Tax Risk Announces the Formation of the Africa Tax Desk Association with Experienced Multi-Disciplinary Tax and Legal Experts Available in Africa by


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									Tax Risk Announces the Formation of the Africa Tax Desk
Association with Experienced Multi-Disciplinary Tax and Legal Experts
Available in Africa

West Palm Beach, FL, April 11, 2013 --( Tax Risk announces the formation
of the Africa Tax Desk association with experienced multi-disciplinary tax and legal experts available in
Southern Africa, East Africa and West Africa to assist American businesses with their Transfer Pricing
documentation, compliance and dispute issues.

As Africa has become an attractive continent for large American corporations to invest in (mining sector,
oil and gas, and support industries), so have African Tax Authorities become aware of the loss of
revenues to OECD countries through clever transfer pricing techniques. As a result 35 African countries
are now members of ATAF - the African Tax Administration Forum - formed to educate and ultimately
assist African Tax Authorities to embark upon Transfer Pricing audits without borders.

Their panel of African and American based specialists, who have successfully trained members of the
Tax Authorities, are well connected with their leaders, act for major MNE's in Africa and have
successfully concluded a number of major Transfer Pricing disputes for clients in Malawi, Uganda and
South Africa.

As an association of multi-disciplinary specialists, with direct African experience, they are well
positioned to assist American corporations overcome some of the practical difficulties they will face on
Transfer Pricing issues with African Tax Authorities - many of whom lack training and experience
comparable to what Americans will be used to in dealings with first world Tax Authorities. This leads to
much frustration, and often a misunderstanding between the parties who, due to simple
miscommunication, start to distrust each other. This in turn leads to complications that can easily be

Working with a practical hands on team in Africa, with representatives in America as well, gives these
American corporations an edge over those that simply continue to use the usual large accounting and
legal firms, thinking they have the hands on experience in Africa. Often they do not. Many offer their
expertise out of offices based in Europe, also removed from the African continent, and without the
appropriate connectivity to Tax Authority leaders.

As a result of a focus on education around Transfer Pricing in Africa, their association specialists are well
respected by their Tax Authority counterparts, and will oftentimes listen carefully to representations made
by them, when acting for clients. It must be remembered that Africa is going through a fast learning
curve. This must be respected from an African perspective, and approached with sensitivity to the various
African cultures in the throughout Africa. An overhanded, first world approach will not necessarily result
in success.

An educated, practical approach, with a clear understanding of the domestic laws, and an audience with
the appropriate leaders in the Tax Authorities, will ultimately achieve greater success.

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