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					The December Inspirer Gift ideas

Dear Readers

Welcome to the last Inspirer of 2007. It has been a 007 year and I hope it leaves you stirred rather than shaken. I look forward to seeing you all again next year and wish you the very best for the festive season.

My workshop schedule
You can download a complete diary and see full workshop descriptions here But don't forget: December 7th, 10-10.30, Women's Business Initiative, How to Create a Career in Your Suitcase - free of charge. 24th and 31st January, 10-1 both days Expat Writer - Break into Writing - €195 4th February, 7.30 pm, Networking KnowWho, Connecting Women, Den Haag €10 7th Feb, 9.3-4 Expat Writer - Release the Book Within €195 8th Feb British Womens Club, The Hague, Find Your Passion, free to members Treat yourself to a voyage of discovery in the Mediterranean! I was thrilled to be invited to run a residential course onboard a luxury yacht .... I'd be even more thrilled if you would like to join me!

From 7-14 May I will be running a Release the Writer Within course on a 30 metre sailing boat, that is sailing from Bodrum in Turkey round the Greek Islands! Ask me to send you a brochure. Families in Global Transition is THE conference for expats who care

Don't miss the Families in Global Transition conference in Houston 6-8 March 2008. I will be presenting both Expat Entrepreneurs and Writing Your Life Story at the conference. Early bird fees are available before mid February so hurry! Don't miss this, the best conference of its type without a doubt. It will be my fourth visit! On the blogs - inspiration, information and opportunity Still blogging, so take a look at Expat Rollercoaster and find your way to all my blogs from there.

News you can use
If you are looking for a Christmas present for yourself then maybe hiring a careers coach or mentor would be just the gift. Ask me for details of my own, Career in Your Suitcase mentoring program (I run one called Get Published and Paid for It too by the way) Or try: My good friend Jacqui Tillyard, based near Leicester, UK, who now specialises in careers casualties and has great results from the NLP techniques she uses (find her here) And my new friend, Megan Fitzgerald, based in Rome, specialises in branding and career crossroads. You can find her at Career by Choice. And one of the Inspirer's longest standing fans, Marian Weston, author of At Home Alone, would like me to recommend Katie Slater of A Brave New World.

Marian says: 'She is an expat kid and expat.. I have found the system they use and their coaching sessions extremely motivating and very useful.' And here's the inspiration bit that you all ask me for! Ten great gift ideas - what will you give? Christmas, as you know, is traditionally a time for giving. And if you have every read any of my books on networking or attended one of my workshops or seminars you will know that networking too, is all about giving. Networkers know that the more gifts you can give, the more work you will receive in exchange. Only, it's not quite as simple as that. The best gifts are those that cost you little or nothing but that make a difference to the recipient. Networkers know that you the maths for giving and receiving is not as simple, as you give one thing to person A and person A gives one thing back to you. Know, it's all about karma. You give one thing to person A and person A gives something else to person B and eventually, one day, you will receive something different again from person X, Y or Z . Like a boomerang, you throw out your gift and it will come back to you when you least expect it and probably from an unexpected direction. Networkers know that you need to 'touch' (that means speak to, email, telephone and so on) six times before they are likely to buy from you, so the more you give to someone the more chances you have to get in touch. Here are ten ideas of the perfect Christmas gifts you might like to give this year in order to throw out a few boomerangs! 1 A Christmas card! This may seem like an obvious one, but you'd be surprised how many people don't send them any more and resort to email instead. A personal, posted card, is always welcome. 2 Details of a website where they can find good gift ideas, maybe some 'green' or charity gifts or products made my people you know personally that may not be known to everyone. 3 An invitation to a virtual Christmas drinks party – then host a conference call, play some party music in the background and have some fun with whoever shows up. 4 A plug in your newsletter or blog - do the plug then tell them later - like I did above, for Megan, Jacqui and Katie. 5 A PDF version of one of your books, booklets or products. If you don't have

one yourself then find someone who does – like me! I'll happily give you a free ebook to give out to your friends providing you mention my website in your communication. 6 Send out details of a great conference they might like to attend in 2008 – like Families in Global Transition in March ( and tell them that the early bird discount runs out in Mid Feb, or an event where you are speaking. I'm speaking at the Women's Business Initiative in The Hague this Friday (7th Dec) at 10 am. It is free of charge and my topic will be How To Create a Career in Your Suitcase. 7 An invitation to meet up for a drink in a local bar, at a pantomime or other Christmas event. 8 A discount certificate for your products or services. And ask your friends if they will give one too - try asking me! Imagine how happy you would be to receive a set of discount vouchers from one of your networking buddies! In fact, I can give a whopping 10% discount on that fabulous course on a cruise if you book by mid Feb! 9 A link to an interesting article that you think may be useful to them. 10 Details of an inspiring free newsletter to which they might like to subscribe - like this one. Or Barbara Rogoski's Everyday Spirituality (see, now I have given Barbara a gift too!) If any of you have had other inspired gift ideas, do share them with me and I will put your answers in the January Inspirer.


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