question and turn in the sermon note again o If you need help please do not hesitate to ask – we would love to sit down with you to help you relate the sermon to your own life o We want everyone to understand how to take knowledge and make it personal, and we will do whatever it takes to help make that happen! - Put completed sermon notes in the box marked “Confirmation” above the coat rack in the hall to the right of the girls restroom - Do not hold on to the sermon notes o As soon as you are finished with them turn them in o If you need to take it home to finish the personal application section during the week, please do so! But we want you to finish the sermon note and turn it in while it is still fresh in your mind. o Do not put them in the box until the service is complete SERVICE HOURS - 50 in a 2 year span o Goal: 25 a year - A service is something done for someone with no pay o We are making a slight change this year. 10 of your 50 hours can be service for your family. It is important to serve at home as well as elsewhere. However, regular chores (making the bed, doing dishes, etc) do NOT count. It must be above and beyond (washing and waxing your parents car, cleaning the garage, etc). - We offer ways to earn hours: Clean-up day at church, Visit nursing homes, Kingdom Meal Ministry, Acolyting, Ushering, Operation Christmas Child, Decorating church for Christmas, Christmas Caroling - No more than 10 hours can be for the same project - Fill out a question sheet for every service - SHEET MUST BE COMPLETELY FILLED OUT – EMPHASIS should be placed on the last question regarding your PERSONAL EXPERIENCE o Just like the homework and sermon notes, if your answer is not personal we will return it to you with an additional question, and if you need help please ask! - We desire everyone to understand what a blessing it is to serve someone and to think about how much we learn and are blessed by giving our time to serve as God commanded - Place your completed sheets in the “Confirmation” box above coat rack in hall - Again, do not hold onto your completed sheets; turn them in as soon as you are finished filling them out 3


On the sheets there is a supervisor signature line. If it is something at church (such as acolyting, ushering, putting up Christmas decorations, etc) that we are present, you do not need a signature. If it is something we are not present at, get a signature of any adult who witnessed you serving.

ACOLYTING - Everyone will be an acolyte - You will have one month at time o If you can’t be present at every service of the month you are assigned for whatever reason, you are responsible for finding a substitute. - This is a ministry and an opportunity to serve God during the service - Each Sunday you acolyte will count as 1 service hour (no more than 10 will count toward the 50) - If there is no Sunday school, make sure you are there 10 minutes prior to service; if there is Sunday school you will stay in class until we are dismissed - Since worship is glorifying God, we’d like our acolytes to look presentable and dignified. Therefore, please dress appropriately following the guidelines listed below o All:  No pants with rips, tears or frays in them  No chains  No t-shirts/ no shirts with writing  Shoes must be clean and nice looking (bright red and blue tennis shoes are just as distracting as muddy, worn out shoes) o Girls:  No short skirts – skirts must be at least knee length when standing  No tops that are revealing, too short or low cut o We are asking for you to adhere to these guidelines so your appearance is not distracting or offensive to anyone in worship  Some people are very relaxed, wearing jeans and t-shirts  Some people are very traditional, wearing suits and dresses  No one is offended by people dressing up, but many are offended by people dressing too casual o If your present wardrobe cannot meet these requirements and you cannot financially afford to purchase clothing that does, please talk to us in private and we will make sure you receive the clothes BOYS CROSSING TO MEN Guys are encouraged to participate. This is a great way to bond with other Christian guys and be mentored by Christian men. Girls: there is no “Girls Crossing to Women” at this time; pray some ladies will begin this ministry! REQUIREMENTS To be confirmed each of you must: - Confess to be a Christian - Live out a Christian lifestyle so that the fruit of your walk is evident - Have every homework assignment completed - Have every assigned verse memorized - Have the names of all the books of the bible memorized - Complete the final test that will be given to you at the end of two years (questions will relate to personal life and any lesson we have taught on over the two year span, so keep all your notes) - Memorize The Lord’s Prayer and The Apostle’s Creed - Complete all 50 sermon notes and all 50 service hours These are subject to change at the discretion of Pastor Rusty or us 4

WHY THE REQUIREMENTS? Too many people are confirmed that do not return to church. For them, confirmation was not about growing in Jesus; it was an obligation they fulfilled. Because the purpose is to develop a personal relationship with Christ and learn how to live it out, each of you will demonstrate a personal relationship with Christ through your: - Actions - Words - Thoughts - Devotional and prayer life - Interaction with each other God alone knows your true hearts; we are simply discerning. We will assess your personal relationships through your actions, words, and homework questions. Although God has given us a discerning heart, you are the only one who truly knows your relationship with God. We may question you regarding behavior or words, but if you tell us you have a personal relationship we will believe you. If you have no personal, real, and living relationship you cannot rightly stand before God and the congregation and confess to be a Christian. If you can’t say “yes”, it’s okay! You can wait a year or two until you can say “yes” without a doubt. If you say “no”, you can stay in confirmation and learn more, or go to the high school Sunday school class without being confirmed. When your heart becomes open to a personal relationship, you can meet with us again and then be confirmed by professing your new faith. Not being confirmed is not an insult, nor should it be an embarrassment. You aren’t failures! You simply haven’t made the step to give your life to God yet. We know that prayer can move mountains and change lives. Our prayer is that at the end of two years in confirmation you will all be able to say without a doubt, “Jesus is my Lord” and that it will be evident in every aspect of your lives! SIDE NOTES We want you all to know how excited we are to be teaching you. We want this class to be fun, but also informative and life changing. The material is still being developed and we still have a lot to learn, so if you have any concerns or if you are struggling with something, please let us know. Our prayer is that this ministry will help build relationships with God and each other and that confirmation is an awesome time for everyone involved! CONTACT INFORMATION Jodi and Jeremy Gardner 7907 Lee Run Road Poland, Ohio 44514 Home: (330) 757-1683 Jodi’s cell: (724) 650-6561 Jeremy’s cell: (724) 650-6251


*If you are involved in activities, give us a copy of games, concerts, etc. We’d love to see you play/perform!*


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