CHRISTMAS SAFETY This video contains fire safety information to ensure that you celebrate Christmas safely this year.

KATIE: Christmas is a very busy time with lots of things going on. More people are hurt in fires in December and January than any other time of the year. So it's important to take time to think about the extra fire risks that the festive season brings. SCENE 1: FAMILY IN HOUSE - CANDLES MOVED AWAY FORM XMAS TREE AND FURNISHINGS KATIE: Never place your candles near your Christmas tree, presents or furniture – they could easily set alight. Scene 2: SAFE PLACEMENT OF DECORATIONS KATIE: Decorations can burn very easily – never attach them to lights or heaters and always make sure they are a safe distance away. SCENE 3: APPLIANCES BEING SWITCHED OFF, X-BOX, TV AND XMAS LIGHTS KATIE: There should only be one plug for each socket and take special care with Christmas lights. Always switch them off and unplug them as well as your X-Box or Playstation, before you go to bed.

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