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									Draft Minutes of the Kirkmahoe Community Council Meeting of the 20th March,
                          2013 in Kirkton Village Hall
Present – KCC Members – John Young, Neil Munro, Derek Ivy, Fiona Meikle-Latta, Hugh Johnstone,
Jackie Bodle

Non-KCC Members – Claire Corlett, Pam Taylor, Margaret Wilson, Denis Latta, Mary Harkness,
Dobie and Connie Davidson, Gordon Bissett, John Williams

1 – Apologies – Trevor Hayward

2 – Minutes of the last meeting on 20th February, 2013

2.1 – Approved the minutes of 20th February, 2013 moved by FML and seconded by HJ.

3 – Matters arising from the minutes

3.1 – Point 16.4 amendment - noted that JB has been a member of Dalswinton Hall Committee for
some time but that three new members had been recruited as a result of the Dalswinton Hall coffee

3.2 – Noted Pam Taylor was present at January KCC meeting but her name was omitted from Non-
KCC Members’ list of the January minutes.

3.3 – Noted that Point 6.6 should have read that Duncow/Nethermill School Football team had won
the Small Schools Trophy.

3.4 – Noted that point 16.2 should have read “GB reported that the metal railings of the War Memorial
should be completed by the end of April” and not “the end of March”.

3.5 – Point 12.1 - noted that JY has spoken to Richard Buckland, project developer of Infinis, who will
attend the April KCC meeting to give information about the siting of the Metmast.

3.6 – Point 13 - noted that JY has spoken to David Gurney of the Council about Community
Resilience. DG has noted JY’s suggestions and will come back with proposals. JY, NM, HJ are to
prepare a draft list of core contacts and in addition, FML will email all those on her list seeking specific
areas of support for Community Resilience (tractors, trailers, four-wheeled drive vehicles and the

4 – Police Report – no police present.

5 – Treasurer’s Report (DI)

5.1 – Senior Citizens’ Concert - this cost KCC about £160 after deducting D & G Council grant of
£250. Separately, the Raffle of donated prizes brought in £80.
5.2 – Present Financial Position - there is about £4,500 in the Bank.
5.3 – D & G Council Grants for 2013/14 - the application papers for the Events Grants have been
submitted: Village Gala, June 2013 and the Senior Citizens’ Event 2014 have been acknowledged.
6 – Councillors’ Report (TT) - no Councillors present
7 – Kirkton Enhancements (NM)
7.1 – Nothing to report, all outstanding actions from the previous minutes are being pursued and
followed up. As they are closed out, individual reports will be made by NM.
8 – Kirkton Waste Water Treatment Works
8.1 – The maintenance work on the plant has now been completed and an update on the capital
replacement programme is awaited. NM to monitor progress.

9 – Periodic Review of Community Councils

9.1 – JY confirmed the KCC approval of the Periodic Review of Community Councils to Sheila
10 – Windfarms - Dalswinton Windfarm Monies

10.1 – In 2009 we agreed a reserves policy for possible cancellation of events of £1,500. DI
recommends that this should be increased to £2000. Separately, the General fund (that bears the
costs of running the KCC) has declined over the last three years by some £800. As the basic costs of
the meetings and the Grapevine cost is double the D & G Council grant of £550 per year, DI
recommends we need to keep a reserve of at least £500. Together this makes a suggested KCC
Policy of keeping a reserve of £2,500. This was agreed by the KCC.

10.2 – Windfarm Monies - The time is coming to submit receipts to support our use of the last year’s
grant. DI has spoken to NM as the grant for Village Improvements still has a small balance. For the
coming year (this should be finalised in May) DI suggests asking for support for the Grapevine and
Village enhancements as well as considering the purchase of a small gazebo/tent for use on the
village green for galas, barbecues etc. This could be available for other KCC community elements’
use. This was agreed by the KCC.

11 – Financial Reserves Policy

11.1 – DI gave details of the Financial Reserves Policy which KCC members agreed to adopt.

12 – Future Management of Small Schools

12.1 – Further to The Cluster Working Review FAQs document, which was circulated to all KCC
members, Pam Taylor, headteacher of Duncow School, went through the main points of the Review,
which are:

•Dual zoning and catchment areas across Dumfries and Galloway
•Sustaining small schools

•Transition from Primary to Secondary education

What does this actually mean for small schools?

   ·   All small schools will have a dedicated Headteacher who is not ‘class committed’ i.e.
       responsible for teaching a specific class for a number of days in the week.

   ·   A headteacher will have leadership responsibility for more than 1 school

   ·   All schools will keep their own identities but there will be more opportunity to work with their

Other points included:

• All small schools would stay open
• presently dual zoned schools to be linked with geographically closest school, in Duncow’s case,
Dumfries High School, current partner is Wallace Hall Academy.

• Consultation January-May 2013 to agree details of how this will work in the most effective way

• Education Committee decision on the detailed implementation plan on 28 May 2013
• Changes will come into force in August 2014

13 – Events in 2013

13.1 – Noted that the dates for future events were finalised at the last Events sub-committee meeting:
• 8th June - Gala
• 31st August - BBQ and dance (sharing profits with the Village Hall Management Committee)
• 9th November - Pub quiz
• 22nd December - Carol singing
13.2 – JY to check with TH that dates for events during 2013 do not clash with Village Hall events.

13.3 – Noted that the Senior Citizens Concert Friday 8th March 2013 was a success.

13.4 – Next Events Sub-committee meeting Tuesday 26th March, 6 pm, Kirkton Hall

14 – Correspondence (FM-L)

14.1 – Nothing of any significance to report.

15 – Any other business

15.1 – Following the agreement of the War Memorial financing arrangements at the last meeting,
SWEAT funding has been sought and Scottish Heritage are expected to confirm their inclusion for
funding in the coming weeks. SWEAT have indicated their likely support for our application. GB
repeated the information re the planting of spring bulbs to be funded by the Heritage Group and the
community interest in the upgrading of the War Memorial.

15.2 – JY expanded on the Local Development Plan in respect of public transportation, economic
potential and housing.

15.3 – The Coffee morning held in Dalswinton Village Hall on 9th February, 2013, had been a great
success and raised £64.73.

15.4 – HJ reported that following his application for the removal of trees two years ago, Stuart Solley
of Carnsalloch, has further applied for the removal of five more trees. HJ to contact the Planning
Department regarding the re-planting condition in respect of the initial application.

15.5 – JY asked PT to provide an article about Duncow School for the next Grapevine.

15.6 – JB reported that the Dalswinton Village Hall Committee had drawn up a draft constitution.
Quotes are being sought for the kitchen renovation. There is going to be a Summer Fayre/Soirée on
the 22nd June.

15.7 – DI has funding in place for bunting but has not yet bought it. NM to secure three quotes for the
bunting and will submit these to DI.

15.8 – In respect of point 15.3 of the previous minutes, the Hall Committee have agreed that a
combination of the existing KCC PA system and the proposal to install permanent speakers should be
adopted. In order that the costs could be met by KCC, it was explained that three competitive quotes
would be required. After some discussion, the Kirkmahoe Heritage Group felt that they would prefer to
fund this expenditure from their own reserves. This decision was acknowledged by the KCC.

16 – Date of Next Meeting

16.1 – The next meeting will be on Wednesday, 17th April 2013 in Dalswinton Village Hall at 7.30 pm.

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