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                                  Building Success
                                  with an integrated SAP Solution for
                                  Registered Providers of Social Housing
Connecting the registered
provider of social housing
The social housing sector is experiencing a period of rapid change.
External influences such as the reduction of government funding, specific changes
in Social Welfare Reform, Universal Credit and the ‘Green Deal’, are forcing
registered providers of social housing to adopt new working practises. This is
compounded further by the complexities of the increasing interactions with tenants,
the challenges presented by managing an ever-diverse property portfolio and the
rate of growth that many housing organisations are experiencing.

These challenges are driving registered providers of social housing to optimise the
performance of their assets and improve the efficiency of frontline services by re-
evaluating their IT strategy as a fundamental area of improvement.
Revolutionising Housing
Historically, the registered provider of social housing deployed an IT application
landscape comprising systems from multi-suppliers covering various aspects of the
business (property management, finance, service, HR and payroll...etc.) that
provided islands of efficiencies. This inevitably resulted in duplication of data,
disjoined business processes, poor visibility of operational activities and incomplete
management reporting.

Ciber believes that the housing sector has reached a level of maturity where smaller
point solutions are becoming a barrier to growth and efficiency within the larger
social housing organisation. To become more efficient, meet the needs of an
increasingly mobile customer, and look for other ways to generate extra income
through innovative service offerings - an improved information infrastructure is
essential. Having efficient processes with better control and visibility, and turning
legacy systems into a modern enterprise platform are the key requirements to
meeting the new challenges imposed on registered providers of social housing.

Joining up your business
Ciber has launched an initiative to support registered providers of social housing
with, for the first time, a fully integrated all-encompassing SAP landscape that allows
registered providers to create a single view of the organisation. This creates a joined
up view of both the asset portfolio (properties) and the customer portfolio (tenants),
providing a number of benefits including:

§   A future proof platform for growth
§   Complete visibility of operations
§   Comprehensively mobilising your workforce and business processes
§   Improved quality of services to tenants
§   Decision support for optimal use of assets in the organisation
§   Effective risk management
§   Support for new commercial services
§   Support for new business models
§   IT simplification with common processes across the organisation

Gaining visibility and control
Ciber leverages its global resources to provide SAP solutions which are built on tried and proven
experience, templates and accelerators. We use repeatable knowledge, industry expertise and global
coverage to deliver SAP Business Management Solutions.

Our approach is to deliver SAP applications which are geared towards reducing time, cost and risk. The
seamlessly integrated solution incorporates a number of modules to provide the required visibility and
control with a 360⁰ view of tenants and properties. Key areas include:

§   Tenant and Partner Management
§   Service Centre
§   Mobile Apps for Field Services, Housing Officers, Surveyors and more
§   Void Management and Responsive Repairs
§   Development and Re-investment
§   Compliance
§   Income and Arrears Management
§   Property and Asset Management
§   Manage Applications, CBL and Waiting Lists
§   Finance and Management Accounting
§   HR and Payroll
§   Business Intelligence and Insight

Innovating with mobile devices
Mobile devices and compelling applications are enabling a wave of innovation that is transforming the
way businesses are run. However, to introduce mobility into your organisation, you need to ask yourself
some fundamental questions:

How can mobility solutions help us do what we currently do even better?
How can we deliver our services more efficiently and/or cost effectively by mobilising them?

Mobilising your enterprise business processes, with information available on-the-go (using on-line as
well as off-line apps) ensures business decisions can be made in real-time. Housing Officers can
respond quickly to emerging opportunities; your workforce can work smarter, bringing greater flexibility
to the working day to improve productivity; Field Service Maintenance / Repair Teams can connect to
critical systems and take action on the move to reduce operational cost; Surveyors completing Fire Risk
Assessments or information gathering for SAP Ratings, can instantly synchronise accurate up-to-date
information with back office applications, perhaps for the first time ever; and your Tenants can be
granted faster access to information, simplifying changes in welfare reform and engage with you
securely on any device, where-ever they are.

Using mobile technology to provide a better service

§   Minimise paper based processes
§   Organise communication with tenants more efficiently
§   Centralise and gather accurate tenant data
§   Monitor environmental and neighbourhood issues
§   Respond faster to repair requests
§   Manage assets more effectively
§   Case manage ASBs promptly

Ciber's approach to mobile solutions combines our Global industry expertise with close to 20 years'
experience of successfully delivering not only the mobile app's themselves, but also the enterprise
platform required to support them. We are working with registered providers of social housing to
conceptualise, design and implement mobile business solutions which build upon existing investments,
integrate to relevant enterprise information systems and extend current business processes.
Our approach to creating, connecting, consuming and controlling mobile applications, provides the
necessary expertise and tools to securely and reliably mobilise business processes. Our mobility
services include;

§   Enterprise Mobile Strategy Development
§   Mobile Business Process Optimisation
§   Mobile App Realisation & Development
§   Enterprise Integration
§   Mobile Cloud Development
§   Mobile Platform & Device Management

Partnering with Ciber
We build long term relationships with our customers to ensure you are able to optimise your investment
in SAP, whilst at the same time maintain your focus on running your business successfully, safe in the
knowledge that you have a partner who is working with you to provide the level of services and support
you need. As a full service SAP partner, we offer a services portfolio encompassing all of the services
required to implement, support and operate SAP in a truly collaborative and innovative manner. Ciber is
working with leading UK registered providers of social housing and has engaged with European housing
organisations to leverage their experiences. Taking advantage of the lessons they have learned over the
past decade, Ciber is helping registered providers to meet the challenges facing the UK housing sector
by delivering IT solutions that are much broader, deeper and mobile than ever before.

About Ciber
Ciber is a global IT consulting company with 7,000
consultants in North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific, and
approximately $1 billion in annual revenue. Client focused
and results driven, Ciber partners with organisations to
develop technology strategies and solutions that deliver
tangible business value.

Founded in 1974, the company trades on the New York
Stock Exchange (NYSE: CBR). For more information, visit


                                      Client focused. Results driven.

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