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What is a Corset?
    A corset is an item of clothing worn to help shape the upper body into a desired shape for aesthetic, or
         sometimes orthopaedic, reasons (either while wearing it, or for more permanent results). Men and women
         have both worn and still wear corsets.
    The craft of making corsets is known as corsetry, as is the general wearing of them. A person who designs and
         makes corsets is a corsetier (for a man) or corsetière (for a woman), or simply a corset maker.
    The most popular use of corsets is to shape the body into a beautiful, fashionable silhouette shape. For women
         this usually emphasises a curvy figure, by reducing the waist, and thereby exaggerating the bust and hips.
         However corsets have also been worn to achieve a more tubular shape although this is less common.
    For men, corsets are more customarily used to slim the figure. However, there was a period from around 1820
         to 1835 when an hourglass figure was also desirable for men; this was sometimes achieved by wearing a
    Corsets are constructed of flexible materials such as satin, leather, pvc, denim, and velvet. They are stiffened
         with boning (also called ribs or stays) inserted into channels in the material. Steel and whalebone were
         favored in the Victorian period but plastic is now the most commonly used material. Steel is used for high-
         quality corsets. Other materials that have been used for boning include ivory, wood, and cane. (A girdle is
         usually made of elasticized fabric, not boning.)
    A corset encloses the upper body, usually from under the arms to the hips. Some corsets however extend over
         the hips and may even reach the knees. A shorter kind of corset, which covers the waist area (from below
         the ribs to just above the hips), is called a 'waist cincher' or underbust corset. A corset may also include
         garters to hold up stockings.
    Corsets are held together by lacing, usually at the back. Tightening or loosening the lacing changes the
         firmness of the corset. It is possible for a back-laced corset-wearer to do his or her own lacing, though it
         can be difficult. However, many corsets also have a buttoned or hooked front opening. Once the lacing is
         adjusted comfortably, it is possible to leave the lacing as adjusted and take the corset on and off using the
         front opening. This method is incompatible with tightlacing, which strives for the maximum reduction of the
         waist. Tightlacers are usually laced by spouses and partners.
    In the past, a woman's corset was usually worn over a garment called a chemise or shift, a sleeveless low-
         necked gown made of washable material (usually cotton or linen). These absorbed perspiration and kept
         the corset clean. Now an undershirt or corset liner is usually worn.
About Corsets
Corsets are undergarments or tops that extend from bust area down to the hips and are meant to enhance the
      general appearance of the breasts as well as cinching that waist giving a fabulous figure to females.
      They come in different designs and it is possible to find varieties which are either strapless or with
      various types of straps. Today's corset is versatile, used to enhance the bust, nip the waist and support
      the breasts.
Traditional corsets are worn under clothes, while other sexy styles can be worn with a pair of jeans or a skirt
      or even as a part of a suit, when appropriate. When choosing your corsets, there are things that will
      need to be considered to ensure that you get the very best choice for your occasion.
The materials: it is important to note that corsets are made using different materials and depending on the
      look you are targeting, you can get a material that best suits you. Apart from those made using cotton,
      there are satin corsets, lace corsets and even leather corsets among other materials. It is always
      important to consider the material you are going to use in your corset so as to fit your needs and your
      patience with its maintenance.
The colors: corsets come in all kinds of colors and prints, regardless of the materials used in making them. It
      is important to select the colors with care and also ensure that you correctly wear the colors with
      clothing that match well or with pieces that complement each other. If you do not have any idea what
      colors go best with what kinds of outfits, you can have a retail stylist help you to give you fit, selection
      and style insight.
The sizes: Corsets, just like any other piece of clothing, come in different sizes and this is something that you
      should always have in mind when shopping for your new corset. The size is always important since it is
      what will determine the end result of the look. It is important to always know your bra size and ensure
      that you go for corsets that are bound to fit well. Avoid corsets that fit too tightly making it even hard to
      breathe. Often times, a professional fitter is on hand at lingerie stores to help customers find out and fit
      into a corset according to their measurements. Learn more about corsets.
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Custom Corset: Choose Your Style
      Custom Corset: Different Styles

           Originating in the eighteenth century, corsets have evolved in shape and style over the years. The most
           popular custom corset styles since their origin are:

      Redressers : This style was popular between early eighteen and nineteenth century and was custom made
          for children between 12 and 16 years of age. Its purpose was to shape the upper body. Since
          adolescence is believed to be the period in which the body is shaped, this piece of clothing was worn to
          get a great permanent shape for the torso.

      Bondage: This is a full body corset that extends to just above the knees. This is fairy stiff, which limits the
          movements of the wearer and is often designed to wear for a long time. Like the redresseur, bondage is
          also meant to shape the body.

      Hourglass: For those craving for that nineteenth century hourglass figure, hourglass corsets are nothing short
          of a blessing. They are designed to accentuate the body curves and make the waist look thinner by 3 to
          4 inches.

      Waist cincher: This is a waist belt designed to be worn around the waist to create an illusion of a slimmer
      Overbust: This kind of corset starts from the bust line and ends just above the hips. They are meant to shape
           your breast and waistline. If you already have full breasts, it is better not to choose these corsets with
           heavy decorations on the bust.

      Underbust: This custom corset is designed to support your waist and hips. You can choose this style if your
          breasts already have a good shape.

      Couture: This is the most sought after style and is designed to wear on special occasions. It highlights your
           curves and makes your body's silhouette even more attractive.
Plus Size Corsets Tips and Tricks
Plus size lingerie is very popular and probably the most famous subcategory of it is represented by plus size

Why do people like them so much? Well, to start with they are very appealing and it is true that a plus size
    corset can help you realize how sexy you are. That's a good start.

Next up, corsets are manufactured from soft and comfy materials that are very easy to wear and look
     exquisite. There are leather corsets and normal fabric corsets. The leather ones are a little more
     expensive, but they are definitely worth the price. I personally prefer leather plus size lingerie just
     because it is classier, offer more support and looks absolutely incredible.

When you choose a corset the first time, there is a huge step you must understand and respect. Take your
    measurements right! I can't stress this enough as more and more people buy plus lingerie and then are
    forced to return it because it doesn't fit. If the store doesn't offer free shipping both ways, you lose

Also, corsets are not created to train the waist. They may offer firm control but don't get one as a waist trainer
      because it will shatter and wear down pretty quick.

Regarding the style, design, color and materials, all is a personal choice. I can't really make any suggestions
    here except the regular "go with what you like" one.

Price is another aspect of plus size corsets, but usually the more expensive the corset is the better quality.
     This statement is true for almost all plus size lingerie.

So keep these things in mind when shopping for plus size corsets and get going. Visit some stores and start
How to Buy a Corset
    Corsets are not necessarily the easiest thing to buy. Referring to of course, a real, traditional corset and not
        just one of those tops with the corset name that everyone is wearing just about everywhere. A corset
        gives you an hourglass shape, trims your waist line and improves your posture all at the same time.
        Many women wear them simply for how they feel in one, knowing that everything is pulled in tight and
        some use it specifically for waist training. Corsets are a favorite article of clothing for brides too.

    An authentic corset will hold its shape over years and be durable offering you sensuality as well as being very
        functional. Quality materials and reinforced stitching will ensure you that you will be wearing it for years
        to come.

    Corsets are made and sold by waist size in increments of 2 inches, generally from size 18 to 40. An authentic
        corset is meant to be ordered four inches smaller than your waist measurement. You will need to take
        measurements around the absolute fullest part of your bust, smallest part of your waist and at the top of
        your hip bones. If you have measurements that are really out of the ordinary, than you can get a corset
        made just for you. Some corsets are also available with detachable suspenders for wearing stockings.
        Not all corsets will include this feature so if this is something you are interested in then make sure you
        are getting the proper one.

    Keep in mind that corsets, like a pair of shoes, need a break in period. Do not try to pull your corset too tight
        at first or you can damage the eyelets. After a few wears you will be able to pull it as tight as you want. If
        you plan on wearing it often, you might want to think about wearing a chemise or a tube top under to
        protect it from constant perspiration. It is recommended to sprinkle powder on the torso and refrain from
        wearing lotions as they can cause staining of the fabric. Most authentic corsets will be dry clean only
        however, you will be able to spot clean it with a mild cloth. Never throw it in the washing machine and
        never attempt to use any type of detergent on it. You can end up altering the color. Be sure to care for
        your corset as thoughtfully as you picked it out.

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